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By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press-Editor/Free BirdRGW REPORTER for the Central WV SS/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator-Editor

Once you have seen the Darkness of GILMER COUNTY you will be forever changed.

Once you have been touched by the BLACKNESS of the “VILLE” you will never be the same!

Just ask Fred Hill!

The DARKNESS comes for you!

But out of the Darkness also comes the GHOST WOLF so that you don’t ever have to be afraid!

The GHOST WOLF of Crooked County lives for the Bounty of the sweet smelling elite!

"The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!" All the while the Ghost Wolf watches from high atop the mountains overlooking the town below. When the moon is full if you look closely you may observe a black shadow stalking his prey while making his way down the hills, but if his eyes should be red, you surely better run instead!

From the blackness the BEAST that has lived to fight another day, is always watching, always waiting for the ones that think they have it made …and that all the EVIL is Just OK!

The menace of the awful elite may soon have to pay!

The destiny of the wicked brought the return of the Ghost Wolf to the Darkness of Crooked County and to the blackness of the “Ville,” the name everyone knew was really in the city of River View!

The Black Wolf, the Ghost Wolf was truly king of his realm. The dark beast that was always watching Lisianna was only a shadow to others. Was the mysterious creature merely a shadow or maybe only a ghost?

“…The word spread like wildfire all throughout the VILLE and up the hollers and even up on the hill! Throughout the whole of Crooked County people walked in fear and searched the most secreted parts of their minds for any ill doing that could have been perceived as an act of betrayal to the Ghost Wolf. Doors were barred and locked especially by the sinister evil that owned the town and kept the people of the county as slaves to the Church of the Poison mind and the second generation of IKE the father of the demi-gods that hid from the darkness that stalked the land and the elite of the ville!”

Even the dead waited with dread for the Return of the Ghost Wolf for it certainly would be painful to die that way again, ripped, torn and shred with the vengeful jabs from the white fangs of blackness. It was said the creature was searching for Lucifer himself after killing with delight the Lemegeton the favorite agent of the Devil!

From out of the Darkness the Ghost Wolf came just when the blackness set upon the sleepy little Ville. The first victim was the daughter of a town official and a lawyer and she was just 24 years old. The next night saw the bloody attack of the magistrate and another young girl. Before that horrid month was out a college student, a young boy of 19 and a student teacher that was just 27 were both brutally slain – and in each case the victims’ heart was eaten!

Photo's and excerpts courtesy of Publish America from book two of the trilogy "Return of the Ghost Wolf a NEW CIVIL WAR!"

When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness.  The long term goal of the powerful in Gilmer County has always been to smooth over their own misdeeds as though it were all a lovely dream.  Don’t worry, they’ve got your back, they have a handle on the situation. Sleep peacefully, do as they say, all is well. They are making the decisions for you and their bank account is fat. Do not forget that coal, timber, oil and gas have long influenced the social economic and political characteristics of this region.  Do not forget who is in control and has been as far back as memory allows.  Why would you want to change that?  Things are easier this way.  Easier for them!

Employment growth and economic growth are stifled in Gilmer County, West Virginia by election fraud and the mafia like existence of the Gilmer Elite!

Taking in the fragrance of the pines, Lisianna also heard the shallow running creek that ran near the tower. She listened closer; as it was faint at first…then she felt it, cautiously, slowly, carefully, gently…Lisianna opened her eyes out of instinct. There it was! The Wolf! The Black Wolf that always watched over her…standing only a few feet away! The Wolf looked at her with eyes of peacefulness, that communicated, “I’ll bring you comfort,” then glanced away at something heard in the forest. Lisianna gazed into the dark woods like it was a dream, searching the part of the forest where the Wolf had sensed intrusion…then turned to face the Wolf again, but the graceful and handsome Black Wolf was gone!

A ruling class of elite have taken control of the Gilmer County Schools and the local job market. County and state jobs are ruled by nepotism in Gilmer County.  Several good examples of nepotism are within the pages of this website, but the latest infraction was when Gilmer County Commission clerk hired her own 15 year old unqualified daughter as an assistant. Cronyism is also prevalent in Gilmer County and very much alive and well!

“A common theme among states with high levels of economic freedom is a commitment to low taxes, small government, and flexible labor markets. These conditions stimulate job creation and greater opportunities for economic growth.” 

Because of these conditions, Gilmer County has seen little or no economic growth and now with the school system failure and the problems brought on by cronyism and nepotism, many people would rather live and grow up in an area with better schools and a much improved school system, but what we have here in Glenville is a failure to communicate because of the totalitarian rule that exists. That is why we have Blankenship as the superintendent of Gilmer County Schools, which is a situation forced onto us by the state, just the same as if we were communists living in a third world country!  Truly the situation that exists is no different.

It is indeed time to wake up Gilmer County, but don’t open your eyes too quickly for the shock of a local government corrupt from top to bottom, the crumbling infrastructure and gross inadequacy within our schools and educational systems, long-term poverty, out-migration and lack of health care may be too much for a trusting soul to bear.  Gilmer County is failing and fading while those who trusted the elected and paid for leadership are now being blamed by them for lack of action.  These power elite leaders blame the very people who have questioned them about their own actions or lack thereof over and over! We have received no response from the elite.

