By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor the website that made the word press top 100 fastest growing websites in the world in page views in just 3 days the summer the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad/ Free Bird – RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS

“DON’T GO TO SCHOOL on MONDAY DECEMBER FIFTH by order of the President of the Council of Concerned Citizens and the Supreme Commander of the SS!”

Dr Simmons discovered funding was being used inappropriately for sports programs at Glenville State College and brought that matter to the attention of auditors. Then the Butchers and the Church of Ike went on a campaign to have Simmons removed as President of GSC and according to FOIA requests and in the possession of the Central WV SS GSC spent $56,000 on attorney fees to have Simmons removed. That is six thousand more than was spent on attorneys on the famous “Travesty of Justice Case” that was the longest court case in Gilmer County history going all the way to US Supreme Court with FALSE EVIDENCE backed by Gilmer County Commissioners and the Gilmer County Sheriff and prosecutors office. Yes, it’s hard to survive doing the honest and right thing in this county.

The latest POWER ELITE power play and passion play of having the Church of Ike leaders and followers call the wife of a US Senator, and former Governor that heads up the board of education in the state of West Virginia, who then just reached out and pulled the control from the people of Gilmer County – and from any kind of a “SAY SO” in their own Gilmer County Schools  …. should stand as a reminder that no lasting good can come from sacrificing  ethics or principles for the sake of material or political gain. We must all resist the temptation to GO ALONG with the latest ploy of the few against the many!

The Concerned Citizens of Gilmer County have spoken and we have truth.  We have rights.  We have the numbers.

“We have GOD on our side fighting against the sinful and the wicked!”

“We have more minds working to out maneuver them,”  someone in the Free Press said!
“They are on  the defense.  We will keep them on  the defense.  We will keep them off balance.  Gilmer County will prevail.  We will get our schools back.  These folks have never faced off with a well-organized community.”
“I will say that, in time, T-V, radio, and newsprint media in the state will cover the Gilmer County “story”.  Civil protests, posters, ads, petitions, will bring outside scrutiny to the issues at hand.”

And now we have SIMMONS TOO!

  “The people of Gilmer County have had enough.  The County is small and getting smaller.  We need answers and those answers need to be straightforward and above board.  Complaining will not in and of itself resolve the situation!”

William K. Simmons, Ph.D.

“The Dec. 5 No-Go school day will be a small step in that direction!”


“See no Evil, Hear no Evil and Speak no Evil–Unless Politically Expedient”

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies.”Groucho Marx

“Politics, noun: A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.”Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary

“The enemy isn’t conservatism. The enemy isn’t liberalism. The enemy is bullshit.”Lars-Erik Nelson, political columnist.

What happens when we overlook other people’s unethical behavior?  Take a look around Gilmer County. Because of incredible lack of awareness and oversight, regarding the administration of our school system and local law enforcement, Gilmer County is quickly becoming a cesspool of immorality and illegality.

Under the current leadership of big business and their appointed minions, those hand selected to run this show are individually or collectively striving to obstruct justice, or are just the most grossly incompetent individuals to have ever held their positions.

Gilmer County has become a carefully guided, weak-corrupt-government/strong-corrupt-local-elite kind of world.  In this kind of world, it is hard to do well.

Speaking of unethical behavior and corruption in law enforcement and the judicial system in Gilmer county, Shirley BALL,  from Bull River Rd in Calhoun County — a state witness in the Gilmer County ‘Travesty of Justice’ case was involved in the raucous BAR fight this past weekend at the MILLSTONE INN and made up a story that was in no way true just like she did by the instruction of Gerald B Hough and in front of JUDGE RICHARD A FACEMIRE who called her a friend in the 14th district circuit court.

"I'm extremely sad to find that people whom I've known for such a long time in my life and whom I've gone to high school with could do such a horrendous crime," said Melissa Ball daughter to Shirley Ball who was paid by Gerald B Hough to commit perjury on a case where Gilmer County and the State of West Virginia backed those lies all the way to the United States Supreme Court and Shirley Ball nor Hough have had to pay for knowingly bringing false evidence to a grand jury and a felony trial jury.

Shirley ended up getting her ass beat because she brought along her son, a dude by the name of Steve Long who is 36 years old and from southern Ohio.  I have met Steve personally a few times before. He used to live in Portage County Ohio, but they didn’t like him much up in Streetsboro, or Mantua (Man-O-way)so he got the boot.

