By Editor Edison- CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

It appears another innocent person SUNRAK SPENCER, (left in photo)and another bungled court case can be added to the record of the Gilmer County Prosecutor and the Gilmer County Circuit Court under the leadership of the not so honorable Judge Facemire.  Years ago we all saw the judges TRUE COLORS during the longest running criminal case in  Gilmer County Circuit Court Case history — And that case is the well known TRAVESTY of JUSTICE case that was first brought to the grand jury in 2003 but that case also went before the Supreme Court until late 2007 with a final vote of 3 to 2 and all the felony charges defeated in trial jury.  In that now famous case in the history books Judge Facemire allowed what NOW is known as PERJURED TESTIMONY.

Also a title opinion brought years later proved the prosecutor falsely represented the rightful property owners, and then, actually paid Ronna Rafferty, a witness for the prosecution 700 dollars to testify she owned 1/6 th of the disputed 112 acres. GERALD B HOUGH got the jury to believe the testimony which we all know now was FALSE!  Proven FALSE by and expensive expert title opinion. The title opinion clearly showed that Roanna Rafferty did not own ANY of the property in dispute.

The Gilmer County Sheriff also lied under oath about who owned the property,  If any of these fucking idiots would have taken the time to look at the land records themselves, they would have realized their lies, but that is NOT the way they do things in GILMER COUNTY — now known state wide as CROOKED COUNTY because  in Crooked County they can’t seem to do one god damn thing right!

NOW in 2018 we have another court case involving misconduct of the Gilmer County officials and the Gilmer County Sheriffs office. It is the case of Sunrak Spencer.

This is how the story was reported right after Sunrak was first arrested:

A Ritchie County man is in North Central Regional Jail on multiple charges, including larceny.

Sunrak Shane Spencer, 30, has been charged with grand larceny and nighttime burglary.

He is also charged driving while suspended and revoked and destruction of property.

Police say on December 20, 2014 officers were dispatched to a reported burglary in Gilmer County. When officers arrived, they observed forced entry and damage to a camper and storage building.

Police say Spencer confessed to an acquaintance he took certain items from the Gilmer County residence.

Officers were then able to identify Spencer by his orange car.

Spencer is currently in the North Central Regional Jail with bond at $100,000

That was the story of the cops and they STUCK TO IT but the only thing, is that it was a Gilmer County criminal case and it ALL turned out to be BULLSHIT!!

The Gilmer County 14th district Circuit Court trial was on March 14th 2018 and the defense counsel George Cosenza, a relative new comer to Gilmer County won his first trial by jury there on that Wednesday, for the JURY came back with a not guilty verdict.

St. v. S. Spencer (GilCo. No. 17f28) media request – Mar 13 2018 – 3-56 PM

What few people know is that the mother of  Sunrak contacted members of the Council of Concerned Citizens and Lawrence Smith also a member of the Secret Seven Coalition and a political reform advocate, about the misconduct by the prosecutor in this case.  Mr Smith started looking into the facts of this case and told me personally that he was convinced Sunrak Spencer was innocent — and that he was just ANOTHER VICTIM of the prosecutor of Crooked County Gerald B Hough.

If you can follow the link you will see that judge Facemire was served with an FOIA in order for us to try to cover this case with some electronic media, but that legal request was met with NO RESPONSE from the judge, nor would this backwoods crooked-as-fuck Crooked County judge allow any of the rights of the free lance reporters that took it  upon themselves to cover this case since CORKY the head of the local print media ignored the case, mainly for the fact that it is real news, but he truly has no skilled or competent staff to even handle the small stuff in Gilmer County.

We heard that SUNRAK had a little hottie he was keeping to himself that likes to wear Daisy Dukes and rarely wears shoes named SUNSPOT, so in honor of SUNRAK and SUNSPOT having a little SPRING TIME fun to celebrate this latest victory lets play this song to keep the mood going….