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Revenge of the Ghost Wolf September 28, 2016…

TO ALL LOYAL FOLLOWERS of RGW… thanks for your support over these many years.  While Judge ALSOP SITS on the COTTRILL ESTATE FINAL RESOLUTION DECISION, dedicated members of the Council of Concerned Citizens were present today for the meeting of the Board of Governors at Glenville State College.  An attempt soon will be made to dust the cobwebs off some old cases and reveal some facts that many have not heard before.  Currently we have another Board of Governor member whose time to serve was up almost two years ago, but still is holding a leading position in decision making for Glenville State College. Years ago, Teri Butcher had served a couple of years too long also.  When that fact was publicized … finally the Governor of WV appointed a new board member… and that was Teri’s brother Tim Butcher  the former Glenville City Attorney and infamous Crooked County Crook, and so it goes in Crooked County down by the Crooked River. Please enjoy this look back into the life in more modern times of a Calhoun County legend, who you hear only muffled whispers of now, for there was evil attached to the colorful leader of the Fire Starting Cult and he truly was and is a dangerous man, lets us review this article about this dynamic local leader of the CULT, the Fire Starting Cult whose biggest year for fires was 2007 in Calhoun County — setting something of a record back then for arson, the specialty of HOT TODDY aka Christopher Todd Smith!


By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/Reporter



Lizzie Butcher below joking for dad about being an Iranian!

Later Liz walked like an Egyptian and hammed it up for the home town Power Elite that seem to have an interesting criminal twist!

Also SEE ARTICLE previous to this one where letters are posted in which Christopher Todd Smith aka Hot Toddy  says it was another “T” that actually did the arson involving the auction barn, which indicates, there was an arson, and further indicates it most likely was Smith that did the crime, since he has been responsible for many fire starting crimes and has quite a history of involvement going back to his teen years and early 20’s by burning vehicles and attempting to collect insurance money. Over the years Smith did collect on some insurance checks for fires, which makes him HIGHLY SUSPECT in all of the mystery fires in Calhoun County and the Arson involving the auction barn.  Smith was able to obtain addresses from an informant and criminal associate in Calhoun County and Smith bragged about working with private detective, bad cop and bails-bondman, Jim Ball!

Then we found out that Todd Smith is directly related to Ball whom he admitted to being involved in criminal dealings and enterprises with, and it all made sense and some facts fell into place for matters that happened years ago!

Lizzie Butcher, one half of the infamous Butcher Bitches hams it up for DAD R Terry Butcher. Lately Gerry Hough, Pat Ward of Waco Oil & D Corcoran have gone on a HATE campaign against Ramco Technologies and the Gilmer Free Press & Dave Ramezan.
Hough and others like Larry Chapman have threatened Ramezan and have called him…
“That Iranian…and threatened to have members of his family killed!”
These statements have been made by the Butchers, Chapman, Hough & even D Corcoran the inept publisher of the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit!





This letter lists all the drugs and dangerous narcotics SMITH gets from the Doctor so that he can control drug addicted women through perverted sex and drug addiction! Yeah and to think this is the kind of GOON the Butchers hire to do their dirty work. I wonder what BIG JOE MANCHIN is going to think about that!

Smith brags about his power over drug addicted women and displays in his own hand writing all the prescriptions he obtained for illegal narcotics!!

Smith controlled female gang members via the distribution of dangerous narcotics!

Smith controlled female gang members via the distribution of dangerous narcotics!

THESE PRESCRIPTIONS — and ones just like them for hard narcotics are killing the citizens of WV daily!!

What doctor would allow such abuse, and all the while in Grantsville years ago this all went on with full knowledge of Police! Bad cop Shane Dellinger, Police Chief JD Nicholson used to party, pop pills and fuck the bejesus out of the Fire Starting Cult chicks from Calhoun County in exchange for continuing to operate a criminal enterprise — all the while all the evidence guarded by the State Police disappeared from the evidence locker, under the charge of Sgt C J ELLYSON of the State Police and Gerald B Hough who was named as a special prosecutor to Calhoun County. While Hough was the special prosecutor all of the evidence against Calhoun Chief Deputy Bandy came up missing and Gerry Hough made sure all 7 felony charges and one misdemeanor never made it to a court room and were dismissed for the fact he had the evidence stolen.

Also in his own hand writing you can see clearly that Christopher Todd Smith does not deny the drugs or the sex or the situations!

HOT TODDY Leader of the Fire Starting Cult sent threatening letters from jail – formed alliance with secret informer thru threats!

Todd Smith also claims to have over 150 nude photographs of Lisa Minney, editor publisher of Two -Faced Two -Lane Living magazine  in compromising positions.

“Hot Toddy,” attempted to bargain with those photo’s in exchange for other information or for money since his last insurance check from Arson got all used up in legal fee’s!

Clearly TODD SMITH who has been implicated in crimes for hire involving the Power Elite of Gilmer County clearly makes a threat in this actual threatening letter sent from CRJ – Jail Staff was notified but stated there was little they could do, that SMITH was a seasoned criminal & would find a way to make threats or issue criminal instructions from Protective Custody in the A block of the first regional jail to be opened in WV years ago.

In the letter from CRJ (above) which is a black and white bitmap format version of the threatening mail sent from the Central Regional Jail in Flatwoods – Smith declares war on the many journalists that have exposed his crimes of rape, arson, and possibly murder!

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson was originally from Lewis County and was the constant companion of Hot Toddy leader of the Fire Starters!!

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson was originally from Lewis County and was the constant companion of Hot Toddy leader of the Fire Starters!!

A sexual threesome was admitted to, in these newly published versions of “Evil Itself” in writing!

THESE LETTERS WERE SENT BY SMITH FROM JAIL ALMOST A WHOLE YEAR AFTER LAWSON DIED — THESE LETTERS IMPLICATE SMITH AND POWER ELITE FOR ARSON AND OTHER CRIMES — SMITH BAILED OUT THE SUSPECTED KILLER OF FRED HILL — Waitman Lee Frederick, 49, a Gilmer County resident and the driver of the vehicle, who led Police officers on a slow-speed chase from Gilmer County to Wood County in a suspicious incident that involved Sheriff Metz!

“Lil” Steph who fell out of favor with Hot Toddy after the death of Kelli Lawson is shown here with her sister  during happier days!

The sexual acts and heavy drug use on Christmas Night 2009 was the end of Kelli Nichole Stamper Lawson!   … who was also addicted to narcotics and was at the mercy of Smith!!

Smith was also involved with LIL STEPH, Kelli Stamper Lawsons’ little sister. STEPH was involved in exchanging sex for drugs, but she found out about the sick twisted sexual meetings going on in Lewis County with her sister and a young woman involved in gang activity and the manufacture of methamphetamine, “Tabitha Clem,” who was also present –  and was having sex with Smith all night long on the night Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson died!

“Julie Jacobs was mentioned in this letter by Smith and she is a stripper from some of the big clubs down by the Casino and was reported missing soon after she was involved in a traffic accident in which a green pickup truck forced her and two other entertainers off the road. We believe that Smith had her killed or murdered her himself!”



Gerald B Hough makes more threats, even after posting his HATE advertisement in the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit!!


G-FYI™: Gilmer County Prosecutor Sending Threatening Letter to GFP


Monday, June 20, 2011 we have received the following certified mail from Mr. Gerry Hough the Gilmer County Prosecuting Attorney.

Click H E R E for the Letter

In the article published on June 08, 2011, which was a response to false information written by Mr. Hough and published in the Glenville Democrat, we invited Mr. Hough to a Public Forum for the purpose of providing answers to questions concerning several issues.  Mr. Hough has ignored the invitation, but chose instead to send us a certified letter stating that he demands an apology within seven days, or else.

It is Mr. Hough that needs to apologize for the false information, racist remarks, and death threats.  If at any time GFP makes false statements, we will publicly apologize and retract, which is not the case here.

Our invitation to a public forum is still open!

Please enjoy this RGW article from September third of 2010. The publisher of the Gilmer Free Press Dave Ramezan has a law suit against Gerald B Hough the very dishonest and corrupt Gilmer County Prosecutor coming up in February, in Gilmer County, so wish him luck. Hough should be in federal prison for all the alleged illegal actions he has taken as prosecutor. This month Concerned Citizens are in conference to figure how we can best bring down the evil empire known as Crooked County. While we are still in recess please enjoy this article full of truth…

By Rina McCoy/Editor – Cosmos Communicator/Editor Edison Reporter

Everybody needs a little female loving, and maybe that’s what’s wrong with the world, not enough love to go around. However, female loving with a female inmate is so very wrong especially if you are a corrections officer, although I am sure temptation is sweet and satisfaction is sweeter.

Glenville, West Virginia, where evil is always lurking in the tall dark hills that surround the old looking little ville is the home to: W.Va.’s Newest Criminal Justice Training Center!

Scandal, rape, murder, it all hovers around Dracula’s Castle on the hill-Glenville State College-looming over the minions of evil in that small town in Crooked County next to the Crooked River!

The CalPatty Press and the Secret Seven Coalition  shared a little bit of the real life goings on – on top of the hill, just to be attacked and hunted for it! The CalPatty Press told you things you will never hear about in the Glenville DEMO-CRAP and Pathfinder of BULLSHIT!

Joe Thornton, the Cabinet Secretary for the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety spoke of the need for Glenville facility for better efficiency.

“One of the things that didn’t make sense  was that we had three correctional agencies training in

Crooked County Educational Icons Nasia with the author of the Barr Code Peter Barr-You don’t go far in education in Gilmer County without the OK of either of these “Shot callers” that live down by that Crooked River!

three different areas,” said Thornton at ceremonies the weekend before Christmas 2009.

Then my home-boy Peter Barr (boy can he drink) met our challenge and found us a home at Glenville State College,  in Gilmer County!

“The challenge was to try to find a location or facility that could house three different agencies with necessary supporting resources…thanks to Peter, our prayers were answered!”

The Regional Jail Authority, Division of Corrections and Division of Juvenile Services send trainees to Glenville for basic training, during which they stay in vacant dormitories on campus, the whacked out Peter Barr, Glenville State president said, “Those entities lease space in the facility from Glenville State, because that is how “We Roll” in Crooked County!    ..cuz it makes me  money, dat right,  dats wats sup  … weez in da ebonics on da hill, it kine a dark  …An it all goes right!”

The latest GSC-Gilmer County SEX SCANDAL starring some local girls showed a lot of tongue action along with SEX Drugs some bathroom scenes and a lot of HOT HOT HOT chicks, it was the best photo lay out yet from the CalPatty Press!

Sweet Satisfaction, gets good reaction in Crooked County, the home to rape and murder and also home to Two-Lane Two- Faced Ain’t livin long like this magazine editor – True Life Juda’s Lisa Minney. Minney of course is the gal that attracted so much attention to herself over the fact that her friends the Crooks from Crooked County were screaming bloody murder over the latest SEX SCANDAL exposure!!

Minney joined with others to muzzle up the members of the Secret Seven for the bitter truth was brought out for all to see again!

The Suprise attack on the CalPatty Press by former SS member and the Crooks from Crooked County was an attempt to silence members of the Secret Seven for telling the TRUTH about Gilmer County!!

Gal is a term I usually save for reference to the female of some animal species, but then, in the context of which I just used it – it seems to fit.

Animals,  every one of them!   …all of those Crooks from Crooked County!

And Glenville West Virginia is the place where animals are trained to rape the inmates in the prison and the jails, in fact one good ole boy-Steven Thomas Gray- as big as any Bubba you ever met decided to take advantage of the situation and forced an inmate at CRJ to take in some sexual fun!

Tammy Rucker got busted on a Meth charge and was sent to prison! She just did not know she was going to have to “Put Out” to get along!

Then on the prison side of things there was Tammy Rucker, but she got forced into a sexual situation against her will by a guard long before she had gotten started doing serious prison time.

Tammy Rucker they got to fuck her while she was incarcerated in a West Virginia Regional Jail!

Glenville West Virginia is becoming the hub for the power elite to train their goons that… it is “Just OK” to go ahead and fuck the inmates.

GERRY HOUGH according to Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz is the HEAD LAW MAN in these here parts…so of course it is JUST OK!

Sure, a little cunninglingus may be in order, and for those of you that don’t know what that means, here is a little educational tid bit or is that tit bit!

The word actually has a Latin derivative. Cunnis, meaning vagina, and lingus meaning “to lick.” So, put it together, you get: to lick the pussy!

Amazing where these words come from. All those things your Latin teacher never taught you.

There is a lot sex inside West Virginia jails and prison’s! Websites like the CalPatty Press that exposed the truth and those involved were attacked and threatened for telling the Truth!

Oh that’s right they don’t teach Latin in West Virginia! You have to be properly educated in VIRGINIA for that!

“First I did a cell check, and then I felt those pert young titties and topped it off with  some cunninglingus!”


That must have been the explanation coming from the West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional officer Kevin R. Kessell for allegedly forcing TAMMY RUCKER to engage in sexual acts with him before giving her contraband to keep her quiet!

Tammy Rucker was forced to have sex while being held in a West Virginia Regional Jail!

It was also JUST OK for a Gilmer County Corrections Officer to commit sexual offenses  during a time when he was on duty!

In another incident,  a dude from Crooked County was pulling the big weener out and asking the inmates to touch it! Unlawful carnal knowledge is just OK just as long as you keep it HOT HOT HOT the Crooked County way!

Steven Thomas Gray, 26, (pictured in orange) of Glenville, WV was charged with sexual assault in the second degree and imposition of sexual intercourse on incarcerated persons!!
The charge alleges that when Gray was employed as a corrections officer at the Central Regional Jail in Flatwoods, he engaged in sexual acts with a prisoner!!


“CRJ where you can’t be gay, you got to bang the girls in orange it is part of the Glenville West Virginia training!”



This is what the CalPatty Press said well before the matter was settled:



Gray said to another inmate, “Yeah I got my dick sucked and fucked some titties and got the pussy real good and it was cool since I didn’t get caught for a long time, funny how a few cigarettes goes a long way in jail– and my family is friends with  Judge Facemire so I won’t be here long!”

Not Bad for a 400 pound fat guy that couldn’t get laid unless he was a jail guard!

No need  to  wonder why they call them CROOKS from Crooked County now!!

Full Name:     Gray,  Steven  Thomas
Height:     6′  0″
Weight:     400 lbs.
Birth Date:     11/13/1981
Gender:     Male
Booking Date:     07/06/2009
Facility:     Eastern Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status:     Convicted Felon for molestation of inmates and sexual intercourse

Inmate Court Order Information
Court Info Number     Issuing Agency Location

On Monday, June 15,2009  the Circuit Court of Braxton County was in session with the Not so Honorable Richard Facemire, Chief Judge, presiding.
Steven Thomas Gray and his counsel Daniel Grindo appeared for sentencing. On May 20, 2008, Gray, entered a plea of guilty to one count of an indictment charging him with  sexual intercourse on an incarcerated person. On August 11, 2008, the Court ordered that the defendant be evaluated by a psychiatrist. On the 9th day of October, 2008, the Court ordered the defendant to be placed at the State Penitentiary for sixty days of diagnosis and classification and thereafter be returned to the Court for further sentencing.
Gray was now requesting the Court grant him probation or home confinement. Prosecuting Attorney McLaughlin recommended probation. Judge Facemire denied the defendant’s motion for probation and home confinement and ordered Gray be sentenced to not less than one, nor more than five years in the State Penitentiary.

Suspended that sentence then….

Judge Facemire further ordered that the Defendant serve 120 days in the Penitentiary followed by 8 months of home confinement. Upon the completion of the confinement, Gray will be placed on five years probation. The Court also advised the defendant that he would have to register as a sex offender for ten years.

I’m going to act as prosecutor and judge! So there!

So the jail guard (C.O.) from Crooked County gets 4 months of jail which will  have to be at another regional jail since he worked at CRJ and he  will never make it to prison, and then does 8 months at home and then probation.


Now I ask you is that good for our community!? No! It is not and neither is Judge Facemire! He is only mad about the fact that he didn’t get to fuck any inmates yet…least anyways, that we know about!

Facemire always goes light on cops or guards caught breaking the law, basically Richard A Facemire is most likely taking bribes which always results in a lack of justice!

This summer of 2010 brought GOOD NEWS for Chirstopher Shane Dellinger! …witnessed here obviously feeling pretty good about his four felony convictions being reversed in Supreme Court with a new trial ordered!

Facemire delayed sentencing of Bad Cop Delinger for one year and then gave the skinny little fucker 60 days in jail for FOUR FELONY convictions …and if it were you or me we would have gotten 40 years!

The SS says C Shane Dellinger returned to CRJ 22 May and only did two months for FOUR FELONY CONVICTIONS

Facemire delayed sentencing for more than a year for this  Crooked County jail guard GRAY… who should have just been taken out back and made to make friends with a mean dog like White Fang!

Also we can’t forget this:

A correctional officer is accused of having more than 50 sexual encounters with a female inmate at the Anthony Correctional Center.

David Wayne Masters, 36, was arrested at work  and charged with one count of sexual intrusion with an inmate.

The inmate provided investigators with a shirt that tested positive for Masters’ semen, according to the criminal complaint filed by State Police.

The inmate was later removed from Anthony Center and transferred to another facility.
An Anthony Center Official said Masters was suspended without pay pending the resolution of the criminal case at that time.  Oh my God, suspended without pay, that was pretty harsh!

Corrections officer Gray was 26 years old at the time of the fucking and sucking at CRJ! … Yay! Jail sex right in the halls of Braxton County in the Flatwoods jail!


A pearl necklace around the orange jail issue!  Should have used a tissue! The 26 year old  GRAY C.O. from Glenville, West Virginia exploded mountains of jizz on female inmates. Yes Gray is most certainly a homeboy from Glenville, in Gilmer County where they have a long history of training jail guards just like Mr Gray, because to quote Gerald B Hough…. “It’s Just OK!”

Gerald B Houghs’ daughter Carly Hough also got in on the Sex Scandal!


It seems Carly has a bad habit of pulling those panties to the side!

The corrections officers for just about every jail and prison are now trained at the new Morris Criminal Justice Center and the whole facility is controlled by the Power Elite of Crooked County! They now train most all of the corrections officers. God Help us NOW!! The evil has been turned loose on the West Virginia Prison and Jail system, and it all comes right from the heart of Crooked County!

One good thing  about Crooked County is … they sure have some hot chicks and they sure know how to party!! So, while you are there, all we can says is …let the EVIL BEGIN!!

Sexercise with the Butchers Bitches could lead to a burning sensation, that you might want to get checked out at your local doctors office! But, of course, that type of TWO-LANE behavior is OK with Lisa Minney and is all about the WILD and Wonderful life in Gilmer County!

Lisa Wexler/Crooked County Crooks Editor

First published June 11, 2007 · then the new modern version was published in December of 2010…
Please enjoy this LOST FILE from the bottom of the Crooked River – with Photo’s and  Graphics added 42 months after text was first published in the CalPatty Press-this LOST FILE is today being republished 09 January 2015 to prove to all that Circuit Court Judge Richard Facemire was a dishonest son of a bitch years ago and he still is a dishonest son of a bitch–This is our version of Crooked County Crooks Colorization of an old movie in an old town in an old Crooked County down by an old Crooked River Special Feature -in which we add the dialogue with comments, photo’s and fun while the difference between good and evil runs right down that Crooked County Line!

The Difference between GOOD and EVIL runs right down that Crooked County Line! Lizzie will make you hot and dizzy when you’re all alone with just the phone! Turned loose last summer it was no twista sista it was more like a hurricane when LEXIE and LIZZIE BROKE BAD ALL SUMMER LONG on the CalPatty Press during the summer of Twenty Ten!Can I get a witness?! It all happened then! ! Just another HOT SHOT from the endless hot hot hot summer that sizzled on the CalPatty Press! Who could ever forget! July 23rd 2010-the day the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!!

