By Free Bird Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

The courthouse gossip seems to be true …Gerry Hough has been pacing in his office with a worried look on his face and that’s for sure, but could it be the SBA decision pending for funding the SCHOOL BUY that comes out on Thursday the 19th? Or is Hough pacing because of all the misconduct that he has been exposed for involving the hiding of court documents and paying people to LIE on the WITNESS stand in the famous Court of Crooked County in front of a Crooked Judge down by the Crooked River?

The Gilmer Free Press has a huge amount of bandwidth and during peak operating hours has as many as 1200 or more people logged on at once and has as many as 30,000 page views a day, and usually leads the state of West Virginia for page views and readership -- and is now an established mainstream Regional Source for news and information making it one of the fastest info highways with a bandwidth that can take it! The readership of the GFP far outreaches the readership of the Glenville Democrat, and is FREE, although the website is very expensive to run. NOW GILMER COUNTY gets REAL accurate news and not the TRIPE that is fed to us from a one-sided elite view newspaper like the poorly ran Glenville Democrat.

“We need to get wide spread BIG NATIONAL news media into Gilmer County and give them all the news about not only the school system and who, what and why, but all the other crimes and corruption going on and expose it all. A movie could be made of all the dirty work and crimes going on here and probably make Gilmer County famous. And just think all this in a one stop light little college town known for rapes of white college girls.”
Comment by Anonymous on 04.11.2012

“The information highway known as the internet has become the greatest liberating tool in Gilmer County History! We would be nowhere without it! How could we even survive with just the Glenville Democrat with their people that Shine, oh boy what a line!”

Hitch a RIDE up the Information Highway with the Central West Virginia SS where we made a pretty big splash with the CalPatty Press getting thousands of hits a day, and especially during the 15 day War for Free Speech in which a long list of ELITE under the leadership of a couple of local publishers, did all they could to get the Crooked County Crooks website and the CalPatty Press off that INFO ROAD for good! But we’re from up the Holler from Copperhead Road, and we haven’t given up yet, our RGW website has been Kicking ASS since the famous SUMMER of LOVE that was followed by a WILD WINTER of burning rubber up hwy 33, so come on and take a ride with us this Sensuous Spring, while we tell you about outrageous parties and a hell of a fling thrown by the Power Elite. It’s about where all the cool people meet with all the booze, where you never lose! The buzz and the chicks and the drugs and the fuzz are all FREE! So come on and take a little trip with me…

The information highway has freed us from ignorance and helplessness.
The information highway is unpredictable, has the ability to be almost anywhere almost simultaneously, is practically omnipresent and has no centralized framework. 
“The information highway challenges power regardless of who it is, where they are or their attempts at control!”
The information highway permits people to pose difficult questions to those who used to be considered out of reach and gives us the ability to seek out information that was once thought to be for the eyes of a select few.

The CalPatty Press SPED DOWN the information highway starting in 2007 and by 2010 was reaching 45, 000 page views a month, in a county of 7,000 people and now the POWER HOUSE is the GILMER FREE PRESS known as the GFP which now has over 11 MILLION hits and leads the state most any day for page views, and on peak days as many as 1100 or 1200 are logged in to the GFP on any given minute. Gilmer County and Central WV became the LEADING PLACE in the state of WV for speaking out about corrupt public officials and Crooked Judges and local attorneys that are only self-serving and do not have the needs of the community in mind what-so-ever. The Secret Seven started a tradition of exposing the UGLY corruption that has thrived in Glenville and Gilmer County and these ratings attest to the success of the widely read CalPatty Press which is still the SECRET FLAGSHIP of the Central West Virginia SS!! These ratings are from the SUMMER of LOVE during the days the BUTCHER BITCHES broke bad!

