By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator Editor/Secretary of CWVSS-Elkins/Editor Edison Consolidated Citizens Corp-Elkins WV/Editor

Unfortunately for the fine folks of GilmerCounty you can STICK A FORK IN THE GILMER JOURNAL FOR IT IS DONE!

Dear Lisa Belknap,

Many tried to help you and really did help you in the matters that meant the most, but you would not listen. Nobody got the chance that you did. Many wanted you to succeed. And on a personal note we don’t care about what you said about dude, for really you don’t even know dude, so what do you really know?

The only thing you need to know!!


And that is … that YOU ARE DONE BITCH!  DONE!!

Stick a fucking fork in you and the Gilmer Journal too!

It’s just another Crooked County Barb B Q !!

Lisa Belknap is up the CrookedRiver without a paddle!!

“C” ya! Wouldn’t want to “B” ya!

The Gilmer Journal is going to be on the bottom of the CrookedRiver quicker than you can say…


Hey Lisa a special song for you from the Supreme Commander of the WV Secret Seven and Company C Commander of the Consolidated Citizens Corp from Elkins West Virginia just for you below, by the Silver Jews !

You can always join US just as long as you wear just one face for we don’t need no – TWO-FACED TWO LANE – Ain’t living long like this shit!

We have had enough of that!

Special song for Lisa Belknap who was the editor owner of the Gilmer Journal which is sinking sinking sinking into the Crooked River down in a Crooked County!


Here is the final vote from the early Poll in previous article!

Poll Result: Gilmer County Clerk’s Office – 11.28.10

image ~~  Comments ~~

•  It’s just a simple indexing mistake.
•  It is simply an indexing error which occurs in every courthouse.
•  This is nothing more than a simple indexing error and nothing more.
•  It was not intentional, but was a mistake made by someone working in the Clerk’s office.
•  It took both to pull it off. Shame on them!
•  The problem is rooted at the top of wv govt.
•  It is simply an error.
•  Anybody can make a mistake..It’s a simple mistake..That’s all.
•  It’s just a mistake.
•  What a crock…changing the results to suit you…a true a**!!
•  There needs to be an outside investigation to set the facts straight. Nothing will be done locally.
•  What about looking into reports of M. Butcher’s political giving while dead and living at Box 100?
•  Is Box 100 that of a local law firm?
•  Since when $150,000.00 is just a simple mistake?