Since it is the HOLIDAY SEASON, lets celebrate by republishing an RGW article read by thousands looking back to December three years ago. Happy Holidays from Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!!

By Free Bird – Reporter for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf/Hurricane Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

They used to say it’s not what you know but “Who you know.”

In Gilmer County what really seems to matter these days is …“Where you buy your blow.”

Partiality to long-standing friends, especially by appointing them to positions of authority, is how business is done on a daily basis here in Gilmer County and if you deal a couple of kilos or a few hundred pills along the way all the better.

Merry Christmas from The BUTCHER BITCHES famous members of the Gilmer County POWER ELITE that Broke Bad like they did for Beach Blanket Bingo during the SUMMER of LOVE on the CalPatty Press, certainly in the Holiday Spirit above and have each others tongues deep deep deep in the Holiday!

By the way, have another drink, like Princes Di wife to Timothy B Butcher or do as you’re told and don’t worry.  It will be “JUST OK!”

“How’s that working out for you, Gilmer County?”

Take, for example, good old Crooked County Commissioner Brian Kennedy. He worked at the college for Aramark, promised to move to Normantown if they’d support him while he ran in the city, gets the job, gets fired at GSC for what in reality constituted embezzlement with his buddy Shattuck and hand in hand with the evil and hated Larry Chapman who he is still trying to get back into office.

Next thing you know Kennedy is working at the Morris Sports field getting a Morris Foundation check too — and since those two jobs and his bitch ass wife TARA KENNEDY’S state salary,  still can’t pay the bills or support their habits ,even when  hanging out with Judge Facemire — but then dude is told to help run the Morris restaurant business with his old buddy, the newest place where all the elite meet — and a place where all that dope just might hit the street!

“Kennedy doesn’t have time to come to Commission meetings because he is high as fuck! If the WALRUS does show stoned as hell he is not on time and can barely stay till the half day once a month is finished!”

Now we hear that fake fuck is going to Florida for the rest of the year and beyond (what do you say, Orange Bowl with Ike or Shelly and Greg?) and there’s even been rumor if they can’t get Metz in they’d like to make Kennedy a Magistrate. 

Running Gassaway Road after closing the bar ( the only thing open at that joint), Crooked County Commissioner Brian Kennedy runs his car off the road…just like DOUG MORRIS!

Connie O Stinky Commissioner ASS shown on right, with HESS, KENNEDY — And is he a pitcher or a catcher .. Darrel Ramsey, whose son said dude had sex with a boy from the head start program when the son was drunk as hell at the folk festival back in 2010 the summer the Butcher Bitches BROKE BAD on the CalPatty Press.

It is probably not a good idea for evil corrupt elite to step off in our territory bitches, for middle run is not far away and that is SS owned and operated right next to IKE’S private 10,000 acre game reserve and hunting club. A few of the members have taken shots at our dogs a few times in the past, and next time will be the last time if we catch them at it for the highly trained K-9′s have every right to defend themselves, and they will be let loose to do just that, plus they get a very well armed back up now just in time for the holidays.

“Did anyone chase Kennedy down at home and determine if he was hurt, what condition he was in, was anyone else in the car or what caused the crash besides the fact the Walrus was too fucked up on Cocaine and booze to drive!”

Brian Kennedy is the nephew of the infamous Butchers of the Butcher and Butcher law firm. In Glenville, the county seat of Crooked County, the VILLE the purpose of family ties mixed with running the local county government is to be able to pull strings and the right strings can be pulled by putting the right people in control for the sole purpose of becoming elected, reelected, or having your supporters and close associates elected or reelected! Kennedy has proven to be a real bad actor. But, then again, it’s not necessarily who you know, but where you buy your blow in Gilmer County, and COCAINE is Brian Kennedy’s middle name.

No indeed ‘cause the Sheriff  Mickey Metz already knew that dog wouldn’t hunt. Call Moss, tell him to hurry the Walrus is down! He’s just a little piece up the road. Standard Operating Procedure, give anybody that is fucked up and with him a ride home and it’s Just OK but remind that lying bitch Tara Kennedy to pick up his paycheck as he might not make the meeting today. Feeling a little under the weather we hear, is it because of all the Cocaine and beer?

