By Free Bird Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“Many of those we have historically placed in positions of power in Gilmer County tend to overlook the needs and interests of the every day citizen in favor of their own!”

Ronald Blankenship, Superintendent
201 North Court Street • Glenville, WV 26351
304.462.7386 Fax 304.462.5103


There he is, Ike I L Morris from Waco Oil and Gas telling us all that day, how he'd never do a thing to harm Gilmer County, ...yeah that was the day we started laughing our asses off at that one, in fact Ole Ike he has a sense of humor for that one got me started a laughing way back that day.Just about everybody I knowed, all of us HICKS !

The BIG BULLY on the block that acts stupid has NO INTEREST of any GC school children at heart - Only the interest of the special interest groups that have professional politico's paid off to ward off any bad press or bad circumstance that may arise. The SS says it is time to fight fire with fire and get this Chicken Plucker the fuck out of our county as soon as we can get enough tar and feathers to present him with the proper exit to show how we really feel about his dumb ass.

The community is awaiting word of what Mr. Blankenship is going to do to end bullying at the GCHS. It is disgusting that instead of taking decisive action to establish an environment at the school to end bullying he isStudying” the issue. Parents, teachers, students, and the staff at GCHS know that what needs to be done is an immediate change of the school’s top two administrators. Top administrators always set the tone for organizational conduct, and in any place except Gilmer County new leadership would have been installed long ago. This problem goes all the way up to Governor Tomblin who has done nothing to end the terror. Ike, where do you stand? With your pull in Charleston how about making a telephone call or two to get help for the community? You are either for us or against us and there is no middle ground.

By Reg  – a citizens speaking out on the Free Press yesterday 04.05.2012

A link exists between one’s self-interest and their moral identity.  If we are honest, it is rare to find anyone we have granted authority who has put the interests of others ahead of their own. 

This is not what we wanted but we have to admit it happened because we fell for it hook, line and sinker.  We have been manipulated by those damn Crooks that live down by the Crooked River again!

Citizens say…

“Blankenship studying the “issue” IS the issue in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!”

Gayle Manchin, WV Board of Education along with the wife of CROOKED Attorney General Darrell McGraw Jorea Marple, WV

You have to be dumber than a Gerry Hough on a good day to not understand that process. He is better than that, isn’t he? Well actually, Blankenship isn’t any better or maybe just as dumb as Gerry Hough on a good day, or they wouldn’t have given him such a dirty job!

That whore Jorea Marple and Gayle ( I got my daughter a Masters degree from WVU with just a couple of phone calls) Manchin sent him to Crooked County with a Crooked mission:

A—Keep the current High School Administrators in place. He has done that.

B—Get the school building agenda of the Crooked County elites moving. He is doing that every day.

“Charleston does not want to upset their Gilmer County power elite support group. That would interrupt the flow of Crooked County Campaign money to them!”

>Cannot Shit can administrator, Nasia BUTCHER who has a free legal team.

>Cannot Shit can administrator who all ready has a history of legal actions against the GC school district, complete with all proper union grievances, even though her husband steals from estates of well known beloved citizens and the daughters Lizzy and Lexy are WHORES!

So here we are. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin knows there are plenty of issues in Gilmer County to deal with. Will he? FUCK NO, Early Ray Tomblin has the dumbest bunch of YES men leftover from the rejects Manchin didn’t want to take with him to the Senate.

Our Delegates and Representatives, most of the legislature also know there are lots of issues here in Crooked County. But they only get one side of the story.

But still, they know there is something real wrong in the “Land of Gilmer County,” and they are going to do their very best to ignore us, because they forget who put them in office and we should yank their britches down and spank their asses next time tney want to come for a visit. Get em bare assed like a couple of Butcher Bitches!

Are any of them lined up to come to a town hall meeting in ‘Gilmer County down by the Crooked River? For we will line up to spank their asses a couple good swacks a piece. I can’t wait to see those bare lily white mountains of wickedness show themselves for punishment!

Our beautiful “Village in the Glen” has been divided because of these self serving politicians and power mongers and it is time to stop the insanity!

Not everything is a conspiracy, but let us face a few hard facts: those who will do anything to stay in power are also those most likely to abuse it.

