By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator Editor/Secretary of CWVSS-Elkins/Editor Edison Consolidated Citizens Corp-Elkins WV/Editor

Just the other night I was at a bar and I was having a conversation with some folks who lived down the street from me that I didn’t know…

Peter Barr (author of the Barr Code) is implicated in federal law action as being on title of property sold along with another GSC employee!

And this very question of WHO is at fault at the GILMER COUNTY COURTHOUSE is currently the hottest topic in town mixed with dirty gossip that always comes home to roost if ya a had one too many and it was a SATURDAY NIGHT!!

We’re a talkin bout a hullabaloo now Gilmer County Style!!

Hoo yah! It’s the only gal darned thang you have to do, if the pole to your home ain’t a given up the juice and the baby needs a hippen and there ain’t no gas in the truck.  Oh yeah, the thought occurred to me to take some of that run off from the gas wells and go a fifty fifty and that is what got me to the bar and what a better way to buy a little freedom away from a hilltop prison.

Down the hollar and thru the woods, but to grandmothers house I did not go!

Sometimes you have to put some distance between you and any type of significant other, even if he was a mistake you made ten years ago when you were just a kid, and then I thought well maybe since I just said it I better be moving while that one sets in a ways!

Sometimes you know if  your performance is a particularly bad one that evening, and then ya know it is often a good idea to get off the stage because in these here parts the bottles start a flyin bout now… (I was a thinkin!)

“I can’t abide lazy people!”

…was the last thing I said when I decided I am thinking this is how I planned it all along. Start a fight, give the baby to daddy and head for the bar!!  Perfect!! God damn I am gonna have a good time!!

There’s no call to talk like that!”

…was the last thing I heard!

Ten years ago we had a good deal a- goin, but he bollixed it all up by getting arrested and all the money we thought we had is long gone now. It does not matter if one is to claim innocence it is the gettin arrested part that smarts!

I almost made  it to the truck when I heard some screamin!

“You’ve got your face painted up like a chippie I know what your a doin!”

He broke the axe handle, but I should n’ fault him for it my mama always said.

The next thing I know I was having a good time with people I did not know and here is a what everyone was a talkin bout!

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