High ranking SS officials from Central WV spoke with  Evangeline Darling the owner of the Millstone Inn late Thursday evening the first of December and got the exact story of what happened last Thanksgiving day weekend.

“It was the busiest Saturday night of the year and we had to close the bar,” Ms. Darling stated.

“Steve Long has been in here before causing trouble!”  Evangeline further stated.

When asked by an SS official if she knew Shirley Ball, Evangeline Darling made the comment that Ball had been in there before many times with others which included Nub Marks another GERRY HOUGH STATE WITNESS in the TRAVESTY CASE who also had been drunk and disorderly and Danny Nub Marks is shown at the bottom of this article shortly after he was booked for DUI at CRJ on the 4th of November.

Shirley Ball is the crazy bitch who had an affair on her husband GERRY BALL and got involved with NUB MARKS a year before the time of the Travesty trial but defense counsel F JOHN OSHOWAY refused to expose that fact to the jury. Justice Albright and Justice Starcher of the WV Supreme Court stated that OSHOWAY was guilty of ineffective assistance to the defendant during the trial and should be sued for malpractice.

Nub Marks blew a point two one — three times the legal limit and also was carrying loaded weapons in the back of the vehicle when arrested.

When our enemies that have made overt threats are busted, drunk, with dangerous loaded weapons in the car, it make us a little nervous. Drunk and loaded weapons is NEVER GOOD!

Here is the rest of the story:

High ranking SS officials from Central WV spoke with Evangeline Darling (shown in photo) the owner of the Millstone Inn late Thursday December 1st

MILLSTONE BAR BRAWL INJURES THREE – Family Calls Incident ‘Gay Bashing but in actuality it had nothing to do with the fact of anybody being GAY. Dude is a BALL just like JIM BALL Bail Bondsman who really is a GAY fuck and an ENEMY to many.

JIM BALL calls himself a private investigator now, and JIM BALLS boyfriend, “SHYLOH” just got his head kicked in recently and died from it, but the matter was covered up and the obit said “Due to long illness, at home” …which is a complete fabrication and that can be proven.

JIM BALL is a henchman for the Butchers, and is the son to the LATE Gerry Ball who was married to Shirley, but found out she was having an affair with rub a dub NUB aka Danny Marks also a person that Gerry Hough GC prosecutor got to lie on the stand and Marks was impeached by his own testimony. Basically, what is up is there was some collateral damage because Shirley is a trouble making bitch that truly is a drunken alcoholic that can’t drive to the fucking grocery story without a beer in her hand that hooked up with a very dishonest Gerry Hough and did some bad deeds that became quite expensive, so nobody gives a fuck that it was a ….better call somebody bitch  …kind of night for her special Holiday occasion!

“Better call somebody Shirley you lying bitch, better call ONSTAR!”

According to witnesses on the scene the brawl injured three people attending Karaoke Night at the Millstone Inn early late Saturday and past midnight, after customers attacked 36-year-old Steven Long of Cincinnati, Ohio, then attacked his mother, Shirley Ball, 63, of Grantsville and his aunt, Carolyn Newrones, 70, of Mantua, Ohio.

However Shirley Ball lied to the State Police and her statements now are conflicting. Now if this was anybody else besides the WV State Police BALL would already be in jail for telling the police it was a “GAY BASHING” incident for that is total lie. Steve long is not gay,  and the last time he was seen by an SS member was inside a strip club, and it was a situation where the dancers had complained that Long could not keep his hands to himself, which was the same problem Mr Long ran into at the Millstone Inn. He is lucky he was not beaten to death and this was not the first time the little bitch has caused trouble there.

The attack started on Long, inside the bar and continued in the parking lot for several minutes, causing head trauma, face fractures, and a broken foot, but the broken foot was self inflicted as we found out during our investigations.

Ball said at least three males continuously beat and kicked him in the parking lot.

During the ambulance trip to Roane General Hospital in Spencer, Long reportedly quit breathing for a period of time.

Lots of tongue, and some strange photos surface of local Glenville Girls having a party in the potty with friends are common place in Gilmer County when the Butcher Bitches the daughters and nieces of two local attorneys, break bad. Timothy B Butcher and his brother R Terry Butcher are members of the Gilmer County Power Elite who gained control of GSC when serving on the Board of Governors, along with SUE MORRIS. Before long, MISSY BALL who was involved in the BALL BASH at the Millstone Inn may be joining the ranks of the Butcher Bitches that broke bad on the CalPatty Press! It certainly looks like she is headed that way!

