Please review this outstanding CalPatty Press influenced article from the SPRING of Seven Years ago… then spark a hooter and BLAZE to some old Sabbath and you will feel much better

By Free Bird – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter Central WV SS/Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor Central WV SS/ Editor Edison-  CalPatty Press Editor  Central WV SS

Waco Oil and Gas under the leadership of owner I L Morris rules this part of Central WV like a King from high atop his castle in a complete and totalitarian rule. In fact, Gilmer County, West Virginia is now known widely as CROOKED COUNTY!

And they make their own rules!!

The local law enforcement, courts, prosecutor, county commission and politicians are all bought and paid for in Gilmer County, and they all have a good friend in Big Joe Manchin, who has reaped the rewards of campaign contributions both illegal and legal for years around here.

Speaking of the Gilmer County Commission ; It seems Commission President Dave Hess has an apparent onset of Alzheimer’s lately since dude can’t seem to remember why the commission acted or did anything before last January!

Brian Kennedy on the left with a shit grin on his face was seen at the Brown Dog with a young thing known as A.S. that led to a journey into the “Pink” then weeks later, photo’s were taken of a late night meeting with a young girl named “SARAH” could it be “THE SARAH?” Darrel Ramsey newly elected Commissioner on the right thinking about getting something up tight and out of sight!! Hoo yah!!

What a wonderful leader!!

Newly elected Commissioner Darrel  Ramsey, who was cuddling up to old, old retired teachers to get elected went so far as to call one his girlfriend.  That much older girlfriend is displayed in a public picture at the Senior Center. Her husband also used to be Sheriff and Commissioner.  Ramsey did say he would do anything to get votes and get elected. We now believe that to be true!

For the sake of discussion about SIN CITY- Glenville, West Virginia, lets come clean about the tale told in which there is the  old commissioners wife that Ramsey dallied with day and night to get elected -who was Clark James (long deceased) wife Helen the Senior Center madam.  Ramsey ran to her house day and night even driving her around but oddly enough her son Craig manages the band program up at the College and is gay as hell.

GAY YOU SAY?!  Gay as fuck…allegedly!!

Now why do you think Ramsey found going to that 88 year old persons house so attractive?

Could it be the gay like to play like it is Sarah Rutherford and Bob Henry Baber day …at GSC?

Us folk at the Secret Seven Coalition hear that Craig goes out of town regularly and Ramsey supposedly travels every weekend to Ohio to see a daughter by his second wife. Can you see where we are going with this?

Gilmer County Commissioner Darrel Ramsey never talks about her, just the 1st wife who died, I expect for pity purposes.  Ramsey is such a great example of being and honest and good Gilmer County Citizen that he kicks his kids that live with him out of the house and onto the street for real, and then brags that he’s not going to take care of them!

One of the offspring winds up in regional jail multiple times and runs around drunk at the famous Glenville Folk Festival telling people that Darrel’s gay and slept with one of the guys who worked with the Head Start kids at the Rec Center!

SEX in SIN CITY- GLENVILLE- Gas, Grass or Ass, Nobody Rides for Free!!! do do do do do do do do do…da da da da daa…. Sung to the tune of dueling banjo’s from the movie deliverance starring Burt Reynolds and Ned Beatty!!

The mentor for Commissioner Ramsey is good old Reta Kight who runs the professional life of her puppet Ramsey and we hear sleeps with him too, that is when they can get away while her  husband Gary Kight knows nothing and see’s nothing, just like Sgt Shultz from Hogans Heroes and Gilmer County Sheriff Micky Metz.

Gary Kight was put back on the city council even though he swore he would never be there again. Councilman Gary Kight worked in the college print shop until he retired with a heart condition and with any luck Reta may be able stress him out enough to kill him so that she and Ramsey can do their thing with whatever they can drag into bed with them.

If I could just get that ugly picture (as it was told to me) out of my mind, there he is…

“Darrel Ramsey taking that MANLY Dog Faced woman Reta Kight from behind and making her bark like a dog!!”  YIKES!!!!!

But, no matter it is just SEX in SIN CITY!!

You know, it’s no damn wonder the rest of the world perceives Gilmer County and much of the State of West Virginia as just an inconvenient gathering of a bunch of rednecks and inbred sex freaks with brain damage!

