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By Free Bird — Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“I can be the nicest guy or your biggest enemy!” “Treat me good, I’ll treat you better. Treat me bad, I’ll treat you worse.”

                                                   Supreme Commander of the SS September 21, 2012

Gerry Hough is fucked up in this photo and now stands accused of taking a pay off in the murder of Willard Cottrill (See SS article “Sister Morphine”) It is also believed that Hough has been involved in redacting the will after the death of Cottrill, for the Gilmer County Sheriff and Hough are both accused of criminal actions by Ruth Mitchell and one of Willard Cottrill’s daughters who wondered why Hough was in the courtroom when judge ALSOP ruled against the alleged murderers of Cottrill and for Mitchell and one daughter. Why was Gerry Hough even in that ALSOP courtroom in the 14th district court in Gilmer County? In other issues of misconduct, Gerry Hough committed a FERPA violation when he illegally pulled the student records of a RAPE victim. Hough was representing Wilkie Perez, a GSC student and quarterback of the football team, on charges he raped Anita Phillips-Wiseman
Hough should have had his license to practice law pulled when he pulled the records of Anita Wiseman when she filed RAPE charges against Wilkie Perez who played football at GSC and then went on to play for WVU. Hough and GSC manipulated the courts and that was the first of the rapes the SS knows about and has recorded in the corrupt history book of Gilmer County. Hough was fined $400 bucks by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, and he was denied a raise by his employer Glenville State College, for Gerry was getting two pay checks way back in the day too! Gerry was only a lawyer for three weeks when committing the FERPA violation and has been allowed to commit much more serious acts of misconduct since then, since complaints have been filed and the ODC has done little or nothing to attenuate his criminal actions.

The Shit has hit the fan down in Gilmer County is right!! The Supreme Commander of the SS and the representative from the Council of Conservative Citizens from GREEN BO ALABAMA … have been riding around in the back of a LONG WHITE CADILLAC and just missed Chief Deputy Larry Gerwig  who was on point, keeping guard while Sally Bozeat and Venita SISTER MORPHINE Cottrill were putting a for sale sign out in front of the home of the murdered WILLARD COTTRILL!! I understand we have photo’s of that occasion taken by Ruth Mitchell who watched her significant other murdered before her very eyes, with a Morphine drug cocktail ordered up from the lady doctor down in Glenville , home of the Crooked County Crooks!

Now the SS will be exposing Chief Deputy Gerwig for his criminal participation of guarding murderers while going against the wishes of the court, in addition to perjury committed concerning the TRAVESTY of JUSTICE case, the longest running court case in Gilmer County history that experts have revealed was based on false evidence brought by the Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald B Hough that Gilmer County and the State of West Virginia backed all the way to the US Supreme Court.

Hough has been exposed for his criminal actions in the West Virginia Record and Secret Seven Coalition publications, and now we have even more wrongdoing by Hough to expose.

SOON the WV SS has plans to meet with the highest authority of Federal law enforcement in DC to expose more crimes committed by Gilmer County Public Officials.

God damn right, those Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River actually assisted with the murder of Willard Cottrill and with the help of Gerald B Hough are actually making a profit on the deal for high ranking members of the SS have been told that the executor of the estate, a little bitch by the name of Michael Murphy has been handing out hundred dollar bills, that included a CASH PAY OFF to Gerald B Hough to help assist in getting around the legal structure of the will of Willard Cottrill which was recently before JUDGE ALSOP and the Gilmer County 14th district Circuit Court.

The Central WV SS already has cooked the GOOSE of Gilmer County Sheriff Metz by publishing the fact he lied to the public about having a GED for 8 years, and then publishing his PROVEN PHONY high school diploma that he purchased for $329.00 from ADDISON a paper mill company that sells fake credentials that ARE NOT ACCREDITED!!

“If you want to keep the good old boys in office then just leave it up to Natalie Tennant. Business without ethics and politics without principle are her specialty!”

The hot ticket on the ballot she has suppressed until the last minute is actually a Constitutional Amendment.  It is one that West Virginians have voted down twice before 2 to 1 and hopefully will do so for the third time.   The amendment would eliminate the “two-term” limit for sheriffs.  It would allow any sheriff to run for unlimited consecutive terms.  To amend the constitution of this state it takes a two-thirds majority in each house of the state legislature and then must be ratified by a majority of the voters at general election but Natalie didn’t remember until time to print the ballots! No, let’s not let the people start to talk this extremely unpopular issue over any longer than absolutely necessary!  Shhh, keep still and maybe they won’t notice.

