By Free Bird — Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“No matter where you look in Gilmer County, West Virginia, around here you will find generous amounts of nepotism, cronyism and lots of corruption!”

Some think GLENVILLE in Gilmer County leads the corruption brigade for the state. And by documents and facts that have been presented in the FREE PRESS lately, let’s face it Gilmer County has lived up to its nick name of Crooked County and then some.

“But, if we hear one more person say that nepotism, cronyism and lots of corruption is just the way things are done in Gilmer County we’re going to puke!”

What a pitiful excuse for allowing corruption to ruin your home and convince you to toss a person’s ethics, morals and and those of one’s children to the side…

Mickey MOUSE Metz was CAUGHT with phony credentials, A Mickey Mouse diploma when served with an FOIA by the FREE PRESS and then denied the High School Diploma was FAKE – The fact he is still supported by the Gilmer County Democratic Executive committee attests to just how Crooked the whole bunch of them are. They get caught red handed and still deny it like the worst of the worst juvenile delinquents. Metz needs to be removed from office before he finishes his term, removed from the ballot, and then prosecuted for the crimes he was involved in covering up,which are numerous!

There are many Glenville Elite’s who feel very comfortable living with other self serving people in this sea of corruption. They convince themselves that they are, “Just OK,” because they follow the wishes of those really in the know, the insiders, the rich, the important, the CROOKS from Crooked County!

Refusing to hear any message to the contrary, the politically enabled of this Gilmer County seem to emerge ready to serve their self-interests at every opportunity. It is a shame that our corrupt politicians feel no shame, but it is a bigger shame that they have only their own kind to hear their confessions.

Phil Reale is the Real ween sucker and has to take WEENY SUCKING LESSONS from BUNNY of the original SS when we catch up to that elite SOB for his Gilmer Media blackout since he calls the shots for the Gazette in favor of the elite of Glenville, the famous Crooks from Crooked County!(click on image to see Phil get his lesson)

When our elected officials resolve to become fully corrupt, as we have witnessed for ourselves with Judge Richard A Facemire, County Commissioner Brian Kennedy, Larry Chapman who created his own job and salary with the EDA after he was VOTED OUT of the County Commission, and Gerry Hough, paying witnesses to lie in court, and knowingly bringing false evidence to a Grand Jury while threatening VICTIMS of RAPE as often happens , these corrupt son’s of bitches can no longer tell the difference between positive action and selfish proposition.

“The corrupt public officials in Gilmer County come to think that life is all about them. Using public dollars or public anything else as an incentive for personal gain is immoral, but that’s how they always do it in Gilmer County!”

Underage drinking rules the day in the land of the Crooks from Crooked County,as here we see Lizzy Butcher, one half of the BUTCHER BITCHES in the center of the photo with a few of her closest friends — I have had students tell me they can get any drug they want from the time they leave a class room to the bathroom. I have had students tell me they have sex at ball games hidden by other students standing up with their jackets as shields. Would not (should not)a group of students with open jackets attract attention? Sex and drugs during school hours or at a school function is not normal teen-age behavior. This should be something parents should worry about after school hours but shouldn’t their children be safe at school?

Because these CROOKS commit illegal acts all in the name of being LEGAL, it is still not right!

A good example of this concept was just publicly displayed by the actions of Gilmer County Sheriff Metz bringing forward a FAKE bought and paid for document, and saying it is a genuine High School Diploma to use as credentials to run for public office.

HELL even with his illegal action METZ got the backing of the entire Democratic executive committee, now how is that for a bunch of Hooligan in your face freaks! This latest action by the Sheriff with full support of the other public officials has made Gilmer County the laughing stock of the state!

Most of us, “Know a BAD PERSON when we see one,” for their actions always show their true colors. Many of our leaders, unfortunately, do not even know a bad person even when they look in the mirror, for their crimes are considered LEGAL in GILMER COUNTY! Of course ILLEGAL everywhere else in the USA

Most sins, for which us plain folk would be jailed, are Pre-Forgiven for an Elite or Public Official that has gone BAD, simply because those in power declare it to be so.  There is no other reason.

“We have the only High School in the United States that could completely clear up the BULLYING PROBLEM by firing the principal of the school Nasia Butcher, who is truly behind all the crime, mayhem, bad behavior, underage drinking, sexual deviance, and anti-social actions!”