Just look at what a mistake Nasia Butcher has been in the position of principal of Gilmer County High School. Nasia has abused that position and pushed her power to limits unheard of by a high school principal anywhere, and in doing so, has ruined countless lives, and more importantly she has ruined the lives of some of our children that deserved a whole lot better than a sexual deviant battle axe, that just loves Lesbians to the point she raised  a couple like lost stray devils disciples! Elizabeth and Alexis Butcher are far from outstanding pillars of the community to look up to.

Angie Moore, we hear that she has been our SS SPY in the courthouse for years, but quite frankly, don't know her, never met her, and maybe someone is mad at her, but she is not one of us, not a member of the SS, for we have a code and rules that we live by, and one of them is ya can't be a Crook from Crooked County, and Angie, although she is not a Crook from Crooked County outright, she is a want to be and a prospect just in case they have to start a scrapin from the bottom of the barrel, and of course, that is where they got JEAN BUTCHER, straight from Special Education class, and that Glenville Crazy Gary Collins is not part of our Concerned Citizens Group either, for he did not make the cut on account of being such a nut, but he can sure put a Butcher Bitch in the picture if he wants to, for he is not a man without talents! So he does send us a photo from time to time!

However,  both of those bad ass little BUTCHER BITCHES would look good on the cover of a magazine distributing information about the various modern social diseases! Citizens speak out!

Do not forget, the administrator, NASIA BUTCHER who thinks:  Drinking, nudism, lesbianism IS—“Normal”And publicly stated so. Is that what we want, what we will accept?  For a leader?  For an example for our children!?

I feel sorry for someone like that.  They need help!  Need a shrink?  The word ‘pervert’ comes to mind.
We need a new administrator!  NOW!  This crap has gone on way too long and now see what is taking place in the classrooms under this leadership.  Heaven help us rid the community of the heathens.

By Crooked County Crooks Controlling Us!

LIZZY getting ready to party with a friend, and those Butcher Bitches are wild! Lizzy is the daughter to Nasia & R T Butcher - "Play ball if you will..." just happens to be her MOTTO along with SEX on CAMPUS and lots of it!

“This whole county is under a dictatorship, not only the school system. As one writer wrote, why would anyone want to come here to live? We have nothing good to offer them. A lot of bad, but nothing good.”

“Is it any surprise that Mr. Blankenship will not answer questions asked to him? He does not feel he owes Gilmer County citizens any reason, explanation, or solution. If you have a problem, don’t call him for he is always booked up, full schedule, no time to see parents, out of office, out of town.”

“In other words he does not want to fool with problems. He gets paid big time money for doing as he is told and to keep his mouth shut. Remember the article in the paper, he didn’t know who owned the land for the new schools. Wow, how can he lie like that?”

“If there is a problem at the High School, is it taken care of? No!”

“Is the bullying still going on? Yes!”

“Are some students in danger? Yes!”

“Are grades changed to satisfy the principal of GCHS? Yes!”

“Is the principal the big problem in this school system? Yes!”

“Has this problem been dealt with? No, and it won’t be because of who it is!”

“Is a teacher who gave a minor alcohol still teaching? Yes!”

“Are all coaches qualified? No!”

“When you have corrupt individuals both local and state ruling who does the one who wrote “look in the mirror” suggest we go to for help?”

“Anyone who could help, is under their control and money too!”

By Any Suggestions ???

Mickey Metz was NOT QUALIFIED for the duties as coach as it was recently discovered and published in the FREE PRESS -- And here he is ADDISON HIgh School Graduate of the YEAR from November 21, 2011 the Sheriff of Gilmer County, WV twiddly dee!

SHERIFF MICKEY METZ IS NOT QUALIFIED to be a coach and Nasia Butcher along with the B&B law firm knew this to be true all along and selfishly kept that fact from being publicly known until some brave journalists brought the bad news forward to the public!

The correct use of power requires integrity and wisdom, virtues human nature doesn’t come with by default; they are acquired virtues and quite rare as they do not fit the lifestyle of those who value personal gain over the needs of their fellow man.

“It seems many we have granted power or authority over us in Gilmer County lack the integrity and wisdom to use it correctly. And so conspiracies to keep what should be considered pariahs in power arise, for conspiracies are nothing more than underhanded schemes of self-serving individuals bent on gaining and maintaining power!”

Central WV SS Member …

When we find snakes in the Garden of Eden we pick up the hoe and chop off their head before another apple grows.  The people of this county had to work hard and long to take care of two of the worst!