Thanks Gilmer County, we have had to endure endless jeering and teasing from our out of state friends! Thanks a lot for that!!

Speaking of scandals there is the latest outburst by Larry Chapman former Gilmer County Commission President who burst in on a meeting, and started bullying the reporter from the Gilmer Free Press, demanding to KNOW THE NAMES OF PEOPLE THAT COMMENTED!!

Speaking of SEX SCANDALS is right! Catherine Butcher daughter to Power Elite and GSC BOG -Timothy B Butcher- was caught with her private basketball coach Darrell Barnett from Flying W Plastics in the midst of coital bliss by Sue Morris in the Private Helicopter Hanger of I L MORRIS!! That, night it was all about WACO OIL  Gas and ASS!! Catherine who played third string for Shepherd early in the season came off the bench as 2nd string for league champions Glenville State but only shot 12% from the floor! Barnett was two for two in the hanger that night! But, that is OK because he is the private coach and this is Crooked County, and that is how they do it here!!

Many citizens were concerned that Chapman created a job for himself with full salary at the GCEDA while also getting  his new live – in girlfriend a job. Of course it goes without mentioning many see that 30 year plus age difference between Chapman and his new found love as a little something called robbing the cradle, but that is what they do in Glenville, WV.  If it isn’t bad, then it isn’t Gilmer County, the home to  SIN CITY and the wicked and evil!
Cassandra Huff reporter for the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit never attended the meeting, but published an account that was nothing like the account presented in the Gilmer Free Press, which was an account dictated from eye witnesses that were at the disrupted Gilmer County Commission meeting that day. Cassandra Huff’s need for a father figure is certainly showing and it has been rumored that she is high as a kite on dope  most of the time.

Relative to Cassandra  Huff you might want to ask about her 1 month marriage that was conveniently annulled by the circuit clerk even though she had lived with the guy prior to the legal marriage.  She walked in and told Karen Elkin she hadn’t slept with the guy yet and Elkin said that will work and there it was, instant divorce!

But, since we have grown rather fond of Karen over the years, and she is such a straight shooter to your face both good and bad, you won’t hear a bad comment about her in this publication.  We just hate the fact that she is the sister of Sandy Pettit — I L Morris’ right hand gal, which attenuates our ability somewhat on us telling on her sister Sandy. But, we just got some cool juice on Pettit that we will have to save for another time!

Dave Corcoran has showed up to most meetings in the town reeking of alcohol throughout the years.

Could it be that Cassandra Huff’s father figure is PHD Dave Corcoran Editor and Publisher of the Democrat? Lets recall a day when Dave was acting like a sex starved maniac instead of a father!

I remember well the day that Gracie O and Glenville Democrat editor Dave Corcoran were always cuddling up to each other and flirting at the Historical Society meetings and such. She would follow him where ever he went. It was truly a sad, public display of way past middle aged Grace trying to use her body to get some kind of status by association. Corcoran was going for it like she was a dog in heat but even he was smart enough to use it and throw it away. Couldn’t besmirch the family name you know. No not that!!!

That particular meeting included two tables facing each other Corcoran at one facing the opposite one where Gracie O sat. Man, she sat there gaping her legs wide open like a wide open hole and smiling at Dave Corcoran like it was a private joke and he was drooling and grinning back like his dick was on fire and his balls were a catchin’!!

Speaking of the Newspaper and local news GSC  Assistant Softball Coach Stacey Rae Adkins, 22 was arrested April 16th on Center Street in Glenville!

Somebody call Leon and the Dawg House Gym because this girl is ready for the Rumble on the Hill! At least we have something we can be proud of in Glenville!

Stacey Rae Adkins, 22 of GSC Coaching staff at CRJ!! “Who the hell let my dog out, they are getting their ass beat!” WE LOVE YOU STACEY!!! XXXXOOOX

And something cooler than cool to call our own round here. Home spun professionals, and the Dawg House Gym and the Rumble on the Hill!!

It is cool as hell and all our own!!! Good clean living and nothing evil about it!!

But, really how far above the law do the chosen ones of GSC really think they are?

Stacey, I’m sure Liz and Peter will invite you for dinner soon to say great job!

Don’t worry Stacey, you won’t have to pay back the bond money, they’ll figure out a way to take it out in trade.

This should fill the initiation requirement for the GSC Swingers!