When the individuals were ordered out of the bar, according to Ball, the male subjects shoved, kicked and spit on her and 70-year-old Newrones, who suffered a severe fracture and broken joint in her arm with multiple bruises.

Now we come to find out after talking to the owner of the Millstone Inn that Shirley Ball and her son Steve Long actually started the altercation.

Ball said she was trampled by the subjects and lost consciousness briefly when her head hit concrete, after which she locked herself in a truck and used OnStar to contact 911.

“They kept beating on the truck, trying to get in,” Ball said.

Now if they were beating on the TRUCK, to get in, and she is a female is that GAY BASHING, no that is BALL BASHING because she has done some bad things like LIE on the stand, costing someone hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“That BITCH Shirley BALL has a foul loud mouth and is a documented LIAR.   Too bad there was not enough time to talk to her about her criminal activity and conspiracy to bring false evidence to a felony trial with GERALD B HOUGH!”

After all the facts have now been revealed the situation hardly constitutes GAY BASHING, that was entirely made up by BALL and she should be immediately arrested by the West Virginia State Police.

Steven Long lied to the Police, along with his mother Shirley Ball about being gay, but his step brother Jim Ball and former Sutton Law Enforcement officer is gay.

LONG was beaten because he is an ASS HOLE and a BALL not because he sucks dick like step brother Jim Ball. Has anybody bashed Sutton COP Jim Ball for being gay? Nada!

Ball described the incident as “Gay bashing,” which she says could easily have claimed the victim’s life. What a liar!

“I’m extremely sad to find that people whom I’ve known for such a long time in my life and whom I’ve gone to high school with could do such a horrendous crime,” said Long’s sister, Melissa.

Melissa, is known as MISSY to her friends in Calhoun County. As it turns out MISSY is full of Shit! The people committing the horrendous crime included her mother and her half wit step brother who I would bet two dollars has at least attempted to molest her once, and those are not the actions of a gay man.

The WV State Police are investigating. Arrests have yet to be made over the incident, but if arrests are made lets hope it is LONG and BALL that are arrested for causing a disturbance and then trying to disguise the matter with a false police report, which would not be the first time for alcoholic Shirley Ball from Calhoun County.

The management at the MILLSTONE INN also agree with the Secret Seven Coalition and recently made a public statement in the HUR HERALD in Calhoun County.


The owners of the Millstone Inn are widely disputing claims that a customer was the victim of “Gay bashing” during a fight that broke out during karaoke at the bar early Sunday morning.

Steven Long, 36, of Cincinnati, Ohio, received multiple injuries during a dispute that lasted more than half an hour.

His mother Shirley Ball, 63, of Grantsville, said he was beaten by three different males, a fight that continued in the parking lot of the establishment.


“But, basically Shirley Ball has always been a lying alcoholic which turned out to be perfect to be a state witness for Gerald B Hough!”

Evangeline Darling owner of the bar, says the fight started when Long groped the posterior of a female customer. When he was confronted by her boyfriend, Long said it was o.k. because he was gay, according to Darling.

“Steve Long was out-of-control, continuing to create separate problems with other individuals in the parking lot for a half-hour, while our staff and his family attempted to calm him,” Darling said.

“The ‘Truth’ in Gilmer County is negotiable at best under terms set by the elite. It is no longer applicable unless it fits a specific paradigm.”


Shirley Ball lied about the GAY BASHING because she is a lying bitch and we know that because we know her.

Dude got beat because he had it coming and there will be no arrests.

SHIRLEY BALL lied on the stand during the Travesty of Justice trial and was PAID to lie by Gerald B HOUGH, so can’t have much sympathy for people like that. BALL also stole a Volvo from the defendant in the case and has not had to pay for the vehicle left at the CAR CARE center in Big Bend after leaving 400 in cash to fix the brakes.

The State Police did nothing about the theft. ALTHOUGH, STATE POLICE MAJOR INGOLD gave the order to find the car.

Shirley Ball would be best advised to stay in her own little world up there at the end of Bull River Rd where all the snitches and bitches live. Now the dumb bitch has really pissed some people off.

If you are going to falsely testify and steal from people don’t cry about the FALL OUT or the Karma that comes from the crimes committed.