Natalie and crew totally supports putting too much power in the hands of elected buddies at the local level to keep the wheels greased and report all under control and that’s why term limits are very appropriate in this situation.

Let’s face it, West Virginia Sheriff’s are not only chief law enforcement officers with little to no qualifications required to get the job but also are the chief tax collectors of the county in which they serve. Too much power in the hands of any one person is an easy path to corruption proven so many times in this state and county by tax theft and padded payrolls.  How many times do we have bad experiences before we can admit to ourselves that “absolute power corrupts absolutely?”

Why is it that crime is on the increase, rapes go unprosecuted, the jails are full and the title of high intensity drug trafficking area gets added to our wall of shame and yet the West Virginia Sheriff’s Association will not agree to have a constitutional amendment placed on the ballot removing their tax collecting authority? Why don’t they let the county commissions appoint a county treasurer? It would make more sense.  Certainly it would increase the possibility of passage of no term limits but they just can’t stand to have those two powers separated.

For that reason alone we believe Ms. Tennant just conveniently “forgot” to put this issue out to the public and for that reason alone it must fail.  The good old boy network that lets a little girl be raped and doesn’t have her back needs to spend more time on law enforcement and let someone more qualified handle our money. While we are at it, we might add a few more of those “qualifications” to the list for office of sheriff so we can all feel a little safer and so that those brave young girls won’t have to stand alone in a court of law.

Dan Bell – GSC – Gerry Hough – Sheriff Mickey Metz, all worked together acting on orders from the Church of IKE and Sandy Pettit to cover up the rape of Amanda Smith for the reason of protecting the image of GSC. The Central WV SS has been reporting on rapes at GSC for six years and there has been NO CONVICTIONS !! Without these reports from the SS nobody would ever have known about the multiple rapes!!

Gilmer County, you need to be part of the third defeat of this amendment.  If anyone in this state is being denied information it is you.  Besides the Secretary of State have you noticed no information coming from your County Clerk or County Commissioners? Those bitches are some DUMB mother fuckers that’s for sure!  Do you wonder why they don’t put the name of any “reports” to be discussed on the agendas?  Has anyone seen a levy call in the paper for your tax levies this year?  They are in the process of printing the ballot and you guys aren’t even given a chance at public comment on what you’re supposed to vote on.  What’s up with that people?  Don’t get caught sleeping! For sure as the day is long the Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River wont be!

And just to remind you how crooked they are, here’s a little sad tidbit of information.  It’s on the GCHS grapevine that the kids are seeing a “message” passed around saying they better get their parents to vote for the excess levy or they won’t get a laptop for the new “virtual” classrooms.  Surprise kids, they already bought the laptops and they’ve been received ready to be tested.  The bill has been paid but who is going to pay the price for “vote buying” using the children?  What low life decided that would be a good way to get it done?  More than a little illegal and since ethics have never even been in this county’s dictionary, there’s not much point in mentioning them.  Fellow travelers, you might want to let the parents and care givers know exactly how low the people in charge of their schools will go to get the money.  How much good would it do to tell Natalie Tennant? Hope someone finds out!

The SC of the SS has been using long time connections in National Media Coverage from when he worked in MAJOR MARKET MEDIA in California, Arizona, and Ohio, and has been pounding away at all the news networks to expose the phony and controlled press in West Virginia, led by PHIL REALE of Glenville, WV who is a WV PRESS lobbyist for the elite that has a good deal of control of the content expressed by the WV GAZETTE and other Charleston Newspapers, as well as exposing the wrong doing of Dave CORKY Corcoran the PRESIDENT of the PRESS association for publishing one sided propaganda designed to HIDE THE TRUTH from the public. In other words the PRINT PRESS MEDIA in WV has been under elite control since the beginning of time and the public is only informed of matters the ELITE want published, other than that, NO REAL NEWS is published and the truth is hidden.

The RAPE problem at GSC has been much more severe than the general public ever knew, only the Central WV SS reported on the matter, and the rape allegations were completely ignored by the local print press!

High ranking members of the Secret Seven Coalition have been having meetings that have been lasting long into the midnight hours and are moving in on the POWER ELITE and the phony and FAKE POLITICIANS, like Walker, Boggs, Manchin, and Earl Ray Tomblin!!

“But, the biggest story to hit the fan was just released  by Lawrence Smith and the West Virginia Record, (below)and the Secret Seven Coalition can stick another feather in their cap, because it was the Central WV SS that originally exposed the fact that Gerry Hough and GSC covered up this rape!”

