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By Free Bird — Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

The Supreme Commander of the Secret Seven Coalition says … “Take a closer look at the people you meet and notice the fear in their eye, yeah watchin’ the time passin’ by…”

CITIZENS UNITED FOR BETTER EDUCATION (CUBE) is an organization with some good idea’s but not in GILMER COUNTY – the entire organization in Gilmer County is made up of elitist lying ass bullshit artists from the Church of IKE … Perverts with Money !

Oh yeah, the CUBIES like Tom Ratliff are a crying now. We’re sorry, we didn’t know what we were doing was bad. Boo Hoo Hoo. The house of Sue Morris we run the small town politics for lunch bunch is under attack.

“Gilmer County Schools were taken over by the state the second week in June 2011  in the same fashion as Poland was invaded by Nazi’s!”

Sandy Pettit, Reed, Ratliff, Kennedy, Butcher, Pounds, Metz, Elkin, Chapman, Hough, Kuhl Moss, Wolfe all the little players are beating their chests and screaming mea culpa (my mistake, my fault) now that they’re under attack for their stupid self serving actions.

Tom Ratliff , a CUBIE DUDE with political aspirations, and is totally willing to play by the MAKE YOUR OWN RULES deal already set up by the Crooks from Crooked County!

They say they didn’t know the takeover was going to be bad for Gilmer County and for sure they NEVER DREAMED the folks in IKE LAND would have to pay any part of the price. They just wanted to call the shots  …not be held responsible. It’s always worked before. Isn’t it about time for Sue’s lunch bunch to go back to doing what they do best? A little shopping in New York, play with the golf pros putters in Florida and if all the groupies can’t afford it then rent them a bus to a WVU game and invite them to the after party, where Doug Cottrill will share some of his COCAINE and PILLS he gets from LISA STEWART the local drug connect and IKE MORRIS.

“Leave what’s left of Gilmer County alone Bitches!”

Sue, you were a freaking gym teacher for God’s sake!! Mrs. Reed with no weed, you haven’t been a Principal for many years. We know you liked playing touchy feely in the locker room and watching those young girls run around half naked. Hell you were our own Josephine Paterno! YO!!

Sure a good time was had by all then, and the Butcher Bitches got to run wild in the streets and that’s the thrill of Tara Kennedy, Yes, now she’s showing some age so you threw your granddaughters at sports to keep a few young hard bodies for you old lesbians to drool over a while longer. We get it. Just because you are perverted rich fucks doesn’t make you qualified to be community planners and administrators it just makes you perverts with money. The rest of the crew wouldn’t know what a good education was if it bit them in the ass and it’s obvious you don’t either cause just look what you’ve done to Gilmer County. The HORROR!!!


Isn’t it bad enough Ike came in and sucked up to the local leaders of the day (Farmers, Hardware and Grocery Store owners, etc) playing a poor country boy down on his luck? Old folks say they even gave him boots and a coat since things were so bad with him.  Oddly enough Ike Morris managed enough to buy gas wells in the south, came back and bought all his new found “friends” gas rights.  They got all their family and friends to sell theirs to him for nothing and the rest is history. To hell with everybody except the ones who know the real story and all it takes to keep them happy is a free lunch. He didn’t just show up here by accident with the golden touch. No, it didn’t happen that way.

Hey, big brother, as soon as you arrive You better get in touch with the people, big brother! Better keep them on your side, big brother Keep them satisfied!

Now the real investor/controllers are telling him he better shut this school shit down and get it done. They don’t want any more attention.  They want the lights turned off on anything happening in Gilmer County since mob business is best done in the dark. The LORD of the CHURCH of IKE has raped the county and the SUE MORRIS crew has ruined any kind of economic development so just ship the brats over to Lewis and get it done. Shut these people up now! Now that everything’s been taken that Gilmer County had to give and their Marcellus is not producing. Keep your eyes on the prize dude and Lewis County still has some cash in the till.  Any questions, call Mike Ross.

