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What’s wrong with Gilmer County isn’t too hard to figure out.  Plain and simple it’s the antiquated good old boy network put in place 40 years ago or so to let “Business” run the place and hand pick trusted “Players” who would give it all up for the modern equivalent of 30 pieces of silver!

“The Power of DARKNESS in Crooked County holds Secrets!” All the while the Ghost Wolf watches from high atop the mountains overlooking the town below. When the moon is full if you look closely you may observe a black shadow stalking his prey while making his way down the hills, but if his eyes should be red, you surely better run instead!

Control the jobs, control housing, control what business can and can not do and what’s left?  A moderate income for a few who seem to think it makes them superior to live in a 1950’s house with a few pieces of decent furniture, a new car (they’re in debt for) and a suit or two in the closet. They’ll fair a little better if they have daddy’s money to start with.  But what they sold out for is only the common working man’s dream and the well cultivated elitist attitude of these idiots lets them see the word “I’M A SUCCESS” in their minds but the truth remains “ONLY IN GILMER COUNTY”.

“The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!”

Salaries are suppressed to the point of poverty level for the rest if and only if they are willing to give their families over to subservience, slavery and a pitied social status in perpetuity. If any one of the few supposedly top notch was honest, with decent comprehension skills and capable of self analysis, they would realize they exist in a caste system the old British governments would be proud of.

Skewed an Screwed describes it best for all but three, maybe four in Gilmer County.  But look at what happens to the rest who think they’re actually equal to the true elites and playing on the same playing field.

Judges like Richard A Facemire and Circuit Clerk’s like Karen Elkin start thinking they are sole authority on right and wrong and need no higher power to guide their hand.  Law Enforcement has no need to think because they are told from above whose guilty and shown the price they’ll pay if they lose sight of that.  Attorneys do the back room deals, become privy and part to the underhanded and at that point see no need for anyone else, especially lady justice.  They know she’s blind. County Clerks and Assessors join hands with County Commissioners to undermine laws and give to whom they in they’re infinite wisdom and following the instruction list for the day consider worthy of their work the land and the election results. College Presidents, School Superintendents and even Principals rule over their little private domains to the point these days they become bold, self important and break laws with such impunity they seem to have no fear of punishment.

“The puppets become big spenders with other people’s money to get their own cheap thrill as a perk, because that is how they do it down in Crooked County!”

EXTRA EXTRA Read all about it, It’s all WRONG but it’s ALL RIGHT if you are a 16 year old high school student having sex with your Hotty Teacher!

Sarah Ann Rutherford a PRODUCT of Glenville State College and GILMER COUNTY, WV went to JAIL Monday October 1st 2012 for TWO YEARS for supplying her high school students with BOOZE SEX and DRUGS!! She is listed as a Convicted Felon when in actuality she pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges!! So, the jail made a mistake in booking, but we haven’t told them yet, because convicted Felon looks so good next to a Church of IKE member from GSC!!

Detailed Offender Information

Imprisonment Status:  Convicted Felon
Full Name: Rutherford,  Sarah  Ann
Height: 5′  3″
Weight: 110 lbs.
Birth Date: 5/17/1987
Gender: Female
Booking Date: 10/01/2012
Facility: Tygart Valley Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Convicted Felon

Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
11F-47, 12F-27, 12M-4 BARBOUR COUNTY – Bail Amount: $0.00


Former students says Glenville bungled rape case which is the SAME TUNE the Central WV SS has been singing since 2006!! 17 unsolved rapes with NO CONVICTIONS at GSC in just the last few years setting a STATE RECORD! GSC is last in Academics but NUMBER ONE in RAPE!!

