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By Editor Edison CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

A Judge Shall Uphold And Promote The Independence, Integrity, And Impartiality Of The Judiciary, And Shall Avoid Impropriety And The Appearance Of Impropriety.

Judges in local, state and federal courts across the country routinely hide their connections to litigants and their lawyers. In Crooked County Judicial Integrity is something that can be laughed about with too many incidents to have time to explain.

Judge Facemire during the “Travesty of Justice,” Case brought up a social link saying one of the witnesses Shirley Ball was a friend of his. Later it was determined she gave false testimony so some friend of the court she turned out to be —- And if you search this website you will find her mug shot for being arrested for assault of a police officer or some other related infraction in Calhoun County. In some instances mutual investment interests may exist as is often the case in Central West Virginia, and if not that, then certainly some other situation of mutual interest and benefit.  A JUDGE might be an in-law or cousin of somebody that is somehow involved or has an interest in a certain court case and outcome.  Occasionally that LOVE AFFAIR between a judge and an involved party are literally in bed together. A perception of bias does occur when INTEGRITY is tested and RULES ARE BROKEN as they often are in CROOKED COUNTY down by the Crooked River which is HOME to the CROOKED COUNTY CROOKS!!

A  judge is duty-bound to at the very least disclose any descrepancy that may occur in a court case that would lead one to believe the appearance of impropriety is in jeopardy and if the anomaly creates an actual bias, which changes a judges decision.

All too often, however, the conflicted Circuit Court Judge in West Virginia says nothing and proceeds to rule in favor of the connected party, while the loser goes off without realizing an undisclosed bias blew their case like a Butcher Bitch at the High School Prom.

Normally, under normal circumstance, “Everybody should have the right to ensure the judge sitting on their case doesn’t have a CONFLICT,” but that is not the way the WIND BLOWS In GILMER COUNTY home of the CROOKED COUNTY CROOKS!!

Nothing was ever said by Circuit Court Judge ALSOP about a CONFLICT with the lawyer for the executor of the Cottrill Estate SALLY BOZEAT during SIX YEARS of COURT during the LONG DRAWN OUT Cottrill Estate Case –that was in the news — and the public eye — and involves a wrongful death that is STILL UNDER INVESTIGATION according to Gilmer County Sheriff Larry Gerwig!

The Central West Virginia Council of Concerned Citizens have PROOF of the misconduct by Judge Alsop by publishing this letter by SALLY BOZEAT who claims to have authored the WILL of WILLARD COTTRILL and a person that had an interest in the outcome of the estate by relation.


Page two below..

For page three of the illegal communication click link below..

And finally Bozeat the attorney for the Executor of the Cottrill Estate concludes her letter click link below..

And here is the Judges response..

The judge says he will do something, but does not one god damn thing but sit on his ass as usual.

And here is the response by Sally Bozeat but NONE of this has been reported to authorities. The letters seemed to have some influence on the judge since he reversed the County Commission Decision and the case came out in favor of Sally Bozeat and her interests when before the letter, the Gilmer County Commission had ruled against her interests.

YOU the RGW READER decide…. was the judge influenced by the letters from BOZEAT?

For the reason the case was reversed? … And the GOATMAN does currently run LOOSE in the hollar out in Linn, West Virginia. The Gilmer Commission was going to give the GOATMAN the BOOT and nullify the sale of the property!

Crimes and criminals run amok in Gilmer County under the leadership of the CROOKED COUNTY CROOKS, ..are these the words we hear JUDGE ALSOP say from his courthouse roost…

“It was a blue letter
She wrote to me
It’s silver words she told…”



While we are getting together the legal documents that PROVES JUDGE JACK ALSOP really JACKED UP the COTTRILL ESTATE when he gave a decision and then let MIKE MURPHY the executor of the Cottrill estate OFF SCOTT FREE without making a distribution as ordered by the judge. Murphy made an ASS out of Judge Alsop thinking him to be a dumb HILLBILLY from Webster Springs, WV which he appears to be since he let MURPHY use 31,000 bucks of estate money as his own when he used it to fight a LOSING WV SUPREME COURT CASE — At this time in MAY while we celebrate Mothers day lets remember the real mothers are JUDGE JACK ALSOP and Cottrill Estate Executor Mike Murphy for getting away with MURDER, for those bitches are REAL MOTHER FUCKERS that firmly feel they can make up their own rules.

Until those documents are gathered please enjoy this BLAST from SIX YEARS ago when were on the VERGE of STATE TAKE OVER of the schools!!

By Editor Edison -Free Bird and Rina McCoy for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition and the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Website

The Council of Concerned Citizens of Gilmer County and the Secret Seven Coalition of Central West Virginia have joined together on a joint political journey to expose a great many wrong doings — one of which led right straight to the governor and the Secretary of State Natalie Tennant!!

“Hey Natalie, why don’t you go back to being a baby sitter for the Power Elite Bitch!!”

I will tell you what Natalie, you had a lot of fucking nerve sending your bullshit investigator into our town to come up with a situation that you could easily cover up and then say it was all handled and the election fraud was just a couple of misdemeanor errors, but what about the felony violations of the law?  WTF?

You sent your girl straight to the home of IKE MORRIS Natalie! Way to go, we knew you were Crooked then, for it was all witnessed by the Central WV SS!

Hey Natalie miss SoS did you forget, there were a couple of recording modules that mysteriously disappeared and then reappeared during the night in question and Beverly Marks changed her usual procedure of reporting counts of individual precincts?

But, then you are using Gerry Hough to make sure that evidence is tampered with and or comes up missing, for Gerry is already implicated in a cover up regarding evidence and we got the details recently from the State Police — and they are pretty pissed off about Gerry Hough’s best friend SGT CJ ELLYSON selling evidence out of the evidence locker and then Hough being appointed Special Prosecutor covering up the matter and letting his State Police Sgt friend ELLYSON off on all of the charges!!

You people are nothing but criminals and we can prove it and we will! Bitch!

Why the fuck would we even consider you as a Governor Natalie when you are obviously deep into the pockets of IKE MORRIS?

Fuck that we are done with all of your corrupt bullshit! Go back to babysitting bitch!

In fact, if you piss  us off again, we will get a hold of some of your old air – checks from when you did your local TV- Work  and do a professional critique of them and let everyone know you were nothing but a small market “No Talent HACK!” with absolutely no future in broadcasting!

One of our dudes has all the credentials and the experience at TWO – MAJOR MARKET TV Stations notched on dudes gun. We are from the big leagues bitch!!

Geez Louise, how high up the ladder did you make it to market 104? … when our dude made it to the top 15 and even did a brief sting in market 4! Oh man you were really hitting the big leagues there girl!!  You almost made it to the Top 100 markets in the United States!

Jesus Natalie you could not even make it in a top 100 market let alone a top 50 or top 25 or a major market, but you had NO CHANCE of making the big leagues bitch because you suck!! You are one fake fuck and you proved that to all of us!

You may have been able with time and some connections to get yourself into a top 100 market like Madison Wisconsin if you sucked enough dick, but making cheese in  Madison would have been about as far as you were ever gonna go Tennant!

“So take your cock-sucking no talent ass and keep it in Charleston because we don’t need you around here!”

But, as far as any of us know, it might have been your knee pads that got you the Secretary of State gig, but we sure can’t see it on your merit alone, except for the fact you had IKE to back you with the big bucks!


Great progress was made this past week by local CCC and SS factions and many state and federal agencies were contacted and we have received a rather large box size filled with replies and complaint forms to be filled out and notarized along with statements from our investigation team and attorney on various illegalities and violations involving misconduct and criminal activity of some very big names of some very powerful people from Gilmer County.

You may notice this article carries three authors on the by-line above and that is because this article contains three separate contributions since one SS member is also a member of the Council of Concerned Citizens.

But, at least six people are responsible for gathering all of the information we are going to share with you!

The West Virginia SECRET SEVEN Coalition was formed in 2006 and it was a union of the Calhoun Underground, the LMR Newsletter, Crooked County Crooks website and on 5 February 2007 the SS Flagship became the CalPatty Press!

Most people these days want to remain anonymous. We are surprised to learn even the highest ranking State Officials recognize the fact of who they are talking to and who we represent.

We represent the NEW FOURTH ESTATE in West Virginia. We are working with mainstream reporters and are happy to say many of our articles are covered by mainstream sources now, for we are the ones they come to sometimes for documents and facts!

Now, we do admit to using strong arm tactics a couple of times to get the cooperation needed on a couple of occasions, but “Whatever it Takes,” is our motto, since we are going up against people and public officials that follow absolutely NO RULES at all.

“So, the new rules are, there are no rules!

As soon as we figured that one out … we have had great success!”

Unfortunately, we are in possession of documents that we can not share with you yet since we promised a mainstream reporter we would not use them until after we had accomplished a few tasks and carried out interviews.

This week a high ranking member of the Council of Concerned Citizens talked to Dawn Warfield — who is the Deputy Attorney General for the state of West Virginia  and I spoke with Virginia Lanham who is counsel for the superintendent of the State Police.

These top-notch high ranking members of the West Virginia government would never get on the phone with a member of the Council of Concerned Citizens for Gilmer County unless they already knew a Public Relations POOP STORM  was about to rein down on their head because of the wrongdoing of Gerald B Hough!

…And that the REAL TRUTH ABOUT GERALD B HOUGH was going to break in the mainstream press and even possibly go regional!

As soon as it was mentioned to Dawn Warfield that her boy Robert Goldberg presented evidence in his brief  considered in the majority opinion of the “Travesty of Justice” case that was completely false — and not part of the court record she said,” Bob Goldberg works for me!”

Warfield was then made aware that the facts Goldberg brought to the West Virgina Supreme Court were not mentioned in the court record, and further, never was a part of the court testimony that included old rusted junk farm equipment Gerald B Hough falsely stated to a grand jury was worth brand new retail prices .

Deputy Attorney General – Dawn E. Warfield

Goldberg stated that rusted junk (presented as new) was on a separate hundred acres that was NOT heir-ship property !  Goldberg lied to the West Virginia Supreme Court and now rumor has it Goldberg states, “That’s what the Gilmer County Prosecutor told him!”

It was then that Warfield made the statement for the record that, “These mistakes are hard to fix!”

Personally speaking we could give a fuck if they are hard to fix, we say get up off that Power Elite Golden Throne and earn your state paycheck by bringing the misconduct forward and “Fixing it!”

Warfield was also questioned as to why the head of the Police Standard division was even given  the complaint against Gerald B Hough — since this was never any part of any State Police investigation at any time.

“We knew then, that we had established how the State Police cover up in-house crimes and our mission that day was accomplished and this information will be used against the state in court!”

Then, it was mentioned that a CRIMINAL TORT for criminal negligence was being readied against the Gilmer County Sheriff and the Gilmer County Commission — and surprisingly Warfield became defensive and said, “Good luck with that we all have immunity!”

Actually, I was somewhat surprised by the defensive stance of Dawn Warfield, but she maybe should read up on Federal law action involving a proven bad faith prosecution, for everyone has their immunity stripped from them, because it can be proven they broke the law to bring the case forward and that is exactly what happened in Gilmer County!

At that point of the conversation being a Council of Concerned Citizens member, I was more than happy to be referred to Virginia Lantham who was the attorney behind Col Pack  — the former Superintendent of the State Policewho we made the original complaint against Hough to!

Virginia Lantham was  a person kept from our reach on many occasions, so I was happy to report to her that her not recognizing new evidence in a criminal complaint made against Gerald B Hough was duly noted and would be brought forward in federal court.