…getting our readers up to date to the most current events and scandals taking place up on the hill and down at the old courthouse including the NEW most up to date Scandal and Hate and all in the world that describes the modern dynamics of the infamous Crooked County ” POWER ELITE ”  …while the REAL TRUTH is  revealed via this Secret Seven Publication from  three and a half years ago!)


Crooked County Circuit Court Judge Richard (Dick) Facemire decided… in an extremely blatant manner, to, “Make up his own rules!”

In this article we will publish excerpts of the court record from the Gerald Thompson case that tells it all!

“The Source of all evil and home of the Lemegeton in Crooked County!”

The fact that a Circuit Judge would know better than to act in such a way speaks for itself. Just another example of public officials in Crooked County doing exactly what they want to.

So what are they good for? Absolutely nothing!

Besides all the errors and blatant misconduct involved in the  Gerald Thompson case, Facemire also made some of these same mistakes in the high profile Crooked County case to be heard before the Supreme Court. This case has been referred to as the “Travesty of Justice” case. In the year 2005 approximately 8600 cases came before WV courts. Out of those 8600 only 24 were granted review, 19 were heard and only 3 were reversed. In 2006 over 10,000 cases came before WV circuit courts, and the Travesty of Justice Case was one of only a few that have been selected to be heard. Most likely, out of all the cases heard in 2006, again, only 3 most likely will be reversed. TWO of those reversed cases will be Circuit Judge Richard (Dick) Facemire cases, according to informed sources.

We have been under orders not to report on the “Travesty of Justice” case, since all information indicates it will be in the court system for at least two more years at a great cost to the state of West Virginia!

All we can report is; that-in-that case, two of the principle players, and the states main witness are now dead. The case is still alive, but the primary players involving the basis for the Gilmer County Sheriff complaint are dead!

Was F John right on ? …when he said “Some strange animal or something appeared before his truck while returning from a Wood County Court appearance causing him to crash into a mountain, could that “strange” animal have been the Ghost Wolf?

Also the defense trial counsel F John Oshoway met with a mysterious accident the evening before that case was presented to the Supreme Court in Charleston. Oshoway was taken to the hospital. The case received a 3 to 2 vote in favor of the defendant  and we hope this is an indication of ultimate victory, unless of course someone in crooked county wants to play the please do a favor for me today and I will gladly give you some campaign contribution on Tuesday!

The Accuracy of the West Virginia Secret Seven is uncanny! The SS predicted in September of 2009 the exact outcome of the Edwin Dale Kinnison RAPE CASE AT GSC–Rina McCoy who is not from Kansas (city) anymore said, “That was a no brainer” “Just another cover up of a Glenville State Rape!” “…My answer is AGAIN?!

Good work at beating the odds of the thousands of cases brought before Circuit Court in the state of WV! Accusations have been made that Oshoway made a secret deal with Gerry Hough to throw that case for the prosecution when it could have been easily won. All felony charges in that case were defeated in Circuit Court. The only charge at issue is one misdemeanor charge.

One of those principle players in the “Travesty case” was Gerald Ball. He was arrested by the State Police about the time the case was born: (below from HH news source)

“Gerald R. Ball has been charged with domestic battery, domestic assault and brandishing a deadly weapon. He has been arrested by the State Police and released on $1000 bond. A plea hearing is set for Calhoun County Magistrate’s court on July 26 th!

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson found dead in the bed of Hot Toddy aka Christopher Todd Smith currrently under investigation for her murder! G Hough PA for CROOKED COUNTY put Smith (who proved to be a dangerous criminal) on a 12 month diversion for Smith’s assault of Kelli! Then did nothing about it! Smith got a free pass from Hough and it will be one year from the day Kelli died in 9 days from today!

“Calhoun County Deputy Sheriff Carl Ballengee and members of the Grantsville VFD combed the Bull River area late Sunday night after Ball’s vehicle was found over the hill about 11 p.m.”

Notice the 1000 dollar bond? If that were you or me it would have been 100,000.00 bond.

We the CalPatty Press editors find it odd that Ball, who was directly related to the then magistrate Steve Johnson, never did any jail time and the case was just…..dismissed! Odd indeed! But not really! That was just another one of those deals where the Calhoun Lagoon of Conspiracy met the Crooked County Court of Corruption.

(Johnson was later convicted of embezzlement in Calhoun County and dismissed as magistrate.)

In that case, (from the court record) Facemire refers to Mr Ball as… “A person of credibility!”

Clay County seems to be the minor league for practicing the art of misconduct! You make the majors when you move up to Crooked County.

Two of the public officials from Gilmer County getting the most complaints were  Facemire and Tim Butcher. Butcher  served as the prosecutor for Gilmer County not long in the past and our very own Richard (Dick) Facemire was prosecutor in Clay County and learning in the minors how to make his own rules in the majors just waiting for the day to unleash it all on Crooked County Down by that Crooked River!

Tim Butcher (The Bitcher of the Butchers) was recently hauled into federal court and ordered to appear at trial along with BM and brother R Terry! Even Peter Barr (Have another DRINK PETER!) got caught up in this Crooked County White collar crime of covering up a lien on questionable home-made titles on property directly related to GSC and all created by a couple of Board of Governors members, just like the one above who may be made to “…Give it up!”

When Facemire was the prosecutor in Clay County  he was reprimanded by the Supreme Court in the 90’s for unethical conduct in circuit court!

“I heard he likes his big toe sucked on!”

Complaints  like that and complaints even more outrageous have flooded the CalPatty Press website recently over Tim Butchers son being pulled over for a DUI… failing a field sobriety test, then not having to go before the court or taken to jail according to statutes and state law. The son was just picked up at the police station. A couple of weeks later the adult son of Tim Butcher was in a car with several other people where allegedly drugs were found. Again no arrest!

This illegal preferential treatment was a matter of discussion recently at a Glenville City Council meeting, where Butcher had told the Mayor that it was “Just OK” –which of course was a total and blatant lie. You will find all that info in a previous article. Just another example of the elite of Crooked County “Making up their own rules!”

Calhoun Cop- and Fire Starting Cult gang associate- C. Shane Dellinger who’s felony case was reversed due to wrong ruling by Facemire over a juror!

Why should West Virginia laws apply to the people running the show in Crooked County?

Also, if any person, says anything about it, they are attacked, threatened with jail and may find their closest pet murdered!

Finally Justice Starcher is doing something about all the misconduct in the 14th district Circuit Court!

Further, we have it on good authority that by some miracle of god, the Governor is aware of the problems in Central West Virginia…” And just what is going on with public officials involved in running things like a third world country!” He should know, He is running the whole deal!: Big JOE is their boy! The local Power Elite are backed up like a big dog by big Joe, and with him it is all a go!

Convicted of 4 felony’s but only serving 4 months Christopher Shane Dellinger had his case reversed in WV Supreme Court – Richard(Dick) Facemire got the blame for calling the wrong shot regarding a wacko juror and the Dellinger case was reversed just last summer — The THREE faces of EVIL above and best friends with the Lemegeton! Richard A Facemire an expensive judge as a result of the HUGE number of cases that end up in appeals court for years!

Circuit Judge Richard Facemire biased Clay jurors against defendant Gerald Thompson by acting like a prosecutor, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals unanimously ruled recently.

Facemires attitude, it was reported, was what upset the Supreme Court Justice Starcher the most.

In an outrageous, unheard of, and illegal act, Facemire asked witnesses an exact amount of 180 questions! This is unheard of in legal history!

That fact alone put all the Supreme Court Justices in a tizzy!

Justice Starcher tells it like it is regarding reversal of Facemire Case

The defendant Thompson’s attorney, Jerome Novobilski didn’t challenge Facemire’s conduct at trial. The same sort of behavior was displayed by Calhoun Counties F John Oshoway during the “Travesty of Justice case” Do you think the F in… “F John Oshoway” is the short version… of fuck up?

The SUPREME COURT found that after testimony from the first witness, state police trooper Richard Stevenson, Facemire kept him on the stand with 83 questions.

Facemire asked him if Lieutenant Michael Goff had training on handling hazardous waste and “Meth labs like this.” Stevenson said yes.

Facemire: “I note that you said Lieutenant Goff destroyed the methamphetamine other than some samples. Is that right?”

Stevenson : “Yeah, he destroyed all this liquid stuff contained within the Mason jars and such.”

Facemire: “Lieutenant Goff took up this meth and gave you samples. Did he give them directly to you?” Stevenson said yes.

Facemire: “I note that you say that the meth lab was not active at the time you responded to the scene. Is that correct?” Stevenson said yes.

Goff testified next. Facemire asked him 20 questions.

Facemire: “I assume those recipes aren’t for making a cake?”

Goff : “Not a cake I’d want to eat.”

Facemire: “So those recipes are consistent for making what?”

Goff : Methamphetamine.

Facemire: “Anybody that possessed that wouldn’t have any other reason to possess it?”

Goff said he knew of no other reason.

Kermit Sanford, Thompson’s father in law, testified first for the defense.

Facemire kept him on the stand and said, “You don’t want to see anything bad happen to Mr. Thompson?” Sanford said no. (THIS IS HIGHLY ILLEGAL COURTROOM PROCEDURE BY A JUDGE)


Facemire: “Likewise, you don’t want to see anything bad happen to your daughter?” Sanford said no.

Facemire asked what he saw in photographs of Thompson’s residence. Sanford said he had never seen those items.

Facemire: “Under penalty of perjury and false swearing, you are telling -”

Sanford: “I’m telling the truth. I’ll take a polygraph, sir.”

Facemire: “I’m the one talking here, sir, not you.”

Thompson’s mother, Jesse Thompson, testified next. She described a fight between her son and his wife that led to gunshots and a 911 call.

Facemire asked what the fight was about. Jesse Thompson said, “They didn’t have to have anything to get in a fight over.”

Facemire : “You want this jury to believe that they just like to fight and it wasn’t anything they were fighting over that day?”

Jesse Thompson: “He was telling her to leave and she was crying. She didn’t want to leave. And then she was gonna leave and he told her not to leave so that’s all I know it was about.”

Facemire asked if she saw her son shoot. She said, “After I got outside. He shot maybe once before I got outside. Then he shot a couple of times after.”

After FIVE YEARS in the West Virginia Court system the above brushog had a closing cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars! Gerald B Hough is facing a felony subornation of perjury charge filed recently with the WV State Police in regard to this rusted piece of junk – Hough paid a state witness $700 so he could tell the jury she was a VICTIM when a recent title opinion revealed that particular witness had NO INTEREST in the property at all …. ZERO!! The jury was tainted from page ONE of the court record because of the criminal infraction by Hough prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County- Marilyn Matheney from Lemon equipment is under federal investigation for the fraudulent appraisal of this piece of old used rusted farm equipment that Deputy Gerwig told a Gilmer County Grand Jury was brand new with brand new retail price!!

Facemire: “Well, which was it? You’re telling this jury first now that you were inside when he shot and so you didn’t see him shoot. Now you’re saying -”

She said, “No, I said -”

He said, “other -”

She said, “Okay, pardon?”

He said, “No, no. I’m talking right now.”

She said, “Okay, you talk to me. You tell me.”

He said, “You see, there’s a procedure here. I get to ask the questions. You get to answer them, okay?” She said okay.

Facemire asked the defendant’s wife, Kristin Thompson, 13 questions. The Justices did not pass along any of that dialogue.

Gerald Thompson Jr. testified last. He said police threatened him.

After cross examination, Facemire asked him if he told the magistrate that police threatened him.

Thompson said, “No sir, I was scared to.”

Facemire asked if he mentioned it at circuit court hearings.

Thompson said, “No sir, I was scared and I’m scared now. I don’t know what’s gonna happen when I get out of here, if I do.”

Facemire said, “You would agree, you would have more to lose in this case than the troopers do?” Thompson said yes.

After jurors convicted Thompson, Novobilski appealed. He and assistant attorney general Robert Goldberg argued before the Justices Feb. 27.

Without the REVENGE of the GHOST WOLF the Lemegeton that lurks in the mountainous realms of evil that looks down on all of Crooked County       … may rule forever!

Starcher’s opinion in Thompson’s favor quoted from West Virginia Rules of Evidence that, “…In jury trials the court’s interrogation shall be impartial so as not to prejudice the parties.”

Starcher quoted a Supreme Court of Appeals opinion that, “A judge may ask questions for the purpose of clearing up points that seem obscure, and supplying omissions which the interest of justice demands, but it is not proper that he conduct an extended examination of any witness.”

Starcher wrote, “…The nature of the questions, especially when coupled with the questioning of trooper Stevenson, suggested to the jury that the trial judge had assumed the role of the prosecuting attorney!”

We were told late Friday evening that the attorney representing the defendant in the “Travesty” case, made the same statement when he first read

357 Evy Campbell smiling like a bitch after beating a murder charge!  A recent comment left on the GFP by a concerned citizen stated the matter correctly HOUGH WAS THE PROSECUTOR ON EVERETT CAMPBELL’S MURDER TRIAL,AND HE LET KNOWN FAMILY MEMBERS AND CLOSE FAMILY FRIENDS SIT IN AS JURY MEMBERS,FAMILY MEMBER SHACKLEFORD SAT ON THAT JURY AND CAMPBELL WALKED SCOTT FREE ON A MURDER TRIAL.GILMER COUNTY IS VERY CORRUPT–I think this is a tragedy that a man can kill another in cold blood and still walk the streets. I think that we here in the USA have the best court system in the world but it has flaws. I suppose there are more votes from Campbell and his family and friends than there is from Medley and his family and friends who lived over 100 miles away. Medley was a loving father and a good friend of mine who I will miss very much. He had three great kids who will miss him much more than me. I hope the Judge in this case sleeps well at night because many of Medley’s family will not for some time to come. Carl Robinson, friend of Mark Medley

the court record in the “Travesty of Justice” case, “The judge had assumed the role of the prosecuting attorney.”

For over 18 months, Central West Virginia Bloggers have been trying to present the truth to the people of West Virginia. Finally… some of the facts involving cases we have been discussing and reporting about have been proven true. These cases are only one example.

Soon we hope to bring you news of more misconduct involving Gerry “Just OK” Hough, and the Chief Deputy Bandy criminal trial.

Notice you are never told of any of this “True information” or hear any truths from the local Crooked County Rag…. The Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder. Yeah… they’re the pathfinder of bullshit!

(The SS covering of the Bandy trial will go down in history of top-notch reporting and excellent foresight by calling the outcome of the Bandy Case more than 15 months in advance! The Calhoun County Chief Deputy Bandy Criminal case goes down in history for the most well documented case that was also a complete disgrace for the fine State of West Virginia …in the fact that Gerald Hough Special Prosecutor assigned to the case acted as defense counsel instead of a prosecutor and the judge assigned to the case is on record for reminding Hough that his motions were the motions of defense counsel not a prosecutor!)

By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator/Editor

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf exclusive in celebration of the 4th anniversary of the CalPatty Press!

THE REAL STORY of How BUTCHER and Gainer-Cunningham take thousands from A J Woofter Estate…Local Cops do nothing! GSC also implicated in wrongdoing!!

This article was salvaged by Cosmos Communicator, then revised to meet requirements. With all the crimes committed inside the courthouse there has been a huge demand for information on the Butcher and Butcher law firm and the citizens are outraged. The citizens are outraged because it has been the covert West Virginia SS that has been busy doing all the Police Work in Gilmer County and the STATE POLICE are on record for actually being briefed on how the crimes inside the courthouse took place, and then taking no action, but also then alerting Gerald B Hough about the crimes so that he could recruit other POWER ELITE to help him cover up outrageous felony crimes taking place right under our noses!
Early last year SS members Council of Concerned Citizens and American Patriots discovered that all the current Board of Governors were serving and getting paid!  ALL of their terms were expired! Time was up, but they were just going to continue to make their own rules until an article came out in the GILMER FREE PRESS- Central West Virginia’s number one mainstream media source!

Glenville State BOARD OF GOVERNORS all had expired terms and it took an article in the FREE PRESS by the people for the people to get the governor to do the right thing!

This was the short article by the people for the people that got the attention of the Governor who finally got off his ass and got something done- even if it was much too late last summer 2010!

At last, the failure by Glenville State College Board of Governors to appoint new members to replace themselves has left the troubled college without a legitimate Board of Governors.

The West Virginia Legislature enacted Senate Bill 653 to establish Boards of Governors at our colleges and universities.

Each board includes lay members appointed by the Governor, and none is supposed to serve more than two terms in succession.

However, some members of Glenville State College’s Board of Governors are in their third term.

The intent of term limitations is to ensure that institutions do not become unduly influenced by citizens who remain in place indefinitely.

As the result, by systematic replacements, institutions have influxes of fresh ideas critical to academia.

As stipulated in Senate Bill 653, the power of a Board is all-encompassing. Specifically, for power and duties they “Determine, control, supervise and manage financial, business and education policies and affairs———.”

For example, a Board hires a College’s president, it evaluates the individual’s performance and establishes his/her compensation, it makes decisions about capital improvements including building construction and academic programs, public relations, and it governs all other critical institutional decisions.

Accordingly, Glenville State College’s Board of Governors is ultimately responsible for all important actions taken by the College.

It is strongly believed by the citizens in our community who are concerned about the economic engine in Gilmer County, that the failure to follow the law by current Board of Governors to replace themselves and WV Governor’s failure to follow the law has resulted in a troubled college with 4th tier status as well as heading the college in wrong direction.

All these members need to step down to ensure that Glenville State is operating within the boundaries of the law as other institutions of higher learning in West Virginia have done.

BIG  JOE should have taken better care of his people as well to ensure the state laws are followed, but he was too busy, he had to run!

GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN!! Rape has been common place at GSC! If you get raped at GSC you are on your own, Gerald B Hough will let the rapist off, or if it does go to court, then it will just be another case just like that of ERIK DAVIS! Davis allegedly raped a 17 year old GCHS student, but hey it is OPEN SEASON on the high school girls around here!

By Rina McCoy/Editor Edison/Captain JT Booker/Council of Concerned Citizens original authors of this article straight from the bottom of the Crooked River!

We got so many letters asking for a review of the crimes committed by Butcher and Butcher that we have them dead to rights on, that we had to put it on the front page, and we might just send it out snail mail to all of their clients, thanks to the client list that was just handed to us!!

ALL COMMENTS from previous discussion of these criminals disguised as public officials are posted below this article.

Getting fucked up and drinking under the age of 21 is common practice among the children of Power Elite

Many people want the Bitcher of the Butchers & R Terry Butcher gone and out of their lives, but we want them in jail!

Nasia is about the worst excuse for a good example than could ever be found for high school kids! Just look at what was “Just OK” for her children!  They are complete and total whores, just like Carly Hough who we hear likes it ROUGH!

Pull those panties to the side Carly!  Time to join your pals Ms Lindsay Lohan Lizzy  Butcher, and your buddy PARIS Alexis BUTCHER!

Here is just another example of white collar crime among the Power Elite straight from Crooked County!

And now we have all the facts on Tim Butcher just helping himself to the Albert J Woofter Estate!

Oh yeah…. and Butcher had quite a bit of help from Rosa Belle Gainer Cunningham– long time Crooked County resident, and president of the local American Cancer Society. Damn, hope none of us get Cancer, she will steal us blind!

“The long sought after AJ WOOFTER Accounting revealed in this article!”

But hopefully, we aren’t old enough to have all of our money stolen, since it seems one has to be elderly and helpless, along with mentally challenged, as we recently witnessed with the April McCroskey and Chief Deputy Bandy Case–and including the illegal acts by Butcher and Gainer!

April McCroskey, daughter of Glenville city Police officer was charged with 7 felony charges and one misdemeanor with her boyfriend, but State Police conveniently lost all the evidence on her case and she GOT OFF with a $100 fine! Now that is some bullshit budd

An now we turn back time to the day all of the documents were delivered…..

