With ALL the CORRUPTION down at the Courthouse in Gilmer County this December of 2017 the staff at Revenge of the Ghost Wolf made up of Concerned Citizens of Central West Virginia who have taken a vow to EXPOSE the truth about those Crooked Sons of Bitches …have decided to republish this great article, “You’ve got to Serve Somebody”

By Free Bird – RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor/ Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“Myths sometimes die hard!”

The myth that West Virginia is actually part of America is a hard one to learn, but when you do learn even if it is the hard way, you know for sure. That situation goes double in Gilmer County!

This part of West Virginia is often recognized by well laid nests of crime clubs where bribery, extortion, nepotism and sleaze are ways of life. Local governments in West Virginia are today more often than not corrupt as all get out, but specifically Gilmer County – and we have well documented proof of corruption!

“That’s just the way we always do it in Gilmer County”

“What is the purpose of electing officials to run local government … of choosing leaders?”

If you have ever given this question some thought, the chances are you figured that they exist to serve us, but in Gilmer County an elite group has formed to serve themselves — and like minded affluent and are known locally as the Gilmer County Power Elite, or even better known as the Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River!

The Secret Seven Coalition leaders in the FREE PRESS movement in Central WV are tackling ethics complaints from citizens involving public official’s almost daily and publishing weekly articles that often involve acts of misconduct in Gilmer County government or justice system which has a reputation for corruption, which also includes close political ties to Charleston. Pictured here is Glenville, West Virginia just before the Crooks from Crooked County ejected Fred Hill from a bar, and then murdered him for pinching asses and showing attention to the elite bitches of Glenville, West Virginia

 Serving the public is why we call those officials “Public Servants.”

It’s because they serve the people, right?


Not in Gilmer County, West Virginia, otherwise known as Morris town USA with some freaked out, drugged up, egotistical, backwards as fuck, arrogant, dumb ass power elite pieces of shit, calling themselves, Public Servants!

But mostly many of them have been pubic hair servants for all the sex scandals in Gilmer County that have become famous over the years!

We have a saying in the Central WV SS, “Penny for your thoughts,” for long time SS member Penny and “Bunny for your wiener” as long time SS member BUNNY and original Cal Patty Press chick since 2006 shows us how to suck  a Crooked County wiener in honor of the boyfriend of Crystal Metz Jeremy “Wagging his Wiener,” Wagner who was an adult in charge of the totally out of control high school STATE Tournament VOLLEY BALL event.

Glenville, the county seat of Gilmer County is now known for drugs and illicit, unethical, immoral debauchery that has made it to the pages of the Gilmer Free Press and these accounts are personal accounts of people that were there and/or Police reports!

In most places in America individuals clearly work for government because they are altruists, wanting to do what is best for everybody, regardless of their own self interest, of course,    ….but this isn’t America, this is West Virginia!

And more specifically CROOKED COUNTY where they murdered FRED HILL!!

If you aren’t from the CHURCH OF IKE you are nowhere baby!

Judge Richard A Facemire the Judge that has had the most reversals by the WV Supreme Court in the last couple of years,has even more misconduct complaints revealed soon and will have to make a decision to recuse himself when the motion is filed to bring the “Travesty of Justice” case back before the Gilmer County 14th district circuit court on the grounds that new evidence was discovered that proves Hough paid to have a state witness commit perjury involving ownership of property.

Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord of IKE, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody. You may be rich or poor, you may be blind or lame, and you may be living in Crooked County under another name. You may call me R Terry, or maybe just Jimmy West, or you may call me Lady Titans Coach Bobby Duvall and my mouth will be at your lil girls breast, but you got to serve somebody at the CHURCH of IKE!

Whistle-blowers can be framed for crimes they did not commit, or even come to experience foul play. Dissidents are carefully watched by the police, and may wind up in hot water for mere expressions of opinion. However, anything can go on at the home of IKE MORRIS (shown above)  …all you got to do is SERVE SOMEBODY!

Governments are basically businesses where large sums of money pass through every day, where licenses and permits are sought, where unwarranted criminal prosecutions often originate and where suspicious contracts and purchases are awarded.

“The temptation to steal in Gilmer County, to promote graft or to build corrupt little empires is pandemic!”

Those who seek political position in both county and city government often do so for the basest of motives.

Others, like those in Gilmer County have become enchanted with the concept of power, and become corrupted by its taste. Organized criminal networks flourish in the environment of local government, and often the line between criminal, government employee or official is blurred.

“With the recent outcry for help involving the misconduct in the Gilmer County Sheriffs office and Deputy Jones using a Taser weapon on a citizen, we wonder how many members of law enforcement have a criminal history or other blemishes on their record.”