It was Lantham’s absolutely ridiculous explanation via letter from Major Ingold — as to why the state was going to pass on the complaint that got that very same complaint picked up by the Special Investigations Unit of the US Attorney’s office!

Her letter that was delivered by Major Ingold head of Police Standards division of the State Police was literally laughed at by investigation attorneys for the fact they did not recognize- against rules of procedure, I may add, the new evidence brought forward!

We were sent on a mission by an attorney investigating this wrongdoing since 2006, but never in a million years did we figure on discovering how West Virginia manufactures a very expensive cover- up of a case that cost the state of WV nearly 750, 000.00 dollars to falsely prosecute — thanks to the stupid as fuck Gerald B Hough!!

That action made the State Police liable  and also led to our formal complaint against Colonel Pack and then we were thrilled shortly after our formal complaint — Colonel Pack was sent packing just like the article requested written by the President of the Council of Concerned Citizens in the GFP involving the murder that Hough let happen in our home town involving Everette Campbell named by the SS as 357 Evey!


Also another lengthy talk was had with a representative of the State Police that spoke for troopers of the rank of Sgt or below, which often have opinions usually different than the high brass, in which they have little contact with — when being deployed on the street fighting crime.

We were shocked to learn that Gerald B Hough has dropped some drug charges on people caught by the State Police with drugs!

Gerald B Hough Prosecuting Attorney for Gilmer County took the opportunity to communicate a situation that was NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE TRUTH to 350 public officials conveniently gathered who could also serve the purpose of extending support for a situation that was more than falsely reported by Gerald B Hough!

But, because of who their daddy and mommy was, the dope came up missing and the drug charges dropped!!

The Council of Concerned Citizens and the Central WV Secret Seven Coalition were surprised to learn that day that the actual troopers on the street support our efforts and want Hough gone.

Now, we never believed that before, but when it was told to someone of high rank in the SS by a veteran WV State Trooper, someone we respect, and also someone with multiple years of actual combat experience that had seen it all and then some, well it seemed much more believable.

In fact, that was a very important meeting and called attention to the fact that our entire reality of the situation had to be re-evaluated  … for we  never believed the troopers on the street not only supported our effort, but hoped that we succeeded in having Hough removed from office!

It was a decisive moment for our highest ranks, for then we all felt like shit for giving Trooper Smith and others a hard time, and then being unreasonable on more than one occasion and actually using words we were sorry for now. The State Police lower ranks tried to tell us — and more than once and more than twice!

All the while Trooper Smith calmly stated, “Hey well maybe someday you will get it!”

IKE cut a deal with the State Police – It was agreed that IKE would give them the TrioPetroleumBuilding for their GilmerCountyState Police Headquarters for the price of ONE DOLLAR after the trooper I spoke with busted Ike’s son for COCAINE and drug possession while driving his fancy Porsche Sports car, which was seized by federal law for the drug violation.

The deal was contingent on the fact that all charges were dropped and the  Porsche was returned and the seizure papers disappeared. Also the Cocaine all the sudden was unaccounted for.

Hell IKE MORRIS can buy himself a little town in WV and a College all of his own and buy the highest ranks of the State Police along with the Governor!


I will tell you what that dumb ass Gerry Hough has told some tall tales about Glenville, WV but …

 Gerry Hough is the numb-nut who went around and told a select few that he was a past secret service agent, and then had lived in a kibbutz in Israel and then married into and lived a total “Hippie” life style!

We got the real story from one of his college buddies who wrote a FICTION account of being a killer secret service agent, and it is a darn good book! So the closest Hough came to actually being a secret service agent according to his friend, is when they were smoking some kick ass hashish from Lebanon while they were washing dishes for room and board.

Hey there ya go Carly, your daddy is a liar again, guess you can go pull them panties to the side again for the college boys at WVU maybe that will make you feel better about things!

Prosecutor: No evidence in rape case!

…was the headline when Hough dropped the case against Edwin Dale Kinnison, just as predicted by the Central WV SS! Search this site or look for some old CalPatty Press files to find the facts out about how GSC is a dangerous place to be for co-eds

It is all part the Barr – Code placed into effect by Peter Barr after black football player Erik Davis was allowed to rape a local 17 year old white girl High School student!

“Don’t lay on your back unless he is Black!”  Seems like Ike Morris’ grand daughter should maybe worry about breaking the bar code from her recent flings with the Black Boys in town that have gotten more white pussy since the riots in Los Angeles!! But POWER ELITE pussy is the best according to the locals. However, we disagree that 16 year old snapper should be allowed, but what the hell it seems to be OK with IL IKE MORRIS so head on!

Just ONE of our hundreds of shots of Power Elite parties featuring the Butcher Bitches and some younger wilder players among the kids of the Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River and their fancy friends from out of town-we have noticed there are so many damn bathroom shots it is beginning to look like the Butcher Bitches spent half of their time in the bathroom with their good timing friends.This is a more recent shot, but this is after they snorted the lines  that were right under the Bud Lite can.Yeah they were sparkling white lines so it was not the good shit, but it still was Cocaine.

Hough told the press in that article that, “ He has never lost a sexual assault case he has taken to trial,” but that was a complete fucking lie since he lost the Erik Davis case!! So now you see Hough is a phony as fuck lying son of a bitch that needs to be removed from office as soon as we can make it happen!

THE JESSICA SELF CASE was a bungle in the Crooked County Jungle!!

There are only a couple of things that I know about the Jessica Self case for sure.

  1. After it happened SS members spoke with 2 Pizza Hut employees and asked them straight up if she did it.  They said definitely as the cash registers take from the night before always agreed with the bank deposit that she prepared.
  2. They said that she was the only one who took the deposits to the bank and that the amount of the deposit was changed on the slips by the time it was put in the bank and that the bank had notified Pizza Hut of this and their corporate office had been investigating this for some time before the charges were made.
  3. They thought she was taking the money to the bank daily as she took it out the door with her every day.
  4. An SS associate asked Gerry Hough if she was guilty.  He said for sure, that she was the only one who had the money and the case was open and shut. But the case must have been more open than shut, because Jessica Self walked herself right out of the courtroom with a Not Guilty Verdict to all counts and there were several. Hough blew the case by being a bad attorney, he was unorganized and did not have all the facts because he is lazy!
  5. I was called for jury duty (of course I was not put on the jury because they don’t put known SS on juries) but while I was outside a man identifying himself as Jessica’s father told me that they had her up there for trial and that it was not right.  A lot of people had access to that money besides her.  He was distraught so I did not force the issue of the deposit slips being changed regularly before the actual deposit.

My personal belief is that someone at the bank had to be complicit with this for a long time as it would be their responsibility to notify the account holder if the numbers were changed on the deposit slip and they were not the actual one making the deposit.  I know this was done if a change was made on the daily deposit slip for other local businesses I am aware of, they would call and verify that change was made.  I came to the conclusion that whoever had been handling her deposits had been let go or left employment at the bank and a new teller taking the deposit had turned her in. Gerald B Hough fucked this case up to high heaven! Ask Karen Elkin! She knows!

“She’s gonna do it!” “She’ gonna do it!” Pull em to the side Carly! Carly Hough party animal on the right is gonna show us a sight! From what we been a told, Carly Hough daughter to Gerald B Hough was passed around the boys at the IKE MORRIS COLLEGE on the hill like a joint of Marijuana!

I believe Jessica did the deed and I believe the reason her “Father” approached me was to gain my sympathy so I wouldn’t open my big mouth to the wrong person and question Hough about it when he came in.

Another thing I question in the jury selection process is why they always call employees of the Federal Prison for duty (guards).  That would not fly in most states, as it is well known they are prejudiced by their job and believe every one in the joint is guilty. I can’t believe a defendant’s attorney would want them on there unless they are in on the fix like F John Oshoway was on the Travesty case.

Follow that with giving the head honcho of the prison and honorary doctorate degree from GSC which is so weird to me that a basically “Junior” college can even bestow a doctorate.  It seems  a vain, arrogant and stupid action by a bunch of pompous asses to me.  I guess they can do it, they have, but I’d love to hear what someone at the Higher Education Policy Commission really thinks about it.


“There’s 350 jobs” at the prison, Ike Morris recently told the State Journal “We haven’t done a real good job on preparing ourselves for all these workers who drive from Braxton, Harrison and Nicholas counties. We need to provide them with some good single-family housing here in Gilmer County and build our community.” Therefore IKE set out with the Butchers to form Gilmer Housing Partners with Peter Barr and GSC!! The Butcher and Butcher law firm was brought in to do what they do best, which is rip people off for multiple thousands of dollars! Hell IKE MORRIS has bought himself a college and the whole god damn town of Glenville and in the weeks to come GSC is gonna be hit with more FOIA requests than you can shake a Crooked Stick at!! Oh damn, I forgot that is top secret shit, but we already have the documents thanks to Morris employee’s Leslie Ward from GSC and down Pat – Pat Ward from WACO Oil and Gas! Thanks!! You would NOT BELIEVE how much the Power Elite pay in lawyer fee’s to get themselves out of hot water, but the SS will show you very soon!

TARA KENNEDY ALL LIT UP — Brian Kennedy has turned out to be an irresponsible County Commissioner since his attendance lately is a NO SHOW. Rachael L. Fletcher Cipoletti, Chief Lawyer Disciplinary Counsel on19 May 2011 ordered documents be released and provided for law action that proves Kennedy lied on Gilmer  Court documents!

It has been unbelievably easy for IKE MORRIS (shown above with West Virginia football coach Rich Rodriguez) leader of the elite to control job placement and commerce in this county through manipulation of its Boards and the County Commission as evidenced by who is placed on the boards and who is elected to office.


For example his own secretary sat for years as Treasurer of the Ambulance Authority and on the GCEDA Board of Directors and his wife Sue Morris sits as President of the GSC Board of Governors, his son is on the Morris Foundation and Alumni Board and to top it all off he employs Gilmer County Commissioner Brian Kennedy at Sue Morris Sports Complex which received 250,000 in 2008 from the Morris Foundation as a “Charitable Contribution” and whose Director is Marc Monteleone the Operations Manager for WACO.  You remember, partner in Bowles & Rice Law Firm which represents GSC and the County Commission as bond counsel? Yes it is unbelievably easy to do what you want to do in Gilmer County as long as you belong.

To hear them tell it they are now going to forgo the facade of GCEDA and seem to be  admitting that any development in this county is not only paid for by them but also planned by them.  We have not seen one county referendum on a ballot and are pretty sure we won’t in the future.

Life is unbelievably good in Gilmer County if you’re an Oil and Gas Magnate!

IKE, Dude!! You’ve made your money and now it’s just all about playing the power game and baby do you have it.  It is your vision and it will become reality no matter who likes it!!

IKE MORRIS seems to actually own the State College at Glenville and actually the whole god damn town, and he has some Crooked as fuck attorneys appointed in powerful positions at GSC to protect his interests!

At the time this photo was taken of Lexie Butcher her dad R Terry Butcher was on the Board of Governors at Glenville State College – This photo was taken just before that barely hanging on top was popped! Hey Lexie, ya gotta a little something on those lips girl, better wipe your mouth, looks like you got splashed!!

Hate to tell you Gilmer County but most of the citizens that live here and support these causes paying property taxes are not of the correct “quality” to participate or make any decision about this life they are supposedly building for “you”.

IKE brags on the 350 or so jobs at FCI Gilmer but by his own admission these jobs are not employing residents of Gilmer County.

The housing they look to develop using Glenville State College as for profit front of the Riversview Project was always intended for the commuters from surrounding counties.  They have the experience and seniority to run that facility even though we have built a new Criminal Justice program.

