G-LtE™: The Murder of Willard Cottrill Part Two – Embezzlement Cover Up, …

The Murder of Willard Cottrill Part Two
– Embezzlement Cover up –
Conspiracy between the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Office
and the Prosecuting Attorney

(L-R) Melvin, Jerry, and Willard at WV State Folk Festival

(L-R) Melvin, Jerry, and Willard at WV State Folk Festival

After gathering evidence in concern for the Cottrill Estate Debacle which turned out to be even worse than the infamous Albert J. Woofter estate—In which the Butcher and Butcher law firm did not do an accounting in over 12 years!  Accountings are required every year.

In Albert J. Woofter estate, although several attorney’s that represented the beneficiary attempted to contact them for several years demanding an accounting—while the “Benny” ran up tens of thousands in lawyer fee’s with no out of state lawyer getting so much as a reply.

In that outrageous action by a local law firm, it was recently discovered one of the B*** and B*** Law Firm employees’ R*** B*** G*** C*** received as much as $6,000 from the missing one-sixth of 112 acres of surface property in a matter in which Gainer was no relation, and certainly no heir.

R*** B*** was not an heir and the deed that was pulled from the land books had nothing to do with the AJ Woofter estate, proved by a court action in which the former County Clerk Beverly Marks used the excuse that she doubted the validity of the deed when it was presented which was a matter of court record in civil action 06-29-C.

The deed was also sought after to prove ownership in the famous “Travesty of Justice, “ case in which the Gilmer County Prosecutor wrongfully brought three false felony charges against an award winning major market broadcaster for the reason he didn’t like what the man was writing about him and judge Facemire on the internet.

All Felony charges were defeated in the “Travesty,” case and the defendant was never told he was waiving a statute of limitations – which the defendant would have never done – if informed he was waiving his rights by his attorney F. John Oshoway!

The Gilmer Free Press
Larry Gerwig, Gilmer County Chief Sheriff Deputy
Now, The Gilmer County Sheriff

Oshoway also stands accused of suppressing evidence in that court case which was a secret tape made 15 months before the actual trial that proved the actual value of the 24 year old farm equipment as $390, which if that evidence would have been brought forward, Gerry Hough’s false case would have been killed, for he brought the case three years after the alleged incident, and the matter would have been time barred because of the statute of limitations, so Gerry Hough LIED about the value.

See this article featured below and play the tape and you will notice the same three culprits GERWIG- HOUGH and a lawyer named OSHOWAY featured in acts of misconduct in the Cottrill estate too!

Isn’t that an interesting fact? The same names and same people involved in misconduct just keep popping up!

Review this article for facts and click on the link and listen to the tape with a google chrome browser, or another browser, but you can’t play the audio with Fire Fox!

The real price of the 24 year old used rusted farm equipment is revealed on the tape by the real appraiser John Lemon, but Gerry Hough lied to the jury about the value and brought Marilyn Matheny – heard on the tape – into court as a witness.

Matheny committed perjury by giving a value in a Judge Facemire circuit court, which was not given by John Lemon of Lemon equipment.

John Lemon has been the appraiser of used farm equipment at Lemon’s Farm Equipment for over 30 years.
Now you see how they do it in Glenville?  Public officials will break the law if they have to; to get their way—And this same ruse the state of West Virginia backed all the way through the WV Supreme Court!!
SECRET AUDIO a Proof of Criminal Conspiracy in Gilmer County, WV’s Legal System
Sheriff Gerwig got on the stand and the court record reflects that Gerwig did not tell the truth about the value giving the value equal to brand new retail prices not the actual value. Gerwig said the 24 year old used rusted farm equipment was worth $2,498.00.

The articles in the FREE PRESS present the facts and YOU as the READER can make up your own mind.

Gilmer County residents were lied to by Sheriff Metz for 8 years about his educational background. Hopefully it will not be the same with Sheriff Gerwig.

You do find the same players in the Willard Cottrill Debacle, even Mickey Metz played a part in the early part of the investigation, that was no investigation at all just like the unsolved Fred Hill murder case.