"The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!" The Secret of RAPE the secret of MURDER and the secret of FOUL PLAY!

As Mayor of Richwood, countless accusations were made against Bob Henry Baber for deceiving the public and city council, mishandling funds, fraudulent grant writing and many other charges that are still under investigation and he became the perfect candidate for a job at GSC with that kind of a background. He really fit in!

His troubles and the negative controversy that surrounds Baber seem to never end!

Bob Henry joined and invited the “Hippy” group “The Rainbow Group” and invited them to come to Richwood for one of their annual meetings, they tore up the town for a solid week, buying and selling drugs and hitting up the free food and clothing pantries that was meant to serve the homeless and less fortunate.

But BOB HENRY was not only getting a little bobber from the hippy chicks in the Rainbow group, but became good buddies with Joann Rutherford at GSC where he works as the person that brings in donations for the college — and when he got to meet the daughter of Joann, he was surprised to find out that it was the same girl his son was dating. Of course a lot of other SONS OF GILMER COUNTY CITIZENS were also dating Sarah Rutherford. Sarah started to have sexual relations with Bob Henry Baber the man from GSC that ran for governor of West Virginia, but she said mostly it was because “Bob had such good weed that she felt the need to kick it with the old dude!”

Before long, IKE was hooking Sarah up with the good shit at WVU and was going to get her into the school of pharmacy since she already had a likeness for pills and such. In fact she gave her students some Klonopin and some booze and some good weed and some darn good sex at the High School she taught at in Barbour County!

Yeah, pretty soon thanks to the good folk at Glenville State College, Sarah Rutherford was fucking and sucking the high school boys and passing along the Darkness of Gilmer County and the Blackness of the Ville to some good folk just down the road a piece.

The HIPPY TEACHINGS of BOB HENRY BABER included some "Kick ASS SEX" with the daughter of Joann Rutherford long time secretary at GSC who was also his sons' girlfriend, Sarah Rutherford who was indicted for sexual misconduct with 2 male students at a Barbour County high school where she was teaching.

It may be too late to save Sarah Rutherford former resident of the VILLE, since she was indicted for sexual misconduct with underage teenage high school students last Monday October 24th and was arraigned this past Wednesday the 26th of October but …

Is it too late to save this county before it becomes a nameless blob on the map included in some type of consolidation so the politicians can get more federal monies based on total population — Is it too late to save this Crooked County from the embarrassment of an illiterate dumb as fuck Sheriff like Mickey Metz and a dishonest prosecutor that Gerry Hough has proved to be?

Don’t know, lets hope not, but it is a cruel irony that our leaders have called building the federal prison a”Major economic development,” while the investors of the new hotel located right next door utilized state funds and now want to downgrade the facility to a local inn while the drugs and sex and rape and debauchery carry on with no consequence to any other but the victims and the tax paying citizens of Gilmer County

A typical local “Power Elite” just having a little fun at our expense while engaging in a typical everyday Crooked County day full of nepotism, which often leads to pressure through the family somehow or then there is, the holding of a carrot out in some type of bribery–And soon there could be embezzlement, extortion or graft, or even another real estate scandal like we just witnessed with our own eyes, while the “Powers that Be” never stopped denying the real facts.

Deny deny deny! “Oh it is all just a lie!”  Not this time Crooked County!!

You done got CAUGHT a being Crooked down by the Crooked River!!

Y’all know how to deliver down by the Crooked River!!

Now we have truly seen for ourselves how they are!!

Get a clue, it was all GRAFT and CORRUPTION that was behind River View!

Any other place if public officials engage in this sort of activity they would be guilty of abuse of public trust at a minimum, and may often be charged with a crime!

But not in Crooked County!

You have to find it almost laughable when a small business development center houses Frame’s oil business that was already well established, occupying other Main Street office space and buying land from GCEDA while a satellite of Aramark, the existing food provider to Glenville State College sits there doing business as a café.  This is hardly growth, just status quo.  Is this the best use of business seed money, free office space and equipment?  There is nothing new here as the old and established reap the pay day one more time.

Now is the time for the honest, caring citizens of Gilmer County to walk out of that evil darkness before it is all encompassing and past the point of no return. Take a good look at it all, past and present, in the honest light of day and not that twisted twilight zone the leaders speak from.

‘Can’t anyone hear the people of Gilmer County knockin’ for someone to open the door to demand the honesty and transparency which have been promised so many times and then listen, remember and act.  

It may not be pretty, it may not be easy, but it is the only way out of  …the Darkness of GILMER COUNTY!


By Editor Edison – Cal Patty Press Editor/Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor/Free Bird – Central WV SS Reporter for RGW

Casey Jones on the left in this photograph next to the Chief Deputy Gerwig who lied to a grand jury about value of evidence in the famous "Travesty of Justice" case

Deputy Cason Jones has been suspended without pay while they stall for time and do no investigation on a horse play incident that turned out badly for Mrs Hess the wife of the assistant Fire Chief for Gilmer County!

If you actually think they will do an adequate investigation in Glenville, West Virginia you are asking a lot. Gilmer County and Glenville in particular are likely some of the most corrupt parts of West Virginia to ever come down the pike!