College was always fun for little sister Lizzie Butcher, pictured left with her tongue soon to be headed far down the throat of her former best pal from the box banging video that still has not been broadcast via broadband yet, but hopefully sometime in the near future they will be posted in celebration of the day the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad on the CalPatty Press during the Summer of Twenty-Ten!!

Get a clue, these people have years invested in the system and have no intention of moving their families to Gilmer County when they retire.  Their cash goes back to where their life is.  That’s where their investment are — and where they will stay. Only temporary needs monies are spent in Gilmer County such as tank of gas and maybe lunch. Get real!

If any real revenue is ever generated by that for profit group headed by Peter Barr (which at this point appears to be a loser sitting in Federal Court), it would go into the pockets of the investors. There is nothing new under the sun when it comes to money and power in Gilmer County.

The 24 hour medical center is a lie at this point.  Although that is what was promised, Minnie Hamilton’s representative at GSC reported to the Board of Governors that Minnie Hamilton did not feel they could support a 24 hour facility so what is Plan B?  Is there a real plan B? We can’t even seem to get the air conditioning and a parking lot right at the existing facility on Mineral Road.  (Better watch out Denny Pounds will sign it all away)

We like sports as much as the next person but that’s where the priority lies for Gilmer County and GSC.  There is no emphasis on advancing educational opportunities in order to prepare for any kind of outside competition.  What outside competition?  Free trade is not a welcome phrase in Gilmer County where it’s not what can we do to make you want to come here and open a business but just the opposite.

The question becomes what can you do for those in power if we let you bring your business here?  What can you do for the POWER ELITE ? Can we take your money and your honey?

It can all be good and SLEEZY when you are a dealin with the Crooks that got it EASY  –that are ALL from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River!!


May 28th

SPECIAL  Memorial Day Weekend Celebration — A SPECIAL FEATURE!

The Ghost Wolf of Crooked County and the “Bubba Dog from Dekalb,” that lived down by the Crooked River!!

In the beginning, the people say, the “White Bubba Dog of Dekalb,”

…Who was the head guard dog and belonged to the Secret Seven of Central West Virginia was put on the Mountain Top!

“White Bubba Dog of Dekalb,” Head Guard Dog for the SS!!

 And the Black Wolf also of the SS was put beside the fire down by the river!

When the winter came the “Bubba Dog,” could not stand the cold, so he came down to the settlement below and drove the Black Wolf from the Fire!!

“…the Black Wolf ran to the mountains, where it suited him!”

The Black Wolf ran to the mountains, where it suited him so well that he prospered and increased and lived happily with SS, until after a while he ventured down again and killed some animals and a few corrupted and evil public officials, but only one of their daughters, in the crooked little town down by the Crooked River below as he felt it was his duty to do!

“The corrupt and evil people got together and followed and killed the Black Wolf, who then by the Power of the Gods in the UNIVERSE became the Ghost Wolf of Crooked County!!”

Black Wolf named,”Stoney” shot by Po Po and left in pool of blood, during hail of gunfire from both sides!

…When on that fateful night of surprise attack the Black Wolf named Stoney was shot by a PO PO Sgt named Ellyson who was also shot and wounded! But quickly and with purposeful speed the Black Wolf’s  dark brothers came from the mountains and with only one purpose and that was to take such Revenge!

The Revenge was so great and so powerful, that it led to rape and plunder and murder!!

The ROAR of the savage tearing and ripping of limbs was Long and Loud mixed with the growls and howls of  the professionally executed attack of the very well trained black as night weapons – brothers to the Black Wolf!

Those crooked public officials that ruled over the minions were ever since that day in Crooked County forever afraid to hurt a Wolf!!

Members of the Central WV SS were eager and HUNGRY to fight for the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!!

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

A new proposal released during 2016 but kept quiet by the POWERS that BE suggests the state of West Virginia could save millions of dollars by not doing anymore business with the Church of IKE and those dirty rotten sons of bitches in Gilmer County and close Gilmer Counties Glenville State College once and for all!! GSC has had countless rapes reported on campus and off, some by members of the football team and not one fucking case was convicted as long as I have been writing about this god forsaken part of this world — and that has been 13 years now, and NO CONVICTIONS for RAPE before that either.

A study released by the Taxpayer’s Protection Alliance and the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy SHOWS by cutting arts and education, including closing Glenville State College will be for the betterment of man kind — and for being way too hard on the BEAVER when it came to incoming freshman and other girls that had just a normal amount of trust for their fellow humans.

The plan also suggests drastic cuts with West Virginia Public Broadcasting and Bluefield State College is on the line too, but they certainly are NOT the criminals down in Bluefield that you find in Gilmer County that is RULED by the totalitarian DICKS at the CHURCH of IKE… hell you might as well be dealing with the fucking mafia.

Glenville State College where NOT ONE on campus or off campus rape of a young female was ever prosecuted and none of those students arrested for RAPE were convicted… thanks to local politics of not wanting to hurt the image of the school, but the TRUTH became known anyway thanks to the internet and the once mighty CalPatty Press.

The list of respected citizens and alumni who were so proud of GSC would fill a book. Many people that we know love and are related to graduated from GSC. Even my own grandmother, aunt, father and a cousin or two are graduates. It is painful for them to know that one of their own is so caught up in reporting how bad it has gotten at Glenville State College. Or, even more importantly, to be frequently educating the public to all of the new dangers that have come with modern times! It all boils down to  little known sociological term called eco-centrism and the uniqueness about GSC and Glenville. What is different about Glenville State College is that it teaches by example how to run  a totalitarian form of government!

“Feudalism doesn’t get any better in West Virginia than in a place known to many as ‘Crooked County’ that is located down by the Crooked River… “

Glenville State College President Dr. Peter Barr said closing the college would hurt more than it helps, but that drunk son of a bitch has no fucking idea what he is talking about, and further, never did know what the fuck was up, but he sure was a good puppet for IKE MORRIS who runs everything in Gilmer County including Glenville State College and IKE picks who is on the board of Governors which makes a long list of FAMOUS CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY that live down by the Crooked River.

How did GSC this once nationally respected school for Teachers drop to a fourth tier liberal arts poor excuse for an institution of higher learning? A college that boost admissions through no qualifications – if you play football! A college that teaches you how to deal your drugs and teaches you how to kick down – rape a girl or a brand new co-ed or five – and then bring your baby mama to the hotel to sling some hash and hide some stash!

“For every dollar of tax dollars to Glenville State College, Glenville State College returns $24 to the State of West Virginia,” said Barr.  “That’s the highest economic impact of any state public college or university.” But then, you really can’t believe one word of what that alcoholic son of a bitch says OR his drunk wife Betsy, but god damn those hillbillies sure do now how to throw a party.

Barr said many of Glenville’s graduates find jobs and stay in the area after they graduate, and that is about the biggest lie anybody has heard around here for awhile. That statement is NOT backed up with facts what-so-ever, just like just about every word that comes out of that idiots mouth.


A report by two conservative government watchdog organizations claims $330 million in wasteful spending by state agencies and Glenville State College is part of the WASTE!!

This is the Tack on the little bitch back of alleged rapist Jordan Opie Watkins brought to GSC by Janice Weldon. Thanks Janice we really appreciate you sucking Richard Weldon’s dick, for we understand he is best friends with the mother of OPIE who also sucked his dick. So I guess you cock suckers have to stick together to make Crooked County live up to its reputation for being the home of RAPE and Murder in Central West Virginia

Produced by the Koch brothers-backed Taxpayers Protection Alliance and state partner, the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy, “Wild and Wasteful West Virginia” is essentially a compilation of previously published reports by the state Legislative Auditor’s Office, as well as a number of news items on government spending.

From big budget items such as Medicaid and highways, to the Legislature’s annual awarding of hundreds of small grants to support fairs and festivals statewide, the 54-page report calls itself, “A guide for state lawmakers and public officials looking for opportunities to trim fat in the state budget and reduce the burden of government on West Virginia’s taxpayers.”

“There’s plenty of wasteful spending to be cut in West Virginia.”

So… why not start with the college that is NUMBER ONE in RAPE and almost dead last in academics and in years past has been dead last in academics.

Plus Peter Barr instituted the BARR CODE in 2006 …
“Don’t lay on you back unless he is Black!”

And made it acceptable for black men to rape white women at GSC!!

KNOWING THESE FACTS — Among the targets for the prospective spending ax in the report: West Virginia Public Broadcasting, West Liberty University athletics, and Glenville State College along with Bluefield.

The NEW PROPOSED BUDGET for West Virginia also calls for eliminating the state’s eight Regional Educational Service Agencies (RESAs) and cutting Department of Education central office expenses by 10 percent.

This NEW LEGISLATIVE  IDEA when proposing closing or consolidating colleges, calls Glenville State and Bluefield State the “least economically viable colleges.”

“Further negative news related to Glenville State, Moody’s Investors Service has downgraded the rating on Glenville State College’s 2011A lease-backed bonds to B1 with a negative outlook!”

A GSC TRADITION — The POTTY PARTY was perfected by the Butcher Bitches in Gilmer County whose daddy was on the Board of Governors at one time but he would not let his girls go to GSC where they just might find an excuse to go to the bathroom to snort CRYSTAL METH — PURE GLASS to get some ASS – Or some of the High Quality Cocaine straight from the MORRIS MANSION! Home girl shown in this picture got some powder up her nose, and she’s so proud she is showing that it made it all the way up there and is going to her brain while she left some traces of a good time on the counter!

Moody’s says the downgrade results from a substantial deterioration in operating performance and liquidity, with very limited remaining cash on hand, not to mention the famous CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY that make up the Board of Governors at GSC reads like a WHO’S WHO from the CHURCH of IKE!

“The downgrade also reflects expectations of ongoing financial pressure resulting from softening student demand, diminishing state funding, and a relatively inflexible expense base,” says the report. PLUS we all get the added bonus of having a RAPE INSTITUTION finally put out of business once and for all!

Glenville State College has been a key institution for higher education in Central West Virginia since 1872, and has been a vital influence on the economy of Gilmer County, but that  all may change soon. However the school is NOT what it was in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s when it had a great reputation for higher learning, but now is more dangerous with the roaming bands of black inner city gang members that have been at the school, with some serious drugs being brought in just about the time Peter Barr showed up with his Barr Code… in one bust almost one pound of cocaine was confiscated and six pounds of weed back in 2006 at the beginning of the worst of the worst…

The “Wild and Wasteful West Virginia” paper produced by the conservative groups is essentially a compilation of previously published reports by the state Legislative Auditor’s Office, as well as a number of news items on government spending.

Peter Barr GSC President is OUT soon  and Dr. Tracy L. Pellett has been selected to serve as the twenty-fourth leader of Glenville State.

Pellett will succeed Dr. Peter Barr on July 1, 2017; Barr announced his intention to retire last year amid the rumors that the college was broke, the county was broke and the same old story of WHERE HAS ALL THE MONEY GONE!!

HELL!! THIS IS GILMER COUNTY!!  Where do you think the money has gone!?  It has gone into the pockets of the few elite that really run shit around here in Central West Virgina while everyone else suffers with poor quality food choices, low pay, high cost of living and a bunch of crazy sons of bitches in charge of everything.

Money, it’s a gas
Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash
New car, caviar, four star daydream, and they say at the CHURCH of IKE
Think I’ll buy me a football team

Money, get back
I’m all right, Jack, keep your hands off of my stack.
Money, it’s a hit
Don’t give me that do goody good bullshit

By Editor Edison CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf


Time to look at GILMER COUNTY HISTORY which is good to review from time to time to be up on where all the CORRUPTION and GOOD OLE BOY government comes from…

The Darkness of GILMER COUNTY – the BLACKNESS of the “VILLE” …and Sarah Rutherford a “HOT FOR TEACHER” a product of GSC from up on the hill takes a Sordid Walk to the DARK SIDE of ELITE STREET!

