By Free Bird Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

What connection snaps in the brain of Gerald B Hough a Prosecutor who brings personal vendettas to the forefront of a civil action to sue the Press, and Hough subpoena’s the entire Gilmer County Commission?!

His connection to the people!

After the POOR PERFORMANCE in a Crooked County Courtroom that turned County Commission Clerk Brian Kennedy BEET RED and running out of the courtroom saying, “Got to get out of here, got to get out of here!!” ..Hough felt kind of funny! Then when he looked at himself in the mirror he looked kind of queer! The Monday February 27th court appearance was no fun for Hough — since Gerry was SPUN when Judge Facemire said he wasn’t going along with the Gerald B Hough EVIL DESIRE – And the PLANNED in advance BAD END for LAWRENCE SMITH!

Gerry Hough the PA for Gilmer County made a great effort on Monday February 27th in a Judge Facemire courtroom to suppress public information while bringing members of the very government he works for unwittingly into the fray insinuating to the Judge he has their support!

What connection snaps in the brain of  Sheriff Mickey Metz who commits fraud trying to present oneself as having a diploma which does not meet state standards or the requirements by law to run for an even higher, more authoritative office?  

His connection to the people!

What connection snaps in the brain of a man named Larry Chapman who is voted out of elected office for self serving political actions as well as total disregard of the morals and ethics of society that won’t let him sleep until he figures out a way to convince the people he’s changed and it’s lack thereof makes him so greedy he is driven to get right back in that position of power? 

His connection to the people!

“There are a MILLION and ONE stories to tell in the NAKED and SUN TANNED city of Glenville, in Crooked County, but the simple act of a freedom of information request, a constitutional right exercised, is all it took to expose once more the depth of corruption at the heart of local government in Gilmer County WV!”

We are sure Gilmer is not the only county to have such problems, ask Lincoln and Logan, but we live here and this affects our lives, our families and we have had enough.

Here is the report on the court case according to a Free Press update:

Tara Kennedy was wide awake and suddenly terrified, her breath coming so fast and hard she froze in disbelieve when the judge said, “I’m not doing this!” And the Crooked County Commissioner Brian Kennedy turned BEET RED, and was redder than his hair as he tried to get out of there!  Tara Kennedy was looking right through me, almost as if wicked black darts were shooting from those dark and wicked eyes, while she waved Goodbye I waved hello, hello!

Monday, February 27, 2012, the Gilmer County Circuit Judge Richard (Dick) Facemire dismissed with prejudice the lawsuit filed by the Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerry Hough on behalf of Gilmer County Commission, and Jean Butcher, the Gilmer County Clerk against Lawrence Smith from the WV Record.

The lawsuit was filed because Smith had requested information under FOIA.

Decision was made by the Judge after Gerry Hough and Lawrence Smith made their presentation to the court.

The decision by the Judge means that the lawsuit may not be re-filed, and as such, it operates as an adjudication on the merits.

Smith defeated Hough in the Gerald B Hough home court and the prosecuting attorney even made it a point to tell the judge that Smith had been friends with and knew the Supreme Commander of the SS.

Judge Richard A Facemire made no reply to the off the cuff, Hough comment of who it is Mr Smith knows, but must have been thinking to himself…

“Man oh man this Gerry Hough is an idiot as really to what purpose does making that statement have to do with this court case!”

“One has to ask, why do leaders of GilmerCounty find it a predictable natural reaction to engage in unethical activities?” 

Soon the winter will be over and the Ghost Wolf will be coming down from highest of the high mountains overlooking the Ville below, and the Ghost Wolf will be hungry for the blood of the evil ones that run that Crooked little Ville in that Crooked County down by the Crooked River! The warm weather may bring the cold blood of the evil of which the Ghost Wolf hungers for more than life itself

Why do the Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River risk both careers and reputations for such ephemeral gains?  Is the Burning Lust to be better than those around them burning that hot, living in their dreams until the nightmares take over?

‘Judge Facemire’s last words were “I will not do this” and he dismissed with prejudice the civil action so it cannot come back to court. Yes, Gerry Hough was so insistent he said that Lawrence Smith was best friends with another person who called Gilmer County the Crooked County!’

“Facemire asked HOUGH what damages were done and that’s the best Gerry Hough could come up with!”

Do they think they won’t get caught or believe their elevated status puts them above the law?  Or do they think they are the law?

I am WHITE FANG from the Central WV SS and I have been specially trained to rid Crooked County of the wicked and evil. My relatives grew up along the Crooked River and made that their home, just to lose it all to some corrupt public officials from Gilmer County. I have been trained to identify enemies and alert my master to their presence. I know what Gerald B Hough looks like and smells like and hopefully I will know the taste of evil if the gods provide good hunting. Don’t worry! It will be JUST OK, for then we can all say, “Oh, No foul play…but what a mess!”

Is this the first time those CROOKED PUBLIC OFFICIALS from Gilmer County did something inappropriate, or have they been on the slippery slope for years? 

Did those dumb bitches ever really care about their neighbors or was it all in the game?

One bit of luck coming to the good people of GilmerCounty this week, this month, and this year (and there are more good people than bad living in Gilmer County if they will stand and be counted), has been the involvement of Lawrence Jay Smith, reporter for the WV Record!

His investigative skills are to be admired.  Little did he dream how our Prosecuting Attorney would react when he simply asked to see the expenditure amount which arose from the lawsuit brought in federal court for improper handling of lien recordings against the county clerk! 

The circular reasoning for not providing the information, the less than forthcoming responses and negative treatment in public by GERRY HOUGH Crooked County Prosecutor forced Mr. Smith to have to go to the lengths of filing an official FOIA request and later to pursue court action.  Not for money but for the right to share that information with the public.  That, in and of itself, is refreshing.  County leaders prefer to ignore such nervy cheek by someone not in the clique.  Pretend it’s not there till it gets tired and goes away.  This time it didn’t go away.

