By Editor Edison – Cal Patty Press Editor/Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor/Free Bird – Central WV SS Reporter for RGW

Casey Jones on the left in this photograph next to the Chief Deputy Gerwig who lied to a grand jury about value of evidence in the famous "Travesty of Justice" case

Deputy Cason Jones has been suspended without pay while they stall for time and do no investigation on a horse play incident that turned out badly for Mrs Hess the wife of the assistant Fire Chief for Gilmer County!

If you actually think they will do an adequate investigation in Glenville, West Virginia you are asking a lot. Gilmer County and Glenville in particular are likely some of the most corrupt parts of West Virginia to ever come down the pike!

“The Gilmer County Sheriff specialty is to COVER UP crimes not investigate them, and where is Sheriff Metz when you need him?”

NO WHERE to be found certainly describes Mickey Metz when there is serious police work to do! He has been an absolute disgrace as a sheriff, as was proven by his refusal to even take the complaint, or accept evidence involving a criminal complaint of the infamous missing 1/6th of 155 acres of surface property in Gilmer County. That 1/6th title to property was needed as evidence in the only Gilmer County court case to go to the US Supreme Court  — Gerry Hough and the Gilmer County Sheriff presented a case that was based on a false value of evidence fabricated by Deputy Gerwig and Marilyn Matheny from Lemon Farm Equipment in Parkersburg during a grand jury hearing years ago.

A Taser Gun was used on the wife of  Gilmer County’s Martin Hess for what is described as horse play on a civilian!

Shown in photo is local fireman Martin Hess, it is reported that Deputy Cason Jones TAZED Martin Hess's wife with a Taser which is a serious weapon for law enforcement officers to use to subdue criminals.

Hess is a training officer with the Gilmer County Volunteer Fire Department.

This type of behavior is not conducive to professional conduct and Jones should be dismissed from the Sheriffs office or arrested for assault!

Here is what outraged citizens are saying about Sheriff Deputy Casey Jones!

“This same deputy, along with Jimmy Moss, transported me hundreds of miles in chains and in custody, on what turned out to be a false arrest on false charges with evidence Gerald B Hough paid a witness to lie about. I was arrested while attempting to report to my new afternoon drive radio show on KBED 102.9 FM.”

“I was picked up early in the day after Jones and Moss had stopped for beers and a steak dinner, but I WAS NEVER FED OR GIVEN WATER THAT WHOLE DAY in CUSTODY.”

“My bail had been $250,000.00 on facts that have all been proven false now. Once I got to WV…  B Minigh and B Martin were able to have me released in about an hour, but the prosecutors office had already talked to my employer Cumulus broadcasting and told them some tall tales about felony charges which were not only later defeated in court, but were false from the start. I was immediately fired from my job, and the charges were later proven false.”

“Jones needs to be arrested for assault and sent to prison.”

“They should both be punished for not feeding their prisoner, and for making a false arrest.”

Comment by Dan Bingman  on  10.20.2011

Sheriff Metz needs to come clean on many issues. What is it about so much secrecy in this county? Looks to me an outside agency is needed to just police all the wrongdoings by some of the officials in Gilmer County and their absolute abuse of the power. How many crimes have happened under Metz watch and ignored by him over and over?

Comment by Wes  on  10.20.2011

This is great! Finally karma got to him! Hahahaha. How can Jones even be a Deputy? What an embarrassment to the department!

Comment by Random  on  10.20.2011

Mr. Jones should be charged with assault and negligence.  We should hope to see him in magistrate court real soon.  There are good people in this county and fellow law enforcement officer that get charged for crimes that are investigated by him.  Why should he be any different from all of the citizens here in this county.  A badge doesn’t give you right to do as you please with the power entrusted to you by the people of this county.  When given the power entrusted to you to carry a weapon and wear a badge you should do the right thing not the wrong thing.  What’s next horseplay with a gun?

Comment by anonymous  on  10.20.2011

SECRECY IS A WEAKNESS according to the article in the Gilmer Free Press where citizens are able to speak out on a mainstream Free Press media source!

The SS also received another readers reaction to all the articles in the Gilmer Free Press regarding the Travesty of Justice case heard in Gilmer County that made it all the way to US Supreme Court with false evidence brought by Gerry Hough and Gilmer County...

“I do grasp how exactly ridiculous the whole trial was.  I have always thought Hough and the Sheriffs office should both face some type of conspiracy charges to circumvent justice and perjury charges in the very least.  Bribery charges should be in there somewhere.  In this county or any other county in the US you couldn’t get that price for used equipment 24 yrs old unless it was at gunpoint.  I would love to know what in the name of all that corrupt bullshit was holier than thou Hough thinking he was doing?  It had to be a forced political action by someone who told him if he didn’t prosecute they would make him pay.  What a true Travesty of Justice.  As far as I’m concerned, No Justice, No Peace on that one, and they all got some bad shit coming.”

The Citizens of Gilmer County are getting sick and tired of public officials keeping things from them.  And more importantly these are usually issues that certainly do matter and certainly do affect or effect their lives in some way!

This type of mess has been going on in this county for years!