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press-Editor/Free BirdRGW REPORTER for the Central WV SS/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator-Editor

Once you have seen the Darkness of GILMER COUNTY you will be forever changed.

Once you have been touched by the BLACKNESS of the “VILLE” you will never be the same!

Just ask Fred Hill!

The DARKNESS comes for you!

But out of the Darkness also comes the GHOST WOLF so that you don’t ever have to be afraid!

The GHOST WOLF of Crooked County lives for the Bounty of the sweet smelling elite!

“The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!” All the while the Ghost Wolf watches from high atop the mountains overlooking the town below. When the moon is full if you look closely you may observe a black shadow stalking his prey while making his way down the hills, but if his eyes should be red, you surely better run instead!

From the blackness the BEAST that has lived to fight another day, is always watching, always waiting for the ones that think they have it made …and that all the EVIL is Just OK!

The menace of the awful elite may soon have to pay!

The destiny of the wicked brought the return of the Ghost Wolf to the Darkness of Crooked County and to the blackness of the “Ville,” the name everyone knew was really in the city of River View!

The Black Wolf, the Ghost Wolf was truly king of his realm. The dark beast that was always watching Lisianna was only a shadow to others. Was the mysterious creature merely a shadow or maybe only a ghost?

“…The word spread like wildfire all throughout the VILLE and up the hollers and even up on the hill! Throughout the whole of Crooked County people walked in fear and searched the most secreted parts of their minds for any ill doing that could have been perceived as an act of betrayal to the Ghost Wolf. Doors were barred and locked especially by the sinister evil that owned the town and kept the people of the county as slaves to the Church of the Poison mind and the second generation of IKE the father of the demi-gods that hid from the darkness that stalked the land and the elite of the ville!”

Even the dead waited with dread for the Return of the Ghost Wolf for it certainly would be painful to die that way again, ripped, torn and shred with the vengeful jabs from the white fangs of blackness. It was said the creature was searching for Lucifer himself after killing with delight the Lemegeton the favorite agent of the Devil!

From out of the Darkness the Ghost Wolf came just when the blackness set upon the sleepy little Ville. The first victim was the daughter of a town official and a lawyer and she was just 24 years old. The next night saw the bloody attack of the magistrate and another young girl. Before that horrid month was out a college student, a young boy of 19 and a student teacher that was just 27 were both brutally slain – and in each case the victims’ heart was eaten!

Photo’s and excerpts courtesy of Publish America from book two of the trilogy “Return of the Ghost Wolf a NEW CIVIL WAR!”

When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness.  The long term goal of the powerful in Gilmer County has always been to smooth over their own misdeeds as though it were all a lovely dream.  Don’t worry, they’ve got your back, they have a handle on the situation. Sleep peacefully, do as they say, all is well. They are making the decisions for you and their bank account is fat. Do not forget that coal, timber, oil and gas have long influenced the social economic and political characteristics of this region.  Do not forget who is in control and has been as far back as memory allows.  Why would you want to change that?  Things are easier this way.  Easier for them!

Employment growth and economic growth are stifled in Gilmer County, West Virginia by election fraud and the mafia like existence of the Gilmer Elite!

Taking in the fragrance of the pines, Lisianna also heard the shallow running creek that ran near the tower. She listened closer; as it was faint at first…then she felt it, cautiously, slowly, carefully, gently…Lisianna opened her eyes out of instinct. There it was! The Wolf! The Black Wolf that always watched over her…standing only a few feet away! The Wolf looked at her with eyes of peacefulness, that communicated, “I’ll bring you comfort,” then glanced away at something heard in the forest. Lisianna gazed into the dark woods like it was a dream, searching the part of the forest where the Wolf had sensed intrusion…then turned to face the Wolf again, but the graceful and handsome Black Wolf was gone!

A ruling class of elite have taken control of the Gilmer County Schools and the local job market. County and state jobs are ruled by nepotism in Gilmer County.  Several good examples of nepotism are within the pages of this website, but the latest infraction was when Gilmer County Commission clerk hired her own 15 year old unqualified daughter as an assistant. Cronyism is also prevalent in Gilmer County and very much alive and well!

“A common theme among states with high levels of economic freedom is a commitment to low taxes, small government, and flexible labor markets. These conditions stimulate job creation and greater opportunities for economic growth.” 

Because of these conditions, Gilmer County has seen little or no economic growth and now with the school system failure and the problems brought on by cronyism and nepotism, many people would rather live and grow up in an area with better schools and a much improved school system, but what we have here in Glenville is a failure to communicate because of the totalitarian rule that exists. That is why we have Blankenship as the superintendent of Gilmer County Schools, which is a situation forced onto us by the state, just the same as if we were communists living in a third world country!  Truly the situation that exists is no different.

It is indeed time to wake up Gilmer County, but don’t open your eyes too quickly for the shock of a local government corrupt from top to bottom, the crumbling infrastructure and gross inadequacy within our schools and educational systems, long-term poverty, out-migration and lack of health care may be too much for a trusting soul to bear.  Gilmer County is failing and fading while those who trusted the elected and paid for leadership are now being blamed by them for lack of action.  These power elite leaders blame the very people who have questioned them about their own actions or lack thereof over and over! We have received no response from the elite.

“The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!” The Secret of RAPE the secret of MURDER and the secret of FOUL PLAY!

As Mayor of Richwood, countless accusations were made against Bob Henry Baber for deceiving the public and city council, mishandling funds, fraudulent grant writing and many other charges that are still under investigation and he became the perfect candidate for a job at GSC with that kind of a background. He really fit in!

His troubles and the negative controversy that surrounds Baber seem to never end!

Bob Henry joined and invited the “Hippy” group “The Rainbow Group” and invited them to come to Richwood for one of their annual meetings, they tore up the town for a solid week, buying and selling drugs and hitting up the free food and clothing pantries that was meant to serve the homeless and less fortunate.

But BOB HENRY was not only getting a little bobber from the hippy chicks in the Rainbow group, but became good buddies with Joann Rutherford at GSC where he works as the person that brings in donations for the college — and when he got to meet the daughter of Joann, he was surprised to find out that it was the same girl his son was dating. Of course a lot of other SONS OF GILMER COUNTY CITIZENS were also dating Sarah Rutherford. Sarah started to have sexual relations with Bob Henry Baber the man from GSC that ran for governor of West Virginia, but she said mostly it was because “Bob had such good weed that she felt the need to kick it with the old dude!”

Before long, IKE was hooking Sarah up with the good shit at WVU and was going to get her into the school of pharmacy since she already had a likeness for pills and such. In fact she gave her students some Klonopin and some booze and some good weed and some darn good sex at the High School she taught at in Barbour County!

Yeah, pretty soon thanks to the good folk at Glenville State College, Sarah Rutherford was fucking and sucking the high school boys and passing along the Darkness of Gilmer County and the Blackness of the Ville to some good folk just down the road a piece.

The HIPPY TEACHINGS of BOB HENRY BABER included some “Kick ASS SEX” with the daughter of Joann Rutherford long time secretary at GSC who was also his sons’ girlfriend, Sarah Rutherford who was indicted for sexual misconduct with 2 male students at a Barbour County high school where she was teaching.

It may be too late to save Sarah Rutherford former resident of the VILLE, since she was indicted for sexual misconduct with underage teenage high school students last Monday October 24th and was arraigned this past Wednesday the 26th of October but …

Is it too late to save this county before it becomes a nameless blob on the map included in some type of consolidation so the politicians can get more federal monies based on total population — Is it too late to save this Crooked County from the embarrassment of an illiterate dumb as fuck Sheriff like Mickey Metz and a dishonest prosecutor that Gerry Hough has proved to be?

Don’t know, lets hope not, but it is a cruel irony that our leaders have called building the federal prison a”Major economic development,” while the investors of the new hotel located right next door utilized state funds and now want to downgrade the facility to a local inn while the drugs and sex and rape and debauchery carry on with no consequence to any other but the victims and the tax paying citizens of Gilmer County

A typical local “Power Elite” just having a little fun at our expense while engaging in a typical everyday Crooked County day full of nepotism, which often leads to pressure through the family somehow or then there is, the holding of a carrot out in some type of bribery–And soon there could be embezzlement, extortion or graft, or even another real estate scandal like we just witnessed with our own eyes, while the “Powers that Be” never stopped denying the real facts.

Deny deny deny! “Oh it is all just a lie!”  Not this time Crooked County!!

You done got CAUGHT a being Crooked down by the Crooked River!!

Y’all know how to deliver down by the Crooked River!!

Now we have truly seen for ourselves how they are!!

Get a clue, it was all GRAFT and CORRUPTION that was behind River View!

Any other place if public officials engage in this sort of activity they would be guilty of abuse of public trust at a minimum, and may often be charged with a crime!

But not in Crooked County!

You have to find it almost laughable when a small business development center houses Frame’s oil business that was already well established, occupying other Main Street office space and buying land from GCEDA while a satellite of Aramark, the existing food provider to Glenville State College sits there doing business as a café.  This is hardly growth, just status quo.  Is this the best use of business seed money, free office space and equipment?  There is nothing new here as the old and established reap the pay day one more time.

Now is the time for the honest, caring citizens of Gilmer County to walk out of that evil darkness before it is all encompassing and past the point of no return. Take a good look at it all, past and present, in the honest light of day and not that twisted twilight zone the leaders speak from.

‘Can’t anyone hear the people of Gilmer County knockin’ for someone to open the door to demand the honesty and transparency which have been promised so many times and then listen, remember and act.  

It may not be pretty, it may not be easy, but it is the only way out of  …the Darkness of GILMER COUNTY!

This moment in Crooked County History brought to you by the Council of Concerned Citizens…

  • We heard it told that Cassandra Huff is upset that Corky isn’t going to give her some money for firing her ass as the most stoned out print news-editor south of the Mason Dixon line. Cassandra Huff has promised a couple of locals to fill us in on the sexual habits of the publisher of the Democrap and some other hidden darkness that she says she can share in exchange for not floating her down the crooked river for her sins against the people of central WV.

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  • Concerned Citizens SPEAK OUT ON THE FREE PRESS!

    Readers’ Recent Comments

    Always questions. Never answers.
    These facts have been established by local media:
    Deputy Jones has been involved in horseplay while on the taxpayer dole..
    Deputy Jones has been suspended. Deputy Jones has been properly trained on use of tazer according to Metz.
    Sheriff Metz, prosecuting attorney Hough, and the County Commission are all in full knowledge of Jones actions.
    You would think that Sheriffs department would have a zero tolerance policy for horseplay?
    If so, was it followed as “was in print”?
    If there is no zero tolerance for horseplay while on the job, why not?
    Even if the Sheriff’s department does not have a zero tolerance horseplay policy, surely the County Commissioners do?
    And Deputy Jones would fall under that as well as he is a county employee?
    The fact that Mr. Hess has been quoted that he/they are satisified with Sheriff Metz response, has absolutely no
    bearing on the outcome of this situation. That is their personal choice. The facts are that the Hess’s have a super strong
    case to file a lawsuit against the Deputy, Sheriff, and the County. Easy win. Whatever Mrs. Hess actions were, nothing there gives
    any validation to Deputy Jones actions.
    If Deputy Jones is/was actually on suspension. Was he able to collect paid vacation of sick time during that absence?
    If Jones is suspended, why was the County owned Cruiser parked along side of home on 27 October,‘11?
    If Deputy Jones is not charged, then it is assumed that Sheriff Metz and Attorney Hough, and the County Commissioners are all in agreement that this not a case of assult. I believe that you will find several cases where individuals have been prosecuted for assault with a tazer. If a tazer is not a deadly weapon, why is training given?
    I will venture that if any citizen of the community(other than the protected elites) used a tazer on someone, they would be eating their meals in the Flatwoods regional jail. This is looking like nothing more than a case of “selective prosecution” or the lack thereof.
    We all have read the stories where kindergarten and first graders are handcuffed in school for having nail clippers.
    Sheriff Metz, Lawyer Hough, County Commissioners, we are awaiting your believable explanation as to why Deputy Jones is still on the Gilmer County payroll.

