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By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

Boy oh Boy!! I sure do miss those Butcher Bitches!! It has been more than seven years now since the original CalPatty Press went down in flames reporting on the Butcher Bitches with ALL the FABULOUS PHOTOS!!! Of course our little group of journalists from back then, many are absent from now, because of higher callings and greener pastures.  I sure do miss Freebird for she had some great titles, for I would have preferred the Butcher Bitches get top billing, in this particular article,  but  knowing Freebird the way I do, she would have quickly straightened me out with her quick whips and she would have said something like,

Oh those Baby Slut Butcher Bitches are not worth first billing and why do you insist on putting them in every fucking article anyway?!”

Hurricane Rina McCoy could strike like a tornado when exposing corruption in Crooked County! I sure wish that familiar face was still around. AHHH the GOOD OLD DAYS!!!

But, we do regularly remind people of some of the biggest moments in Crooked County history, however the real strength of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf is with presenting NEWER information, or some secret shit about an important subject matter that everybody is interested in.

The POWER ELITE and the people that reside back at the FRIGHT NIGHT of a college on the hill still rule.  It is a pathetic situation when corruption still reigns like a BIG DOG in a rural West Virginia town KNOWN for being a place where a person could easily get away with crimes like murder and rape. Unresolved deaths, countless rapes, are a matter of history in Gilmer County widely known as Crooked County down by the Crooked River, HOME of the Crooked County Crooks!  

But yet the local print media says little about it. For, truly would even YOU bite the hands that feed you? I sure don’t, I am known for acting up a bit, but I would never bite the hand that feeds me.  In fact, I am trying to make that entity happy with the arrangement to be frank about it.

Ruth Mitchell who can now live in her home rent free for the rest of her life thanks to the SUPREME COURT decision of 4 to 1 — Dan Bingman from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio whose family also has 155 acre farm off Middle Run Road in Crooked County — and also DAVE from the EPA in Wirt County where the Bingman family have a large farm over looking the Crooked River.

In 2013 four years ago marked a NEW ERA of crime and corruption which started to take place in Gilmer County. The GOATMAN just moved in during the fall of 2013 and CRIME BEGAN in LINN WV. The kind of situation where CRIMINALS like the Goatman — and the LAW represented for the most part by Sheriff Gerwig, backed by a few elite State Police — worked together for their greater interest — like the day they RAIDED the HOME of RUTH MITCHELL in Linn West Virginia.  

WOW, did that situation turn out to be a huge BLUNDER by the Gilmer County Sheriff and 31 days later they were made to look the fools by the EPA who more or less said, the entire debacle by Gilmer County Authorities was just a bunch of MADE UP BULLSHIT which is what the Gilmer County Sheriffs Office has been known for, for years going back to 2003 with the, “Travesty of Justice case over 30 year old farm equipment that they LIED ABOUT and tried to present as brand new!!  SHERIFF GERWIG was there, and we can publish the court record of that testimony of Gerwig, for that reveals the REAL TRUTH about that Son of a Bitch.  A Court Record is just that, it does not lie, it tells the truth about the liars and what they really said in court that was proved to be ALL BULLSHIT as in the case of Sheriff Gerwig who was Chief Deputy under Sheriff Metz way back then.

THE GOATMAN aka Richard Neal now of Linn WV was in Cahoots all along with Sheriff Gerwig to try to steal the home of Ruth Mitchell away… for personal gain!!

Immediately below find the criminal record of the GOATMAN from Lewis County, but notice no CRIMES record yet in GILMER COUNTY because in GILMER COUNTY the CROOKED COUNTY CROOKS are BOTH THE CORRUPT COPS and the Criminals together that form an ALLIANCE down by the Crooked River, which in CROOKED COUNTY is the HOME of the CROOKED COUNTY CROOKS!!

LewisCo. Richard Neal civil and criminal cases – 

 I.  Magistrate criminal

     A.  03m573 – Contributing to the abuse and neglect of a child/Filed Feb. 28 2003/Pleaded guilty on Aug. 14 2003/Assessed court costs/Russell Stobbs, court-appointed counsel.

      B.  06m774 – Destruction of property/Pleaded guilty on Oct. 8, 2006

      C.  09m251 – Peace warrant/Filed March 18, 2009/Sworn out by Sherry L. Butcher of 341 Hidden Meadow Ln. in Jane Lew/Dismissed on Oct. 19, 2009

      D.  14m116 – Grand larceny & receiving/transferring stolen goods/Filed May 14, 2014/Arrested  June 13/Waived preliminary hearing on June 27/Bound over to circuit court on Aug. 22/DoB – May 1, 1988/Address – 1153 Little Ellis Rd., Lin, WV

     E.  14f247 – Entry of a dwelling or outhouse in daytime/ Filed Oct. 23, 2014/Waived Nov. 6 preliminary hearing/Boundover to circuit court on Nov. 10, 2014/Bill’s Bail Bonds posted $10K bond on  Oct. 24, 2014/Brian Hinkle, Esq.

     F.  14m472 – Speeding/Filed on April 24, 2014/Pleaded no contest on April 25/Fined $170.25

 II.  Magistrate civil

      A.  14c316 – Donald and Robin Honaker file suit against Richard and Peggy on July 11, 2014/Amount in controversy – $4,456.95/ Dismissed on Nov 3, 2014/Honaker’s address – 228 Hickory Lane, Jane Lew, WV

     B.  15c578 – Lewis County Sheriff file suit on July 15, 2015/Amount in controversy – $314..01

Sheriff Larry Gerwig, the elected Sheriff of Gilmer County, who was Chief Deputy under the controversial Sheriff Mickey Metz – Ole Larry is famous for saying,

“…But I wasnt’ here then,” which is TOTAL BULLSHIT for he was there then either as Chief Deputy, or the actual Sheriff. Also Sheriff Gerwig likes JELLY DONUTS with his breakfast of corruption and misconduct.

GILMER FREE PRESS REPORTS the REAL TRUTH on the POLICE RAID in LINN WV Wednesday February 11th as they present….

Cops Cops Tramps and Thieves, INVADE the Linn WV HOME of Ruth Mitchell!!

The Cottrill Estate Debacle has been in the news both in print media and on the pages of the voice of the people, the Gilmer Free Press, for years now in Central West Virginia. Many people are familiar with the ongoing court battles. A MAJOR battle was WON by Ruth Mitchell, the live in companion to Willard Cottrill on 18 October 2013 in the West Virginia Supreme Court by a vote of 4 to 1.

In the ruling Ruth Mitchell is allowed to live in her home that she lived in with Willard Cottrill rent free for as long as she shall choose to live there, but the exact wording from the West Virginia Supreme Court is even more specific.

Given all of this information it may come as no surprise that the home of Ruth Mitchell was raided by the appearance of no less than NINE PATROL cars, both from the State Police and the Gilmer County Sheriff’s office on Wednesday 11 February 2015!!

Was this an attempt for the executor Mike Murphy and Venita Cottrill to circumvent that 4 to 1 Supreme Court Ruling and take the law into their own hands?

Does the raid of nine patrol cars resulting in RUTH MITCHELL being removed from her home a direct result of the fact that Ruth Mitchell recently filed a complaint of murder against Venita Cottrill and Freda Cottrill? Are the raid and threats and removal from her home a way to SHUT RUTH MITCHELL UP about being an EYE WITNESS to murder?


Dan Bingman from his home in Ohio whose family owns a 155 acre farm in Gilmer County and 365 acre farm in Wirt County, arrange for the EPA to go on to the property and do their tests, and then, PROVE LARRY GERWIG and the GOATMAN a LIAR. Dave from the Wirt County EPA in Elizabeth West Virginia, stated,

“I know Dan Bingman personally and he is a fine individual and I know the entire Bingman family that he belongs to in Wirt county and they are upstanding citizens, so when Dan told me the Sheriff was a liar, and so were the state police in this case I believed him.  I inspected the property and found no contaminants and no toxic substances on the property so what he told me ended up being true and what the law enforcement authorities said turned out to be completely and totally UNTRUE!”

The President of the Council of Concerned Citizens for Central West Virginia, Dan Bingman who is also a member and a leader in the local Secret Seven organization, stated that,

“The Meth Lab everybody is looking for is allegedly run by the Goatman at the secluded cabin up on the hill that he purchased via the questionable land sale endorsed by that son of a bitch of a judge, Judge Alsop…”

“Further, I believe Sheriff Gerwig, and Deputy Wheeler know about it and are letting it all happen,  and why do you think they would do something like that? Is it because EVIL runs right down that Crooked County line?”