Damn, hope we can be there next time, we just need better communication equipment to respond, but that is on the budget for next year.

What about I’d stop pulling out that hair if I were you Doug Morris?  Somebody needs to teach that man something about business before pleasure!

“Sheriff Metz ran as fast as he could when the Mrs. heard the  Morris name on the scanner!”

Knew he had to stop Huffman from writing up anything silly or letting some biased State Policeman get involved. Had to make sure the big bosses grown kid didn’t have another reason to leave town.

The GILMER FREE PRESS reports that DOUG MORRIS VP of WACO OIL and ASS got his ass busted for dope after crashing his car within yards of the former headquarters of the West Virginia, Secret Seven Coalition!

On Tuesday, December 13, 2011, The Gilmer County Sheriff Deputy Ben Huffman was dispatched to a single-vehicle Motor-Vehicle-Accident at approximately 5:00 AM on WV Highway 5 west, near Gilmer-Calhoun county line.

According to Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz, he responded to the vehicle accident as well since he lives about 1.5 miles from the accident.

When Deputy Huffman arrived on the scene, he asked Sheriff Metz who was in the car accident. Sheriff Metz advised Deputy Huffman that he had not seen the driver, but the driver was at the residence just down from the accident.

Deputy Huffman went to the house and identified the driver as Douglas Shane Morris from Glenville, WV.

At this time The Gilmer County EMS was on scene helping Morris because he was complaining about his back hurting.

Shortly after, the victim was transported to Minnie Hamilton in Grantsville, WV to be treated for injuries.

The toxicology report request by Deputy Huffman which was sent to him on December 15, 2011 by Minnie Hamilton showed that Douglas Morris tested positive for THC, Benzodiazepine, Amphetamine, and Opiates.

A DUI charge was filed in Gilmer County Magistrate Court by Sheriff Deputy Huffman against Morris on Monday, December 19, 2011.

The complaint notes: Any person who drives a vehicle in WV while he or she is under the influence of controlled substance is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, except as provided in section two-b of this article, shall be confined in jail for up to six months and shall be fined not less than one hundred dollars not more than five hundred dollars. Violation of W.Va State Code 17C-5-2(d)(B).

Somebody call Phil Reale one of the heavy weight secreted  Crooks from Crooked County and have him standing by,  don’t give a damn about anything else, handle it, take care of it, make it, “Just OK!”

Check it out Phil Reale — you are not the real deal, but the real Phil Steal –we are gonna be on you like fly’s on shit all of 2012 for we would love to hit some of that shit dude!  Just let me hit it one time, oh yeah and from behind like a Butcher Bitch that’s got the itch!

If y’all want to know why the WV GAZETTE won’t print shit about Gilmer County, it is because of Phil Reale, lawyer dude, Ike Morris dude, Power Elite dude and enemy to the Central WV SS, the CCC and the brand spanking new Gilmer Schools Coalition.

“And it comes to latest incident where DOUG MORRIS VP of WACO OIL and ASS, wrecked his car under the influence of FIVE different drugs you can bet some sneaky and underhanded Gilmer County shit will be dealt now!”

For all we know someone has a new car besides the Hess’s tonight over that.  Yeah, he probably only picks up the cash but with his local dealers getting caught right and left and Calhoun County fun waiting, what’s a good little crime boss to do?  Make his daily run.  Hand Mickey what you found on me, he’ll give it back when I’m out of the hospital and by the way, get me to that hospital before anyone else shows up.  Tell him to make sure it’s all still there, see him later gator, and then back to F L A for some more C O C A I N E.

REAL DOPE dealers like Doug Morris son to the infamous IKE MORRIS of WACO OIL and ASS go free and can actually get caught with Cocaine while breaking other laws and walks…

Butcher Bitch Lexy Butcher looking sexy while all of the elite can use drugs without worrying about the local Sheriff or law enforcement, others are falsely prosecuted to keep the Crooked County machine rolling!