CLARKSBURG A former Glenville State College student is alleging campus police failed to properly investigate her claim she was raped two years ago following an impromptu party in her dormitory.

Erietta Patrianakos is shown in this photo. According to the federal law suit, Patrianakos took alcohol to the alleged rapist Jordan Watkins’ room, and left to be with her boyfriend, for a little big bop bangin of her own. Shortly thereafter, Amanda Smith the RAPE victim joined other students including Layne in Watkins’ room.

The College, and Daniel Bell, chief of its public safety department, are named as co-defendants in a civil rights suit filed by Amanda Smith. In her complaint filed Sept. 17 in U.S. District Court, Smith, 21, of Mineral Wells, says campus police not only failed to conduct the most routine of investigation into her allegation she was sexually assaulted by a fellow student in 2010, but also lost important evidence.

Additionally, Smith alleges hers is not the first time either campus police or GSC officials have showed deliberate indifference toward alleged rape victims.

A not-so-quiet evening

According to her suit, Smith, then a sophomore, after returning to her room in Goodwin Hall from her on-campus job on Sept. 18, 2010, received a text message from Michael McHenry, a fellow student, asking if she wanted to go out for ice cream. About that same time, Jayde Layne, another student, knocked on Smith’s door requesting help in the dorm’s laundry room.

Tests at the hospital showed AMANDA SMITH had the presence of sexual fluids according to evidence brought forward in court and DAN BELL the head of public safety at GSC was an active participant in covering up a brutal rape! Now when the COPS are FOR the RAPIST and are an active participant in torturing the victim, then wake up number 37 because you must be in Crooked County down by the Crooked River. Gerry Hough the head law man around here actually threatened the victim by letter, and Amanda Smith was told to shut up about the rape or he would have her arrested for public intoxication. Of course Gerry would never think of arresting the GSC students that raped her, since GERRY HOUGH is the PATRON SAINT of RAPE at GSC and a FERPA Violator, which is about the worst kind of non-human piece of crap you could ever want as a prosecuting attorney in Gilmer County!!!

However, Layne agreed to join Smith and McHenry for ice cream. They were accompanied by Jordan “Opie” Watkins, Erietta Patrianakos, and several “unidentified students.”

After returning to Goodwin Hall between 5:30 and 6 p.m., Smith alleges Layne, and another student, Kala Fisher, asked if she would get McHenry to buy them alcohol. When Smith declined, Fisher and Layne then asked Patrianakos who agreed.

According to the suit, Patrianakos then took the alcohol to Watkins’ room, and left to be with her boyfriend. Shortly thereafter, Smith joined other students including Layne in Watkins’ room.

About 8:30 p.m., Smith says she left to help her roommate carry groceries to their room on the second floor.

Shown in this picture is alleged rapist Jordan Neal Watkins, OPIE is just a nick name. The Central WV SS traced Watkins to Georgia after we published the first story about the rape last spring. We have given the address of his mother to authorities to have him served with a federal subpoena, and we currently have his address in South Carolina where he lives with Jordan Bennett who also was a GSC student and dropped out and lives with Watkins. We have interviewed some people from GSC using our youngest and sexiest member of the SS newbie Winnie, and since she is Jewish, we often refer to her as Winnie the Jew, but so far she hasn’t got mad at us for it. Winnie spoke to a woman that used to date Watkins and she said, “With where the bruises are on Amanda Smith, it sounds like him. Because Jordan is so skinny he would give me bruises on my thighs and he held the arms for support, I’m sure the bruises on Amanda Smith are consistent with the bruises he would give me.”

Upon returning to Watkins’ room, Smith found additional students present including “unknown black males mixing drinks.”

Later around 9 p.m. Smith says Layne, who’d previously been mixing drinks in the bathroom, offered her a plastic cup. After consuming the unspecified contents of half of it, Layne brought her a different cup.

Sometime between then and 10 p.m., the suit maintains Smith appeared she was having a “mild seizure” after becoming nauseous “with alternating bouts of vomiting and urinating, crying and screaming.” Sometime thereafter she became unconscious.

According to the suit, someone removed Smith’s clothes leaving her in only her bra and panties. Upon discovering her disrobed and unconscious, Layne, Patrianakos and Fisher put Smith in the shower.

Sometime after 10 p.m., Andrew Lewis, Goodwin Hall’s resident director, heard Smith screaming, and went to Watkins’ room to investigate. After arriving, he was joined by Travis Nesbitt, a student in an adjoining room, in rendering first aid to Smith.