COWBOY CASEY JONES Gilmer County Deputy Sheriff with elected Sheriff Gerwig who was former Chief Deputy under Mickey Metz…

Casey Jones, who I can say I have been acquainted with in the past and even did not tell on him for drinking on the job back in 2004 held Ruth Mitchell at gunpoint and had her illegally removed from her home. That is some underhanded BULLSHIT and he should have been charged with a crime, but he successfully had her removed until Dan Bingman and the EPA got to the bottom of the real facts, and she was allowed to return to her home and live RENT FREE for the rest of her life. 

The Infamous Butcher Bitches…

Elizabeth Butcher, one half of the Butch Bitches, my favorite of the two, for she is quite a character and everyone has gotten the wrong opinion, believing I did not like her that is why we posted all those photos on the CalPatty Press years ago, BUT au contraire, I not only like LIZ Butcher the other half of Liz and Lexie, but, I LOVE HER!! She is so f*cking cute for one thing, she is smart as a whip even until this day and does not remember when she met me way back about 13 years ago, but I am not one to KISS and TELL that is for sure, but I have loved that girl ever since, so there is that…

Oh how we love LIZZIE and LEXIE BUTCHER the more than famous Butcher Bitches lets review with photos, for the captions explain the history of these two beautiful and fabulous girls from Gilmer County, West Virginia….  I love them both!!

Liz and Lexie Butcher the infamous BUTCHER BITCHES DRUNK and having fun. Please don’t misunderstand me, I like Lexie too, for she is so sexy and damn I have seen those titties up close and in person exposed and I will tell you what … BUDDY… COWABUNGA she is built like a god damn brick sh*t house… but, if I were to have my choice I am still in love with LIZZY for just thinking about her makes me DIZZY, Oh that Lizzy she is really something and funny as hell too!! Good looking, funny, smart, and the STAR of the BUTCHER BITCHES BREAK BAD BOX BANGING videos which are quite popular in Central WV.

This month completes our 7th year of REVENGE OF THE GHOST WOLF and in September we start our 8th year of reporting the truth in Central West Virginia.

The Ghost Wolf of Gilmer County really does exist, and get this, people are still reporting seeing me and the Ghost Wolf walking the hills of Gilmer County like some bizarre BI-LOCATION encounter, for the Ghost Wolf, the REAL GHOST WOLF was killed in action April 19th 2009, just one month after the BOOK, Revenge of the Ghost Wolf was published and started recording sales on and Borders Books.

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf and the West Virginia Secret Seven that includes award winning investigative reporter Lawrence J Smith are hungry like a WOLF to expose corruption in Central WV, so until next time please enjoy this contribution to exposing the truth in Gilmer County, West Virginia.

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the the Ghost Wolf

The Secret Seven Coalition and the Council of Concerned Citizens have been meeting in secret and staying behind the scenes for months, as many of the legal aspects of the Willard Cottrill Estate have started to play out. Always from the beginning, there was a problem with the accounting and a problem with Mike Murphy the executor of the Willard Cottrill Estate. Now we can ALL GET A CLUE for just in the last couple of days, Mike Murphy the executor called the courthouse and requested that he resign as the executor. Seriously? After the final settlement we all waited five years for, Mike Murphy thinks he can call the Gilmer County Circuit Court Clerk Karen Elkin and request that he be able to resign even though he is the one holding the $338,000.00 bond that is the only insurance now against the misconduct and mismanagement that has been going on since day one in regard to the Cottrill Estate.

The local Concerned Citizens have always stated that laws and rules were broken right out of the gate. However, lucky thing for the bad guys in this story is the fact that Gilmer County officials don’t give a fuck about laws or rules nor do they feel they personally have to adhere to norms and mores of a normal society. Down in Crooked County(Gilmer)they make their own rules. These facts are readily apparent when you watch this following video from November of 2013. Since then, legal experts and at least one big name homicide detective have agreed with the journalists that first discovered wrongdoing while investigating the facts of the Willard Cottrill murder case by conducting interviews and reviewing pertinent documents. Please review this video below of the Gilmer County Commission back when they first start to finally uncover a few truths about the estate which include, the fact that, there had been no accounting although accounting’s are required once a year by law on pending estates, and also the fact that the fiduciary commissioner has had no contact with the Gilmer County Commission in order to close out an estate that is a couple of years over due to be settled by the time of this video in 2013.

Mike Murphy announced last Friday he wants to resign as executor of the Cottrill Estate, even though the final settlement was rejected! Did he forget he is bonded for the discrepancies and money missing, is he too stupid to know that he is legally responsible for the lack of payment on the alleged sale of the some of the estate property?

Mike Murphy (shown in photo above) announced last Friday he wants to resign as executor of the Cottrill Estate, even though the final settlement was rejected! Did he forget he is bonded for the discrepancies and money missing, is he too stupid to know that he is legally responsible for the lack of payment on the alleged sale of some of the estate property?

When  you REVIEW the VIDEO BELOW FROM NOVEMBER OF 2013 keep in mind that the Final Settlement is now done,  and it was rejected, and that rejection has led to the executor Mike Murphy appealing to the 14th district Circuit Court for an appeal of that rejection, but Gerald B Hough has not written the order that does clarify and makes final officially the decision by the Gilmer County Commission based on the discrepancies found by the fiduciary commissioner Linda Huff. We here at the RGW knew about the problems with the accounting since we have had a copy of the accounting since it first became available, when it was first filed.

SO NOW MURPHY WANTS OUT, just when the HEAT is turned up due to the final settlement being rejected, mainly for the reason the accounting was a laughable piece of JUNK!! Murphy thought the people in Glenville were all backwoods hillbillies and they would not notice all of the thousands of dollars not accounted for. If you play this below video, you may find out for yourself, the oldest daughter of Willard Cottrill, the heir CUT OUT of receiving money for the alleged sale of some 40 odd acres reveal the upcoming problems that will be found with the estate and her immediate concerns then, which remain today.  It is interesting to note that the papers given to Marlea Cottrill at the end of this video by Brian Kennedy is paper work to file and appeal a decision by the Commission, which is essentially the latest action being taken by the executor of the Cottrill Estate.

Linda Huff, since this video of Marlea Cottrill before the Gilmer County Commission was published, WAS INDEED appointed as the new fiduciary commissioner. We concerned citizens guaranteed that she would find quite a lot wrong with the paperwork, and SHE DID!  Also the fact that an accounting for the estate had never been done, ever, should not be overlooked.

Will the Gilmer County Commission be put in a situation where they have to uphold the law, against outside people from New York State that think that Gilmer County people are all a bunch of hilljack hillbillies and they could never get caught for their alleged crimes?  Only time will tell …but we have a feeling it is not going to be easy going for Mike Murphy now, it all depends on how harsh the order is due out by Gerald B Hough prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County. Gerry represents the commission, and I predict, the order he serves Murphy, is going to be something that might bring matters to court for a true accounting of the entire matter, maybe, even a situation that could lead to others being implicated in wrongdoing besides the executor Mike Murphy.

Is TIME on our side West Virginia? Will Mike Murphy the executor along with his wife Venita Cottrill who administered a lethal dose of drugs to Willard Cottrill FINALLY be made to be held responsible for their wrongful actions, as well as the actions of others involved in this theft of property, and murder? Only time will tell… is TIME on OUR SIDE?!

Update February 4th 2015 NO PAPER WORK KIND OF DEAL ********************************************

This ONE MINUTE video above recorded by the staff at the Gilmer Free Press illustrates to the world that the Willard Cottrill Estate became UNTOUCHABLE as far back as December of 2012. We at Revenge of the Ghost Wolf had heard, even earlier than that, the fact that local attorney Shelly Morris DeMarino stated, “I wouldn’t touch the Willard Cottrill Estate case with a ten foot pole!”

This video also accurately pre dates the video used in the article above in which Brian Kennedy stated that Bernie Mauser was the current fiduciary, and that they had failed to make contact with him, however, clearly it was the Law Offices Of Bernard R. Mauser that was the fiduciary back then in 2012 at time this video was shot — And after that, Linda Huff turned down the invitation to take over the Cottrill Estate. But, after Marlea Cottrill’s appearance before the Commission in November of 2013, Larry Chapman became interested enough to get Linda Huff to finally agree to take on the Cottrill Estate as a Fiduciary. The husband of Linda Huff has worked for Larry Chapman as an employee for many years, so maybe Linda thought her saying YES finally would be a good career move for her husband.