    By More to Come on 10.28.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: Is Taser Gun a Dangerous Weapon?’.

    Karen Pennybaker and everyone. Based on the Jorea Marple, chief Butcher of the Charleston BOE, and her friends in the Butcher-Butchers’ clan, overthrowers of our school district, their actions to date unfortunately show us they will just do as they very well please.
    There are probably fewer than a dozen in Gilmer County that have any voice anyways. Just those narcissistic, self centered, can’t see themselves in the mirror elitists. And we all know who they are.
    Neither can you count your elected board of education in that dozen. (Have you heard anything from them yet?) This is a perfect example of the woes of Gilmer County. Not enough of the community will get off their butts and try to do anything about it.
    The community is lazy, complacent, and the power elites know it. Save your energy. Give up trying. There is no one who will help you.
    Now if you were to bake cookies, for say, a cancer drive, you would get plenty help. Fixing the community does not give anyone that feel good feeling————that it should.
    Your comments are good, but fall on deaf ears.

    By No Hope for Our Schools on 10.28.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: A Suggestion and A Solution – Troy/Alum Bridge School’.

  • As told by Gary Collins Glenville Crazy …the NEWS of the VILLE

    I heard it told from R Terry and friends that there has been some rumor that it was a Lisa M and a Lisa B causing all the trouble and the heat was coming from within and that Cassandra Huff has turned out to be worse of a turn coat than Lisa Minney for the Elite that meet discreet but not on the street … in the upstairs office of Dave (Corky) Corcoran. Well hell Lisa B took a B line straight south and is drinking rum and Glenville crazy Gary Collins never did get some, but he wanted to, but now he just blames it all on the GFP and says that truly no outside forces from the Secret Seven are responsible at all for writing articles on the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf and that it is all kin from within, like Minney who he says never left the SS but always stayed and now they are afraid to hear the truth again. It is quite a spin, but Gary Collins just goes on and on about Cassandra Huff and how she was fired from her job and now has it rough all because she believed in Gerry Hough. Collins tells us all about how Corky Corcoran told Cassandra Huff to suck his dick that there would be no pay from unemployment just a big stick so how about a lick and that would do the trick, but she wouldn’t a be a writin no mo for the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit.

  • “DO NOTHINGS” Need to go!

    After reviewing several articles that contain facts about Gerry Hough the Gilmer County Prosecutor and detailed accounts of misconduct involving Sheriff Metz in regard to the Fred Hill investigation, it is evident that both of these public officials have become a detriment to the community of Gilmer County, West Virginia. It has become increasingly evident that the best solution is to take steps to have Gerry HOUGH and Micky METZ both removed from office before their term is up. This keeps Hough from manipulating the election process and running unopposed again, and hopefully the community will be rid of TWO completely good for nothing public officials that have put us all in jeopardy.

    Both of these “Do Nothings,” have been involved in cover ups and illegal actions. We have all had quite enough of Gerry Hough who actually pays people to commit perjury on the stand in high profile court cases. We have all seen and heard the evidence for ourselves involving Metz and Hough and their involvement in covering up evidence needed in high level Supreme Court cases. All like minded people should ban together in this endeavor. More than enough evidence exists to support this action. Truly what these public officials have done is criminal and immediate action should be taken against both of them.

  • Longtime citizen of Gilmer County

    To anyone who keeps telling people to just shut up and accept the current conditions in Gilmer County since it’s all their own fault anyway, I have two words. SHUT UP!

    Your efforts to blame the citizens of this county for the shape it is in falls on deaf ears. Oh, there was a time that would have worked, back in the day. No more.

    Certain power mongers have selected the trustees of local government to appoint oversight, manage growth and keep abreast of potential problems and needs of this county in return for money, health benefits for their families plus retirement and, apparently, every legal or illegal perk they can manipulate to their advantage without question or complaint far too long.

    How did that turn out for us? They have filled their pockets, expanded their real estate port folios and seen to it that their friends and families have jobs irrespective of ability or experience. They have permitted every actionable want of the powerful without advising the public and given no answers, voluntarily, to any question of policy or procedure. That is the reality and it is vane, self serving, bottom feeders like the elite who have suppressed public information, cooperation and action for years using their attitude and influence to put out the message of “It can’t be done” or “They know what’s best”.

    It is time to turn the page, buy a new broom, sweep the place clean and air the dirty laundry. You say the people should do something. How about turning out an empowered, informed electorate (not chosen group leaders) to make the decisions about what is left of Gilmer County’s future. May not be able to save it but it is the only thing that can. Let the tax payers decide who really wants a better economic structure for all of us and will create an atmosphere that serves the people, not politicians and their buddies. Let all people talk, complain and use any method available to gain insight and information which makes them think. How about permitting them the same freedom of expression and information gathering that you enjoy.

  • CalPatty Press — Cassandra HUFF now working for RGW website?

    Dendra Miller, a wanna be news-director and employee of the Glenville Democrat, recently, while secretly talking to members of the SS, (in fact it was so secret she didn’t even know who the hell it was she was a talkin to) revealed some great inside gossip involving Cassandra Huff and some of the behind the scenes reasons for her harsh treatment and firing by Corky Democrap publisher.She even hinted that CASS HUFF ASS MUFF may even have been working with the Secret Seven Coalition and the renegades that run with the CalPatty Press! Bobby Nicholas from Calhoun County also revealed he had sex with CASS HUFF ASS MUFF, a while back in one of the out back houses on the property of his ex GF Dreama from back in the day.Bobby a said that Cassandra was into some weird stuff and talked about animal sex and it kind of freaked him out a bit. Somewhere there was some hogs in the story, but I got it second hand and I am not sure quite how the hog part got in the story, but there is more…

  • Council of Concerned Citizens – Citizens speak out on GFP about SHERIFF SHENANIGANS!

    It has become increasingly evident that the best solution is to take steps to have Gerry HOUGH and Micky METZ both removed from office before their term is up. This keeps Hough from manipulating the election process and running unopposed again, and hopefully the community will be rid of TWO completely good for nothing public officials that have put us all in jeopardy.
    Both of these “Do Nothings,“ have been involved in cover ups and illegal actions. We have all had quite enough of Gerry Hough who actually pays people to commit perjury on the stand in high profile court cases. We have all seen and heard the evidence for ourselves. All like minded people should ban together in this endeavor. More than enough evidence exists to support this action.

    By Best Solution on 10.29.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: Is Taser Gun a Dangerous Weapon?’.
    IF the statement that Jones HAD been trained for the taser is TRUE, then there is asolutely NO EXCUSE for his actions and should have been IMMEDIATELY fired!
    ANY civilized police force anywhere else in the country would have fired that officer and eliminated the huge potential of that LIABILITY.
    I can’t understand how Gilmer County operates as it does. Do you people ever get out in the world and see how the real world operates??

    By AMAZING TO ME….. on 10.29.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: Is Taser Gun a Dangerous Weapon?’.
    That is absolutely correct, as an officer of the law we worry about any liability while doing what we think is the right thing to do at any given real live situation. What gives you the right to create a liability to people of this county that pay your salary because you want to have FUN!!!
    By anonymous on 10.29.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: Is Taser Gun a Dangerous Weapon?’.
    Just wonder if anyone in Gilmer County knows how it works to be under Civil Service? Might not be that easy to just fire someone hired under it! Charges can still be pending. Sheriff Metz did the right thing by turning it over to the State Poice. The Sheriff’s office should never handle cases in there own Court House. Deputy Jones messed up not the Sheriff.
    By Ann. on 10.29.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: Is Taser Gun a Dangerous Weapon?’.
    Metz turning the matter over to the State Police is a joke, and sounds a lot like the “Fred Hill” debacle.

    The last time the State Police teamed up with Metz was over the missing 1/6th of 155 acres of surface property purposely hidden from the courts.

    The State Police actually tried to have that person making the complaint arrested by the FBI to keep the County Commission Clerk from being investigated, but the situation backfired and now the Sheriffs office has refused to take a criminal complaint once again. Someone should tell Sheriff Metz that to cover for a felony is a felony.

    Also, Metz has gone to great lengths to cover up that crime.

    Nothing ever gets accomplished but them sticking fat stacks of cash in their pocket for protecting friends of the elite or other elected officials or state and county employees.

    Metz needs to be removed from office, along with Hough and steps should be taken to see this is done.

    By Best Solution on 10.30.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: Is Taser Gun a Dangerous Weapon?’.

    Hey this is an idea let’s raise our property taxes so we can pay for liabilities Officer Jones will cause or better yet fire him and give the good hard working deputies the raise they deserve that was taken away.

    By Anonymous on 10.30.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: Is Taser Gun a Dangerous Weapon?’.

    Big Question? Why is Officer Jones disliked in our community so much? Is is because he harasses high school students, college students and hard working citizens of this county that pay his salary? Position or authority is entrusted to you to better serve those below and above you, not to abuse it with your idiotic negligence.

    By anonymous on 10.30.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: Is Taser Gun a Dangerous Weapon?’.

  • Cosmos Communicator – GFP gets SCOOP from source on TASER incident

    G-FYI™: The Other Side of Taser Incident

    In an effort to be gain balance we had an interview with Mrs. Hess, victim of the taser incident, and this is what we learned:

    On Friday, October 07, 2011, at the Gilmer County Fire Department, Station 1 in Glenville, Mr. Jones approached Mrs. Hess in uniform and informed her there was a lady bug in her hair.

    She asked Deputy Jones to remove it. Deputy Jones grabbed a few stands of her hair and pulled it pretending he was getting the lady bug.

    Shortly after, it was realized there was no lady bug to begin with indicating that Deputy Jones had begun his “horseplay”.

    At a later time, Deputy Jones pulled out his taser gun, and removed the green cartridge (he did not want to use the cartridge because he had stated it cost $40).

    Then he used his gun on Mrs. Hess, hitting her in the arm resulting in electrical shock and bruises.

    There is photo evidence of the damage.

    According to Mrs. Hess, Mr. Jones knew what he was doing when he shot her with the gun.

    She stated that Deputy Jones pulled out the cartridge and then used the taser gun which contradicts the story Sheriff Metz has given to the newspaper and press.

    Mrs. Hess also indicated that Sheriff Metz contacted her asking her to give a positive report to the press about the incident.