Later around 9 the night of 18 Sept Amanda Smith the victim of the SEXUAL ASSAULT at GOODWIN HALL says Layne who’d previously been mixing drinks in the bathroom offered her a plastic cup.After consuming the unspecified contents of half of it Layne brought her a different cup.This is the drink that spun Amanda out.
Sometime between then and 10 pm the court action maintains Amanda Smith appeared she was having a “ seizure” becoming nauseous “with alternating bouts of vomiting, crying and screaming.” Sometime thereafter she became unconscious.
According to the suit someone removed Smith’s clothes and the SS has information it was Jordan Watkins.

Any investigation into who might have raped Amanda Smith was hindered by Jayde Layne a current GSC student who mixed the deadly alcoholic concoction with the date rape drugs in them, Jordan Neal (Opie) Watkins an alleged rapist, Erietta Patrianakos who took alcohol to the alleged rapist Jordan Watkins’ room, and left to be with her boyfriend and Jodi Fisher …ALL refusing to cooperate with police. According to the suit, they, “Have refused to identify students in the room and have changed their statements!”

Erietta Patrianakos the Glenville State College student that federal court papers say bought and delivered the alcohol used to mix with the date rape drugs – was also one of the female GSC students that found Amanda Smith after she had been sexually assaulted while scantly clad in a bra and panties that were disheveled. Erietta Patrianakos shown in this photo with her boyfriend who was with her the night of the alleged rape – Patrianakos HAS NOT COOPERATED with revealing any names of people actually at the scene of the sexual assault and the Central WV Secret Seven Coalition believes was part of a conspiracy entered into with Jayde Layne and others, that include members of the Sigma Omega Beta Fraternity from Glenville State College. Erietta Patrianakos is part of the list of suspects that were involved in the alleged vicious sexual attack of honor student Amanda Smith.

After returning to Goodwin Hall between 5:30 and 6 p.m., Amanda Smith alleges Jayde Layne, and another student, Kala Fisher, asked if she would get McHenry. Smiths friend to buy them alcohol. When Smith declined, Fisher and Layne then asked Patrianakos who agreed. According to the suit, Patrianakos then took the alcohol to Watkins’ room, and left to be with her boyfriend. Shortly thereafter, Smith joined other students including Layne in Watkins’ room.
About 8:30 p.m., Smith says she left to help her roommate carry groceries to their room on the second floor. Upon returning to Watkins’ room, Smith found additional students present including “unknown black males mixing drinks, suspected of being members of the GSC Football team”
Later around 9 p.m. Smith says Layne, who’d previously been mixing drinks in the bathroom, offered her a plastic cup. After consuming the unspecified contents of half of it, Layne brought her a different cup, this cup has been suspected of being spiked with DATE RAPE drugs!
Sometime between then and 10 p.m., the suit maintains Smith appeared she was having a “mild seizure” after becoming nauseous “with alternating bouts of vomiting and urinating, crying and screaming.” Sometime thereafter she became unconscious.
According to the Federal lawsuit, someone removed Smith’s clothes leaving her in only her bra and panties. Upon discovering her disrobed and unconscious, Layne, Patrianakos and Fisher put Smith in the shower, to wash away the semen and other evidence, after these three females actually allegedly assisted in this awful sexual assault. Members of the SOB fraternity have been suspected of being involved in the RAPE of AMANDA SMITH!! Shown in this photo is Jayde Layne giving an SOB FRAT member some of the good stuff that Jayde Layne has to give…

What really upsets the local SS the most is the fact that another rape involving a member of the football team took place on September 28th, 2010 just TEN DAYS after Amanda Smith was attacked at Glenville State College, where also there were alleged members of the football team in the room of one of the alleged rapists, Jordan Watkins.

According to the civil action filed in US District Court by Amanda Smith, Glenville State College officials continued to display insensitivity toward Amanda Smith, after she withdrew from GSC. Dan Bell head of Public Safety at the College, Andrew Lewis
Resident Director and Jerry Burkhammer II, the dean of student affairs, were all no-shows for a meeting with Smith and her parents to discuss the rape. Glenville decided to handle this criminal allegation the way it always does when one of their own is guilty, they decided to ignore the issue hoping it will go away.