Employees of the courthouse are often involved in the wrongdoing, some by choice and some because they are unfortunately just there, for some will tell you to hire a lawyer.
We are here to tell you that is a lie!

Recently, The Gilmer Free Press was told to get a lawyer when it was called on as a witness by the Gilmer County Prosecutor and then had to go through high legal fees for personal vendetta, hate, racism, and harassment by the prosecutor, after the Judge told the prosecutor that he was wrong in what he was doing and ruled in favor of the Gilmer Free Press.
For you don’t always need a lawyer and before Marlea Cottrill walked into the magistrate’s office, she was told she needed a lawyer.  Someone suggested F. John Oshoway just like Lane Smith did years earlier in the “Travesty” case!
So, Marlea Cottrill more than a year ago was told she needed a lawyer, just like court employee’s had done so many times before especially people from out of state.  Unfortunately, what often happens is courthouse employees will refer someone that they know will cooperate with public officials!

Over a year ago Marlea Cottrill did hire F. John Oshoway and he took her money and then lied about the amount paid to him.

When Marlea was dissatisfied with her lawyer and the results, she asked for help.

Several concerned citizens helped her knowing what she was going through—And an article in the West Virginia Record reveals the facts of that matter


Complaint: Calhoun attorney engaging in ‘legal tomfoolery’

April 20, 2012 7:32 AM

The Gilmer Free Press
F. John Oshoway
CHARLESTON – A New York woman is accusing a Calhoun County attorney of “legal tomfoolery” in representing her interests in an estate dispute in neighboring Gilmer County.

Marlea Cottrill on April 9 filed an ethics complaint against F. John Oshoway with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, the arm of the state Supreme Court that investigates attorney misconduct.

In her complaint, Cottrill, 51, of Jump, N.Y., a suburb of Syracuse, hired Oshoway, 60, a sole practitioner in Grantsville, to defend her in a lawsuit involving the estate of her late father, Willard, only to have him do next to nothing.

According to her complaint, Willard Cottrill passed away in October 2010 “under extreme and unusual circumstances.” In June, Cottrill was named as a co-defendant in a suit to quiet title filed by the estate’s executor, Michael W. Murphy, her brother-in-law in Gilmer Circuit Court.

The suit seeks to divest any interest on Willard’s property in Linn claimed by Ruth Mitchell, the other co-defendant. According to the suit, Willard in his will dated Nov. 1, 2006, requested Mitchell, “be provided a residence on his real property.”

It was not until two months later, Marlea Cottrill says, that she found out about it, and only through Mitchell. In a panic, she says she drove nine hours to Gilmer County to find an attorney to answer the complaint or risk losing all her rights to inheritance.

Eventually, she found Oshoway who agreed to accept her case for $2,000. Initially, Cottrill paid him $500, and sent him a check for the balance after returning to New York.

Between then and last month, Cottrill says Oshoway has failed to communicate with her about not only the status of the case, but its implications. Also, he has failed to provide her copies of any court documents filed since then including her answer.

All documents she’s received have either been provided by Mitchell or her attorney, Dan Grindo. A copy of the answer Oshoway filed for Cottrill, that Grindo’s office sent her via fax on Sept. 2, 2011, does not bear the time-stamp of the circuit clerk’s office.

Because she was not properly served with a summons, and copy of the complaint, Cottrill says Oshoway should’ve moved to have her dismissed from the suit. However, he failed to do that.

Eventually, Cottrill says she received a telephone call from Oshoway early last month. In it, she says he expressed bewilderment she hadn’t received any documents from him, but would ensure she receive a copy of all pleadings made since she hired him.

However, when she did not receive anything after two weeks, Cottrill wrote him a letter asking him to withdraw from the case. In her letter, she also asked he provide an accounting of his work, and a refund of her retainer.

Shortly thereafter, Oshoway responded saying he would be filing a motion to withdraw as her attorney. However, he disputed receiving an additional $1,500 from her after the initial $500. Instead, he said the check she sent was for $1,000.

