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By Editor Edison/CalPatty Press Editor/Free Bird-RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS/Rina McCoy Editor of Cosmos Communicator– the website that peaked at #66 on the WORLDS TOP 100 fastest growing WordPress websites

Does anyone remember the ORIGINAL LIST of CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY from the original Crooked County Crooks website that took Gilmer and Calhoun County by storm in the summer of 2006?

Well I am a tellin ya what now, that list has grown as long as that HOT TODDY RODDY, on a FRIDAY NIGHT gettin yanked by LUNACY LUCY and her TRAINED GILA MONSTER!!

On the left we have Crooked County Crook Doug Cottrill who got busted with LORTAB in a pill bottle that said IKE MORRIS on it and a little more than a gram of Cocaine with bags of KYNDE BUDS and a case of beer and the cop that busted him was removed from the force for it and no charges against Doug Cottrill were brought forward for the drugs.WE WOULD HAVE ALL GOT PRISON but Doug got a misdemeanor charge no jail was released and that was the end of it for that is how it is for a CROOK from CROOKED COUNTY that lives down by the Crooked River that is home to the most crooked JUDGE FACEMIRE and the MOST CROOKED Prosecutor Gerry Hough — Some other big crooks are in this shot Sandy Pettit who runs the cops and they can’t make an arrest without calling her because she is the right hand of IKE MORRIS the LORD of the CHURCH of IKE who runs a totalitarian regime then we have KIM MORRIS who loves to snort Cocaine with her buddy Leslie Campbell out by the School buses we have some nice photos of that with another one of their girlfriends we can’t name for personal reasons and then who could forget BEET RED BRIAN KENNEDY and TARA who had to recently endure a formal complaint being filed against her with the Supreme Court for misconduct and criminal conspiracy in the 14th district court!!

Mickey Mouse Metz attempted along with Gerald B Hough to set up the SC of the SS but the whole deal backfired on them and the FBI chose the side of the SS due to evidence presented that showed wrongdoing on the part of Gilmer County!

Gilmer County Sheriff MICKEY METZ is HIGH HIGH HIGH on the list of CROOKED COUNTY CROOKS and he double crossed the Supreme Commander of the SS in the summer of 2011 and tried to have him arrested by the FBI after stating, “Don’t worry, you never had all the evidence before I will look into this and maybe you can get this in court now…”

That statement by Metz turned out to be a lie, he worked with the State Police on the double cross to try and turn the situation all around of (himself)the Sheriff covering for  the misconduct of Gilmer County Court officials and Metz then attempted to come up with another false case. However, fact after fact and article after article ran in the GILMER FREE PRESS that informed the general public of the TRUTH involving the “Travesty of Justice” court case the longest running court case in Gilmer County history in which THREE FELONY CHARGES that could have brought a prison sentence of 30 years were defeated. when the FACTS and documents revealed the truth, not the made up Crooked County story! The TRUTH WON that battle along with the FREE PRESS!!

Mickey Metz got paid back for the double cross when the SC of the SS spent weeks investigating Mickey for his lie of having a GED, and it was found out, one year later in March of 2012, that Metz not only never graduated from high school, but had purchased a FAKE DIPLOMA so that he could have credentials to run for magistrate, but the SS published his fake as fuck bullshit high school diploma and the vote count brought Mickey a last place showing, since people found out they had been lied to for at least eight years. Ya see how they do it down in Crooked County, these people are as dishonest as the day is long, the whole lot of them!

Keep on the look out
Electric eyes
Rats on the sell out
Who gonna testify
You know my habits
Way a head of time
Listening to me
On your satellite

Freedom of Speech is a pretty important concept in AMERICA, but the Crooks from Crooked County have been fighting against the Freedom of Speech and have tried to control the people of Gilmer County by CONTROLLING THE PRESS!! Well that ALL CHANGED in 2006 bitches when the SS came to town and said fuck this totalitarian bullshit and fuck you, we will fight you on the beaches, we will fight you on the shore, we will fight you like a little Butcher Bitches whore, we will fight you in the courtroom, we will catch ya in our ZOOM,and we will fight for our right to party in the BIG ROOM!!