Here is Timothy Alan Furr who was busted recently because he has been injecting METH with a needle and then took too many pills and was getting too many thrills and just look at the man’s mug shot.

It spells, “Dougie Morris let me snort the good cocaine so I had to take some of his dads Lortabs I got from Doug Cottrill to try to come down man…”

Timothy Furr, Age 42, it has been said has been dealing dope for and from DOUG COTTRILL who is a close associate of IKE MORRIS, and he washed cars at DRAKES AUTO SALES so is also possibly connected to the BUTCH DRAKE drug connection and Tim was caught and was charged with possession with intent to deliver marijuana, possession of controlled prescription pills, possession of meth and possession of cocaine.

Dude was also arrested for daytime burglary, so he was in the act of ripping off some more dope or in the act of getting some money to buy dope from the WACO OIL and ASS drug dealing Cartel in Glenville, West Virginia.

Detailed Offender Information

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon
Full Name: Furr,  Timothy  Alan
Height: 6′  1″
Weight: 240 lbs.
Birth Date: 3/10/1969
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 12/16/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

Poor Tim Furr is hooked.  Got to have it, got to deal it to have it, and he’s hoping that promise still covers him too.  $4500 will do the bail and good to go.  Not his first rodeo, if nobody brings bail, he’ll have to roll and pretty much knows the business from the bottom to up about so high.  Guess what’s going to happen and as long as the judge does as he’s told no one should be the wiser. Give him probation so Tara can handle that and the drug test results will be just OK. That’s what she gets the state benefits for, that and making sure they come up positive if necessary or they’re controlled by threatening to take their kids or jail their husband.  When the perfect set up is in danger, one of you paid flunkies better step in to make it just OK! That auto dealer drug transport deal is too valuable to screw up now. Which esteemed lawyer will they pull out of their pocket for him?  The high road would be a Bowles and Rice representative but probably just give it to a local.  He’s really not family you know, not real family, but that monkey’s already been trained.

Selective prosecution is practiced in the most crooked county in WV Gilmer County, the home of the most reversed and off the hook judge in the entire state Richard (DICK) Facemire! Doug Morris just got popped again, last time Oakie Starsick State Trooper busted him for Cocaine the dope and the charges just disappeared, and all of these above excuses actually work if you are a child of the POWER ELITE of the EVIL VILLE known as Glenville, West Virginia, and just like the case of Timothy B Butchers son pulled over for DUI back in the old days of the original Crooked County Crooks website, the first website in WV to report the REAL TRUTH!

Forms of corruption change from day to day, but include bribery, extortion, cronyism, nepotism, patronage, graft, trading in influence and embezzlement.  Every form witnessed right here in Gilmer County too many times to count and too many of the same names always involved. Corruption that facilitates criminal enterprises such as drug trafficking, money laundering in addition to crooked real estate deals, and maybe even a little human trafficking go on daily.  Local law enforcement, with the apparent blessing and total cooperation of the elected officials, turns a blind eye and open hand to it all.

We all pretty much recognize favoritism when we see it.  It’s favoring a person!

Larry Chapman on left in the county commission office pulled a fast one on Gilmer County — Surely Chapman had to excuse himself as President of GCEDA so Bennett and the rest could vote him in for a paycheck but that wasn’t enough. Bennett had to see that Chapman’s latest squeeze was hired too. Job well done! Hope she doesn’t teach the kids how to sleep with a married man and break up his family as part of her PE courses! Just another fine example of ethics and morals in the Crooked County. That’s how much the Board of Ed cares about who’s watching the children. Nasia says that’s just normal. Now that Chapman gets the paycheck (which just happens to be about equal to his old Commissioner’s salary) plus health insurance, do you believe he will do more for Gilmer County than he did when he was just President of the GCEDA or County Commission? Maybe he’s just been holding out on us but I think we’ve seen this dog and pony show before.