In the two years since she was attacked, Smith says there have been other sexual assaults take place on campus, one them just ten days later, as was mentioned earlier. Though Amanda does not provide specifics, Smith says…

“Due to a lack of investigatory technique and result similar to what happened in her case, the other women raped are considering filing separate claims against Glenville State College”

As a result of her attack, the failure of campus police, but especially DAN BELL head of the Public Safety Office at GSC to properly investigate the crime, along with the harassment she received afterwards, Smith alleges she’s suffered “severe and permanent psychological damage, emotional distress and decreased educational opportunities.” Along with ones for civil rights violations, she makes claims for failure to train, retaliation, assault and battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Smith seeks unspecified damages, interest, court costs and attorneys fees.


Some ask,what about WHY the State won’t do anything about CRIMES committed by the Crooks from Crooked County? 

The fact is they can’t, or it could implicate their association with these BAD PUBLIC OFFICIALS.  They are just as bought and sold just the same as the very underlings they are by law supposed to control via the same process, really big money in the hands of very few. Some say Mob, some say not … it’s all the CHURCH of IKE that has control around here, but in the end does it really matter what you call it? It has one name totalitarianism!

“Totalitarianism is a political system where the state holds total authority over society and seeks to control all aspects of public and private life and that is exactly what we have in Gilmer County proven by the State of WV takeover of the Gilmer County School system!”

State jobs are handed out in much the same way as at the local level. Big money uses their small timer pocket collection (remember the County Clerk, Assessor, Commission trio)as election control to delegate to top positions…

Here is Andrae Cymone Wright a GSC Public Safety Officer CAMPUS COP who was arrested for attempting to break into a local home wearing his campus police uniform! In fact Wright is being accused of “Sexual Assault,”while also a campus police officer in an allegation sent to the Central WV Secret Seven Coalition last summer. We hear Ike gave the OK to hire this criminal posing as a Campus Police officer because he used to play football at WVU and it was a favor Ike made to an ex – WVU football coach  during a golf outing.

While those same,”Political Connections,” are also promising protection from prosecution and insurance of an above the law status. Always hold the Governor’s office, pay what it takes to keep an approved Congressman in D.C. and the beat goes on. Patterns of bad conduct (job control, federal and state funding distribution, etc) on down the line, support a continuing cycle.  It’s lather with money, rinse, repeat in Charleston and only changing the mindset of a generation can resolve these problems.

When is enough truly enough?  When does flexing of political muscle become dictatorial force feeding of the “big boss” state owned agenda? Answer?  When they not only take your schools and the public checkbook but also hold taxpayers hostage to pay for their personal dream of centralized control over the money, free speech, freedom of thought,  peaceful protest and yes, even the vote in the process.

Gilmer County’s specifically placed power mongers in all areas of education hold sway and absolute final decision over whether a child at the high school is an honor student, which will get on a team, become homecoming King or Queen, plays in the band, gets a needed transfer or even has any hope of a Promise scholarship.  Offend the self serving authority figures by disagreeing too loudly and it is very possible your child won’t see one of the above.  Keep on and they might be the victim of a bully or two and not all in their own age range. It’s a hard call but all one can say to you is this.  You know the children already have no rights during school and that’s a fact. Your silence gives your own rights up and in reality affords them little protection. Ask the parents whose only goal was protect their children from being physically and mentally bullied. 

“What’s RIGHT with Gilmer County is the Secret Seven Coalition and the GILMER FREE PRESS!!”

In the two years since she was attacked, Amanda Smith says there have been other sexual assaults take place on campus. Though she does not provide specifics, Smith says due to “a lack of investigatory technique and result” similar to what happened in her case, the other women “are considering filing separate claims against Glenville State College. According to the Federal lawsuit, someone removed Smith’s clothes leaving her in only her bra and panties. Upon discovering her disrobed and unconscious, Layne, Patrianakos and Fisher name in the US District Court action put Smith in the shower, to wash away the semen and other evidence.