“The Gilmer County Sheriff specialty is to COVER UP crimes not investigate them, and where is Sheriff Metz when you need him?”

NO WHERE to be found certainly describes Mickey Metz when there is serious police work to do! He has been an absolute disgrace as a sheriff, as was proven by his refusal to even take the complaint, or accept evidence involving a criminal complaint of the infamous missing 1/6th of 155 acres of surface property in Gilmer County. That 1/6th title to property was needed as evidence in the only Gilmer County court case to go to the US Supreme Court  — Gerry Hough and the Gilmer County Sheriff presented a case that was based on a false value of evidence fabricated by Deputy Gerwig and Marilyn Matheny from Lemon Farm Equipment in Parkersburg during a grand jury hearing years ago.

A Taser Gun was used on the wife of  Gilmer County’s Martin Hess for what is described as horse play on a civilian!

Shown in photo is local fireman Martin Hess, it is reported that Deputy Cason Jones TAZED Martin Hess's wife with a Taser which is a serious weapon for law enforcement officers to use to subdue criminals.

Hess is a training officer with the Gilmer County Volunteer Fire Department.

This type of behavior is not conducive to professional conduct and Jones should be dismissed from the Sheriffs office or arrested for assault!

Here is what outraged citizens are saying about Sheriff Deputy Casey Jones!

“This same deputy, along with Jimmy Moss, transported me hundreds of miles in chains and in custody, on what turned out to be a false arrest on false charges with evidence Gerald B Hough paid a witness to lie about. I was arrested while attempting to report to my new afternoon drive radio show on KBED 102.9 FM.”

“I was picked up early in the day after Jones and Moss had stopped for beers and a steak dinner, but I WAS NEVER FED OR GIVEN WATER THAT WHOLE DAY in CUSTODY.”

“My bail had been $250,000.00 on facts that have all been proven false now. Once I got to WV…  B Minigh and B Martin were able to have me released in about an hour, but the prosecutors office had already talked to my employer Cumulus broadcasting and told them some tall tales about felony charges which were not only later defeated in court, but were false from the start. I was immediately fired from my job, and the charges were later proven false.”

“Jones needs to be arrested for assault and sent to prison.”

“They should both be punished for not feeding their prisoner, and for making a false arrest.”

Comment by Dan Bingman  on  10.20.2011

Sheriff Metz needs to come clean on many issues. What is it about so much secrecy in this county? Looks to me an outside agency is needed to just police all the wrongdoings by some of the officials in Gilmer County and their absolute abuse of the power. How many crimes have happened under Metz watch and ignored by him over and over?

Comment by Wes  on  10.20.2011

This is great! Finally karma got to him! Hahahaha. How can Jones even be a Deputy? What an embarrassment to the department!

Comment by Random  on  10.20.2011

Mr. Jones should be charged with assault and negligence.  We should hope to see him in magistrate court real soon.  There are good people in this county and fellow law enforcement officer that get charged for crimes that are investigated by him.  Why should he be any different from all of the citizens here in this county.  A badge doesn’t give you right to do as you please with the power entrusted to you by the people of this county.  When given the power entrusted to you to carry a weapon and wear a badge you should do the right thing not the wrong thing.  What’s next horseplay with a gun?

Comment by anonymous  on  10.20.2011

SECRECY IS A WEAKNESS according to the article in the Gilmer Free Press where citizens are able to speak out on a mainstream Free Press media source!

The SS also received another readers reaction to all the articles in the Gilmer Free Press regarding the Travesty of Justice case heard in Gilmer County that made it all the way to US Supreme Court with false evidence brought by Gerry Hough and Gilmer County...

“I do grasp how exactly ridiculous the whole trial was.  I have always thought Hough and the Sheriffs office should both face some type of conspiracy charges to circumvent justice and perjury charges in the very least.  Bribery charges should be in there somewhere.  In this county or any other county in the US you couldn’t get that price for used equipment 24 yrs old unless it was at gunpoint.  I would love to know what in the name of all that corrupt bullshit was holier than thou Hough thinking he was doing?  It had to be a forced political action by someone who told him if he didn’t prosecute they would make him pay.  What a true Travesty of Justice.  As far as I’m concerned, No Justice, No Peace on that one, and they all got some bad shit coming.”

The Citizens of Gilmer County are getting sick and tired of public officials keeping things from them.  And more importantly these are usually issues that certainly do matter and certainly do affect or effect their lives in some way!

This type of mess has been going on in this county for years!

“And how about the kinky sex games played in this crooked little town down by the Crooked River? “

 “That’s how I knew you all were right all along!”

…someone said in a letter to the Secret Seven Coalition!

Citizens come clean with the SS, because we are not the cops, we actually do investigate.  I had heard it too many times about all the SEX PARTIES from the people who knew and found it exciting!  I always just shook my head and could hardly believe it even though it was true.

Gilmer County has long been known for it's WILD SEX PARTIES with rumors of wife swapping among the Power Elite!

Times have changed in Crooked County… It is now time to get the “Crooked” out of Gilmer County.