Shirley is not a real BALL anyway she is from OHIO, she married Gerry Ball and then he stuck a gun to her head and was going to kill her for sucking the dick of NUB MARKS and getting caught.

63 yr old Shirley Ball looking more like 73 from all the alcohol abuse shown here in a photo from November 10th 2011 in Grantsville , West Virginia the county seat of Calhoun County.

DUDE got drunk, drove his brand new 35,000 dollar truck off a cliff and then got arrested for assault, but because a relative STEVE JOHNSON was magistrate Gerry Ball walked with no charges and all is forgotten.

SHIRLEY BALL YOU OLD WHORE, dudes told your boyfriend NUB not to be coming around and that meant you too!

” Stay out! Next time they won’t be so nice”

WHITE TRASH like y’all are NOT WANTED at the Millstone Inn.

Danny “NUB” Marks who was a witness that lied on the stand during the Travesty of Justice case, and the man that actually did move the equipment in question found himself in jail in the wee morning hours of Friday November 4th for DUI just four days short of his 52nd birthday. Marks also made it to the top of the SNITCH LIST for Gilmer County in 2008 and 2009.  Marks has yet to be held accountable for his false testimony. “NUB” is considered an enemy of the SS and is currently at the top of 2011 SNITCH LIST as well!  And that fact should be considered if personal contact is made with this man of obvious questionable character that is from Bull River Rd in Calhoun County! Just up the holler from Grantsville a ways.

Gerald R. Ball  is the original owner of the house NUB and ALL STAR from the CalPatty Press SNITCH LIST resides in currently!


Imprisonment Status:  Misdemeanor Pre-Trial

Full Name: Marks,  Danny  Cleo
Height: 5′  8″
Weight: 180 lbs.
Birth Date: 11/8/1959
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 11/04/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Misdemeanor Pre-Trial

In fact, I, myself was present while the house was being built and visited often, right after they moved out of the trailor, and into the house when the finishing touches were being built on. There was a beautiful iron spiral stair case at the front of the house that gave the home a different style and look.  Also a moment in history and a very important fact is the famous SS reporter Rina McCoy was on hand to see the home go up, as those were the early days of the SS and Rina had just started to show the signs of being pregnant that spring of 2001 and of course there were rumors that made it all the way to Judge Facemire’s office as to who the father was.

But, in this case the situation was “Fathers” for the dog had a litter of puppies too. In fact one of them was a GHOST WOLF for it was said both of the fathers were wild, and that one of them was a Wolf, but it was never clear as to which one.

“Gerry Ball” was charged with domestic battery, domestic assault and brandishing a deadly weapon, and generally fucking up one summer not so very long ago, in fact Gerry drove his brand new $35,000 truck off a cliff drunk and the truck was a total loss, after he found out his wife Shirley Ball was sucking the little Nub of Nub, but the charges mysteriously just vanished one day, like Calhoun Magistrate  “Steve Johnson” a relative of Gerry Ball in Calhoun County along with about 3,000 dollars of local govt funds.

Gerry Ball, father to JIM BALL the local private detective bails bond dude was arrested by the State Police and released on $1000 bond and a plea hearing was set for Calhoun Magistrate’s Court on July 26, that year, but that all got squashed since the magistrate who was a relative was really on a binder and was a raisin cain like it was a Calhoun County tradition, and then I heard it was!

This all happened about the time Jimmy Moss from the Glenville Sheriff Department went on down there to talk to Gerry when he was in a bit of a legal pickle, but later that got picked and what was born from all of it was a legal case that took about five years to resolve and went all the way to the Supreme Court and that case is the more than famous, “Travesty of Justice,”case that has proven to be rife with both alleged and proven misconduct by prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County Gerald B Hough!

“The SS has long said, that most of the witnesses that testify for the State of West Virginia on behalf of Gilmer County and Gerald B Hough are liars and criminals he hands selects to tell what ever tale old Gerry needs a told that day as he serves jurors bottled water with his picture on it, and then goes and tells the jury during deliberations he needs a guilty verdict because that particular court case had been in the courts for over three years already…”

Yeah, there ya go some good ole Gilmer County Justice with a Power Elite Jury! But, then, “That’s how we always do it here in Gilmer County!”