Larry Chapman is trying to become the, “Many headed hydra of Gilmer County,” to rise again to get majority rule with his buddy Brian Kennedy whom he got into office when he turned on his last known best friend Reta Kight

Butcher Bitches Butcher Bitches yeah yeah yeah! The most fun in Gilmer County could be found in public restrooms or the private bathrooms in local homes as the Butcher Bitches Lizzy and Lexy found it very sexy to party in the bathroom! These photos are from the SUMMER of LOVE and provided by the CalPatty Press!

Larry Chapman’s friends don’t last long if they don’t do what he says.  After all, look at all the economic development he has produced since he insisted on the job of Director. NADA! Nothing! A big ZERO!!

If we do not take that same hoe and cut off his head one more time just like the Snake Larry Chapman is … we will be right back where we started with two crooks having a majority who will take all credit and do as many back room deals as they can get away with to let the college rule the rest of this county and keep Ike’s legacy the only thing that matters.

Hell! Those elite phony bitches already own the city and have it so suppressed that one candidate didn’t even vote for himself their last election!  The RGW website might have given old Darrell Ramsey a hard time, and a tube of K-Y, but everyone knows he is the only Commissioner we have had in years that works for the entire county, not just the area that benefits him.

Not just the area the Church of Ike wants taken care of and as Ike and Chapman have both said many times …

“If you don’t move to town you don’t matter!”  

“Well if we don’t VOTE we don’t matter is what the real truth is! Hicks have to learn to vote for HICKS just like us, and not the big talking fancy walkin bullshit that has ruled Gilmer County for the last twenty years!”

Central WV SC of the SS…

The political process was designed to help citizens make collective decisions for the running of our governmental affairs.  Politics can be observed in just about any group in charge.

Greg Smith the next BAR BARON in Gilmer County under control of the CHURCH of IKE -- WE hear Greg shown in this photo is going to announce his upcoming engagement and marriage to Shelly Morris DeMarino, and he will own Trezans and The Lions Lair without a care long before that celebration all takes place. With Ike owning the Pioneer Grill it looks like the elite have the alcohol sales all locked up nice and neat! Cool! Pray to that Church of Ike!! Pray I say! Get down on your knee's like a white girl at GSC!

In the case of Gilmer County’s local political scene it consists of social interactions involving authority or power and the methods and tactics our local politicians use to formulate and apply the policies which best assists them in keeping that authority and power conveyed by their elected position.   Just ask Mayor Tashua Allman and the Glenville City Council. 

Although Glenville consists of about 1.1 square miles of land it is ruled with a heavy hand.  Remember the gag orders mandated after the election?  Well the County Commission has nothing on Mayor Allman and her Council. By the way County Commissioners, when are the politics going to end and the governing begin?

When did our Council get away from the Citizens and into the power trip you brought down from the hill, Tashua?  Youngest Mayor, graduate of GSC and back up the hill to GSC as an employee. This Mayor serves no one but Peter Barr and  friends who were oh so disappointed when her fellow student did not win the election for a Council position and her boyfriend was fired as Recreation Center Director. 

Therefore, in order to show us who’s boss, the policies which have long been in place and which permitted conversation between the Mayor, the Council and the taxpayers must be changed and/or strictly enforced.

The very idea of commoners thinking they can just talk with the Rulers about anything other than animal control and tall grass could not be considered.  Every taxpayer in the incorporation needs to carefully read this piece a lot of rules are laid down.

You can’t share your time, don’t expect an answer, don’t talk to your Councilman directly, don’t ask about personnel (even though that could be discussed in executive session) but the final bow to the great Peter Barr and company by Mayor Tashua Allman and the City Council of Glenville in Gilmer County is that you may not speak about, that’s right… wait for it…..PROPERTY ACQUISITION!

You have been warned on this site before.  They are going to take whatever land GSC wants and you will not even have the right to speak in an open public meeting,  Ask the Hands of Pride Daycare. NO MORE FREEDOM OF SPEECH ON SELECTED TOPICS, no more small town, we are a community, communications with your elected Mayor or more importantly your Council Person for guidance on this issue and you most definitely will not complain in a public meeting.  Any discussion must take place behind closed doors with no witnesses and no record if you can track them down.  THIS IS YOUR GAG ORDER TAXPAYERS OF GLENVILLE.  It is suggested that you read it carefully, because your gag order is a piece of crap being shoved down your throats by a Mayor that DOES NOT have the interest of the citizen at heart, for that bitch is a traitor! And  she has betrayed in the name of the Church of Ike!