“Let’s see the raucous party up Rt. 33 did not happen, the Charleston romp provided by Sheriff Metz and his clan didn’t either with all the pomp and booze supplied by the Gerry Hough household, and the sexual molestation by the Coaching Staff in which the Gilmer Sheriff Mickey Metz does not have the qualifications for!

Where in the HELL is the CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES when children need protected from the METZ GANG, the raucous parties of Shelly Morris DeMarino and the alcohol supplied to underage children by the lawless Hough Starletts!?

Why not do a story about what Gerry Hough, Tara Kennedy, the County Commission and the big muckitty mucks do to our children, by way of torture, denial and mistreatment, are they protected from the CPS too?  As for everyone questioning what happened to the kids that were assaulted by the Metz gang down in Charleston during the V-BALL DEBACLE  … don’t ya think if any of those parents or someone that knows the truth called the CPS  ..that effort and report would definitely fall on deaf ears? Especially since  the complaint being brought would be against the “Power Elite,”  from Glenville, WV who with all their political friends assistance have become a self proclaimed above the law lobby for the exclusive rich in Gilmer County.

Nasia Butcher had knowledge of the bad reports about the wild parties and sexual misbehavior at the hotel, and we know some specific reports have been made to Nasia. Any normal procedure should prevail which should make her legally liable as a mandated trustee of the high school kids that were drinking hard alcohol.

“Shouldn’t Nasia had to have filed a CPS report, wouldn’t that be something a normal person would do? But Nasia is evil! Nasia was in on the action!! Even lesbian acts, and sexual experimentation at such functions are JUST OK with Nasia Butcher mother to the BAD ASS BOX BANGING BUTCHER BITCHES!!”

Failure to make any complaints about the sexual misconduct and drinking on the V-Ball tourney trip made Nasia Butcher, and the whole lot of those Power Elite Sons of bitches guilty by association and therefore places her job in Jeopardy once we get some major press!

I think Nasia Butcher should be in Jeopardy, in fact I think she should be in a zoo for outdated back woods feeble minded whore raising nitwit bitches experts, but they probably couldn’t get all that on the sign in front of her cage!! YOU MAKE ME NAH SHA’S NAY SHA …  BITCH!”

According to the US District Court lawsuit campus police failed to collect both the bed sheets in Watkins’ room and the clothes he used to dress Smith after she threw-up on herself before they were laundered. Also, the cups used to mix and serve the drinks were destroyed before they could be collected, all a convenient way to cover up yet another planned rape and in place set-up waiting to be executed with evidence just disappearing like they always do it down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River.
Also, the examination discovered Smith had “a large amount of mucus/discharge from her vagina that was ‘white/yellow’ in color in spite of the negative findings of vaginitas and the appearance of bacteria in her vagina opening.” Furthermore, a nurse told Smith’s mother “‘This should not be there,’” when showing her a swab of the substance removed from Smith’s vagina,meaning everything else was ruled out the discharge had to be seminal fluid supplied by Jordan Watkins and friends…

What can you hope to get from silence and robotic compliance from the common citizen to elite policy . but repeated subservience and further loss of self esteem and human dignity for each new generation? 

Is this what we want for future generations? This  sociological trend has to stop and the common citizens must stop caving to fear of retaliation.

The Central WV SS was the first to break the story of the RAPE of Amanda Smith, and the WV Record covered the story when the matter went before the US District Court and now several other newspapers and other media outlets have published the story of the RAPE of AMANDA and other unsolved and covered up rapes on the Glenville State College campus and off campus by GSC students,some alleged rapists are members of the GSC Football team!

This situation furthers an undesired resolve while also further binding the hands of those who would stand with all the common folk in the struggle from being controlled by the totalitarian regime known as the Church of Ike.