NO Circuit Court needed to be involved, nor any bullshit paperwork agreed to by Brian Kennedy Gilmer County Commissioner, all it took was Larry Chapman saying, this is what we are going to do, so therefore it all became a no paper work kind of deal…

Attention citizens of Gilmer County, lots of court news this week, but I am going to let Lawrence Jay Smith the man who defeated Gerald B Hough in a civil suit a while back report all that is in the news. Brian Kennedy from the Gilmer County Commission had his court date on August 11th at 1pm with a special prosecutor from Calhoun County and a magistrate from Braxton County present.  People from out of town and other states have a hard time believing how fucking corrupt Gilmer County West Virginia is, so lets present a great blast from the past by way of a history lesson, just to review who all the players are that are involved in the totalitarian society created by the Church of IKE and that hell hole of a college on the hill Glenville State College  rated just about dead last in academics for colleges in West Virginia. Today is Thursday August 13th and the Central West Virginia Council of Concerned Citizens has its annual retreat this time of the year and will be enjoying the great outdoors for the next 11 days. Please enjoy your history lesson and I can guarantee you some news about Gilmer County that will blow your mind when our HOLIDAY is over…. Its back to school week coming up Monday at GSC and how many freshman girls will be taken advantage of this year up at the fright house on the hill?

By Free Bird — Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“Integrity, Commitment and Truth, these are the things the Power Elite and the CHURCH of IKE can do without!”

The Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition has been making Integrity, Commitment and Truth, part of our sacred creed since 2006!

If you want to be a dedicated member of the Central West Virginia SS —  Integrity, Commitment and Truth — are the words and the concept you live by.

The SS is a service for others, who investigate the corrupt power elite on a full time basis. We have educated professionals working for us, and have for some time. The elite members have discovered some of them, and then, once recognized, that particular SS member or SS affiliate will immediately find themselves threatened, or served with a subpoena to come to court over some made up bullshit, especially concocted, and an original brew of corruption specially stirred and stewed by Gerald B Hough Prosecuting Attorney for Gilmer County will be brought forth like an Alchemist of EVIL!

Author of the BARR CODE, Peter Barr head honcho of GSC with Greg Smith who has recently put those Negro football players to work picking up trash alongside hwy five and of course in and around the new businesses he bought in Glenville too. Smith doesn’t seem to care that NOT ONE of the rapes of white women GSC students by black football players received a conviction in the famous Court of Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

I find it fascinating that Shelly Morris DeMarino daughter to IL Morris per SS sources was banging Greg Smith on the side last summer as reported by the Central West Virginia Secret Seven and now Shelly has GREG as the number one man in her life, and in fact there has been a rumor of them getting married, and then GREG will be a SON of IKE in the CHURCH of IKE and we will never be able to get rid of him then!

I would guess Greg Smith will be the next one Ike tries to get in office since Rick Frame was such a failure!  But, what the heck at least Rick got some good pussy out of the deal!! 

Greg Smith is our local surveyor who amazingly as a divorced drunk found his way to the Foundation Board, GSC Board of Governors and in Charleston on the Executive Committee!

A light bulb must have gone off in the head of Greg Smith, when he decided to get FREE LABOR to clean up the town! Greg got the GSC Football team to pick up trash, but yet, they are STILL FREE TO RAPE ALL THE WHITE BITCHES at the school!  Yeah, thanks Greg, APRIL was Sexual Assault Month, the idea of Kayla Smith who once told me the HUR HERALD was just the local gossip site and they published no real news there.

Allegations of the crime of rape of an honor student, “ Amanda” have turned up some results in which a pubic hair believed to be from Jordan Opie Watkins was found by the attending nurse along with a swab that we suspect was positive for semen, however the investigating SS has not yet spoken with the nurse personally. Date Rape drugs were present in the victim who flat lined on the way to the hospital due to being drugged and given a powerful mixed drink which rendered her with a 2.4 alcohol content, enough to kill the well built 20 year old girl.

Sexual Assault Proclamation: After a presentation April 19th to the Gilmer County Commission by Kayla Smith, the Commission signed a proclamation to call April Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

I wanted to gag myself with a spoon that day of the meeting, and felt the same way when Kayla announced to the Gilmer County Commission that APRIL was female sexual assault month with only about 11 days left in the month, not a very well planned out observation of an important issue.

It was truly a fucking joke to us in the SS, who have been years deep into the investigation of several rapes at GSC and Smith probably has NO IDEA or IDEAR as she would say, “She has no idear,” the seriousness of the situation, or the facts, or the actual numbers of women that have had their life ruined at Glenville State College!

Why not make SEPTEMBER Sexual Assault Awareness month, when an honor student “Amanda,” attending GSC on the promise scholarship, was raped like a bitch by OPIE along with all of his friends from the SOB fraternity on the GSC campus?

Why not make JUNE sexual assault awareness month KAYLA? For that was the month that GABE PHROPHET a GSC QUARTERBACK in the tradition of Wilkie Perez, forced his hard erect black penis into the mouth of that nice girl Mary Hudnall that worked at the GO  MART! He slapped her, beat her about the head and shoulders – forced his big black cock in her mouth – sometimes choking her and making her gag, and then slammed her down on his bed, after ripping off her clothes in a violent act that KAYLA SMITH from GSC has not one fucking clue or idea about!   In the Police Report, Hudnall gave testimony that she was, ” Afraid for her life!” She was afraid that Gabe Phrophet would beat her to death, if she didn’t do exactly as he said, and she was traumatized and injured!

Why not make SEPTEMBER Sexual Assault Awareness month, when an honor student “Amanda,” attending GSC on the promise scholarship, was raped like a bitch by some piece of shit named OPIE along with all of his friends for the SOB fraternity on the GSC campus?  Hey Kayla fuck you, nice try, but no black dick this time you elite ass kissing disgrace! What the fuck? You mightas well be a dude Kayla for all the good your bullshit “April Awareness” achieved, but maybe you do have a dick, we should get someone from the football team like Glenville State College quarterback Steffen Colon to check that out for us.

But, how could we mention Greg Smith and his new love Shelly Morris DeMarino, poor little rich girl, part time whore earlier  .. and all the good work Smith is doing with putting the Negro boys to work and all, without mentioning their personal candidate for Gilmer County Commission on the ballot for this next Tuesday … LARRY CHAPMAN!


Remember when the Gilmer County Commission, Larry Chapman President, approved the purchase by Extension Agent Shirey of a series of books written by Dr. Love, Sex Therapist to teach a class at the college using such titles as “HOT MONOGAMY-Making your marriage sizzle”? (While being paid with county taxpayer dollars).

How long was that LIE by Chapman denied? The Central WV SS found out what was really up and reported on it, many years ago! Remember they used levy funds and the citizens were so irate the commission pulled the money out of their own pockets to pour oil on troubled waters and make it go away?
Well, that was all Larry Chapman…

This high ranking member of the Central WV SS and member of the “Ghost Wolf ” pack is kind of PISSED that he didn’t get to celebrate Sexual Assault Awareness month in April, since he didn’t find out about it until April 19th, and being a little bit tied up in training and all is disappointed that since it is already the 4th of MAY he hasn’t got a chance to PLAY with any Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River, but there is always tomorrow, CINCO DE MAYO!!

Remember when the BOND ISSUE for the college dorms was passed by the Gilmer County Commission, when Larry Chapman was El Presidente, the President, and also when there was little or no public input sought?

No Transparency!

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
I remember it well,  all the cool unfaithful scumbag elite self important public officials left the one meeting they had on the issue to go down the street to get legal advice from Butcher and Butcher (Timothy B Butcher, President of GSC Housing Corp and R Terry Butcher, Board of Governors at GSC) as to whether or not to sign it and the Commission signed the application that day? Well, that was all Larry Chapman

Remember the Gilmer County Commission with Chapman in the lead denying that any election complaint had ever been filed, or that the County Clerk was being sued in Federal Court the entire time the Federal Court Action in US District Court was in progress? The FREE PRESS finally published proof!
…And all that Denial turned out to be some kind a new river in Glenville or a something for it all turned out to be a lie! There was enough water blown up everyone’s ass to start a new river that is for sure!

Well, that was all Larry Chapman!

Remember that the Gilmer County Economic/Industrial Development Association (GCEDA) has been appointed by the Commission as the authority for economic development in Gilmer County and that Larry Chapman served on that organizations’ board as President/Vice President, or one officer or another over the years while in the elected office of Gilmer County Commissioner? Well, that was all Larry Chapman!

A photo of Circuit Clerk Karen Elkin who after 30 years of being under Lame Smith as Deputy Clerk has amassed more tall tales of cruelty and corruption than AMY RIDDLE can SHAKE the CHAPMAN STICK AT!  BM – Beverly Marks Crooked County Commission Clerk doing a little smiling in photo above about those 2010 elections for they went just right … well almost!