This is the famous document from Tim Butcher threatening to file a law suit with his attorney Richard A Hayhurst who was sent to Federal Prison recently for embezzlement! The Crooked County Crooks website was providing quite a bit of truth back in 06 and 07 that Facemire and Butcher just couldn’t handle!!
As you can see from the document above that Tim Butcher and Judge Richard A Facemire were fully convinced they could use their power to stop Freedom of Speech and they were with this document threatening the SC of the Secret Seven Coalition who was present in the office of Roger Curry when Timothy Butcher called – Roger Curry said, “If you want to file suit, my client is here in the office and he says, “Bring it for the truth is the ultimate defense!”
The Attorney that represented the Butchers, we believe was a relative of his, his uncle and this HAYHURST character went to PRISON for being a dishonest SOB within 30 months of this threatening letter sent by CROOKED COUNTY CROOK Timothy B Butcher!

It is hard to believe that a Circuit Court Judge would LIE, but we sure enough caught Richard A Facemire in some big lies involving the “Travesty of Justice,” case, and we caught Gerald B Hough paying a state witness to lie on the  stand and say that they owned 1/6th of the 112 acres of surface property in question in the courts. And in West Virginia, members of the Supreme Court, the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, and the Judicial Investigation Commission have been caught in the act of covering for these dishonest sons of bitches!!


Sometime most likely in the year 2013, Sheriff Mickey Metz and the rest of the Gilmer County law enforcement involved in the malicious prosecution known as the Travesty of Justice, will be hauled into the courtroom after being served with papers by the LONG COOL SS WOMAN in the BLACK DRESS!

A complaint against Tara Kennedy for filing false documents and telling lies in court was made with the Supreme Court and they dicked the SS around all summer long, not releasing any info about what punishment, if any would be meted out against Tara Kennedy wife to Gilmer County Commission President Brian Kennedy, and here is the last letter sent to the highest executive at the West Virginia Supreme Court by the SC of the Secret Seven Coalition just days ago.

To:  Steve Canterbury

Shoot first, that’ s right… “MickJagger says you know
Right now somebody is listening to… you bitches!
It’s the SS Keeping their eyes peeled…… on you
Mmm, mmm, what a price, what a price to pay
A pair of 45’s made me open my eyes
My temperature started to rise
She was a long cool SS woman in a black dress
Just like a beautiful song
With just one look I was a bad mess
‘Cause that long cool woman had it all !!
And that Long Cool Woman is gonna serve you
With the SS paperwork for the cause!!

I am in receipt of your reply dated 5 November 2012, and congratulate you on extending out the date of your response from last summer when the complaint was first made, until November 5th , just before the elections before you responded on an issue in which you chose to ignore the criminal element of the fact we were billed for back taxes on property the State of West Virginia said we did not own in court, and further, never owned, and in fact was owned by Roanna Rafferty according to Gerald B Hough.You’re the head of the office that can either fire Tara Kennedy for her conspiracy in this criminal act or let her remain in the position so that she can hurt or harm others by joining in another effort to hide important evidence from the courts on high profile court cases. Your decision is to let her free to do harm to others even though ample evidence is available to show Tara Kennedy knowingly was involved in LYING to the court about property ownership. You should be ashamed of yourself for those actions, and it is my responsibility to report to the public what really goes on in the Administrative Offices of the Supreme Court. I just spoke with Dawn Warfield moments ago, and she assured me that the state of WV.. IF they would have known there was false evidence brought forward would have reacted differently than the final outcome, but your letter to me dated 5 November 2012 is in a 180 degree opposition to the position of Warfield. Deputy Atty GeneralDawn Warfield was informed that Gerry Hough knowingly pulled the deed of the missing 1/6thfrom the land books, and then lied to a grand jury, and a trial jury about the evidence.

This was NOT OK with Dawn Warfield, but seems to be quite OK with you.Your letter and subsequent action taken of covering up of this crime committed against myself and my family has strengthened my chances of having federal law enforcement to follow up on my complaints and furthers the conspiracy that have I proven exists in the West Virginia Supreme Court involving covering up facts and important evidence that proves the misconduct and crimes of officers of the court and elected officials.