The habit of approval by a pre determined in crowd is so common place in Glenville that it extends without restraint to the adults.  Such conduct became verifiable public knowledge during the recent meeting of the  Board of Education.  The self important State Superintendent Ronald Blankenship, side by side with Board President Simmons, attempted to silence and coerce even the most experienced member into a on your knees agree with me public display of agenda acceptance showing absolutely no respect for that members rights!  To top it all off a commenter known to all as Roy Boy, sometimes known as  “aka ROY” has shown his butt sniffing face in public over at the Gilmer Free Press,  is that you Bill?

Check this out home-boy Bill Simmons, we have the utmost respect for your buddy Carl Armour, but just because you left the Gilmer Schools Coalition, your leaving has changed nothing except the facilitator is now going to be the spokesperson, and has already assumed that position being next in line, and you have assumed a new position too …bent over in front of Ron Blankenship, as “Ronnie”  puts the rubber gloves on and goes all the way up your ass. We all thought you learned that power elite game the first time they fisted you BILL, but you have to get fisted again, just to remember what it was like the first time! Hell, before we know it Bill you may be getting fisted as much as a Butcher Bitch on a Friday night after the game down at Gilmer County High School back in the day, with Nasia happy and gay because she got to watch!!

Jones on the GFP had the audacity to indicate such treatment of a retired Senior educator with years of Board President and member experience was just OK and it was even suggested the diminutive lady who was denied her right to free speech and expression of her own feelings on a subject being forced upon her might be the bully.  There’s some type of bull being slung around there but we don’t think she’s doing the slinging Roy Boy.

Throughout the battle over school facilities in Gilmer County the elite have remained steadfast over one thing.  Be the first state guinea pig in their failing attempt to call simple consolidation the new “Regionalization” of education and last but not least, no matter how many it harms, keep it in Glenville.  And since they’ve taken all the economic cream (gas & oil), their plan is throw the scraps (in the form of human children) to the cats in Lewis County.

Let them have the last crumbs on Gilmer’s table as there is nothing else to give away and they couldn’t stop the people from wanting their 911 back. 

Artistic rendition of the RAPE of Amanda Smith in the room of Jordan Neal (Opie) Watkins, who at one time put his clothing on her using the excuse that she had vomited, but later his cloths were also removed during the sexual assault. The rape was aided by a lethal dose of drugs and alcohol.

Wouldn’t worry so much if we were Lewis County, given the ways that’s being handled by the Gilmer County Commission it is hard to tell if it will ever happen. Given the collapse of multiple small businesses while the EDA works on starting a “walking” program not much seems certain.

Can any adult in charge explain why a sane being would place an elementary school smack dab in the middle of a college town of their own making?  Want to turn the girls out extra early?  Want them to see inappropriate behavior on a regular basis?  Maybe they’ll learn all about sex and drugs.  Perhaps they can learn that rape isn’t really rape and all you ever need to know can be taught at the party after a football game.  Isn’t the pre-teen pregnancy rate high enough?  Earliest heard of is age 11. 

What has happened to the American dream of a decent home, a picket fence, fresh air, clean water and happy, healthy children?  It is hard to find in Gilmer County these days as the old elitist children and grandchildren are now grown and don’t need anything from an elementary school anymore. They can afford to send their own out of town to a “good” college. You paid them. Consolidate, intimidate then rule with an iron fist. Don’t worry about a vision for the future because there is none beyond Glenville State College.  How many years has that been true?

 “Anyone care to place a wager on how long GSC or any Gilmer County school will last if we continue walking hand in hand down this chosen path of a pathetic, bullying and self serving leadership?”

The odds of survival are dwindling! Are you going to just keep giving your world away on a silver platter because it’s easier?

Do you really believe the local political machine should have the control of anyone’s right to a public education in their hands? 

“Don’t let these self-serving, money grubbing, Church of Ike bunch of pompous ass son’s of bitches, be the only ones with a dream!”