Your Gilmer County Commissioner Darrell Ramsey needs some help as Commission President Brian Kennedy hasn’t carried his own weight since he hit office and Dave Hess who has served the longest on the Gilmer County Commission has just been waiting to get out and get social security with his retirement.  The same thing forked tongue Larry Chapman wants for himself.  Larry  doesn’t like being the employee of the EDA now, he wants to be back in charge and call all the shots so bad he can taste it.

Larry Chapman is trying to act like he will cooperate and team up with Darrell Ramsey while riding on Ramsey’s coat tails to get back in office but any one with any sense knows Chapman lies like a bitch! He wants what he wants and will never care who he has to step on to get it.

There was a reason Chapman was taken out of office by Gilmer County voters and that reason has not changed.  Dave Hess is not waiting for his day so he is retiring at the end of June. 

The reason this has not yet been made too public is because the two remaining Commissioners can not agree on his temporary replacement until the election.  Of course Kennedy wants to give his buddy a leg up on the election and Ramsey (showing very good sense) will not go for it.  No one can do a good job while constantly watching for a knife in his back that he knows will be coming.  The only question is how long will it take before the buddy system deals him a death blow? 

“Come on people, wake up and smell what Chapman is shoveling!  You know the deal and the back room dealer you got rid of.  Don’t turn back the clock and wipe out all the hard work you have done to make a change in your county.  Take the hoe in your hand come election day and cut off the head of that two headed snake in the grass for the last time!” 

In only two more years your opportunity will come to finish the job!

The Council of Concerned Citizens have been speaking out in the FREE PRESS and the power elite have been doing all they can to shut down the free press all through the state of WV. The Council of Conservative Citizens a little further south have also had a boost in membership and support, and they have supported Citizens stopping the RAPE at GSC! Countless rapes have been covered up with the help of the local law enforcement, the head law man himself, FERPA Violator Gerald B Hough, along with the author of the Barr Code, " Don't lay on your back unless he is Black" ...Peter Barr President of Glenville State College in the back woods of WV number 73 out of 73 schools for academics, but #1 in the State for RAPE!!

Elections in Gilmer County are manipulated to put key puppets into office.  Polls and ads designed for them are rigged to sway mass opinion.  If you love sports, they love sports.  If you want to hear them blow their own horn, they will pay someone to blow it.  If you want a perfect picture of a good old boy, someone will take it and print it.

The chosen puppets are often blackmailed or bribed into serving the Church of Ike originally but after a while they serve of their own volition. Blackmail comes from past activities they may have been tempted into partaking, or else these lackeys have been bribed with luxuries and promises of further power, privilege, and survival in times to come.  It is not the strongest that survive around here, it is the most corrupt.

“The majority of those who have been in control over the past twenty or so years are corrupt. It takes an almost psychopathic ruthlessness to make it to the top of Gilmer County’s political game, and because of networking and other factors, only those selected behind the scenes repeatedly seem to make it to the top. There are countless ways of getting rid of dissenters, from death threats to discrediting to employment control and blackmail. It would seem none of the power mongers in this county are above any of that! For Gilmer County has long lived up to it’s nick name of CROOKED COUNTY!”

Hough (in photo) as a staff member at GSC received a written reprimand and denial of a pay raise instituted by then GSC President Thomas Powell for his actions involving the Wilkie Perez RAPE Case, but he should have been prosecuted -- Gerry Hough set a very bad example for GSC staff members when he was found guilty by the ODC of a FERPA Violation! It was THREE YEARS ago today on April 6th that Hough was once again accused of misconduct by covering up or hiding key evidence in a Felony court case.

No self serving individual wants to lose his power. Control is necessary for those in power to maintain and increase their power. Most of the manipulation in Gilmer County is designed to make people predictable, and what can be predicted can be controlled, just like a puppet on a string!

To make people predictable, they must be deprived of knowledge, physical and vital energy, initiative, willpower, and individuality.  Hence the intense almost maniacal drive to shut down web sites and suppress information while to stop anonymous communications.  Information is the enemy of the self serving and those in power want that highway closed at all cost! What cannot be suppressed they try their best to divert toward serving an agenda, and as the old saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Each self serving person serves higher self serving forces, and each takes what they want from those they control. This has made Gilmer County a prison farm society for the power mongers.  Lower ranking forces in the army of the Church of Ike want money, security and pleasures while the higher ups want power, energy, and conquest.