Years of conspiracy by Gerry Hough, Tim and R Terry Butcher, Beverly Marks, Sheriff Metz, Jean Butcher, Darrell Ramsey, Brian Kennedy, Judge Facemire, Tara Kennedy, Rosa Belle Gainer-Cunningham, Nasia Butcher, Ike Morris, Doug Morris, Doug Cottrill, Peter Barr, Larry Chapman, RETA KIGHT, JACK JONES Con Artist – And ALL the CROOKS and now newcomer Ron Blankenship and on and on…Oh yes!

“It is a rather large corruption ring that must be prosecuted!”

…someone said in a letter to the Secret Seven Coalition.

Citizens in Gilmer County are pretty much in shock now that they have found out the truth about GILMER HOUSING PARTNERS and the Crooked Commission Clerk Beverly Marks, and all the illegal activities, because they believed these people — especially their illiterate sheriff who seriously plans on being the next magistrate when Bob Minigh doesn’t run next term.

 “Some citizens now say they will vote these self serving public officials out as it comes up for sure!”

Time will tell and as you know money talks and BS  walks.  How many will be sucked into the I’ll take care of you mentality is hard to tell but the Secret Seven Coalition has hope.  There is no denying it now but that won’t stop until those who realize how bad the deal was start talking back to those calling it a lie.  I believe that is beginning to happen now thanks to the citizens finding out the truth!

“Unfortunately, we won’t really know until the vote shows the people prizing honesty over the con.  That is …if we can even get a legally run election given all the Crooks in Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River!”

You should know old country boy Mickey METZ has never been innocent; Metz has yet to really show us his true color of black, he has proved through court cases not to be honest and his cover up of court evidence in the Travesty case is proof enough.

Gerry Hough was named President of the WV Counties association earlier this year, that was until it came to their attention how much bad publicity Gerry Hough was getting from all the criminal wrongdoing involving the Gilmer County Prosecutors office. Now he is listed as past president with no explanation.

Just guess how it’s going to be when they try to push Metz in for magistrate and try to get Carol Wolfe out by also running Clarissa Ferrell, Gerry Hough’s secretary after SS member Stacey Harlow was fired. You can bet  HOUGH is running to Bob Minigh singing the blues about the truth he paid someone to lie in a big felony case the WV Record reported on.  Bob considers him a personal friend but Hough just won’t listen to him.  Hough’s own people have been his downfall as everyone well knows and Gerald B Hough just won’t accept that he has created his own devil.

“This CROOKED COUNTY is going to have some of the most illiterate and controlled robots in its legal system than they have seen for a while if they succeed!”

But I hear thru the leader of the Gilmer County Underground that there is rumble spreading down the hill that people are starting to believe that Gerry Hough truly is guilty of all he has been accused of in the West Virginia Record lately – and all of that information is working against him more.

Shelly DeMarino is telling everyone she will not run for prosecutor of Gilmer County (You know she is supposed to be very close friends with Hough’s wife Tamara Stalnaker) and so the next logical candidate they will run could be a Butcher. OH PLEASE!!

However, all of the TRUTH published by the SS of Central WV about the Butchers has worked against them and is making that situation unlikely in the future if there is a challenger.

Lizzie Butcher - half of the Butcher Bitches team with her signature caution sign around her head knows how to party down in the Crooked County town known as the "Ville"

The question is:  Who else can they run?

We sure can’t deal with anymore shenanigans from Gerry Hough!

The Secret Seven Coalition and Gilmer County Concerned Citizens have  no problem with rightful prosecution based on the law and not personal vendettas.

Lets still hope the voters take care of those that may not be prosecuted but are the “legal” thieves that don’t get caught or get their way bought out to protect the thieves behind them.  Seems that is the only way this county will ever get representation they deserve.  The problem is they seem to perceive they can get something for nothing if they just go along with them.  They can’t get it that someone who breaks the law for you is not doing you a favor.  Just setting you up for the fall that will come when and if they are caught.

The FACTS OF THE MATTER ARE the circuit court is running the county clerk’s office which means they will (as they always have) keep control of the votes that are counted. Mickey Metz still plans on running for Magistrate so he has told his people to hush or be fired.  Since the regular courthouse employees serve at the will and pleasure of the elected officials this is not an idle threat unless the employee has a connection with a block of voters.

“Any whistle blower,  will be dealt with severely or maybe even shot with a Taser by Deputy Casey Jones!”

Casey Jones driving that train high on Cocaine, better watch your speed!

HE IS on the WRONG TRACK and headed for you!

By Free Bird/RGW Reporter for Concerned Citizens Free Press and the Central WV Secret Seven Coalition/Rina McCoy – Editor/Cosmos Communicator

If you sign a contract you are obligated to fulfill the terms of that contract.  If you find a problem during the course of that contract, you have recourse to fight for change in the courts.  Those are the plain, simple facts.  Yet Gilmer County Commission has not found it necessary to pay Lewis County E911 fees, since the election of 2010, fees that have been contractually obligated.  This is happening despite the fact the Lewis County Commission reduced the monthly fees charged to Gilmer County by one half for the past two years.

Calling 911 is no laughing matter unless you live in Glenville, and then the thought of it is hilarious as these two can't keep a straight face while acting out an emergency!

