By Free Bird – RGW Reporter for the Central WV Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator/ Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor


From the blackness the BEAST that has lived to fight another day, is always watching, always waiting for the ones that think they have it made …and that all that EVIL is Just OK!

The menace of the awful elite may soon have to pay!

The destiny of the wicked brought the Return of the Ghost Wolf to the Darkness of Crooked County and to the blackness of the “Ville,”

“Absolute truth is a very rare and dangerous commodity in the context of professional journalism.”
—Rolling Stone, February 15, 1973

The Absolute truth  is over the past year or so the crime rate in Gilmer County and the surrounding area has been alarming!

“The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!” All the while the Ghost Wolf watches from high atop the mountains overlooking the town below, just waiting for his chance at revenge!”

Once again the full service of the West Virginia SS was available, and once again the folks at the GHOST WOLF were  sometimes working night and day to bring the Truth to central West Virginia.

So many victims have been harmed in Gilmer County by rape and mayhem condoned and sanctioned by the power elite and some victims left on their own with no attempts by law enforcement to make them whole in any way.

The local law enforcement which includes Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz are politically controlled, and completely controlled by the CHURCH OF IKE, and Gilmer County and surrounding area’s are ruled by a totalitarian form of government, that is not only NOT LEGAL, but scary as hell!

Reported rapes, no prosecution, no coverage, multiple murders, feeble attempts at prosecution, vague coverage if any with no real information provided, reported child sexual abuse, no prosecution, no coverage, multiple drug busts, little prosecution, no news paper coverage, no follow through on any subject relevant to the life we really live. The people of Gilmer County are mad as hell and speaking out on forums and the Gilmer Free Press about the school system, both State and County …and the “Real Reason” for the school take over by the State!

Jorea M. Marple took over as West Virginia’s 27th state superintendent of schools on March 1, 2011.

The people of Gilmer County are tired of know nothing, do nothing, comes from the worst county in the state for schools, Mr. Blankenship and all want Nasia Butcher gone!

People are writing to the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition and asking what can we do about the high school teacher Casey Smith at GCHS and the sexual abuse?!

What can we do about Crystal Metz, GCHS volleyball coach and her associates like “Jeremy, WAGGING HIS WEINER WAGNER,” and the out of control party in Charleston?

“Citizens want to know what the SS can do about the parties with underage drinking involving other coaches, rape, crimes at Glenville State College involving football players, rapes, drugs and etc. lack of prosecution for the ones involved, Gerry Hough, Sheriff Dept. Casey Jones, and this is “Just the tip of the iceberg!”

All the SS can do is report the TRUTH about central WV like we have done since 2006, even though we have been threatened and called at home by the Sheriff saying he was going to have us picked up if we didn’t quit investigating his people!

 “Our 7th year of the Secret Seven Coalition bringing central WV the real truth begins in February of 2012!”

In review here is something that only the Central WV SS reported, for all others were threatened and we all know enough people that were at the party personally to confirm much of what went on.

Last January 22, 2011 a raucous party got out of control, and a 16 year old girl was raped by a Black High School student and a star player on the Basketball team had sex with the coach!

This is not a made up story, hundreds of people know what happened now, and many were there, so the next person that says that it did not happen, I will give three steps, and then that is it!

It is about damn time some crazy pieces of shit started having to pay for the harm they have done. I’m all about making that happen!

We all know it is just a matter of time before something jumps off for all the crimes committed by the elite.

Want your party to be the one everyone can’t stop talking about?

Just follow these tips from Bobby Duvall the Coach of the Lady Titans from GCHS!!

Plan a Surprise!! It could be a coming out party of sorts! Have one thing at your party that none of your friends know about- this extra element makes a party more memorable!

Could it be the coaches penis?


That is even better than a signature drink!

Timothy B Butcher didn’t bother to check the resume’ of Lady Titans Basketball coach BOBBY DUVALL(above)who brought beer to the party and got to have sex with the BIRTHDAY GIRL who was a star player on the Lady Titans Basketball team!

Nasia Butcher, wife to ex- BOG of GSC Terry B who is the other B in the Bitcher and Butcher law firm is truly responsible – for she did not check the credentials of this individual – and the Central WV SS wants his background and job history verified and we want it on our desk by noon.  So, if you don’t want to hear about it, prove us wrong bitches!

 Nasia Butcher as the CAPTAIN of the GCHS ship sure made for a summer that sizzled, just like it did when the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad all summer long on the CalPatty Press!!

Yeah thanks Nasia!

Are you gonna turn some more bitches out Butcher?!

Learn how to be whore in Gilmer County by Nasia Butcher!