Did Ike intend for it to work out this way?  Probably not but it seems he made the big mistake of thinking the man could just handle the important state and federal politics and the local didn’t matter.  What could go wrong, there’s nothing there? Give it to the wife; keep her busy handing out elected jobs like prizes at an elementary spelling bee and out of the real business of doing business. She’s a tough old bitch and can tell those local yokels what’s up with them! The real question is how wrong can one man be? Well, way too wrong this time and all the sorry in the world can’t fix it. Guess when Sue Morris finishes the college will be gone too  …since she has pushed the Governor to replace her on the board ASAP!

Tara Kennedy is shown in this photo is an employee of the Circuit Court as a probation officer. Her husband is the President of the Gilmer County Commission, and she says, “I don’t read the Gilmer Free Press” … but in reality she reads it all everyday just to see what people are saying about HER NOW!! Hell, Tara has gone completely WHACKO and tried to run the publisher of the Gilmer Free Press over in her car. She is accused of being involved in a criminal conspiracy, and is currently being looked at for being the dangerous drunk ass loose cannon that she is … A FORMAL complaint is being made against her for her misconduct, and will be delivered to officials of the Supreme Court on 31 August.

The long term plans of the Butcher and Butcher Law Firm, of selling their property to the state for the location of the school didn’t work out, and we heard it a told that they have been taking it out on the slaves, or anyone else they can find to punish. The Central West Virginia SS has been way hip to their plans and actions, and so really why not blame us? We have been doing all we can to get the truth out there about their dishonest dealings and their underhanded plans, and still we had time to tell all about Lizzy and Lexy Butcher and how they used to be so sexy and such whores all at the same time.

  “Thanks for the ride, it’s been real, just not real good for Gilmer County!”

Lately Tara Kennedy from the Gilmer County Circuit Court has been on the SS RADAR along with Judge Facemire for misconduct , and lots of behind the scenes actions, letters, complaints, phone calls, and pitching big law firms have been the result of a study that have proved both of these CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY are about dumb bitches for the bullshit they successfully pulled off in a circuit court that involve actions that have been deemed illegal by scholars and law enforcement personnel from far out of the area.

Judge Facemire’s former court reporter KELLY WHITE redacted the court record in the “Travesty of Justice,” case. We heard that she was asked to change the record to cover for the judge, and that was the opinion of Attorney Jefferson Triplett from Elkins who was paid $2500 to obtain the court record from the Gilmer County Circuit Court – there is currently a SEARCH for Kelly White in West Virginia, so that she can be brought before a federal court to explain WHY she redacted the court record, which does not match the actually TAPE of the court proceedings during the Travesty of Justice Trial, the longest running court case in Gilmer County history and one of the few cases to make it through ALL of West Virginia’s highest courts. Hopefully many multiple thousands of people will hear what was said in the court room via a SECRET TAPE while this photo is up on the screen of FACEMIRE going on a ten minute rant in the Gilmer County Circuit Court that was every bit as bad as JUDGE WATKINS – who made FOX NEWS coverage – thanks to some dedicated internet journalists. Facemire denied he ever said what all will hear on the tape and he denied this true account to the Judicial Investigation Commission who is NOW CAUGHT covering for this low life lying Son of a Bitch in the same league as Watkins.

In Gilmer County they MAKE THEIR OWN RULES and FACEMIRE and KENNEDY could both be the POSTER CHILD of misconduct NATION WIDE for Crooked County down by the Crooked River real soon.

Gilmer County has a huge problem that seems to defy solution.  In this system designed for constitutional checks and balances, removal of any “check” creates its own imbalance.  Elite rule here has bred a one sided dictatorship and its power extends all the way to Charleston. 


If you’re looking to rape an innocent young good looking white chick just in time for “Back to School Fun,” you never have to look further than Glenville State College the “Fright House,” high on the hill overlooking Crooked County down by that Crooked River!