YOU DID NOT ADDRESS the issue regarding the court order of December 22, 2006. Are you forcing me to file suit in Kanawha County Court or US District court because you refuse to address the issue that the defendant on case number WV Supreme Court 33299 was placed on probation on that date, when, in actuality this did not occur, nor was the sentence suspended?

ADDRESS THE ISSUE regarding the document dated 22 December 2006, for a case is only as good as its journalized entries according to the court clerk and this court clerk seems to be an uneducated drug addicted idiot that needs to have an explanation for this new found document.Your handling of the matter only leads to more suspicion involving wrongdoing of the state which was further backed up by testimony gathered on the phone this morning by the Deputy Attorney General Dawn Warfield who more or less admitted to the wrongdoing of “Ginny” Lanham chief counsel of the WV State Police, who indeed was given full knowledge of the crime committed by Hough and Kennedy. How do you account for the fact, the state was caught bringing false evidence to the court knowingly? You have NOT addressed this fact. Would you like to discuss this issue with a member of federal law enforcement?

Saturday night I was downtown
Working for the FBI
Sitting in a nest of bad men
Whiskey bottles piling high

Bootlegging boozer on the west side
Full of people who are doing wrong
Just about to call up the DA man
When I heard this woman singing a song

A pair of 45’s made me open my eyes
My temperature started to rise
She was a long cool woman in a black dress
Just a 5-9 beautiful tall
With just one look I was a bad mess
‘Cause that long cool SS woman had it all

The SC of the Central WV SS says on his way to court,“I am leaving my Dog “Danny Boy” here, but I am taking my gun because I dont trust those dirty rotten Crooks from Crooked County that murdered FRED HILL and brought three false felony charges against me just for writing TRUE articles about how the Butchers and their executrix Rosa Belle Gainer ripped off the AJ Woofter Estate for thousands of dollars. Those dirty rotten sons of bitches aren’t gonna tell me shit, and I am gonna take the back up too. Keep your ears on in case you’ve got to bust me out of a bad deal …”

Mentioned in the letter above is Dawn Warfield whose BOSS is Darrell McGraw WV Attorney General who lives in Charleston with his wife, educator Jorea Marple, who was selected as the first female superintendent of schools, but JOREA got some real bad news yesterday November the 15th, she got FIRED!!

We are pretty sure that the TAKEOVER of the Gilmer County Schools was the root of the cause, and you can bet that Jorea won’t be getting any ROOT for at least a week now for all the embarrassment the untimely drama cost her husband the Attorney General of West Virginia.

Marple was the unanimous choice of the State Board of Education to become West Virginia’s 27th superintendent, moving up to the position from the deputy superintendent’s office. The first woman to hold the office, she replaced the retiring Steve Paine effective March 1, 2011. Her annual salary was $165,000.

Lexy Butcher getting a little feel in a REACH AROUND doing some drugs in the BATHROOM with a friend …the Butcher Bitches Lizzie and Lexie are the daughters of TERRY BUTCHER who along with his brother Tim was threatening to file a civil action against the leader of the SS for exercising his right of free speech.Those Butchers try to bully everyone with law suits and threats of physical harm, but the SC of the SS said, “Bring it Butcher you Bitch, or shut the fuck up!”…the exact words uttered that day in the office of Roger Curry regarding the content of the letter from the Butcher and Butcher law firm shown above in this Revenge of the Ghost Wolf article.

The State School Superintendent the whore Jorea who is best friends with Nasia Butchers’ (Principal of GCHS) mother gets the boot in public in front of all her friends and  is thrown down and discarded like the dismount of a BUTCHER BITCH!

Jorea Marple was worn, slobbery and bleeding — and a bit sticky Thursday November the 15th –after being told to GET OUT BITCH!!

The State Superintendent of Schools Jorea Marple called it “Shocking!” Not only did they SHOCK HER MONKEY but she was fired from her job during the regularly scheduled state Board of Education meeting in Charleston Thursday.

Trying to hold back her emotions, Marple said, “Mr. Linger more or less gave me the finger when he came into my office after the executive session and indicated they did not have confidence in my leadership.”