April, “He said Baby let me bang your box! Just don’t tell daddy!!” Now daddy is a cop in Glenville and he is a trained killer he WILL KILL You! What are they gonna do to him? 

And it went a little something like this… and a one and a two!

This article was suppose to be published a long time ago, but we had a little problem with getting it up,(and we are not talking about Butchers Penis) and only just received a rather large box that weighs at least 10-12 pounds filled with documents, files and letters from attorneys and what not, implicating wrongdoing by two Gilmer County residents.

We all thought she went to a lookin for them dang dogs that had run off again, but our MIA editor just delivered all the documents last evening before 5. We were told that we could shove it up our ass, or publish it, or whatever the F we wanted to do with it,(I think rolling it all up and smoking it was even mentioned) since all the documents are only copies. I would love to actually put this on the VET scale to see how much it really weighs…….. it is heavy!

Lizzie who lost her virginity at just 13 according to her friends is hot hot hot!

Power Elite Kids like the Butcher Bitches rule in Crooked County!!

So part of this is written by the Chief Editor- and part of this we had to have explained to us, by someone with eight years of school. At any rate, lots of loud screaming and cussing and every bad word you could think of was mentioned, in an explanation that came from someone with no patience– but one can only hope some virtue.

Although, we certainly can’t be certain on the virtue of our own precious.

Tim Butcher, was the foundation president at Glenville State College during the time he was refusing calls and  not answering letters from attorneys – then  allegations in a report of wrongdoings involving the A J Woofter Scholarship fund started  being looked at – just as soon as we can get the right people in there and in Peter Barr’s burned out face we will do it. Butcher claims that those documents involving the scholarship fund -we have no right to, and he said that  in a letter to attorney Roger Curry in Fairmont – and Roger still has that document in his file – Butcher is making an attempt at a cover up!

Glenville where the ELITE MEET no need to worry about Power ELite getting arrested, even when they commit crimes they are protected!

Party Party Party — Drugs Sex and Rock and Roll  in Glenville WV!!

Rosa Belle Gainer Cunningham the unit president of the local American Cancer Society was the executrix of the A J Woofter estate and now stands accused of writing bogus checks to Butcher to the tune of  well over $30,000.oo in the last few months of 2006 all for sending one e-mail and writing one letter to the attorney of the beneficiary!

That’s a lot of American money for just one letter and an e-mail

An official complaint was made to the State Police but no investigation was done!

Tim Butcher in the middle with SS journalists showing the Bitcher of a Butcher what that hole is for....screaming! Paybacks are a bitch Butcher and now the people have you caught up in some serious crimes! The Butcher and Butcher law firm have had to answer to a federal civil action involving hiding a 150,000 lien on property they created a deed to. A very questionable deed at that!!

If local law enforcement refuse to investigate, then the matter can be turned over to the US Attorney General!

The special litigation section has authority to investigate state and local law enforcement agencies and is authorized to take action if there is a pattern or practice of illegal conduct!

Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, these include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties.

Butcher lied in an E-mail to the attorney for the estate, by saying all donations to the AJ Woofter scholarship fund were not to be known to the public, but GSC is a state college and that letter from Butcher was Bullshit, therefore(so far) an investigation that implicates two other GSC hierarchy is soon to reveal a few truths!

Some people are above the LAW in that CROOKED COUNTY down by the CROOKED RIVER!

Lizzie says to her BF for the night, “Be quiet about the COKE dude!! What the fuck! Quit blabbing it to everyone! Do some and shut up so we can get back2da party, but first I have to give this guy a blowjob for the 8 ball, don’t worry it will only take a minute, last time he lasted all of 20 seconds! Go on! I will be right behind you!! “ 

The college that recruits black men to rape our young white teenage  girls, and rob the local grocery store…… is also receiving to the Albert J Woofter Scholarship fund, donations of relatively large amounts of cash that wasn’t the donors to give!

“The money came from the Albert J Woofter Estate!”

Speaking of Glenville State College and Tim Butcher, here is a little something, something, from the COURT RECORD, in which it was JUST OK that a Negro (no pero blanco here) Drug Dealer who was also wanted on cocaine charges in FLA rape a white 17 year old high school student!

Commotion at City Hall – Chief Moss’ Testimony

Moss’ interview of RAPE SUSPECT “Davis” was interrupted by a series of Pounding and LOUD Banging and we are not talking Lizzie and Lexie!

GSC Football players are recruited for the enjoyment of Power Elite and then they enjoy protection and a free ride, which in this instance included a free ride of a drugged up 17 year old GCHS student who now attends WVU! Davis (shown in court room photo) got to play the, "Baby let me BANG YOUR BOX song ALL NIGHT with an underage teen and it was alright down in Crooked County!

We are talking about all the pounding on the door like a mad man talking mad shit, and there he was, the little bald big shot with the pee pee stain on his pants, Tim Butcher.

Police Chief Moss who drew controversy over missing testimony tapes in the case of the Lone Meth Ranger heard more banging, knocks, kicks, screams and then more loud banging on the doors, windows or walls,” Moss told the court, and it was obvious Chief Moss was shocked and dismayed with the strange and unusual behavior by Timothy B Butcher!

Moss stopped the interview and opened a door to see what the commotion was about. He told the court he saw a man he believed to be an assistant coach from the college and a few of Davis’ friends outside.

He shut the door, intending to resume the interview, but there was more banging at the rear of the building.

Moss testified he went out the back door and was confronted by Glenville attorney, Tim Butcher.

Karikhoff the Lawyer who kicked Hough's ass in the RAPE case at GSC and got ERIK DAVIS off on RAPE charges after Davis GOT OFF on one of the local high shool girls all night long!

According to Moss, Butcher demanded that he allow Davis’ friends to be present during the ongoing interview.

Veteran police officers said after the trial, unlike the scenario Butcher suggested, one of the first cardinal rules taught to policeman is to always interview witnesses or suspects alone.

“It kind of surprised me,” Moss told the court, “Mr. Butcher is supposed to represent me and the City.” (as City Attorney)

“He (Butcher) made a few threats, including that he’d get me fired,” Moss testified.

Moss admitted to the court he became very angry at Butcher!

“I more or less slammed the door in his face,” Moss told the court.

Erik Davis at his trial was accused of raping a drunk 17 year old, the GSC football player walked on the charges! Protected by the BARR CODE! 

“Things got a little bit heated between you and Mr. Butcher?” the defense attorney asked.

“I was offended by Mr. Butchers conduct,” Moss replied.

“And just a few minutes later, you called,” Moss continued, (speaking directly to defense attorney, David Karickhoff) “and said you were his (Davis’) attorney.”

Well now that we clued you in on the fact that even Chief Moss thinks Timothy B Butcher is an asshole lets get back to the boxes of files involving the A J Woofter Estate!

Another memo established the fact that the Braxton County prosecutor was given the long waited for 2007 Woofter accounting… 12 YEARS LATE and marked in red for discrepancies. There is also a document written to another attorney where a special out of town investigator was being requested to look into the matter of missing cash from the A J WOOFTER interest bearing checking account, that Gainer and Butcher used as their own–only releasing $ 3,700 to the beneficiary in the last 18 months, while writing themselves huge checks.

There is a law in West Virginny and other states, that says the executrix can only receive a small percentage of the total estate. Proof is in the paper work that Rosa Belle Gainer- Cunningham wrote herself checks for a great deal more than allowed and it looks to us like Butcher took as much as half the estate for himself!

It’s Gainer-Cunningham because Rosa Belle got married at 85 years old, which sort of makes you wonder what in the world that honeymoon would have been like. Sort of makes me sick to my stomach to think about it. Making love prune to prune with the help of some sort of old smelling sexual aids.

After Butcher was done with the checking account that once held $95,000 when it was safely in the bank in Parkersburg, that same checking account was raped, for all but $7,000 as that is all the beneficiary received after all was said and done.

“In Crooked County it’s acceptable for BLACK MEN to RAPE White Underage Women and it’s acceptable for small, pompous ass sociopaths, to RAPE estates for all the Green Money!”

Gainer moved the money to Glenville, to the UB Bank, where Terry (not right in the head) Butcher sits on the board of directors of the Glenville United Bank 101 E. Main street. Albert J Woofter didn’t want the money moved to Glenville. His specific request was his money was to remain in Parkersburg.

All of A J Woofters accounts were liquidated from different accounts in Parkersburg and put into one account at United Bank, right there in Crooked County. The only thing is a much lesser amount was deposited than was liquidated, according to two investigators providing information for civil action being sought.

So where is the rest of AJ Woofters money? Did Butcher snort it up or smoke it?

Guess you can sure buy a lot of dope with the $25,000 dollars that is just missing!

“The Glenville city attorney just whittled down the estate until there was nothing left but 7,000 by the time the beneficiary got it!”

And this is how it was done!

This is an actual excerpt from the 2007 accounting that was 12 years late!

Figures are from actual document….this is proof!

12/31/2006 To be paid to Butcher and Butcher Trust Account for legal services review final settlement, draft letter to the Fiduciary Commissioner, search for and copy supporting documents draft letter to (edited-name of lawyer) e-mail to (edited-name of lawyer) review letter from VANCE GOLDEN, trip to Court House to search for real estate assessments, legal research on Westlaw, revise final settlement and transfer brokerage account.

For ONE half- days work , Butcher charged $4, 895.00

The above excerpt is from actual accounting on file.

The Bitcher of the Butcher refused to reply to letters from attorneys involving the AJ Woofter Estate for years and years! 

Well Butcher must have thought, hmmm… I think I’m running a little low on COKE!

So after lunch he decided he needed at least 5 thousand more…..since you know, two or three ounces probably wouldn’t be enough, especially if he needed to keep Princess Di in booze too!

So after lunch he wrote this………

12/31/2006 To be paid to Butcher and Butcher for legal services, review final accounting. Review account to insure correctness, draft final accounting (editors note, he already charged for that earlier on the accounting) review 4th quarter Wachovia and United Bank statements, complete final settlement and balance same.


Butcher charged a total of $10, 475 dollars on 12/31/2006 New Years Eve!

Happy Fucking NEW YEAR!

Over ten grand for just one day!

And even that was just all made up bullshit to steal the money!

Tim Butcher is a Criminal and a Thief and the official 2007 accounting ordered by Vance Golden proves it!

Vance Golden has also been implicated in wrongdoing for allowing Butcher to get away with not filing an accounting since 1994….. when accounting’s are required every year by WV law!

So the fact that Butcher didn’t do an accounting “by itself” is against the law, and Rosa Belle Gainer prune puss is just as guilty! It was her job as an executrix to see that an accounting was done.

Here’s an excerpt from a letter to Rosa Belle Gainer from attorney Margaret Kreiner: http://www.kreinerlaw.com (feel free to e-mail or contact Kreiner for document proof)

Back dating checks to give the illusion that the terms of the will are being complied with is not an ethical way to carry out the desires of Albert J Woofter . We are asking that you comply with the terms of the will!”

A letter was written to you by the guardian, requesting an accounting to which you responded on September 27, 2002 stating that you had turned it over to your attorney. All attorneys are busy, but Mr Butcher surely should have found the time in the last two years to comply with the request for an accounting. I suggest you find another attorney who is not that busy!”

“All we are asking is that you comply with the terms of the will as Albert J Woofter directed!”

GAINER ignored that letter, and Butcher sat in his big leather chair and weathered out storm after storm of FIVE different lawyers, giving no reply, and taking all the money!

The above letter was dated September 23, 2004 — No answer No reply for Butcher or Gainer!

On November 3, 2004 another letter by KREINER was sent!

This time and bold print she writes…

YOU have NOT complied with our request for an accounting. My client is entitled to an accounting. Since she has never had an accounting ever, I am firmly requesting and accounting from the beginning when the trust took effect. I will expect you will honor this request and comply by November 30th!

Gainer never replied and a CC copy of that above letter was sent to Atty William Powell in Parkersburg– and if you have ever encountered this true gentleman, he is a very matter of fact, in your face lawyer, that gives it to you in black and white. He looked into the A J Woofter estate and took note that only 79 k of what should have been 266k or MORE….. was forwarded, the rest was just missing.

No surprise there!

Gainer was asked by several attorneys for accounting’s, but ignored all requests, didn’t take phone calls and neither did Butcher–this fact is a matter of public record!

The above excerpts are from page 15 of the 2007 accounting that was sent to the wrong address by Vance Golden’s office and it was done on purpose, since they had since sent official letters to the right address twice, in months prior.

Vance Golden’s office knew full well the right address to send accounting to and also had two addresses of lawyers to send it to , but NADA was sent to counsel.

The act of sending an accounting waited for since 1994 to the wrong address, clearly indicates wrongdoing and implicates the Wood County Commissioners office in a possible criminal conspiracy with the Glenville City Attorney.

I mean really!!

Why was it sent to the wrong address, to stall for time?

Altogether the Albert J Woofter estate came up $38,000 lite in less than two months time prior to 12/31/06

IF you don’t believe us, as one Glenville resident, named Carl Armour didn’t–a man that takes his totter to bed by 9pm — get the documents on file at the Wood County Court house, or call the Wood County Commissioner office. This document, along with all the documents we possess, were also on file with the former Braxton County Prosecutor, Bill Martin. Bill had boxes and boxes of documents and we attempted to enlist Bills help to bring charges against the Butchers!

I remember getting Lisa flowers and bringing them to Bill’s office, and then….

The office of William C Martin burned down!

All the documents involving the AJ Woofter estate were burned up, and not all were copies! What a bitch!

We find it ironic that, because Bills office was torched,( and we believe we can connect that to the Butchers now, and their connections to thugs )  that it was BILL MARTIN who had his license suspended for six months.  It is our belief that Bill was set up, because it is unpopular among the power elite to help us and retaliation brought by political clout from Crooked County got Bill’s ticket yanked for six months.

Take your clothes off and jump in, and get yourself a beer baby!

Lexis says, “I cant take it!! I’m just gonna throw you down on the floor right now and fuck you!!”
“Im running hot! Just give it to me Butcher you nasty little Bitch! “
Shortly Alexis (sexy Lexi) Butcher was thrown down and her lil hotty friend had 3 fingers up and in her! They don’t call her Sexy Lexi for nothing!

The Butchers commit a crime and they are protected by the Governor himself and we are looking into the crimes of Big Joe Manchin involving this case. It will cost us $5,000 dollars to bring in the investigators to do it. At this point we are willing to spend the money. That five grand by the way does not go too far, for if they are serious about digging dirt on these crooks it will cost a lot more than that. At this point all agree, that to nail these people any amount of money is worth it to see them all go to jail!

The CCC in Central WV gets the proper facts on crimes in Gilmer County the HOME to the Crooked County Crooks that live next to the Crooked River!

“She’s a lil tied up right now & going over her class schedule with Lizzy Butcher, I said CLASS Schedule, not ass schedule …Oh ! Listen, they are young people under stress! They are just blowing off steam, and as long as they remember the PETER BARR code, then no harm no foul!

“I’ve done enough!” “I’ve done enough” “Now untie me, it wasn’t suppose to be like this” “Lizzy! Lizzy!”

We could bore you with document after document, but it is getting old even for us bound and determined to fry every Crook in Crooked County. Now you know why all the black drug dealers are all so well supplied!

Damn someone is making some money, too bad, it has to be money taken from old people.

The Bitcher of the Butchers is so self-important that he thinks that he can get away with criminal activity!

Rosa Belle Gainer- Cunningham, by the very fact of being employed by the Bitcher of the Butchers law firm, while executrix of the estate, is enough for any reasonable person to red-flag the entire debacle of their robbery, of the A J WOOFTER estate!

Guess being tight friends with a Circuit Court Judge and close to the County Prosecutor HOUGH, (also under investigation), gives them all a false sense of security!

The Bitcher, being an obvious sociopath, won’t feel the least bit bad about anything until he is caught for his crimes; then he will only feel bad for himself, that he finds himself in jail or with a suspended or revoked license to practice law.


"Champagne dont make me lazy Cocaine don't make me Crazy, yes we are snorting a few, but don't tell!" "It ain't nobodies business, but our own!" " Hey, did I tell you my daddy is rich?"

Paris Alexis Hilton Butcher High School requirements for being a SLUT! Learning to be a whore at sixteen, and learning how to suck dick from sister Lizzie Butcher!!!

Sexy Lexie here… I’m 16, Junior at GCHS, Student Body Vice Prez, Varsity Cheerleader, an EX-track runner, and a Lifeguard residing at the FAMOUS Rec. Center Pool in Glenville. I’m single and enjoying it I guess… My AOL Screen Name is: LexieB52. So be sure and put it to use!!

MY FELLOW SKINS!! A special shout out goes to Amy Skinner, Nicole Pounds, Cate Powell and Lizzie Butcher. Thank you girls so much for a FUN-FILLED SUMMER!! We were published TWICE in the local paper for our BAD BAD conduct! LOL. They don’t even know the real bad stuff we did!! Plus whatever trouble we get into, dad can get us out of with just one phone call to the judge!!


2) Skinny Dipping for Lizzie’s 15th B-DAY
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8/19/ 12:00 am
Eric says: “Hey Lex”
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We could post more teen fun from the Butcher Bitches that broke bad, but it is just more of the same, them trying to justify being little sluts!

I hate to break it to the girls that their PARENTS MONEY came from STEALING IT from the estates of honest people. People that worked hard all their lives to provide for their families!

ALBERT J WOOFTER Is turning over in his grave for his wishes were not met, and Rosa Belle Gainer-Cunningham and the law firm of Butcher and Butcher should be held accountable!!

***                                       ***                                    ***

88 comments recovered from the bottom of the Crooked RIVER going back to the time with information on misconduct and mishandling of the funds of the AJ Woofter estate were first made known to the public:
***                                      ***                                      ***



    ALL facts and figures are from ACTUAL DOCUMENTS!

    If you would like to view the accounting for yourself, it is on file at Wood County Fiduciary Commission and hopefully will be part of a “court record” soon!


    Thomas Jefferson

    “The only way for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing”



    When ya live in the backwoods with a woman and the dogs. All you really need is a shotgun and a four wheel drive. Seems to be you are just a wasting your time. The crooks around here will always be crooks and they always have some kind of crooked deal going on the side.

    Investigation? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    That’s funny!

    These people really do get away with murder and they will get away with murdering you and taking all your money and maybe your wife if your not careful.

    Hillbilly justice is bout all you can hope for. You all been talking about it a lot. Really you got liars here that will get up on the witness stand and lie to high heaven. The prosecuters and the judges rarely hear any real true stories it all a bunch of hog was.

    You got one thing right tho it is all a bunch of Crooked Politics.

    Always was and always will be. Buy your landslide.

    What you need to do is fight fire with fire and buy your own votes next time and get rid of the bad judges.

    But the prosecuters that make up stuff and the people that get caught lying on the stand ott to be dealt with on a sliding hillbilly justice scale.

    So either do something or go back to what you do, and then next year grow your tomatoes and drink your homemade wine and if the lord is willing we will be less some real bad folks because we woke up the next morning and some of them bad people were just gone.




    What do you think Thomas Jefferson was talking about anyway. Nobody told him what to grow or who to know. He even invited the help into his home.


    Prensa De CalPatty–M L KING

    I guess if we were the DEMO-CRAP we could publish the story in Ebonics

    BUT LETS TRY a FEW translations in Ebonics in celebration of the Demo-crap making everyday Martin Luther King day !

    We say: Get that bitch in line dude!

    Ebonics: git dat beeotch in line nigga don’t make me shank ya!

    We say : “Look at the rack on that hottie!”

    Ebonics: Look at da rack on dat hottie and shit.

