By Rina McCoy-Cosmos Communicator Editor/Central WV Secret Seven Coalition/Editor Edison- CalPatty Press Editor/FREEBird – Reporter – Revenge of the GHOST WOLF!

Want your party to be the one everyone can’t stop talking about?

Just follow these tips from Bobby Duvall the Coach of the Lady Titans from GCHS!!

Plan a Surprise!! It could be a coming out party of sorts! Have one thing at your party that none of your friends know about- this extra element makes a party more memorable!

Getting fucked up and drinking under the age of 21 is common practice among the children of Power Elite

Could it be the coaches penis?


That is even better than a signature drink!

Pick a theme! The theme this year was, “Steal the Pussy,” from the 16 year old first cousin Lady Titan  (name withheld) while  Hannah is getting the banana slammed  home by the coach!!

Single colors are really hot this year! Pick a color and buy all your decorations, plates, napkins and drinks and maybe even your clothes in different shades! Hell yeah, but the color for this party was Purple for the Big Purple Penis that was actually on salary and just doing his duty as the coach for the team.  He took shot after shot with Hannah until the buzzer sounded when the Lady Titans coach was discovered in bed with his star player, but what the heck it was her 18th birthday!  Of course all the adults were off getting high and having sex too, so why not let the kids run loose, after all it is a party party party!

“Get that door you!! It might be the Cocaine we are waiting on!!”

I find it fascinating that Shelly Morris DeMarino daughter to IL Morris per SS sources and per other sources is banging Greg Smith on the side!!

Greg Smith is our local surveyor who amazingly as a divorced drunk found his way to the Foundation Board, GSC Board of Governors and in Charleston on the Executive Committee.

Shelly Morris DeMarino came home after being out on the 22nd of January 2011 to a teenagers heaven and sex and booze and drugs and beer! Shelly passed out herself in the early morning hours just to get some bad news in the morning and it all had to do with the parties theme, seems it didn't sit well with some of the parents of other LADY TITANS! But, that's is how it goes in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

I would guess he will be the next one Ike tries to get in office since Rick Frame was such a failure!  But, what the heck at least Rick got some good pussy out of the deal!! 

Check it out! If you are with the IN CROWD the POWER ELITE having sexual relationships is a sure fire way to get to the top while also having a whole lot of fun too!! And to think nobody pays any mind to social diseases!

Speaking of Social Diseases- Incest is best at GSC! Have you gone to the college web site and looked at the foundation board?  My God it reads like a who’s who in Glenville including all the Morris’s, Sandy Petit, Tim Butcher, Mary Lee McPherson, Greg Smith, Dennis ( I like little girls) Pounds, just to name a few.

That GSC board will be published soon by the Central West Virginia SS with all members including ex officio. We will have more for ya on that next Friday!

If you think about it, with our State Representative Facemire leasing his store from Ike, Senator Manchin, our former governor in the pocket of IL “Ike” Morris and with Phil Reale and Fealy in Charleston, I guess still lobbying for the new governor elect, the Count of Crooked County Marc Monteleone feels right at home in the Waco Corporate Office!

When the Power Elite attempt to cover up a RAPE of a 16 year old girl, and even with the help of the local authorities it is a criminal matter - Rape is not funny, Rape is not something you do for fun at a party, but is just OK with the local Gilmer County Sheriff!! Gerry Hough is soft on Rape, and now GSC is the home of Rape and so is Glenville, West Virginia!!

Now with all those hot shot lawyers, if they get Earl Ray in office there will be no stopping WACO OIL and Gas with all their WEED and ASS and they may control the entire state of West Virginia, instead of just the six or so counties they are active in.

Here is another tip for your teenage party from BOBBY DUVALL!

Have a photographer! Get a parent or sibling to take pictures for you so you don’t have to worry about it. Or, even someone affiliated with the West Virginia SS for we love parties too!  At the end of the night, you’ll be sure to have pix of everyone, and you can post them online, just like the paparazzi do!

ON that night that lives on in infamy 22 January 2011 the coach of the Lady Titans Bobby Duvall showed up with beer and then early in the evening was caught in bed with the STAR PLAYER, who just happens to be a precious daughter of the POWER ELITE!!

And here is one of Bobby’s favorite party games!

“Nobody moves nobody gets hurt, cuz I’m gonna take little Hannah into the bedroom and show her what that hole is for,” said Bobby Duvall new coach of the Lady Titans!

After all the Theme of the Party is Steal the Pussy!

Then Bobby proceeded to put his balls through Hannah’s Hoop!

As far as we know Bobby Duvall never actually said that, but he did bang the holy crap out of Shelly DeMarino’s little Hannah DeMarino! Hell you could hear it down the hall!!