Glenville State College, ranks number 73 out of 73 colleges in West Virginia for academics, which of course is DEAD LAST, but they rank FIRST in RAPE for WV Twiddly Dee!!

A GSC RAPE victim, Mary Hudnall who worked at the GO MART and was a GSC student had the holy bejesus fucked out of her alleges that she was raped, and then sought treatment at Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital after the pounding by the QB of the GSC Football team from Washington DC. The criminal complaint stated that the victim “Feared for her life,” during the entire terrifying sexual attack!!

Rape cases are seldom carried forward in Gilmer County because they don’t want to tarnish the image of  Glenville State College –  and many rapes go unreported. Local law enforcement handled the Edwin Dale Kinnison rape case by the book, but it was never brought to trial after being in the court system for over a year!

Edwin Dale Kinnison should have been convicted of Rape as well as Erik Davis both students at GSC, but it is widely known that Glenville State College has become the home of rape in West Virginia! Crooked County has become as dangerous as the old west for rape and murder!!

Even if rape charges are carried forward Gilmer County doesn’t have a skilled enough prosecutor to win the case!

Gabe Phrophet wears the LUCKY number 7 as a Quarterback for GSC and it turned out to be a real lucky number for Gabe for the fact he forced his penis into the mouth of Mary Hudnall after abusing her physically and then slammed her down on the bed and fucked the holy bejesus out of her, according to the police report and that was just OK with Gerry Hough.

The Erik Davis rape case was a real circus and the special prosecutor from Braxton County Dan Dots got his ass kicked in court by defense attorney David Karickhoff of Sutton, WV– Karickhoff was also the defense counsel of 357 Everette Campbell MURDER trial, but Dan Dotson was assigned SP from Sutton, and then Dotson came to Gilmer County as special prosecutor for the ERIK DAVIS RAPE case and lost badly in a situation that should have found the rapist guilty! But, Karickhoff is a far superior attorney than Dotson or Gerry Hough will ever be. Dotson the next year after the rape trial found himself in jail for assaulting his own wife while she was waiting to meet her dope dealer boyfriend in Craigsville, WV which is a full on DOPE TOWN!! A member of the SS got to witness Dotson in his orange jump suit in booking in the holding cell, and that was certainly a day to remember.

If GSC wants to win in court again all they need to do is call David Karickhoff and the QB walks, or some other member of the GSC Football team like DAVIS and GSC may be on their way to a half-way decent team again this year, hell they have a heck of winning record for RAPE!!

Although, they won’t have Crooked County Crook and Circuit Court Clerk David LAME Smith to hand pick a jury bound for acquittal!

For the jury that heard the famous Erik Davis rape case was rigged up HOT as a Butcher Bitch in HEAT  … by  LAME Smith!!!

But, really all GABE RAPE BOY or some other NEGRO on the team has to do is make sure that Karickhoff is retained as defense counsel and Hough will lose another rape case, although Hough lied to a Parkersburg newspaper and stated he never lost a rape case!

Hough is no match for Dave Karickhoff or any other decent attorney and will lose because unless Gerry can cheat and pay some false witnesses like he was caught doing by title opinion in the “Travesty of Justice” case, Hough will lose every time!

SIGMA OMEGA BETA was involved in the RAPE of an honor student named AMANDA and two girls from GSC were in on the mixing of alcohol and DATE RAPE DRUGS which resulted in AMANDA flat lining on the way to the hospital after she woke up naked in the shower with FIVE members of the local SOB FRATERNITY standing over her.

Governor Tomblin has state troopers acting as his bodyguards.  His power is practically unchecked. Think back to when Arch Moore took that test drive and kept a dealers car for four years.  Did the dealer feel powerless to do anything about that or was it a case of not wanting to rock the boat and follow the money?  What say you?  During those four years that dealer sold the state $2.9 million worth of cars. No one can remember the last time a Kanawha County prosecutor has charged a governor with anything.