    In Crooked County they say: Let’s go to town and bang some white chicks, hopefully we can find a drunk 17 year old

    Ebonics: Let’sjet ta town an’ bang some whitey chicks, hopefully we’s can find uh fucked-up 17 year old
    ya’ll is mad stupid.

    In Crooked County they say: Don’t worry we won’t get in any trouble I smoke it with Tim Butcher and he is cool he can get us out of anything!

    Ebonics: Don’t trip we’s won’t git in any static I smoke it wiff Tim Butcher an’ he iz tight he can git us out o’ anythin’! and shit.

    In Crooked County they say: Don’t worry about the cops Tim owns the cops so we got it like that!

    Ebonics: Don’t trip about da 5-0’s Tim owns da 5-0’s so we’s goddit like dat! ya’ll is mad stupid.

    In Crooked County: Hey lets go to the Main Event and have some drinks with Princess Di maybe she knows some hot chicks to hook us up with!

    Ebonics: lets jet ta da Main Event an’ gots some drinks wiff Princess Di maybe she knows some hot chicks ta hook us up wiff! peep this shit!

    In Crooked County they say : Dont sweat it dude Tim will get us out of any DUI go ahead and drive that car it is all good!

    Ebonics: Dont sweat it home slice Tim will git us out o’ any DUI jet ahead an’ cruize dat `64 it iz all pimp-tight! and git Sheniquah’s ass back ova’ heeah.



    (Bob Weaver and HH Source)

    The state trooper who shot and killed a Fairplain man in September was not indicted in Jackson County over the incident.

    Trooper First Class B.L. Keefer already had been cleared by the state police after its investigation found he acted properly in the situation.

    Michael Shane Fisher, 35, of Windell Ridge, was killed Sept. 1 at his home, the investigation concluded Fisher had been shooting a gun when the officer responded after hearing the shots.

    The state police investigation stated Keefer repeatedly ordered Fisher to drop his weapon and shot Fisher when he refused.

    The investigation ruled Fisher’s death suicide by police.

    The verdict of no true bill was rendered last week essentially means the jury did not find enough information to determine a crime had been committed.

    Fisher had been suffering mental trauma after two of his children were killed in a boat he was driving.

    “The investigation ruled Fisher’s death suicide by police.”

    That statement in quotes is a pretty mother fucking far stretch if you ask me, sorry for the abrupt language, but this really pisses me off, if Fisher was a Prince then a World War could have been started but here in WV he is just another piece of white trash to take to the dump-cover the fucker up with a sheet even if he is still breathing. Really……….are things any different locally?



    A State Cop, Deputy Sheriff and the local city cop stopped by the Ranger’s fort and asked me and a few other visiting individuals if they had saw the Ranger? Not for a while was my reply. I guess someone near by saw a car stop and two individuals got out and entered one of the apartments. Nope neither one was the Ranger! You know what is funny, they didn’t even knock on the Ranger’s Door.

    Editors note: Was this a possible wild goose chase mission planned by wild goose chase info from the infamous police informant Hot Toddy the Ass Clown. You know they don’t call him the Ass Clown for nothing. Was there anything mentioned about any Calhoun County not so smart lying son’s of bitches wanted for bounty by the SS? Just wondering heard a rumor about war being declared. Which changes things doesn’t it. And really it’s all over what? Nothing really worth losing everything over, but thats what happens when you make bad choices and bad decisions. And all the boozing and bed hopping doesn’t help much.



    Another thing, The State Cop said to me “Johnny is trying to ruin our reputation.”

    Don’t quite know what he meant by that!

    Anyone know?

    Editors note: Oh really? Did they say anything about ruining others peoples reputations, or lives, or jobs, or families, or bank accounts. Was there any murdered animals included in that conversation or mystery gun shot wounds? Just curious!


    1. never listen to a state cop, they say anything they think might get them somewhere in the direction THEY want to take things…

    2. Cops “looking” for Johnny will use it as an excuse to harass ANYONE they think may know him. For all we know, johnny could be dead and buried BY THE COP who is “looking” for him…

    3. We appear to be fighting a huge monster that is far bigger than we are. The fire breathing dragon… We need some more help. We need insiders who will help. Whistle blowers. But unfortunately, jobs being so scarce and all, and folks are scared to lose their jobs by telling the TRUTH.

    KEEP THE TRUTH COMING, folks… It’s all we have.


    “Suicide by Police” – death by creating a situation in which the cops are FORCED into killing you…

    Death from “excited delirium” – Death in which you are placed under arrest, handcuffed and then you either simply drop dead from being upset or you ‘accidentally” choke yourself to death with the handcuffs…

    Are the cops now PHYSICIANS that they can coin new and “safe” terms for deaths caused by them???


    Crisis Counselor will be needed for many

    Well several members of the SS declared war sometime last week and so a situation exists that is not good. Myself, thought it would be a good time to go on vacation. So I’m not just a little bit gone.


    Some major shit went down last tuesday, that’s the truth, so some people are pretty hot, but many of them are from out of the area, and only occasionally are around. So when you see cowboys off their horse and gathered together, that is a general not so good sign, as you know most cowboys like to ride the range and would prefer the freedom of the horse, But you better not say the word snitch around those folks. But it seems that some of the surrounding areas are full of very well known ones. One can only hope that Lunacy Lucy can put on a good show with that trained Gila Monster and attempt to tame an angry fire breathing dragon. Too bad she’s such a whore, since dragons are pretty picky. There has been a definite change in weather. One good thing is… there seems to be more equality in the fox hole. Even for Mexicans without a green card.


    Maybe it would be a better idea if some of you exchanged e-mail, since loose lips sink ships! So you better get that firmly in your brain Zane!

    Also, if the cops are looking for Johnny at his house in Grantsville, they are about 1800-2000 miles off the ambush zone.

    A swamp in FLA would be a better bet, but you better be part Simnole or speak some Chactah or you won’t get far.

    Lunch is over, but word to the wise, if it starts to sound like the 4th of July, it isn’t. Hit the dirt!


    Underground has the idea

    “But unfortunately, jobs being so scarce and all, and folks are scared to lose their jobs by telling the TRUTH”

    “KEEP THE TRUTH COMING, folks… It’s all we have”

    I AGREE WITH THE CU thats what we should do, tell the truth people, we need to know

    I need to know(I need to know)
    I need to know(I need to know)
    If you think you’re get some more LEAF
    Then you better say so
    I need to know(I need to know)
    I need to know( I need to know)
    Because I don’t know how long
    I can hold on
    And if your makin us wait for shame, don’t be lame, bring it!

    Also, you would think that after the local snitch HT/TS gave to cops bad info more than once, they would learn a lesson.

    But alas,


    (Also who ever chopped the big ones early and were seen running, hope you don’t know who we think you know!


    Funny thing

    “Another thing, The State Cop said to me “Johnny is trying to ruin our reputation.”

    Thats funny, since Ron Gordon was saying the same thing a couple of years ago!

    And NOW look at HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On house arrest for RAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    With all the crime being committed in Central WV by prosecutors like Gerald B Hough, and all the missing evidence in police lockups, and general misconduct going on, it’s hard to have much to laugh about, unless of course it’s the funny looking local news and former Parkersburg News Editor, “burned out hippy queer Drew Moody!” He’s something to laugh at!

    “negocios de hot dogs” was one of the top searches on the internet that led to Prensa De CalPatty the Mexican version of the Cal Patty Press.

    We are not quite sure how we got so popular in Mexico, but hey, they just love the picture of one our staff showing everyone how DREW does it.

    Well if your gonna do it………do it with the CalPatty Press on your computer, we probably won’t watch.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Suck on that Chilli dog!


    Since we are being funny, this is something funny that I heard…

    I heard that Ron “Gordo” Gordon is having to do sexual favors for special privileges on home confinement, instead of the other way around.

    Maybe “Gordo” is taking hot dog sucking lessons from your local Gilmer County burned out hippy queer!


    This full report from FIVE years ago!

    The figure of misconduct picked up by taxpayers is closer to 30 million now!

    WEST Virginia taxpayers have been forced to pay $18.3 million in the past 15 years to settle lawsuits alleging brutality and other misconduct by state troopers.

    Last week, Bryant Jones of McDowell County collected $187,500. He contended that Iaeger town police charged him in 1999 with driving on a suspended license, handcuffed him to a chair, and watched as five State Police troopers beat him. Later, troopers beat him on two other occasions, his lawsuit said.

    The fact that the state’s insurance agency coughed up $187,500 of taxpayer money is strong evidence that the man’s accusations weren’t groundless.

    Meanwhile, the Beckley Register-Herald used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain State Police settlements during the past five years. Some outcomes:

    Neal Rose of Welch got $1 million because former Trooper Gary Messenger and other officers smashed into his apartment and beat him after he complained about their drunken, noisy party nearby.

    The family of Amanda Smailes collected $775,000 because she was killed when Trooper Kevin Plummer took part in a wild chase that was being filmed for a TV show.

    James Minghini Jr. of Berkeley County got $60,000 for his allegations that troopers beat him – and the state spent $454,519 on legal defenses in the case.

    An unidentified Raleigh County woman collected $75,000 on her claim that former Trooper John Henry Zirkle and two other men had gang sex with her in a park while she was intoxicated.

    The family of Melanie Winfree got $1 million because her boyfriend, Trooper Rodney Robinson, shot her to death, then killed himself.

    Sandra Basham, a secretary at the Hinton detachment, got $95,000 for her claim that former Capt. Rusty Blankenship made sexual advances toward her.

    McCoy Hatcher of Logan County collected $40,000 on his claim that he was battered by Trooper C.J. White.

    James Richardson of Kanawha County got $1 million because he was imprisoned through false testimony by former State Police lab chief Fred Zain.

    Altogether, the force has incurred $18.3 million in lawsuit costs since 1987 – including $4.5 million paid to victims of Zain’s untrue evidence.

    The message here is abundantly clear: State officials should be extremely watchful over those the state arms with deadly weapons and authorizes to kill people, if necessary. The job should be reserved for only the most responsible, stable, mature, professional, sober, honest officers. All those with “cowboy” instincts and tendencies to brutality must be weeded out.

    If they aren’t, the result can be horrible for their victims and expensive for taxpayers.

    As we’ve said before, creation of civilian review boards to hear complaints against officers could reduce part of the problem. If officers knew that their conduct would be judged by a public review board, they would tend to avoid bad behavior.



    Unfortunately for us in Central West Virginia……. we have to put up with more than 100 times more misconduct per capita of citizens residing in Counties then the rest of the Southern United States.

    With the recent “evidence missing” scandals and Special prosecutor’s- bond by blackmail and conspiracy, to NOT present evidence, while also lying to the GRAND JURY and trial juries about states evidence, our world is nothing short of Gerald B Hough’s own Dante’s Inferno on earth!

    But what happened with FRED ZAIN is the absolute worst of the worst scenario.

    The amount of mail to the CalPatty Press from other states asking for references and facts is staggering. “Crooked County” to outsiders is a something of a mystery as they can’t find references to it when researching WV counties, then we have to explain that “CROOKED COUNTY” is really Gilmer County and the county seat is Glenville WV, where the Demi-gods sit on self-made golden thrones. NOW Calhoun County has taken the lead, having been polluted by being just down the Crooked River. Then when these out of state ers research our articles they are STUNNED and AMAZED that we are giving them the correct facts!

    Below, the Fred Zain nightmare


    Death of Lying Chemist Fred Zain

    Very little has been written this week about the death of former West Virginia chemist and expert witness Fred Zain whose perjured testimony was responsible for putting hundreds in jail and even on death row. When Experts Lie tells his story well and links to the official investigative report on his despicable actions.

    Finally indicted, his trial was postponed indefinitely due to his having been diagnosed with cancer. He died last week at the age of 52.

    He got to spend his final days at liberty. His victims, wrongfully accused defendants, spent years in jail because of his fraud upon the courts.

    Goodbye, Mr. Zain.

    Update: We found this December 4th obituary in Newsday (Associated Press). We don’t have a live link to it, but it is also available on Lexis ($).

    “OBITUARIES / Fred Zain, 52, Discredited W.Va. Police Chemist

    Charleston, W.Va. – Fred Zain, a former West Virginia State Police chemist whose discredited work resulted in the payment of millions of dollars to wrongfully convicted defendants, has died at age 52.

    Zain, head of the state police chemistry lab from 1986-89, died Monday at his home in Ormond Beach, Fla., his lawyer, Tom Smith of Charleston, said yesterday. Zain was suffering from colon cancer.

    Prosecutors said Zain lied on the witness stand and faked test results, and thus accepted his fees and salary under false pretenses.

    Last year, a West Virginia jury was unable to reach a verdict on four counts of obtaining money under false pretenses. Three of the charges dealt with expert witness payments Zain received after he left the state in 1989. He was to have been retried in July, but the trial was delayed indefinitely because of his cancer.

    Besides the expense of investigating and prosecuting Zain, and retrying cases related to him, West Virginia has paid at least $6.5 million to settle lawsuits by wrongfully convicted defendants.

    No one knows precisely how many convictions resulted from Zain’s testimony, or how many people are still imprisoned in West Virginia, Texas and other states where he served as a consultant.

    A West Virginia State Police investigation identified as many as 182 cases that might have been affected by Zain’s work.

    In a 1997 interview in Texas, Zain said he had been made a “scapegoat” by political forces in West Virginia and Texas.

    Zain worked as a state police chemist from 1979 until 1989, when he took a similar job in Bexar County, Texas. His work in West Virginia was discredited in 1993 by the state Supreme Court, which said Zain may have lied or fabricated evidence in dozens of rape and murder cases.

    His work in Texas also was under fire and led to the payment of at least $850,000 to two men. In 1997, Zain avoided a perjury trial in Texas because the statute of limitations had expired.

    Zain was fired by Bexar County after his work in West Virginia was discredited. He later moved to Florida where he worked for a state-run environmental laboratory.”

    The West Virginia Supreme Court report on Fred Zain’s misconduct is here. We got to know one of Mr. Zain’s victims, William Harris, several years ago–he was able to get a fair award (about one million dollars) from the state, but how do you repay someone who is yanked from their promising life at 17 and forced to spend 7 years (on a 20 year sentence) in one of the worst adult prisons in the country after being wrongfully convicted of rape based upon a lying chemist’s testimony?

    William’s story is one of the 28 told in the Government publication, Convicted by Juries, Exonerated by Science, available here.

    A detective in William’s case was later convicted of perjury. DNA testing proved William was not the donor of the semen involved in the rape. Zain lied and told the jury that the genetic markers in the semen left by the assailant matched those of Harris and only 5.9 percent of the population.

    On our inside data of statistics this is comment # 666


    Special Detective

    Does anyone else remember when hot toddy posted on his own website last year as elmer fud?

    Ain’t no fun when the rabbits got the gun????????????

    His new wheres johnny site that he has said belongs to his mother and brother (like I believe that) sounds awfully familar. He sounds like he is p.o.ed that they didn’t find johnny on the goose chase. My guess is he did send then to johhnny and he is laughting his ass off because he knew he wasn’t there. Hes gotta cover and make it look good.

    It must suck to be HT. Hes deparate and running scared………Chicken shit. Pu**y.

    It aint no fun when the rabbits got the gun!!!!!!!

    Editors note: Your observations of the current situation is beyond accurate, but who can figure out why the cops keep playing into a situation where their snitch has an, “at best” I Q of 100 ? or in “Hot Toddy” talk… ??????????????????????????
    wabitt ….wabitt…don’t shoot take the Gila monster instead!


    Special Detective

    hot toddy reminds me of someone who would grab a baby and hold it in front of him if any one pulled a gun on him…..

    I think his mom is able to do the vulgur website, I just happen to know its hot toddy.

    now watch him scream back at me that its not him. he he he he he

    maybe he will post as not Tsmith again. he he he he eh

    laughing at ya brotha

    Editors note: This is Elmer Fudd post you were a talkin bout:

    elmer fud
    2:26 am, Oct 30, 2007 EDT
    johnny was in town and we all know it….. you stupid dumm asses on south side need shot…. you all are just as evil as that child molester is….



    So, what ever happened to the suit/injunction/whatever that Todd filed against the Meth Ranger web site?

    Was it tossed?



    “Hot Toddy” is yet another book about a scandal in old Calhoun County. Because of this, it is bound to attract both fans of West Virginia mountain lore and those looking for all the juicy details of C.T.S. “Hot Toddy’s” death! A local favorite author from Crooked County, does an admirable job of giving plenty of information… without causing her book to become trashy, so to satisfy both groups.

    CS “Hot Toddy” Smith was a not so popular local hooligan from the bad lands of Calhoun County. He began his life of crime by trying to burn up a pick up-truck pushed off a mountain and started on fire for the insurance money, then, stole a credit card off a dead man while helping himself to the money in the wallet, then purchasing a brand new ATV. Hot Toddy graduated to bigger crimes teaming up with Stacey Hickman and a local man known as J D, and later some local police officers that are now under indictment in WV. His stupidity made him a favorite with many WV blog readers, but his knack for foolish antic’s kept him from succeeding with many of his dastardly deeds…. and plans for truly being a successful criminal, thus, not being able to enjoy the riches he thought he deserved. “Hot Toddy’s” affiliation with “Lunacy Lucy” and other gang members, is what did him in-in the end!

    Unfortunately, for CS “Hot Toddy” Smith, a series of previous Calhoun County scandals complicated the investigation into his death. Justice was hardly served to those who deserved it. Evidence was destroyed or ignored, and the trial was laughable. “Hot Toddy’s” death was ruled to be an accident, but everyone knew he was murdered!

    The local author works through the details of “Hot Toddy’s” death and the story of his life, to uncover the truth about the early end, and in doing so, celebrates the memory of a time in West by God Virginia that can’t be forgotten! Lisa Wexler sometimes takes liberties, when she manufactures dialog between the subjects, but this makes for easier reading. There are times when the reading gets scandalous because the local “Crooked County author” examines the business of local gangsters and rogue police officer’s “Hot Toddy” knew. The story is told in great detail, and there is a lot to gather in, but the information proves to be helpful later, so you have to read closely. Overall, this is a good book and the best source of information about “Hot Toddy” and the Calhoun Lagoon of Conspiracy!

    “Hot Toddy”

    Will be available on Amazon.com

    (below an excerpt)

    “The ghost of “Hot Toddy” still walks in Grantsville, … but the Main Street Cafe is not the only spot connected to ” Hot Toddy’s” death where ghostly remnants of the man also known as Charlie Brown, the local Ass Clown…holds a woman known to many as “Lunacy Lucy” captive, via her addiction to pill popping and bed hopping. Who was to know her trained Gila monster would take revenge!”


    Special Detective

    You didn’t do your research back fire enouf because the crimes started when he was in his teen years.

    hot toddy was in prison for cashing granys checks wihout grany noing it. I always heard he burned down grampas house befor that.

    I can’t wait for my copy.


    Nothing butt a fart butt buddy bingo

    Show me a Hot Toddy that’s nothing, but (butt) a fart, and I’ll show you a man who’s just waitin for a beatin!

    He’s dangerous dealer fightin flipo Hot Toddy out of Calhoun County West Virginia!

    The leader of the Hot Toddy Hate and fire starting cult, who rides the reigns on Stacy Hickman and ole (not right) J Dilgard

    Ride the reigns and let it rain

    Dear Lord, can you, feel my pain
    If you can’t it’s alright, cause I’ma live my life anyway
    Just let, it, rain – on me
    I feel, so free like a, cool breeze
    And when the sun, gon’, shine
    Fold up the mini-blinds, load up the lucky nine
    And hit ‘em up from behind
    That’s, my, life – and it’ll never be the same
    Ever again, the game is to blame
    Don’t get caught up in your Range Rover, pullin over
    On the Westside highway shoulder, nigga I’ll blow ya ( that’s the Luncacy Lucy part)
    like a windshield, leave yo’ mind on the windshield

    OH! It ain’t the same without your brain!