In her complaint, Cottrill says that “is absolutely untrue” and provided a copy of the cancelled check Oshoway cashed for $1,500. Also, she made clear the basis of her complaint she was not disputing Oshoway’s fee, but instead his “lack of communication, and zealous representation for the work I thought I paid him to do.”

“One of my concerns,” Cottrill said, “is the area of West Virginia that Mr. Oshoway works from is severely economically depressed and I wonder how often this sort of legal tomfoolery happens.”

“I fear for the people of Calhoun and Gilmer counties that have no other means of justice as Mr. Oshoway doesn’t seem the least bit inclined to follow up on clients’ needs or wishes once he has been paid,” Cottrill added. “And even then, Mr. Oshoway doesn’t seem to feel the need to accurately reflect records of payment received by those clients.”

When reached for a comment about Cottrill’s complaint, Oshoway said “I was not aware of it.” Also, he said “I wouldn’t comment on it” after seeing it.

According to ODC, Cottrill’s complaint is one of four pending against Oshoway.
Lawrence Smith was on hand to witness Marlea Cottrill plead her case last Wednesday the 20th of November, and she ask the Gilmer County Commission to adhere to the wishes of the deceased Willard Cottrill—that he requested in his will that his estate not be sold—And that Ruth Mitchell could live on the property as long as she wanted to.

Recently the Supreme Court upheld a judge Alsop rule on the Mitchell issue by a vote of 4 to 1 that Ruth Mitchell could live on the property as long as she desired.

The County Commission of Gilmer is anxious to put this matter to rest, but cannot get the cooperation of Gerald B. Hough who has concocted an almost unbelievable tale about the fact the matter of the wrongful death of Willard Cottrill is still under investigation.

What investigation? You heard the same excuse about the Fred Hill murder case! Have you heard the result of the Prosecutor’s investigation?

Well that situation is truly laughable now, and an embarrassment to Larry Chapman, Darrell Ramsey and President Kennedy who went to fetch Prosecutor Hough so he could explain himself in front of the public, but Hough refused!

Hough’s refusal answered the question asked by the commission as to what the holdup is!

The Gilmer Free Press
Gerlad B. Hough
Gilmer County Prosecutor

More importantly, it has been proven by evidence gathered—that Hough and Deputy Wheeler of the Sheriff’s office have been lying to the public all along—for they have not interviewed any of the witnesses or conducting any sort of investigation.
The Cottrill investigation conducted by the Gilmer County Sheriff’s office from the time when Sheriff Mickey Metz was there has all been a lie, and there should be consequences for that lie!
At the end of the Gilmer County Commission meeting last Wednesday, Ruth Mitchell was not allowed to finish what she wanted to say about how Gilmer County Sheriff Deputy Huffman treated her, so it is our duty at the FREE PRESS to let her tell her story on the Gilmer Free Press.
Now, that Ruth’s civil rights and right to remain on the property have been backed by the Supreme Court, the actions by Ben Huffman—who is now the Police Chief of Glenville—appear to be seriously criminal.

If the statements made in this article are backed by affidavit, then it should seriously lead to the arrest of Ben Huffman former Deputy Sheriff for Gilmer County.

The Gilmer Free Press
Deputy Sheriff Ben Huffman
Now Glenville Police Chief

Ruth Mitchell told the press that the first time Ben Huffman came out to the Cottrill estate he came up on the porch with Mike Murphy the executor of the estate and Venita Cottrill-Murphy. Venita sat on the chair with her head down and told Ben Huffman that Ruth has accused her of killing her father.

“That is because you did kill your father,” Ruth Mitchell stated emphatically!

Huffman then jumped in obviously taking the side of Venita and said …

“If you know what is good for you, you will keep your mouth shut or I will escort you out of this holler, besides you are here illegally and have no right to be here!”

Huffman then ask Venita Cottrill Murphy if she had a right to be there,

“Does she have a right to be here?” Huffman spoke again loudly!

“For now she does, but not for long the matter is still in the court,” Venita Cottrill said.