Our attorney general has the power to act in civil cases but has no power to press criminal charges. The office is weak, of little use to the people and costs a fortune but A.G. Darrell McGraw managed to get his wife a cushy political plum and keep the money in the family, but that’s how the POWER ELITE do it in West Virginia.

Larry Chapman from the Gilmer County Economic Development Association as a child.

In practice, county prosecutors have little to no interest either and in cases involving their own county, which many have conflicts of interest.  That conflict always seems to prevent them from representing the ones who elect them and most especially those that disagree with state government. Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald B. Hough used conflict of interest to explain away his own unwillingness to represent the parents and taxpayers of Gilmer County against the State Department of Education after an unnecessary and politically motivated takeover of the schools. In doing that he has expressed his own disdain for anyone not in the “political fold”.  One would think representing the people would only boost his political career, but Gerry is too much of a dumb ass to figure that one out.  In fact, to do such a thing would cost him the only votes that aren’t suppressed in Gilmer County.  The vote of the Ike Morris money controlled.

Money and the mob run this county and law is a joke unless the power mongers need to “lawyer up” and deal on “the advice of their attorney” when the winds of public opinion don’t seem to blow their way. Then and only then will they quote the “law”.

The Department of Education has essentially “lawyered up” bringing their big gun  bowels or is that Bowles and Rice to the forefront to scare the public away from meetings and anything that resembles an open discussion of the school consolidation issue.  “On the advice of their attorney” most county board of education employees will be successfully indoctrinated.  From the Board to the Teachers on down to the Bus Drivers, Secretaries and Custodians, these representatives and employees are scheduled to meet with the state’s law firm who has and will advise them not to speak out or fear prosecution.  Not much of what they threaten is based in fact and W.V.’s own Ethics Commission opinions do not back this up, but the uninformed will cower in fear and the elite know it.

The Central West Virginia Secret Seven recently found out about ANOTHER rape case at Glenville State College not previously known about that happened around the same time an honor student was raped inside the dorm room of Jordan Opie Watkins in Goodwin Hall – Facts about that rape will be revealed when all the information has been gathered. GSC has been keeping SECRETS!

The Constitution of the United States guarantees a rich intellectual environment of freewheeling debate, with many differing voices, on a wide range of important topics. In Gilmer County, those put in power are doing their best to create an enclave of totalitarianism  with the obvious intention to violate free speech and betray any diversity of opinion, freedom of conscience or open debate in order to shut down what should be a free marketplace of ideas.

The goal of Gilmer County leaders is to keep the money and perks coming while covering their political ass. Run that county on back room deals cause there’s the one good old boy way that will most likely work.  Everyone likes to think they’re privy to the deal.  If it goes good, take the credit.  If it goes bad, there’s nothing to prove who cut the cheese.  People have a short memory if you put enough grease on the wheels to see that they turn “the right” direction. They’ll forget who closed the schools.  In time, they will forget that no one has been permitted to speak during a Board of Ed meeting since Ron Blankenship took office.  They’ll forget who promised to look out for their best interest and instead turned and worked for their own.

Such tactics should not work.  Most were raised better than to sell out to the dark side but here’s why it does.  Leadership has told us how poor we are and poor mouthed this state to the outside for so long we believe it.  Appalachians have been so belittled and beaten down by their own leadership that, as a people, we walk with our heads down and shoulders hunched, indoctrinated to be far too sensitive to outside criticism.  We have been made so poor in spirit from constantly hearing what we don’t know, what we’re not smart enough to do and what we don’t have that we forget what really counts and who we are as human beings.  Hell, we don’t even look up at the stars anymore let alone shoot for them. 

Once more they are indoctrinating Gilmer County to the officially approved point of view. This time it is destroying the county economy and actually removing authority granted by the electoral process.

Glenville State College has a so so Football team, but that same team is undefeated in RAPE!!