Good call on hiring the coach that the Bitcher of the Butchers recommended without even checking on dude Butcher!


Pick a theme! The theme this year was, “Steal the Pussy,” from the 16 year old first cousin Lady Titan  (name withheld)while Hannah is getting the banana slammed home by the coach!! Getting fucked up and drinking under the age of 21 is common practice among the children of Power Elite!

Hey NASIA why don’t you take a hike! Your services are no longer needed. I say Nasia should get the boot for letting the Coach get the booty. One of those girls should consider her judgment was flawed, but certainly should be forgiven.  However, if the allegations of the coach having sex with team members proves to be true – and we believe that it is true – the fact that he brought alcohol  just makes it worse! That can not be forgiven!

The AFTER party up hwy 33 jumped off with reported rapes and some wild women that were not wearing the same clothes out of the party that they went in with, and one woman went home with a man who took some photos earlier who had quite a surprise from a friend of the Butcher Bitches one night as it has been heard told …Who made who, ain’t nobody told you? Who made who, who made you? If you made them and they made you Who picked up the bill, who? And who made who?

Don’t try to sweep this one under the rug on us, because “This” is our business. This type of thing affects  the whole community!

Infecting us with the disease of the Crooked County Power Elite … Nasia gets a coach that wants extra’s!

Step by Step! We are going to take back our County inch by inch if we have to, just like Boppin Bobby Duvall!

Video and camera still shots caught more than 1 young high school student having a little too much fun.Shelly left the party to party herself and returned to a full house and passed out shortly after 1am according to “Eye witness” accounts. Hannah told her about the rape the next morning,however Shelly already knew about Hannah and Coach Duvall!

Single colors are really hot this year! Pick a color and buy all your decorations, plates, napkins and drinks and maybe even your clothes in different shades!

Butcher Bitches BEASTESS pornographic priestess!

Hell yeah, but the color for this party was Purple for the Big Purple Penis that was actually on salary and just doing his duty as the coach for the team.  He took shot after shot with Hannah until the buzzer sounded when the Lady Titans coach was discovered in bed with his star player, but what the heck it was her 18th birthday!

Of course all the adults were off getting high and having sex too, so why not let the kids run loose, after all it is a party party party!

“Get that door you!! It might be the Cocaine we are waiting on!!”

I find it fascinating that Shelly Morris DeMarino daughter to IL Morris per SS sources and per other sources is banging Greg Smith on the side!!

Greg Smith, our local surveyor who amazingly as a divorced drunk found his way to the Foundation Board, GSC Board of Governors and in Charleston on the Executive Committee.

I figure we could tell the real story about Bobby Duvall since he did NOT tell us the real story on his resume and Bobby put down jobs that he never actually had etc.

Lexi you been a naughty girl you let your knickers down

But, now he can truthfully put down some blow jobs from the daughters of the Power Elite as experience on his resume’ and say it was part of his pay!

HANNAH was CAUGHT IN BED WITH THE COACH BOBBY DUVALL and that is the NAKED truth about Glenville West Virginia, where they pump kin and students alike!!

Shelly knows it, and Hannah knows it, and Bobby Duvall knows it!

And now that the Secret Seven Coalition know it …YOU DO TOO!

The big party for the Lady Titans was at Shelly Morris DeMarino’s house where there was hard liquor and beer, and some damn good weed, and then things got out of hand so to speak, and now we hear that a team player and talented ball handler was raped and hard drugs were also at the Party and could have been a factor in the rape!!

I L “IKE” Morris stating at the Ground Breaking for the GSC Pioneer Center… “That regardless of what people might read in the online publications, the Morris family would never do anything to hurt Gilmer County”


….as many found out when they read this article written and researched by a member of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition!

GFP reveals the TRUTH about another MURDER in GILMER COUNTY!

Many times Gilmer County history has shown that officers of the court pre-arrange and pre-decide a case before it ever makes it into the courtroom despite the efforts of law officers to bring charges for the actual crime committed. This case is a very good example of a good ole back woods Gilmer County trial.

We learned specific information was given about the wrong doing of the previous Gilmer County Circuit Clerk David LAME Smith and the fact that two members of the jury were closely associated with the family of Everett Campbell has been revealed by people that were present in the courtroom at the time of the jury selection and trial. LAME should be in prison for this action.