“They kept beating on the truck, trying to get in,” Ball said. But Evangeline Darling said, that was a lie, that it was Steve Long that was pounding on Shirley Balls Car and he broke the mirror off the car and Long tried to kick the door at the club after they closed down and injured his foot. Witnesses said Long had been in there before causing trouble and hitting on all the women.Long grabbed the behind of some woman which was the action that started the fight and the action that got FRED HILL KILLED in Glenville in a similar situation! Mikey Ball from Calhoun County a former employee on the right in this photo with the owner of the club Evangeline Darling on the left.

Jim Ball from BALL BAIL-BONDS who is also a relative to Mikey Ball shown above is an obvious come from behind kind of guy – and is the individual that kept “Hot Toddy” out on bail even though Smith would continually be arrested in other counties on felony charges. Smiths bail was never revoked until sent to prison.

Ball is relative of Christopher Todd Smith who was allowed to walk on assault charges of beating up his girlfriend in Glenville.

Lunacy Lucy of the Cult was found dead in HOT TODDY’S bed seven months later.

I Had Jim Ball in the rear view not very long ago, and heard he was a following some people all around town. Not a guy you want sneaking up on you from behind, not unless you want a dick in your ass for he is the man that is the homo sexual.

Dude is like ZED or something … weird!

“Jim Ball showed up at the scene within ten minutes of his butt buddy and  boyfriend SHYLOH TANT being killed, kicked in the head by Crystal while SHYLOH was attacking her. It was a self defense killing that was covered up by law enforcement in Gilmer County, but no surprise there!”

Ryan Shyloh Tant:

Age 28 of Gluck Run, Glenville departed this life at 11:30 PM, Saturday, September 24, 2011 at his residence following an unexpected illness is about the biggest lie told in an obituary in a long time because he was kicked in the head and by his companion of 7 years Crystal Wallbrown while she was being attacked and she had marks and bruises to prove it.

Shyloh was an employee of B & B Bonding as a bondsman.

He is survived by two sons: Austin and Logan Tant and his companion of 7 years Crystal Wallbrown that will be the first to tell you her dude was the boyfriend of JIM BALL.

Funeral services were conducted at 1:00 PM, Thursday, September 29, 2011 at the Ellyson Mortuary, Inc., Glenville with Rev. Alfred Hickman officiating.

Some say SHYLOH that dirty dog did DIE of old age, for 29 was creeping up on him awful fast, a couple days before next spring he would hit the big TWO NINE, so that must be a sudden illness that suddenly kills a 28 year old like good COCAINE from the Cocaine getter the never quitter, or the people that really run the show around here, if ya know what I mean…

Shyloh Tant is dead, and quite frankly, this is not a bad thing at all. This man was pure evil and was a drunken whack job with a gun.

Shyloh Tant can’t say he wasn’t getting fucked up the ass by Jim Ball the bail bonds dude, cuz he was. And dude was his boss and he looked like a guy named hoss, but now he is just as dead as Fred.

Shyloh was even allowed to hand cuff people when he was only a civilian, not a cop. Everyone would talk about how he was a nark for Ball when Ball was a Sutton cop.

Well “SHYLOH” which really is a damn good name for a dog, died that Saturday night in his home, a trailer that was rented from Jim Ball.

In Gilmer County, West Virginia the ELITE are ALL DEMOCRATS and the rest of us are treated just like Republicans!

As was mentioned, Shyloh Tant was Ball’s Boyfriend too, not just Crystals. What a fucking trip, your local bail bondsman was getting his dick sucked by a dude with a dogs name.

Jim Ball and a man named Bobby Hartman paid for Tant’s funeral. SHYLOH  was a buried Thursday the 29th of September, according to testimony from relatives.

It is believed it was Alcohol/drug death and due to the fact that dude was kicked in the head and then just never got up.

“Crystal works at a local gas station and someone should tell her that an SS member once told dude he would never see 29 talking to people the way he did and those words rang true!”

In fact, some are disappointed he died, because some members of the SS truly wanted to kick his SHYLOH ass back to wherever it was he came from and we don’t give a fuck!

CRYSTAL asked SHYLOH to watch the kids for her that Saturday night while she worked. A paramedic that must live close was having a party and Tant said,

“I’m not watching those fucking little sons of bitches, or something to that effect. The DOG FACE man supposedly went to the party!”

So Crystal took the boys to a relative or a friend. She went home after work and Shyloh broke in on her during the night and started beating her senseless, she defended herself and killed him.

“CRYSTAL said that SHYLOH’S pupils were black and covered the color of his eyes!”