And, that is not because he or she is doing the best job at anything but rather because of some extraneous feature-membership in a favored group, personal likes and dislikes, etc.  It’s using who you have in your pocket or under your thumb to get what you want. Favoritism or patronage is  demonstrated every day in hiring, honoring, or awarding contracts, distribution of cash gifts and cash equivalents,  selective criminal prosecution, and appointments to public service jobs in Gilmer County are expected, it has become the norm. Nepotism is probably the most common form of favoritism around here as it covers favors to members of the family.

Both nepotism and cronyism fueled by guilt through association controls the lives of our citizens in every way that can possibly affect their communities. Some form of “I got to get over” mentality is always behind the moves the Einstein elite make these days.  Seen in the naked light they have made this county one ugly place.   Keep it in perspective, keep it real, this all happened in just one week! People say it’s still a feudal state, I say we exist in a state of unfettered political corruption  known as a kleptocracy, meaning “ruled by thieves” and that has always been the real name of the game.

Maybe it’s time for the decent folk of this county to do some thinking. No person with any understanding of what constitutes moral and ethical behavior can possibly believe there’s a very bright future for anyone but a few of the selected if we stay on this path.

Is it too late to save this county before it becomes a nameless blob on the map included in some type of consolidation so the politicians can get more federal monies based on total population — Is it too late to save this Crooked County from the embarrassment of an illiterate dumb as fuck Sheriff like Mickey Metz and a dishonest prosecutor that Gerry Hough has proved to be?

Don’t know, lets hope not, but it is a cruel irony that our leaders have called building the federal prison a”Major economic development,” while the investors of the new hotel located right next door utilized state funds and now want to downgrade the facility to a local inn while the drugs and sex and rape and debauchery carry on with no consequence to any other but the victims and the tax paying citizens of Gilmer County

Ethical Treatment for Gilmer County?  Will It Ever Happen?

Remember when the Gilmer County Commission, Larry Chapman President, approved the purchase by Extension Agent Shirey of a series of books written by Dr. Love, Sex Therapist to teach a class at the college using such titles as “HOT MONOGAMY-Making your marriage sizzle”? (While being paid with county taxpayers’ dollars).  How long was that true fact denied?  Remember they used levy funds and the citizens were so irate the commission pulled the money out of their own pockets to pour oil on troubled waters and make it go away?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…

Time for Beach Blanket Bingo with Bikini’s hidden underneath — Lizzy Butcher taking a Dizzy break with good pal just before the Summer of Love where the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad!!

Remember when the commission almost gave away the medical center on mineral road, revealed in a report in the Gilmer Free Press?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
Remember when the bond issue for the college dorms was passed by the Gilmer County Commission, with Larry Chapman President, when there was little or no public input sought?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
We remember it well, they all left the one meeting they had on the issue to go down the street to get legal advice from Butcher and Butcher (Timothy B Butcher, President of GSC Housing Corp and R Terry Butcher, Board of Governors at GSC) as to whether or not to sign it and the Commission signed the application that day?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
Remember the issues involving the Gilmer County Recreation Center and the Golf Course?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
Remember a series of no-bid contracts?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
Remember the Gilmer County Commission with Chapman in the lead denying that any election complaint had ever been filed or that the County Clerk was being sued in Federal Court the entire time a Federal Election was in progress?
…and all that denial turned out to be a new river in Glenville or something for it all turned out to be a lie!

Well, that was all Larry Chapman!
Remember that the Gilmer County Economic/Industrial Development Association (GCEDA) has been appointed by the Commission as the authority for economic development in Gilmer County and that Larry Chapman served on that organizations’ board as President/Vice President, or one officer or another over the years while in the elected office of Gilmer County Commissioner?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman!
Well what is it that is all Larry Chapman now?

Now Larry Chapman, President of the GCEDA who worked with fellow Board Officers and Members to establish a Search Committee, creates a job description, places advertisements and seeks applications for the position of Part-time Coordinator with Health Benefits for that job-entity created with the potential for fulltime.


That job is all Larry Chapman!!
Where is the service to others?

All we have ever seen is service to Larry Chapman from Larry Chapman by Larry Chapman for Larry Chapman!