Hough (in photo) as a staff member at GSC received a written reprimand and denial of a pay raise instituted by then GSC President Thomas Powell for his actions involving the Wilkie Perez RAPE Case, but he should have been prosecuted and Gerry Hough set a very bad example for GSC staff members

“So there are some immediate questions about this case in regard to the jury, and that same situation appears over and over in Gilmer County!”
The REAL STORY of what happened began earlier in the summer of 2006 took place in the early part of July that year. Everett and Mary Ann Campbell had mutually agreed for Mary Ann to have the kids for a while during the summer at her home in Moundsville, WV.

This mutual agreement was well within the guidelines of their divorce and the children truly enjoyed time with their mother, as all children would.

Everett Campbell at bail hearing with the “Go To GUY” David Karickhoff! This same attorney got Erik Davis SCOTT FREE off of rape charges when he was guilty as hell and Campbell got the same sentence as the defendant falsely accused in the “Travesty of Justice” case, one year in jail!

Mary Ann Campbell preferred this situation as she reports that many times she was forced to have sex with Everett Campbell long after they were divorced when she had to go to his families’ home to see the kids. The sex was all part of a contingency of being able to visit her children, which we are willing to wager, was not part of the divorce agreement through the courts.

The former Mrs. Campbell got to truly enjoy spending time with her kids, and got some quality alone time with them that any parent would treasure that summer of 2006 in Moundsville. She was finally happy, getting her life back together and having her kids gave her the balance she had been searching for, for many years. The children truly loved being with their mother that summer.

Things were going perfectly and all was well until one day Mary Ann received a call from the niece of Everett. She spoke to her, and it was a friendly conversation, but in reality the whole purpose of the phone call was a ruse for a hidden purpose involving Everett’s sister, Sue Ann Scott, who got on the phone with a phony story about how her brother never lets her see the kids, blah blah blah.

Mary Ann got played for her sympathy of the situation and being a good down home properly raised young woman, tried to do the right thing by Sue Ann, and invited her over to see the children. What Mary Ann did not know was that Everett had asked his sister to go get the kids and bring them home at all costs. The new scheme was certainly not part of the arrangement Everett had made with Mary Ann, but Mr. Campbell obviously had control issues.

During the very long battle of the Gilmer County Case of the Lone Meth Ranger Johnny Richards, evidence was destroyed, but the defense counsel Kevin Hughart still had his notes of the testimony in which the tape was lost on purpose. During the dispute Hugart’s office mysteriously burned down and SS sources say Gerald B Hough had it burned down. The office of BILL MARTIN – SUTTON the defendant counsel in the 5 year “Travesty” case, also had his office burned down while storing original documents pertaining to the AJ WOOFTER estate!

Sue Ann, through her false complaints and false story of wanting to see the kids, arranged to visit the Moundsville home, but when she arrived with her husband James they both asked if the kids could spend a week with them. The original purpose of the call and contact had immediately changed. That fact in itself would bring suspicion to the mind of any reasonable person.

I am the eggman, they are the eggmen., goo goo g’joob but no swallow for Lexi Butcher of the infamous Butcher Bitches that broke bad with NUDE sexual fun with both boys and girls on the CalPatty Press!

Right from the start Mary Ann was unsure and did not feel right about farming out her kids to her ex-husbands sister, plus there could have been some legal repercussions from doing so. She did agree to allow her ex-sister in law and husband stay with the kids at her house, while she went to confer with her boyfriend Mark Medley to ask what he thought of her letting her kids stay with relatives. She needed an outside opinion.

“357 Evey,” Everett Campbell was only convicted of a misdemeanor, for a cold blooded murder in Crooked County, down by the Crooked River. The “GO TO” attorney David Karickhoff beat Gerry Hough like a bad step child in the courtroom, and Everett walked on a First Degree Murder charge he should have been convicted of!When Mary Ann returned, Sue Ann, James, and the children were all gone, and she panicked as any mother would. What an awful feeling and what terrible thoughts must have been rushing through the young mothers mind. Motherly instincts are very real in nature, but the Childs Services and the courts, and other agencies seldom consider these emotions to the degree that they should be considered. To them it is often cut and dry and black and white and a matter of seeing that all the paper work is in order.

“The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!” But, in the winter when the snow comes the Ghost Wolf goes high into the mountains where he often wanders to his favorite mountain lake to remember the love and the good times provided by the bright white of the moon! But always knowing the day may be near for him to kill again,oh how grand that day will be,the hunger,the thirst,the blood, when the longed for revenge comes due for the Ghost Wolf of Crooked County!”

Life is not black and white and cut and dry. Life is more about a mother’s love for her children and the sanctity of the family.

Most mothers would immediately get on the phone and start making calls, but for Mary Ann those calls went unanswered. Mary Ann wanted to call the police, but being young, was still a bit naïve about the wicked ways of the world and the crooked tricks of the jealous and evil.

