By Editor Edison/CalPatty Press Editor/Reporter for the Cosmos- reconstructed from files obtained from the bottom of the Crooked River!

Not many people know this, and we don’t expect the mainstream press to report on the matter that Calhoun County Prosecutor Shelly Morris DeMarino filed complaints against WV State Troopers Starcher and Starsic involving a local murder investigation– And was in the perfect position to blow the lid off the cover-ups and corruption taking place on a daily basis in Calhoun County, West Virginia!

Shelly Morris DeMarino who many say will be the next PA of Gilmer County

….According to a treasured and secret member of the Central West Virginia’s Secret  Seven Coalition!

But, Shelly decided to get out of DODGE or in this case Grantsville and say screw it to all the Calhoun County Crap!

Looking as happy as the day she embraced Todd Smith on the Courthouse steps…Power Elite Calhoun County Prosecutor Shelly Morris DeMarino quits over disagreement with covering for the WV State Police just last spring in early 2010!

Were Calhoun County West Virginia State Police involved in coverup?

Many complained of the State Police in Calhoun County, but they had good reason to and even the person in charge SGT CJ ELLYSON was fired from the State Police and removed from his position when evidence for important cases were gone from the evidence locker!

Losing evidence is most definitely and indication of a cover up since a trial against a law enforcement officer from Calhoun County was disturbed by the loss of evidence, in fact SEVEN FELONY charges had to be dismissed over the mystery of no evidence being available for a simple prosecution.



The stories reported in the press are many in the continuing saga and struggle between Bob Weaver and specifically Doug Starcher from the West Virginia Department of Public Safety. The latest incident occurred when Starcher grabbed a camera from Weavers hands while he was taking photo’s for the Hur Herald of a news worthy event.

The matter was related by Rina McCoy of the CalPatty Press!

“From what I read on the internet the CalPatty Press specifically picks on Doug Starcher and often is involved in telling tall tales of drunkenness and cruelty. Well I, for one, if asked …   “It ain’t me babe! I ain’t the one you’re lookin for! “

“I ain’t taking credit for no Dougie doo doo! I report whatever it is, nothing personal, just in case it is me with big Doug in the rear view, uh oh, hear come the lights!! ”

“It Ain’t Me babe!  I ain’t the one you’re lookin for!”

William Seth Denmark accused of murder and making man dig his own grave while teen girl watches

But last spring the Calhoun County detachment of the State Po Po got nasty with Shelly DeMarino and Shelly confided to close friends that she was definitely threatened by the actions of the State Po Po and what exactly was said by them  to her!

Shelly Morris DeMarino is a member of the Power Elite from Glenville, West Virginia!  She could no longer be a part of bad doings in Calhoun County and just look the other way. Calhoun County is considered to be far beneath anyone from the Power Elite in Glenville and she felt she couldn’t get too deeply involved in the bad doings of the  drawling Calhoun County folk with their thick backwoods accents (sounding just like Lame Smith the clerk from the circuit court in Crooked County) and still come out smelling like a rose!

For the record Calhoun County Prosecutor Shelly DeMarino said she is resigning, citing, “An irreparable breakdown in the relationship between my office and the WV State POLICE!

Jackie Lynn Denmark the mother was released on bail pending further action

DeMarino said,

“I believe that the citizens of Calhoun County deserve better!”

“It is with much regret that I resign…There have been matters that have arisen that I feel make it impossible for me to continue in this capacity,” DeMarino said.

“The situation between myself and law enforcement has led me to this decision,” she continued.

While the prosecutor did not comment further on the reasons for her resignation, problems reportedly reached a boiling point after Cpl. Doug Starcher expressed anger over the release of public information of a recent criminal complaint involving the Denmark murder investigation.

Criminal complaints are public information in West Virginia.

The Dad William Anthony has a mysterious violent past! Could more bodies be found buried on family owned property?

Cpl. Starcher was reportedly upset that information in the complaint could bring harm to a witness by being published in the media, although all persons who are charged with a crime get a copy of the criminal complaint, essentially making the officers concerns invalid.

DeMarino’s resignation indicated a number of ongoing problems that she says has made the relationship inoperable in fulfilling her duties.

The CalPatty Press and the Secret Seven Coalition believes much of the hard feelings involve the case of Seth Denmark and the murder investigation of the local Denmark family from Calhoun County. William Albert “Seth” Denmark,  of the Beech area and Spencer was convicted of a kidnapping charge and is now a suspect in the murder case. Denmark’s father, William Denmark, has also been arrested.

William Denmark, his wife Jackie and son Seth have all been arrested on charges related to an alleged shooting, a kidnapping and a report by a witness alleging that Seth Denmark, 23, shot David Beach in the head and buried him in a grave four years ago.

By orders of the Secret Seven Coaltion and the CCC from Elkins, WV the CalPatty Press was asked to STAND DOWN on ANY reporting of the Denmark murder and or ANY of the subsequent investigations into the murder, or related shooting incidents.

We were ordered by our own superiors to shut the Fuck up about the Denmark Murder and forget about it– do not publish any further information on the matter what-so -ever!

We have been told that entire matter is too dangerous, and quite frankly so are all the people involved. Indeed it is a rare occurrence for a matter to become so dangerous, that we were ordered NOT TO REPORT ON THE MATTER IN ANY WAY by order of the SS!

It appears that Shelly Morris DeMarino got the same memo we did…it was pretty simple the matter was too dangerous to report on or be involved in!

Shelly quit just last Spring and NO PROGRESS has been made on the Denmark murder case, in fact the matter appears to have become a non-matter with no effort being given to solving the murder and in time, as we know … people forget! However, Denmark will appear in court in January and hopefully local citizens will be updated about the allegations of murder.

But, it is hard to forget about being sunk to the bottom of the Crooked River last August the 11th after the July 22, 2010 article authored by Two-Faced Two Lane Ain’t living long like this magazine editor Lisa Minney entitled “It ain’t me Babe!”

But,  after recovering this “Lost File” from last spring it was discovered the term, “It Ain’t Me Babe” was actually used by Lil Reeny several months before the turncoat Lisa Minney used it!

So the TWO-FACED TWO LANE Ain’t Living Long Like this version of It ain’t me babe was only a copy- cat premise for an article that started the War for FREE SPEECH in WV  …the state that considers itself it’s own country and can make up it’s own rules not part of the US or America!

Hopefully Shelly is getting ready to take the place of Gerald B Hough as Prosecuting Attorney  cuz rumor has it that Gerry will be out of office soon over his misconduct and Shelly will be the shoe- in to get the job done in an appropriate manner befitting to what the citizens deserve.