Whether you agree or not that Gilmer should have their own 911 center does not alter that the organization providing our current emergency services support has not been paid for work already agreed to and rendered.  It does not change that they are being mistreated and publicly insulted by the Gilmer County Commission.  Commissioner Kennedy actually called the Lewis County Director Rowan a “Jackass” when he questioned why payment had not been made since last year in the public commission meeting October 2011. 

“Not one other Commissioner called Kennedy out on this behavior!”

They all sat there in quiet agreement.  To put the icing on the cake, the commission did not sign the annual contract with Lewis County E911 at that meeting.  Does this mean we do not have 911 services in Gilmer County?  It should, we haven’t paid for it, there is no contract in effect.

We would be screwed if Lewis County had not worked for us and with us these many years at our request and they have continued to do the job for our citizens out of a sense of duty while trying to work to resolve the problem without pay.

Any reasonable person can figure out that if we bring the 911 center back to Gilmer County we should be working closely with Lewis and learning from all of their years of experience. Why waste our time and money reinventing the wheel? You would think Gilmer County Commission would be attending the monthly meetings but they’re not. Commissioner Ramsey walked in to the Lewis County Commission meeting to tell them we are going on our own, that’s it.  Kennedy schedules to attend the Commission meetings and does not show.  You would think the Fire Chief would be attending those 911 meetings but he’s not.  You would think the EMS Director would be at those meetings on time but she’s walks in up to an hour late.  Are they supposed to back up and redo the meeting time and time again?  You would think that the Emergency Services plan for Gilmer County and Lewis County would be coordinated but it’s not and Gilmer County representatives are aware of that fact.  Furthermore, Gilmer County is making no effort to sit down at the table and develop a plan to transition the services in a smooth and efficient manner with our previous provider.  It is not happening. All of these facts are public record and reflected in the minutes of Lewis/Gilmer E911 and Lewis County Commission meetings.

Of course removing Gilmer County coverage is going to hurt Lewis County.

They have invested  funds to grow with and have a vested interest in the center that has by mutual agreement provided multiple county emergency service needs for a very long time.

Hell, ya can't hardly even get a hold of the courthouse these days let alone depend on somebody coming to your aid!

 They have increased their facility, staffing and training costs to meet them.  The budget will be greatly reduced. They will have to lay off recent hires and the last three are Gilmer County people. Can you honestly believe that they are not professional enough to coordinate this transfer of responsibilities in compliance with the federal and state laws which govern E-911 services locally and nationwide? They have provided required federal training for our emergency responders.  They have not asked us to leave, we are choosing the move and that is our right.  It is the obligation of the County Commission and those they have appointed to determine if the move is feasible and if it is to make it work.  It does no good to sit at the table, listen to regulatory requirements and return to Gilmer County saying this is how we’ve been told it should be done but we’ll just do it our way.  Taking the easy way out will not get the job done this time. 

“Providing ambulance and emergency rescue is too important an issue!”

“It is up to county leadership to ensure all that takes place is in the best interest of our citizens!”

Calling our neighboring leaders jackasses does not help, it hurts the process.  It gives cold comfort to those forced to rely on them in an emergency now or in the future. It is business as usual ran by egos and politics, not intelligence and good common sense.     

News > Federal Court

Settlement reached in suit against Gilmer County Clerk
10/14/2011 7:45 AM By Lawrence Smith  -Monongalia Bureau

SZ200_riversview.jpgThis subdivision near Glenville was the subject of a lawsuit filed last year in U.S. District Court. The suit came to a conclusion last week when Summit Community Bank settled its claim alleging the Gilmer County Clerk’s Office caused them to be an unwitting co-defendant in it as a result of an improperly recorded financing statement. (Photo by Lawrence Smith)

CLARKSBURG – A tentative settlement has been reached in a lawsuit accusing the Gilmer County Clerk’s Office of improperly recording a financing statement for property in a housing project with ties to Glenville State College.

U.S. District Judge Frederick P. Stamp Jr. on Oct. 11 dismissed a cross claim and third-party complaint Summit Community Bank of Winchester, Va., filed against the clerk’s office last October. Summit’s cross claim and complaint was in response to a breach of contract suit filed against it, New Horizon Home Sales and Gilmer Housing Partners by Textron Financial Corporation in March 2010.

In its complaint, Textron, a Providence, R.I.-based commercial financing firm, alleged New Horizon, an Athens, W.Va.-based modular home dealer, defaulted on paying them for property they helped them acquire in the River’s View subdivision outside of Glenville in 2005 when New Horizon, three years later, sought permanent financing from Summit’s branch in Moorefield. Textron sought judgment against New Horizon, Summit and GHP for $270,166.77, the proceeds from the sale of the initial two lots, and two other lots they helped New Horizon finance.

Records show, GHP was the previous owner of the lots in the River’s View subdivision, located on W.Va. 5 near the Gilmer Federal Corrections Institution. According to the Secretary of State’s Office, GHP is a for-profit corporation whose address is the home of Glenville State College President Peter Barr.

Also, Barr is listed as GHP’s sole incorporator and manager.