Mary Ann was disturbed that Sue Ann Scott, her sister in law just stole her kids from the house and got away with it.  A lot of pent up emotions burst forth on that very hot summer afternoon that Mark Medley died.

The Butcher Bitches and the accepted deviant sexual behavior, Nasia Butcher, Casey Smith the sexual abuse of students, Crystal Metz, GCHS volleyball coach and her associates at the party in Charleston, parties with underage drinking involving other coaches, like the party and rape at the home of a well known power elite, crimes at Glenville State College involving football players, rapes, drugs etc. just to name of a few of the latest wrongdoings. The worst crime is the lack of prosecution for the ones involved by Rapist Lover Gerry Hough, Dumb as fuck Sheriff Mickey Metz – Sheriff Deputy Casey Jones … all of these law enforcement personnel are CROOKED as FUCK and this is “Just the tip of the Iceberg!”.

After coming into town and having a confrontation in the parking lot of the former Sports Bar known as the Main Event, Mark Medley and Mary Ann called 911 since Glenville Police Chief had turned them down on the offer of an escort. The call somehow never got answered.

As soon as they showed up at a home owned by a man named Harold that was about 200 yards from the Glenville State Police office, Everett pulled in behind them and his sister Sue Ann ran up on the porch yelling, “Shoot them dad, shoot them!” Harold, the father of Everett and Sue Ann, had a long barrel high powered rifle loaded and ready to go on the porch.

Everett fired his 357 magnum within seconds of exiting his vehicle, but missed, he fired again hitting Mark Medley in the chest!!

Mark went down, and Mary Ann ran to him and tried to get him in the vehicle to escape, but he collapsed. Then, Everett came up behind Mary Ann, grabbed her by the hair, and stuck the 357 to her head and said, “I am going to shoot you next bitch!”

Medical teams were there in a few minutes and so were the WV State Police. Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz showed up at the scene and found himself just directing traffic. Our research revealed when the medical team asked Mark if he had any allergies, he replied, “Yes I am allergic to mean people with guns!” Those were his last words!!

Mark died shortly after making that speech, while paramedics worked hard to revive him, but a 357 to the chest will kill you every time.

Anything holy or sacred or loving or involving the love of family members or holding close those that are truly part of you dissolves away very quickly in a Gilmer County courtroom in a situation already decided in advance by a hand-picked jury that was completely manipulated by the powers that be.

This photo taken at a party in which things got out of hand due to alcohol abuse – Sheriff Metz attempted to have members of the SS arrested by a three letter agency. Metz lied to that federal agency about who was in the photo, how old they were and the exact circumstances all the while it was explained to that agency that Sheriff Metz looks the other way when drugs and underage drinking are concerned among children of the power elite. Sheriff Mickey Metz of the Gilmer County Sheriff’s office lied about the age of the woman engaged in illicit sex shown in photo she did not know she had — And METZ tried to have the leader of the SS arrested for publishing it.Once this was shared with the press, we started getting a couple of calls late at night just to ask if it was all really true. My answer is always the same. If you want to find out what is true in Glenville, the County Seat of Gilmer County, you will have to go there for yourself and witness the rape and witness the murder for yourself down by that Crooked River!

“Once you have seen the Darkness of GILMER COUNTY you will be forever changed!”

“Once you have been touched by the BLACKNESS of the “VILLE” you will never be the same!”

“The DARKNESS comes for you!”

“No who, what, why, when, where and how is reported unless it comes through our internet news providers.  Is it a media blackout again in Gilmer County?”

You bet it is and all one has to do to figure out how it has happened  is consider a lawyer whose firm represents the WV Press as lobbyist and is in charge of the Governor’s campaign whose history goes back to his days with Ike Morris.

While you are at it, take a look at their group of supporters and minions, the “Every thing’s OK crowd!”

In this county ruled by swine, all pigs are upwardly mobile—and the rest of us are fucked until we can put our acts together: not necessarily to win, but mainly to keep from losing completely. We owe it to ourselves too remake our crippled self-image and react better than a bunch of panicked sheep to be corralled and brought back to the fold.

Here is what a Gilmer County Citizen said in their cry for help yesterday on  the GILMER FREE PRESS ..

“Are we now living in a COMMUNIST STATE that our “forefathers” founded for the freedom of all? I would imagine they are turning over in their graves as to what these select people have done to our Wild Wonderful West Virginia and Gilmer County citizens for their own gratification and satisfaction. They have destroyed everything that the ones before us fought so hard for. Our confidence in the administration for our schools, our families, our County as a whole, our law enforcement, our Glenville State College that many alumni and others looked up to, OUR PRIDE in our county and one another, job opportunities. The students of this county, thanks to the powers that be, have nothing to look forward to!”