Show ‘em you’re willing to do anything. Way to go girl, you’re in! Maybe they’ll get Sarah to come on over and we can get the whole night on tape! PARTY PARTY!!

Way to promote the colleges new community interaction policy Stacey Rae!

That which is at truly amazing and they

Bad Bad girl Lizzie Butcher from the, “Butcher Bitches Break Bad all summer long at the CalPatty Press,” NUDE with boy toy that is wearing more eye make up than she is!! SEX DRUGS and Rock N Roll (except these dumb bitches listen to rap) in SIN CITY – Glenville W VEE!!

keyed in on Gilmer County this week, and then also contacted us for further information!
I can’t believe all the teachers molesting children these days, but NOW we have more criminal conduct by a coach that happened on the same night and in the same place as the rape of a 16 year old lady Titan Basketball Player!

The fans of that site would be SHOCKED to find out the Girls basketball coach from Gilmer County High School, Bobby Duvall was fucking the holy bejesus out of a member of the Lady Titans!

Hannah Sue DeMarino turned 18 in January got a fine how do you do at that wild raucous party with drugs and alcohol up off hwy 33!  Bobby Duvall coach of the Lady Titans according to witnesses at the party, brought beer. Some now giving statements said that Hannah was caught in bed with her Coach! A 16 year old girl was raped that night at the party, but police and even the parents involved have remained silent. The SS are trying to get enough solid evidence to bring law action and possible arrest.

Not only was Bobby Duvall given carte blanche to stick his dick into a star player on January 22, 2011!! The whole entire illicit affair was covered up by the Glenville Power Elite and the citizens of Gilmer County consider that matter criminal!!

Duvall and his bro were cordially invited to a birthday party of one of the star players on the team and then Duvall, the coach, got to fuck the shit out of a star player with the full endorsement of Nasia Butcher the principal of Gilmer County High School!

Another lady Titan who is an outstanding player and only 16 years old, but a champion three point shooter, got raped at the same party where they were all on DRUGS and alcohol!

The fans of  Bad Bad teacher dot com will  be shocked that it is all OK to do here in Gilmer County West Virginia the home of SIN CITY USA!!

Last years soft-ball coach, Rick Moore really had an eye for the ladies and shaking his penis at them when he became drunk and abusive!! That’s right!! Dude was shaking his weener at the players which is disgusting!! What the hell all goes on up there on the hill?! Damn!!

An eyewitness account states that Rick Moore-GSC Softball coach actually was forced to resign… he went to the softball girls house or somewhere in which team

Rick Moore Head Softball Coach at the College in Glenville, West Virginia gave new meaning to “Swinging Dicks of GSC”!

players were all hanging out and RICK MOORE took his penis out and was shaking it in front of a bunch of team members and other girls present!!! WOW!! What an education for our youngsters up on Dracula’s Hill!!

Peter Barr, GSC President announced that Rick Moore resigned, but that was just another Power Elite LIE!!!!

But, who could forget Dave McEntire arrested for DUI just last summer! Dude had a drunk chick in the car, and they were both a singin the bang bang shang a lang song just before dude got busted and taken to jail!!

Dave McEntire part of the Football Coaching Staff at GSC having a lovely day at CRJ, thinking… “What was that girls name again… maybe she could play defensive end!!”

Glenville State College’s Assistant Coach  McEntire was responsible for coaching the defensive line was arrested for Driving Under Influence (DUI).

Dave  was taken to Central regional Jail and then Peter Barr covered up the entire matter! Nothing like Crooked County for  style and grace!!

Oh my, not another coach gone bad at GSC!

It was just a while back that GSC Softball Head Coach Rick Moore, drunk, along with one of the softball players (a girl of course) had an accident when he ran into Ellyson Mortuary’s mailbox.

He was using his wife’s car. The mailbox was immediately replaced the next day, college denied the whole incident and would not explain who wrecked his wife’s car.

This has been huge cover-up by the college and police as well.

We mentioned earlier that Adkins was  arrested on Center Street — which is where Councilman Dennis Fitzpatrick lives with his wife Mindi!

Fitzpatrick has coached off and on for GSC for many years and has an underground reputation of pulling in sex parties with the Butchers, and saw to it that his wife has the only full time office job the city government has because that is how it is done in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!!

I was shocked to find that the name of TARA KENNEDY came up among the wicked and evil!!