Lexy Butcher SURE LIKES THE BIG ONES and in high school while skinny dipping down by the Crooked River, sometimes she did TWO at a Time! Nasia Butcher mother to LEXY has declared this photo normal behavior, and having a degree in Sociology, I can say that different norms and mores are created by different environments, and being a product of her environment, I can see LEXY is right at home with this pose. This is normal in the Butcher Bitches household

Somehow, from the second term onward, our local leaders seem to be much more well-to-do than what we pay them. They have a lot more status and seem to have a greater net worth than they had when they ran for elected office. Suddenly they seem to exist in a plain above the common man in a highly exalted land with no local constraints.  They become drunk with power and flaunt authority every chance they get losing any humanity they ever had. They can only be found if they want to be found.  Otherwise, they are “busy”. Every few years, they must come down to earth to get reelected. At those times they are very public and seen everywhere. They are always available for photo ops, which make them look like they really care for the people. 

Instead of shunning these two-faced parasites and castigating them for their poor behavior, some not so bright citizens, or we the people are often so enamored to be in their company that we pose with them and foolishly  brag about what great friends they are.

Thus, there is no public chastisement for the politician gone bad in Gilmer County, even from those who know first hand their degree of dishonesty… For Example;

One of our Commissioners (Larry Chapman) felt free to express disdain and see no value in the people he is supposed to represent during a public meeting in response to the press.  Chapman has no problem giving away the children or even the identity of Gilmer County.  Such statements should put anyone out of office but in the two years it takes a leopard to change its spots or “change”, I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. Recently a Concerned Citizen stated…

…When it was disclosed that the County’s finances are so bad that borrowing more money is unfeasible, the $28,000,000 County bond issue for the College’s new dorm obviously did that. There was no clear need for the dorm when Pickens Hall was fixable, but Brian Kennedy and Larry Chapman approved the bond issue without allowing citizens to vote — so remember that at election time. Also, if the College were to default on the loan, the College’s Bowles and Rice attorney stated that the dorm would be sold on the court house steps. An outfall would be lowering of the County’s bond rating to be another blow for our finances!”

Thanks, Brian Kennedy and Larry Chapman, your common sense approach for common folks really fucked us up this time you slimy pieces of shit! We don’t need your kind of help bitches!

Casey Smith is the favorite of Nasia Butcher Principal of Gilmer County High School. Casey has an eye for young boys and is a bit feminine, and can actually “GET AWAY with having an ALL NIGHT STAY in a MOTEL with a young male student, while on drugs and drinking and will face no consequence in the courts because of the CROOKS from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River!

Casey Smith a teacher can take a student out of town, give them alcohol, admits it in court, and nothing happens, there is truly no punishment? How do law enforcement officers like Trooper Smith feel when they work hard, make an arrest they know will be unpopular and then see no punishment?

According to criminal complaint filed:

On September 14, 2011, Trooper First Class R.P. Smith, from Glenville detachment of the West Virginia State Police received a complaint from a parent of a juvenile who advised that the juvenile received text messages from a male juvenile who will be referred to as S.W..

The parent advised that the text message indicated that S.W. may have been drinking alcoholic beverage with an individual named Casey Smith, a teacher at Gilmer County High School, Glenville, WV.

On September 15, 2011, the undersigned officer obtained a written statement from the juvenile named S.W..

S.W. stated that he did stay with Casey Smith at a Hampton Inn in Parkersburg, WV.

S.W. stated while inside of the hotel room he did consume alcoholic beverage without Casey Smith’s knowledge.

S.W. stated that alcoholic beverage was on the T.V. stand inside the hotel.

The undersigned officer then obtained a written statement from Casey Smith while under Miranda.

Another teacher Sheila Ables smiles while standing with a student next to a high school parade float loaded down with half empty liquor bottles as their picture is taken.

Sheila Ables, the substitute teacher that purchased BOOZE for minors should have Shut the HELL UP, instead of complaining about the “Photo” in the GFP that looked like her, when IT IS HER!! That was not hard to figure out, but the “Peak a boo PROOF” made her look like a typical Crook from Crooked County, for they don’t feel they are doing anything wrong.
CAUGHT with booze and high school kids, and that never happened when I was in High School, but watch NASIA say that is JUST OK, and so is being a LESBIAN! Hell SHEILA woman could scare a Lesbian into being straight! OH OH SHEILA!
Sheila Ables, most likely will receive some kind of award from the Church of IKE for the trauma she had to endure while we found out about the truth of her criminal actions for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Have you heard she’s been fired? Students physically abuse a special needs child in front of a teacher who sends the victim to their classroom with no punishment for the perpetrators.  Want to bet that teacher still has a job? Sure, this is Gilmer County. The only punishment to be meted out will be to those honest enough to reveal the truth of any dirty dealing.  Count on it, the corrupt do. And don’t you think it is about time we showed those corrupt sons of bitches a thing or two. Ass kicking could be our only answer when it comes right down to it, for it has been my experience that, that is the only thing that these corrupt sons of bitches really understand.