    Finally, she said the incident was not an accident as reported, and by taking the cartridge out, Deputy Jones premeditated the shooting and knew what he was doing.
    GFP – 10.30.2011

    ~~~ Readers’ Comments ~~~

    I know what I am writing has been said time and time again in other comments about what is going on in this county.
    Corruption, crimes, cover-ups by our County Sheriff’s office of wrong doings, a Deputy Sheriff using a taser gun on a woman during horseplay and Still has his job.
    GSC cover ups for rapes, drugs, underage drinking, the Board of Governors which is composed of the “elite” that are involved in all of this, a Prosecutor that does nothing for this county except take its money and lets the criminals go.
    Lawyers who laugh at all the dirty work that they are supposed to handle and don’t, so again nothing is done. A bar that has had their liquor license revoked but you can BYOB (bring your own bottle) and the underage can drink, the drugs can be passed, sold and bought, “the women of the night” continue to work.
    Even worse, our County Commission does NOTHING to enforce the laws to make them, the law officers, do their jobs that they are paid for. The school system stinks and the ones over it don’t smell a bit better. We can’t even get help thru the news media because they too are involved and controlled.
    This once PROUD County has sunk into a giant cesspool because of what the elite powers that have taken over this county are doing to us.
    It is true that there are many more good people in this county than the select crooked but money talks louder than words. We see this problem on the County, State and National level.
    As far as any new business locating here, new people moving to this county, new jobs, more college students attending GSC, people wanting to remain in this county to work and raise a family here, my question to those people would be WHY, WHY would you want to do that with the shape this once PROUD county is in?
    My advice, run away as fast as you can. I see it as an invitation to increase criminal activity as we have absolutely NO ONE that will do the job that the taxpayers of this county has hired them to do, and yet they draw their nice paychecks, vacation time, sick days, pensions/retirements and whatever else they can get and in return, we get the shaft. I think “conscience” for these crooks are non-existent.
    By Once Proud on 10.30.2011

    You have no worries when you still get paid your vacation and sick hours and still use the county police car to work for Burnsville Dam, Regional Jail, Braxton County Police or the City. Our dollars have paid the bills for this for years along with multiple raises, meals and uniforms plus on call overtime. It is never enough and there is no one working for the Taxpayer. No discipline,just excuses, all for one and every man for himself is the rule of the courthouse.
    By Of Course Metz wants NO responses on 10.30.2011
    I’m almost positive that weapons re certification training for all law enforcement department issued weapons is an annual requirement. Taser training date is way over due as I see it. Why didn’t the sheriff and his deputies get shot with one? ohh I know it might kill them. Do as I say not what I do policy in the sheriff’s office. Also why did they they get all the same score on the exam?, WOW.
    By anonymous on 10.30.2011

    Mr. Jones would have had allot of people backing him through this in the county if he would have tried harder on helping the people than trying to burn them. Mr. Jones should have been at all times community oriented. I would have have backed him 100% if he would have supported us as tax payers and made sound decisions. He chose to treat people that were not family or friends like were trash. My ideal Sheriff is one that gives and helps his community. Why isn’t there a woman deputy? Maybe Mrs. Hess should be a deputy, she has been tasered unlike our local law enforcement. GO for it Mrs. Hess!
    Hows it feel to be on the other side of the badge Mr. Jones? Sucks don’t it! You Are Dirty!
    By anonymous on 10.30.2011

    Don’t let your ego get too close to your position, so that if your position gets shot down, your ego doesn’t go with it.
    Colin Powell
    By anonymous on 10.30.2011

    Always questions. Nope. Now Just ONE
    Its clear now, all parties in the county hierarchy are well aware of, and well informed of their county employee’s reckless, irresponsible actions and have “passed the buck” to the State Police. Conclusion drawn: They didn’t have backbone or stomach for what they new was the proper thing to do. Please don’t patronize us with the ‘civil service’ firing hogwash either. Hess’s may well bring action against the county for which taxpayers will be on the hook to pay. More court house inspired legal actions. Real confidence building by the elected of GC.
    The ONE remaining question now:
    Will the GC citizens have to live in fear of what this individual may do next, while receiving their tax dollars?
    By keep diggin’ y’all on 10.30.2011

    Mr. Jones thinks he controlled this county by doing what he wanted to do because he had a badge and was above the law. We ask as citizens of gilmer county to end the tyranny of this officer. PLEASE!!!!
    By anonymous on 10.30.2011

    Mrs. Hess for president!!!!
    By anonymous on 10.30.2011

    SEVEN adults getting exactly the same test score.
    Coincidence. No. Never. Not likely.
    One person doing all the tests. More likely.
    As in the military: ‘pencil whipping’. Most likely.
    By GCSmokey on 10.30.2011

    None of the public officials in this county ever want to make a decision to fight any criminal activity in this county. Is it because they have their fingers in the pot of corruption? What about commissioners Hess, Ramsey, and Kennedy? Do you agree with our sheriff as well? Why are you not doing anything about it? Are you going to stand behind the scene and say the famous words of “there is nothing we can do about it”? If there is nothing you can you about this, then what is there that you CAN do?
    By Is corruption that deep? on 10.30.2011

    After reading both sides of the taser incident, I find it very interesting of some of the things said. First of all I think it was an act of plain stupidity for Deputy Jones to have the taser gun out in the presence of several other people in the first place.
    This is a dangerous weapon, not a toy to horseplay with. My opinion is “he removed that cartridge knowing full well what he was doing and going to do. This “is a serious premeditated act”.
    Thank you Sheriff Metz for sending proof that Deputy Carson was trained in the use of this weapon, but that proof makes him all the more guilty for doing what he did. It also is very disturbing, not to mention just plain STUPID that Sheriff Metz, The Prosecutor, and The County
    Commission agreed to an outside law agency being called in to see if any criminal activity had been committed and then turned it over to The State Police.
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Only in Gilmer County would this happen. A law enforcement not associated with any of the people named or acquainted with any of the power elite of this county should have investigated this, NOT The State Police of Gilmer County. No wonder our county is in such a mess, they have no common sense. So since no one involved in this incident has filed charges, which means it is ok for what he did? The Sheriff should have done his job and fired him. He had witnesses of this incident, she had the red marks and bruises, he admitted to it, what else does he need? I find it interesting that Mrs. Hess said that Sheriff Metz contacted her and told her to give a POSITIVE report to the news media about this.
    Hmmmm…. wonder what else he told her? This must be why in the paper Metz said no charges were expected and that all concerned was satisfied with the way they were handling the situation. Maybe, this is why they say no charges have been filed. Who says this county is corrupted? Look around good people of Gilmer, what do think?? Here’s something to think about.
    Rumor has it; the sheriff may be going to run for magistrate.
    By ANONYMOUS on 10.30.2011

    In Gilmer County when you hear we are turning it over a case to State Police, it means : We are sweeping it under the rug.
    Are the commissioners, prosecutor, and the sheriff that stupid to know wrong from wright?
    Do you all remember when Mr. Hough turned over the ‘no foul play’ involving mickey Metz and Fred Hill to State Police? Have you heard any more about it? You can find out a better answer if you ask Mickey and his daughter about Fred Hill.
    By must be kidding me on 10.30.2011

    Are we talking about the state police already bought and paid for by ike? What about it ike? Is casey guilty? What should happen to him? Or is he on the same side state police is as far as you are concerned?
    By losing battle? on 10.30.2011

    Metz says no charges have been filed. may be ms. hess is as guilty you know. Sometimes it takes two to horseplay.
    By jj328 on 10.30.2011

    Since none of our public officials are brave enough to takes a position, maybe Enos can be asked!
    By just a thought on 10.30.2011

    All in favor of removing Mickey Metz from office say “I”

    All in favor of removing Gerald B Hough from office say “I”
    By Best Solution on 10.30.2011

    In response to jj328:

    It does take two to horseplay the last count I had.
    Wouldn’t be much fun by yourself would it?
    Mrs. Hess admits she was involved, that is not the problem.
    It would not change the severity of this incident if there were 10 people involved.
    The fact remains he used a weapon on her, this is not what a taser is for. He was WAY out of line and should never have used this taser on her and the Sheriff needs to do the proper thing and dismiss Jones from his position.
    The next time it could be a gun.
    The Sheriff needs to take full responsibility, not dismiss it merely because charges were not brought.
    Personally, I think Melissa Hess and her husband should bring charges and probably most of the people in the county say the same thing.
    If not, it is just another example of the crimes and criminals walking scott free. But, this is Gilmer County folks.
    That about says it all.
    By This is Gilmer County on 10.30.2011

    Whether it were a horseplay or not, even an idiot shouldn’t use a tazer gun on anybody. let alone when he is law official.
    History tell us mr. jones is not mature enough to be on the law enforcement to protect citizens of gilmer county.

    sheriff metz, did they tell you in training you do not horseplay with a tazer guns?

    and you expect us to elect you as a magistrate?

    you must be kidding.
    By Mrs. X on 10.30.2011
    Hey Sheriff…. “To see if any criminal activity is involved” is not a complete sentence.
    Comment by anonymous on 10.30.2011

    Why is outside help needed to determine if a criminal act occurred? This is an example of buck passing by our timid official. The scandal has other implications too. If a person from the privileged class is involved with something serious including reckless driving, underage drinking, drunk driving or drug possession, they get free passes. For others, the hammer falls hard. We all know of examples of this in the County. Ask individuals who have served in local law enforcement. They will verify that preferential treatment for the privileged is demanded for job retention. Gilmer’s citizens lost respect for our legal system and we need to exercise civic responsibility by cleaning up the mess when we go to the polls. Even if a law is not broken and a legal system official gets involved with questionable conduct, respect for the entire system is eroded. Respect is lost too when information about progress with the Fred Hill case is withheld from the public.

    By E. S. Edmonds on 10.31.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: The Other Side of Taser Incident’.
    I am amazed this deputy still has a job and further astounded at the handling of this incident by Sheriff Metz. From a legal aspect Gilmer County may as well leave a blank check with Deputy Jones personnel file. His actions were deliberate and he knowingly knew the effects of a dry stun. In my personal opinion he is an extreme liability to the county and should be relieved of his duties. As for the sheriff, he was elected by the citizens of the county. Remember this incident and the many others before you cast your vote.

    By Retired LEO on 10.31.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: The Other Side of Taser Incident’.
    If you were stopped or investigated by Mr. Jones for anything, would he give you a break? Probably not and he doesn’t deserve one either from us. Charge and indict this Mr. Hough for us and do the right thing, because he doesn’t stand above the law as he thinks he does. If you did what he did to that woman, the state would have your job sir, so we ask to do what is right.

    By Sand Tan Annymous on 10.31.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: The Other Side of Taser Incident’.

    When Sheriff Metz was campaigning for his first term. It was like a breath of fresh air came to Gilmer County. He wasn’t perceived as one of “good old boys” that was on the take of the local power clan. That probably got him elected.
    I believe there were those of us who thought he might just be the one to clean up the County. Seemed like the first year or two, that was what might happen. Along the way, we began to see a “different” Sheriff than the man that was first elected. At the Common Place there were discussions and we began to wonder what was happening.
    Did the job get to him? Go to his head? Or did “someone” get to him? A lot of us really have been wondering what has happened.
    There was a rumor 3 or 4 years ago, that Office Jones had been fired. Do not know if that is the truth or not? Another rumor that there had been a lawsuit and Officer Jones seemed to just reappear. If this is the case, could our local Sheriff, PA Lawyer, and Commissioners be running scared? Is this why the buck has been passed? Sure makes one wonder.
    Metz is a “short-timer” now, to use a military term, near the end of his elected second term. So trying to be rid of him through a petitioning process would be a waste of time and energy. He will soon be gone, unless he runs for another office in the county. That would not be nice.
    People, if you really are serious about a Gilmer County “clean-up”, this is the perfect time. Absolute perfect time. You have about 6 months to organize and circulate petitions prior to the 2012 election. Earl Ray, Joe Manchin and host of other are going to be spending that big money to get back to the trough, and I suspect that they could and would do wonders to help Gilmer County take out the trash. Are you ready?
    Wonder when Facemire, Walker and Boggs are up again?
    And Officer Jones will be on the “loose” again, in less than 48 hours. Be careful.