Are they accepting bribes from the owner of a local towing company like we have been a hearing?

An inquiry into this might include officials of both city and county government and there will be no answers forthcoming.

“It really is not what you know but who you know in order to do business in Gilmer County West Virginia!”

Speaking of SCANDAL and sexual misconduct involving the Gilmer County Sheriffs office and even the daughter of the head law man here in the town of Glenville, the latest involves drunken fun at the Gilmer County High School Volley Ball tournament.

It has been reported that Kim Morris, Sandy Pettit, and Bev Metz were all drunk on the trip to the State Volley Ball event. They took some kids on the pep bus and a group led by Gerry Hough’s daughter CARLY mixed vodka with Gatorade and ended up getting too drunk and passing out! Now, there is even more of a scandal to tell! Hell! Some party goers said they did not know where they were and finally found some people in the group passed out too! And then they fa fa fucked, cuz that’s what real drunk people do!

“They all drank Thursday night, went to the tournament Friday and then the real party started.

The boy friend of Crystal Metz was so drunk and fucked up on drugs, that nobody cared when he ventured off, and then what he was trying to do to the girls by pulling their pants and panties down and then trying to play with their precious feminine secret places!

Another one  of Gerry Hough’s daughters, Lauren Hough, Carly’s Lil Sis was named as a chief player in all of the sexual exchanges and drunk shit and such.

The boyfriend of Crystal Metz was going room to room and in hallways trying to get the girls naked and play box banging bingo the Butcher Bitches way!

“In one incident dude hid in the bathtub in the ladies facilities and when the girls went to use the bathroom then he jumped out swinging his penis to and fro just like they do down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!”

To sum up the sexual holiday the Crooked County way, sponsored by GCHS — Mickey, Beverly and Crystal Metz, Sandy Pettit, Ike’s Executive secretary, and another member of the Church of IKE who is the mother of the girl who got raped by a black man and then pregnant by a black man and then got an abortion. Also the boyfriend of Crystal Metz Jeremy “Wagging his Wiener,” Wagner were the adults in charge of the totally out of control high school event.

Carly Hough brought the hard booze and got on the bus that caused all of the fuss shown here with “DAD” the Gilmer County Prosecutor who is the subject of much discussion among out of town lawyers now that rumor is the “Tragedy of Justice” case is coming back to court with the sole purpose of bringing forth the real evidence and documenting wrongdoing that will lead to future jail sentences for those that were joined in a conspiracy to bring false facts to a grand jury and a felony trial jury.

We hear of policemen extorting sex from the relatives of a wanted criminal.  Is all the cash collected going on the books or in pockets?  That action has already been documented in the county tax collections.

It is well known that improper favors are always handed out to suspects. Drug offenses, parking tickets, drunk driving cases and the like are simply ignored for people with the right clout.

Slum lord housing in Gilmer County that is typical of those rented by Gerry Hough and other power elite that use others for financial gain whether they break the laws of the United States or not. Many CROOKED COUNTY CROOKS feel they can make their own rules and the rules of the US do not apply to them or their corrupt friends in power.

This, however, is amateur stuff. The real professional racketeers have a deeper stranglehold on the entire apparatus of local government. The power held by politicians and their lackeys often includes control over licenses and permits for everything from pinball machines, tattoo and massage parlors, to liquor licenses and building permits. The power to say no is also the power to say yes. This power is a commodity that can be sold, traded or bought.  What’s the going price these days Gilmer County?

The power to award building contracts, public works contracts, the right to collect overdue parking tickets or taxes, and the power to hire employees all can bring money to a crooked bureaucrat.

There is no end to it in Gilmer County where the same stuff goes on and never stops. The worst part of human nature prevails when political power is placed in the wrong hands as Gilmer County citizens hard work goes to promote the gangster life on a country level and see that these thieves become the new bourgeoisie while the average guy struggles to pay his taxes and keep his house, never mind feed the family.

Are you tired of it yet?

What can be done?

A thinking mind is never helpless.  Making politicians fearful of the citizenry, instead of contemptuous, is necessary..

“Citizens who are vigilant and involved rather than apathetic can be a strong antidote to politics as usual!”

Informed citizens who carefully watch their local Gilmer County government are the front line of defense for the integrity of the community.

Without breaking the law, local activists need to select the issues that matter most and launch a campaign to embarrass and humiliate the people most responsible. Personal attacks often work. If somebody is guilty of nepotism, identify him. If there is blatant corruption, name them, but be sure the evidence is solid and documented.

“These small town crooks and bullies need lessons in humility.

Let’s give it to them!”

Maybe it’s time that that those, “BULLSHIT” fake as fuck public servants in Gilmer County, West Virginia learned to serve somebody!