    I guess no one cares about the fires you start, but when you start pullin leaf that ain’t your reef,

    then y’all got some trouble in your lil Calhoun bubble.



    Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department responded quickly to a van fire on Phillips Run at 1 p.m. yesterday. The vehicle was discovered on fire under a carport with other vehicles nearby. Firemen brought the blaze under control.


    (Hur Herald source)




    …to BE DELIVERED to “Virginia Weslyan College” for study and analysis!

    Here is text that was delivered by member of the Rangers Krew!

    The actual video is much clearer than this (edited) clip. Seconds later, the Ranger and another individual ran out of the apartment and witnessed the sound of a 4 wheeler starting up down near the old high school and driving toward the north side area, possibly up Johnson St. Upon locating the bag with the metal objects inside, Johnny had an individual remove the items from his property. It is our understanding that later this individual got into some sort of trouble and turned the items over to the police. However,(edited) are not sure.

    Johnny said sometime back, that, he felt the “Local State Police” may be involved with trying to set him up with the metal objects, since Johnny is a convicted felon. Other Law Enforcement agencies may be involved. Some say Trooper (edited)’s new side kick may be the person in the video. Others say Todd Smith also known as HOT TODDY also known as CHARLIE BROWN the ASS CLOWN!


    We hope to produce evidence that will identify the perp trespassing and planting stolen evidence!

    A certain individual known to many, could have already been identified in this exclusive secret security cam action shot taken by a member of the “Meth Rangers!”

    Copies sent to other members of the Secret Seven!

    Only they know what the “metal objects” are!

    Could it be evidence already stolen from the Police lock up?

    Stay Tuned CALMAN… for the answer!





    Editors note:The word “some” written like ‘”SOEM” usually spells H O T T O D D Y so I wouldn’t read too much into the above comment, since several other stupid ones went with them as this is being moderated at 6:49am. Had to delete several dumb ass comments from the Hot Toddy hate and fire starting cult, and actually one from the “NooB” Hot Toddy’s Gay admirer also known as the “Hobbitt” I wish we could post the video clip but that can’t be done on this site right now, but our friends in the “truth” and “protesters of evil” network, from what I understand have all been sent copies of the “set-up”



    (…see ya at lunch)

    Police, FBI link W.Va., Ky. sexual assaults
    by The Associated Press

    WHEELING — City police and the FBI have DNA evidence linking the abduction and sexual assault of an 11-year-old West Virginia girl earlier this year to the 2006 rape of a 30-year-old Kentucky woman, Wheeling Police Chief Kevin Gessler said.

    While no arrest has been made, Gessler said Wednesday that police received nearly a half dozen tips within three hours of posting a revised sketch of the attacker online at http://www.wheelingpd.com

    The attacker is described as a well-groomed white man in his late 20s or early 30s, weighing 180 to 200 pounds and between 5 feet 6 inches and 5 feet 10 inches tall with a barbed wire chain tattooed around his right bicep.

    In both cases the man approached his victims nearly naked, Gessler said.

    The man, wearing only a pair of socks, nabbed the 11-year-old girl on Feb. 20 while she was walking with a friend behind a Wheeling convenience store, dragged her to his truck and then drove her to St. Clairsville, Ohio, where he sexually assaulted her. He released the girl about 40 minutes later in Bridgeport, Ohio.

    Her abduction occurred two days after a similar unsuccessful attempt 5 miles away in Martins Ferry, Ohio, where an 18-year-old female was approached by a man wearing only a coat and boots.



    Does anyone know why hot toddy all of a sudden decided to make JMR his project?? Does he really think it is taking the heat off of him?

    Seems to me he is angry because JMR is veryyyyyyyy smart and he has no brain. Maybe someone will take him to emerald city to ask the wizard for a brain.

    Any “dumbass” who would do everything they could to attract the law to their home when they had all the illegal shit you had all laid out can’t be bright. Wait, I forgot. It isn’t yours!!!!!!!! waaaa, waaaaaaa, waaaaaaa………..he he he he

    I tell you JMR is smart and you are not. He has beat you at your own game. He is the winner.

    Why are you saying the new chief is stupid. He busted your ass a few times already and he hasn’t been here long. Seems to me that you need to quit worrying about JMR and pack your vaseline and soap on a rope and start remembering how you play sex games with other men in jail. Again. You must like it………

    Laughing at you…enjoy your butt buddy!!

    Ain’t no fun when the rabbits got the gun!!!

    Editors note: Hot Toddy may have to ask the Wizard for a Penis too, if he keeps sticking it in that “not so juicy Lunacy Lucy.” So the moral of your story should be: HOT TODDY quit sticking it in a dry hole! And shut your pie hole about the Ranger, because we all know it is you on the TV set a settin him up. We got it on video!



    I don’t know if he really needs to worry about his penis because I happen to know he suffers from “little penis syndrome” anyway. You know when they look like a turtle going back in their shell… LMAO!!!

    Lucy, ……well I can’t think of anything to say. …… She just pops pills and sleeps…..screws……… Kind of a cycle.

    Can anyone verify for me if CPS stepped in and took those poor little kids out of HT’s home or not? I know they found some of HT’s pot in the drawers underneath the kids clothes. Just wondering. Would like to know if they got placed somewhere safe. They sure don’t need to be in the middle of the HT/Lucy saga and neither does Grandma. Know one seems to be interested in getting the old woman out of there as sick as she is and in and out of the hospital.

    I also wonder why Lucy wasn’t arrested. I mean she is in on this and had to know where the pot was stored and that her kids could get hurt. Guess some people don’t care.

    Just lots of questions about these two.

    I am watching for hot toddy’s next bust. He has the “biggest mouth” because he tells everything on his self. I could write a book about him just from the blowin he has done in bits and pieces when around me.

    Maybe I should write a book too. he he

    I Really don’t worry about JMR. He will come home when he’s ready. I think it bothers hot toddy that he can’t find him. He wouldn’t know what to do with him if he did find him. Pee his pants maybe. LMAO…….

    Editors note: Maybe we have been misquoting the fact about the balls of a grasshopper, maybe that was turtle shell balls all along?! Or maybe that’s where the original catch phrase of “little snapper” came from. One has to wonder, truly, how the “little snapper” and the trained Gila Monster get along? Maybe, indeed, we can now account for the strange noises heard at, or near, 102 Johnson street. Maybe that should be “little snapper” avenue instead of “Johnson” street.



    Well I’ve seen that thing and it ain’t no “Johnson” street. ha ha ha ha

    rolling on the floor laughing my ass off! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


    whats the deal

    It is my understanding that there was a lot of cops that broke into the rangers house. Whats the deal? It’s just one Ranger and all those cops.



    Only an incestious mind such as your f**ked up one would constantly come up with mother/young son sex. That seems to be on your mind alot. How old were you when that piece of puck started having sex with you.

    HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    This just posted on Where’s Johnny site

    11:08 pm, Nov 1, 2007 EDT
    is seen rose knight sucking a carrot she must be waiting for elmer to shoot her with a load in her ass!!!!!!!!!!!!he he he he he he

    And we all know who Elmer Fudd is don’t we????? Hot Toddy
    Wanting to put it to her again are you??????? Damn get over her. You are obsessed and I don’t think she wants you. You are one sick puppy!!!!!!!!!!!



    You are you, but I just don’t know which personality. You claim to be a girl so I guess its the feminine side talking. Maybe you dress in your wig and put on make up and wear pink panties to post on other blogs but its still you. Get ahold of yourself. Wait , I think you have got a hold of your hot toddy roddy.

    We all know you are best friends with SF, but the person you mention is rarely in that store and certainly has better conversation than you so if she tells you that she is a liar .(but that wouldn’t be the first time)

    Maybe cops should start looking at SF, rapid weight loss, new car, but same old job.

    She work for you???????


    Are SF and Sara Beecher part of the Hot Toddy Hate and Fire starting cult too? Was the VAN fire just an omen of things to come? Are turtle shell balls the way of the future? …or did the trained Gila Monster “really” suck the juice out of the can of Vienna Sausage. Is SF a bed hopper too? Is the missing weight due to the local increased production of Meth Amphetamine? Or is it just a coincidence that a member of the Hot Toddy Hate and Fire starting cult is on the inside? Can bed hopping and store shopping be all part of their fiery plan?



    Was that Sara Beecher or Sarah Butcher? I don’t know if your talking about Beecher, Bitcher or Butcher! I know Beecher is the best bet for tweekin, I’m just confused as to what bitch it is you’re seekin. And who really (to coin your phrase) gives a Rat’s Ass about Steph F? Is she the Meth Reff? Is she the referrie or does she just consult for the cult?


    Since LISA MINNEY likes to hear the words of KEMO SABE and since many miss the words of Lisa Minney, unless of course we are WV Travelers. It is with those thoughts in mind, also, and to herefore remain true, to comfort the rough trail of JR The Ranger. Of course the Lil Lissi can’t be left out either, since worry for the well being of the Ranger seems to be uppermost on the mind of a mountain lion. Beating down the door did no good, even though it was not made entirely of wood. If it is truth you seek, it won’t be found among the meek, for look to the Catoosa and the flash of light, since most fugitives travel by night. There is no moon bright enough to search the Calhoun Lagoon. Alas only the “Secret Seven” know the way to heaven, and many are left to wonder.

    “KEMO SABE” Says:

    Kemo Sabe say there is much iron in the words of Johnny!

    There is also much iron in the words of Kemo Sabe. A time will come when we ride along the banks of the CROOKED RIVER together. The evil Chickamauga run as wild as the many herds of deer in Crooked County. Kemo Sabe is very happy that Johnny also carries the bow and slings the arrows for the welfare of the many. Many hungry mouths are fed, but one day soon the Chickamauga that roam Chickamauga Creek will try to lure us down the “River of Death.” For the CROOKED RIVER way is also the way of the EVIL CHICKAMAUGA! Burn your fire bright for now. Make your eyes look up to the Catoosa, for the Chicakmauga are, “Up into the hills”The EVIL CHICKAMAUGA only watch from the ridge.

    But they are blazing a trail for battle!!

    “Kemo Sabe” say,

    “I believe that to have a friend,
    a man must be one.”

    That all men are created equal
    and that everyone has within himself
    the power to make this a better world.

    That God put the firewood there
    but that every man
    must gather and light it himself.

    Kemo Sabe say

    Be prepared
    physically, mentally, and morally
    to fight when necessary
    for that which is right.

    So keep your knife as sharp as the tongue
    of Lil Lissi! Wear the patch of a mountain lion.

    Kemo Sabe say,

    A man should make the most
    of what equipment he has.

    So make straight your arrows

    That ‘This tribe’
    of the people, by the people
    and for the people’
    shall live always!

    That men should live by
    the rule of what is best
    for the greatest number
    as there are many trees
    in the forest

    That sooner or later
    we must settle with the world
    and make payment for what we have taken.

    That all things change but truth,
    and that truth alone, lives on forever.

    In my Creator, my country, my fellow man

    Your faithful friend,”Kemo Sabe”



    SF talks about hot toddy pretty bad but then she is an informant for him. Yep. I know this for sure. Another one that is two faced and you never know which one you are talking to.

    To Damian: She just talks whatever she knows to whichever side has the best deal at the time. I mean really, we know we are not playing with someone with a full deck, don’t we??

    it is no wonder women in town don’t wear drawers, hot toddy steals all of our panties………

    Editors note: Steph F talks pretty tough with a pussy on her shoulder! But with a pussy on your shoulder and a monkey on your back, really, the best deal at the time, must sound pretty darn good!


    Don’t trip double dip

    Some say double dipping is when you dip, bite the chip, then dip again.

    Well in Charleston they have another way of doing it….

    ….and they have another way of double dipping too!

    Another Officer Pleas For Double Dipping

    Yet another former Charleston City Police officer makes a plea in a double dipping scandal.

    L.O.L.A. Lola(she drinks cherry cola) Hart, a 28-year veteran of the force who retired in June, was accused working at the Town Center Mall during her shift at the police department. Records show the double dipping started in June of 2000 and continued through August of 2004.

    She stood in front of Kanawha County Circuit Judge Charles King on Thursday and entered a “no contest” plea in the case.

    Hart was asked to explain her plea. “I’ve seen the records that the prosecutor office had and I have no way of proving what they’re saying is not true.”

    But according to her attorney, Roger Forman, there is documentation to prove she was working two jobs at one time. Forman said, “The records of the police department and Forest City show a conflict of where she was working at that time.”

    By pleading “no contest,” the judge sentenced Hart to probation and restitution of the money to either the city or parent company of the Town Center Mall. That will be decided later. She could have spent up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine for the crime.

    Hart was one of four Charleston Police Officers found to be double, and in one case triple dipping, while on duty.


    Operation Search Warrant Set-Up

    “Rogue Cop Search Warrant Set-Up” went as planned. The Ranger had the entire house setup with micro voice activated recorders, nine in all and three hidden motion activated cams. This equipment was retrieved early today and has revealed some very interesting information. Tree cam ID#02 reveals a no knock entry on the Rangers front door, that’s right the door was kicked in without one knock. Interesting wouldn’t you say.

    Another part of the setup was placing several items through out the house in various locations by the Ranger. These items were video taped in their locations and lot numbers and bar codes were recorded and the actual contents were video taped and witnessed by other individuals. So I say Testing 1, 2, Testing 1, 2 and 3.

    Another interesting part of the setup was the use of a police informant of who the Ranger with the help of another allowed right into the Ranger’s Den. This was done to speed up the Set-Up of the Rogue Cops. So, the Ranger used a person who was informing the state cop-want-a-be, Justin Matheney. This worked quite well as it got the ball rolling and the Set-Up was on and went as planned.

    The Ranger waited for over three months in his apartment for the Rogue Cop Search Set-Up to take place. During the three months only once did cops knock on the Rangers door. These cops were dressed in plain clothes and drove a Red GMC Pickup. However, the Ranger did not answer the door because he did not know they were cops. Later the Ranger looked at the Card the plain clothed cops put in his door. All the card said was to contact them A.S.A.P. Well, the Ranger is still waiting for the “Soon As Possible” part. As it has not been “Possible” for the Ranger to contact any State Police whom he feels may be trying to cover up for the local Green Shirt Rogue Cops. State Cops investigating State Cops, the Ranger doesn’t think so.

    More tape recordings and video information will be released regarding the “Search Warrant Set-Up” of the Rogue Green Shirts soon. As always, the Ranger is giving them the rope they need. The Rogue Green Shirt must be given time to continue with their genius work, as the dumb ole country boy Ranger sits back and enjoys the view.

    I must add a tad bit more about some recorded conversation about some of the Rangers property that the Rogue Cops took. That’s right conversation of their intent, with taking two of the Rangers TV sets. Of course Big Sandy Super Store will have the documentation to prove the facts about the TVs. However, the Rogue Cops “Intent” with taking the Rangers TVs is at issue. Big story to come on their unjust intent.


    So that’s the deal

    I think we have all known for awhile now that the Ranger is no dumb ole country boy. Just wait til he has attorneys involved. If they aren’t already.



    West Virginia State Trooper pulled a woman over in Morgantown WV for speeding and as he was getting his ticket book out she said,”I bet your gonna give me one of those tickets to the State Police ball.”? He replied, State Police don’t have balls.!!!!!!!!!!” As he caught on to what she was saying he flipped his ticket book closed and started back to his car. The woman was laughing so hard, it took a few minutes to get her car started….

    Editors note: This comment smells a little bit “Hot Toddy” to us considering the HT/TS latest disappointment of the raid at the Rangers, Team Ranger pad, gone badly. Plus, “Hot Toddy AKA Charlie Brown AKA The ASS CLOWN, has an infatuation with the Balls of a Grasshopper, which many have speculated he truly possesses, but lately it’s been heard that there is a possible “turtle shell” ball connection, which allows for a significant amount of shrinkage, given the HT/TS brain association.



    Charleston police captain resigns, pleads guilty
    # James Sands fourth city cop convicted of ‘double-dipping’

    Minutes after he resigned from the department, a Charleston police captain admitted in court Friday that he worked for the Charleston Town Center Mall while on the clock for the city.

    James A. Sands pleaded guilty in Kanawha Circuit Court via information to one count of misdemeanor obtaining money by false pretenses.

    “The plea agreement will allow myself, my family, my community and my police department to move forward,” Sands told Chief Kanawha Circuit Judge Charles E. King.

    Kanawha County assistant prosecutor Maryclaire Akers said Sands amassed 164 conflicted hours between Jan. 8, 2000, and Aug. 27, 2004.

    “He worked both those jobs during the same hours,” Akers said.

    As part of the plea deal, Sands must make restitution in an amount to be determined by the adult probation department. Although the crime carries up to a year in prison, the state was not seeking jail time, she said.

    King accepted Sands’ guilty plea, and immediately sentenced him to probation. The adult probation office will determine the length of time Sands spends on probation,



    No, not HT/TS… Just a little something I seen on the internet and thought I’d repost it…. :)

    Editors note: Well alright then! You have no idea how many comments are posted while working, sleeping, eating, or tending to the household, by Hot Toddy and the Fire Starting Cult! It’s almost like a full time job deleting them all! However, that post was at least somewhat funny. Hope you can forgive us for not having a sense of humor at that particular moment. Lets face it, dealing with corruption in central WV can wear on ya after a while. It almost makes you want to find another state. A state of happiness, instead of a state run by feudal lords.


    I vote for a state of peace, harmony and bliss… ;)


    Or even a state of “green” with no mean!


    Hell no! Not a meeting of the “Secret Seven” on line! However, albeit a bit short, without the Ranger. Dang! There ain’t no danger without the Ranger. But the “Team Rangers” are filling in with a 24 hour Hot Toddy Hate and Fire Starting Cult Watch! Even have ta keep a close watch on that ole Lunacy Lucy since that Gila Monster is often armed to the teeth!

    We the people of Crooked County call for a STATE… under God,that shall hereto and forever have a new birth of freedom – and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth!



    West Virginia For Sale

    While y’all are having a LOVE IN–kissy kissy kissy get over to the Calhoun Underground and read the article about how the ‘powers that be’ are selling your STATE of happiness, they are selling your STATE of Peace! They are selling your STATE of ‘harmony and bliss’ …they are selling your STATE of “green with no mean!”

    Your STATE of under GOD is now open for business, thanks to the whores that run it!

    YOUR state is nothing but a whore house!

    Run by bed hoppers and pill poppers!

    Feudal lords by the hoards disrespect the ground you love on! They have a hard on for your STATE and all your natural resources.

    They might as well ALL Be Bitchers of Butchers, and I don’t see a god damn thing being done about it! So love away SECRET SEVEN and watch it all roll down hill!

    The Calvary is NO WHERE NEAR!



    God damn!

    That almost sounds like a real deal “bitcher” but what’s really scary is they have the same ISP as us and sitting right next to us on the dial!

    Funny, but the tone sounds so familiar, but if I had to guess, I would say Charleston, and then I would say, office in a state building.

    Then I would say another F word, but sorry to say, you got edited for your real crap!

    At any rate, it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t allow the real wacko’s to let it be known what power hungry, money hungry, crazy, delusional people have to say about a few that want to speak their minds.

    Would it be fair to say, that we are targeted by some?

    I also have to say, that “idiot people” person is over the top, if indeed real, but definitely not a Hate and Fire Starting Cult member.

    Sounds more like a person from HITLERS own camp.

    Quite a tall tale teller too! (don’t say that holding your tongue)


    If you know anything at all, then you know that history repeats and feudalism does not prevail in America! Soon West Virginia will have had it’s fill of dictators and feudal lords from family names that just don’t want to leave this state. Guess it suits them to be a BIG fish in a LITTLE pond.