At 10:09 p.m., Lewis called campus police requesting medical assistance for Smith. Twelve minutes later, Officer William Boone called for an ambulance.

An ambulance arrived at an unspecified time to take Smith to Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital in Weston. According to the suit, Nesbitt accompanied Smith, and observed her “holding her hands between her legs, stating “‘it hurts.’”

Upon arrival at SJMH, Smith was placed in the intensive care unit. An initial examination of Smith discovered “a bodily fluid ‘pouring out’ of [her] vagina that ‘was not supposed to be there together with bruising on [her] thigh and arm.”

According to the federal law suit filed in Federal Court someone removed Smith’s clothes leaving her in only her bra and panties. Upon discovering her disrobed and unconscious Layne, Patrianakos and Fisher put Smith in the shower, which now SS sources say was to wash the semen off of her that was on her thighs and stomach, and it appeared she had been left in a messy and disgusting state with her bra pushed up exposing her breasts in the dorm room of  Watkins.

A toxicology report revealed Smith had a blood alcohol content of .236, and the presence of benzodiazepine in her system. In her suit, Smith avers she was not taking any medication containing benzodiazepine, and only consumed half of the drink Layne gave her.

Because she did not regain full consciousness until sometime the next morning, a sexual assault examination was performed in Smith later that afternoon. The examination revealed, among other things, bruising on Smith’s left shin, knee, upper arm and hip.

Also, the examination discovered Smith had “a large amount of mucus/discharge from her vagina that was ‘white/yellow’ in color in spite of the negative findings of vaginitas and the appearance of bacteria in her vagina opening.” Furthermore, a nurse told Smith’s mother “‘This should not be there,’” when showing her a swab of the substance removed from Smith’s vagina.

Evidence lost!

The Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition has been reporting the rapes at GSC since 2006, over six years now, but the local print media has ignored these horrible crimes. The Glenville Democrat has been in on the cover ups all along, for they are a bullshit propaganda machine for the Church of IKE and are inept journalists that are about as unprofessional and unskilled at journalism as they come.The saddest part of this situation is that Dave Corcoran the publisher of the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of BULLSHIT is the President of the Press association for the whole state of West Virginia!

The suit accuses GSC officials, specifically Bell, of “failing to follow protocol routine in sexual assault cases.” This includes the “lack of safeguarding and storing of evidence [and] properly securing a crime scene.”

Jayde Layne a defendant in the lawsuit in federal court shown in this photo with her boyfriend in Glenville, Jayde graduated high school in 2010 so was a freshman at the time of the rape and many believe she set Amanda up to get raped and should do hard prison time – Around 9 p.m. the night of the rape Smith says Layne, who’d previously been mixing drinks in the bathroom, offered her a plastic cup. After consuming the unspecified contents of half of it, Layne brought her a different cup.
Sometime between then and 10 p.m., the suit maintains Smith appeared she was having a “mild seizure” after becoming nauseous “with alternating bouts of vomiting and urinating, crying and screaming.” Sometime thereafter she became unconscious.

According to the suit, campus police failed to collect both the bed sheets in Watkins’ room and the clothes he used to dress Smith after she threw-up on herself before they were laundered. Also, the cups used to mix and serve the drinks were destroyed before they could be collected.

Additionally, the suit alleges an investigatory notebook kept by Bell was “accidently placed in a washing machine and destroyed.” Furthermore, Bell “showed minimal training” when he accused Smith of “placing the bruises found on her body herself.”

According to the suit, the inability of campus police to timely collect evidence was a result of no certified law enforcement officer being on duty at the time Lewis called them for help. The investigation did not begin until Glenville Police Sgt. Casey Jones arrived at a time not specified.

Any investigation into who might have raped Smith was hindered by Layne, Watkins, Patrianakos and Fisher refusing to cooperate with police. According to the suit, they “have refused to identify students in the room and have changed their statements.”

Following her alleged attack, Smith says she attempted to complete her classes that semester. However, due to harassment by Layne, Fisher, Watkins, Patrianakos and other students, who are named as co-defendants in the suit, Smith says she found not only attending classes, but also living in Goodwin Hall difficult.

Assurances college administrators made to “implement reasonable accommodations” for her to finish her classes, Smith said, where not kept. After receiving a letter dated Oct. 7, 2010 from the College’s provost that she would most likely receive failing grades in her classes, Smith decided to withdraw.

According to her suit, college officials continued to display insensitivity toward her after she withdrew. Bell, Lewis and Jerry Burkhammer II, the dean of student affairs, were all no-shows for a meeting with Smith and her parents when she returned to campus to retrieve some personal belongings from her dorm room.