Lexy Butcher has some big breasts and likes to show them off in the back of the LIMO or really when it is the right time of the night to party whether it be man, woman, or beast! At least that was what my dog Bubba told me, but that’s been a few years now.

I received a truthful account of an incident, where a Crook from Crooked County got too big for his britches with the wrong people. However, I CANNOT SHARE details as it is confidential, but I will tell ya about the day that Phil Reale came about as close as anyone could come to getting his ass kicked in his office and most likely would have been tossed into the street half beaten to death, if full cooperation by Reale wasn’t immediately established. So the dumb son of a bitch got on the phone and started making some calls to straighten out a little problem that he caused with his own mouth. Phil knew if he did not do exactly as he was told under threat of taking a beating right then and there, it would have been nap time, and not the fun way. If REALE  was not put in check he would have continued his bad business bullshit. This is a story I can never tell about, so don’t ask after this. I only wish that Phil Reale would have taken the beating of his life that day so we could have set a precedent among the elite crooks. They all might have come around after that, and paid up for their bad deeds.

The message brought right to the office of Phil Reale was quite clear that day!

“I love those fingers, please can we just do it again, I won’t tell my sister.,” says Lexi butcher to the wild elite party member that is about to have less on, than the minute before this shot was taken!

Even HOWDY DUTY the son of JUDGE ALSOP was there to witness what can happen to you in Crooked County if you truly fuck with the wrong honest hard working people.

“All of our SS meetings lately have been about sending that same message, so don’t be surprised if we all suit up one day, and handle our problems the same way, for it sure lit a fire under Phil that day when he knew his only choice was cooperate and UNDO some bad shit that he knew he did,or take a severe brutal beating!”  …Dude got real cooperative!

Deeper deeper harder harder faster faster is the way it goes on the COCAINE TRAIN in GLENVILLE its a damn SHAME! Butcher Bitch action at its best can be found down in Gilmer County, and just think their daddy was a well known BOG member at GSC! Twiddly Dee!!

I was a little disappointed that PHIL REALE decided to play ball and quit fucking with a certain faction of business concerns he should not have been involved with. I was hoping for the beating, because I know what dude did, and he deserved to take a beating. Luckily Reale had enough influence to straiten the situation out, and I doubt he will ever fuck up like that again.

“We have some serious problems currently with community leaders in charge of children who drink and party with college students at our Recreation Center while they are supposed to be asleep!”

A person known as … Lisa Montgomery may get a visit from the SS soon allows a minor girl to live at her home with an over 18 male as a favor to the mother who let the same thing happen, but didn’t want the state to get the child.  The child winds up in a foster home.  That leader is still getting a state paycheck and that mother is still a board member and leader to other children.

For the Director, its just get as much travel pay as you can and party down!  Same kind of nonsense  like when Jennifer Shirey was caught teaching the “Sex relationship” classes up at Glenville State College while LARRY CHAPMAN of the Gilmer County Commission bought the books.

I don’t know why they can’t hire someone that really is about 4H and the kids and not what they can get out of the job. Nothing happens to the wrong doers, there is no consequence if you know the right people in Gilmer County. Jamie Mullins Program Assistant known interracial dater and previous sports writer for  the Glenville democrat is the other party person putting children in danger of molestation, rape, or worse that we wanted to name by name, since it is US, the citizens, that will have to police this action, for the law enforcement is bought and paid for and about as corrupt as anyone, anywhere, has seen. We might as well be living south of the border in the lawless land of Mexico.

Lizzy Butcher had a main chick girl friend who rarely got jealous over other girls, except sometimes…

Lately, innocent people have been dragged into closed court rooms with no official charges pending and that elected judge and prosecutor are still in office.  Our schools are taken over in an unprecedented manner. Students will be forced into another county as elected officials watch state employees play with the public checkbook without saying a word..  In this county, they will probably still be in office after the next election.