    Of course, while we are on the subject, I guess we have to endure our share of turtle shell dicks too! Hard to take in these modern times ,and possibly,that is the matter truly at the heart of the problem,since the outside world travels much faster, and nobody nohow even looks up here. It’s all down down down in the holler, and who is the coolest among the elite!

    “To truly know a people, you must look into the hearts and minds of those who experience the peace, and who live the hardship of their time.”

    The South is an agrarian community, while preserving the historic character where people are deeply rooted in the soil, and bound to a code laid down by their forefathers.

    In the early 1860′s South Carolinians called their fellow southerners to the flag and the storm that followed left a mighty wake.

    Let us remember those who have already paid the price for freedom, and honor their memory by not succumbing to the threats and intimidation of the “powers that be!”

    For there is a pride in and of being true to oneself… and the belief that there is still freedom in America!

    Our biggest failure was letting them DAMN YANKEE’S take over this state!


    A personal message to CalhounUnderground, from Johnny

    A personal message to CalhounUnderground, from Johnny

    First of all I miss corresponding with you, but you know how things are. Yes, I have possibly did some things wrong in the recent past and there are warrants pending for my arrest, but nothing I will not face head-on. Again, I am not trying to avoid responsibility for anything I may have done or avoid any of the trumped up charges. However, I had some bad cops to lure into my apartment where their unjust actions could be proven and hopefully dealt with now. Many good individuals in our community have had to deal with these Rogue Cops for too long now.

    I remember you stating on your website about how the State Police trashed your home when they did the illegal search due to no probable cause. I think you also stated that the search was lead by Pooper Starcher. As I was planning the search of my apartment I kept in mind the destruction you spoke about in your articles and planned my setup of the Rogue Cops who I knew would do the same destruction to my fathers rental property. Guess what baby… we got their ass. Not all is caught on video, but the audio devices I had hidden in wall receptacles and one of the cams I had hidden in the living room ceiling fan shows intentional violations of constitutional rights and willful and intentional destruction of property. A tree cam videoing my front door proves just procedures were not followed before entering my home.

    Voice recording of placing magnets on the back of my computer, and what their hopes were by doing that, along with opening a condom and placing a liquid in it shows their mind set.

    Family members took additional video and two rolls of film the next day. We will use the pictures and line up tape recorded footages of their actions and words of misconduct for the proper authorities and the world to see. And just think, my Charleston Attorney Mr. Robert Catlett thought he had fun with proving that Trooper Jeff Hunt was a liar on the witness stand. Wait till the attorneys get these Rogue Cops on the witness stand.

    The hidden video of the intentional destruction and their words and conversations on digital audio, gives more than a hint that they have no business being in law enforcement. They are huddling together right now, as they know what they saw there and did there and they know what I now have.

    I want to say thanks to my best friend in the whole wide world for helping me bring the police informant into my home, I love you baby. It was awesome filling the informants head full of crap in order to send the informant back to the cops. God, it was sweet. That must be why the cops opened the condom, as they must have had a hard-on thinking of what they thought they were going to find.

    Special Note: Thanks to all my friends at CalPatty and the special buddy with the Beagle, I know it’s been awhile, but I love you all. – – Johnny


    Our latest article for November:


    …is late for publication.

    We could give you reason after reason, but the brains behind this outfit has been much harder to approach with questions about this or that. In the interest of not having our faces scratched off, which is often followed with the roar of a panther protecting her cubs, we can only wait patiently and quietly for the article to be delivered.


    Reprinted from CU

    Reprented From CalhounUnderground Website

    Collection of Personal Experiences with State Police

    My original intention was to allow people to come to me to tell their own stories, write them down and give them to me to edit and publish. Then it started to become apparent (interestingly enough) that many of the biggest victims were unable to communicate well in this manner. Computer illiterate, unable to read and write well, poor communication skills, or on home confinement so that they cannot easily go anywhere. My revised intention was to go to THEM and do interviews and publish the results. But time, vehicles, and gas money were not on my side. And again, the biggest victims seem to be unable to plan and take the bull by the horns. The popular opinion seems to be that they are scared of retaliation by the police. Yet, these people are the ones who need their stories to be told more than anyone. And they all expressed to me in one way or another that they WANT their stories told, and they are counting on me to do it. Some of these individuals may have done some things which I personally do not agree with. Some of them may have done virtually NOTHING so serious as to warrant the outcome. We are not here to judge these people. They have already faced the judge/jury/executioner. We are simply here to make the reader aware of the common practices within the State Police department.

    And so, I will NOT publish the names of the victims. But I WILL publish the names of any police officer which is alleged to have victimized any of these individuals.

    After having spoken at length to some of the State Police victims, and gained knowledge of other’s stories, it is apparent the the State Police NEED to be overseen on a daily basis. Their militaristic/warrior type practices when dealing with the public are at best, unacceptable.

    First of all, it would appear that nearly ALL State Police in the area are accomplished liars. So much so, that general opinion is that you cannot believe ANYTHING that comes out of a State Policeman’s mouth. This is how they run their investigations. They apparently will say whatever is necessary in order to gain “information” in order to charge various individuals with a crime. The “good cop/bad cop” scenario is played out time and time again. One cop intimidates and threatens while the other pretends to be your “friend”. They regularly will make offers and promises after their intimidation tactics have sufficiently scared the victims, promises they have no intention of keeping. They will separate “offenders” and tell one that the other has given them information in hopes that someone will actually give them some information… These are common, everyday practices.

    The individuals I have spoken with have their own personal horror stories to tell. One individual spoke of having had his home searched. He claims that, “the police smashed every light bulb in the house. They poured liquids down inside my TV set and radio. They dumped out all our prescription meds and smashed them under their feet. My pain meds are MISSING, not listed as part of the property they confiscated. They broke my glasses which were lying on the table. They turned off all the pilot lights on the heaters and stove, and then before they left, they turned the gas back on and left the dogs locked inside the house. It is a miracle that the dogs did not die. The house was full of gas when I returned home…”

    Another individual was awakened early one morning to the sound of his dog being shot and killed. He says that before he could even grasp what was going on, he was grabbed and pulled out of bed and beaten so severely that he nearly lost an ear. He spent several days in the hospital. “They shot thru the back window, and there was someone asleep right near where the bullet went thru”, one man claims. “They (the State Police) trashed every inch of the house, smashing things and dumping things. My dog was lying on the floor in a big pool of blood”. Many photos were taken of the damages, which I inspected, so the condition of the house and the dog can be verified.

    Yet another individual was walking down the street one afternoon in Spencer with a young friend. “The State Police were sitting at the church and when they saw us they stopped us and Trooper Fisher started getting physical with my (minor) friend, rapping him in the head over and over with a maglight, while we were being questioned. I commented that was probably bordering on being illegal, which pissed off the officers. So, I was arrested, the police claimed I was contributing to the delinquency of a minor. I was taken to the police station. Trooper Hammack took me into a room by myself, shut the door, put on rubber gloves, and beat the crap out of me…”

    Other stories include much smashing, dumping, and general vandalization of people’s homes. Some individuals claim the police had no probable cause for their warrants to begin with. One individual was told either to sign the list of objects confiscated or they would allow her husband to freeze to death without a shirt in 28 degree weather where they had kept him standing for over a half hour already. Yet the police refused to allow that individual to see the actual items listed and was forced under threat to simply take their word for it.

    A word to those who think this is just alright. In all the dumping and smashing and beating, these peoples rights have been severely violated, no matter what they allegedly did. Many of the items dumped and smashed contain toxic chemicals which BY LAW must be disposed of properly. For example, florescent lights contain mercury. When smashed, the mercury in a florescent light will fly everywhere, contaminate the air and any water which comes into contact with it. The ballasts in these fixtures also contain toxic chemicals. Perhaps the State Police should be aware that when they smash objects containing toxic waste, they too are being exposed to a health risk. To say nothing of quantities of broken glass shards being strewn everywhere.

    These are just a few examples of police negligence, poor training, brutality, and bad but apparently acceptable practices. I personally have witnessed State Police lies which were intended to create possibly violent actions between “suspects”. The typical tactic of attempting to pit people against each other by telling lies and instigating bad feelings creates situations which can be severely dangerous for otherwise innocent people. In one instance, an innocent individual was told that if they did not “tell the truth” that another individual who was a known drug dealer would be coming to cause a lot of trouble, and that “there is nothing we can do to help you…” Unfortunately, this threat was unwarranted. The officer making this threat, a Roane County State Police officer, had, moments before, lied about having seen a certain individual at a certain time and place when it was not possible. When told it was not possible by the individual, the officer then made the threat.
    These are the types of situations which could turn very ugly when different lies are told to numerous people. SOME people have not yet figured out that they cannot believe a word that comes out of a State Policeman’s mouth, and these people can be manipulated into creating all sorts of trouble for others. THESE unacceptable practices MUST be stopped.

    Calhoun Underground strongly encourages ANYONE with ANY complaints regarding the State Police to contact the Governors office in Charleston. Contact the State Police Professional Standards Division in Charleston. Contact one or all of the alternative blog/newsletters in this area. Write letters to the editor. Help those who do not have the skills to do the same.


    Reprinted from Calhoununderground website

    7-24-07 Continuing Saga of Calhoun Corruption

    See other atricles by CU at: http://www.calhoununderground@wordpress.com/

    So. The saga continues. Prosecutor Gerry Hough is acting as if he were representing the individuals who he is supposed to be prosecuting. This is unheard of in “civilian” circles. Rumor has it that he got in some trouble recently in Gilmer county for behaving in an unprofessional manner. So they simply turn him loose in the Calhoun County court system a few days later to “prosecute” Bandy and McCrosky. Unfortunately, he is refusing to do his job and we may never discover what REALLY happened regarding the Bandy/McCrosky case. This NEVER HAPPENS TO ANYONE. A prosecutors job is to prosecute. Period. Anyone who has been victimized by the court system KNOWS this painfully well. And if these cases involved ANYONE other than public figures, the “offenders” would certainly BE prosecuted, severely. That is an undeniable fact and we as citizens must DEMAND that these individuals be treated NO DIFFERENTLY than anyone else!

    Recently the police chief in Grantsville stated that he was “resigning” with no real reason given other than that he can’t drive his cruiser home at night. No one resigns over things like that. However he did state that he would stay 30 more days to “clean up a number of court cases”. Notice he did not say “clear up”. What is the plan for “cleaning up” these unnamed court cases?

    Rumor has it that police chief J. D. Nicholson has previous ties with a couple of the cops who are on trial for various crimes. Perhaps these are the cases that need “cleaned up”?

    I could be wrong, but I seem to have gathered enough bits and pieces of the Calhoun corruption soap opera to indicate that MOST if not ALL of Calhoun County’s law enforcement are in cahoots somehow and that there could be a possibility that if an OUTSIDE source such as an out of county judge, or maybe the FEDS, could put on enough pressure and put all the 2 plus 2’s together they could come out with one big massive 4 and nearly ALL will go down like dominoes, in a flaming ball of filth.

    Stay tuned.


    Reprinted from Calhoununderground website

    Dear Governor Manchin…

    The Doo-doo has finally hit the fan. The WV State Police are IN THE SPOTLIGHT. The buck passing starts.

    Well over 700 comments on the WSAZ website (http://www.wsaz.com/news/headlines/8587177.html) stemming from the death of Trooper Gonzales. Serious calls for civilians review boards from the House of Delegates. A Lawyer beaten up and hospitalized by a State Trooper. The truth of our peril is finally hitting the mainstream news. And boy, do folks have a lot to say on the matter:

    West Virginia State Police are investigating a deadly shooting involving one of their own.

    Police say Corporal Marlo Gonzales shot and killed himself Wednesday night near his home on Sycamore Road in Hurricane. His father-in-law found his body inside his police cruiser, dressed in uniform.

    State Police say he shot himself with his service revolver.

    The investigation is in the preliminary stages, but troopers did say he shot himself with his service revolver.

    Gonzales was a 13-year veteran of the department. He was stationed at the Clay County Detachment, but was recently assigned to the detachment in South Charleston.

    Colonel D.L. Lemmon says he was a friendly guy and this has taken people who work with him by surprise.

    Troopers say Gonzales was on duty at the time of the shooting. Corporal Gonzales has a wife and three children. He was 39 years old.

    Stay with WSAZ.com for the latest information.


    Here are a couple exerpts from the WSAZ site:

    Governor Manchin is calling for those who want change to come forward. That’s what he told WSAZ in an interview Wednesday morning when we asked him about the allegations posted on this story.

    “I know you hear rumors and blaming,” said Manchin. “I have not seen any evidence, whatsoever; but, we’re going to work through it to make the system better.”

    Governor Manchin says not one person has called his office to complain.

    “No one should ever be anonymous. If you have a constructive complaint, a way to make things better, please come forward. People should not have to work or live in fear. It’s not how this government is run, not how this administration operates, and I won’t tolerate it in any branches of our administration,” said Manchin.

    Former trooper Jason Gilley spoke to WSAZ regarding the way he was treated when he was working for the West Virginia State Police.

    Gilley says the current administration at the WVSP forced him to resign in January. He said he was even threatened physically by one of his supervisors.

    —-also a sample comment from the long list—-

    I am not being anonymous, my name is Thomas Wagner and I was recently fired after 18 1/2 years with the State Police. I will gladly speak with Governor Manchin. Especially of how the State Police Internal Affairs picks and chooses which complaints they will investigate. An example is; I made a complaint against a supervisor for ordering his subordinates to falsify monthly paperwork, it was never looked into. The good ol’ boy system in the State Police is as strong as ever…


    I have said it before and I will say it again, NOW is the time to file ANY complaints regarding State Police Conduct with the GOVERNORS OFFICE. No more room for FEAR. We need to SAVE OUR STATE! This is no joke.

    Here is a copy of the letter Calhoun Underground editors have written to the Governors office.

    If you have no writing skills feel free to copy and paste any portion of this letter, and include your specific complaint if you have one. Or contact the Calhoun Underground for help. Click on the post called “Exercising Your Rights” for the Governors office address.


    Dear Governor Manchin,

    West Virginia is a BEAUTIFUL state, the heritage, traditions and friendliness of the people being some of the most appealing things here. The job situation is not good, mountains are being beheaded and look like war zones, and the State Police are so out of control as to be a menace to peoples’ safety, privacy, and general well being. Even tho tourism could and should be the number one attraction to this state, we are rapidly becoming famous for police corruption instead, which will keep tourists from wanting to come here.

    It is truly a shame that ANYONE had to die, possibly as a direct result of being a State Trooper. One can only hope Trooper Gonzalez’s death is NOT swept under the rug, but is the catalyst for CHANGE, so that his death was NOT for nothing. Look at what happened on the WSAZ website, (http://www.wsaz.com/news/headlines/8587177.html) when people are given the opportunity and motivation to speak their piece. I read hundreds of the comments on the death of Gonzalez and the state of the State Police organization. It was a real eye opener. Apparently the State Police themselves are going thru a lot of what the population of this state is being put thru BY THEM. We, as citizens of WV, are subject to being targeted, mistreated, manipulated and lied to, threatened, beat up, arrested on bogus charges, terrorized and intimidated, and thoroughly afraid to speak out for fear of retribution. Sound familiar? Apparently these things are starting at the top with Mr. Lemmon and trickling down to the little guys. It is obvious from reading the complaints on the WSAZ site that if we think the State Police in general are crooked, or resemble militaristic nazis, that Mr. Lemmon must be akin to Hitler himself in his influence. Are West Virginians really such a bunch of hard-core lawless criminals that they need to live under such a gross misuse of power?

    You say you need people to file complaints and they just are not forthcoming? You insist, as well as the Professional Standards Unit of the State Police, that people must stop making “anonymous” complaints, as they will do no good. And yet the State Police think nothing of ruining someone’s life over “anonymous” tips. “Anonymous” can get them a search warrant or an investigation. “Anonymous” can be used as a weapon by someone who simply does not like you. It doesn’t matter if you are guilty of ANYTHING, “anonymous” can have the police invading your privacy and smashing your things if they take a notion to.

    Until now, I had never heard of the organization called “Military Affairs and Public Safety”. That is truly a frightening title. There is NOTHING safe for the public in “Military Affairs”. And why do the State Police function UNDER such an organization? West Virginia is NOT at war! We are simply common citizens trying to survive and have a bit of happiness in our lives. But we must live under an obvious war-time scenario, with State Police acting as a militaristic organization rather than “public servants”. The State Police themselves have created an environment resembling “war”. They have caused many average citizens to fear them or have no trust in their behavior. Folks who would ordinarily call the police for help are scared to, for fear of what might happen. A small problem can easily grow into a giant one thanks to a State Police officer, drunk on power and authority. An example of this situation would be the Roane County incident in which a man who needed some mental help and ran into the woods unprepared for the cold and rain with a shot gun, was totally surrounded, totally out numbered, and gunned down IN COLD BLOOD by officers with high powered weapons who would rather be sitting home in the warm and dry rather than simply wait a few more hours for the individual to surrender. This was all swept under the rug as being an appropriate action. But many CITIZENS feel diferently and people who knew this man know the real story. If THIS is the type of “help” we can expect when we call 9-11 then we must surely THINK TWICE before we EVER get the State Police involved in ANYTHING.

    In this little corner of the world, Calhoun County, I can find NO ONE who trusts the State Police here, and in fact it is nearly impossible for many to trust ANY police officer in this county any more. None of the remaining officers, (the ones who have not already gone down due to corruption, illegal activities, or negligent stupidity) appear to have any credibility in the eyes of most citizens, with numerous reports of lies, even under oath, contempt, missing evidence, brutality, etc. I imagine that Calhoun Counties police problems, which have been in the news regularly, are not so different than the other counties in this state.

    As Governor, you have the final authority over the police in this state. I find it completely unacceptable that State Police need only have a GED in this state, creating a situation in which many times the officers are not as intelligent nor as educated as the people they are harassing and/or arresting. These officers have NO human psychology skills other than being able to put on the “good cop/bad cop” act. They have no knowledge nor programs set in place for dealing with the mentally ill. Their human relations skills are at a bare minimum.

    It is a CRIME that the death of Trooper Gonzalez is being investigated by the State Police! With the state of things in WV today, it is possible that his death is being investigated by those who were in some way RESPONSIBLE for it. This happens over and over again when the State Police ONLY allow the State Police to investigate problems within the State Police organization. County or regional Citizens Review boards would surely help, but the WVSP don’t want it. WHY do the State Police continue to get what they want at the expense of all other citizens? What do you suppose happens when State Police investigate each other? That is a no-brainer. This would be very much like going into a regional jail and allowing the prisoners to decide the guilt or innocence of their fellow prisoners. What would happen? MOST would simply go home, the rest would suffer severely, possibly a few even losing their lives…

    Problems within the WV State Police are soon to become NATIONAL news, if it has not happened already. And it is ABOUT TIME!!! Governor Manchin, it is UP TO YOU. West Virginia is in serious trouble and we NEED YOUR HELP! Please do NOT allow this to go away. Now is the time, the ball is in your court, and the world is watching.

    editor – CalhounUnderground.wordpress.com


    Update: The Gov’s office is worthless. They are part of the whole rotten deal. If you complain to the Gov’s office,it simply gets forwarded to the State Police so they can investigate themselves…

    Johnny – glad to hear you’re alive. Whatever happens, it happens for a reason. Karma is something that is only between you and you.
    Glad to hear you are fighting the good fight. Maybe someday things will be different and folks will thank you and see you as a hero. Stranger things have happened.

    Ya, it’s good to leave up posts by rabid and borderline illiterate individuals so the rest of the world can see what kind of ignorance they are up against.

    I particularly like it when folks spout about something they obviously know nothing about simply because they are brainwashed and want to find something to complain about. Hey, it’s EASY to find fault! Just look at US! We can uncover a good controversy or conspiracy anywhere…

    Wow, came here this morning, didn’t think I’d find MYSELF…

    Or was it the other guy?


