By Free Bird/RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS/Rina McCoy Cosmos Communicator – Editor/Editor Edison – Cosmic Communications publisher

When local politicians or media want to stop discussion on any subject or disagreement with  information they have presented as “Fact” and validate  lies, criminal actions and other misconduct, the first thing they do is label those seeking the truth as “Conspirators”. 

That label is actually nothing more than a tool used by those in power in Gilmer County to affirm reckless, unsubstantiated accusations and personal attacks on the character of those who question their actions or intentions.

The “Conspirator” label has been used to slander individuals and groups for decades.  Though it has become more difficult with the advent of the free press, the attacks continue.

“People are seeking the truth for good reason!”

“Politicians in Gilmer County and surrounding areas have grown more corrupt, immoral and deceitful and politically corrupted the Justice and Judicial systems!”

Members of the media in Charleston under direction of the “BJ” lobbyist Phil Reale, often in collaboration with government officials, keep the corruption out of the spotlight and accept whatever information is fed to them as fact without question. This helps create a populace of ignorant and uninformed citizens kept in the dark.

“Force feeding lies on the population without public discussion and input only works when people stop asking questions and seeking the truth!”

But, that is always the plan for those already in POWER in Gilmer County!

The Crooked TRUTH in GLENVILLE is sometimes scary and unbelievable but always true! How many small towns in American allow their coaches of sports teams to have sex with the players and even bring the beer to the party! All this and more goes on in infamous Crooked County!!

The conspiracy label has been used to chastise those who criticize the power mongers who cover up the truth about what really happens on a regular basis.

Mark Twain spoke on this subject many years ago…

“A conspiracy is nothing but a secret agreement of a group of men for the pursuance of policies which they dare not mention in public.”

Glenville West Virginia is the home to some of the biggest white collar criminals in the state of West Virginia. Decades of graft and corruption have been witnessed, but when the local city, county and state government violate the rights of whites as was done in the “Travesty of Justice” case, that has been looked at by every great student of law in the state of West Virginia and other southern states, then a matter of political interference by well known elite individuals from the county becomes quite evident and clear.

When Gilmer County decided to knowingly break laws to prosecute a professional white man whose family has been local property owners since before the civil war, and then protect the blacks obviously guilty of heinous crimes against whites, this area now known as Crooked County went on the radar all over the United States and the Crooked Truth was revealed to all of those reviewing the hard cold facts.

THE GIRLS OF THE POWER ELITE – The Butcher Bitches Lizzie and Lexie drunk as can be and about to do it for free just like when they ROCKED Gilmer County last summer during BEACH BLANKET BINGO when the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad on the CalPatty Press!!

It BROKE BAD at the house of Shelly Morris DeMarino too last January 22nd when a child of the Power Elite was raped by a star football player from Gilmer County High School that has aspirations of being a star rapist for GSC while also being a member of their team! So far TH has shown all the qualities of a fine rapist and an asset for IKE MORRIS who is with the…

“Good Old Boys at GSC!”

The Butcher Bitches that Broke Bad on the CalPatty Press during the Beach Blanket Bingo Summer perfected the potty party and made it popular as hell in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!! “I snorted it all while I was waiting for you,” said Brooklyn. “But there’s still a little bit of powder on the counter by the sink!”

“This is how it went at the outrageous party thrown at the home of Shelly Morris D because nobody rides to the top for free”

“Nobody moves nobody gets hurt, cuz I’m gonna take little  (name censored) into the bedroom and show her what that hole is for,” said Bobby Duvall new coach of the Lady Titans!

Then Bobby proceeded to put his balls through (name censored) Hoop!

(photo and name censored)
A FLASH photo was shown just like an escort on back page dot com (photo and name censored) The CROOKED TRUTH Is …  (name censored) fucked her basketball coach and got caught in bed with dude at the party, where there was drinking, drugs and some damn good sex
No consequence for these actions in Crooked County …why do you think they call it Crooked County?!!