Further down the road a piece … Larry Chapman, President of the GCEDA who worked with fellow Board Officers and Members to establish a Search Committee, creates a job description, places advertisements and seeks applications for the position of Part-time Coordinator with Health Benefits for that job-entity created with the potential for fulltime.
That job is all Larry Chapman !! Where is the service to others?

All we have ever seen is service to Larry Chapman from Larry Chapman by Larry Chapman of Larry Chapman for Larry Chapman and his stick shaking girl friend AMY Riddle that he likes to diddle but does not mind leaving her in the road like some kind of beaten down dog, like he did recently during the benefit dinner for JESSE MARKS!

Yeah CHAPMAN is the Gilmer County Commissioner that gave away  the 911 service … and then looking to come back to get all the credit!

“Larry Chapman has been a running round with AMY Hey Diddle Diddle Riddle and going to everyone telling them how he’s changed, please forgive him while he leaves his girlfriend jogging on Sycamore Rd waiting for him while he Sucks Ass votes from with his I’ve Changed, I’m really not such an asshole anymore platform and “serves”  that Bullshit up with food at the benefit dinner for Jesse Marks!

This man has chapped lips from sucking so much ass he actually has to excuse himself from the executive session and the vote because HE WAS STILL THE PRESIDENT of the Gilmer County EDA!
Because that job is all Larry Chapman!

Election Fraud in Crooked County, there is nothing like it! VOTE BUYING SEASON and the pleasure provided by the Church of IKE put a lot of people in power over the years that are service to self only, and here is a man that looks so much like Larry Chapman it could be Larry Chapman, and oh, is that AMY? AMY SKINNER has already got Brian Kennedy by the Balls and Amy Riddle she likes a little diddle diddle and it appears to be, “Hey Amy Riddle time for some diddle diddle and bring your friend AMY a long, so I don’t get the names wrong later crying out in ecstasy courtesy of the Church of Ike!”

Is Larry Chapman so power hungry he thinks he is the law? Could Larry Chapman have solved issues that have caused the local community embarrassment like spending thousands of dollars of state and county money to fight a fabricated case all the way to the Supreme Court involving old used farm equipment, just like that sits on every farm in the state of West Virginia, and then pay people to lie saying it was brand new?
Oh, that Larry Chapman!

That job, the biggest SNOW JOB in circuit court history is all Larry Chapman too?
Yep! That was all Larry Chapman!

“Integrity, Commitment and Truth!! … these are the things I can do without, say the Demi-God Politicians from the Church of Ike who the common folk don’t like! ELECTION FRAUD is how they do it down in Crooked County just ask former County Commission Clerk Beverly Marks, and the current clerk, JEAN BUTCHER — both charged with misdemeanors in the last Gilmer County election by Natalie Tennant the Secretary of State!

“With the primary election in Gilmer County being next Tuesday May 8th we can understand why a new candidate might be a little shaky about which way to go, but please explain, why do old trusted candidates go nuts and swing every which way when it comes election time?  For instance, our favorite old candidate Carol Wolfe!”

Sure we know Carol Wolfe  has had a little trouble on the home front in the past.  But we didn’t hold that against her.  She’s been a good judge.  Yet damn if she didn’t go to Easter dinner at S Moyers Pet IT’s moms house.

“I think I may be a little drunk leave me alone!” Please don’t touch me, I can’t do what you want me to do! “I told you NO!” ” …I can’t do this, I have a boyfriend!” No!! Mphhh… IF SHE REALLY DIDN’T WANT TO, SHE WOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING – The New SOB rules to live by at Glenville State College!


Obviously Sandy Pettit and the Church of IKE brought Carol Wolfe
back in line!   … Or they would be the ones doing the smear campaign and there wouldn’t be a damn thing Wolfe could do about it with all her huffin and puffin! It’s  too bad  to see em bow, then break and give up every standard they swore to live by but you did, didn’t you Carol, wife of John George?

What drives the Circuit Clerk Karen Elkin crazy?

Everybody knows how much she absolutely hates Gerry Hough!

Elkin screams it loud enough every where she goes.  Not a soul in town won’t tell you that if they’re being honest. 

In violent times, you shouldn’t have to sell your soul
In black and white, they really ought to know
Those one track minds that took you for a working boy
Kiss them goodbye, you shouldn’t have to jump for joy! You shouldn’t have to ..
Shout, shout, let it all out, these are the things I can do without Come on, I’m talking to you, come on...
“Jumping for JOY takes on new meaning with the SOB’S from GSC where one sells their soul to join the Church of IKE!”

Speaking of Soul so where’s this black candidate out of Wood County Karen Elkin bragged about? When I checked the name, he was white. If the candidate is black or white, the citizens of Gilmer County really ought to know why hasn’t he come to town for a meet and greet even if he is supposed to file independent? 

What makes KAREN ELKIN say Berk Reed would make a good looking Sheriff, talk about Larry Gerwig like a dog, pant over Larry Chapman like a bitch in heat and then brag she has everybody in Cedarville in her pocket and she’ll control the vote there this year?

“What the heck did Chapman EVER do for Cedarville Karen Elkin? …Except keep you busy in a back room so the voters didn’t have to see you.  Hell, Larry Chapman couldn’t be bothered to try and give  Cedarville citizens a decent drink of water in over 16 years!”

An elderly from Cedarville was told about the summer of LOVE when the BUTCHER BITCHES BROKE BAD on the CalPatty Press and asked what she thought about all the drugs and sex at Gilmer County High School and the fact that, it was all JUST OK with Nasia Butcher… And that is what she said!

Why is Karen always against the one who’s done the job? Does it every time.  Talks about the old women in her club behind their back and smiles and pats to their face.  What’s she so afraid will come out ?   Wasn’t it bad enough that half the Democrat Women including Secretary Elkin voted republican in the last election to cut a deal to save her ass against Willard Marks?

Karen was running on her sister’s Sandy Petitt’s  job with WACO and using that to make threats is all she’s got.  Then she cusses, yells, stomps her feet, shakes her fist, smokes some more dope and yells loud and long all over that court house because she didn’t get the number of votes she told she would?  Tell us another lie OK?  That’s what you’re good for! And of course good for a feel up in the office under the old rule of LAME SMITH.

Even after her live in was busted with another woman for drugs in Webster County and flyers with pictures of him breaking home confinement went all over town Karen Elkin still got the job and the witch has the nerve to talk about how she teaches little kids in Sunday School while she cusses like a sailor and talks shit about anybody that won’t kiss her ass?

Give us a break you little hobbit hypocrite! We’ll say this much, you got to be living with the smartest man in the world cause he’s smart enough not to marry you for why buy the COW if the MILK is FREE.  It’s not cute anymore! You’re much older now and you don’t run good people’s minds despite what you tell yourself at night!Your sister likes to think she runs the whole damn county and can buy it all with the money from the Church of IKE, but it must run in the family …  Menopause Crazy and no doubt about it, even Cassandra Huff who runs with the Gerry Hough HATE group and hates all SS said the same damn thing!  That might be why her unemployment is about up, and HUFF may have to PUFF once again, and get back to that corner she worked up at the college flagging down every male she saw, and up and down that hill “HIGH” on that funny pill she always took. Corky and the Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit had to FIRE HUFF for she fell off the DEEP END!

Now that we know what Karen Elkin is really like and how she really feels without all the bullshit and lies, it makes us want to rethink our candidate for Sheriff!

Karen said Gerwig would do the same as Metz did, but we’re beginning to think that’s a lie! Sometimes even the best fall for the biggest line of BS!

Berk Reed has really heavy WACO connections we hear especially as Shelly’s ex husband and this bunch just might have to switch gears now that we get the whole picture.  What the hell isn’t there anybody in this town Shelly hasn’t fucked? Jesus! Never trust a WACO” Clone and that’s for sure because you know what side their breads buttered on and it’s not yours!

The Central WV SS took another vote after a protest was made and have said NO to BERK REED for Sheriff, but we won’t endorse Gerwig, unless he admits to lying to a grand jury about the value of evidence proved by a Secret Audio tape that is published on the Gilmer Free Press for all to hear, involving the famous “Travesty of Justice,” case. (But article must be accessed by Internet Explorer to hear audio file)

All we look for in a candidate is someone to do the right thing and take an honest complaint without protecting his legal buddies!  Were we wrong?  Maybe so but if we were wrong — we’re smart enough to admit it now …just before the Primary Election Day!