    By More to Come on 10.31.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: The Other Side of Taser Incident’.

  • Gilmer County Property Owner

    It is time to create and circulate a petition to have MICKEY METZ removed from office and also time to create and circulate a petition to have Gerald Hough removed from office.

    The election process in Gilmer County has been flawed for sometime. It is manipulated and controlled and even both Gilmer County Commission Clerks have been arrested for election fraud charges, but with no consequence.

    It is long past time to be taken advantage of, and not do a darn thing about it. TWO rotten apples spoiled the whole barrel a long time ago. Action is needed to remove both elected positions for failure to be honest and forthright in their positions. More than enough evidence has already been presented.

  • TEACHERS – Weak System Linking Student Performance-Teacher Effectiveness

    West Virginia has made little if any progress in adopting a teacher evaluation system that includes student achievement, according to the National Council on Teacher Quality.

    Most of the critical policies regulating education in West Virginia are made by the West Virginia Legislature, a body that has shied away from offending teacher unions.

    While there has been a national movement to tie student performance to teacher quality, West Virginia has one of the weakest education systems linking student performance to teacher effectiveness, according to the report.

    “The disregard for performance in education has bred massive dysfunction and has disastrous consequences for the health of the teaching profession and for student achievement, especially for students most in need of effective teachers,” says the report.

  • Council of Conservative Citizens – Citizens of Gilmer County have had enough of Gerry Hough and Sheriff Metz!

    Why Is Gilmer County Different from Rest of the World?

    In the GILMER FREE PRESS this morning….

    The WV Record Reported:

    Woman suing East Bank, former police officer over Tasering

    An East Bank woman is suing the town and a former police officer over an incident where the officer admitted to using a Taser on the woman, who said she was pregnant at the time.

    Candice White filed a lawsuit Feb. 13 in Kanawha Circuit Court against the town of East Bank and former officer Steve Smith, who was fired over the incident.

    The complaint says that at the end of July 2008, Smith was on duty when he stopped at White’s residence, but the call was not related to his law enforcement duties.

    Smith, White and five other people were on the front porch of the residence and Smith was talking about what it felt like to be “tazed,“ the complaint said.

    Smith was holding a Taser gun and talking about people he’d used it on and how he’d been “tazed” during his police training, the complaint says.

    At some point, Smith allegedly asked the plaintiff if she would like to be “tazed,“ to which she allegedly replied, “Yeah, right. Go ahead.“

    The complaint says Smith told her he could put the weapon on a low setting and that she would hardly feel it.

    He then allegedly “tazed” White twice on the thigh and she told him to stop, the complaint said.

    Then she started to go into the house, but Smith followed her and “tazed” her on the lower back. White says she swatted at the Taser and ended up getting struck again on the hand.

    White contends she later told Smith that she was pregnant and he assured her that being “tazed” wouldn’t hurt the baby.

    White is suing on grounds of constitutional tort, vicarious liability, negligence, outrageous conduct and intentional infliction. She’s seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

    Michael T. Clifford is representing White. Kanawha Circuit Judge James Stucky has been assigned the case.

    Kanawha Circuit Court case number: 09-C-252

    ~~ By Justin Anderson – The WV Record ~~
    GFP – 11.01.2011
    ~~~ Readers’ Comments ~~~

    The question has been asked on the article “Why is Gilmer County Different”. It showed the same type of incident happening in East Bank that just recently happened here in Gilmer County in regards to a police officer tasing a female as a way of “clowning around or horseplay”. The officer involved in this case at East Bank WAS FIRED, and the woman is now suing the town of East Bank and the police officer involved. GOOD for this woman, she is doing what she should do and I hope Martin and Melissa Hess will do the same thing. The people in this town that are dismissing this incident here as a case of joking around and horseplay are the same people we put in office and who are controlling and being controlled by other elite people.
    The Sheriff, Prosecuting Attorney, and the County Commission are some of them and they are all a disgrace to the citizens of Gilmer County.
    And because the ones named are controlled and controlling they are as guilty as Deputy Jones for not having the guts to do something right for a change instead of favoring the elite.
    This officer needs to be FIRED immediately. They know it and so do we. You would think that with other lawsuits against them that they would wise up and do what is the law instead of “catering”. A comment to More To Come, yes we all thought that when Mickey ran for sheriff the first time that he would clean this county up and be for the people. It was good at first, then the problems with law enforcement began. What a shame too, because we really had faith in him. In answer to your question, it “was someone who got to him”.
    Remember, money talks. As far as you saying to organize and get the backing and support from the big names running for re-election and they will help take the trash out of this county. WRONG. Who do you think is involved and supporting them from this county? Yep, the ones you want to ask for help. It is not only county wide, it is state wide that we are fighting. You heard the ole saying” You can’t fight city hall”. If the high and mighty in this town do not FIRE Jones immediately for his actions, I hope the County Commission, Prosecutor, and Sheriff get the pants and the “we are the controlling attitude” sued right off of them. Then we, the citizens asking for his dismissal can say we told you so while they are writing the check for the law suit that WE the taxpayers will have to pay for their screw-ups.
    What a sad pathetic county we have to call home. To our Sheriff, Prosecutor, County Commission, and the “elite” I sure hope you are proud of yourselves and can sleep at night because the county is not proud anymore.
    DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THIS COUNTY instead of yourself.
    PS involving the State Police was a big joke too because you knew what they would say in regards to the investigation for criminal activity. If you thought they might see that he was in the wrong I think you would have brought his patrol car to the courthouse instead of leaving it at his residence. THE DECISION WAS ALREADY MADE BEFORE THE INVESTIGATION.

    By Not a Proud County on 11.01.2011

    Ultimately, it is the county commissioners’ responsibility to make sure county affairs are done properly.
    Investigations rather than continuous cover-ups are due by county commission regarding all the mishaps in sheriff department ethically, criminally, and financially. It is time to stop Metz lying and making his own rules. cool mad

    By WatchDog on 11.01.2011

    I along with a lot of other good citizens of Gilmer County are HOPING that Martin and Melissa Hess WILL BRING SUIT against Deputy Casey Jones, the Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz, The Prosecuting Attorney and the Gilmer
    County Commissioners.
    This corruption needs STOPPED now.
    Melissa needs to get her a GOOD attorney away from Glenville and get the process started and make sure the guilty have to pay damages plus all Court costs.
    Do it Melissa not only for yourself, but for the good people of Gilmer County. We are behind you.

    By Do it!!! on 11.01.2011

    Gilmer County is different because they make their own rules in Gilmer County and a select few individuals can freely break the law and even commit murder.

    Judge Facemire can tell a bold face lie to the Judicial Investigation Commission and they are going to back him up, even if it is wrong and even if they break laws to do it.

    The State Police in WV have become an organization that is strictly military and run by politics and this has proved to be a danger to some communities and some citizens.

    The Office of Disciplinary Counsel recently refused to accept evidence that proves our prosecutor Gerry Hough committed a crime and politics was the root cause.

    Gilmer County is a highly political entity that works hard at politics to protect the individuals in power in the county. Officials make sure adequate payments are made to the right people and Gilmer County is different because they have created a totalitarian society and made it work, much to the detriment of the citizens.
    By anonymous on 11.01.2011

    Our County Commission and prosecuting attorney, and Sheriff are ultimately responsible and should take action, if not they should be removed from office. A taser is a gun and the bottom line, where does the buck stop? When you kill my family member and or maybe then the fun is over Mr. Jones, or your personal enjoyment is satisfied. The weapon was issued and not intended to be used on the honest people of this state. Our next election for county magistrate where Sheriff Metz has been quoted by numerous people that he will be running for we should be interesting because his term as a two term loser sheriff is over. Let’s call it two timing sheriff. If the county Commissioners don’t act responsibly and quickly their positions will be at risk as well. We as citizens ask the county commission to voice their opinions and take action publicly as soon as they can to avoid public humiliation and ridicule to avoid public scrutiny over the sheriff’s office scandals.

    By anonymous on 11.01.2011

    From the entry: ‘Why Is Gilmer County Different from Rest of the World?’.

  • Sheriff Deputy Casey Jones was back on duty in the early morning hours this morning and back on shift. He is fully free to TAZE HAZE and AMAZE !! Casey Jones is back riding that train high on Cocaine and he will watch your speed!


    Information has led members of the Secret Seven Coalition to believe Lena Lunsford had previous contact with a crooked county child protective services worker and may have sold her daughter, Aliayah for cash money or a promise of a large sum. This information was given by an informant from Lewis County associated and once friends with Lena. More information will be shared as it is made known.

    Child Protective Services is a specialized Child Welfare service provided by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources and we are flat out accusing them of stealing peoples children and some of these people sell these children either for adoption or who knows, for they are never seen or heard from again.

    Lena Lunsford is whore that would sell whatever she could for cash for dope and booze and whatever she needs to feed the monster.

  • Here is an excerpt from the next Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Article to be released just before the witching hour on Friday!

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain
    — Thomas Jefferson.

    We need to let people know that America and GILMER COUNTY will never be free, and the USA a country of the people, by the people, and for the people until we get rid of the system of payment for election and stop selling our government for greed and petty favors. From local government to federal agencies,

    GILMER COUNTY will never be free until we send the “Good Old Boys” home.

    “Good old boy” politics long ago destroyed the trust most of us have in our policy makers. Many are living testimony to its effectiveness. Do you want a job, want your kid’s arrest not to appear in the local paper, need a favor with the judge about that DUI, got a problem recording that lien or need help handling Dad’s will? Take the easy way out, go with the flow and keep your mouth shut, it will all be just OK.

    Eliminating the cronyism, nepotism and the capitalism of connections which controls our local government should be priority Number One and it is the elephant in the corner!

  • Concerned about DO NOTHING Sheriff METZ – Let him do nothing at home and stay there!

    How much more of an official complaint can you make than notifying a Sheriff of verifiable misconduct by his own employees? Are we supposed to type up the complaint ourselves and take it to him? He has been notified multiple times of questionable actions by the Prosecutor, nothing. He was notified of the assault and sodomy of Everett Campbell’s wife prior to her boyfriends murder, nothing. He has been notified of the murder of Fred Hill, nothing. How much more of these do nothing attitudes can this county take? Why is everything supposedly given over to State Police to handle? If that’s where it’s going why even have a County Police Force on the payroll? Let’s just cut out the expensive middle man and go straight on up the line. Maybe if the State Police were required to serve us we would see a few more of them around here.People are getting tired of watching the courthouse do nothing.

    Editors note: Last time I heard, “It has been given over to the State Police in Glenville to handle …” I laughed and laughed and almost choked and couldn’t get my breath. Hearing that again may be the death of me, but it is pretty funny to hear about, because it is like a childs game they play with us thinking we are children. We are children with loaded weapons. It is a little different deal.

    SS Member: They are do whack a do’s nothings! Maybe we should try to eliminate their positions and get some do somethings in here.

We like to ADD a little HISTORY to our reporting from time to time so lets review THESE wonderful days in CROOKED COUNTY WEST VIRGINIA!

THE COURTHOUSE BACK TO A WHOREHOUSE! A BUTCHER BITCH that is OLD with Mold and just a little damp from being a FARMER VAMP? Drug Sellers and Drug Buyers go hand in hand with the Corruption down in Gilmer County, West Virginia where anything goes! “That ought to give them something to talk about!”

By Free Bird Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

Gilmer County, we need ethical reform.  It is so true that public corruption is akin to the drug trade. In both instances, it takes two to tango.

Sadly, in Gilmer County, commonly known as Crooked County “Shall we dance?” has many meanings!”