We have been a population of whimpering slaves to fear! Many have a fear of the threat of poverty, fear of random violence, fear of getting black-balled or fired , fear of getting evicted by one of the slum landlords  or suddenly being harassed by the law with trumped up charges for far too long.

Edwin Dale Kinnison was never prosecuted for rape at Glenville State College, in fact nobody is just to save the image of the College. Well whoever thought that save the image shit up needs to be educated to how many people they have harmed with their stupid bullshit! RAPE is Common Place at Glenville State College or anywhere in Gilmer County. Even the State Police are Crooked as fuck, they all play ball for the CHURCH OF IKE!

The local print media the Glenville Democrat under the direction of Dave Corcoran should have led the way out of this darkness but never bothered.  That’s not what keeps them getting the legal ads.  That’s not what serves their advertisers, and that is not what serves the Church of Ike Morris!

The media’s job is not to turn a blind eye but lack of good reporting has kept us all blind here in Gilmer County.. The media’s job is to report, period. It is the reason for their very existence.  Freedom of information is certainly known as one major difference between the USA and a third world country, isn’t it?  Not here.  We don’t have a newspaper, we have a chatty, get along,  news letter which supports the politico, not the people.

“If people are there, and they have something worthwhile to say – regardless of whether it is popular or potentially alarming or against the political status quo – it is news!”

Good reporters should be covering it, regardless of their personal political preferences – and let the readers come to their own conclusions. Thanks to internet coverage and local dedication to the truth, this censuring by Gilmer County news media may, with a lot of courageous effort, finally become a thing of the past. There will be a new attitude in town now.

Not only does the Central WV SS see right thru the agenda of the Power Elite, we have NIGHT VISION TOO!

The word spread like wildfire all throughout the VILLE and up the hollers and even up on the hill!Throughout the whole of Crooked County people walked in fear and searched the most secreted parts of their minds for any ill doing that could have been perceived as an act of betrayal to the Ghost Wolf. Doors were barred and locked especially by the sinister evil that owned the town and kept the people of the county as slaves to the Church of the Poison mind and the second generation of IKE the father of the demi-gods that hid from the darkness that stalked the land and the elite of the ville!

Journalism is not a profession or a trade in Gilmer County unless you are in the SS the Secret Seven Coalition, the CCC or the GFP, and  taking into consideration the lack of coverage this area has received at the state level, the same is also somewhat true throughout a Tri-County area, that includes Calhoun and Braxton.

YES WE CAN”T is the motto of the Gilmer County Power Elite and when asked to arrest black rapists from GSC!

The DEMOCRAT the main stream print press local paper is a cheap catch-all for fuck offs and misfits of the POWER ELITE- a false doorway to the backside of life, a filthy piss-ridden little hole that indulges in yellow journalism just deep enough for a drunk to curl up in a dumpster or an empty slumlords house and masturbate like a chimp in a zoo-cage, so he can get locked up for the winter, or maybe even freeze to death in an unheated hovel never to be reported cause he’s just a drunk and even death brings no coverage.  Oh we can read all about social events and DUI and truancy and maybe a drug bust but we’ll never hear the outcome of the trial!

“Where is the WV STATE and National coverage of school takeovers, police brutality and bad faith prosecutions?” 

If it wasn’t for the West Virginia SS and the Gilmer Free Press there would hardly be any press coverage at all!

“Isolation used to be a good reason for bad statewide press coverage, but with modern technology there is no excuse, but the West Virginia excuse  is politics!”

Where is the coverage regarding charges of election misconduct and failure to handle county business in a legal fashion leading all the way to federal court?

Where is encouragement that corruption will not be suppressed or twisted? 

Where is something other than the stupid bullshit the Gilmer County Commissioner political flunkies are told to put forth as public information? 

Where is the news? Where is the the egg man, Darell Ramsey, and Brian Kennedy and D HESS when you really need those bitches!

The SUPREME COMMANDER of the SS says … “On this 16th day of the 12th month we find NO HEAVEN in two-thousand eleven! Way down deep in this Crooked County ruled by swine, all pigs are upwardly mobile—and the rest of us are fucked until we can put our acts together: not necessarily to win, but mainly to keep from losing completely  …lets see how they run like PIGS from a GUN and just see how they FLY!”

“Butcher Bitches BEASTESS pornographic priestess,
You been a naughty girl you let your knickers down.
I am the eggman, they are the eggmen.
I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob.”