    PLEASE ADVISE, and provide further detail about the incident you were speaking of last summer about Hough.

    Are you referring to when he was acting up in the courtroom?

    Exactly what was the rumor you heard, just in case we missed it. First of all the “idiot” has an ego, but it is funny to many, since he really isn’t that bright… so therefore doesn’t have anything to have an ego about!

    I guess it is sort of funny to have an ego about being a “dumb ass!”



    In response to the Calhoun Underground reprint on comment #59.

    J.D. stood in public town council meeting smiling and sweet talking about all the projects he had started and really wanted to finish before he left. Lots of money coming in he really wanted to finish. Named different projects he had almost finished.

    He was given 30 days to stop taking the crusier out of town, more than enough time to find a place closer to town or get a cheap vehicle of his own., At the end of the 30 days he needed reminded time was up with the cruiser.

    He was just a few hours into his shift and told people in the office he was off to look for a particular offender. Within a couple of hours it was learned that he had a county employee to go with him to his home and drop him off and bring the town cruiser back. Now, ****** was an employee of the county, not the town (although when questioned he pretended he was a volunteer for the town) and this was a great liability if something would have happened. Which means he had no business what so ever in the City cruiser, which shows you how they all think. Yes, immature people do quit because they lose their candy shop and cushy jobs.

    It was said upon further checking, JD was working on NOTHING. He worked only 10 hours or less each week for two or three weeks and then said he was done. Check PUblic records.

    I believe he was and still is in with the crooked cops. We also know he was in with the crooked crooks of our town. I know they (the crooks) had evidence on him and I believe he was trying to stay long enough to try to squelch them or cover his tracks. I don’t think he was trying to protect our town. He was trying to protect himself, the crooks and the crooked cops.

    My opinion is that the new chief Stephens is a serious police officer. I look through the magistrate reports and since he came into his position he has so many citations and arrests. He seems to be cleaning out some bad that was here all the time. He makes the State and County look lazy. It has only been until recently that the county has started to do anything noticable. Why is that. The same people the chief is arresting has been here all along. I think maybe The sherriff needs to stop courtin and do his job.

    I doubt the county wants him to police our town for another term.



    Did anyone else notice another Hot toddy roddy site got yanked last week????????? Just took one email and the “whack job” as the site owner called him was gone. I guess that is why they allow him to post on the Where’s Johnny site.

    Loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of them.

    By the way, do you all know where hot toddy roddys beloved dog romeo ended up after he died? In a trash bag on Pine Creek. Fine way to treat a dog you “supposed” loved.

    Editors note: Could you explain that further, as our Chief Editor and one asst was at the hole in the wall facility with no air signal for days so we were unable to monitor all news and were cut off from all civilization for several days. In fact it was so cold at one point, it was about the shiver that makes you quiver, if you know what I mean.


    Comments from the past: Calhoununderground website

    Interesting Comments for the Past:

    On March 5, 2007 at 11:06 pm crookedcountycrooks Said:
    “You have made me feel as if this website is actually having some impact. Thank you for giving me some encouragement that this site could be starting to make a difference! I must be doing a good job.”
    More importantly, Calhoun, just being down the Crooked River from Crooked County isn’t used to your type of tactics…which of course is telling the truth via your own publication!

    They CAN”T STAND IT!

    This is the worst thing that ever could have happened to them! THEY HAVE NO CONTROL over you!

    Me… being a “secret fan” of yours for some time, I absolutely knows what you are capable of and I hope someday you can call me your friend.

    I think you know how much I have admired your work in secret and you may have found it somewhat of a surprise that I published it and I have in my personal collection some of your fine photo work.

    You are truly an artist!

    Now they are in for it…
    now that they have pissed off a creative person, someone that has a brain…a thinker!

    They are not used to that!

    Prepare yourself for quiet money. In Crooked County if they can’t get you, they may try to buy you and if they can’t buy you then they will shoot your dog!

    I myself. I wish I had your courage, but I have succumbed to threats and the threats have worked because life as I knew it has gone.

    I am constantly looking over my shoulder and out the window before I go anywhere.

    People are still sneaking around here at night!

    (not responsible for accidents for trespass)

    Just know that your fight is my fight when it comes to the ideals you represent!

    I salute you. I am honored to call you a friend.

    On March 6, 2007 at 3:24 am Johnny Said:
    Your article and the Troopers inappropriate conversation with your friend takes me back to saying “What Happen To Good Honest Police Work”.

    If the Trooper doesn’t want someone to build a fire under their bottom end, then the Trooper should not provide the fire wood for people to chuck on the fire. Be good, do the right and honest thing! Believe me, I know this all too well as I have cut and split a forest of fire wood for others to chuck under me. No one helped me cut and split all this wood, I did it all by myself.

    Responsibility tells me not to blame others when they chuck wood on the fire. Responsibility also tells me to put the axe down, and try not to cut anymore wood for the chucker’s.

    With out a doubt, there are websites in and around the Calhoun area that have built fires with the wood that Troopers and Officials have cut themselves. These fires will be maintained and continue to burn bright and cast light on official misconduct.

    Threats and intimidation are unjust and unacceptable tools for extinguishing these fires. Good honest police work along with officials who stand accountable for Rights and the fair treatment of all individuals are the true and just tools that will douse the flames and assure Justice and equality for all.

    On March 8, 2007 at 9:35 am crookedcountycrooks Said:
    The real answer is that it still all boils down to the individual. From now on, true leadership will only flow from the bottom up, as people take back their individual power from all forms of failed external authority. And it is only through conscious self-awareness and self-responsibility that we can become effective individuals.

    On March 8, 2007 at 3:23 pm calhoununderground Said:

    On March 23, 2007 at 6:26 pm Johnny Said:
    Them Cops Must Have A Big Trash-Can

    As most of you know by now, pursuant to sexually related convictions 18 years ago I must register with the West Virginia State Police as a Sex Offender. Basically provide them with information of where I am living, working, Internet accounts I use, websites, usernames, vehicles I drive, home phone numbers, cell phone numbers etc.

    A person requiring to register must update the information once per year, unless you have a change in your registry information, such as place of work, phone number, internet accounts, yes anything that changes you must report in person to the local State Police Detachment within 10 days of the change.

    I am currently registered with the Wood County State Police and living in Parkersburg but I visit Grantsville quite often sometimes staying over night two or three nights per week. (By the way, all the State Police I’ve come into contact with in Wood County are courteous and have treated me in a professional manner.) Due to ever changing Internet Accounts and user names that I have, I should almost ask for a bunk at the Wood County State Police Office as I almost live there.

    My attorney Mr. Rob Catlett advised me that the only way Calhoun authorities have to incarcerate me is arrest me for allegedly violating the registry requirements. This indeed is easy for a rogue cop to make a false statement to a magistrate and bam, warrant issued. You add the facts such as a rubber stamp and the magistrate in Calhoun who has one and bam, warrant issued even faster.

    Trooper Jeff Hunt obtained a rubber stamp warrant for me in 2003 for allegedly violating the registry. This was Matt Minney’s and Trooper Jeff Hunt’s first “bogus charge” attempt at trying to force me to take a plea regarding the receiving stolen property charges or face my bond being revoked on those charges. However, my attorney was Shannon Baldwin and she kicked that bogus warrant to the curb before the rubber stamp ink dried.

    Then of course, there was the time in November 2004 when Trooper Yanero got a warrant for me claiming I allegedly violated the registry by living in Gilmer County but he would not say were or when, wasn’t even on the warrant, only that I was under arrest and was going to jail unless I could tell him where Danny Minich and his Meth Lab was. I told Yanero I did not know and off to jail I went on a $25,000 cash only bond for the weekend. Well, Monday came and my family posted the cash bond. A few days later I showed up for my preliminary hearing and so did Yanero. My attorney was prepared to prove my case at the hearing but the Gilmer County Prosecutor requested the charges be dismissed, as there was apparently a mix-up regarding the charges. Bogus case dismissed.

    Well anyway, I have asked three of the Wood County State Police Officers if I needed to register with the Grantsville State Police since I stay in Grantsville sometimes several nights per week. All of these troopers said no as long as I don’t stay longer than 15 days striate. The most I ever visited Grantsville was four day striate during Thanksgiving. My records show I have stayed in Grantsville for a total of 52 days since October 9, 2006. So that is 52 days in Grantsville and 114 in Parkersburg since October 9, 2006. Why do I keep such records, because of Matt Minney, Ronald Gordon and the Grantsville State Police they are unjust, they are liars. Look at how many times Trooper Doug Starcher has been accused of wrong doing regarding criminal complaints and perjured testimony not to mention other acts of misconduct throughout at least two counties. I spoke to an Investigator who works for the Federal Government in Charleston who said point blank, “Starcher is a Rogue Cop.” Investigations are continuing.

    Around two months ago, Mr. Catlett informed me to keep up to date and cover all bases with my registration requirements, “Be able to prove the facts.” Since that advice and warning, I have invested $300 in a motion-activated camera with activation VCR for my fathers rental unit that I most usually stay at while visiting family in Grantsville.

    The motion-activated system is always on to detect motion and record for 30 seconds to a VCR Tape with date and time. If at the end of 30 seconds motion is still detected by the system, the system keeps recording until the motion stops. The system, which also has it own battery back up in case of power failure, monitors any and all movement to, from or near the rental unit in question. I have however, invited the renters in the other units to view what the camera tapes and the areas of view and I have positioned the camera for maximum privacy for the other renters. In the two months since I started using the system, I have accumulated 7 tapes of movement around the unit. Tapes which can be proven to be uncut and unedited. Of course these tapes when full are secured in another location. Good evidence against a dishonest cop or the testimony of a distant neighbor who sees me once or twice every other week but feels or thinks I live there.

    Let me get to the point of why I even wrote this story. I have no problem with registering with the State Police and providing them with any information required by law. I therefore, called the Charleston Sex Offender Website phone number and talked to a nice lady who seemed to be the leading authority when it came to the rules and requirements of the registry. This lady of who I recorded our phone conversation and of who I will not name here answered my question regarding “if” I had to register with the “Grantsville State Police” since I was staying in Grantsville sometimes three or four days a week. She informed me that as long as I was registered in Wood County and did not stay any other place for more than 15 days straight including Grantsville then I would not have to register there. I than ask her if I could register in both places Wood and Calhoun, she said I was not required by law if I did not stay more than 15 days, but I could voluntarily register in Calhoun if I wanted to.

    Anyway, I went to the Grantsville State Police Detachment at around 1:00 P.M. on March 21, 2007 and informed the Trooper on duty, Mr. Doug Starcher that although I was living in Wood County and was registered there, I was also spending some time in Grantsville some weeks and I informed Trooper Starcher I wanted to registered a living and working address in Grantsville just to cover the bases. Trooper Starcher said ok, and looked around for the forms to fill out. As Starcher was looking for the forms, Trooper C. J. Ellyson came in and Trooper Starcher asked Ellyson if he knew where the Sex Offender Registration Forms were. As soon as I realized it was Trooper Ellyson, I looked over at the trashcan, and figured the forms were in there. But, of course I did not suggest checking the trash, as there were two of them and they both had guns.

    Anyway, I provided typewritten sheets of all the information needed for the registration forms and copies of my registration documents from the Wood County State Police to Trooper Starcher. Trooper Starcher said I would have to come back tomorrow.

    On March 22, 2007 at approximately 2:30 P.M. I entered the Grantsville State Police Detachment and Trooper Starcher was talking with Deputy Matheny. Starcher informed me that he still did not have the forms but to come back in a few hours as he was having the forms faxed over. I was unable to return to the Grantsville Detachment later due to a need to take care of some business in Parkersburg before 5:00 P.M.

    More on this matter later…

    On March 23, 2007 at 8:19 pm Abused Said:
    Proof That The World Is Nuts??

    In Lebanon, men are legally allowed to have sex with animals, but the animals must be female. Having sexual relations with a male animal is punishable by death.
    (Like THAT makes sense.)
    In Bahrain, a male doctor may legally examine a woman’s genitals, but is prohibited from looking directly at them during the examination. He may only see their reflection in a mirror.
    (Do they look different reversed?)
    Muslims are banned from looking at the genitals of a corpse. This also applies to undertakers. The sex organs of the deceased must be covered with a brick or piece of wood at all times.
    (A brick??)

    In Grantsville West Virgina Police are allowed to have their way with women on house arrest if their name is the Donut King and as long as it’s some unmentionable act! Of course this goes on for years as in that state the police are believed for everything they say and anyone they asked to testify is so close to Jesus that couldn’t possible lie. Jesus knows they all worship ALA because they of course could not be of the same god.

    On March 24, 2007 at 1:49 am calhoununderground Said:
    I know all about how they conspire and lie to get warrants. They got one for my home simply by conveniently finding some juveniles (whose names conveniently did not appear on the warrant because of being juveniles)who were in posession of a rather odd amount of baggies of a green substance with rather odd weights and prices…

    These unnamed juveniles (thanks so much, Mr. Hornbeck and Mr. Webb, yes, we do know who you are)then conveniently proceeded to tell Trooper Jackson of Roane County (the same one who drove around for a week with a certain drug dealer’s drugs hidden in his cruiser)every small detail of their supposed purchase that very morning. And even more conveniently, one of these same juveniles just happened to have a picture of a marijuana plant on their cell phone (which they could have gotten ANYWHERE, including on the internet), which they allegedly informed Trooper Jackson was (conveniently) taken at my residence. Mind you, I do not know these juveniles, don’t believe I have ever met them, and the entire story was fabricated. There was no visitor that morning but the next door neighbor.

    But the real point is that the illustrious Trooper who obtained the warrant KNEW FULLY WELL that the individual named on the warrant was IN JAIL at the time of the supposed sale and had been for some time. The “investigation” which only took a couple hours apparently did not include actually CHECKING to see if the individual was actually in any position to sell anything! For starters, this most famous Trooper already knew the individual had had a warrant for his arrest prior to that day. And STRANGELY enough NO ONE asked for this individual when they appeared with warrant in hand, even tho his name was all over it, and he was the entire reason for the warrant to begin with… I repeat, NO ONE EVEN ASKED FOR HIM!!! Matter of fact, as this Trooper was handing over the paperwork, he commented that he had HEARD that we were selling pot FOR the individual in question, a darn sight different excuse than the fabricated one on the warrant. And why would he say he heard someone was selling pot FOR someone else unless he knew the someone else was SOMEWHERE ELSE?

    So, probable cause be damned and lets smash a bunch of stuff like juvenile delinquents and leave broken glass laying all around for folks to cut their feet on. Because in their book, the end justifies the means and if they want to target you, they will, and they’ll do whatever it takes to “get-er-done”. I know if I were the Magistrate, I would get sick and tired of being lied to, and as a matter of fact, if I WERE a magistrate and I felt I was being manipulated like that in order for the police to obtain warrants, I would REPORT the offending officers to the proper authorities!…

    I sincerely hope that Mr. Postalwait was honestly unaware that he is being misled regularly, because otherwise he would be considered complicit.


    april drake aka wabbit

    “wabbit”” aka….”April Drake” well took me a minute but as i knew you’d slip and I’d catch you….. ok now everything that your gonna see on a web site i am creating for you you asked for it now here it comes”’ might ask your boyfriend where we got these disgusting nude photos of your skeleton ass, and no tit’s… boob less wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok as Rambo would say you drew first blood, now you have a war….see every since the pictures of ht/ and Lucy surfaced been looking at you….thats your boyfriends brother, is he behind these, inquiring minds want to know….but your site will be up shortly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Hot toddy is desparate and losing it. Over the top. I am wabbit, not april whoever as he is guessing on Where’s Johhnny site. Now he is threatening her with photo and and web site all her own like he did the other woman. God, no one wants to see ht. Your brother finally found out what you were doing in his name didn’t he.

    I thought for sure you knew it was me. Keep thinking because I am lmao and mocking you. You are a fake slowly fading into the depths of hell where you belong.

    We are all kittens gently playing with you like a ball of yarn and you just keep getting tangled up and coming unraveled.




    Poem for hot toddy

    Where, Oh Where has my little dog gone?
    Where, Oh, Where could it be?

    I wasn’t looking for him and could have cared less,
    Let all the neighbors feed him and clean up his mess,

    I hadn’t missed him and probably never would,
    But then the informant let me know that I should.

    While rubbing elbows with the county,
    Groovy said, I know where’s your bounty.

    Hot toddy turned with intent,
    Back to the city office he went.

    He opened the door and started to vent,
    The chief informed him, “The dog already went”.

    LMFAO he he he he he he he


    Editors note: I sincerely hope that no cruelty to animals goes along with this story as that would not be something we would be interested in taking part in publishing. If you could please translate that for us, since we have had our heads buried in Spanish and trying to communicate with our Mexican compadres as of late. However ohh la la which is french seems to translate just fine when we pull out the wicked white widow from our own wv hills. MEXICO has actually volunteered to give our state a boost with it’s number one crop. They say, our country is really no longer our country. Jeez, we still think it is a joke, but they say it with so much confidence, it almost is not funny anymore.


    Yup, “acting up in the courtroom”……….

    Got a question. Are you not supposed to be NOTIFIED by SOMEONE (the court, your lawyer, or somebody!)of when you have a court date? I have been following several court cases closely and REPEATEDLY nobody knows when a case is rescheduled, nobody keeps in contact with the people who are going to court, and nobody seems to ever be able to get hold of their lawyers. It just goes round and round in a pass-the-buck circle. Right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing, right hand doesn’t know what right leg is doing, right hand doesn’t know what IT’S doing… One guy has had his court case held over so many times he’s lost count, and been thru 5 lawyers over something that happened nearly 2 years ago… One guy got paperwork in the mail with someone else’s name on it… One guy had to call the court repeatedly because nobody knew anything, and didn’t find out until the DAY OF HIS COURT DATE that he was rescheduled…. One guy showed up for a scheduled appearance only to discover his lawyer had gone on vacation…

    …..Ya walk into court, the judge and prosecuting attorney are in there looking busy and annoyed…..Paper shuffle – paper shuffle – pause – (while looking down at papers) “We’ll offer you a plea bargain, come back in three weeks, who’s next?..” You leave……
    …..Judge looks at prosecuting attorney and says, “Hey, who was that guy?”……

    Three weeks later, status hearing. “Anything new?” “No sir” “We’ll let you know when your next court date is, who’s next?”…..





    Sorry, but we are blaming our latest delay on the ability to access THE CALPATTY PRESS on LW whom informs us she has to start over on our latest article due to our recent out of town summit with our friends from the land far away– Something about mud and rain. Also sorry about a few other things, since a certain someone locked us out during the interim. So, suffice it to say even we are often ruled by the dictatorship of a mountain lion. But, nobody got their faces scratched off this time. We are all still alive, albeit barely, and there is something to be said about the “shiver that makes you quiver” even if you are left groping in the dark.
    WV is the best in the world for the high in content WWidow. Not even Amsterdam can kick out the 10% plus THC content from seed “Widow” WV Rocks for Northern lights and WW in WV. The Shiver that makes you quiver bcuz the big stick is purple and we ain’t talkin bout no Hot Toddy Roddy!



    The hate site on the knihgt family was pulled. Yanked again. No wonder he can’t get his site going on his brothers girlfriend. Kenny Shen won’t let him back on journalscape for now.

    Chalk one up for the good guys getting hot toddys roddy yanked…. AGAIN



    hot toddy lets all of his dogs run lose all the time terrorizing the neighbors on Johnson edition. So many stray dogs running loosein town but a several complaints keep coming in from citizens who can not even leave their homes due to big scarey stray dogs being on there doorsteps. Monday the PD started patrol which was noted on the water bills the citizens receive that stray dogs would be picked up and taken to the shelter in Spencer to see if they could be adopted.