Justice Starcher had to be called to Crooked County since no other judges would touch a case in which Gerald B Hough is once again accused of hiding key evidence in a case. Hough will BREAK THE LAW to win certain court cases he takes a special interest in. IT WAS THREE YEARS ago today Gerry Hough hid evidence in a courtroom and got SCOTT FREE away with it. Please all citizens witness this document as Gerald B Hough on the SIXTH of APRIL 2009 successfully hid a tape that contained perjured testimony and since then it could be proven there was a perjury (the specialty of Hough) the TAPE was lost three years ago today officially April 6th 2009 in Gilmer County Circuit Court the home of the Crooked County Crooks!

“Freedom is becoming hard to find in this small piece of the world known as Crooked County, West Virginia as those with the need for superiority over their fellow man attempt to gain the advantage by covert manipulation of the respected in our population!”

Supreme Court Justice Starcher had to take over for Judge Facemire and Alsop who both wanted nothing to do with the bad press, this court action would attract! It Is Therefore Ordered, That the Honorable Larry V. Starcher, Senior Status Justice, be, and he hereby is, recalled for temporary assignment effective January 2, 2009, to the Circuit Court of Gilmer County,
It Is Further Ordered, That the Circuit Clerk of Gilmer County forward to the Honorable Larry V. Starcher copies of such documents and materials in the Clerk’s Office as directed by him.

Those with the predilection for subtlety and self-preservation are never far from the inference of craftiness, cunning, betrayal, and deceit.

“The CROOKS of Gilmer County, often referred to as the POWER ELITE do not have a problem spending other people’s money.  It has been said that if a certain ex-commissioner trying to get back in power had cannibals among his constituency he would promise them missionaries for dinner!”

Central WV SS Member …

“No self serving individual wants to lose his power. Control is necessary for those in power to maintain and increase their power. Most of the manipulation in Gilmer County is designed to make people predictable, and what can be predicted can be controlled. Just like a puppet on a string!”

The leaders of Gilmer County that have politicians dancing on a string have always told the story, that it is easier to get by and get over as the most respected get older and tired but here lately, to their dismay, this bunch of liars, backstabbers, traitors, thieves, lechers, and all sorts of dubious users and abusers are finding that this may not be true when it comes to members of the Gilmer Schools Coalition, the Gilmer Free Press, this site known as Revenge of the Ghost Wolf  and the citizens who support their cause, for we are smarter than to fall for the tricks dealt by the Church of IKE!

While the darker half seeks enough knowledge and power to manipulate others, the Gilmer Schools Coalition and supporters seek to protect this knowledge from misuse and suppression knowing that an informed citizen is a forewarned citizen.

This battle is between those who seek to abuse knowledge and those that are destined to protect it. Often people are blind to their own participation in an invisible war but the blinders may be coming off as this election nears.

In Gilmer County right now it is a true state of good versus evil!

It is suggested to those who wish to use us as pawns in their self serving games that they should never underestimate the resilience, and the truth of purpose that fuels the interminable self-will of the people of Gilmer County.

You elite with all your money, may win an occasional battle but you will not win the war, for the reason of our superior leadership, and for the fact of we fight for our rights!

We will fight all of you worthless rich sons of bitches in the elite to take our county back and restore our status as a moral, ethical and caring community to the last man, woman and child.

“To borrow some very famous words, we have not yet begun to fight!”

We have not yet begun to fight for the Freedom to be Free from a corrupted Sheriff, Prosecutor, and Crooked County Commission in Gilmer County, West Virginia!

You got my pride
hanging out of my bed
You’re messin’ around with my life
So I bought my lead 
You even mess with my children
And you’re screamin’ at my wife,
Get off my back,
if you wanna get outta here alive

Freedom, give it to me
That’s what I want now
Freedom, that’s what I need now
Freedom to live !

“The word spread like wildfire all throughout the VILLE and up the hollers and even up on the hill!Throughout the whole of Crooked County people walked in fear and searched the most secreted parts of their minds for any ill doing that could have been perceived as an act of betrayal to the Ghost Wolf. Doors were barred and locked especially by the sinister evil that owned the town and kept the people of the county as slaves to the Church of IKE the father of the Demi-Gods that hid from the darkness that stalked the land and the elite of the Ville!”