With CHUCK SPEARS the former Governors right hand man (don’t get any on ya) calling the shots at Glenville State nobody wants to take the chance of being the NEXT BASIL FRED HILL and be found floating down the Crooked River when the Spring comes! The CROOKS from Crooked County are nobody to mess with, they will KILL you or RUIN you forever, this is something we can back up with fact.
Erik Davis a GSC Football player was charged with rape but found innocent after another dishonest Courtroom performance by the infamous Crooks of Gilmer County!! Davis at the same time was fighting a COCAINE CASE in FLA …Misconduct at its finest in Crooked County and the first of the many cover ups of crimes against the citizens of Gilmer County!!
The ERIK DAVIS Rape of a local high school girl at his apartment after a party was only the first of many rapes of White, sometimes teen girls, while the NEGRO GSC Football player – just like Davis – have been able to RAPE with impunity for the last seven years and we are god damn sick of it!

Covering up a RAPE on Campus at GSC is easy now!

The Gilmer County Sheriff can get away with anything—including murder! Just ask Fred Hill

“I spoke with a citizen yesterday who wanted to talk to me who is out of Cedarville.  He said the Church of Ike couldn’t pay him enough to vote for Larry Chapman”

…And that back when Chapman first ran he paid this one old timer $100 to go out of county and pick up people who had moved but hadn’t registered in their new county and bring them back here to vote.  I find that very plausible as Jean Butcher’s Deputy Clerk told this  Concerned Citizen  I’d find a lot of “Empty houses” still on the voters registration list, is what we heard a told to one Concerned Citizen, and I thought that an odd comment.  Not to mention Chapman has a habit of putting his signs at empty houses.

Also the empty house voting thing and how the reason Larry Chapman was voted out last time was his two faced run back and forth between dumping Shelly DeMarino and trashing Darrell Ramsey by going door to door saying Darrell was gay.  Then it was Chapman running to Shelly to cry later, because he couldn’t believe Gilmer County voted Ramsey in after what all he had told them. Larry was always leaving voters with the thought … “Is he a pitcher or a catcher, that queer candidate for County Commission?”

 Just a little two faced weasel is what that darn Larry Chapman is and nothing has changed not one damn thing.  He even had the nerve to ask someone to bring him a copy of the OEPA audit because (though he wants to be Commissioner) he doesn’t know how to find it on his computer and he “didn’t know” anything at all about the schools being taken over but his excuse at the EDA was so he’d have money to keep his son and so his grandson who goes to elementary school around.

Gilmer County deserves better than this and we will never forget the day that Glenville, West Virginia in Gilmer County was all about Larry Chapman!!

“The ELITE, the power hungry, they gave the SS life, and in return we gave them hell! Now the SS is as Cold as Ice! I hope we live to tell the tale  …  I hope we live to tell!”

Vote Tuesday the 8th in the Democratic and Republican Primary, but don’t vote for the ones that want to keep us enslaved…

“Shout, shout …  let it all out! Integrity, Commitment and Truth, these are the things I can do without!” .. say the Demi-Gods from the Church of Ike who the common folk down by the Crooked River don’t like!


Memorial Day is a HOLIDAY all around the great United States of FUCKING FREE WORLD called AMERICA wherein the men and women who died while serving in the military are remembered. Lets celebrate with this RGW article to kick off the SUMMER in Central West Virginia!
This holiday, which is celebrated every year on the final Monday of May, was formerly known as Decoration Day and originated after the Civil War to commemorate Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. By the 20th century, Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who have died while in the military service — it typically marks the start of the summer vacation season.

Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day from the  Supreme  Commander  of the  Central WV  Secret Seven  Coalition. (pictured  below)

Memorial Day 2013 in Wood County, West Virginia at the site of the  Albert J Woofter memorial park. Dan Bingman SC of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition standing next to his mother Ramona Bingman who was the beneficiary of the controversial AJ Woofter Estate debacle  in which the Butcher and Butcher law firm was accused of embezzlement and not doing  and accounting  on the estate for 12 years,  although  received letter after letter from attorney after attorney  requesting that an accounting be  done. The  letter writing last five years with no  reply from  Butcher  and Butcher.

Memorial Day 2013 in Wood County, West Virginia at the site of the Albert J Woofter memorial park. Dan Bingman SC of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition standing next to his mother Ramona Bingman who was the beneficiary of the controversial AJ Woofter Estate debacle in which the Butcher and Butcher law firm was accused of embezzlement and not doing an accounting on the estate for 12 years-although received letter after letter – from attorney after attorney-requesting that an accounting be done. The letter writing lasted five years with no reply from Butcher and Butcher.

“Keep on Rockin in the FREE WORLD,” is NOT a song they sing down in Gilmer County down by the Crooked River, but it is a song we sing at the CalPatty Press, and it is a song we sing at Revenge of the Ghost Wolf and it is a song EVERYONE sings on the Gilmer Free Press!

There’s colors on the street
Red, white and blue
People shufflin’ their feet
People sleepin’ in their shoes
But there’s a warnin’ sign
on the road ahead
There’s a lot of people sayin’
we’d be better off dead
Don’t feel like Satan,
but I am to them
So I try to forget it,
any way I can.
And when things get tough I just call that SS Man
Keep on rockin’ in the free world,
Keep on rockin’ in the free world
Keep on rockin’ in the free world,
“Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World!!”

And in honor of doing so we are going to republish an RGW article from the past still taking lots of hits — And also to celebrate our BEST DAY ever here at RGW which  was a total of 9,398 page views logged in last SUNDAY the 18th of May 2014. That is a lot of hits for a SUNDAY!!
And here is Ashley Whitt from Buckwild adding a little touch of Sissonville to our Holiday celebration!!


By Free Bird — Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

Gilmer County Citizens have been afraid to speak out about criminal acts committed by county officials for fear of retaliation and now more threats from the Powers that Be over the disgruntled citizens complaints about the State take over of Gilmer County Schools.

“Gilmer County citizens have the unquestioned right to ask questions and to express opinions. In a free society the more openness there is in dealing with serious issues the better the chance there is for correct decisions, truth, transparency, and accountability to eventually prevail…”

By Carl L. Armour

The above is a brilliant excerpt from a statement and comment by Dr Carl L Armour that was posted recently on the Gilmer Free Press the voice of the people of Central WV.

Unfortunately in Gilmer County there is no openness and there is NO transparency! In fact when I first heard Mr Beet RED Brian Kennedy say there was a need for transparency, I literally laughed my ass off until I fell off my chair and was gasping for my breath asking someone to pass that big fat joint we were smoking, because for sure I was NOT HIGH ENOUGH to fully absorb that insincere off the wall bullshit statement, that delivered absolutely no truth what-so-ever! Kennedy and TRANSPARENCY is an OXYMORON and of course Kennedy holds up the MORON part of that deal.

“Keep on Rockin in the FREE WORLD,” is NOT a song they sing down in Gilmer County down by the Crooked River, for much of Central WV has been ruled by totalitarian government that encompasses a hostile dishonest court system, which has been the case for longer than anyone can remember.

God damn that LIZZY and LEXY can sure throw one mean TYRONE!!

Unfortunately in Gilmer County there is no openness and there is NO transparency! In fact when I first heard Mr Beet RED Brian Kennedy say there was a need for transparency, I literally laughed my ass off until I fell off my chair and was gasping for my breath asking someone to pass that big fat joint we were smoking, because for sure I was NOT HIGH ENOUGH to fully absorb that insincere off the wall bullshit statement, that delivered absolutely no truth what-so-ever! Kennedy and TRANSPARENCY is an OXYMORON and of course Kennedy holds up the MORON part of that deal.

Butcher Bitches Butcher Bitches yeah yeah yeah in photo above! Box Banging Bad Ass Butcher sisters that never traveled farther than their own sisters bedroom to have hot hot hot sex – incest – is best down at Gilmer County High  down around 04 when it was a Butcher Bitch that was the popular whore. Skinny dipping, multiple partners, boys, girls, dogs, peoples second cousins, its all good down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River. Lizzy and Lexy get it hot in sexy in this photo found exclusively on the CalPatty Press during the summer of LOVE!!

There’s something that seems to have been forgotten in Gilmer County and that is that YOUR DIGNITY may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but CAN NEVER BE TAKEN AWAY UNLESS IT IS SURRENDERED!

A true war is only waged if you don’t want to live to see what failure looks like.  You do what it takes to win.  You go wherever necessity takes you.

Under the current regime of the power elite which denies the very existence of basic human rights for Gilmer County citizens, fear tends to be the order of the day.  Fear of jail, fear of death, fear of losing friends, family, property or means of making a living, fear of isolation, fear of failure.  Their most insidious form of fear mongering,  is fear masquerading as common sense or even wisdom. Ask common sense for common people Brian Kennedy.  Do you really believe he or his wife consider themselves as “common”? Don’t think that’s a word bandied around the Morris table too often. But these are words fed to these puppets to condemn your thoughts and actions as foolish, reckless, insignificant or futile, if they are not in keeping with the approved agenda.  They are used to mock the small, daily acts of courage that help to preserve a man’s self-respect and human dignity and belittle his efforts to find justice in their world.