Video and camera still shots caught more than 1 young high school student having a little too much fun.Shelly left the party to party herself and returned to a full house and passed out shortly after 1am according to “Eye witness” accounts. Hannah told her about the rape the next morning,however Shelly already knew about Hannah and Coach Duvall!

I figure we could tell the real story about Bobby Duvall since he did NOT tell us the real story on his resume and Bobby put down jobs that he never actually had etc. But, now he can truthfully put down some blow jobs from the daughters of the Power Elite as experience on his resume’ and say it was part of his pay!

HANNAH was CAUGHT IN BED WITH THE COACH BOBBY DUVALL and that is the NAKED truth about Glenville West Virginia, where they pump kin and students alike!!

Shelly knows it, and Hannah knows it, and Bobby Duvall knows it!

And now that the Secret Seven Coalition know it …YOU DO TOO!

The big party for the Lady Titans was at Shelly Morris DeMarino’s house where there was hard liquor and beer, and some damn good weed, and then things got out of hand so to speak, and now we hear that a team player and talented ball handler was raped and hard drugs were also at the Party and could have been a factor in the rape!!

Yes, another rape in Gilmer County and we understand the rape occurred at the same party, and we have confirmed that fact- and the former prosecutor for Gilmer County Shelly Morris DeMarino was told of the rape the next morning.

Something terrible happened during the Raucous Party up Hwy 33! “In law abiding parts of America the adult in charge of the house where the party allegedly occurred would have been charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors, and the principal and the board of education would have acted to impose swift justice” "The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!"”

Tim Butcher, the Bitcher of the Butcher and Butcher law firm highly recommended Bobby Duvall for the position, but we did not know Tim Butcher had recommended Duvall for the missionary position with little Hannah DeMarino!

OH OH!! Yeah, then it is found out dude not only lied on his resume about where he had worked, but lied about other  team members he had fucked previously!!

Speaking of Tim Butcher – his little Butcher Bitch Mary Catherine Butcher who recently played 3rd string for the Shepherd RAMS, now plays second string for the Glenville basketball team and was caught having sex by Sue Morris  last year in the private helicopter hanger with Darrell Barnett who was the Sales Manager for Shelly DeMarino’s business, he seems to be gone now…

Catherine Butcher played Basketball for Shepherd University at the beginning of the season, but transferred back home to GSC where she was caught having sex with her basketball coach Darrell Barnett of the Company owned by Shelly Morris DeMarino, who is rumored to have hosted the WILD Party where the rape of lady Titan took place on 22 January!

Barnett calls his penis little Darrel.  So Darrell and Lil Darrel got caught putting it to Catherine Butcher because Big Darrell was her private coach and Lil Darrel was his private down her throat. In fact the two of them started the sexercise craze known to be popular at Glenville State College where it is open season to rape white women all day and all night! That’s right! You will NOT BE prosecuted for throwing bitches down at Goodwin Hall and stealing some trim, just to get slim by way of sexercise!

Hell, just ask Edwin Dale Kinnison that has several international rapes sites in his name for stealing the pussy with the endorsement of Gerald B Hough Gilmer County Prosecutor.

Damn Hannah can join the ranks of the BUTCHER BITCHES LIZZIE AND LEXIE now!

Don’t forget Catherine Butcher! She is a hog nobbin little Butcher Bitch too!

Come on down to GILMER COUNTY and get your Ya’ Ya’s out!  Hoo yah!

So you can easily see that being a daughter of the Power Elite in Glenville, it is just natural that you would want to fuck the bejesus out of your basketball coach, so it is only natural that Hannah would follow in Catherine Butchers semen tracks, uh oh, er…

…Or is that footsteps!!

Another, “Teenage Party Idea” by Bobby Duvall is…

Make a video. Have everyone talk to the camera when they walk in, or when they leave they’ll feel like Rock Stars! And then post it on YouTube, so everyone can remember the party and experience the moments they might have missed!

If you party like a ROCK STAR you can come be a member of licking the HEAD RESIDENT club like Lizzie Butcher who is also honorary VP of the I will lick you until you scream club!

WALK ON THE WILD SIDE with Lizzie Butcher insatiable with a tongue to die for gets impatient waiting for the BIG ONE from the HEAD RESIDENT! Here is a rare time when Lizzie Butcher isn’t wearing the BLACK and YELLOW caution headband she is known for when she is fucked up out of her mind!!

Great family stories of being a member of the elite including intrigue and manipulation of our local elections are told all of the time, but sadly, the plague of voter fraud is very much alive and well. Indeed, it still thrives in Gilmer County and the Central West Virginia SS will have the “Rest  of the Story,” coming up during the merry month of May!