 Stop the excuses,  get off of your couch and go vote, attend a meeting, write a letter, make a phone call but do something. Do it again and again! Apathy is what gives the power.  Don’t let the kids see you be a part of selling out. Let them know they may not win every battle but always make their opponent remember the fight. 

Lead them away from blind acceptance of this archaic suppression based purely on fear of angering the fire Gods on the hill bringing on hard times. Hard times will always come, no one can stop that.  It is how you handle the hard times as a family that matters.  Teach the young ones to think for themselves using values taught in the home, the words of the one real God and that education they are entitled to as US citizens.  At the end of the day, everyone will stand just a little bit taller when they look in the mirror and you’ll get to the other side of hard times better for it.

What’s WRONG with GILMER COUNTY WV? MURDER? Just ask Fred Hill! Fred will tell ya!

BASIL FRED HILL the Third spent his last night on earth  with some Crooks down in Crooked County which turned into a night of the Absurd! He was heard to say…
“Slipping, dodging ,sneaking
Creeping hiding out down a Crooked County street
See my life shaking with every who I meet
Refried confusion is making itself clear, Oh no the Crooked River, I can hear is near
Wonder which way do I go to get on out of here
I been in the right place
But it must have been the wrong time
I’d have said the right thing
But I must have used the wrong line
I’d a took the right road
But I must have took a wrong turn
Would have made the right move
But I made it at the wrong time…”

Nobody knew the consequence of …”Crimes Courtesy of CROOKED COUNTY and the GOOD OLD BOY NETWORK” …better than BASIL FRED HILL the third!

Yeah, that’s RIGHT because Fred is Dead! And when he called back home earlier in the evening just before tragedy struck ..he announced to his boss and family members that he arrived in the right town Glenville, the county seat of Gilmer County to report for a job on FRIDAY December 11th 2009…

That was Fred’s last call home before being MURDERED and subsequently tossed in the Crooked River down in Crooked County!

Now this is what Fred may have said …

“I am in the Right Place but must have been the Wrong Time …”

Crooked River Attack dogs which includes the all white police K-9 owned by the Supreme Commander of the SS are trained to attack armed intruders with weapons drawn, these dogs are some of the most vicious and deadly attack German Shepherds in all of the North East United States and will be seen in Gilmer County later this week on training mission in Lockney

 Don’t Miss the NEXT REGULAR EDITION of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf coming up October 19th — SPECIAL EDITION of RGW slated for October 14, 2012

WHITE FANG personal guard dog of the SC of the SS trained to attack do not approach and do not ask to pet this animal …

You just may say”OH NO”if you are a member of the underhanded Power Elite captured by the Ghost Wolf pack!

The Secret Seven Coalition continues to EXPOSE the Crooks from Crooked County all thru the month of October for their crimes against the Citizens of Gilmer County and Central West Virginia!!
Click this green link above  to read the Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS story you can find a teaser to below…

COCAINE QB JUSTIN FEAGIN from GSC to start against WV State Yellow Jackets Saturday October 13th!!

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“PERFECT following of a pattern for Glenville State College and their football program is to import negro criminals from big cities and in this instance a BIG TEN STAR  to play football for GSC!”

IKE MORRIS and WACO OIL COCAINE QB Justin Feagin could be getting his first real action of the season for Glenville State tomorrow at quarterback in the game against WV State University. ARSON-COCAINE-WEED and MORE is what Justin Feagin brings to the GSC football game hosted by the Crooked County Crooks Saturday October 13th!!

Justin Feagin runs for extra yards for the Wolverines at University of Michigan …”Justin Feagin now plays for Glenville State!”

The University of Michigan isn’t used to fielding drug dealers like Justin Feagin but with the new type of player head coach Rich Rodriguez recruited, UM fans hoped the part from tradition didn’t include more Feagin copycats.

Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez, who enjoyed great success at West Virginia then struggled in a three-year run at Michigan, was the guy behind getting Justin Feagin a starting spot on the GSC first team!

 …the rest of the story can be read by clicking green link above this section!!