“And how about the kinky sex games played in this crooked little town down by the Crooked River? “

 “That’s how I knew you all were right all along!”

…someone said in a letter to the Secret Seven Coalition!

Citizens come clean with the SS, because we are not the cops, we actually do investigate.  I had heard it too many times about all the SEX PARTIES from the people who knew and found it exciting!  I always just shook my head and could hardly believe it even though it was true.

Gilmer County has long been known for it's WILD SEX PARTIES with rumors of wife swapping among the Power Elite!

Times have changed in Crooked County… It is now time to get the “Crooked” out of Gilmer County.

Years of conspiracy by Gerry Hough, Tim and R Terry Butcher, Beverly Marks, Sheriff Metz, Jean Butcher, Darrell Ramsey, Brian Kennedy, Judge Facemire, Tara Kennedy, Rosa Belle Gainer-Cunningham, Nasia Butcher, Ike Morris, Doug Morris, Doug Cottrill, Peter Barr, Larry Chapman, RETA KIGHT, JACK JONES Con Artist – And ALL the CROOKS and now newcomer Ron Blankenship and on and on…Oh yes!

“It is a rather large corruption ring that must be prosecuted!”

…someone said in a letter to the Secret Seven Coalition.

Citizens in Gilmer County are pretty much in shock now that they have found out the truth about GILMER HOUSING PARTNERS and the Crooked Commission Clerk Beverly Marks, and all the illegal activities, because they believed these people — especially their illiterate sheriff who seriously plans on being the next magistrate when Bob Minigh doesn’t run next term.

 “Some citizens now say they will vote these self serving public officials out as it comes up for sure!”

Time will tell and as you know money talks and BS  walks.  How many will be sucked into the I’ll take care of you mentality is hard to tell but the Secret Seven Coalition has hope.  There is no denying it now but that won’t stop until those who realize how bad the deal was start talking back to those calling it a lie.  I believe that is beginning to happen now thanks to the citizens finding out the truth!

“Unfortunately, we won’t really know until the vote shows the people prizing honesty over the con.  That is …if we can even get a legally run election given all the Crooks in Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River!”

You should know old country boy Mickey METZ has never been innocent; Metz has yet to really show us his true color of black, he has proved through court cases not to be honest and his cover up of court evidence in the Travesty case is proof enough.

Gerry Hough was named President of the WV Counties association earlier this year, that was until it came to their attention how much bad publicity Gerry Hough was getting from all the criminal wrongdoing involving the Gilmer County Prosecutors office. Now he is listed as past president with no explanation.

Just guess how it’s going to be when they try to push Metz in for magistrate and try to get Carol Wolfe out by also running Clarissa Ferrell, Gerry Hough’s secretary after SS member Stacey Harlow was fired. You can bet  HOUGH is running to Bob Minigh singing the blues about the truth he paid someone to lie in a big felony case the WV Record reported on.  Bob considers him a personal friend but Hough just won’t listen to him.  Hough’s own people have been his downfall as everyone well knows and Gerald B Hough just won’t accept that he has created his own devil.

“This CROOKED COUNTY is going to have some of the most illiterate and controlled robots in its legal system than they have seen for a while if they succeed!”

But I hear thru the leader of the Gilmer County Underground that there is rumble spreading down the hill that people are starting to believe that Gerry Hough truly is guilty of all he has been accused of in the West Virginia Record lately – and all of that information is working against him more.

Shelly DeMarino is telling everyone she will not run for prosecutor of Gilmer County (You know she is supposed to be very close friends with Hough’s wife Tamara Stalnaker) and so the next logical candidate they will run could be a Butcher. OH PLEASE!!

However, all of the TRUTH published by the SS of Central WV about the Butchers has worked against them and is making that situation unlikely in the future if there is a challenger.

Lizzie Butcher - half of the Butcher Bitches team with her signature caution sign around her head knows how to party down in the Crooked County town known as the "Ville"

The question is:  Who else can they run?

We sure can’t deal with anymore shenanigans from Gerry Hough!

The Secret Seven Coalition and Gilmer County Concerned Citizens have  no problem with rightful prosecution based on the law and not personal vendettas.

Lets still hope the voters take care of those that may not be prosecuted but are the “legal” thieves that don’t get caught or get their way bought out to protect the thieves behind them.  Seems that is the only way this county will ever get representation they deserve.  The problem is they seem to perceive they can get something for nothing if they just go along with them.  They can’t get it that someone who breaks the law for you is not doing you a favor.  Just setting you up for the fall that will come when and if they are caught.

The FACTS OF THE MATTER ARE the circuit court is running the county clerk’s office which means they will (as they always have) keep control of the votes that are counted. Mickey Metz still plans on running for Magistrate so he has told his people to hush or be fired.  Since the regular courthouse employees serve at the will and pleasure of the elected officials this is not an idle threat unless the employee has a connection with a block of voters.

“Any whistle blower,  will be dealt with severely or maybe even shot with a Taser by Deputy Casey Jones!”

Casey Jones driving that train high on Cocaine, better watch your speed!

HE IS on the WRONG TRACK and headed for you!