This kind of “leader” and their associates will say, “Oh, yes, we need accountability and transparency!”  “We should always deal ethically, within the law and above board.” Yet when illegal, unethical and immoral actions on their part are uncovered, when it’s time for that accountability they don’t want to hear a name called.  All the POWER ELITE want is to keep the money flowing, and then get by without so much as an “I’m sorry.” Not one person wants to claim responsibility.  But we can believe one thing, the “Powers that Be,” know how to lay the blame.  Not necessarily on the perpetrator but on a chosen victim.

It is not easy for people conditioned by fear under the iron rule of the principle that money makes might and might is right to free themselves.  Yet even under the most crushing government machinery courage rises up again and again for fear is not the natural state of civilized men.

There are those few like the Central WV Secret Seven Coalition who will fight no matter the cost. We salute each and every one.  To those cowering in fear, grow a backbone bitches!

“It’s time to take your rights and your county back and that means war. Not a war of violence and physical damages but a war of morality, principles and information.  For if you want to know what the self appointed power mongers really fear it is an informed public!”

Don’t believe that the ability to quote Chaucer equates with an ability to run public business.  Don’t just accept what someone says because of “Who they are” or “Who they know.” Most of the time the ones throwing their superior education in your face had it bought and paid for to place them in a position of power as yes men.  Become fact checkers and if you have to write it down to remember it then do so.  Knowledge is power that can defeat even the evil supported by money.  

Karen Elkin Gilmer County Circuit Clerk along with Natalie Tennant, all smiles around the time Beverly Marks switched out the recording modules that were ordered special for the purpose of VOTER FRAUD to get a former special education student JEAN BUTCHER elected for County Commission Clerk so she could serve the purpose of being a YES person for the Butcher and Butcher law firm, to assist in ripping off more estates like they did the AJ Woofter Estate. ELKIN recently had a complaint filed against her for allowing Christopher Todd Smith, “HOT TODDY” to review and copy SEALED files from the Travesty of Justice case file.

Speaking of the Gilmer County Court system, the Supreme Commander of the Central West Virginia SS officially notified Teresa Kirk the executive director of the Ethics Commission during a 46 minute conversation that ended at 11:14am Wednesday September 5th, after revealing hard facts officially to the ethics commission that involved KAREN ELKIN  Gilmer County Circuit Court Clerk allowing the leader of the Fire Starting Cult Christopher Todd Smith to view and copy SEALED documents from the Travesty of Justice Case file that were actually marked confidential. Also a document from the Travesty case file held by Roger Curry which held a document that showed the defendant had his sentence suspended was recently discovered, when actually there was no suspended sentence, and further the terms and conditions were worded in such a way as to reveal information that is privileged and protected by the United States Constitution!

The first condition was that the defendant shall answer all reasonable inquiry of the probation officer and be truthful to the probation officer, but in this instance according to the court record, Judge Richard A Facemire refused to put the defendant on probation in one of Facemire’s highly questionable actions during the Travesty of Justice trial.

This document below clearly states terms and conditions regarding the longest running court case in Gilmer County history which involved Farm Equipment — that facts have now proved was a false filing by Hough and the conditions of giving up internet information had NOTHING to do with farm equipment. Normal conditions would include submitting to drug testing, while on probation, while also agreeing to have no contact with the alleged victims. So you see all of these internet conditions are not appropriate what-so-ever, and further the first page of the document stated the defendants one year jail sentence was suspended and was entered into five years probation contingent on those terms and conditions when in REALITY, the defendant HAD NO PROBATION and never was on probation and this document was only discovered days ago not years ago. This document which was entered in the court record reveals just how corrupt FACEMIRE, LAME SMITH, and TARA KENNEDY are, and their actions in reference to the “Travesty of Justice,” case were beyond any pale of normal professional behavior, and all three should be punished severely for their actions, for all the damage and expense it has caused.

This is a document that has been newly discovered with conditions and terms that violate the defendants civil rights, but Judge Facemire and Tara Kennedy make their own rules that don’t have to adhere to the rules of the United States.

Only Crooks from Crooked County would try to pull off a stunt like that and now they are caught like BIG DOGS with their dicks caught in a Butcher Bitch and need a big bucket of water thrown on them for being such dumb asses.

In fact Tara Kennedy and Judge Facemire fucked up so bad with that document, the result was a complaint made to the Supreme Court of West Virginia and the head of the probation department Mike Lacy along with the counsel for the probation department Robert McKinney…

*** BELOW is an excerpt from complaint filed 31 August 2012

May I ask WHY officially officials and members of the Supreme Court of West Virginia are actively involved in covering up misconduct and outright crimes?

Can you answer that? Did you know it was a felony to knowingly cover for a felony?

The document sent to you dated 22 December 2006 is highly unusual and if I were put on probation and my sentence was suspended on that date, why did TARA KENNEDY not notify me?

A formal complaint was filed the 31st of August in Charleston at the SUPREME COURT against Tara Kennedy for filing an official court document that contained false information and information used as evidence against the defendant in the Travesty of Justice case that has been proven not true! Kennedy claimed a Roanna Rafferty owned a significant amount of property involved in the court case, but Rafferty didn’t own ANY of the property, and Tara Kennedy lied to Judge Facemire and the 14th district circuit court.

Why am I just now seeing this document because my attorney was forced to send it to me, after I asked him 33 times for other documents, that he knew I would use to file complaints against people he knew personally?

In that document Kennedy failed to obey a court order by NOT notifying me, for I was never served with that order. It appears that the Gilmer County Circuit Court under the leadership of Judge Facemire makes its own rules. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but let me inform you that most courts speak through its judgments and sentences as journalized by the court clerk, and this document dated December 22, 2006 speaks volumes, so really … how are you going to get out of this one? For we have heard it all from the officers of the court in West Virginia!  Any excuse you make up for this one will land your office in a federal court faster than you can say Tara Kennedy. I already asked an attorney to research this to see what kind of a case we can bring to US District court in Elkins. There is no excuse except incompetence to the tenth degree.

Accused bank robber Richard Vance, 23, was sentenced to 5-18 years in prison shown here with John Oshoway also the defense counsel in the Travesty of Justice Case. The defendant in the TRAVESTY case paid Oshoway cash, and said, “If I would have known that dumb bitch Oshoway was a public defender I would have never hired his corrupt ass, he was recommended by LAME SMITH Gilmer County Circuit Court Clerk on the day Facemire gave me 24 hours to find another attorney when BILL MARTIN became prosecutor for Braxton County, who actually got the Travesty case dismissed while he was defense counsel!” On page 240 Judge Richard A Facemire tells OSHOWAY if he doesn’t play ball and see it their way in court, he would not be getting anymore public defender cases. The exact words from the court record are … “I have been known to remove people from the appointment list on not adhering to Court’s orders. And I will do that!” Facemire really stepped on his dick and he will be held accountable for ALL of his misconduct in the Travesty of Justice case and very well could be the next judge called INSANE by FOX news in front of all of America just like judge Watkins.

Immediate attention needs to be brought to this document, dated 22 December 2006, for the fact; most likely you will have to have a spokesperson explain this matter to the press. Hopefully, we will be able to get a national spot light shown on case 05-F-8 for all the misconduct displayed by multiple officers of the court, Supreme Court Justice Davis and even my own attorney, two of them, Curry, but especially Oshoway, for the actions of Oshoway are unforgivable by suppressing the taped evidence that I have given for you to listen to and review regarding this complaint. Please review the tape and you will see that Kennedy played her part in this conspiracy by advising the judge on the one year jail sentence, involving a situation she told me she knew I was not guilty of and she said, quote, “That farm equipment stuff is ridiculous,” her exact words, so her actions were 180 degree’s out of phase with the presentence statement. Kennedy was influenced by politics and not the law, and those facts she will have to face soon. The actual value of ALL farm equipment pertaining to the case according to the appraiser at Lemon equipment was $390.00 which killed the case, since that put the matter at a misdemeanor level, and they brought the case THREE YEARS after the fact which would have confirmed the situation as time barred. Therefore Gerry Hough paid a witness to lie and say the 30 year old used rusted farm equipment had a value of 1100, but prior to that she gave the value as $2498.00 or else he would have had no case at all, the same situation existed when they changed the value to $1100 which got me falsely indicted on a felony, so Marilyn Matheny, a state witness lied twice and again I am filing a complaint with law enforcement against Matheny, for what she did was a felony action. Kennedy was fully involved in this conspiracy, and I believe we have the documents to prove that issue if I am forced to file civil action against the state of West Virginia, and guilty parties in federal court.