In its cross claim, and complaint, Summit said had it not been for a defective Uniform Commercial Code fixture filing recorded by the clerk’s office, they wouldn’t be involved in the suit. Specifically, they alleged the clerk’s office did not follow state law by recording New Horizon as a co-debtor on the fixture filing along with Jack Jones, its president.

Specifically, they alleged when a pre-suit injury was made about New Horizon not being listed as a co-debtor, incoming Clerk Jean Butcher, who replaced the retiring Beverly Marks in last year’s election, said that’s “‘the way it’s been done for years.'” Summit sought judgment against the clerk’s office for all costs it incurred in the suit, including attorney’s fees.

When contacted for the terms of the settlement, Summit’s attorney, Edward McDevitt, referred all questions to Wendy Greve, the clerk’s office’s attorney. Greve was unavailable for comment prior to press time.

Prior to the settlement in Summit’s cross claim, and complaint, Stamp on March 15 granted Textron’s motion for summary judgment finding they were the superior lien holder on at least one of the property’s in question. In doing so, Stamp granted Textron possession of it, and ordered New Horizon to pay them the entire judgment plus pre-judgment and .25 percent post-judgment interest.

Records show GHP was dismissed from the suit two weeks later.

U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia case number 10-cv-39

By Free Bird/Reporter – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website/Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator – Editor/ Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

In a recent discussion between lawyers and other interested parties including at least one member of the press, concerning the misconduct of Judge Facemire, Gerald B Hough, Sheriff Metz, the former County Clerk Beverly Marks, and the BOG at GSCCRAZY was the first term used to describe what one person related as a bunch of Psycho Hillbillies from Central West Virginia!

It was then suggested that “Psychobilly 101″ be the next class taught at GSC!

"Psycho Billy" is a term first thought of when the witnesses to the FLAT WOODS MONSTER were presented on national TV in a disturbing light to cover up for the real facts of an unusual event. But, the Gilmer County Public officials truly turned out to be the REAL PSYCHO BILLIES and not the citizens of Central WV

Glenville State College has a lot of good local examples to draw from and a lot of current events related to GSC in the story of Andrae Wright attempting to break into a house off campus. Lenore Marks was the woman surprised by Andrae Wright as he acting in an insane manner tried to force his way into her residence.

Nice lesson on public safety, by Andrae Wright a public safety officer in uniform from Glenville State College where it is OK to rape the white girls if you are a black athlete. Yeah, you can even fuck the high school chicks, like GSC football player Erik Davis did to girls that were friends with Carly Hough who’s dad is the prosecutor of Gilmer County. That was JUST OK with Gerry at the time, in spite of the fact his daughter Carly whores her way through the local fraternity  TKE before they were kicked off campus and had the building torn down. We have even more photo’s to prove it.

Carly Hough the prosecutors daughter  picked up “POLLY”  the 17 year old victim from the rape scene, but Davis still walked on rape charges!

The rapes continued at GSC with NO CONVICTIONS which is a crime supported by an unskilled local prosecutor Gerald B Hough.

“The victim in the LATEST rape case said she was afraid for her life when she was forced to have endless sex for hours with number seven from the Glenville State Football team Gabe Phrophet imported from Washington DC!”

The Brightly shining RAPE spotlight is shining down on GSC for all of the state to see. Glenville State College has had several unsolved and unpunished rapes over the last few years that have been covered up by the BOG and with the help of the local print media news source the Glenville Democrat under the leadership of Dave Corcoran

But, do you think the CRAZY ASS Gilmer County Public Officials are going to do a god damn thing about the Gabe Phrophet rape?

Hell no, they haven’t even scheduled a preliminary hearing!


Quite frankly we are the dumb asses if we let the PSYCHO HILLBILLY RULE apply.

A fraternity at Glenville State College Tau Kappa Epsilon tells some tall tales of Carly Hough that includes box banging and a Butcher Bitches type get together and some say Carly was passed around TKE like a joint!

You would have thought we would have learned something from the Erik Davis rape case, but we didn’t learn a god damn thing except that the local court system was manipulated again, and again Tim Butcher got his way. When you combine this crime with the rape of a local high school girl and the rape of the AJ Woofter estate by Butcher and Butcher a pattern of criminal conduct emerges.

Number 11 OSMUND Brown a black tight end was busy dealing dope and at least getting the help of number 10 Steffan Colon a black QB that was kicked out of a prior college for threatening to beat, rob, and have their way with two women, but Colon was good for the use of his 97 Olds Cutlass when Number 11 the tight end wanted to run and do some dope deals. In fact number 11, Brown was pulled over for speeding and was found with a bag of weed in number 10′s car just 10 days before he got busted like a big dog with a felony amount of WEED in IKE’s Best Western Hotel, where the NEW ELITE MEET!

It comes as no surprise that the media is controlled in WV, but especially in Gilmer County. If not for the FREE PRESS, then the public would never be allowed to know what is really going on, for they certainly would not get any accurate or real information from the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder.

People are seeking the truth for good reason, but they will never get it from the Democrat or Dave Corcoran, publisher.

Gabe Phrophet mug shot. There was an attempted cover up of this rape from the GET GO that included disinformation about the victim being distributed around the VILLE by employee's of the Glenville Democrat a newspaper that has many times reported false facts and information that is to the detriment of the community!