But   (name censored) was CAUGHT IN THE SACK WITH THE COACH BOBBY DUVALL and that is the Crooked Truth of it all — as unbelievable as it sounds!

Shelly knows it, and  (name censored) knows it, and Bobby Duvall knows it!

And now that the Secret Seven Coalition know it …YOU DO TOO!

There was a big party at Shelly DeMarino’s house involving the basketball team and things got out of hand so to speak, and now we hear that a Lady Titan team player and talented ball handler  was raped!

“Yes, another rape in Gilmer County and it has been confirmed the rape occurred at the same party!”

Tim Butcher, the Bitcher of the Butcher and Butcher law firm – highly recommended Bobby Duvall for the position, but  what we did not know was …

Lexie licks the ear of Gina cuz she likes it a lot and it tastes good too! “Just like Gina should!” …according to Sexy Lexy Butcher!

…that Tim Butcher had recommended Duvall for the missionary position with (name censored)

OH OH!! Yeah, then it is found out Bobby  lied on his resume about where he had worked. ….And what other team members Duvall has fucked!!

Two of the most valuable commodities known to man are knowledge and information.

It is said that “Knowledge is Power!”

It is power to preserve our way of life, our rights and property.  It empowers us to gain and maintain wealth, health, and happiness, and our freedoms.

“Knowledge and Wisdom are more valuable than Gold and Silver some say!”

“Knowledge in West Virginia is often banned, suppressed, labeled with some smear word, or categorized as politically incorrect or radical!”

“Any movement to disprove and expose unlawfulness, corruption, dehumanization and tyranny is readily discouraged!”

Evidence clearly shows wrongdoing by Judge Facemire, Gerry Hough, and David Lane Smith involving the early processes of jury selection in the greatly studied “Travesty” case from Gilmer County.

This fact was proved by the latest posting of the court record and other evidence in an ODC complaint filed against Gerald B Hough the Gilmer County Prosecutor.

Citizens such as Judy Stalnaker, and Peggy Moore, along with two employee’s from Flying W plastics a local elite run business, have been implicated in violating laws related to proper conduct and jury tampering involving the case falsely brought forward by Hough!

Beverly Marks armed with an intentional motivation and under orders from local attorney Timothy B Butcher refused a court order in regard to property needed as evidence pertaining to the case, and a crime was committed when this court evidence was knowingly pulled from the land books by Marks under orders from Butcher – and then the matter was brought to the attention of Sheriff Mickey Metz where an active cover up began.

What types of conclusions can we already draw from the facts uncovered and brought forward and already presented to the public?

It is easy to draw the conclusion that the local white collar criminals and members of the West Virginia Bar actually aid and assist in false arrests to protect their friends and/or for the purpose of stealing estates or redistributing family assets in an illegal and wrongful manner as was evidenced by Marks in the famous case of the missing 1/6th of 155 acres of surface property in Dekalb near the Calhoun County line on route five towards Grantsville.

“The CROOKED TRUTH about GILMER COUNTY has been found out by studying court cases and documented wrongdoings by the most visible and better known of the Power Elite in Glenville West Virginia,  the home of corruption, rape and murder!”

Truth and facts are hard to find and not readily available yet truly relevant and important to our lives.  It should be noted that every single time someone responds to an open forum in an unpopular manner some interested party will attack to try and shut them up to hide the truth, the real facts!!

The assistance given to black criminals and rapists to the detriment of the local mainly white population has become disconcerting and an immediate investigation into the latest rape on campus has become warranted, along with a closer look at the Andrae Wright allegations!

“The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!” All the while the Ghost Wolf watches from high atop the mountains overlooking the town below. When the moon is full if you look closely you may observe a black shadow stalking his prey while making his way down the hills, but if his eyes should be red, you surely better run instead!

