By Free Bird Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/ Special Guest Ghost Writer John Lee Pettimore – Crooked County Crooks website

“Yes, they expect you to walk very softly around Phillip Reale and no one at the Church of Ike wants to hear anything bad about that bit of window dressing they created and fronted to make themselves look professional.”

I’m sure he was told not to mention Jim Touchy Fealy’s name  too loudly as they don’t want any questions as to what he did for his money. 

Phil is a graduate of Glenville State University and West Virginia University College of Law, and is a high ranking Church of Ike member!

Phillip Reale (photo above) is a BAD DEAL for the Citizens of Gilmer County!

Phil’s associate James Fealy, will also be available to bang some bitches or whatever it is they do as members of the Power Elite of Crooked County down by the Crooked River.

Jimmy has been a Government Relations Consultant with the Law Office of Philip A. Reale since May of 2004, so he is pretty up on how to steal government funds and hire the whores and score the dope for the Gala affairs put on by IL Morris who has PHIL REALE and Touchy Fealy on the payroll for success.

According to Power Elite sources Touchy Fealy has many longstanding relationships with legislators and staffers that he has continuously fostered since his days in the House of Delegates., so dude really can scam some shit in Charleston like a big dog!

According to the Reale website Touchy Fealy has a keen understanding of the legislative process as he has seen it from the inside, and then taking to the Church of Ike on the outside for years and years.
Touchy Fealy previously served as Executive Director of the Gilmer County Economic Development Association, a post he held for ten years, now the home of LARRY CHAPMAN another Crook from Crooked County.

During his tenure with GCEDA, Touchy Fealy was instrumental in luring the Federal Bureau of Prisons to construct a $145 million medium-security prison employing nearly 300 people that brought a TON of drugs and unsavory characters into the area.

Touchy Fealy helped the County secure nearly 14 million in grants for the infrastructure improvements needed to make the project a reality, while CHURCH of IKE members did all they could to steal those funds for themselves and SKIM off the top of  the construction project just like Tony Soprano on TV.

Give  a lawyer some cash, send him to Charleston with an office and the next thing you know you have your own man running the governor’s office right in front of God and everybody and in tandem with a legislative law firm. 

While you are at it, dance around the many sins of the local brethren that have been put in office.  Forget the debauchery, forget the cronyism and nepotism, forget everything you were ever taught about caring for your neighbor and do as you are told. 

There will never be a shortage of bullies.  Bullies, harassment and assaults are running rampant throughout Gilmer County and unfortunately right down to the level of school children.  Many times, harassment, rivalry, ridicule, emotional or physical violence can lead to depression and low self-esteem, problems that can traumatize a  person for the rest of their life.

Nasia Butcher’s name has been mentioned countless times on GFP and on the RGW and other SS and CCC websites in Gilmer County. There is no doubt that she is a controversial figure contributing to building anger and turmoil associated with the State’s take over of our schools, and now with Bullying issues at GCHS that was on WBOY -TV Here’s a photo of Lizzy Butcher and friend, daughter of the principal of GCHS all wet in the boys room stall with her tongue motioning all for Dr. Marple to know it is all a go to take a courageous step by replacing Mrs. Butcher mother of the Butcher Bitches with another principal! It’s the principle of the thing, and sex makes Lizzy sing!

The act of being bullied tends to increase isolation because their peers do not want to lose status by associating with them or because they do not want to increase the risks of being bullied themselves.  The most laughable thing about the Gilmer County situation is that most of the adults who play the victim are actually the perpetrators.   The lawyers, the businessmen, the elected and the appointed administrators are all crying foul and I guess we’re supposed to cry for them.  Don’t think so.  Not this time.

Jim Touchy Fealy along with RETA KIGHT the DOG FACED WOMAN bullshited the Gilmer County Citizens when they teamed up together at the  GCEDA for the purpose of service to self over service to others, like the community of Glenville and the county of Gilmer!

A lot of people are aware on some level but prefer to look the other way when it happens so as-to-not-be-involved and some are simply more tolerant of bullying than others. Gilmer County has a self developed “pecking order” in which well connected or popular puppets have special privileges and develop a sense of entitlement that leads to a “bullying atmosphere.”  Want to find out who the bullies really are?  File an official complaint of any kind.   The underlying attitude is that it is the victim’s fault.  If only they had kept quiet none of this would happen.  It won’t matter whether child or adult. It won’t matter how grievous a wrong has been committed.  If you haven’t checked with the bosses for the right answer keep your mouth shut!    True bullies typically lack empathy and real feeling, but many are good at crying on cue and playing the victim. Often the real victim is targeted for retaliation and the bully receives no punishment.  We have seen this too many times.    Most times it’s easier to call everything a “fight”, disagreement, “clash of personalities”, than to give victim’s the time to say what’s happened to them. If someone is injured because a piece of equipment falls on them, could the Employer say that they can’t be responsible for what happens inside their building(s)?  No, yet that’s what gets done around here if the abuse can’t be seen with the naked eye and the stigma can be severe if the subject talks about their abuser, bully or harasser.   