But, if you do want to sample some truth you might want to head on over to the Gilmer Free Press the news for citizens of Gilmer County.

Politicians in Gilmer County and our state representatives have grown more corrupt, immoral and deceitful and politically corrupted the Justice and Judicial systems locally.

Members of the media like Dave Corcoran that publishes the local print media is often in collaboration with government officials, keeping  the corruption out of the spotlight and counts on the readers to accept whatever information is fed to them as fact without question.

“This PHONY PRESS created by, “Psycho Hillbillies” creates a populace of ignorant and uninformed citizens kept in the dark.”

Force feeding lies on the population like we have witnessed by the Democrat, without public discussion and input only works when people stop asking questions and seeking the truth. Cassandra Huff the former news director rarely made school board meetings or other important local events, and relied on second hand reports to write her story.

Both the current County Commission Clerk and the former County Commission Clerk were charged with misdemeanors for their participation in election fraud, but the felony evidence has already been tampered with, and Gerry Hough is also accused of taking part in election fraud and was present when the criminal acts took place.

Citizens being kept in the dark was always the plan of the Power Elite in Gilmer County and the Secret Seven Coalition formed in 2006 was the first organization to fight the evil and the awful self serving power elite and made a serious attempt to get the real story to the public, especially when the matter included corrupt law enforcement and public officials.  And, then at the beginning of 2008 the Gilmer Free Press a more mainstream news service came on line, just about the time the leader of the SS was jailed on false charges knowingly brought forward by the first string of the PSYCHO BILLY BULLSHITTERS of Gilmer County, which included Judge Facemire, Gerry Hough, David LAME Smith, and a whole cast of other crazies!

A Glenville State College student charged with sexual assault, stemming from a September 2009 incident will not be prosecuted because there is no wish to prosecute rape cases at GSC because of PSYCHO BILLY POLITICS!

“When local politicians or media want to stop discussion on any subject or disagreement with  information they have presented as “Fact” and validate  lies, criminal actions and other misconduct, the first thing they do is label those seeking the truth as “Conspirators”!”  

Cipoletti of ODC recently suppressed evidence that proved Gerry Hough was involved in the felony crime of subornation of perjury! Cipoletti officially stated that the NEW COMPLAINT filed on 24 August 2011 against Gerry Hough was the same complaint that was time barred in 2008. The NEW EVIDENCE did not even exist in 2008 and the tax billings proving Gilmer County guilty for pulling a land title and conspiring to suppress evidence in a criminal case was not available until Oct. of 2010. A federal complaint and possible law action is being readied against Rachael Cipoletti who is believed to have acted unlawfully by out of state experts.

We have seen examples of this recently when IKE MORRIS employed PAT WARD at Waco Oil and Ass, and then employed his wife Leslie Ward to take over the GSC website at the school.

These two were constantly criticizing people that spoke out on the Gilmer Free Press and attacked those that did not agree with the plans of the Power Elite.

That label  “Conspirator,” actually is nothing more than a tool used by those in power in Gilmer County to affirm the reckless, unsubstantiated accusations and personal attacks on the character of those who question their actions or intentions.

The “Conspirator” label has been used to slander individuals and groups for decades, and Pat and Leslie Ward were brought in to perform propaganda skills and attack those who speak out.  Though it has become more difficult with the advent of the Gilmer Free Press, the attacks continue.

The conspiracy label has been used to chastise those who criticize the power mongers who cover up the truth about what really happens on a regular basis.

“A conspiracy is nothing but a secret agreement of a group of men for the pursuance of policies which they dare not mention in public.”

Mark Twain

Two of the most valuable commodities known to man are knowledge and information.  It is said that “Knowledge is power.” It is power to preserve our way of life, our rights and property that we express on the Secret Seven Websites.  It empowers us to gain and maintain wealth, health, and happiness, and our freedoms.

Knowledge and wisdom are more valuable than gold!

But, knowledge in West Virginia is often banned, suppressed, labeled with some smear word, or categorized as politically incorrect or radical. Recently a complaint was made to the ODC about the local prosecutor Gerry Hough, but NONE of the new evidence that proved Hough committed a felony of subornation of perjury was accepted by Rachael Cipoletti the chief counsel of the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

A federal agency was asked to investigate the fact that Cipoletti knowingly suppressed evidence that was involved in a criminal act by the Gilmer County Commission Clerk Beverly Marks and Gerry Hough and further, that both of these public officials knowingly took part in a felony crime of covering evidence needed in a circuit court case and a case with a close vote of 3 to 2 in West Virginia Supreme Court.

Any movement to disprove and expose unlawfulness, corruption, dehumanization and tyranny is readily discouraged, and the corrupt state government in West Virginia will threaten you with jail and prison and even go so far as to make up false charges if you continue to bring the truth to the people of the state.

FASCISM has found a home in Gilmer County and Charleston West Virginia, as was evidenced by the forced state take over of Gilmer Public Schools.

“Truth and facts are hard to find and not readily available yet truly relevant and important to our lives.  The SS and the Gilmer Free Press have worked hard to bring our readers the truth and the facts and sometimes at great cost to ourselves for allowing an open forum.”