State Superintendent of Schools Jorea Marple called it “shocking.” She was fired from her job Thursday November 15th during a regularly scheduled state Board of Education meeting in Charleston. Marple is shown here to the right of Gayle Manchin the wife of the former Governor Joe Manchin now US Senator and a man that benefits from both illegal and legal campaign contributions from the Church of Ike!

There was nothing on the agenda to indicate what the board had planned. But around 11am, the board went into executive session to talk about Marple’s future with the Department of Education.

A majority of members felt like it was time for the superintendent to get the fuck out, especially since her husband the ATTORNEY GENERAL and the biggest DICK in Charleston LOST the election and NOW they couldn’t be pushing people around anymore!


“Now is just the right time to bring in new leadership, with new attitudes and forward-thinking views on education,”
state Board of Education President Wade Linger said in an interview after the meeting was over.

When the executive session ended, Linger called for a recess and went to tell Marple that TODAY was her last day and to get the fuck out!! …also don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out WHORE REA !!

Department of Education spokeswoman Liza Cordeiro says the state Board of Education voted 5-2 on Thursday to terminate Marple’s contract.

Cordeiro says board members Jenny Phillips and Priscilla Haden opposed the move. They announced they will resign from the board, effective Dec. 31. But, citizens prefer they pack up their shit and get out now.

Marple says she was surprised by the decision. She says she had received only encouragement.


It’s GONNA GET MEAN in 2013 for the CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY — FACEMIRE — HOUGH and the BITCHER of the BUTCHERS for they could get SERVED by that Long Cool SS Woman in the BLACK DRESS!!

One thing for sure is you can’t trust those Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River you gotta Shoot first, that’ s right…”MickJagger says you know
Right now somebody is listening to… you bitches!
It’s the SS Keeping their eyes peeled…… on you
Mmm, mmm, what a price, what a price to pay
A pair of 45′s made me open my eyes
My temperature started to rise
She was a long cool SS woman in a black dress
Just like a beautiful song
With just one look I was a bad mess
‘Cause that long cool woman had it all !!
And that Long Cool Woman is gonna serve you
With the SS paperwork for the cause!!

This has been a Sunny West Production in conjunction with Amused Productions!

WHITE FANG the personal guard dog of the SC of the SS puts the hurt on a pure bred standard German Shepherd just for mentioning the Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River. White Fang along with some other SS members will be on a fact finding mission in Gilmer County over the Thanksgiving Holiday – The FANG Is not approachable, and if you see this dog in the truck do not try to pet this K-9 . Move slowly away and keep moving!!Alas … Could it be ??  The GIRL with the SUN in her EYE’S ? Could it be the famous LUCY in the SKY with Diamonds from the Butcher Bitches Naked and Exposed on the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf fame!! It is the GIRL with Kaleidoscope  Eyes!! She had just strolled by the flowers that grow so incredibly high!! It’s Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!! 

Next miss the next edition of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf … a special tribute from the one year anniversary edition of RGW will be Saturday  the first day of December!!  

To all members of the Secret Seven Coalition and the Council of Concerned Citizens now hear this …

TODAY is the day we as citizens will discover whether the seven-vote margin providing the money to pay many school system bills at our expense holds up. We hope it doesn’t, we need seven more votes, and then a majority of the rest left to be counted.

We need to maintain a positive attitude this morning during the canvass count of votes, and be part of the solution and take back control of the community from the Church of IKE and the “Powers that Be,” who have instilled a totalitarian form of government which will be tested this morning during the canvass of votes pertaining to the LEVY at the Gilmer County Courthouse. By order of the SC of the SS no arguing and fighting or being loud or pushing and shoving, or bringing of concealed weapons to the courthouse.

No need to argue and fight the powers that be for they want us in the streets so that they can beat our heads in just like they did FRED HILL!!

At the present time the situation is that Gilmer County voters approved a renewal of the excess levy in last Tuesday’s election, by seven votes. But the tenuous margin of victory hangs on the outcome of the county clerk’s official canvass of votes, today.

The LEVY needs only a simple majority to pass.  The levy received 1,157 votes in favor and 1,150 against.  

