By Rina McCoy/ Cosmos Communicator Editor/ with special permission from Cosmic Communications inc.  – from the upcoming book WEST VIRGINIA HELL HOLE!

Many in Calhoun County and Lewis County feel much safer now that Christopher Todd Smith AKA HOT TODDY is behind bars!

But,  how long will he stay there? Smiths Drug case was the longest in the Calhoun County history taking nearly three years to complete. How was he able to stretch out a case that long? Well, it could not have been done without the cooperation of authorities and a Calhoun County Prosecutor that decided to cut him some slack in exchange for information on drug activity in the area.

Smith was able to bullshit his way into some free roaming time since as far as is known, no real legitimate information was ever given, and the information that was given turned out to be completely false!

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson aka Lunacy Lucy Pill Popper and Bed Hopper long time member of the "CULT" found dead in the bed of Todd Smith in the early morning hours of December 26th 2009 !!

And the faulty info from Todd Smith proved to be an embarrassment for Calhoun County Law Enforcement.

Now that Todd Smith is behind bars more information has been received on other crimes he committed.

News about ARSON and RAPE is being revealed to well dug in members of the Secret Seven from Calhoun County.

Members of the Secret Seven have had to make some changes since the recent betrayal of Lisa Minney also known as the editor of TWO-FACED TWO LANE – Ain’t living long like this magazine!

The Secret Seven is now scattered to three different area’s to regroup and gather information enough to start sharing vital facts with federal authorities involving corruption and the covering up of crimes in the Central West Virginia tri-county area that are known strongholds of the SS.

Glenville, West Virginia seems to be the central headquarters for an evil self – serving power elite that make their own rules!

The death of Fred Hill and rapes at GSC campus are just a few of the major crimes that are being covered up and buried!

What the power elite consider a crime would be a situation in which the general public was aware of the truth and how much public officials have had to compromise professional standards to implement the cover up.

Minney has been revealing quite a few Secret Seven Secrets to the Power Elite and was recently seen (three weeks ago) having an intense conversation with Crooked County Crook Tim Butcher the former Glenville City Attorney right on the main corner of town in the Pizza joint parking lot.

Since the breakup of the Secret Seven websites that were getting more than 15,000 hits a week each, more information from the SS that was being held sacred, surfaced, and is being revealed…

This time the subject is     … RAPE BY THE LEADER OF THE CULT!

Here is an actual account of a crime of sexual intrusion as related to a member of the Central WV Secret Seven!


“I knew if I would tell I would be in more danger because of the crooked and lazy justice system. Also, there is no protection for a victim until the trial. Look at the evidence of poor Kelli. CRIMINALS HAVE MORE RIGHTS THAN VICTIMS”

Todd Smith now being housed at CRJ often forced his women to take photographs with little or no clothing on and sometimes used those pictures to blackmail his victims

“As a victim, WE ARE SCREAMING WE NEED HELP.I understand that a person is innocent until proven guilty but what about the victims safety until their proven guilty.”

“My fiance left me!”

“We had an argument about the awful ordeal and he stated that all this is my fault that I should have never had anything to do with Todd Smith and that I should have not told anyone about any of this.I asked him if he was ever scared of someone or raped and he said no that he would not put his self in that situation”

“I saw TODD in his truck. He knows that I have been talking about him. I have been very scared lately but I am doing everything I can to remain safe. I  finally reported to some really good police here, like Lisa Wexler suggested and they have been of some support.”

“I still have a lot of anxiety and I am lucky to get about two hours of sleep a day or every other day. As of right now, I just don’t know how life will work out due to my fiance leaving me when I needed him the most and he left me when I do not have employment and he left all bills for me and he walked away all because I was raped …I lost everything!”

“So, I have even been praying that Todd finds the Lord and turns himself in and pays for his crimes on society. I believe that God can do marvelous things. It could be possible through God. I saw your article about when the courthouse was struck by lightening. I know God is on our side. I just pray for things to speed up so everyone can have justice and some peace through all of this. He continues to taunt me still!!”

“I saw the evil in his face as if he was plotting something awful for me!! That’s why I was so frightened!”

Rape victims were scared they would be forced to have sex with other gang members and young women often submitted to Smiths photographic depiction of the awful event out of fear for their safety! " I saw the evil in his face like he was plotting something awful for me." "Thats why I was so frightened I knew if I stayed and did not calm him down he was going to do something inhuman to me. I felt like he would drug me and let men rape me and then send me the pics to torment me !!"

“I was very scared! I knew if I did not calm him down with submitting to the sex he was forcing on me he was going to do something inhuman to me!”

“I felt he was going to drug me just like he did Kelli Stamper and let men rape me and then publish the pictures he forced me to take partially clothed!!”

“He ripped open my blouse and roughly grabbed my breasts and I grabbed his hands and said don’t but he flipped me over on my stomach and removed my jeans in a rough way and then forced himself on me in a way I have never known before!”

“So I endured the pain, even though I cried out, he would not stop and then roughly moved me into different positions and made me do things sexually that I have never done before!”

“So I did what I had to do to see my children again!”

“I was so frightened I could not move on my own, it seemed like it was happening to someone else, all I could do was endure the pain and hope I did not die before seeing my family again.”

“It was torture! I was living the worst nightmare of my life!!”

“I have not slept for days and I am so exhausted because I am trying so hard to remember everything he did to me! I keep remembering something of importance with the pictures he took!”

“For some reason one of those pictures holds certain importance to him. He sent the pictures to me later by e-mail to blackmail me and he brags about the sex constantly and it makes me feel like a dirty slut and a whore!”

“I feel now, if I did not submit he would have had all those other gang members rape me too! I am convinced that his plan was to drug me and then to pimp me out later that week for money and drugs! He traded drugs for his pain pills, and now he had me to trade too, or so he thought  …until I escaped!”

The above is a true life account of another rape by Todd Smith! The victim has spoken truthfully and only initially to members of the SECRET SEVEN because of the fact SMITH is finally behind bars with a 1-3 prison sentence, she feels a little bit safer, but still lives in fear!!

If YOU are a victim of rape, and/or have also been a victim of Todd SMITH write to  to contact a member of the Secret Seven.