By Free Bird – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition and the CalPatty Press! Editor Edison – Editor/ Cosmic Communications /Editing also done by Hurricane Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator – Editor

One visit shows the average person why this State is known as…

“Wild, Wonderful West Virginia!”

People from all over the US have heard of WV through John Denver’s song Country Roads, which begins, “Almost Heaven, West Virginia.”

“Unfortunately though, in spite of its abundant beauty, the citizens of West Virginia and especially Gilmer County, have been subjected to never-ending political corruption and money dominance over a government that has pervaded the culture of its national, state, and locally elected officials!”
“If political corruption were an Olympic event, West Virginia would be the favorite contender with Gilmer County in the lead for the Gold Medal!”

We certainly recognize that every state in this nation has low level political hacks who are doing a little bit of chiseling. 

Unfortunately, West Virginia has had much more than its fair share of corrupt political felons as countless state, county, and city elected officials have spent time in federal penitentiaries.

In our opinion, Gilmer County has far too many that deserve to be there but haven’t gone yet. 

The taxpayers of Gilmer County and indeed the entire state have also witnessed generations of well-intentioned elected officials and honest civil workers getting their voices squelched and their reputations smeared by the countless corrupt politicians who have abused their positions for personal gain. 

Sheriff Mickey Metz has been part of the political problem in Gilmer County and proved to be guilty of selective prosecution and covering up crimes of other public officials!

Try to imagine the opportunities that have been lost in so many areas of concern such as education, health care, and infrastructure as a result of a long line of corrupt elected officials. Shouldn’t be hard, in Gilmer County we are living the nightmare.  The people who proudly call themselves Mountaineers have never been truly free from the depredations of political and financial corruption.
History verified by research shows clearly that West Virginia elections have long been labeled as among the most corrupt in America.  Oddly enough, the vast majority of the citizens here are not corrupt; they are honest people seeking to make better lives for their families.

The problem is that these same straightforward and sincere people have become so desensitized to corruption that many of them laugh at the thought of the countless elected officials who later became felons. 

“The people of Gilmer County laugh at vote buying and influence peddling as though it’s cute and clever. Some make jokes about the infamous Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River and what they got away with right up until it is their own money on the line!” 

Then that horse of a different color comes to play! 

Could this humorous attitude toward serious crime and election fraud only serve to condone, promote, and perpetuate such behavior? … when, in reality, there is nothing funny about it?

Maybe so, in most instances, but the actual term, “Crooked County,” has now become known synonymously with Gilmer County!

In the words of numerous politicians…

“Everything in West Virginia is political except politics and that’s personal!”

Notwithstanding a dismal past, recognizing and accepting this history of plutocracy and corruption should provide the incentive as well as the framework for reforming the  politics of Gilmer County if not the entire state.

The MAIN DRAG in Glenville the HEART of CROOKED COUNTY -- The Difference between GOOD and EVIL runs right down that Crooked County Line!

The result should be that Gilmer County  provides the supreme model for statewide reform.  It will be a hard fought battle and requires the concerted effort of the many honest citizens.  It will take the will power and never say die attitude that settled this region in the beginning!

It requires some true “Mountaineers!”

Haven’t we had more than enough of the self serving “Racketeers!?”

We love our state and we love Gilmer County, and the way things used to be before corrupt and dishonest public officials took over. Thanks for being one of the many  thousands of readers of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf this year of 2011 and we look forward to bringing you the REAL TRUTH throughout 2012!