 Are you going to sell out again? To threaten the people with legal action that suppresses their right to speak at public meetings goes beyond mere censorship.  Local leaders want to be the officials on orthodoxy referring to matters of politics, values, policy and even worldview. Our point of view must be made PC (politically correct) and some will go so far as threats and intimidation so forceful as to assure we will abandon deeply held beliefs and adopt the preferred political stance.

Authors of the First Amendment understood full well that people with power have a dark tendency to abuse it, to use coercion and to suppress non-approved rhetoric.   With great foresight specific provisions were put in place to prevent such abuses, protecting an individual’s right to hold his or her own opinions and to speak or publish them freely in the marketplace of ideas.  They gave us the right to join with other like-minded individuals to promote common viewpoints without interference from the state or their local minions. It’s of little value if you don’t have the guts to invoke it.


* “Speakers are asked to express themselves in a civil manner, with due respect for the dignity and privacy of others who may be affected by your comments. While it is not our intent to stifle public comment, speakers should be aware that if your statements violate the rights of others under the law of defamation or invasion of privacy, you may be held legally responsible. If you are unsure of the legal ramifications of what you are about to say, we urge you to consult first with your legal advisor.”

When I saw the (above) statement at the bottom of the notification of the Board of Education meeting, I thought to myself, OH NO HERE WE GO AGAIN BITCHES!! Jesus! Won’t this nightmare ever end?

First Amendment rights protect our right to believe, or, to put it another way, the right to conscience. When political power mongers limit the right to public discussion and silence dissenting voices, they violate our right to conduct business guided by that conscience. They treat humans as cattle.

Leadership’s clear aim with the Gilmer County Board of Education is not merely to advocate a point of view but to coerce us into believing their version of truth.

Ideologically biased law and double standards designed to put a politically preferred attitude in place infringe terribly on freedoms and limit growth.  The oppressive actions orchestrated by Charleston in the name of the Gilmer County Board of Education clearly cross the line between educating the public and mass indoctrination.

 Big Brother is here!

Actually we planned on sending this as a postcard to the Church of IKE and we wanted it to read at the bottom ” MUNCHIN ON YOUR BRAINMEAT BITCHES !!” but we couldn’t fit it all on the photo … the next edition of RGW will be Friday September 7th…

By Free Bird — Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

No more Mister Nice Guy
No more Mister Clean
No more Mister Nice Guy

Dave Corky Corcoran …They say he’s sick, he’s obscene!!

My, my, my, my, my…Corky Cockamamie Corcoran you have got to explain this one.  Our copy of the Democrat/Pathfinder of bullshit arrived today and must say that the entertainment value was priceless.  Still rolling on the floor and sides are aching but news? You got to be kidding!

I got no friends ’cause they read the papers
They can’t be seen with me…
Much of what Dave Corcoran of the Glenville Democrat has written is utterly insulting to the average intelligence Mr. Editor. Quit spewing yellow journalism as news and wasting print space with bad pictures of gala events and misplaced signs!n Or else, it’s NO MORE MR NICE GUY!!!

How is it news that the Chief of Police decides to pull out some signs he kept in the garage (apparently for months and could be some of the many that were stolen) at City Hall and set them up?  Illegal you say, well if it was intended as a political statement about people with no knowledge of their existence then yes, it was illegal and to say the least highly unethical even for you or him. If it was designed to upset voters guess what, they’re too smart to fall for that one. If you think any informed voter in this town doesn’t know that any conversations you reported, if you had them, were taken out of context then think again.  Gilmer County knows you little man and the sucking sounds coming from your office directed across the street are deafening!

Got a little God complex going Corky?  Think you run the vote of your subscribers? Perhaps even the election?   Damn, that’s deep.

