By Free Bird -Central WV SS -RGW Reporter/Rina McCoy-Cosmos Communicator Editor/Editor Edison -Color Commentary from Letter Gap!

There have been many opinions given on whom and what really influenced the takeover of Gilmer County Schools.
The majority opinion demonstrated clearly the will of the people — and includes the recent castigation and total vote of no confidence poll on the GFP regarding the high school Principal! 90% of 1000 people polled say NO to Nasia!

John Bennett tried to get new schools for the county. The problem is that the power brokers in Glenville want the new school in their backyard. They will reject any plan that includes building a new school outside of Glenville, and they served up John Bennett like some kind of fried chicken and fried him in front of the State Board and watched while the blame was placed on him, when all he did was kow tow to the Butchers!

The High school Principal and Chairwoman of the appointed CEFP board  was charged with not providing a required 10 year facilities plan for the schools and the people spoke! All we needed was a 10 year plan man!!
The POWER MOVE by the state of West Virginia led by Gayle Manchin appointed to the State Board of Education by then Governor Joe Manchin was all for “political” reasons we now know, but hindsight is always 20/20. That insurance buying decision of appointing Gayle to the state board paid off in spades when the time came!
There is no disagreement here but the question remains … “Why ?”
Why would influential and controlling members constituting the leadership in the community be so willing to cut off the nose to spite the face and give it all away – give away established control of all the Gilmer County Schools?
Give it away before taken away, sort of like being nice to a rapist!
The answer could only be the “Powers that Be,” were losing control, so handed over control of the reins to political figures firmly implanted in the power structure at the state level — and persons fully capable of handing the control right back, just like a bounce pass from a fellow Lady Titan taking the “HOT BALL” to the home hoop on a midnight run of fun out hwy 33.
A divided Board of Education selected William K. Simmons as Superintendent, but it was not to be…

“It’s in the air, it’s everywhere, the emptiness you

feel inside, when someone has taken your very space!”

“Someone else controls the very soul of a school board, and it all seems so out of place!”

Simmons is a person who had previously demonstrated he would not be a puppet whether or not you agreed with his decisions.

Money? I know you Butcher's "Love it!" But let me tell you one thing I'm not! I'M NOT YOUR PUPPET!!

“Simmons is NO PUPPET!”
Oh NO!  Not that again!
Could Simmons be someone that is above politics?  Could he possibly be someone that can’t be controlled or threatened?  …or have their strings pulled?
Is it possible that, the, “Loss of Control… scenario,” could have been going through informed minds?
Could there possibly be a scenario that would exist that includes Nasia Butcher having been “released” by GSC under Simmons tenure, that the “family” decided, or maybe someone in the church of “IKE” decided that no matter what …
“Simmons would never have a position of power in this county again?!”
Oh yes, not only is this scenario possible but,  most likely was a plan, that was executed without flaw that insured the matter of, “NO Simmon’s” control.  All it really took to get the Power Elite agenda back on track was calling in more than a few favors. Those people were a callin in favors down there in Charleston until the cows came home!!
The good news there is “…the list of favors due is dwindling!”
But those who control from within control best and saving the job, of PRINCESS NASIA BUTCHER, keeps a vital internal control in place.
Will Ron Blankenship kowtow?
Will, “Ronnie Baby” know how to Kowtow and get down, get down, get down tonight !?
It is more than likely.
Only time will tell but there will be no easy way.  People are watching.

ED TOMAN shown above with school board member Phyllis Starkey! If Ed Toman comes back as superintendent, you know that the GC uppers have won. Now lets go back a couple of years. Kelly R., former board member under Ed T., stated that Mr. Morris told her that they wished they had helped her more with her re-election, because if they had, Ed would still be super. Kelly R. was not re-elected, so poor Ed had to leave. So now you see, if Ed returns as super, you know what group of uppers won, and who pulled what ropes. They can’t pull strings, strings wore out and were replaced with ropes. Don’t forget where Ed Toman went to work after the school super job went away. GSC! Twiddly Dee!

The problem in Gilmer County is that a few wealthy people want to dictate how the rest of us live!! This has been going on for years and we are sick of it!! Thank GOD for the Secret Seven Coalition of Central WV!