It’s all about vote buying and many other ways our public officials have thoroughly corrupted our local government and endlessly embarrassed those of us who can still be embarrassed, especially after the recent scandal that proved SHERIFF METZ has been lying to us all these years about having a GED and also discovering the document he used for a High School diploma as a requirement for running for public office was a complete forgery of an actual accredited high school diploma! What a disgrace for the Democratic executive committee whom all have refused to take responsibility for their recent actions in this matter.

“Oh we have nothing to do with the fake diploma, that is all on Metz,” is not the sales pitch that any person with any brains at all is buying!

The corruption in this county’s government has been enabled by the people who have turned their heads away when they see or hear about the sleazy truth.

THE COURTHOUSE BACK TO A WHOREHOUSE! Now with the NEWS of the latest sexual fling of the County Commission Clerk who is trying to officially become a BUTCHER BITCH may need some lessons from Lizzy and Lexy on how to be sexy. The latest scandal has brought back memories of people that witnessed former Court Clerk David LAME Smith getting (censored) or just getting her to slither down in her chair while (censored) underneath her blouse! At first I could not believe that such sexual play could ever go on at the courthouse,but EYEWITNESS testimony changed my mind, and I can’t believe public officials could be “That Kind” but it’s true, and that is a FINE how do you do…CROOKED COUNTY!!

The fact is that too many voters either don’t care or secretly hope they can be beneficiaries of dishonesty. Too many of us feed on corruption. Take vote buying, for example. As long as people are willing to sell their votes, there will be politicians willing to buy them and it isn’t always a cash transaction.  A case of beer, a bottle of booze, a little financing for the poor, maybe a little land deal or a will gone missing, it all depends on the lowest price the voter will take.

It’s the same with illegal drugs and the drug trade. Those who sell the drugs are only half the problem. Those who are addicted to drugs probably commit more crimes than those who sell them.  Lord knows they go to jail and cost more in the end.  While we can afford $50,000 a year to jail these unfortunates, we can’t afford $20,000 to get them in rehab.  What’s wrong with that picture?

Pitiful addicts, the children of my neighbors, go in search of goods they can pawn or sell on the street for money to buy crack, heroin, pills, etc.

Drugs has been the main event at the Lions Lair and other local bars that have lost their liquor license,or, that are no longer in operation, and now the CHURCH of IKE Pioneer Grill runs out in front and is a good place to get a thrill. DOPE is not a pastime but a ticket to a priesthood in the CHURCH of IKE with IL”Ike” Morris getting caught himself with kilos of COCAINE years ago, now Doug Morris along with some of his dope buddies like Pat Ward the hillbilly IT guy for Waco Oil and Ass have taken over some leadership!

These kids steal small tools, ATV’s and lawnmowers.  They shoplift, steal gas and write bad checks. Drug sellers have no direct effect on me and mine but they ruin or even kill the children of the unfortunate families they get to and the resulting drug users have had a profound impact on us all.

Here is the son of Gilmer County Commissioner Darrel Ramsey (mug shot below)

Imprisonment Status:  Misdemeanor Pre-Trial
Full Name: Ramsey,  Mark  Andrew
Height: 5′  8″
Weight: 150 lbs.
Birth Date: 7/8/1984
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 03/24/2012
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Misdemeanor Pre-Trial

Drug addiction has created a culture of petty theft in Gilmer’s prison/college society our leaders said was so necessary. So have those who sell their votes or give a wink-wink, nudge-nudge when they see public corruption going on under their noses. How many are guilty?

Catherine Mcgee, a resident of N. Lewis Street near the stop light, was arrested at about 9 p.m. on Thurs., Mar. 1 by Gilmer County Chief Deputy Larry Gerwig, with the aid of city and State Police.
The 58-year-old woman was charged with possession with the intent to deliver marijuana from her residence, which is 1,000 feet from a school.
After being booked, she was remanded to the Central Regional Jail.
State Police Cpl. Robert Smith stated, “It doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone for this has been a yearlong investigation.”

EDA  dude Larry Chapman is running around trying to make it appear that he supports Commissioner (is he a pitcher or a catcher) Darrel Ramsey while everyone knows he is just sucking up for appearances and will cut throat Ramsey the second he and Gilmer County Commission President Brian Kennedy get together which is IL’s peoples wish to pay Ramsey back for beating him in the last election in 2010.  That’s part of the reason it is so quiet to keep up appearances for this damn election.  They played lose the drugs with Ms Catherine and dropped it to a Marijane charge.

That’s why they want everyone to keep still as they say.  They are doing so many deals with the administrator writing resolution of support for the EDA to get their flexi grant which was never voted on in public meeting.  Chapman just came and picked it up after Kennedy signed it.  It is all back door and under the table.  They don’t want this school issue to touch them.  Now they’ve done their job by keeping their mouth shut and the school board is losing $370,000 because of the error on the tax assessments and the county has been under assessment values for two years in a row.

“Next year our County of Gilmer will be back down to a class 8 county with only one more step lower!” 

The commission is going to lose thousands a year because of this.  They kept beefing up fake assessments on cars and trucks, the citizens would come to equalization and review and get the crazy bills abated and the county would keep its status.  The state caught it this year and took the blame for letting it go through, but it has cost the county now.

Too late, all their back room under the table behind closed doors secret agenda is what they want kept quiet.  They just did their budget and how much of a raise did they give.  All is not well on the hill and that’s why you see them all take that nerve pill!

How many have smiled at the stories of public corruption they have heard, or even ignored incidents of public corruption they have witnessed?

But that reaction has done nothing to put an end to it, just as eliminating the drug dealers will not end drug addiction and their associated illegal activities such as thievery, rape, murder and more.

We need to clean the stables of Gilmer County politics. From selective prosecution of the poor and helpless to the back room deals for personal gain — it has to end.  Here in Gilmer County, we need to stop accepting their perversions, moral degradation of women and children with total lack of respect for anything that doesn’t have a dollar sign behind it. 

“It is time to take out the trash, not keep it over us like a dirty blanket!”

Deranged Offender : Pre-Trial Felon Full Name: Greg Lee Marks, Crooked County Asshole of the month during the xmas holidays — Issuing Agency Gilmer County — GREG MARKS was arrested just three months ago, and is the SON to COUNTY COMMISSION CLERK BEVERLY MARKS who after 20 years of ripping off people involving estates, and hiding the, “MISSING ONE SIXTH from the Travesty Case, was able to call in some favors as long as her son ratted everyone out. Marks was involved in a conspiracy involving METH and is a user and abuser –Location 11F-114,115,116,117 GILMER COUNTY — Bail Amount: $20,000.00 — but don’t worry mom stole plenty when she worked for the county she can afford it! DUDE TOTALLY WALKED On ALL CHARGES because “That’s how they do it in Gilmer County if you are the SON or Daughter of the POWER ELITE!

That will never happen until the culture of Gilmer County changes – until you and I and every law-abiding citizen in this county not only say “Enough!” But back it with action at the polls, in our daily activities, and in conversations with others. Otherwise our families will continue to pay the price for the failures of the career politicians we put in office and the special interests they serve.

Larry Chapman one of our ex-commissioners trying to get back in made a reference to the people being unwilling to split up their land and tried to pawn that off on center district senior citizens needing housing.  Perhaps this was a snide reference to the fact that WV lost the Cracker plant because they wanted 500 acres in one plot and couldn’t get that. I guess he figures he was in on that deal by association.  The big shots want our land for just one reason just like they wanted the gas rights..   Our local so called leaders want it at no cost to sell to special interests for a huge profit and wonder why we just won’t hand it over and move out.

“Just as we will never eliminate the drug problem until we deal with the addicts, we will never eliminate the corruption in government until we say an emphatic no to the self serving politicians we have put in power, their collaborators and to ourselves for tolerating the ongoing joke!”

Gilmer County must move toward a day when it no longer does favors for any special interests, but instead serves the interests of all citizens impartially if we are to survive, let alone thrive..  Good government is government for everyone, which means protecting the rights and interests of all residents of the state – business owners, employees, rich people, poor people, blue collar and white collar, old and young, men and women, individuals who possess mineral rights to land and individuals who possess only surface rights.

There has been NO PROTECTION for white female students like Mary Hudnall who testified to a vicious rape by Gabe Prophet a QB for the GSC Football team in her police report. She stated, “She was afraid for her life as he forced his penis into her mouth and beat her viciously before dragging her into the bedroom ripping off her garments and forcing himself inside of her with such tremendous force as to damage her Vagina! Mary of course could not make it to her job at the “GO MART” the next day, and so much for school that was it for her! Now we hear the school officials along with Gerald B Hough threatened to ruin her forever if she showed up to the preliminary hearing to testify against the FOOTBALL STAR from GSC shown in this photo! That is what LIFE is LIKE in Gilmer County for girls at GSC if you are WHITE and not looking for a fight! You have to follow the PETER BARR code or they might kill you in Crooked County! “Don’t lay on your back unless he is BLACK!”

Now that there have been a couple of questions from the public about this as my protected source tells me, I can finally tell you.


Yes, it’s true!

We thought when Lame Smith former Gilmer County Circuit Court Clerk retired at least the courthouse whorehouse would end but no,  Jean Butcher our County Clerk is doing the nasty via pastoral recommendation of Tim Farmer our county administrator.

The latest RAPE to be covered up has the entire SOB fraternity as suspects and a WHITE BOY by the name of Jordan Opie Watkins had the suite where the rape took place. An innocent 4.0 honor student on the PROMISE SCHOLARSHIP program got more than a promise, for she woke up naked in the shower with five men from GSC after Watkins handed her a drink spiked with date rape drugs. She flat lined in the ambulance and almost died on the way to Stone Wall Jackson Hospital — Dan Bell mailed the evidence to himself from the hospital and it was lost in the mail — The cover up was on. We are planning on publishing the threatening letter GERALD B HOUGH sent the victim! Hough said, more or less if she did not shut the fuck up about being raped by the entire SOB fraternity which may have included one campus public safety officer, he would have her arrested. Now you know why they call GERALD B HOUGH the PATRON SAINT of RAPISTS!!

During the last little trip the gang took to Charleston to see the Legislature that we paid for with our taxes, Butcher and Tim Farmer went to his room and watched “movies” and she told him to get the scissors and then, cut his hair! They were inseparable.  She has been nothing but all over him and in every corner of the courthouse they can squeeze into …all in the name of “working for the commission” and go to lunch together all the time.  They were seen riding together in Tanner, the excuse was she had to go out with Timmy to help him take some pictures of the Tanner Building.  How incompetent is this administrator?  You know they have the key.  Pretty much the same thing she was doing out at Chapman’s “warehouse” after dark during the last election.

Hate to tell you Tim but you are not the first to get fucked by that skank!

We hear the Clerk’s choice for commissioner is one of the biggest Crooks in Crooked County Larry Chapman so things can get back to the “old ways” and Jean Butcher can say once more …

“That’s the way we do things in Gilmer County!” 

I wonder how Tim’s wife and Jean’s husband are going to feel about that threesome?  Sorry Kevin, but she says you treat her so bad and you all haven’t had sex for years! Go ahead Jean Butcher, you’ve trashed your husband and his family since the day Beverly Marks former County Commission Clerk pulled you out of the career center as a favor!   Guess you’re just carrying on that old family tradition, but do you have to break up the Farmer family as well?  Word to Tim Farmer, that psycho flake may like snake, but that, “Crooked County Snatch,” is not worth your wife and kids buddy!  Kevin, you can do a whole lot better.

“Yep the Courthouse is back to being a WHOREHOUSE, now that ought to give them something to talk about!”