Actually the reality of the situation is that Ruth Mitchell had already had a ruling in the court of the Honorable Judge Alsop, and so the circuit court did decide to adhere to the wishes of the will, and that was a decision Judge Alsop made after studying the last will and testament of Willard Cottrill.

What is interesting that Gerald B. Hough Gilmer County Prosecutor showed up in the courtroom and sat off to the left with Stacy Criswell that day, during the matter before Judge Alsop.

Criswell is the lawyer for Venita Cottrill-Murphy and the executor Mike Murphy.

Why was Hough there?   He had no dog in this fight and reporter Lawrence Smith who was there representing the West Virginia Record said that Hough slumped down in his chair and tried to not to be seen.

Well, Gerald B. Hough was like the 3000 pound elephant in the room and one had to wonder why he was in the courtroom—if there was no legal reason for him to be there—and he claims to be such a busy person you cannot even get him on the phone—then truly what was the purpose for Gerry Hough being there?

This is the answer: Gerry Hough was there because he had already been doing business with Sally Bozeat who is an attorney and the ex-wife of Willard Cottrill for work on the will which is not something a county prosecutor should be doing.

Michael Murphy in this photo on left with Venita Cottrill Murphy SISTER MORPHINE the mastermind of the murder of Willard Cottrill her father for money and property with the help of Freda Cottrill the wife of Willards brother Melvin Cottrill.We heard that Willard always hated Freda, so it must have been a nightmare for him as she held his head while SISTER MORPHINE administered the dangerous concoction of narcotics that included the lethal dose of morphine!

Michael Murphy in this photo on left with Venita Cottrill Murphy SISTER MORPHINE the mastermind of the murder of Willard Cottrill her father for money and property with the help of Freda Cottrill the wife of Willards brother Melvin Cottrill.We heard that Willard always hated Freda, so it must have been a nightmare for him as she held his head while SISTER MORPHINE administered the dangerous concoction of narcotics that included the lethal dose of morphine!

The second time Ben Huffman came out to the Cottrill property he came back with Venita and the executor Mike Murphy again, and walked into the house, even though the court had already ruled in favor of Ruth Mitchell staying there, that ruling stands until overturned by a Supreme Court decision – which never happened, but Huffman and company acted like it already did happen and went into the spare bedroom of Ruth’s home and then forced their way into Ruth Mitchell’s room while she screamed , “You can’t go in there!”

“If you know what is good for you, you will sit there and keep your mouth shut,” Huffman threatened, and then proceeded to let Venita and the Executor of the estate search the dresser and the closet and while going through the closet – whatever they touched they took out and tossed in the middle of the bedroom floor.

Ruth could not stand it anymore and had her court papers handy on the table next to her and held them up and said, “This court ruling means you can’t come in here and bother me!”

“Those papers don’t mean sh*t, that court ruling isn’t worth the paper it is written on,” Huffman screamed, as he stayed in the living room with Ruth Mitchell while Venita and Mike Murphy went into the kitchen where they proceeded to go through the cabinets and searched through all the drawers!

Mark Cottrill an heir to the estate and the brother to Marlea Cottrill called while the kitchen was being tossed and Ruth put the phone on speaker – when she answered it—all she said was, “Hello.”

“Ruth, Tell Venita and Mike they are on their own, I am done, but the job they paid me to do will be carried out… Marlea’s tires will be slashed!”

Ruth spoke, and said, “OK I will tell them,” but everybody heard what Mark Cottrill said, for if you have ever been to Ruth’s house, then you know she always puts the phone on speaker phone.

“This ain’t right,” Ruth said finally speaking up.

Huffman responded with, “You better shut up or else!”

The third time Ben Huffman came to the Cottrill Estate, Huffman pulled out his gun and pointed it right at Ruth and said:

“I want to know who helped you bring this freezer up here from the garage!

Ruth told him about the two young men that moved it, and further stated that Marlea Cottrill was the one that told her to go ahead and move it up to the house, it was doing nobody any good out in the garage.

“Who are you?” Huffman asked the man in a threatening manner – that was standing close by Ruth who was shocked that Huffman had pulled his weapon and had it pointed right at Ruth Mitchell.