When speaking of corruption one usually refers to misuse of a position of trust for personal gain. Political corruption is the illegitimate use of government powers by officials for personal purposes and Glenville and Gilmer County are now serving as a perfect example, since documents prove misconduct by several public officials in a county known as crooked and the entire United States should be watching and take a lesson on just how bad it can get!

Corruption and especially corruption CROOKED COUNTY STYLE  influences the lives of our citizens in many ways and hinders the overall development of the region.

Political corruption can take many forms like bribery, patronage (favoring supporters by granting financial aid or favors) and graft (offering money). All forms of corruption are illegal but when you don’t fear prosecution,then illegal,  just doesn’t seem to matter! Glenville serves as a perfect example of a situation in which corruption is ideal for nobody fears prosecution around here when Big Joe Manchin is in your pocket and just a phone call away!

“Hell, Ike even has connects to Earl Ray!”

And did you notice Earl Ray our current governor just sent someone last time he was suppose to make an appearance?

“Ole Earl Ray wasn’t very anxious to have his photo taken with corrupt public officials known for all of their bad press up there in a Gilmer County where men are men and the goats are scared!”

The most recent conspiracy is, perhaps, the most shameful in the recent history of Gilmer County.

A well known family with an old ax to grind with William K. Simmons chose to use their influence with political powers to stop his legal hire as Superintendent of Gilmer County Schools which resulted in a state takeover.

When anyone considers personal desires more important than the needs of the children it is an unbelievable act of pure selfishness and greed.

Are you listening Principal Nasia Butcher?

Do you really believe that a previous college Chancellor would enter the system looking to fire you without cause?

Do you really believe that man would have been so unprofessional and without legal ethics as to take actions that would endanger his position?

Or do you really believe if he entered the system the evidence would have been so overwhelmingly against your retention he would have had no other choice?

Nasia Butcher, Gilmer County High School principal, was made to look like an ignorant redneck hillbilly when the Dept. of Ed. took over Gilmer’s schools. And who could forget when she did not get her way, all of the sudden the situation turned into: NASIA BUTCHER, PLAINTIFF, APPELLANT, v. GILMER COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION, In the West Virginia Supreme Court!(Lizzy Butcher with Nasia)

The vote of Gilmer County citizens was unanimous that the last would be true but you didn’t have the guts to stand on your own record!

You chose a path that ripped Gilmer County apart as any common, self serving, pathetic believer in self entitlement to power in this county does.

The whole thing was just another fine example of corruption and reveals the TRUE CONSPIRACY against the people of Gilmer County.

The TRUE CONSPIRACY of the power mongers of Crooked County is way over the top of anything any normal community can withstand!

Just two summers ago in Gilmer County there was quite a log of misconduct involving Gerald B Hough in the John Manis Richards trial, and here is a mainstream news report from that case:

On Monday, July 20, 2009 Special Judge Larry Starcher appeared in Gilmer County Circuit Court to reschedule the trial of State vs. John Manis Richards.
The trial is now set for Thursday, August 20, 2009 at 9:00 AM for motions with the jurors to report at 10:00 AM for the trial.

Richards has retained Kevin Hughart as defense counsel.

Former Supreme Court Justice Starcher who voted in favor and against Hough in the Travesty of Justice case had to be called in to preside over this high profile case and more accusations surfaced that accused Gerry Hough of intentionally losing taped evidence from the court record, that proved the Glenville Police Chief Moss made untrue statements in the pre-trial hearing of a felony case and further his testimony directly conflicted the police report he himself wrote.

Below is a document from this case that speaks for itself!

This document is a GOOD EXAMPLE of the ILLEGAL ACTIVITY In the GILMER COURTS and how Facemire goes along with the corruption – hiding and losing of valuable evidence. This document is bogus -the tapes were lost purposely!

Misconduct often leads to criminal conduct and behavior in Crooked County, just ask Fred Hill, or just ask anyone from Fred Hills family, or talk to a friend of his, they will tell you.