If our observers that are there representing the people and the fine citizens of central WV do indeed suspect foul play and voter fraud, then, we need to get together in groups and EXPOSE the Power Elite of Gilmer County, RIDICULE them with our hubris complete with the public humiliation that comes along with the SHOWING of the TRUTH involving the actions that the Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River have been known for going on three decades now. Enough is enough; we must fight for our rights that these evil ones continually attempt to take away.

“That’s the way they always do it in Gilmer County!” won’t be the way it is done this morning, if  we all ban together for this important stand for justice.

“We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately …”

Benjamin Franklin

Newly elected Gilmer County Commissioner Larry Chapman is smiling for the reason he was voted back in as County Commissioner in the November 6th election after losing the last election to Darrel Ramsey who occasionally attempts to do the right thing by citizens. Chapman being elected again is a BAD OMEN, based on his past performance and backing of initiatives and actions that have not been a benefit to citizens, but brought a great benefit to the totalitarian regime currently in power in Gilmer County. These County Commissioners make their own rules when it comes to changing districts and living out of the district they represent. Gilmer County earned its name of Crooked County by, ” Making their own rules …” a term proven true and made famous by the actions of Judge Richard A Facemire during the longest running court case in Gilmer County known as the “Travesty of Justice,” court case.

By Free Bird — Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

Colleges and universities are required by federal law to have a sexual assault policy to deal with rape and sexual assault on campus but when it comes to the CHURCH of IKE there are no laws because IKE MORRIS has bought off the local WV STATE POLICE!!

Meghan Ruddlesden was raped Aug 22 of her freshman year after meeting football player O’Neil Blake at a freshman orientation. Meghan Ruddlesden shown in this photo with a quote word for word from the police report of the rape in room 9B at Pioneer Village“I invited someone who I thought was my friend over in the first couple of days of being here. We went into my room, shut the door with no intention of doing anything.Once in my room he sat on my bed and took his shirt off. He pulled me closer and started to take mine off. I asked him to STOP because I felt uncomfortable, but he kept going”

Most colleges are required by law to make this information widely and easily available to the campus community, but not at Glenville State College where all the young WHITE PUSSY is FREE if you play football for IKE MORRIS and GSC!!…. Oh come on sing it chorus!

Rape, murder!

Pioneer Village where the RAPE of Meghan Ruddlesden took place just a within a few weeks of the Amanda Smith sexual assault in Goodwin Hall. NO FEMALE is safe at Glenville State College the home of rape and murder!!

It’s just a kiss away
It’s just a kiss away

Rape, murder!
It’s just a shot away

It’s just a shot away
It’s just a shot away

The brothers are threat’ning
My very life today
Gimme, gimme shelter
Or I’m gonna fade away

This normal policy includes a disciplinary procedure against the perpetrator that is separate from what happens if you report the crime to the police, but in Gilmer County there ARE NO POLICE only people that take orders from SANDY PETTIT Church of IKE Mouthpiece who heads up the democratic executive committee, and they are the same people that allowed Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz to run for magistrate with full knowledge that he had phony credentials.

“REAL MEN Don’t Rape!” …says the Supreme Commander of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition at the “Coffee Tea or Me” after dinner function not long after a conference meeting to exchange information with “Hot Toddy,” the leader of the Fire Starting Cult and to finally call a “Truce” to the Six Year War between the two groups… “Make Love, not War” was obviously the theme of the get together!


Oh, another CHURCH of IKE Storm is threat’ning
My very life today
If I don’t get some shelter
Oh yeah, I’m gonna fade away


Gimme  Shelter, or I’m gonna fade away!

Don’t be tricked at Glenville State College! “Kick It” really means “Stick it!”

“Take it off bitch, because I got the white pussy itch!!” …was all that was on the mind of O’Neil Blake just another NEGRO Football player rapist one of many allowed to rape the white chicks as part of their pay to play football for the Church of IKE!!

The only people that have helped any of the RAPE VICTIMS at GSC have been the Central West  Virginia Secret Seven Coalition!!

Policies vary enormously and are usually designed by the school to protect itself legally from potential lawsuits by the perpetrator, AMANDA SMITH who was sexually assaulted and almost died in the hospital is bringing a federal lawsuit against Glenville State College for her life and college career being destroyed.