The state took over the Gilmer County schools in June after the Office of Education Performance Audits (OEPA) found significant leadership, technology, facility, personnel and finance issues. Calhoun resident Ron Blankenship (in this photo) has nearly 30 years experience as a superintendent, was named to the position at the end of June. Blankenship, during his years of service, was named WV Superintendent of the Year. Blankenship will work with the state and the Gilmer County school board to "Jointly develop and present to the state board a set of standards and a strategic plan that must be implemented before the Gilmer County board can regain control of its school system," according to a state news release.

The long awaited, OEPA audit and full report showed  discord among school board members and lengthy meetings that were unproductive and left county school employees incapable of following state code!

“The technology responsibilities at the high school were left in the hands of people that were unproven and lacked basic skills!”

On more than one occasion,  county board members remained in the room as votes were taken to give jobs to their family members, the report said. It also found instances of members of the public being allowed to interrupt board meetings.

Board members also were “disrespectful” to members of the comprehensive plan committee, the report said. A week prior to the audit, the committee proposed a comprehensive plan, but it was rejected.  Gilmer County voters rejected a bond measure that would have consolidated the four elementary schools in two new schools, the report noted.

The term “Family” covers a wide variety of elite last names here in Glenville, not only connected by blood and marriage — but also by the ability to control business and revenue, inside and outside the CHURCH of IKE!
The term Church of Ike is pretty self explanatory and so is the church of the poison mind!
But, if you want lunch or breakfast there is always the Common Place where the elite meet! A good place to hold church on any day.
The COMMON PLACE …the place the members of the “Church of Ike,” like!
It is obvious to many, the familiar names and the pecking order of the power distribution with big money at the top. The people that pull the strings had to prove, one more time, that they will make the decisions that run this county, not the people, and the TAKE OVER is just another day in the life in the “Ville,” the true heart of Crooked County!
“This is the way we do things in Gilmer County,”
…. according to R Terry Butcher of the Bitcher and Butcher law firm, when asked about the state take over of County Schools!

Weave a secret I will sweep it! Beneath the carpet where you'll keep it... I'm your puppet! I'll learn to love it. And I'll undress If you need it for I’m your puppet and I can say it all night long, Shelly Morris DeMarino…Oh Shelly I will do anything, just pull my string!! Oh the sting of when you pull my string for your daddy! Weave a secret I will sweep it beneath the carpet where you'll keep it I'm your puppet I'll learn to love it. And I'll undress if you need it. I’m your puppet and I can say it all night long, Shelly Morris DeMarino…I'm your puppet! I will do it for your daddy! Who's your daddy...who's your daddy?!

The PUPPET MASTERS will place their puppets where they want, when they want to   …from the educated (if they absolutely have to) or maybe even place proven idiot minions, like amateur photographer Gary Collins, or Cassandra Huff – news editor of the Democrat, who are often much easier to handle, cheaper and much preferred for having control over, by the use of threat of power, or malice.  We heard Huff has fallen from the Grace of the infamous Butchers, and especially Nasia lately, and has to perform some more bad deeds to fall back in favor.
“Of course the elite and their minions prefer that this all go on behind everyone’s back, for the sake of habit, and for the sake of legend or just because it’s just like it used to be!”
Oh for the good old days when there was no free press in Gilmer County.  At least they had already handled the election seats promised at the local level.
Win, lose or draw it had to be done or risk embarrassment and acknowledgment that “Times they are a changing!”
That’s one gamble, the “Powers the Be,” lost as the guaranteed majority voted against

874 people out of 1000 that voted on the GFP poll said that Nasia had to go, and most believe she is the cause of the takeover to save her job and that is the only reason the calls were made to former Governor Manchin and his wife Gayle, who came down on Crooked County like bats out of hell!

them publicly for the first time and hopefully not the last.
This state take over of the schools seems to have the full support of Charleston and the W.V. Code.  Is Bill Simmons going to seek legal remedy for the shameful way he was treated?  Given he had not worked the first day in a position he was hired and  fully qualified for, the State Board had no logical reason to void the contract, only the power.  Age discrimination seems obvious leading to breach of that contract, but how do you fight the insidious undermining done on the phone, through the mail, pocket to pocket and behind the public’s back?
Only attorneys experienced in labor law can help Simmons if he is not already too sick at heart to care and the time it will take is designed to prevent interference as the players of this game well know.
 Note to Bill, you won’t find any good attorneys in Gilmer County!
The State can blame a lack of consensus among elected county board members but why was that not addressed to that Board?  Why wasn’t the Principal handling hiring selections and Chairwoman of the CEFP Committee taken to task?  They have no power to undo elected selection and it certainly would not be in their appointed best interest to do. They couldn’t even fake a reprimand.  So they did the only thing left to do which would stop the peoples selection of their leaders as demanded by their constituents, they took over the schools in Gilmer County.