“Gilmer County Politicians hate the internet!  It is successfully destroying their plan of local control far removed from and above the influence of knowledgeable citizens and their grass roots movements!”
Hear it from Gilmer County Citizens themselves, they finally feel apart of the action now that reporters from the information highway have helped get the real truth to them!
Hear about the corruption from the people that you know, that SHINE!  People you know that are your neighbors that SHINE …a light on all the lies they read in the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder!
The days of hard copy newspapers are over when it comes to determining WV election outcomes and preventing social progress. There are four web sites in central WV covering the Gilmer County schools story and daily information gets to all 55 WV counties with as many as 50,000 hits per day! A focused effort is being made to ensure that contact nodes in Counties where school systems were taken over by the State are kept fully informed to enable news to spread even more. The hoax is that Dr. Marple’s failed DOE is running the seized schools and WV voters are expected to believe that under her guidance our children are better off. How dumb do WV politicians think we are? We will show them at election time!

By Nance Becker on 04.12.2012

Thanks for the great synopsis of the Policy and Procedures for the CEFP proposals.  Good job. Its obvious that a ‘select’ few ramrodded the GC CEFP plan thru to suit their own narrow agenda. That plan was then ‘rubber stamped’ by Jorea Marple of the State Board of Education and able assistants.

These people want to tell Gilmer County “You can’t do it right”, when its quite obvious they cannot even follow their own rules and instructions. This school building process must be stopped and restarted from square one.  Competent administrators need to be set in place in our school system.

If this is not done, simply means that Governor Tomblin and those of his administration, the legislature, are all complicit. To effect change, it will take more than the School Coalition.  There will need to citizen and school employee involvement.
By Gilmer Needs Help on 04.12.2012

We know that the sleeping giant has truly awakened when intelligently written pieces similar to this one are posted on the GFP. Thank you good writer for taking time and effort to get the information to Gilmer County citizens. You are personification of the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword. The information will be all over WV and even all corners of the earth thanks to the world wide web and the information highway.

By Wort Webster on 04.12.2012

From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: CEFP Plan – Gilmer County Taxpayers, Speak Up Now

“There was once a distance between the common citizen and the EYE from the SS Information Highway. There was a misunderstanding once, LIES told to all by the power elite, don’t read Crooked County Crooks! Don’t read the CalPatty Press! Don’t read the Calhoun Underground,  But now, we look you right in the eye with TRUTH from the Information Highway …Read at you own risk!”

The Secret Seven Coalition of Central West Virginia was founded in 2006 in Calhoun County and was first to expose central WV to corruption by shocking everyone with the fact we thought the POLICE CHIEF of Grantsville was RAPING women under state custody. We investigated and found 14 victims that at first refused to come forward, so all of them were given the other victims phone numbers to talk it out among themselves and then three of 14 came through. We found out Gordon raped the young teenage daughter of a mother that he had also raped by threatening them with police action if they did not cooperate - Since then the CalPatty Press has been involved in exposing crimes police refused to become involved with, and it was because it was the POLICE that were the ones committing crimes in our early days of Calhoun. Nobody believed it at first, and then RON GORDON Police Chief was arrested and pled to a 15 year prison sentence for the sexual charges, and then Christopher Shane Dellinger another Calhoun County Cop, and also a Braxton County Sheriff was arrested. JD Nicholson the next Grantsville Police Chief was beaten severely about the head and shoulders after he stepped down as chief and became a process server -- and then died of his injuries from being beaten in broad daylight in front of witnesses. We were there to watch GERALD B HOUGH get Chief Deputy Bandy OFF of 8 felony charges he was guilty as hell of and we were present in the courtroom for much of the proceedings. The Central WV SS was the first to present the TRUTH about GERALD B HOUGH and that truly he is a CRIMINAL and has been involved in countless criminal actions. We still provide up to date news, and now get ready for Hough to get involved in election fraud once again! There is a good reason they call Gilmer County Crooked County and we plan on driving that highway, and we do it our way ALL NIGHT long if that's what it takes!

Some say that Gerry Hough has successfully been driven INSANE judging by his latest actions in the courtroom evident by statements made in the court record provided in this SS article. An important person, close to the Church of IKE feels that Gerry Hough has developed a COCAINE problem. Has to be, he goes off like a wild animal at the least little mention of the leader of the Central WV SS! Hell Gerry even brings the subject up in an unrelated court case which was the civil action brought against Lawrence Smith. Gerry Hough surely has developed a COKE problem ...has to be is right, click green link Smith V. Butcher!