Glenville State leads the STATE of WV in RAPE and their policy after a sexual assault takes place is to call house cleaning to come and clean up the evidence and we got that from a resident assistant at Goodwin HALL.

·  Men in fraternities appear to engage in more non-physical coercion and prefer instead to use  drugs and alcohol as a sexual strategy and this technique was used on GSC HONOR student AMANDA SMITH while she was held down…

·  Every 21 hours there is another rape on an American college campus.

·  90% of all campus rapes occur under the influence of alcohol.

Gabe Prophet getting fucked up and ready to rape some more bitches at GSC since he can since it is all part of the GSC football program plan where they recruit black criminals like their current GSC quarterback Justin Feagin from a BIG TEN college where he was busted for dealing COCAINE!! Thanks IKE !!!

·  Men are more likely than women to assume that a woman who drinks alcohol on a date is a willing sex partner. 40% of men who think this way also believe it is acceptable to force sex on an intoxicated woman.

·  Alcohol use at the time of the attack was found to be one of the four strongest predictors of a college woman being raped.

·  43% of college men admit using coercive behavior to have sex, including ignoring a woman’s protest; using physical aggression; and forcing intercourse; 15% acknowledged they had committed acquaintance rape; 11% acknowledged using physical restraint to force a woman to have sex.

·  College rape victims receive external physical injuries in over 47% of all rapes.

·  Of the college woman who are raped, only 25% describe it as rape.

·  Of the college women who are raped, only 10% report the rape.

·  College women are most vulnerable to rape during the first few weeks of the freshman and sophomore years.

·  One in twelve college-age men admit having fulfilled the prevailing definition of rape or attempted rape, yet virtually none of these men identify themselves as rapists.

·  34% of completed rapes and 45% of attempted rapes take place on campus. Almost 60% of the completed campus rapes that take place on campus occur in the victim’s residence, 31% occur in another residence, and 10% occur in a fraternity.

·  3/4 of off-campus rapes and 7/8 of on-campus rapes involved perpetrators who were known to the victims.

·  78% of the men identified (as rapists) were an acquaintance, friend or boyfriend of the victims.

·  Most rapes occur on the weekend.

Meghan Ruddlesden shown in this photo was contacted by the SC of the SS and asked if she could please support AMANDA SMITH in her federal lawsuit filed against GSC.SMITH who was raped just 12 days before Meghan reported her rape, is seeking damages from the school and students that assisted in the rape and from the alleged rapist. Amanda was injured and almost died from the drugs and alcohol that were used in the sexual attack on her in Goodwin Hall on Campus, not long after the official opening of the dorm!

Brandi Phillips from Glenville State College made a statement on the police report that … “Meghan Ruddlesden came into my room crying and asking to talk to Jodi, I asked why she was crying and then she just started crying hard and then said she was raped!”

The Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Education is responsible for insuring that schools have a fair and equitable policy on sexual assault prevention and response, but those laws don’t apply to the Church of Ike and is one rule of law that Sandy Pettit doesn’t like! They make up their own laws in Crooked County!

Gabe Prophet sitting on the very couch where he penetrated the vagina of Mary Hudnall against her will after he beat her and forced his penis in her mouth and then brutally ripped her clothes off. He kept her there making her submit to sex acts for that whole evening while Hudnall felt the life she once knew in Glenville, West Virginia slip away into a horrible nightmare!

 You can file a complaint against your school with them, and pursue the issue like Amanda Smith. The main office is in Washington, but there are branches throughout the country.

Gabriel Prophet who played quarterback for GSC raped the holy bejesus out of Mary Hudnall a GSC student that we all saw almost everyday because she worked at the GO-MART right in the center of town and was completely ruined. The rape cost her the job, her semester at college and life as she knew it because RAPE victims at Glenville State College have no rights down in Crooked County because everything is controlled by the Power of Darkness and the dark woods of Gilmer County holds secrets just as deep and dark as the devil himself!