It’s time to be tired of this kind of nonsense.  It’s time to take back our County and let the grownups run it, not the hoodlums.   Will Gilmer fall for the silver tongued devils again?  Hang on for the ride.

“Mr. Reale is a lobbyist, but to get REAL about Reale –Dude is nothing but a political bag man for IKE MORRIS and the Church of IKE!”

To lobby is the act of attempting to influence decisions made by officials in the government, most often legislators or members of regulatory agencies,  Lobbyists may be among a legislator’s constituents, meaning a voter or bloc of voters within his or her electoral district, or not; they may engage in lobbying as a business, or not.  Professional lobbyists are people whose business is trying to influence legislation on behalf of a special interest who hires them.

Not only is Reale the political bag man for the Independent Oil and Gas Association, of which Waco Oil and Gas is a member, but also for the West Virginia Press Association, where David Corcoran, the High Priest of the Church of Ike, is a board member. (click green link )

Ethics and morality are not words often affiliated with lobbying.  Often, people with an inordinate amount of socio- economic power are corrupting the law in order to serve their own conflict of interest, so why we are clicking links lets do one more, lets go to the Ethics Commission’s Web site.  Click this link, and scroll down to page 45.

At heart, the effort to influence legislation is a power struggle. As in other forms of power struggle, such as war or law enforcement, motives range from predation to self-defense to fighting for justice, and the dividing line between predation and justice is nothing more than a matter of who is served.  It won’t be the people.

Lobbyists must be adept at the art of persuasion, which is the mainstay of their job. They must figure out how to sway politicians to vote on legislation in a way that favors the interest they represent. Sometimes, lobbyists will even sit down and help a politician draft legislation that is advantageous for their interest. Maintaining good relations with politicians who can be relied on to support the lobbyist’s interest is key to a great pay check.

It is apparent that law enforcement botched the investigation from the BEGINNING on the NEW GSC RAPE CASE that was recently uncovered by high ranking members of the SS and the CCC when relative of the victim contacted the Secret Seven Coalition who turned the matter over to professionals to look into disreputable acts that have allegedly been committed by members of the SOB’s the Sigma Omega Beta fraternity of degenerate non-academic Church of IKE rapists. Lil Lizzie Butcher(shown in this photo) just one half of the Butcher Bitches feeling as Butch as the two bitches that spiked the 4.0 honor graduates drink with a DATE RAPE drug and then gave her to some SOB boys currently wanted for questioning. We decided to farm out their questioning to the FIRE STARTING CULT leader Christopher Todd Smith who says he is looking for some more constructive projects.

It is nothing short of amazing that Reale’s four years at WV University College of Law (1974-1977) leads to one job from oil and gas law and former prosecuting attorney to then serving as chairman of former West Virginia Governor Gaston Caperton’s transition team, and then later as Governor Caper ton’s first Chief of Staff.

“Only God and the big man knows what he did for Manchin!”

 In addition, past president of the Independent Oil and Gas Association of West Virginia, two-time chair of the State College System of West Virginia, and a now successful lobbyist placed on the Steering Committee to elect Tomblin for Governor!

Come on now, how much conflict of interest and underhanded dealing in government are we supposed to overlook?

Reale lobbies for WV Press to keep his candidates press clean, for a drug company while the state is going broke paying PEIA for public employees health insurance, Gas & Oil (not hard to figure) and tries to take care of hometown politicians and couple of  their favorite flunkies who got a little loose with state funds such as the Little Kanawha Parkway Authority.

 All of this and has the ear of the Governor himself as he raises funds for the Governor’s campaign.

 What a deal!  Some go far in the church of Ike as we watch yet another forget all of the people left behind and get far above their raising.

Walk away, take the job, take the money and let the whole county go straight to hell.  Right Phil?  You got yours.

Walk SOFTLY around Phillip Reale he is a BAD DEAL ! Walk Softly and Carry a BIG STICK!

Hey Phil Reale we don’t like the way you STEAL !

SO lets make a deal!

Some go far in the Church of Ike and get far above their raising  is right y’all!

The REAL DEAL for YOU Phil REALE when you worship at the CHURCH OF IKE is ya let the whole God Damn Crooked County go straight to hell!

EWWW what’s that smell, Crooked County’s GONE TO HELL with the BUTCHER BITCHES all around you !! A yearnin for learnin, cuz  their daddy’s rich and you got yours and some of the rest of theirs!

Now the SS says here is some of MINE BITCH!

But we only come to town about twice a year, so be a ramblin man like the revenue man, then come up the holler just down the road a piece and take a trip a little bit up from the Crooked part of the Lil Kanoy some call the CROOKED RIVER down off a hwy 5 – And then, lets just hope no one ever has to say   …ya never came back from Copperhead Road!