In the John Manis Richards case, after Hough destroyed the evidence that could have proved John Richards (also known as the Lone Meth Ranger) innocent, he decided to buy himself some insurance since the defense counsel for Richards said that he had the testimony of the Police Chief, the missing taped testimony as a matter of record in some notes he took on a legal pad during court.

“Within days the office of  the defense Counsel for Johnny Richards burned down mysteriously!”

Kevin Hughart’s office mysteriously was set ablaze and the matter was not covered by any mainstream news sources or press. Only the SS reported. We went to the office of Hughart and we took the photo you see below of the burned down office of the defense counsel of Richards during the time his case was in court.

During the very long battle of the Gilmer County Case of the Lone Meth Ranger Johnny Richards, evidence was destroyed, but the defense counsel Kevin Hughart still had his notes of the testimony in which the tape was lost on purpose. During the dispute Hugart’s office mysteriously burned down and SS sources say Gerald B Hough had it burned down. The office of BILL MARTIN – SUTTON the defendant counsel in the 5 year “Travesty” case, also had his office burned down while storing original documents pertaining to the AJ WOOFTER estate!

A government official has both money and power in his/her hand; citizens tax money for the development of the area served and power to utilize the money. The government official then uses both of these for personal gain.

It is because of money and power that many politicians make politics a family business. In case the politician cannot rule the government then his brother, sister or even wife will participate at another level. Control must be maintained for success.
“It takes two parties to participate in any form of corruption!”

There is the one who offers the money or favors (such as a job or an investment opportunity) and the one who accepts. It is an opportunity given to local government officials each time they are put in office.

Sometimes FAVORS are offered in the concept and form of supporting a local business person like Lisa Minney who was associated with the SS back in the day Calhoun County was trying to clean up from all the corruption.Those were the days the bad police chief  Ron Gordon allegedly raped 14 women while he was a cop on duty in Calhoun County giving them a choice, sex or jail.

Ron Bandy the Chief Deputy Sheriff in Calhoun County when Minney worked for the Calhoun Chronicle was saved from prison for 8 felony charges brought by the state police when Gerry Hough got his admitted good friend Sgt CJ Ellyson of the state police to steal the evidence against Bandy, and the bad cops and corruption just went on and on back then and we worked hard to bring the public all the facts and Lisa Minney did her share back then, but then went over to the side of the elite when we moved our actions to Gilmer County. I guess Minney didn’t like it that she had so many friends caught up in the bullshit underhanded dealings! This letter republished below, describes in her own words how it went back then for Lisa Minney the publisher of  TWO-FACED TWO LANE Ain’t living long like this magazine!

Lisa Minney reveals ACTUAL behind the scene happenings from her days with the Secret Seven Coalition!!

Lisa Minney from Gilmer County lets the real truth out with her heartfelt letter to the SS in this article

Below she begins her letter by telling us how many hits she is getting on her site, because of the links we have up on the CalPatty Press.

I’ve already noticed the visits coming over from your site. Quite a few. I have also gotten several emails about it. Nothing I can’t handle, but not all of them positive. I simply explain that you can link to whomever you wish. The traffic will help us, we hope to start pushing web ads this year, and the increase in traffic helps us, no matter where it comes from.

Your site is getting quite popular. When I’m out and about (not often) I have a lot of people ask me about it. Many, I think, are testing me to see if I am a participant. I am clear that I am merely a reader, and that…

“I don’t do news anymore!”

I think, because of the link, Vickie Shaver was compelled to contact me. I sent the following email to calpatty in the wee hours this morning:

Kelli Lawson long time girlfriend to Fire Starting Cult Leader TODD SMITH! Kelli was assaulted by Todd in Glenville in May of 09 and died in his bed in Weston December of 09 of a drug overdose while Todd was involved in a relationship with a Tabitha Clem who was convicted of federal meth charges of manufacturing and distributing and was Todd’s main Meth connection

Vickie Shaver has approached me in her mourning to ask me to use what little respect I have with all of you to request that you show some empathy for her as a mother to let Kelli be, now that she has died.

