By Free Bird — Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“In Gilmer County the RICH just keep getting richer and the POOR just keep getting poorer, but that’s the way they do it down by the Crooked River!

Local political rulers grab power through direct involvement in policy planning, through participation in Crooked County political campaigns and elections, and through appointments to key decision-making positions.

“The regular guy in Gilmer County is used to walking on the  “Muddy” side where people pay the price for their self described “Betters” the ELITE to walk on the WILD side of life, with all the Luxuries!”

This needs to change as we all acknowledge the differences of entitlement to basic human rights and the conditions suffered created by our own choice of leadership in Gilmer County, home of the Crooked County Crooks.

Washing the MUD off the streets and parking lot for regular folk that have to walk on the MUDDY side, while the ELITE walk on the WILD SIDE -UPAK was just torn down the other day, and is no longer in the location shown in this photo in the background, In fact, now that we lost U-Pak, we have little choice in grocery shopping because one owner did not think Glenville was big enough for another grocery which is absolute Bullshit, might as well heard that one from the Democrap and Pathfinder of.... The same owner that makes a fortune at the GO MART which has the best location and monopoly on the local foot traffic also owned UPAK and now the EDA and LARRY CHAPMAN plan on putting up a new building in its place -- wonder what kind of corruption will go along with that deal?

The PLAIN TRUTH of the matter is the last thing in the world that will cure the ills of political corruption in West Virginia is to put another one of the good old boys in office, anywhere!

“You know the kind …not a law that wasn’t made to be broken if you have the right last name or at least the right amount of money and they will make you feel good about it, putting them ABOVE the LAW!”

I wonder if Ramsey is giggling because he heard about the photo's taken of Gilmer County Commission President getting CAUGHT banging AMY SKINNER in the car outside the "DUCK" a country BAR hang out up the road a piece from Glenville. It was the image of the big white ass undulating in the wind towering over the ripped open blouse of AMY SKINNER making for a bucking tale at Tallie's Duck Tavern up there in a Normantown. The smell of Sex was in the air among all the moanin and a groanin and a rollin around that was a goin on out in the country there for the animals and the big bucks to get an idea of how DRUGS can sometimes makes human sexual relations just all that much more disgusting to nature and such.

Justice in Gilmer County is getting pretty hard to find when we have corrupt pieces of shit like JUDGE RICHARD A FACEMIRE as a Circuit Court Judge  – Facemire sentenced the defendant of the Travesty of Justice to ONE YEAR IN JAIL a very harsh punishment in West Virginia, for a misdemeanor all based on false evidence proven false now, but he lets a drug dealing nigger go free on probation even when caught in the IKE MORRIS MOTEL with DRUGS and dude is a Football player for GSC, now what the fuck is wrong with this picture!

In Court on April 23rd  just days ago it was the State of West Virginia vs. Osmond Brown Jr.  before the not so honorable Judge Facemire.

OSMUND BROWN was before the Court for sentencing upon his former plea.

The parents of the latest rape victim at GSC reported the incident to the Secret Seven known as the SS in Gilmer County - The SS has uncovered multiple rapes by Black Athletes involving white female students and there has not been even one conviction - Countless rapes have been documented - just as fast as the SS expose the rapes - the local Sheriff Metz see's to it that they are covered up just like they always do it down in Crooked County!

Brown was placed on 5-years’ probation and must perform 100 hours of community service.

At this time he is working and playing football in North Carolina, and is paying child support.

Later his probation may be transferred to North Carolina after he graduates from Glenville State College.

New transfer tight end OSMUND BROWN looked good in ORANGE at CRJ shown here in G-Ville BLUE where it is JUST OK to bring in good drugs to the Best Western in Glenville and turn out all the hotties on dope with the sanction of IL Morris the LORD of the Church of IKE! Ike has to have his football stars no matter what the price and no matter how much it fucks us up, the people that have to walk on the MUDDY SIDE!