In addition to internal administrative remedies available within most schools,  but not the HOME OF RAPE GSC a victim may exercise her legal rights against the perpetrator and/or the school under one or more of the following options, explained in more detail below:

• civil lawsuit for negligence
• civil lawsuit for intentional assault and/or battery, emotional distress, etc.
• civil rights lawsuit (under sec. 1983, Title 9 or state constitutional or statutory law)

• criminal prosecution
• “no contact” or “stay away” order in criminal court

• restraining order in civil court
• injunction in civil court

• federal Department of Education’s Office for Civil rights
• federal Department of Education’s Office on Financial Aid (enforces the “Clery Act” which requires public reporting of campus crimes)

• restraining order in civil court

• state commission against discrimination

• 357 Magnum beside the bed cocked and locked

Put some notches on that GUN and tell that NEGRO to RUN!!

Rape, murder!
It’s just a shot away
It’s just a shot away
It’s just a shot away

The Secret Seven Coalition has the most facts and figures and documentation involving the multiple rapes and will bringing all that data forward for a national news service who recently had a 45 minute interview with the SC of the SS for Central West Virginia.

 Schools can be sued by the victims as well.  Activists like the Central WV SS and the threat of their civil rights suits have forced some schools to put fair and supportive policies in place. If a disciplinary board believes the victim’s testimony, the rapist can face expulsion. If you have been raped you have to decide whether to report the rape to the campus police and begin the process through your school and whether or not you are also going to report the rape to the police in the city or county. These are not mutually exclusive processes.

Meghan Ruddlesden besides being “Kick ass” good looking is quite an athlete too and was a star on her track team at Parkersburg High School. It is sad that such a beautiful young creature was abused by the Church of Ike folk who treated her bad just like we knew they would now!!

Most of the rape that happens on campuses occurs between people who know one another. This means that you will probably see the rapist in classes, the student center or even in the dormitories.

In the case of Meghan Ruddlesden she met O’Neil Blake on freshman orientation day and he was suppose to come over just to hang out that August 22, but what did the hanging out was the PENIS of the defensive back for Glenville State College Football team, after he pulled out the breasts of freshman popular athlete Ruddlesden in an offensive and threatening manner after she told him to …”STOP, don’t touch me, I feel uncomfortable!”  However, in the tradition of GSC that was the Que for the BIG P to come out and party like it was a ERIK DAVIS, WILKIE PEREZ, GABE PROPHET, Saturday night with all the thrills of a Butcher Bitches Beach Blanket Bingo Extravaganza!

Consider the impact of this on your ability to have any kind of normal social life while trying to learn and thrive in college!!

 Remember every female GSC student is legally entitled to get a stay away order from your school, allowing you to change dormitories and preventing him, the negro, don’t lay on your back unless he is black BARR CODE GILMER COUNTY RAPIST from coming near you.

Title IX of the Civil Rights Act gives us the right to equal access to educational opportunities, is good in 49 states, but seems to have no meaning in West Virginia.

“A Civil Right in Gilmer County doesn’t mean jack shit for the Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the River can’t even fathom that concept!”

Just HOLD ON to your britches and beware of those Butcher Bitches while ya GIMME SHELTER from the GSC FRIGHT HOUSE on the HILL in the VILLE


Oh, another CHURCH of IKE Storm is threat’ning
My very life today
If I don’t get some shelter
Oh yeah, I’m gonna fade away


Gimme  Shelter, or I’m gonna fade away!

Shown in this photo is CAP 2nd Lt Dan Bingman Cadet Commander Squadron 130 Group 1 California Wing, the youngest Squadron Commander in the state of California and formerly from Squadron 10 Group 2 one of the most active AIR SEARCH and RESCUE Squadrons who now serves as the SC of the Central WV Secret Seven Coalition gets the elite of Squadron 130 from Van Nuys on board but later gets time in the left seat of DC-3 April 1970 shown here on the Kirtland Air Force Base flight line in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Saturday night I was downtown
Working for the FBI
Sitting in a nest of bad men
Whiskey bottles piling high!

Bootlegging boozer on the west side
Full of people a doin wrong!!

…that’s when I heard the   “… Another Dead Down in Crooked County Gong!

You looky here … better watch out now for TALL a walkin BLACK CATS!!

“Don’t Miss the next edition of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf  .. Friday November 16th!  Be there!!  And better bring a clean pair of underwear!”