Shirley Ball who Judge Facemire said was a friend of his during the TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE TRIAL,  and who also was paid to LIE by prosecutor Gerald B Hough was arrested and awaited arraignment before bail was set for Battery of an officer and obstruction of an officer, two separate charges.

Shirley Ball not only perjured herself during court proceeding, but stole the defendants car and got SCOTT FREE away with it.  Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerry Hough actually paid her to lie under oath, and we have the court record to prove it.

Detailed Offender Information

Imprisonment Status:  Misdemeanor Pre-Trial
Full Name: Ball,  Shirley  Ann
Height: 4′  11″
Weight: 138 lbs.
Birth Date: 5/2/1948
Gender: Female
Booking Date: 01/08/2012
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Misdemeanor Pre-Trial

Back to Admissions Summary

Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
M-12 CALHOUN COUNTY – Bail Amount: $0.00

Shirley if you recall was mentioned in a recent SS article for getting her ass beat at the Millstone Inn. Shirley lied about a GAY BASHING, when in actuality it was a BALL BASHING!

Lizzy gets dizzy wearing the green hat and putting on one of her many bitches. Sometimes a person just can’t wait to start getting it on, so the party starts a little early before the lights go down, and that is not all that is going down on this night for it feels right!! It will be up tight and out of sight as Lizzy gets another girl dizzy and makes her, her personal Butcher Bitch Baby, and she will drive her crazy!!

Speaking of unethical behavior and corruption in law enforcement and the judicial system in Gilmer county, Shirley BALL,   from Bull River Rd in Calhoun County— a state witness in the Gilmer County ‘Travesty of Justice’ case was involved in the raucous BAR fight  at the MILLSTONE INN — and made up a story that was in no way true just like she did by the instruction of Gerald B Hough and in front of JUDGE RICHARD A FACEMIRE who called her a friend in the 14th district circuit court.

Shirley ended up getting her ass beat because she brought along her son, a dude by the name of Steve Long who is 36 years old and from southern Ohio.

Here once again is an excerpt of the Supreme Court complaint against Tara Kennedy who is employed by the State of WV as a probation officer.

The following is from an attorney, to an attorney that is helping raise funds to file civil actions, and mostly it is the police here in Ohio that has come up with money for me, which makes a wonderful story for the press here in Ohio and nationally.

This is from the attorney that wants to go unnamed and who refuses to practice law in WV.

As you noted, reducing a second indictment down to 1100 puts things into the misdemeanor, $1,000 range, thereby using the trick of indicting him with a felony subject to a waivable misdemeanor that would not violate the statute of limitations, but they had to do this with the full cooperation of defense counsel Oshoway who most assuredly was in on this action, and was paid with favors that many are famous for in W.Va   Hence, they all with full knowledge resurrected a misdemeanor that Jim still did not commit, nor did he commit any crime in actuality. The special planned and very questionable resurrecting of this misdemeanor was custom made for Jim West so that it would fit into the FN 2 of the Boyd rule. The waiver in any state should be trumped because what defendant would not be compelled to request a lesser included offense available under that reduced indictment. That situation you see is entirely predictable with the second indictment, just like you said. The second indictment, not the first, plainly resurrected the misdemeanor.

The prosecution’s sentences of the max are also indicative of that their bad-faith of a felony range sentence created a jury – established, time-barred misdemeanor. 

Chief Deputy Gerwig – Gilmer County Sheriff’s office LIED to a grand jury about value of this boom pole saying it was worth over $400. Really do we want another lying ass son of a bitch like Mickey Mouse Metz as a SHERIFF?!

Why was there this testimony as to how much Rafferty paid for the equipment, when evidence exists that his mother actually paid for it?  I believe no one testified that Jim said that one of Balls handymen actually took the equipment off the property. The court record did reflect that a Danny Marks moved the equipment without permission from Jim, and only the Brush Hog was to be moved, so that it could be repaired for the broken drive. Justice Davis ignored the court record and said Jim moved the equipment off land it was never on, nor did not belong on, and where did she come up with that? She obviously did not bother to even read the court record and that matter is actionable.  I understand now they ignored hard evidence to this fact at the JIC who should also be investigated for their misconduct. I further have been informed the Chief Counsel Tarr lost a civil filing and her job for misconduct in the past, and here she is teaching others how it is done. I don’t care if Jim moved the farm equipment from one corner of his mother’s farm to the other or if he took it into that little house up there on that hill and ate it. What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. I can show you case law on car theft that will prove my point exactly.

The Brush Hog which was one of five pieces that Chief Deputy Gerwig, running unopposed for Sheriff as a Democrat LIED his ass off about to a GRAND JURY and a trial jury and said was brand new when it had been sitting in the elements since 1980. Gerwig was told to LIE by Gerald B Hough and say all five pieces of rusted junk was worth $2498 when in reality all together, according to the ACTUAL APPRAISER – JOHN LEMON from Lemon Equipment says is only worth $390.00. If HOUGH and GERWIG would have told the truth about the VALUE of the rusted used junk farm equipment, then there could have been no arrest. It was all a trick and GERWIG did as he was told. Gilmer County Chief Deputy Gerwig now takes orders from Sandy Pettit as she is the spokesperson for the Church of IKE. She acts as the PENIS for IKE MORRIS and gives the orders to the local police. “Hey Sandy!” “Should we be collecting the damages for this malicious prosecution from you BITCH?” ..since you call the shots now and Gerwig or Metz don’t make a move without your permission. Hey Sandy Pettit hell you broke the damn thing … do they have to ask you permission to take a piss?

From what I see of this situation there may be an overarching problem with their prima facie case. The farm equipment actually belonged to the estate. No documents proved otherwise, and the prosecutor pushed over the top of the limits of the rule of law in this instance. This was a civil action at the very most and there never was any criminal elements, which is made totally visible now by the false testimony and actually paying someone to bring forth false testimony and then have the disciplinary counsel take no action could only happen in the state of West Virginia and this needs to be looked into further. The farm equipment clearly belonged to the estate, but the state even lied about the equal shares of property, and then, convinced the jury of this false fact. Again the disciplinary complaint was ignored – which, once more proves what I said earlier about West Virginia law.

Liz gets HOT ON LEXY and tries to shove that tongue down her throat feels good is good looks good and tasted good especially after Lizzy has been with one of her girlfriends or two.. or three, or all the boys from the old TKE!! WHO YA!!!

(Continued excerpt from actual complaint against Kennedy)  ***

“Many professionals believe I had this criminal action brought against me for my writings, for I have some websites, with associates that bring in thousands of hits a day involving corruption of public officials.

The terms and conditions on the 22 December document were meant for me and me alone, and it shows the TRUE COLORS of Facemire and Kennedy


Danny “NUB” Marks who was a witness that lied on the stand during the Travesty of Justice case, and the man that actually did move the equipment in question found himself in jail in the wee morning hours of Friday November 4th 2011 for DUI just four days short of his 52nd birthday. Marks also made it to the top of the SNITCH LIST for Gilmer County in 2008 and 2009.  I wonder who he is snitching on while in jail  right now! Marks has yet to be held accountable for his false testimony. “NUB” is considered an enemy of the SS and is currently at the top of 2011 SNITCH LIST as well  — And that fact should be considered if personal contact is made with this man of obvious questionable character that is from Bull River Rd in Calhoun County! Just up the holler from Grantsville a ways.

“The SS has long said, that most of the witnesses that testify for the State of West Virginia on behalf of Gilmer County and Gerald B Hough are liars and criminals he hands selects to tell what ever tale old Gerry needs a told that day as he serves jurors bottled water with his picture on it, and then goes and tells the jury during deliberations he needs a guilty verdict because that particular court case had been in the courts for over three years already…”

Yeah, there ya go some good ole Gilmer County Justice with a Power Elite Jury! But, then, “That’s how we always do it here in Gilmer County!”

Danny NUB Marks shown below  was impeached on the witness stand for his LIE about the Timber contract, that he was caught for when the document was produced in the 14th District Circuit Court in Gilmer County before Facemire, during the TRAVESTY TRIAL.