In the two years since she was attacked, Smith says there have been other sexual assaults take place on campus. Though she does not provide specifics, Smith says due to “a lack of investigatory technique and result” similar to what happened in her case, the other women “are considering filing separate claims against [GSC].”

As a result of her attack, the failure of campus police to properly investigate it and the harassment she received afterwards, Smith alleges she’s suffered “severe and permanent psychological damage, emotional distress and decreased educational opportunities.” Along with ones for civil rights violations, she makes claims for failure to train, retaliation, assault and battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Smith seeks unspecified damages, interest, court costs and attorneys fees. She is representing herself.

The case is assigned to Judge Irene M. Keeley.

U.S. District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia case number 12-cv-147

Gerald B Hough you are FUCKED now for your intentional cover up of the RAPE  of AMANDA SMITH and others you dumb ass FERPA VIOLATOR ! And now via the vehicle of civil discovery we may have the federal law coming after you!

Send LAWYERS GUNS & MONEY for the SHIT has hit the Fan down in CROOKED COUNTY!!

The power elite business agenda we follow so blindly has promoted drug dealing, money laundering, book making, prostitution and the rape of our youngest and finest women, yet most Gilmer residents sit like stones along the bank down by the Crooked River, with no reaction — as do the leaders that currently rule the roost. Our Gilmer County youth are victims of our own unwillingness to take responsibility for the results of a self serving political agenda. THE POLICE let everyone down because the local police do as they are told, Gerwig, Moss, they take orders from Sandy Pettit from the Church of Ike. The Central WV SS broke this story and informed the public last May and helped the victims family get to mainstream reporters and the help they need. When the Secret Seven take appropriate action and the police do nothing, then everyone must see it is time for a change. All public officials and all law enforcement need to be replaced.

“A strong hatred for corruption is the best lamp to bear in the hands of the Secret Seven Coalition, as we go over the dark places created by the Church of Ike and their POWER of Darkness cutting away the dead things destroyed by the Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River!”

Supreme Commander of the West Virginia SS February 5th 2007 the day the CalPatty Press was born

High ranking SS members including at least one Hotty female member will be in Crooked County the early part of next week looking for certain Crooks from Crooked County to serve with paper work for wrongdoing.Shown in photo is the FANG who is an SS attack dog highly trained to defeat evil.The FANG has been responsible for at least five K-9’s that wanted to rumble with the FANG being carried away by the owners for the fact they thought they could take a go at a highly trained highly bred for protection Crooked River K-9 Police Dog.If you are Crook from Crooked County and you see this dog without its master,loosed from the leash, it would behoove you to make a like a tree in the forest and hope you blend in or it could be your end if you have the smell of a Crook from Crooked County,for if you see this dog from the Ghost Wolf Pack be prepared to be speaking to Jesus for the simple fact the FANG was most likely let off the leash for a reason and that was to have a little meet and greet with someone that owes us a lot of money, the Gilmer County Commission and all they represent.Word to the wise, you might want to apologize for not sending us a Valentines Day card this year with that 687,000 bucks you owe us.

Lisianna Rockefeller the wife of a congressman and a popular journalist becomes enmeshed with a group known as the Consolidated Citizens Corp,or commonly known as the CCC,and a man known only as X involved in smuggling people out of Crooked County that are on the list of suspected persons. They will certainly meet with a bad end if not taken to safety!
“These rumors of the magnificent CCC soon grew with outrageous fervor; there is no doubt that this band of the CCC does exist; moreover, they seem to be under the leadership of someone whose pluck and fearlessness is almost famous.Astonishing reports are now un-moored of how the CCC and those whom rescued became suddenly invisible as they broke through barricades and escaped down the Crooked River by sheer phantom alliance!”
“It was asserted that these escapes were organized by a band of CCC, whose daring seems to be unparalleled, and who, from sheer desire to be involved in fighting for individual rights and freedoms, have a dedicated purpose in snatching away lawful victims destined for bad ends at the hands of an elite group of public officials that Lisianna Rockefeller refers to as Crooked County Crooks!”
Pick up your copy today of The First Battle of the New Civil War …Revenge of the Ghost Wolf! Send Lawyer’s GUNS and MONEY for the Shit has hit the fan down in Crooked County!


Crimes Courtesy of CROOKED COUNTY and the GOOD OLD BOY NETWORK? Read all about it in the next edition of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Friday October 5th!!


“What’s RIGHT with Gilmer County is the Secret Seven Coalition and the GILMER FREE PRESS!!”