All Gilmer County residents are hurt when the politically corrupt get the wrong message. Reelection is the worst message that we can send but there are a lot of other messages that can make the corrupt politician feel like it is OK. The gain of a politician using such tactics makes this county less than what it should be otherwise. Hell the Butchers make ILLEGAL and LEGAL campaign contributions!

Lizzy likes to LICK and Lizzy likes DICK but she could never give up the girls, for it is normal at GCHS where her mother is the principal, and this is the fantastic example set by the Power Elite, also known as the famous Crooks from Crooked County!

The matter of the illegal campaign contribution to JOE MANCHIN can be directly traced back to the Glenville Attorney TIM BUTCHER aka the Bitcher of the Butchers law firm. Really what the fuck does Butcher have to bitch about these days, he stole thousands from the AJ Woofter estate and did NO accounting for 12 years and only recently was the matter brought to the attention of a federal authorities. The criminal complaint was with the Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz and he refused to investigate the complaint.  You see that’s how those fuckers do it in Gilmer County. The Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River stick together, but especially when the matter involves criminal allegations.

You can check out the illegal campaign contribution made by Butcher for yourself.
Just go to: and you can see for yourself the contributions for each year. Click on year 2006 and you can see MADGE BUTCHER made a political contribution in 2006. Folks Madge Hayhurst Butcher died in the 90’s. She was the mother of one of the BOG members at GSC that we know all too well, that has WHORES for daughters!

Isn’t this an example of federal election laws fraud?

You wouldn’t think an attorney and a member of GSC board of governors is the person… Unfortunately it is!

To the Butchers, we are all just a bunch of dumb hillbillies and they will use their lawyers like Hayhurst (currently in federal prison) to threaten us, with legal action. The last time they threatened someone close to me — dude said, “Bring it you lying little Bitch Butcher!”

Those Butchers didn’t bring shit! The document in which the Butchers threatened suit by letter is published somewhere on Revenge of the Ghost Wolf.

That statement was made in the office of a very expensive WVSC lawyer and expert on estates.
This CRIME of  campaign contributions demonstration shows how business is done in Gilmer County  and how the average concerned citizens get trashed as soon as they open their mouth to ask ANY sort of pertinent questions. The average concerned citizens would not do a fraud and embezzlement crime, but that sort of activity is every-day activity in Crooked County for the Power Elite, for they are the ones with the opportunity and their crimes often involve the Gilmer County Commission Clerk Jean Butcher a former SPECIAL EDUCATION student with maybe and IQ of 98, but no more, and she has proved what a dumb ass she is lately in federal court and circuit court losing a law suit to Lawrence Smith of the West Virginia Record over a FOIA action.

From Snitches to Bitches from members and users who have scored from Gilmer County Bosses that don’t take losses to Blokes that take tokes and then WRECK THEIR CAR but their A STAR and the Collaborators take it down a step in evil all the way to HELL and the Untouchables who they say will NEVER TELL! The change of command from the bottom down, for that’s how they do it in GILMER COUNTY!

Corruption is insidious, and the relationships our trusted elect form while in office make most of them players who are in the on deck circle for Hell, but they make the most of their time before the big burn.  When special interests flaunt their affiliations with our leaders, it is a prescription for bad government.  That prescription has been refilled in Gilmer County a few too many times. In the meantime; the common man suffers because the process is inherently flawed in favor of these chosen ones and the handpicked corrupt players of their self serving games…

That’s a shame. Glenville it’s a damn Shame!

“Biggest bunch of crooks in the entire state of West Virginia are right here in Gilmer County. Gilmer County citizens are good enough to take the liability for their $28 millions bonds and unnecessary projects, but not good enough to get their questions answered. Surely Mrs. Burke you are not like the rest of them. Or are you?” Judging from the picture of YOU and Sheriff Metz and the executive committee that endorsed his phony diploma, I have to say … FUCK YES YOU ARE just LIKE the rest of them BURKE you old bitch, smiling in our faces while picking our pocket at the same time! NICE!

The common people and citizens of Gilmer County have little role to play other than that we help the corruption by maintaining our silence as we look the other way…

“But instead of looking the other way, we need to GO OUR OWN WAY and combine forces, and even use out of state influence to help us fight the corruption and the bad politics and politicians of Gilmer County and West Virginia! So if your significant other has Power Elite connections or a job, it may be time to say…”

“GO YOUR OWN WAY! Because the Concerned Citizens of Gilmer County and the Secret Seven have got some things to do today!”