It should be noted that every single time some “Concerned Citizen” makes a valid point to an emotionally charged issue or responds to an open forum in a manner unpopular to the high echelon members of the power elite  … some interested party like Pat or Leslie Ward, already mentioned, or even the latest elite reject Cassandra Huff or some other member of the Hough Hooligan and Hate organization will attack the messenger, or in someway try and shut that  “Concerned Citizen” up.

When speaking of corruption one usually refers to misuse of a position of trust for personal gain. Political corruption is the illegitimate use of government powers by officials for personal purposes. It influences the lives of our citizens in many ways and hinders the overall development of the region.

Political corruption can take many forms like bribery, patronage (favoring supporters by granting financial aid or favors) and graft (offering money). All forms of corruption are illegal but when you don’t fear prosecution that just doesn’t seem to matter.

A government official has both money and power in his/her hand; citizens tax money for the development of the area served and power to utilize the money. The government official then uses both of these for personal gain. It is because of money and power that many politicians make politics a family business. In case the politician cannot rule the government then his brother, sister or even wife will participate at another level. Control must be maintained for success.

I do find it a little fascinating that the college does squash any negative response about GSC so quickly.  Given their financial status (most of their enrollment is paid by grants) they can not afford negative press yet do nothing to prevent the crimes.

I hope Peter Barr the president of GSC  is having a lot of sleepless nights over this but am sure he’s just drinking himself to sleep.  He is a puppet, nothing more and I don’t believe he even knows how to stop the insanity.

Edwin Dale Kinnison a student at GSC was charged with second-degree sexual assault stemming from an alleged incident that occurred at Pickens Hall dormitory at Glenville State College. The victim claimed she was assaulted after falling asleep

The only thing vetting means in Gilmer County is who recommends the employee. But, these bitches do take care of their own for we hear Donna Waddell will be getting a job at GSC since being screamed at and dismissed at the family resource center.  If you are an unemployed person with the same or better qualifications  for a position at GSC, you have NO CHANCE unless you are firmly a blood member of the elite of Gilmer County.

Why it’s the perfect time for Hough to hire his kid Carly Hough.  Is this the assistant he told the County Commission he’d need to collect years of unpaid back taxes? Yeah we remember because it was on the front page of the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder of Bullshit!

It was just another BULLSHIT article the local paper put out to assist HOUGH on improving his image, since his misconduct has been found out and published for all to decide for themselves. The public knows Hough is guilty for they have seen the evidence for themselves, and now with the help of the local print media the Democrat, Hough can use the campaign of collection of back taxes from big business, a job he should have done all along.

Since GERALD B HOUGH has known all along about these overdue gas and oil tax payments and never did anything about it, a body would think he’d volunteer to do it without any more pay. But, he uses this excuse to get his daughter a pay check and keep the money in the family.

Here are just a few of the other complaints made against Hough:

Gerald B Hough can NEVER do his Research and obtain CORRECT information,

Hough punishes the innocent and let’s the guilty go!

Hough by his ad in the Glenville Democrat proved he is a racist, by using  slander and libel,

Hough complains about citizens abusing free speech from one side of his mouth while he actually commits acts of racial hatred making Hough the very definition of a hypocrite!

Gerry Hough with a bible under his arm, offered his family member by marriage $1 for one third of his property, and then threatened that person with emanate domain without the knowledge of the Gilmer County PSD, — while he then collected hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money for a piece of trashy property at the slip in hays city in Glenville

(Just ask  R. Terry Butcher, Thrasher Engineers, and The Gilmer county PSD),

Hough allows the needy to live in trashy filthy places, while collecting hefty rents from HUD!

Hough created a fake invoice for $16,000 in a matter of 15 minutes for the purpose of ILLEGALLY overcharging a local business for work done without a justification for his client – and then practicing private law, while getting paid to be a prosecutor

Carly Hough is the new assistant Hough is hiring to do the job he is already getting paid over 87 k a year to do, plus Hough pulls in a FULL TIME Salary working for the college in Summersville! His combined salary is more than the governor makes -- And HOUGH has already been CAUGHT committing acts of misconduct and knowingly bringing false evidence forward in a criminal case.

This situation is a clear conflict of interest and Hough needs to be reported to office of disciplinary Counsel.

HOUGH was not prepared in a breaking and entering case after the Gilmer County Sheriff Deputy gave him the list of about $10,000 worth damage, and then by the victim when he asked for it again because he lost the first one – and then,  after all that – the case was dismissed because HOUGH forgot to present it properly to the court.

Hough thought there was a lot of money to be made in the internet business and decided to go against Ramco Technologies by deceiving friends into contributing a lot of money without proper planning or business or marketing plan, an then embark on a business venture without doing any proper research on the matter.

Matter of fact that legend in his own mind should be paying the whole cost along with the Sheriff for their PSYCHO BILLY BULLSHIT MISTAKES!!  One thing for certain Hough should be able to afford it with the $87.800 he gets to be a full time Prosecutor who’s never there in the afternoon and full time teaching at a community college at the same time.  Guess he’s saving up for that forced retirement at election time, for the public is not going to put up with any more PSYCHO BILLY BULLSHIT from Gerry for we have had enough of Gerald B Hough!