Ask your Prosecutor Gerry Hough about the information highway and why he wants to shut it down! You can watch him lose his mind.  Oh, Gerry Hough will say how sinful it is and rant about attacks on his abuse of power or the Sheriff’s educational status.

 Hough will tell you how wrong that is and how none of us know the “Real” story.  What HOUGH will not tell is that the information highway brings truth into the light of day and (to borrow a great phrase we heard the other day),  this knowledge is tearing down the Petty Palaces of Pleasure his political constituency has spent a lifetime building for their own gratification. 

“When the people, the common citizens demand and seek out honest answers corruption cannot survive!!”

The Gilmer County Commission refused several FOIA request involving their wrongdoing with a property investment involving GSC and the Gilmer Housing Partners, when the Gilmer County Commission refused to cooperate, they were sued in circuit court. Gerald B Hough was so upset that he thought that the SECRET SEVEN might be behind the investigation, he filed a law suit against Lawrence Smith who filed the FOIA requests on behalf of the WV record, but Hough wanted to point out that Smith had come in contact with the SC of the Secret Seven Coalition, which is mentioned on page five of the court record published and viewable in PDF format by clicking the green link below.

Smith v. Butcher, et. al. 02-27-12 hearing transcript

Check out page five, and you will be happy to know the County Commission and Hough LOST the law action and left the courtroom in disgrace. Jean Butcher got caught in a questionable action involving property and then refused to let the reporter review the paper work until a law suit was filed, and that was the only way the public was able to know about the wrongful action inside the Gilmer County Courthouse.

” Gilmer County Leaders frustrated attempts at using the bully pulpit to beat the drums in an effort to dissuade us from becoming too informed are failing.  That is a good thing! All they got is the Democrat! And the GAZETTE is in the pocket of Phil Reale the man that squashes all the bad shit coming out of Gilmer County so that nobody knows and we are way hip to all of that!”

“The WV State Board of Ed and Legislators have been informed of multiple lies Ron Blankenship has Sold to our citizens as truth and he had the help of the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder!” The Glenville Democrat NOW comes in a convenient Spray Can if you don't feel like wrapping your fish in it that day...get a can of the Democrat today! It smells like Bullshit!

The internet has become a tool of empowerment and a means of emancipation for the disenfranchised. It has given voice to those who have none in Gilmer County.  Be very aware, those who have profited using underhanded, self serving methods of control are still hard at work to take our right to information away!  They have no shame and will use the power of their elected office in a fashion which often borders on and possibly crosses the line of illegality to eliminate your access to truth. We must vote people who promote this out of power.

“The Power ELITE can’t stand the truth that travels down the Secret Seven Information Highway, or the information that cuts right through Crooked County in the Gilmer Free Press!”

Tell your Prosecutor that little sniveling bitch Gerry Hough you will not support his efforts to take away our rights to freedom of expression and access to truth. It is not up to Gerry Hough to decide what that is. Tell him his services are no longer required. We are very capable of thinking for ourselves and very capable of finding out the truth by traveling down the information highway to the Gilmer Free Press for the real facts, or the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website for up to date accurate reporting with NEWS and Entertainment!

In this nation where our children have been  taught since grade school that every citizen has the right to vote, it would be a good thing if we felt that voter intimidation, oppression and suppression no longer exists.

From the COVER of the GSC to going down on me... Is that what they say, the Butcher Bitch way? Talk about partying at the college that is JUST OK? The principal of the High School says this is appropriate and acceptable behavior for her kids and local teens, and there is no punishment what so ever, in fact at GSC if you are on the FOOTBALL team the white chicks are free! Ya just have to pay for the Fried Chicken over at Ms. Catherines and then a Church of Ike minister that looks kind of sinister may let you in on all the fun and games right on Campus.