Imprisonment Status:  Misdemeanor Pre-Trial
Full Name: Marks,  Danny  Cleo
Height: 5′  8″
Weight: 180 lbs.
Birth Date: 11/8/1959
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 11/04/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Misdemeanor Pre-Trial
The following is a link to the Secret Audio file that busts FACEMIRE – KENNEDY – GERRY HOUGH – and a state witness, MARILYN MATHENY that was paid to lie on the stand. You must use Google Chrome as your internet browser for  this specific link. If you are using Fire Fox, it will not open the file, so I suggest use an alternate browser and follow that link so you can listen to the secret audio file that busts the state witness for a criminal conspiracy with officers of the Gilmer County Circuit Court…

William C Martin counsel for the defense called John Lemon who is the man on the Audio Recording and set this interview up exactly 15 months before the actual trial date. Further, the immediate result of making the Audio Recording and showing it to Lemon Farm Equipment resulted in getting the case dropped the first time.

But, then Martin had duties as a prosecutor in Braxton County and could no longer represent his client as defense counsel.

Gerald B Hough re-filed and added an extra FELONY charge while making this revealing evidence disappear with the help of F John Oshoway.

Gerald B Hough prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County is the man who wasted countless of thousands of dollars of the tax payers money on a case that was in the court about five years going to the highest reaches of West Virginia Justice and Gilmer County backed LIES all the way to the top and are just now being exposed for their criminal actions! The Gilmer County Commission has backed Gerry Hough and every bad decision he has made and they are equally guilty for allowing this terrible deed brought by the Prosecuting Attorney for Gilmer County. In fact, Hough got a raise from 37,000 a year to 84,000 a year and for what …being a criminal?!

Oshoway was asked 11 times why he suppressed evidence and only replied with a blank stare.

Supreme Court Justices Justice Joseph Albright and Justice Larry Starcher stated that Oshoway was guilty of ineffective assistance of counsel and a civil action should be filed against him for his misconduct by not defending his client at trial and is documented at the WV Supreme Court and stated in the dissenting opinion authored by Albright and endorsed by Justice Starcher.

But it is obvious what F John did was criminal and intentional.

To explain the Audio Recording further:

The interviewing person knew what to do and exactly how to get the information in this interview set up by Bill Martin’s office and Bill had spoken with John Lemon who knew they were coming to get evidence about a court case.

Marilyn Matheny the state witness for the Gilmer County Prosecutor is the woman heard on the Audio Recording and this is evidence of her first infraction and violation of the law and CONSPIRACY charges may be brought against her and the Gilmer County Prosecutor for this very fact proven today by broadcasting this evidence for all to hear.

After you hear the audio for yourself please join us in asking for the immediate arrest of Gerald B Hough and Marilyn Matheny for various criminal charges.

When she says, “That’s not what it looked like before it was stolen,” sort of gives away how these crazy people get away with their criminal activity.

A little bit of heaven with Devon, getting a little wiff of an earlier tryst that went up to the wrist for tis the night that Liz used her fist!

First of all the equipment was never stolen and had sat outside for 24 years exposed to the elements. That equipment looked like that for years, and was rusted junk that Matheny said had the same value as brand new equipment and testified to that fact in court (testi-lied) and then Chief Sheriff Deputy Larry Gerwig testified (testi-lied) to the same retail price level in the Court of Magistrate Bob Minigh, before the matter was bound over to Circuit Court where it spent two years with three felony charges filed.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars of your tax money was wasted on this lie proved by this very Audio Recording that you can listen to by opening up another window in INTERNET EXPLORER and then click the link, scroll to the bottom of the page and click play – ALL will then discover for themselves what a through and through criminal Gerald B Hough is, for if you can’t tell Matheny is lying through her teeth there is some property from where the old Auction Barn used to stand that I would like to sell ya. It is obvious even to a child that Matheny was CAUGHT and the tape was suppressed ON PURPOSE by John Oshoway, which makes him the worst kind of lawyer on the planet … a very dishonest one.

The Gilmer County Commission has backed Hough and the bad decision and is equally guilty for allowing this terrible deed brought by the Prosecuting Attorney for Gilmer County. In fact, Hough got a raise from 37,000 a year to 84,000 a year and for what …being a criminal?!

“Keep on Rockin in the FREE WORLD,” is NOT a song they sing down in Gilmer County down by the Crooked River, but it is a song we sing at the CalPatty Press, and it is a song we sing at Revenge of the Ghost Wolf and it is a song EVERYONE sings on the Gilmer Free Press!

There’s colors on the street
Red, white and blue
People shufflin’ their feet
People sleepin’ in their shoes
But there’s a warnin’ sign
on the road ahead
There’s a lot of people sayin’
we’d be better off dead
Don’t feel like Satan,
but I am to them
So I try to forget it,
any way I can.

And when things get tough I just call that SS Man

Keep on rockin’ in the free world,
Keep on rockin’ in the free world
Keep on rockin’ in the free world,

“Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World!!”

By Free Bird – Reporter for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf/Hurricane Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor


OH that God Damn Church of IKE

Why don’t you ask him if he’s going to stay
Why don’t you ask him if he’s going away
Why don’t you tell me what’s going on
Why don’t you tell me who’s on the phone

Why don’t you ask him what’s going on

Why don’t you ask him who’s the latest on his throne


I live in Glenville, West Virginia and know how this town is all too well. I really hope Fred Hill’s family keeps up with the media and law enforcement about this case, that has lasted years. At any rate … MANY of us here in the “Ville” which is most often darkly clouded by the “Power of Darkness,” know what did happen!

“The “Ville” the SPOOKY GHOULISH GHOST of GLENVILLE made the “MURDER” go away, out of sight during a ritualistic ceremony one night at the Church of Ike!”

I was always afraid in Calhoun County, after reading all the stuff that happens there, but now I see Gilmer County is worse and truly crooked, just like what has been said all along about those “Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River!”


"...And they call THEM Butchers too! The Butcher Bitches Lizzy and Lexi acting kinda sexy..DON'T TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME - JUST TELL ME THAT YOU WANT ME! TUSK!

“…And they call THEM Butchers too!” The Butcher Bitches Lizzy and Lexy acting kinda sexy..DON’T TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME – JUST TELL ME THAT YOU WANT ME! TUSK!

The people referred to as the Powers that be are afraid the murder of Fred Hill will ruin the town’s name. Glenville has turned into a dangerous and scary place. I am even afraid to make a wrong step or say the wrong thing here. It is much more evil than you know. You really can get away with murder here. The court system, judges, town officials, they seem to be able to do what they want here, and control everyone with “what they could do to them.” Glenville has turned out to be an awful place and I am sorry for the day I ever thought of moving here.

Nobody wants their kids going to school at a place where this kind of stuff happens and it happens all the time in the “VILLE”  


I’m glad there was some closure for the Fred Hill family, when they found the body of “Fred Hill” in great shape behind the home of Sheriff Metz, in the River, just like the SS said, but whoever did this needs to be punished, but the punished and their secret will only get pushed back into years of caked on Crooked County excrement hidden behind the hills of the rich and lost, behind their homes and in the ditches in the creeks, and their dirty beds, but those carhart suspenders are tough and they may live to tell a tale or two about “WHO” in the “HELL” those people from Crooked County might be!


There has been a lot of talk about the dirty dealings of the Gilmer County Prosecutor and the fact that the “Fred Hill SPECIAL INVESTIGATION,” was all a sham proving all that we all read on the CalPatty Press years ago, about Sheriff Metz and prosecutor Gerry Hough. All allegations against them both turned out to all be true!

I believe every word of what has been said about Mr. Gerald B Hough. The bad news about Gerry Hough all being true convinces me that everything else that has been said about Gilmer County is just as true too.

"God Damn" Them is LEXY BUTCHER TITTIES THERE!!! That enough to put hair on your ...well you know!

“God Damn” Them is LEXY BUTCHER TITTIES THERE!!! That’s enough “Titty” to make ya grow a pair!

What “Gerry” used to say was “Just OK” IS NOT OK AT ALL!!

shitjustgotrealrevengeoftheghostwolfThis situation involving dishonest and corrupt public officials that includes a Sheriff with a FAKE HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA like Sheriff Metz makes me sick!

I can’t wait to get away from this Crooked County.

My prayers have been with the family of “Basil” ever since the “Powers that BE” …here in the “Ville” murdered Fred Hill the third!

I’m so sorry that this had to happen, and y’all had to hear such a discouraging word, but the people that kill after popping a pill here in the “VILLE” are just as bad as the people that murdered all those Jews during the holocaust back in World War TWO!

And they called them Butchers too!


OH LORD!! OH that God Damn Church of IKE!

Why don’t you ask him if he’s going to stay
Why don’t you ask him if he’s going away
Why don’t you tell me what’s going on
Why don’t you tell me who’s on the phone

(This Revenge of the Ghost Wolf article is best served cold with the song “Tusk”  played in the background.  …”Don’t tell me that you LOVE ME just click play on  the video …TUSK!”)

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