As to Tara Kennedy, really she is so insecure that she has to pick up Brian’s paycheck and be there to walk into commission meetings if a woman is on the agenda.  Brian calls her his baby when he needs to suck up to her.  For a long time Tara used the pretense of part time probation officer for Gilmer County, but always seemed to be hanging around the court house and always seemed to be there on commission day, while bringing  a dish for the infamous 2 hr lunches with Brian – bringing down meats from the college to use there and at the rec center which is part of the reason they wanted to fire Brian and his boss.

Tara Kennedy is just one of the sex for trade group.  No more than that. That swingers group they’ve had going for years between the relatives is really sick and I’m about sure Gerald B Hough was, “Deep in it,” when he was married to Jenny Hawker and nothing much had changed until the fourth or so kid.

Appointed as Gilmer County Probation officer by Judge Richard (Dick) Facemire – Tara Kennedy felt a certain obligation to bring forth false facts about children that did not even exist — which Tara, wife to Gilmer County Commissioner — speculated was  out of wedlock – none of the other facts Tara  signed off on existed either in real life — pertaining to the longest running gilmer county circuit court case — which was a hard fought up hill battle all the way to Supreme Court!! Tara still has not been held accountable for knowingly bringing false information to a pre-sentence report for the 14th District Circuit Court!

They’re a twisted bunch for sure and I have come to never doubt the accusations I have heard of this throughout the years! I had to finally share this information!!

A longtime Glenvillle resident recently said….

“They all seem to thrive on group sex because they have very little brains and there must be a method to the madness of getting into so called power positions at the county level!” 

“Hell, I’m sure Mickey, Bev his wife and  the  killer herself Crystal are all in on it!!”

” It’s all a family affair in Gilmer County playing ball with real balls!”

I have a hard time thinking of that little pencil necked geek Mickey Metz as anything other than a weak minded weasel and I know someone has him on a leash!


“The Butcher Bitches really put Crooked County on the map last summer when they BROKE BAD on the CalPatty Press!”

“We could not do the SEX in SIN CITY- Glenville, W Vee  article without mentioning those wild sexy sisters!”

But, here is something interesting! Leslie Ward the new IT for GSC just built a new website for the college – and on their home page they showed some GSC students –  one of the dudes in the photo looks just like the same guy banging the boxes at that wild Butcher Bitch fling!!

Check it out! Here is dude on the GSC website as you can see just below on GSC site! We do have some better photo’s but they are secured somewhere, we have one or two that show his full face and he certainly had a good time with the girls!!

Butcher Bitch Beach Blanket Box Banging Party Dude on NEW GSC website built by Leslie Ward.

And here is dude at the Beach Blanket Butcher Bitch Box  Banging  – Breaking Bad Blowout!!

Scene from famous Butcher Bitches Break Bad all summer long on the CalPatty Press!

“The street version of swinging sex in Glenville has always been told in whispers, but was caught on film via cell phone video and camera shots during the summer of twenty-ten!!”

Freaky stories of girls on the tables while the elite played cards and laughed have been told about the functions hosted by the parents of the Butcher Bitches.  The stories of wife swapping and drug deals with young girls and boys became wilder and more detailed! The Butcher Bitches got it all from mom and dad all along, which is certainly a shock to me!!

When asked, some would say “No way, they’re too old, it’s too kinky, they’re too country, they are related, not in this county!”

But as time went by and the drug use, child molestation, related sex ring arrests and suicides of Gilmer County people rose, and the rapes and murders continued unsolved while the same people or their family with no experience or education worth talking about got elected over and over, while hand picked by the power elite  out of town “schemers” rose to the top and the students of GSC become more and more blatant in their disrespect for the standards of normal  society,  the whispers became shouts.  Let’s think about what the “norm” is in Gilmer County.

“Our Prosecutor puts innocent people in jail!”

There is no doubt.  The records have been made available to the public on the Gilmer Free Press and Hough.  It has been proven that the prosecutor for Gilmer County is GUILTY of subornation of perjury, but he  slides because of a “Statute of Limitations,” deal put in the laws especially for him and his ilk. The only statute of limitation for a felony out of all the state codes!!

Gerald B Hough is known as the self proclaimed and proud of it “Slumlord of Glenville”.   He can let his properties go to hell in a hand basket with falling down buildings, trash and sky high grass and weeds.  Hough can have people freeze and starve to death without fear of question and more likely get HUD money for doing it!