A GOD COMPLEX exists when a body believes absolutely that they have positive knowledge and there is no possibility of error or failure because their opinions are unquestionably correct.  It causes people like the Editor of Gilmer’s only printed local paper, Dave Corcoran to disregard the rules of society and require special consideration or privileges so that he is given a status in the community which allows him to slant his stories and turn anything reported into silly political innuendo and half truths while getting paid for it.

I used to be such a sweet, sweet thing
Till they got a hold of me
I opened doors for little old ladies
I helped the blind to see
I got no friends ’cause they read the papers…

Speaking of print media, reporting the news, and Dave” Corky” Corcoran guess Ike Morris promised Pete Barr and Glenville State College the same thing Ike promised Ron Blankenship Gilmer County’s State appointed Superintendent of Schools. They won’t have to worry about any negative press! But, if you are not someone who SHINES or part of the Church of IKE, well then you can figure Dave “CORKY” Corcoran will come up with some DEAD ISSUE negative press that he just makes up like this article above!

It was reported to members of the SS that Jordan Morris, grand-daughter to the Lord of the Church of Ike was heading to Glenville, was drunk, and then wrecked her new car. Jordan was driving so fast, the car grew wings and left the road, and then hit the bank by the road again flipping her vehicle and running her car into these people’s house (porch) and damages it.
Persons on the scene reported to members of the Secret Seven, that they had to pull her out of the car, although Jordan claims she broke the windshield to get out while she was wearing a sandal, to pump up the drama and take the attention off the fact she was drunk as fuck and trying out some of her dads most marvelous expensive Cocaine from Columbus, Ohio, by way of Florida.
However the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder of Bullshit never reports the actual news, only news approved by Sandy Pettit and the Church of Ike!

There are so many important and news worthy events effecting the lives of  Gilmer County citizens coming out of Charleston that if this nonsense is the best we can get out of a PhD in Journalism then education in West Virginia has surely gone to the dogs. This man is so blinded by his own incentive that he inherently gives biased reports on any topic. This brings questions to mind. Why do we even buy this rag? Why do we sacrifice our own best interest of getting accurate information on what effects our community to the silliness of political sport at the hands of Corky Cockamamie Corcoran?  Why?

Our world – our economies, our societies, the environment – is so complex, isn’t it absurd for Corky to place utter claptrap on the front page when even the prosecutor  “Just OK GERRY,”gives the straight scoop for once in a Blue Moon, to Dave Cockamamie before press time making the DEAD ISSUE that was the front page of the Democrat a moot point. That’s right before press time, making Corky’s front page story a story about a NO STORY, the no story he knew to tell all along, but that is   Dave Corcoran for ya! That is how you do it in Gilmer County if you are the  Editor and Publisher  of the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit !

What’s going on with school consolidation, you’ll never get the straight scoop out of Dendra Miller, for how could you ever trust her. There are some burning questions to the many Bitter Truths around the county seat, Glenville …what about the courthouses, are they going to redistrict the counties and consolidate them, what about low income child care being reduced?  What about the mid-west drought and how it’s expected to impact our food budgets this fall? 

Couldn’t you discuss climate change or what’s driving the psychology of drug addiction and suicide among our youth? What’s your stance on political corruption?  Oops, didn’t mean to get personal. But you might bring up putting people in jail on trumped up charges of stealing their own timber to shut them up at election time.  Now there are just a few  subjects a good newspaperman might report on and bring real information to his readers who are not only intelligent and open-minded, but believe it or not Corky, are quite able to carefully and thoughtfully engage in trial and error analysis — to form their own opinion.  That’s what it means to be a journalist…but you are L O S T, CORKY!

Much of what Dave Corcoran of the Glenville Democrat has written lately is utterly insulting to an average intelligence , or above, but dude can’t see it himself!

Hey Corky! Quit spewing yellow journalism as news and wasting print space with bad pictures of GALA events and misplaced signs. Learn to be flexible and thoughtful Corky, or we will run you out of this town on a rail and we don’t even have a rail …anymore …bitch!!

