To all members of the Secret Seven Coalition and the Council of Concerned Citizens now hear this …

TODAY is the day we as citizens will discover whether the seven-vote margin providing the money to pay many school system bills at our expense holds up. We hope it doesn’t, we need seven more votes, and then a majority of the rest left to be counted.

We need to maintain a positive attitude this morning during the canvass count of votes, and be part of the solution and take back control of the community from the Church of IKE and the “Powers that Be,” who have instilled a totalitarian form of government which will be tested this morning during the canvass of votes pertaining to the LEVY at the Gilmer County Courthouse. By order of the SC of the SS no arguing and fighting or being loud or pushing and shoving, or bringing of concealed weapons to the courthouse.

No need to argue and fight the powers that be for they want us in the streets so that they can beat our heads in just like they did FRED HILL!!

At the present time the situation is that Gilmer County voters approved a renewal of the excess levy in last Tuesday’s election, by seven votes. But the tenuous margin of victory hangs on the outcome of the county clerk’s official canvass of votes, today.

The LEVY needs only a simple majority to pass.  The levy received 1,157 votes in favor and 1,150 against.  

If our observers that are there representing the people and the fine citizens of central WV do indeed suspect foul play and voter fraud, then, we need to get together in groups and EXPOSE the Power Elite of Gilmer County, RIDICULE them with our hubris complete with the public humiliation that comes along with the SHOWING of the TRUTH involving the actions that the Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River have been known for going on three decades now. Enough is enough; we must fight for our rights that these evil ones continually attempt to take away.

“That’s the way they always do it in Gilmer County!” won’t be the way it is done this morning, if  we all ban together for this important stand for justice.

“We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately …”

Benjamin Franklin

Newly elected Gilmer County Commissioner Larry Chapman is smiling for the reason he was voted back in as County Commissioner in the November 6th election after losing the last election to Darrel Ramsey who occasionally attempts to do the right thing by citizens. Chapman being elected again is a BAD OMEN, based on his past performance and backing of initiatives and actions that have not been a benefit to citizens, but brought a great benefit to the totalitarian regime currently in power in Gilmer County. These County Commissioners make their own rules when it comes to changing districts and living out of the district they represent. Gilmer County earned its name of Crooked County by, ” Making their own rules …” a term proven true and made famous by the actions of Judge Richard A Facemire during the longest running court case in Gilmer County known as the “Travesty of Justice,” court case.