“This time the problem, and illegal procedures didn’t go away … this time LAWRENCE SMITH won the day!”

“All three commissioners and Jean Butcher were there by subpoena and were told, don’t worry, this one is in the bag!”

The Crooked County Commissioner Brian Kennedy turned BEET RED – when the judge said “I’m not doing this!” – and Brian was redder than the hair on his balls according to SARAH, as the President of the County Commission tried to get out of there, but we felt like saying …..”Thanks Brian, thanks for being such a complete asshole, because that is the reason you are here today!”

As is Prosecutor Hough’s habit, he starts out smooth, cool and proper, but when he feels the tide turning toward the defense he starts whining and saying but your Honor, look at the law, you can do sanctions! This guy is best friends with someone else who says this county is Crooked and ran by Crooked County Crooks!  I hate that guy!  Make this guy pay for it!

 Look at these poor Commissioners, how they have been maligned  as the Commission stares at one another wondering why in the world they were even there!

The position of Gilmer County Prosecutor is the same position of government which should be protecting the best interests of the people whose taxes pay him two salaries for two jobs.  It has yet to be proven Hough does either well.   As it came to pass, Judge Facemire wasn’t going there and rightfully so.   It is a wise man who won’t let Hough stick him to that TAR BABY!  For that day, for that case, justice held for the rights of the citizen and we have Lawrence Smith, brave and capable to thank!

We could go on with the Sheriff’s lack of ethics forever, and then forever and a day, for we have the most CROOKED SHERIFF in the entire state of West Virginia, why do you think they call Gilmer County … Crooked County, because Sheriff Metz goes along with every Crooked deal the Crooked County Crooks present him with. Metz looks the other way for RAPE and MURDER and that is the specialty of Sheriff Metz! Hell the dumb ass might even store a dead body or two for ya, if you have enough money or promise to get him elected to the office of magistrate by HOOK or CROOK.

 You know for a FACT the fraudulent diploma presented pretty much says it all — from day one of Mickey Metz showing up on the Scene — As history will someday show that METZ was a fake from the start!

It is time to organize and gather the Council of  Concerned Citizens that must file an immediate ethics complaint, also an election complaint, plus a federal election complaint right now and stand ready to file an objection to seating if we all lose our minds and let it this awful situation get that far in November.  There is far more to be said on this issue but we live in hope that right now, Metz will do one honorable thing and withdraw.  We won’t wait as long as we have in the past the time is now! But any waiting at all is all for naught for CROOKS don’t withdraw!!

The Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River just hope the criticism all goes away, but this time, may be the last time, those idiots ever think that again!

Why do the Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River risk both careers and reputations for such ephemeral gains? Is the Burning Lust to be better than those around them burning that hot, living in their dreams until the nightmares take over?

Not going to put much effort into talking about Ex-Commissioner Chapman.  Just like his ex wife, we’ve had him and it wasn’t that great.  You know the only thing changed about him is he figures to be a little smarter now, to get away with more a little easier and not be caught this time. Probably scheming as we speak on the best way to see the man that beat him is voted out of office.  Sweet revenge, as he’s told you many times, he likes to keep his friends close but his enemies closer.  There is plenty more to say about his past crimes but not today.  One can hope that an informed electorate pretty much has his number and its zero.

In these ongoing revelations, the media, non-local law enforcement, and the general public’s almost automatic reaction is shock. They trusted these people with their home.  Then, guilt, because they all did what they were told.

They blindly believed those whom, in retrospect, had lost their moral bearings before our very eyes and made a profit all the while, often yielding to seductions in their paths. People that the public knew in their own heart had the capacity to cheat or do evil but they made it look so easy and swore they had changed, they  would share! 

What these hand picked puppets didn’t add to that sentence is what they always whisper under their breath, “When I get enough!”

The Gilmer County ELITE couldn’t scramble out of that damn Gilmer County Courtroom fast enough, because they had enough of LOSING that day, they had finally had enough of defeat!

But,the GOOD NEWS is … you ain’t seen nothing yet!

“You Crooks from Crooked County have not even yet begun to lose! But, I am going to be there when you do, to lend a helping back hand …and then bitch slap you ALL just like the little punk ass bitches you all truly have become!”

                                – Yoda (‘The Empire Strikes Back’)

Of course the SS was busy shaking hands and giving hugs, and passing out Doobies in the parking lot later — All happy citizens shook hands and gave hugs and kissed some babies too!

Cassandra Huff from the Gerry Hough HATE SITE advertised on the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit along with Glenville Crazy Gary Collins were both there to spy for the Elite.

Y’all should have been there too!

It was great!

“Gilmer County Commission President Brian Kennedy walked downstairs to beat feet right after the defeat, but he was a horse of a different color for he was beet red from the collar of his shirt to the roots of his hair and hardly looked as if he was acting without a care!”

Tara was hanging behind Brian Kennedy her husband, and seemed, out of her mind on drugs or nerve pills or whatever else the elite RITE AID DRUG CONNECT Lisa Stewart has samples of this week.

As I walked by Tara she just stared through me like she was stoned out of her mind, right after she listened to the Beatles RUBBER SOUL, but it was me looking through her and seeing a phony and a fake married to a criminal!

Right after the Commissioners ran out of the Gilmer County Courtroom, I said, “YES” while Tara Kennedy said, “NO!”   …No No No!

“Tara Kennedy was looking right through me, almost as if wicked black darts were shooting from those dark and wicked eyes, while she waved Goodbye I waved hello, hello!”