These so called friends of the ELITE that get to walk on the WILD SIDE  love a job where the only qualification is being able to do nothing except collect a paycheck, speak but say nothing, go on free vacations, drive county cars and hire and harass who they’re told by whatever minions of the boss are in power!

That job description sounds a lot like Brian Kennedy too, since he works for IKE MORRIS and the Church of IKE restaurant the Pioneer Grill thereby getting TWO FULL PAY CHECKS from Gilmer County, although there was another person in mind when Free Bird wrote that part of this article.

The Gilmer County Courthouse where few rape cases ever make it now, being dismissed in magistrate court since the witness and rape victim is often threatened to be raped again if she shows up as was done in the rape of Mary Hudnall who worked at the GO MART and was a student at GSC - Gerry Hough prosecutor for Gilmer wrote the last rape victim that had a 4.0 gpa a threatening letter threatening to arrest her if she did not SHUT UP about the rape and quit telling people about it, it was about that time her parents contacted the Secret Seven Coalition who immediately got them professional help and a professional investigator to tell their story too. We are trying to get a copy of that letter and redact the victims name and other details, but publish as much of it as we can. GLENVILLE and GSC LEAD the State of West Virginia for RAPE!!

Glenville Citizens need to act and take a stand against the violent acts by GSC college athletes against women! West Virginia found out about Gerald B Hough and the illegal act he made against a rape victim – And the FERPA Violation reported by the West Virginia Record speaks volumes about the illegal and outlandish actions taken by representatives of GSC and the local elite to cover up the violence against women that has been happening for years in Gilmer County, WV!

Glenville State College has had several unsolved and unpunished rapes since 2005 but the latest rape of an honor student from Wood County, on the Promise Scholarship program was the rape that was the most brutal and involved several fraternity members of the SOB fraternity, and the SS is seeking to let the Alumni Association know about the cover up by Dan Bell from GSC and the Gilmer County Sheriffs Department.

The Secret Seven Coalition, once informed about the rape at Goodwin Hall, launched an investigation. The RAPE took place in the Suite of a student from South Carolina that was brought in by the closest associates of Peter Barr the President of GSC. This particular sex crime turned our stomachs, and upset the SS women the most, and also pissed them off enough to take immediate action, so a professional investigator was contacted — the parents of the Victim were contacted and we got the testimony from the victim herself who my heart goes out to. She remembers being in the room with Opie Watkins with a cup of alcohol, that was mixed by a female student who said her father was a bartender so she should mix the drinks, but she mixed a concoction of wood grain alcohol and date rape drugs!! The victim then said she came to with five SOB fraternity members standing over her as she was nude & being sexually assaulted in the shower, in Goodwin Hall at Glenville State College. She flat lined in the ambulance on the way to Stonewall Jackson hospital where they found evidence that a rape occurred. Public Safety officer Dan Bell mailed the evidence to himself from the hospital and then it became lost …on purpose. GSC has become a haven for rapists and drug addicted criminals!

The last thing the victim, and honor student, remembered was that she was drinking a cup of alcohol with other students, and then the next thing she became conscious at the bottom of a shower nude with five male GSC students standing over her! Her life has been a nightmare & she almost died from the drugs and alcohol that were given to her. The victim does not take drugs but DATE RAPE drugs were found in her system and her blood alcohol level was 2.4

JOBS and PEOPLE are bought and sold in Gilmer County, and it’s fun for those who are willing to keep you in line to serve their king.  Always the ones who smile so nice, walk into church like a saint on Sunday but lie like a rug, sin with the best and steal like a professional the rest of the week. Take your pick, there’s a house full to pick from ranging from high on that hill all the way down to the Little Kanawha. Put your buddies in a bag, shake it and pick one.  Won’t make one bit of difference when you’re done.

“If you gave us a nickel for every man working for any agency funded by taxes in Gilmer County that was honest and under the age of 70 we’d be hard pressed to come up with a fifty cent piece!”