This man actually has to excuse himself from the executive session and the vote because HE WAS STILL THE PRESIDENT OF the Gilmer County EDA!


Because that job is all Larry Chapman!

Shameless and promiscuous intercourse came at a young age for Lizzy Butcher(left)losing her virginity at just 13. Promiscuous daughters sometimes come from incestuous fathers, and an unruly daughter will make an unruly and promiscuous wife someday for someone else a little further down the road. Feeling attractive and loved by  R Terry Butcher “Daddy” can help a girl have more confidence and strength and those Butcher Bitches certainly can throw one mean TYRONE!! Oh yeah!!!

It has been suggested that the Board of Directors of the GCEDA needs to familiarize themselves with Sarbanes-Oxley legislation and the IRS Code for 501c-6 non-profit organizations.  They prohibit any part of the net earnings being used to benefit individuals of that Board or its Directors other than “reasonable” compensation for actual expenses incurred.  Also, providing accurate information as to possible conflicts of interest on the form 990 is imperative AND THE LAW.

Oh, don’t tell me, because that job is Larry Chapman too? Is Larry Chapman the law? Could Larry Chapman have solved issues that have caused the local community embarrassment like spending thousands of dollars of state and county money to fight a fabricated case all the way to the Supreme Court involving old used farm equipment, just like that sits on every farm in the state of West Virginia, and then pay people to lie saying it was brand new?

Oh, that Larry Chapman!
That job, the biggest SNOW JOB in circuit court history is all Larry Chapman too?

Yep! That was all Larry Chapman!
Since the board seems to be all about Larry Chapman they might also want to guard the status they have enjoyed under the Federal Volunteer Protection Act.  Can this long time business owner, charter member and multiple times President just forget the affiliation?

Will Western Auto be left out with no representation?  Leaders of Gilmer County…  can you do anything without being underhanded?


That job is all Larry Chapman!
Gilmer County deserves better than this and we will never forget the day that Glenville, West Virginia in Gilmer County was all about Larry Chapman!!
Mr. Chapman, if we are wrong and you have not broken the law in this matter, please explain.  Your silence can only be considered confirmation.  If you cannot explain, perhaps the IRS can!

Bullying GFP in Public Meeting and Attack on Free Speech

After the meeting was called to order, Mr. Larry Chapman, the out-voted previous Gilmer County Commission President, entered the room, disregarding the rules of order, put his name on the sign-up sheet below others, took his jacket off,  threw it on the chair, and publicly verbally attacked the GFP reporter.

Chapman demanded the Commissioners create a resolution forcing GFP to submit names of everyone who had responded to the article about the unusual method by which he created and hired himself for a part time position for Gilmer County Economic Development Association.

I see Connie O’Stinky stated when asked about Larry Chapman and his out burst, she said she almost peed herself, and then it was reported by a bystander that, “Chapman came in sputtering and spitting like a boiling teapot”

Chapman took off his jacket and threw it down on a chair! And then, demanded to know who was sending that stuff in about him and his Hottsy Tottsy Girly Girl to the Gilmer Free Press, Chapman acted in a very threatening manner!

Where the ELITE MEET the VILLE in Gilmer County where Nasia Butcher can make some calls and have all of the schools taken over by the state and R Terry Butcher who with brother Timothy B Butcher did not do an accounting in 12 yrs on the AJ WOOFTER estate against WV law, and had to face no consequence because of evil and unlawful political actions, “They really know how to deliver by the Crooked River, DOPE and CROOKED POLITICS!

A typical local “Power Elite” just having a little fun at our expense while engaging in a typical everyday Crooked County day full of nepotism, which often leads to pressure through the family somehow or then there is, the holding of a carrot out in some type of bribery–And soon there could be embezzlement, extortion or graft, or even another real estate scandal like we just witnessed with our own eyes, while the “Powers that Be” never stopped denying the real facts.

Deny deny deny! “Oh it is all just a lie!”  Not this time Crooked County!!

You done got CAUGHT a being Crooked down by the Crooked River!!

Y’all know how to deliver down by that Crooked River!!