Could it be that “Belve” Vodka is going to do a joint promotion just for the Freshman class at the end of this summer and just in time for the beginning of a fall school year – just in time for GSC Football season, this time “Betsy Barr “ has a slogan of her own, in conjunction with Belvedere Vodka even better than her husbands “Peter Barr Code, “Don’t Lay On Your Back Unless He is Black!”
Betsy Barr says… “Belve goes down as smoothly as a Freshman on a Friday night in Goodwin Hall at GSC!”

Speaking of local print media, reporting the news,  and Dave” Corky” Corcoran … guess Ike Morris promised Pete Barr and Glenville State College the same thing Ike promised Ron Blankenship Gilmer County’s State appointed Superintendent of Schools.

…They won’t have to worry about any negative press!! That’s right, that was a Dave fucking Corcoran promise on the barrel head because Corky is part of the corrupt “Good Ole Boy Network!”

While everyone is distracted by the very serious issues of school and county consolidation, GSC football Coach David Hutchison has been a loyal Church of Ike member and brought another rabid wolf in to slaughter the lambs of Glenville State College.

JOHNNIE MORTON is the new wide receiver coach for the Pioneers. 

Peter Barr, author of the BARR CODE – shown with his wife Betsy in this photo.
Betsy Barr says… “Belve goes down as smoothly as a Freshman on a Friday night in Goodwin Hall at GSC!”

Johnnie Morton
Height: 6-0 Weight: 193 Age: 40
Born: 10/7/1971 Inglewood , CA
College: USC
Experience: 12 Seasons (SF 49ers, KC Chiefs and Detroit Lions)

Oddly enough, a little over a month ago, this past NFL player was found guilty of LYING TO A GRAND JURY during a criminal probe of his California business associate Neang Chhorvann who had pleaded guilty to one count of MONEY LAUNDERING in 2011, failed to appear and had a warrant issued for his arrest.  Federal authorities say MORON MORTON was sentenced to two years probation.

Morton even acknowledged that he had given business associate Chhorvann more than TWO MILLION DOLLARS to be invested and had even placed a call for him to one of Chhorvann’s associates.  With that kind of money does it make sense to even look for a job coaching a rural college football team 3,000 miles or so away in West Virginia?  Who found this guy exactly, which Crooked County Crook has the California connection?  We should take a poll.

Here’s another tidbit of Morton’s history.  He joined twelve other former NFL players in the famed “concussion lawsuits.” 

Maybe we won’t have to think of you as abusive toward women, “ Corky,” like when you grabbed Cass Huff up by the arm and forced her out the door for doing exactly what she’d been told, but allowing you to pay the next victim less money and lay the blame on someone else — just as this photo illustrates that it is also Cassandra Hough who lays in a puddle of her own blame, down at the home of Glenville’s PRINT MEDIA, during those last sordid days of her last employment, along with some vomit, a bit of missed piss on the floor and some other smelly good stuff, to make Huff look even more amiss when we see her stumble from the bathroom in which she had just excused herself to take a piss, but then there was a cough and she was off into some purple haze hillbilly bliss.

The one thing Morton doesn’t want known is that after he was knocked out in the MMA fight that resulted in this supposed concussion he reportedly TESTED POSITIVE FOR STEROIDS after the hit.  Yeah, he’ll be a real contributor to the “development” of GSC’s team all right and a big help with what not to do when laundering cash through the Foundation. (Or maybe GSC CROOKS can teach him how not to get caught). We’re sure after Pete guaranteed he’d be covered under the Barr Code, Morton’s decision to leave California and move to Glenville State College was based solely on its reputation as a quality institution of higher learning (and we do mean HIGHER).  How about it Johnnie, how high do you fly?