Before the man could answer, Huffman screams, “You need to f*c*ing leave!”

“I’m not going to leave until you do,” the man replied.

Ben Huffman proceeded to leave but stopped up the road a piece and waited for the man to pull out in his car. Then Huffman pulled the man over without probable cause just to find out the man’s name.

The brave friend of Ruth Mitchell is a man named Eugene Turner, who had to endure some more threats from the deputy Sheriff from Gilmer County before he left, after Huffman ran his plates.

This time Mitchell called Dan Grindo her lawyer and Grindo contacted Ben Huffman and told him to stay away from Ruth Mitchell and that if he bothered her ever again he would have his job, since formal charges would be brought against him.

Dan Grindo, is under staffed and under paid, and over worked, for his work week is never less than sixty hours a week – and that does not always include travel time to different circuit courts. Grindo certainly went over and above the call of duty that day.

Ruth Mitchell told her lawyer later ..
“I think if Eugene Turner wasn’t here, that crazy deputy Ben Huffman would have killed me!”

Now, I have to ask you Gilmer County, is this any way to treat our elderly?
To Be Continued….

The murder of WILLARD COTTRILL Part three to be published on the Gilmer Free Press soon!


Special November 28th UPDATE !



Message on this Thanksgiving from the SC of the SS for Central WV

The man behind the voice in this video is reporter and SS Captain Mark Halburn who was instrumental in getting the Judge removed the bench. Dude just wanted to wish the Judge a happy thanksgiving. Nobody said the Secret Seven Coalition was nice about what we do. Why should we be?
These judges are nothing less than criminals! So quite frankly, I don’t feel the least bit bad about jumping the chief counsel of the JIC with a reporter right outside her office door and demand they file a complaint. Her answer was, “Mr. Bingman we feel the judge is contrite after you all embarrassed him in front of millions of American TV viewers,” I explained to Teresa Tarr Chief Counsel of the JIC that was my job and I do it well, and she said, “We are not going to bring a complaint against him, but YOU can,”
We had 9 complaints filed by the end of the week on behalf of everyone ruined by this man and then we ruined him against all odds. They told us you could not take down an elected judge in West Virginia, and as you see we did. 



Judge Watkins was removed from the BENCH suspended without pay until December 31, 2016 by the JIC hearing board, as a result of complaints filed from the effort of members of the Secret Seven Coalition for central West Virginia.

Circuit Judge Facemire is currently being looked into for wrongdoing and will be soon presented in the press as just as bad as Watkins for what he has done.


Revenge of the Ghost Wolf UPDATE Thursday December 5th

FRED HILL ENTERED A LOCAL BAR ON THURSDAY DECEMBER THE 10th 2009 AND WAS PUT OUT THE BACK DOOR BY JEREMY DAVIS THE BOUNCER OF THE BAR WHO IS THE SON OF THE FORMER POLICE CHIEF DAVIS IN THE EARLY MORNING HOURS OF DECEMBER THE 11TH A FRIDAY. FRED WAS DEAD WITHIN MINUTES OF BEING PUT OUT THE BACK BY DAVIS. THERE IS AN EYE WITNESS TO THE MURDER. NOW FOUR YEARS LATER WE KNOW WHO KILLED FRED HILL AND WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN VERY GOOD INFORMATION THAT FORMER SHERIFF METZ WAS PRESENT WHEN FRED WAS KILLED – WE LEARNED THIS BY ACCIDENT WHILE INTERVIEWING WITNESSES TO THE MURDER OF WILLARD COTTRILL -- In the GFP POLL on 10 people were happy with the Investigation into the murder of FRED HILL and 260 people were not happy - There are two people to blame, Metz the former Sheriff who was present for the murder and took and active part in ending the life of HILL and Gerald B Hough whose actions in covering up the murder were absolute CRIMINAL actions - The parents of Basil Fred Hill have been told who it was that caused the death of their son and all the circumstances surrounding and out and out murder for a real stupid reason - Metz and Hough should both be in PRISON!!