I do find it difficult to understand how you can show such empathy for Fred and his family when you didn’t even know him and not show any at all for Kelli and her family. There is no doubt that Kelli was a victim, just as Fred was.

Cult member Lil Steph also became involved with drugs and Todd Smith and had a sexual relationship with him at the same time her sister did. The relationship became volatile when HOT TODDY tried to run Lil Steph down in his truck on a main street in Grantsville, WV

Kelli was not Todd’s first victim. He lured Lulu Hamrick away from her husband, hooked her on drugs, got her off her medication, and alienated her from all friends and family who could help her. Lulu ended up committing suicide by jumping out in front of a car in Grantsville because no one could save her from the world Todd surrounded her with. Lulu was my friend, and I know what Todd did to her, and how he manipulated her. I am sure he did the same to Kelli.

You know I support your efforts, and I am appreciative of the respect you have shown for me. But Vickie Shaver and I bonded when we joined forces to press charges against Todd together, and I do hate to see her suffer any more than she is. No mother should ever feel the loss of her child. It is unlike her to approach me with such a request. It shows how truly she is hurting. I feel for her, and I promised her that I would ask you to at least remove the images of Kelli at her lowest point in life – so that Vicki may remember Kelli at her best instead.

You know, when John Paul was killed, many around me said, “Good riddance to bad rubbish!” He was no angel either, but I loved him, and he was trying to get his life back on track.

 Such comments were torturous to me. They dismissed all the good things about him and focused only on his mistakes in life. I cannot help but feel for Vicki and ask this for her.

Kelli has a mourning family, just as Fred does. Kelli was no angel, but I feel confident she was led off her path in life by Todd. What happened to her was a tragedy as well. I have read that Kelli asked you for help and you denied her. This could be your chance to make amends for that by helping those who mourn her.

I hope you get Todd. I hope you bury him. What he did to ruin Lulu and Kelli’s lives is pure evil. His actions have tortured her family enough. I hope you will consider this, and also consider my request to not hurt Vickie any further.

I ask this respectfully,

In addition to the above, I have one personal request: If you get ANY information about Craig Craft, his increasingly strange behavior around the community, or word that he was in town the night Fred Hill disappeared, will you tell me? You know, he has past experience making a man disappear after a night out on the town, and although many believe it was self-defense, no one saw the autopsy report (plea bargain – no trial) that showed that JP was shot in the back of the head at close range. It was three months before JP’s body was found. I feel for his family, I know exactly what they are going through. Unfortunately, they will likely never know the truth of what happened to Fred, even if they find his body. It takes years to come to grips with not knowing what really happened. It was only through my own research and interviews that I came to learn that JP’s murder was likely pre-meditated, that others helped Craig dispose of the body in the river, and that forever most people will believe that JP deserved it.

Of course, I would prefer these comments I have sent not be posted to my credit. These things I have my own way of handling, and have some plans in place to do so. I have learned many ways to do things “behind the scenes” and prefer to handle things in such a way. That way, when shit hits the fan, I can smile pretty and feign innocence. Also, Frank gets upset with me for communicating with you. My ‘involvement’ with “unknown internet people” makes him worry. After all that online with Todd in the past, I can understand his thinking.

If you do agree to remove the “smutty” pictures of Kelli though, feel free to note that they were removed at my request, if that will appease your mates. I don’t care what Gilmer “powers that be” think any more, they’ve blackballed Two-Lane Livin’ anyway and won’t support us.



In the case of Gilmer County, the citizens are the ones who give opportunities to the official to make higher salaries and benefits (among other things) hoping for a return that happens only for a chosen few.
“Anything that is illegal becomes a source of corruption for government officials. Take the example of drug trafficking or trading of illegal drugs”

It is a fact that the distribution and sale of certain illegal drugs is banned.