….even the prosecutor “Just OK GERRY,” gives the straight scoop for once in a Blue Moon, to Mr. Cockamamie before press time making the DEAD ISSUE that was the front page of the Democrat a moot point. That’s right before press time, making Corky’s front page story a story about “NO STORY,” the no story he knew to tell all along, but that is Dave Corcoran for ya! That is how you do it in Gilmer County if you are the Editor and Publisher of the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit!

This is something you might report on Corky, this is news.  Do you recognize it?  This reveals once more the kind of influences the wolves on the hill are willing to bring to Glenville in the name of sports and specifically football the sport you love to get ads to support.  It shows clearly the type of people Ike Morris and his hand picked cohorts associate with and find just OK to hold up as role models to the students of Glenville State College and every kid in the area who loves football.  It is that win at all cost because football is the moneymaker attitude you should be talking about.  That’s what real leaders in a community do, protect and serve. It’s what the Editor of the people’s only printed newspaper should do, stand watch and work against corruption instead of bowing down to its power and celebrating with the perpetrators.  You know Corky, you may find it’s possible to make your living honorably but doubt you’ll ever have courage and enough control over that greed gene to find out.

We’d like to believe that someday, probably later rather than sooner, that paper will evolve into something better than what it is today. At least we hope it does. Maybe we won’t have to think of you as abusive toward women like when you grabbed Cass Huff up by the arm and forced her out the door for doing exactly what she’d been told but allowing you to pay the next victim less money and lay the blame on someone else. Maybe you’ll gain enough wisdom to know the difference between good and bad. legal and illegal. And if you decide to grow up, we suggest you see a therapist about that God Complex.  We use the term really as more of an insult against those whom we regard as being “over the top, and you, ” Corky banger of old boxes,” have a kind of Mad Scientist dream of world domination. Don’t let that bad habit of yours (banging old boxes) change from a simple neurosis of over importance to the psychosis of being numero-uno in the universe. A person could really be in trouble!

I got no friends ’cause they read the papers
They can’t be seen with me
And I’m feelin’ real shot down
And I’m gettin’ mean
In news of the BUTCHER BITCHES…
My dog bit me on the leg today
My cat clawed my eye
Mom’s been thrown out of the social circles
And dad has to hide
I went to the church of Ike incognito
When everybody rose
The reverend recognized me and then punched me in the nose
No more Mister Nice Guy
No more Mister Nice Clean
That Corky he’s sick, he’s obscene

“If you don’t have time to wrap your fish in the Glenville Democrat, get some STINK in a convenient spray can from the head of the Cockamamie Club himself “Dave Cocoran” and then, feel right at home! If it “ Smells like Bullshit, or just a bit fishy, well then you know for sure it has to be the not so over rated Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder!

Until then, we will tune in to the weatherman, throw back a beer or two with the college professors or football players and vote for a politician that will only take action based on deliberate and unbiased consideration of the best possible information and course-correct as needed. Soon as we can have a clean election (please , we’ve got to stop laughing!).

If you’d be so kind as to help the Gilmer Free Press, this site and a few others put out truth and much needed info on any relevant subject it would be great.  But know this, those writers and journalists will not drink the koolaid of the Church of Ike and his minions with you.  They will not take a required viewpoint for a cash or favors incentive.

You shouldn’t keep throwing stones and dirt at and around decent people to please the politico, Corky.  It’s not a good thing to keep on wasting your front page space with bullshit, lies and insinuations of impropriety that doesn’t exist.  Keep these childish approaches up and you’ll put yourself out of business before you get it sold.  When you do, and your limited powers have disappeared in Gilmer County, maybe you’ll think of the words of Bob Dylan who knew way back then exactly what happens when you can no longer do the Corky Cockamamie kneel down, bend over and serve at the altar of the church of Ike dance. You might get stoned, but better yet, when you print absolute garbage after letting the sins of the elite go unheard, well then, it is NO MORE MR NICE GUY MISTER!!

No more Mister Nice Guy Corky
No more Mister Clean
No more Mister Nice Guy Dave Corcoran
 You’re sick, You’re obscene!