SHYLOH was pulling Crystals hair out and beat her from one end of the trailer to the other. He abused her sexually in her private area, and she has had a blood clot in one of her legs, he was pulling her by that leg on top of her, she kicked him off of her, when he hit the floor, he never got up after Crystal kicked the holy fuck out of that dumb asshole!

Crystal called Jim ball because the elite Mafia never call the cops, and Ball came with a paramedic.

“They couldn’t revive him. SHYLOH was as DEAD as a DOG!”

MURDER … or just a dumb ass getting what he deserved?

One of the most disturbing trends in Gilmer County is the abandonment of reason and logic in favor of supposition and placating the powerful.  Lies become truths and truths become lies and this case is another perfect example.

Facts are shoved into the background and evidence is summarily dismissed in favor of “feelings”, personal “experiences”, and parroted ideological clap trap.  Knowledge is no longer acquired through fact finding and study, it’s simply crushed in the dusty footprint of time marching in cadence to the current flavor of fear and distrust that is manufactured by a few who wish to control the rest.

The “Truth” in Gilmer County is negotiable at best under terms set by the elite.  It is no longer applicable unless it fits a specific paradigm.  This county is run by complete indoctrination.  Trusting citizens are intoxicated, enthralled, hypnotized by the power of simple, non-reality based suggestion and any suggestion can easily become their “Truth”.

Regardless of evidence to the contrary, the “in charge” beliefs must be upheld.   What’s more, these so called leaders of the community know they can simply pick up a phone and turn up the drip, drip, drip of misinformation for as long as it takes to achieve their ultimate goal of control and domination. Bought off or terrorized into compliance by local government, this county is awash with corruption promoted by the gangsters and local police along with the state and seemingly beyond repair. There is a totally dysfunctional justice system to go with the corrupt police forces.  We are all between the devil and the deep blue sea!

A statement is only believed to be true if certain chosen power elite people say it is among the “IN” crowd in the lawless town of Glenville, West Virginia

The County Clerk’s office deliberately conceals liens, for the chosen elite and then claim that’s the way they always do it!

School officials say Casey Smith is on administrative leave due to his actions regarding a minor child under his care as an educator with police involvement.

Casey Smith who has received special treatment from the elite recently treated one of his male GCHS students to a fun night in a motel room that included pill popping and bed hopping

Yet the Principal Neo Nasia Butcher, saw to it that he was sitting right there at the high school during the recent funeral.  No students were drinking alcohol after the game in Charleston and there was no misbehavior, yet we are told that the student held responsible was suspended and as soon as a few big player family names come up it is over. Have to trust them, they are the chosen. They had to take the kids down the night before to a day game so no one would miss the Sheriff’s daughter’s engagement party.  Leave no party person behind is Metz’s theme of the year.  If you think that’s something go ahead and make him a Magistrate.  You can’t watch the kids and be at the party too.   Go down early was the answer and then browbeat the kids to keep their mouths shut. We still don’t know who really paid that bill.  

Gilmer County Deputy Casey Jones on the left and Chief Deputy Gerwig on the right and both mentioned in the latest documents involving misconduct and the case from Gilmer County that went all the way to US Supreme Court in DC with Gilmer County backing evidence for five years now proved false!

It was good news to learn that Gilmer County Sheriff Deputy Casey Jones has had an official police complaint filed against him for tasing private citizens for fun, while unsolved murders, no prosecution for rape and rampant drug dealing that ultimately goes unpunished is the norm for the students at GSC. 

Do yourself a favor. Use your head for something besides a hat rack. Don’t believe anything at first blush. Read, listen, learn, and take faith out of the equation.  Put “feelings” aside.  Use healthy skepticism and demand evidence.

If reality is what you seek, then live it.  If you don’t, in the end you will surrender the very thing you were fighting for.

There is no freedom and liberty if it isn’t for ALL PEOPLE in the county not just the self serving elite. Right now, in current times, it is always all about the POWER  ELITE of Gilmer County and that’s a truth that becomes more evident every day.

Not much to be proud of in Gilmer County, not much at all. Will we change the way business is being done in this county or will this truly be a record of our last days?

Well if we have told the elite once we have told them twice

But, they never listen to our advice.

The Church of IKE don’t try very hard to please me

And, with what they know it should be easy

Well this could be the last time

This could be the last time

Maybe this could be the last time

I really don’t know

If I told you once I told you twice

That someone will have to pay the price