It would be good to know that our voters are never knowingly misdirected, misinformed, deceived or threatened.  Unfortunately, it would be a grave mistake to believe that in Gilmer County.

 We have all seen and heard about certain members of law enforcement and officers of the court at our front doors using the uniform and title of their office to promote pre-approved candidates of the mind guards.  Such unethical and often illegal activity has been the norm and it would seem even local partisan executive committees and local creditors feel free to flex their muscle in the open these days as if to say “What can you do about it? We are the law.  We control.” Challenges and threats against candidates, individual voters and the illegal urging of support of a selected candidate representing self interest groups, along with criminal tampering with voter registration rolls and records have been witnessed on a regular basis.  In the meanwhile, memos designed to confuse the voters are made public which do not come from the legislative office charged with election duties and really serve no other purpose than to keep the pre-approved power structure intact.  If we make it happen it can be our time to eliminate self serving, political puppets.

Lizzy Butcher from the Butcher Bitches on the left and Nasia Butcher the original Bitch on the right who along with her husband R Terry Butcher is trying to make a million dollars or two by selling the state property for the NEW SCHOOLS -- The WV SS saw this one coming years ago, and we are surprised by the secret meetings and the secret vote that the WV State Board of Education has allowed knowingly. The criminal action goes all the way up to the Governor and Senator Manchin on this one. Both need to be defeated in the next election. We need to VOTE MANCHIN OUT and EARL RAY too for playing with these damn Crooks from Crooked County just a little too long!

The last thing just about any member of current leadership wants is a courageous, active, committed and well-informed citizenry. That is what the information highway known as the internet is helping to create, a dragon slayer.
                                                  GILMER COUNTY
SBA FUNDS – $14,005,180 (89%)   LOCAL FUNDS – $750,000 (5%) OTHER FUNDS – $890,000 (6%) TOTAL FUNDS – $15,735,180
Gilmer County requests SBA Funds for the construction of a new Gilmer County Elementary School. This school will consolidate Glenville Elementary, Sand Fork Elementary and Normantown Elementary and will be located near Glenville, the population center of the county.
 At a later time, a 7-8 grade addition will be constructed so that a PK-4 and 5-8 grade configuration can be achieved.
This synopsis of Blankenship’s consolidation proposal comes straight off the SBA website under current agenda link.  There’s an interesting little report under that Gilmer County heading if you take the time to read it.
This Puppet’s word is worthless and Ron Blankenship has told so many lies now he can’t even remember what they were, we do.
“The WV State Board of Ed and Legislators have been informed of multiple lies Blankenship has has Sold to our citizens as truth and he had the help of the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder!”
The Lewis/Gilmer County School merger is a Lewis County project request and is completely out of the hands of Gilmer County tax payers as their Superintendent goes on television and to newspapers saying what a good thing the inter-county project is.
No one has asked Gilmer County if we want to pay the price for his happiness!

As this site, RGW has said before, an informed citizenry is a forewarned citizenry and we must not let these initial attempts at forced consolidation and future regionalization extending to the pan handle of not only our physical assets but also our most valuable asset, the people, the children, go unanswered. 

At the R Terry Butcher Mansion things can get upside down on ya fast. Everybody knows it's JUST OK to party the Butcher Bitch way. You can be gay and later sleep all day! It must be pretty cool to think everybody else is a fool if they are not full on Power Elite! Lets meet and greet!

War has been declared on the citizens of Gilmer County and the internet and Gilmer Free Press are among our most valuable allies.

Tell your Prosecutor that little sniveling bitch Gerry Hough you will not support his efforts to take away our rights to freedom of expression and access to truth.  It is not up to Gerry Hough to decide what that is. Tell him his services are no longer required. We are very capable of thinking for ourselves and very capable of finding out the truth by traveling down the information highway to the Gilmer Free Press for the real facts, or the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf or other SS websites for up to date accurate reporting with NEWS and Entertainment! 

For US the members of the Central West Virginia SS Life is an Information Highway, I just wanna ride it and feel ALIVE but … I can’t drive 55!