There are many people who are ready to offer money, so as to allow trading of such illegal drugs. Limiting the prosecution of drug dealers keeps the number of crimes reported in trafficking and money laundering along with the domestic violence it breeds low … to create a sense of security in the community and show a job “Well done” by local law enforcement.

“This rather “FAKE” way of doing things in Gilmer County has become as “COMMON PLACE” as  the restaurant where the elite meet!”

Recent events have shown this to be a very false sense of security for Gilmer County residents, for the Crooked Truth is often hidden!

The Court Record published in the previous RGW release Friday 26 August clearly showed a CONSPIRACY by Gerald B Hough prosecutor for Gilmer County to bring false evidence by way of paid for false testimony and this photo reveals the place all the misconduct takes place …the Gilmer County Circuit Courthouse, the home of the 14th district!

Acceptance of bribery by a citizen during election or in other words, vote buying, is another example well known to the citizens of Gilmer County. The candidate offers money or grants favors to supporters and citizens to gain election votes and voila, the same candidate wins the election. The consequence is plain to see, he/she will try to cover up the money spent during the election time. The financial reporting is accepted by those in charge with no analysis or proof required. In addition, he/she has to save more money for the next elections. So, the only way to obtain this sum is by indulging corruption.

In Gilmer County, before the government job openings are advertised to the citizens, the jobs are already sold out if at all possible and this  practice is performed by a consensus of the political leaders.

“The local officials will take bribery from people able to offer money or influence over the electorate in their best interest!”

This way, eligible candidates are often neglected, while recruiting of non-deserving candidates is rampant.  It is not a victimless crime.  If by some fluke one of the hand selected is caught in an illegal act, they will be given a job elsewhere.  More than one valued elite minion has been moved in this manner.

The final outcome of political corruption is obvious as, “That Time” does come just as it has now – when Gilmer County West Virginia is ruled by thieves, not by deserving citizens or those trustworthy enough to be political leaders. 

The fate of the people is sealed and only through a concerted effort requiring vigilance, observation and persistent auditing of the process will this ever be changed.

“Is it too late for all of us in Gilmer County?”

“Have the true conspirators who hide the truth won?” 

“Not on our watch bitches!!”



The CROOKED TRUTH in Gilmer County is that GSC leads the State of West Virginia in ALL STATE RAPISTS and featured this month is Glenville, West Virginia’s own, right in the heart of Crooked County  ….GABE PHROPHET!

Another alleged rapist at GSC getting special treatment. This GSC student was arrested for RAPE but the preliminary hearing has NOT BEEN HELD in a timely manner.

Class: Senior
Hometown: Washington D.C.
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 170

Team: Football
Position: QB
Number: 7

Is it another COVER UP because the people at GSC are nothing but FUCK UPS?

Where is the preliminary hearing for Phrophet??

Do the Crooked as fuck public officials think they can swindle the public again and again and again with their underhanded illegal power elite bullshit?

The Crooks from Crooked County are well into their way of another cover up, but this time we are going to bust those bitches in the act!

The SECRET SEVEN COALITION has learned that some media outlets  have taken an interest in GSC covering up sexual assaults committed by GSC student athletes!

The names of the student athletes being investigated are…

1. Gabriel Phrophet
2. Edward Dale Kinnison
3. Erik Davis
4. Christopher Todd Smith
5. Wilkie Perez

** Search this website for information indicating Gerald B Hough took an active part in violating a rape victims rights in regards to the WILKIE PEREZ incident and further, Hough was  involved in illegal acts to protect the rapist to the detriment of the female victim. The crimes in Crooked County have gone on long enough, it is time these Crooked public officials like Gerry Hough be held accountable for their actions.

Please refer to this SS article for information and documents proving the criminal and illegal acts of school faculty to protect rapists, to save the image of GSC!!