“Twenty Eleven is gonna be rough for Gerald B Hough!”

Hough can run his own Real Estate business and hold trust deeds on GCEDA and Commission transactions and practice law while preparing his own documents and gets County pay checks adding up to over 80,000 thousand  for a full time status that he demanded all the while teaching a class at Summerville.

“Gerald B Hough is above the law!”

In the meantime, the average person is ridiculed publicly and persecuted by the…

“Dilapidated Buildings and Lands Committee,” created by the Gilmer County Commission!

The Sheriff can’t spell the word Magistrate but wants to be elected to the job.  He refuses to take evidence of any kind that will harm another elected official but is willing to put your kids in jail if you don’t play ball with dude.

“If you see ME, buddy it could be the last thing you ever see!” “You just might find yourself slipping into Darkness!” “I’m with the Central West Virginia SS!” Shang a lang dang dang, want to see me do my thang?” “You better run, but that is just what I like!”

His wife was permitted to drive a county vehicle around town, because we all know that, “She is all that,” and can go on official police business whenever she likes.  His daughter can be a narc if she likes the title.  They’ll even pay for the buy! Free dope for the Power Elite, neat!!  They can take money collected for the Sheriff by local organizations and spend it how they like with no records.  County money can be stolen or misappropriated right under his over 50,000 a year nose and that’s OK too.  He can have his tax deputy create tax bills out of thin air if that’s what it takes years after they couldn’t be found for court.  The Sheriff can campaign for anyone he chooses, coming up to your front door driving a sheriff’s department vehicle and in full sheriff’s uniform.  He alone decides if you get a ticket, go to jail or go home.  No one’s going to say a word about it in Crooked County or they will find themselves floating down the Crooked River caught on some branches up behind the house of Sheriff Metz!

That’s just the start of what passes for law enforcement around here but there’s a reason these kind of people get in power.  It’s not the knowledge, it’s not that they have enough money to buy their way in- remember, they need the job!


But, that is all part of the life in SIN CITY, Glenville, WV – where nobody rides to the top for free!

This SS article is dedicated to close friend and long time associate Brian Chalmers who illustrated SS drawings and Cartoons and did the illustrations for the “Ghost Wolf Trilogy!” Brian on the right and Ronnie James Dio from Rainbow and Black Sabbath on the left! Brian and Jim West author of the book “Revenge of the Ghost Wolf” were both featured in the Rock History book by Deanna R Adams, “ROCK N ROLL” and the Cleveland Connection for collaborating on National first place award in marketing. Unfortunately Brian Chalmers died suddenly and unexpectedly in June of 2009 and Ronnie James Dio passed away last May.

Brian was the artist that drew the famous Timothy B Butcher finally goes to PRISON cartoon. Butcher getting taught a lesson by Editor Edison and Captain Booker of the Council of Concerned Citizens and the West Virginia SS!!

Brian Chalmers, Rock Journalist, and Rock Artist and the Central WV SS Art Director 06 07 08 and 09 with TODD RUNDGREN the greatest Rock Producer there is, in the studio. From the book Deanna R Adams Rock N Roll and the Cleveland Connection!!


April 30th  Walpurgis Night 2011 SPECIAL EDITION TO OIL AND GAS – DRUGS AND ASS  — In Memory of SS Soldier “Bubba” Sage Sunny West  —  May 21, 1998 to April 19th  2009

[Man:] On a hot summer night,
would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red rose?
[Woman:] Will he offer me his mouth?
[Man:] Yes.
[Woman:] Will he offer me his teeth?
[Man:] Yes.
[Woman:] Will he offer me his jaws?
[Man:] Yes.
[Woman:] Will he offer me his hunger?
[Man:] Yes.
[Woman:] Again, will he offer me his hunger?
[Man:] Yes!
[Woman:] And does he love me?
[Man:] Yes.
[Woman:] Yes.
[Man:] On a hot summer night,
would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red rose?
[Woman:] Yes.
[Man:] I bet you say that to all the boys!

Original SS Member “Bubba” From Dekalb West Virginia with Ghost Wolf author “Jim West” former California Air Personality and also from heritage Rock Radio Station WMMS 100.7FM in Cleveland.