THE BUTCHER BITCHES Lizzie and Lexie tuning up their tongues for a REAL RUN down BELOW where no green grass grows!!

Nasia will keep her job as long as she can stand it and the devil take the hindmost.  I hear she needs the money.   The answer to what must be done is right in front of our noses so to speak.
“Although we did not win all of the battle we have not lost the war!”
The Voters must not give up because the first volley didn’t storm the castle.
 Plato answers why as well as any…
“Mankind will never see an end of trouble until…lovers of wisdom come to hold political power, or holders of power…become lovers of wisdom.”

Democrats from Glenville with an AGENDA could leave more than a bad taste in your mouth!!


Poll Result: GCHS Principal – 06.26.11

image~~  Comments ~~•  Her saying her daughters’ lesbian acts and drinking are normal behavior for teens told me enough. OUT
•  The only one to pay is Simmons, everyone else will remain the same. Shame on the State Board for this
•  The Butchers have been dictating policy for hundreds for purely self-serving reasons, truly evil!!
•  The Butchers showed their true colors with the non-compliance of the AJ Woofter will, they are BAD!!
•  I’m glad I have no children in the school system.. I would be very upset with all this turmoil .
•  Nastyia is in charge of HS problems
•  She should be let go and never allowed to have anything to do with a school again
•  The BOE is to blame, not the GCHS principal.
•  If she is responsible she should be commended.
•  This has been a long time coming. We cannot blame Mrs. Butcher for the counties shortcomings.
•  If Mrs. Butcher is not relieved that will prove how corrupt this mess has been.
•  Contrary, to popular opinion on this website, Mrs. Butcher is why the test scores at GCHS are up!
•  Obvious you have personal issues with Mrs. Butcher and Mr. Hough. Change name to Glenville Enquirer
•  Do the people of Gilmer County realize they are the laughing stock of the state.
•  Contrary, to one comment, scores are up because of teachers and not butcher
•  It is easier to lay blame on someone else other than those actually responsible…the county BOE!
•  Look for the winners when this is done and then you will know who was behind this from the start
•  WVDE took over Gilmer Schools and if you feel it was all for political reasons call-202-514-2001

There is nothing FAKE about the Butcher Bitches! Life can be so god damn good in Glenville, the Devils playground for lesbians and rapists!

As you can see from the photo above, late at night when the booze flows it can get serious!  So be on the alert for a kiss that will hurt — as someone may be putting it to someone hard and heavy —  till they break the levy of SUMMER LOVE — down by the Crooked River … where they really deliver and where the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad on the CalPatty Press, during the Summer of 2010!

OH NO, they’re gonna do it again!!


UPDATE  7-11-11   Concerned Citizens Speak Out!!

Gilmer Free Press Poll Result – Community Economic Environment – 07.10.11

image~~  Comments ~~•  The commissioners and the GCEDA don’t know how to stop the county’s decline. Good enough isn’t.

•  Does anything really ever change much around here?

•  Census: 1980 8,334; 1990 7,669; 2000 7,160; 2010 6,800?

  The prison is an economic bust. That isn’t the big windfall that was promised. Whose idea was that?

•  State takeover makes conditions worse. People have had enough of political garbage.

•  How can the economic environment get better. People do not want to live in a Payton Place.

•  The current leaders are dead set on destroying America.

•  One elem. school is a death sentence for Gilmer County. Less people will want to move here.

•  The county population is about 6,800 w/o the prison. Look at Main St. & the empty houses everywhere.

•  If we go to 1 Elem. school our population will decrease as kids will go to other counties.

  Ike Morris and the Butcher and Butcher law firm will make sure they get all benefits, nothing 4 us!

•  How can conditions improve with the few elite are self-serving with no benefit to the masses.

•  Businesses can’t survive with the population losses.

•  Business cannot thrive without competition.

•  “They” may tell us things are getting better, but we are smart enough to see for ourselves it isn’t.

•  Our entire country has a continually deteriorating economic environment with congress impotent.

•  The RICH get richer, the POOR get poorer. Give the rich the big tax breaks. Duh!!

•  Access to goods & services, pop. & school enroll #s down. We’re going under.