    Hot toddy had one dog he turned out when his beloved Romeo died a few weeks back and he was seen kicking and abusing it so some neighbors feed it but made calls that it needed picked up.

    Then he got a new beautiful dog he let run loose with no collar. Stayed at everyones house but his.

    Monday a neighbor made a complaint and when no one answered the door at the hot toddy residence the PD took away 3 stray dogs. hot toddy didn’t even know it was missing until someone told him. Then he went on a rampage, but he only wants the pretty dog (worth some money) not both of his dogs. Imagine that. Anyway he has had all week to go to the Spencer shelter to pick up his dog, but he hasn’t. IF it were my beloved pet I would have been there Tuesday when they opened. It can be adopted after tomorrow and I would love to have it.

    His big rotweiler (?) Romeo died a while back and he dumped it on pine creek in a garbage bag. Will never know what it died from. I think I would have buried a family pet.

    Damn, missed you guys. Suffering from withdrawals………….

    Editors note: NEW LAW– anyone seen kicking a dog will be shot on sight by SS!

    Also heard a rumor about new LUNACY LUCY pictures in compromising positions!!

    only $29.95 or free on Cal Patty–ALSO would people be pissed if we had paid adds on NEW Calpatty site? Mexicans offered 500 kilos, but we refused delivery. At least until April or May when we run out.



    Gee, I can’t imagine lucy in any position but compromising…….. ha ha ha
    Is she still in town? or at her husbands? or at her boyfriends, or at her dealers….. well we could go on and on couldn’t we???

    Anyway, I think hot toddy roddy showed every nude photo he had of her all over town in the last few years, and there were lots of um. My personal favorite was her riding a big blue one with a biggggg smile on her face.

    You guys are so funny……… LOL

    Editors note:have you seen the girl on girl stuff?



    Oh my god, you’ve got to be kidding. No wait she’s done everything else, why not girl on girl. Wonder who the girl is???

    You know, don’t you?

    Have you seen the girl on black man??? yeah, the weekly narc meetings leader from P-burg?

    Geeze, she just likes it all…. he he he

    Editors note: Would love to see the girl on black man pic so we could use it for target practice, but we are more inclined to use the N word. You don’t have a whole lot of
    N (word) lovers here. In fact you could say we don’t take kindly to white women with black men, to put it politely.



    HT is a lowlife. Doesn’t deserve to have pets. And frankly, in my opinion, police officers who have allowed HT to remain on the streets after all the shit he has done are negligent in their duty — a damn disgrace.

    Were it up to the citizens? HT would be hanged, or at least tarred and feathered. Hell, just the information commonly put on the blogs is enough to charge him. At the very least, he’s a PUBLIC NUISANCE.

    What about dumping his trash (dog) illegally on Pine Creek? That should be enough for at least one charge.


    guess again/ no ht….

    the site is still there just no one posting so its not yanked … you all have no facts about nothing….. so now we have pat Starkey his fat wife and the knights writing again ok… we can do this… but one day you’ll all see ht doesn’t have that knight site i do…. i hate the fat want to be mayor bitch…..

    Editors note: We don’t post links to your fricking hate sites. It’s enough the local Police let y’all get away with your fire starting cult. Starting fires like you do is a sickness and you should all be in prison.


    guess again/ no ht….


    Editors note: Listen up ASSHOLE, if ya want to state facts about Yanero with Dinero, all is fair with the free press in reporting actual events. But, do not ever mention another Yanero on here again. Nikki Yanero has never posted, never will, she doesn’t give a shit. I suggest you wash off the Hot Toddy Roddy since it stinks of Gila Monster. Must have got sloppy seconds or thirds at this late hour. If you ever mention another Yanero on here again, I will tell them all where you live! They have some friends in high places ya know. Don’t do it again Mr Hot Toddy, now go wash off that Roddy, you’re scaring the children with that stench!


    guess again/ no ht….


    Editors note :“YOUR ON WRONG TRAIL”….that would be “you are” or “you’re” not “YOUR”, so why don’t you ASHORE us like the real deal Hot Toddy with the stinky little winky. Leave Nikki out of this, plus piss her off and she will kick your ass anyway. In fact I’m sorta getting sick of hearing about Yanero with Dinero since I have heard no more about any gun pulling on any county assessors, and hmmmm… if I think about it, I might have pulled a gun or two myself if some idiot pissed me off at the wrong time. So this is your last chance to shut the fuck up about Nikki or any of the rest of the family.



    I apologize to the knights because ht roddy went on the guessing game rampage again and started on them over my comments.

    Does ht not know that the whole county knows about both of the knights arrests? Oh, thats right, he was in prison when that happened so it is news to him……Lets see what was that arrest for? Was that when he stole the credit card off the dead man (or was he dead)? No, I think this may have been something else. Maybe we should print his rap sheet. Wouldn’t have enough space.

    I do have a question if anyone can answer it. Why is ht so mad at the knights?
    He just went beserk on them all of a sudden? Would like to know what is up with ht?

    By the way, guess again, ht can’t spell damn right either. good indicator its him although he has help with the other site from a past councilmans daughter K. D.. Such hate…….

    Editors note: KD can pull in the reigns, and she can pull taffy, but she’s got no brains if she don’t know no better than to hang out with the likes of the man with the Hot Toddy Roddy.



    Before… West Virginia (7-3) at Pittsburgh (7-3)

    After… West Virginia (8-3) Pittsburgh (7-4) NOT!

    Andrews wow …wow…interception! Saves the day at halftime!

    OMG that was close Pitt #86 ” …86 your self out of here in the third quarter!
    Pitt #86 is a freak that needs to be on a leash!

    Pat white scores 54 yards! Yay!

    4th quarter …how do you do WVU # 22! Right back at ya!

    Pass interference you Pitt freak on a leash!

    …then right thru the righteous up rights end over end!

    Don’t pretend it ain’t 15 to 7

    Pitt #25 keeps it alive!! 15 to 13

    Oh no don’t go for 2!

    #24 you black whore now Pitt is gonna score!

    Pitts Lesean McCoy did destroy all hopes!

    Damn !



    MCI Norfolk,

    Rina McCoy and Timothy O’Malley, a graduate
    theology student from Boston College came to give
    a talk on…

    It was decided that faith was a
    fundamental human attitude in everyday life.
    Man just naturally has knowledge of God. One
    has to deliberately close oneself off to not feel His
    benevolent presence.

    Do these people know that Rina McCoy lived in Sin
    lived in sin with an older man?

    R Mccoy
    xxxx Gassaway
    Gassaway, WV 26624

    Or is this one it?
    R S Mccoy
    Address Unlisted
    Fairmont, WV

    Editors note:Normally this post would just be deleted but… It appears that someone close to the Hot Toddy Fire starting Cult is conducting questionable activity for a search of someone they have never become acquainted with. The Hot Toddy criminal behavior is starting to become more than just an inconvenience. If you ever think about coming around Hot Toddy, most likely, you will be shot on site upon your trespass!



    Man…I am amazed at all the BS the elite(read cops, judges, lawyers, prosecuters, and of couse, their girlfriends get up to in our state! Thank God for you folks and others unafraid to speak the truth!- Put ‘em all away, for life! Better yet, let those wronged exact justice with a noose, as it was before we all became so “civilized”- Willyo, MYB Farm/Campground, Willyobikers Norman Ridge Newsletter
    PS- Keep up the good work!! We need ya!


    Maybe we should gather up all those dirty rotten son’s of bitches and get them all in the same room…

    Then I’ll say,

    “You been messin with my children
    And you been screaming at my wife
    Get off of my back!
    If you wanna get out of here alive”

    God damn I’m high! Hashish dreams tonight baby!


    Hey everyone!

    I found a really cool new website while following my two-lane livin sort of internet road!

    Check it out!


    It’s a called Lost!

    Lost in a Calhoun County….

    Why Lost?

    This is about a place. A place that some folks who have never been here might think can’t possibly be real. A place which, if you do live here and try to leave, will either call you back over and over again, or cause you to swear “never again”.

    This is a place that the outside world forgot when they were handing out directions. This is where the more rugged of our ancestors decided to settle down and raise their families. These are the people who loved and felt sheltered by the isolation of their mountain homes, and cherished their solitude and the freedom from the rat race of the outside world so much so that “Mountaineers are always free” became a well known phrase.

    Next time someone asks you why West Virginia has so many smokers and drinkers and high school drop outs and drug dealers you can tell them this: Native mountaineers don’t want to be messed with. They don’t want to be told what to do by some city slicker in a suit who knows nothing of the miles of mud they slog thru to get to town, or the hard realities of life in the hills, living from hand to mouth. They might not feel like proper schooling is so important when the greatest skills they can possess are those linked to common sense and survival. It’s a stubbornness akin to religion mixed with a shortage of money that keeps the jails full to overflowing. An entire people who have been told they need to “live down” their hillbilly heritage by becoming like “everyone else”. People who have been made to believe that they must struggle to live like “the rest of the world” in a place that is not LIKE the rest of the world. People who have been ruled and regulated to the point where they simply AIN’T gonna take it any more…


    TOP 15 CalPatty Press articles for 2008

    State of our Justice system 16,214
    Thank God for the Calhoun Underground! 10,625
    HOT TODDY BUSTED!!…NEW Police Chief 10,486
    Missing Meth-complete with lab, Missing 8,770
    In Central West Virginia it’s ALL SMOKE 8,518
    Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts 8,235
    Hot Toddy wanted to be a WV State Trooper 7,981
    From the West Virginia Forefathers of FREEDOM 7,931
    A O Way to Go West Virginia! WV 7,725
    RAPE…it’s JUST A KISS AWAY! 7,587
    Glenville West Virginia’s “SECRET SOCIETY” 7,483
    The YEAR OF 2007… a YEAR of Mental Illness 7,366
    “Never Got Above Her Raisen!” JESSICA LYNCH 7,344

    Total views 2008: 281,223

    For the person that keeps running searches for:

    statute of limitations for embezzlement

    In West Virginia there is no statute of limitations for a FELONY

    So, therefore, if the embezzlement is over 1000 dollars then there is no statute of limitations.

    However, those rules DO NOT APPLY to anyone that is a police officer, prosecutor, judge, court clerk or any of their friends.

    Those people can break the law freely with NO WORRY of jail or incarceration. A good example would be Tim Butcher and the AJ Woofter Estate.

    Although it is STATE LAW that an accounting on estates must be done once a year. Butcher went 12 years with no accounting so it was very easy for large sums of money to just come up missing!

    This matter was reported to Mickey Metz in the form of an actual complaint. He ignored it because it was Butcher and he is the city attorney.

    Should that in itself be a crime?

    Should Butcher be allowed to steal money and go unpunished?

    Maybe the answer is the people of WV need to take back their state by any means possible!

    Any means possible = 44 magnum under the seat?

    That is for you to decide!

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    Thomas Jefferson


    Detailed Inmate Information
    Imprisonment Status: Convicted Felon

    Full Name: Dellinger, Christopher Shane
    Height: 5′ 11″
    Weight: 148 lbs.
    Birth Date: 5/15/1977
    Gender: Male
    Booking Date: 01/16/2009
    Facility: Central Regional Jail
    Imprisonment Status: Convicted Felon

    Convicted Felon 4 times over and that schizophrenic FACEMIRE gives him 60 days in jail-now that is some bullshit!


    I’ve done a internet daily search, and twice I came to a article about Butcher-Cunningham swindling thousand’s. I worked at a bakery in Morgantown, WV on Beechurst Avenue, as I just got a new job two weeks ago in the Suncrest area of the city where I live. But the boss over at Chico Bakery is Rodney Butcher, so that’s why I’m writing this response.

    Editors note: Tim and Terry Butcher of Butcher and Butcher, were asked to be removed from the AJ Woofter Estate as far back as 2004 when a lawyer from the council on aging in the state of Ohio-Margaret Kreiner- discovered they were back dating checks and paying interest payments as much as two years late – the cash accounts that were in a Wood county bank were liquidated against the wishes of AJ Woofter who passed away – a writer – in Parkersburg – a much lessor amount from the estate than was in the accounts in Wood County were then deposited in the Bank controlled by Terry Butcher, in Glenville WV -over the years, the Butchers and Rosa Belle Gainer – Cunningham dwindled the account down to where the Benny – the person the account was meant to go to according to the terms of the will only received $7,000. Tim Butcher paid himself $10, 850 the last day of the account and took over $38,500 dollars the last 120 days. A federal attorney from New York said Butcher was running a Ponzi scheme, which is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to separate investors from their own money or money paid by subsequent investors, so therefore it is suspected Tim BUTCHER was robbing PETER to pay PAUL -after years of investigation the matter was turned over to a US Attorney who moved the matter forward to a federal agency for further investigation.

    Rodney Butcher, however is probably OK, but Sherry Butcher who was a member of the FIRST graduating class of the new school for corrections officers in Glenville in Gilmer County was busted just months ago for smuggling contraband to inmates.

    Tim Butcher is suspected to be involved in numerous other investment thefts, but was appointed to the GSC _ BOG just days ago, after also serving as foundation president. It is also suspected that Butcher and Gainer-Cunningham made unlawful contributions to Glenville State College- AJ Woofter Scholarship fund with estate money. When that matter was looked into, there was evidence of a cover up.

    Governor Manchin’s appointment of Butcher to the GSC-BOG also alerted many to the fact, that the Governor of West Virginia is as Crooked as all of them in Glenville, and now watch he will manipulate himself into the US senate.

By Editor Edison/CalPatty Press Editor/Reporter for the Cosmos- reconstructed from files obtained from the bottom of the Crooked River!

Not many people know this, and we don’t expect the mainstream press to report on the matter that Calhoun County Prosecutor Shelly Morris DeMarino filed complaints against WV State Troopers Starcher and Starsic involving a local murder investigation– And was in the perfect position to blow the lid off the cover-ups and corruption taking place on a daily basis in Calhoun County, West Virginia!

Shelly Morris DeMarino who many say will be the next PA of Gilmer County

….According to a treasured and secret member of the Central West Virginia’s Secret  Seven Coalition!

But, Shelly decided to get out of DODGE or in this case Grantsville and say screw it to all the Calhoun County Crap!

Looking as happy as the day she embraced Todd Smith on the Courthouse steps…Power Elite Calhoun County Prosecutor Shelly Morris DeMarino quits over disagreement with covering for the WV State Police just last spring in early 2010!

Were Calhoun County West Virginia State Police involved in coverup?

Many complained of the State Police in Calhoun County, but they had good reason to and even the person in charge SGT CJ ELLYSON was fired from the State Police and removed from his position when evidence for important cases were gone from the evidence locker!

Losing evidence is most definitely and indication of a cover up since a trial against a law enforcement officer from Calhoun County was disturbed by the loss of evidence, in fact SEVEN FELONY charges had to be dismissed over the mystery of no evidence being available for a simple prosecution.



The stories reported in the press are many in the continuing saga and struggle between Bob Weaver and specifically Doug Starcher from the West Virginia Department of Public Safety. The latest incident occurred when Starcher grabbed a camera from Weavers hands while he was taking photo’s for the Hur Herald of a news worthy event.

The matter was related by Rina McCoy of the CalPatty Press!

“From what I read on the internet the CalPatty Press specifically picks on Doug Starcher and often is involved in telling tall tales of drunkenness and cruelty. Well I, for one, if asked …   “It ain’t me babe! I ain’t the one you’re lookin for! “

“I ain’t taking credit for no Dougie doo doo! I report whatever it is, nothing personal, just in case it is me with big Doug in the rear view, uh oh, hear come the lights!! ”

“It Ain’t Me babe!  I ain’t the one you’re lookin for!”

William Seth Denmark accused of murder and making man dig his own grave while teen girl watches

But last spring the Calhoun County detachment of the State Po Po got nasty with Shelly DeMarino and Shelly confided to close friends that she was definitely threatened by the actions of the State Po Po and what exactly was said by them  to her!

Shelly Morris DeMarino is a member of the Power Elite from Glenville, West Virginia!  She could no longer be a part of bad doings in Calhoun County and just look the other way. Calhoun County is considered to be far beneath anyone from the Power Elite in Glenville and she felt she couldn’t get too deeply involved in the bad doings of the  drawling Calhoun County folk with their thick backwoods accents (sounding just like Lame Smith the clerk from the circuit court in Crooked County) and still come out smelling like a rose!

For the record Calhoun County Prosecutor Shelly DeMarino said she is resigning, citing, “An irreparable breakdown in the relationship between my office and the WV State POLICE!

Jackie Lynn Denmark the mother was released on bail pending further action

DeMarino said,

“I believe that the citizens of Calhoun County deserve better!”

“It is with much regret that I resign…There have been matters that have arisen that I feel make it impossible for me to continue in this capacity,” DeMarino said.

“The situation between myself and law enforcement has led me to this decision,” she continued.

While the prosecutor did not comment further on the reasons for her resignation, problems reportedly reached a boiling point after Cpl. Doug Starcher expressed anger over the release of public information of a recent criminal complaint involving the Denmark murder investigation.

Criminal complaints are public information in West Virginia.

The Dad William Anthony has a mysterious violent past! Could more bodies be found buried on family owned property?

Cpl. Starcher was reportedly upset that information in the complaint could bring harm to a witness by being published in the media, although all persons who are charged with a crime get a copy of the criminal complaint, essentially making the officers concerns invalid.

DeMarino’s resignation indicated a number of ongoing problems that she says has made the relationship inoperable in fulfilling her duties.

The CalPatty Press and the Secret Seven Coalition believes much of the hard feelings involve the case of Seth Denmark and the murder investigation of the local Denmark family from Calhoun County. William Albert “Seth” Denmark,  of the Beech area and Spencer was convicted of a kidnapping charge and is now a suspect in the murder case. Denmark’s father, William Denmark, has also been arrested.

William Denmark, his wife Jackie and son Seth have all been arrested on charges related to an alleged shooting, a kidnapping and a report by a witness alleging that Seth Denmark, 23, shot David Beach in the head and buried him in a grave four years ago.

By orders of the Secret Seven Coaltion and the CCC from Elkins, WV the CalPatty Press was asked to STAND DOWN on ANY reporting of the Denmark murder and or ANY of the subsequent investigations into the murder, or related shooting incidents.

We were ordered by our own superiors to shut the Fuck up about the Denmark Murder and forget about it– do not publish any further information on the matter what-so -ever!

We have been told that entire matter is too dangerous, and quite frankly so are all the people involved. Indeed it is a rare occurrence for a matter to become so dangerous, that we were ordered NOT TO REPORT ON THE MATTER IN ANY WAY by order of the SS!

It appears that Shelly Morris DeMarino got the same memo we did…it was pretty simple the matter was too dangerous to report on or be involved in!

Shelly quit just last Spring and NO PROGRESS has been made on the Denmark murder case, in fact the matter appears to have become a non-matter with no effort being given to solving the murder and in time, as we know … people forget! However, Denmark will appear in court in January and hopefully local citizens will be updated about the allegations of murder.

But, it is hard to forget about being sunk to the bottom of the Crooked River last August the 11th after the July 22, 2010 article authored by Two-Faced Two Lane Ain’t living long like this magazine editor Lisa Minney entitled “It ain’t me Babe!”

But,  after recovering this “Lost File” from last spring it was discovered the term, “It Ain’t Me Babe” was actually used by Lil Reeny several months before the turncoat Lisa Minney used it!

So the TWO-FACED TWO LANE Ain’t Living Long Like this version of It ain’t me babe was only a copy- cat premise for an article that started the War for FREE SPEECH in WV  …the state that considers itself it’s own country and can make up it’s own rules not part of the US or America!

Hopefully Shelly is getting ready to take the place of Gerald B Hough as Prosecuting Attorney  cuz rumor has it that Gerry will be out of office soon over his misconduct and Shelly will be the shoe- in to get the job done in an appropriate manner befitting to what the citizens deserve.