Lexi Butcher Bitches Breasts will liven up any party in Crooked County especially w/ her COCAINE purse brought to the party! Lexy don't worry about being caught with drugs - and can have sex w/ anybody she wants girl or boy.

This bunch that’s had the power the last 25 or so years seem to come from a generation of self serving, wait on me and just tell me what I need to knows. Working to benefit anyone beyond themselves is not in them. Don’t expect it and you’ll never be disappointed.

Ask your Sheriff  MICKEY METZ why he LIED for years and then carried on over to fraud when he figured no problem being your next Magistrate. You guys love him, right? He’s a good old boy.

What made METZ think that would be just OK with you?

Ask Metz why he fell in lock step when the High Priestess of the Church of Ike, said…

“You will not arrest my family or friends for drugs and drunkenness!”

Ask  Mickey Metz Sheriff of Gilmer County how many rape investigations were JUST OK with him if the perpetrator attended GSC!

Ask METZ why 357 Evvy only got a year for premeditated murder.  Ask him who killed Fred Hill.

Ask METZ what kind of deal the prosecutor makes for those special needs cases and what Judges run with the idea.

While you’re at it, ask Sheriff MICKEY METZ about that fancy store bought  diploma he used to file for office illegally, who told him to do it and if he really took his GED at the church as told in town last week!”

When you’re not too busy, you need to check in with Larry Chapman EDA Director about why he just had to have that job while he was still President of the Board of Directors and just after he lost his public office?  You guys just love him, right?

"If you see ME, buddy it could be the last thing you ever see!" It means you pissed off the SC of the SS and he wants your ass for he only brings me for one reason, cuz I’m the best! "You just might find yourself slipping into Darkness!" "I'm with the Central West Virginia SS!" Shang a lang dang dang, want to see me do my thang?" "You better run, but that is just what I like!"

Chapman is a good old boy.  He brags about being an investor in Best Western and how great the Rivers View Project was, how smart Pete Barr is, but doesn’t seem to know a thing about how his own county clerk could file liens illegally to get it done and kept it all in the dark with her buddy Butcher.

Ask LARRY CHAPMAN why he’s so willing to take a cut in pay now when he swore to friends he had to have the EDA job to keep his boy from moving out of the state.

Could it be the money is running out?  Larry Chapman really doesn’t want to answer to anybody and he knows the people have never held him accountable for anything? Besides, you know what a Board member at a bank can do for a personal friend with sticky fingers, especially when they’re related to another good old boy!

Keep it quiet with threats, call the boss, get them a job and see that they come out smelling like a rose. As he says, you never know when you’ll need to get the favor back and this one knows he’ll get it or tell.  One more time, business as usual and they will shed not one tear for the children as the schools close one by one.  Actually, they’ll wave goodbye to the school bus with a smile while working to get that Arbuckle Land back on the SBA agenda.

Speaking of keeping it quiet! The Butcher Bitches know how to keep it quiet, they have had sex with so many men, boys, women, girls, that really who can count, and you have to wonder who has the most SEX … LIZ or LEX?

“Oh, yes, by all means, put one of those good old boys in office but don’t complain when you get what you asked for.  History will repeat itself!”

Gilmer County people are paying the ultimate price for such foolish decisions right now.  Some have already heard they lost their kids to another county because they sold their very souls to these devils they believed were so smart and trustworthy.

In the meantime, too many families ask a God they have turned their backs on to save them from this disgrace knowing full well that redemption only comes when you go and sin no more.

Is Gilmer County ready to be or not to be?

That is the question and this election is going to tell the story!

It takes courage and fearlessness to change anything.  You have to be willing to take a chance.  One thing is for certain, no guts, no glory. Look out cause the buzzards are circling and the hogs are waiting to hear that familiar call to the trough.

“The next move is yours, but then you can always join the CHURCH of Ike and take a walk on the WILD SIDE!”

“But we say FUCK THAT! Because it’s better to be a member of the Secret Seven and be a REBEL REBEL!