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By Lisa Wexler

Original CalPatty Press article all the way from the bottom of the Crooked River!

Kelli aka Lunacy Lucy of the Fire Starting Cult DEAD in the early morning hours of December 26, 2009 even the local papers had the date of her death wrong!! How do we know? We got the call within four hours of Kelli Lawson being found dead and reported it in the CalPatty Press!!

Kelli aka Lunacy Lucy of the Fire Starting Cult DEAD in the early morning hours of December 26, 2009 even the local papers had the date of her death wrong!! How do we know? We got the call within four hours of Kelli Lawson being found dead and reported it in the CalPatty Press!!

The Original article…

KELLI LAWSON aka Lunacy Lucy of the FIRE STARTING CULT–Known as the PILL POPPER and BED HOPPER found DEAD!

….was pulled quicker than a Hot Toddy Roddy from the internet! You could normally ask me a million questions as to why one of the highest rated CalPatty articles in the history of the CalPatty Press was ripped off the screen never to be seen or heard from again … and I would never tell you, but that was before the Flagship of the Secret Seven was sunk last August the 11th!

Were the SECRET SEVEN of Central West Virginia pressured to remove the article that told the truth about Kelli being killed?

Fuck yeah!

Could it have been by the TWO-FACED Two-Lane Ain’t living long like this girl that became a turncoat during the 15-day WAR for FREE SPEECH last summer in Crooked County?

Todd Smith became a living Nightmare for Calhoun Chronicle Reporter Lisa Minney, Victoria Shaver, Kelli Lawson, Stephanie Lawson and an entire cast of others – that include the MAYOR of Grantsville – that had to live in fear for their safety and the safety of others!

Could it have been Lisa Minney hanging around with the Crooks down by the Crooked River that got the article pulled faster than Stinky Walrus Weeny in the Glenville City District?

Good guess!

We don’t succumb to pressure, but the article was yanked and yanked right now buddy because of blah blah blah blah blah from Lisa Hayes Minney!

And Lisa says she never called shots in and for the SS?  Right!!

The CalPatty Press brings you the real truth in graphic detail and we pride ourselves on doing accurate reporting using the Secret Shit ways we have learned to obtain data, and important facts, with accurate and revealing photo’s included in our rather unique way of bringing you that, “Real truth!”


Rape or MURDER in Calhoun County, it’s all the same thing, whether by the Fire Starting Cult or the Chief of Police , it  is all made easy for you!

Nobody is safe when the police are Crooked!

Calhoun County Chief Deputy Bandy, Ron Gordon Grantsville Police Chief, C Shane Dellinger Calhoun Cop and Braxton County Bad Boy, State Trooper Sgt CJ ELLYSON the man that can make any evidence disappear along with GUNS MONEY and DRUGS! But, especially DRUGS!!

Instead of Running with the Pack anybody with any sense would have run from the Firestarting Cult at their very first chance for surely the Cult will lead to a bad end!

Sgt Campbell was the man that assisted Sgt CJ Ellyson with the crime!  All  of these law enforcement officers are crooked as hell and the SS warned everyone far, far in advance…and it ALL was TRUE everything reported and everything that was stated in articles all turned out to be true even though it sounded so fantastic at the time it all was reported!

Kelli and Hot Toddy became an item and Kelli joined the CULT and both were active in the early days of corrupt police, arson, sex, mystery fires, drugs and illicit relationships with direct ties to the Po Po in Calhoun County! It was a time of dope dope dope and sex sex sex and the cops and the crooks all partied together in those days, mostly for the reason of all of the hotties that were members of the Fire Starting Cult!

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson became smitten with no kitten during the summer of 2006 when she first was seen dating Christopher Todd Smith currently being held in jail on multiple felony charges!


The FAMOUS LETTERS FROM CRJ written recently by Todd Smith aka Hot Toddy describes sexual relations with lil sis Lil Steph.  Smith revealed that Lil Steph was jealous of the girl that Smith was having sex with the night Kelli Lawson was found dead in Smith’s bed in Lewis County! Lulu on the left–LiL Steph in the middle and the girl that puts the HI in O HI O on the right enjoying the New Year of 2010 at the home of the Fire Starting Cult Leader Christopher Todd Smith exactly one week after the death of Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson

Photo’s of Kelli Lawson(in the yanked article) were more than revealing, especially since some of them contained light nudity and risque up close photo shots. I can not reveal to you how we obtained the photo’s for the “Yanked” CalPatty Press exclusive story, but certainly most agree the subject matter included in that article– the SS  knows better than anyone else, for we were there when Christopher Todd Smith got together with Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson over  four years ago.

The CalPatty Press was  there to see all the drugs and the booze and the pills and the close associations with several law enforcement officers. The CalPatty Press, being very young and bold made some accurate and rather truthful predictions back then, and one of those predictions would be that Kelli Lawson wasn’t, “Living long like this!”  For, we knew all too well the goings and comings and comings and goings of Hot Toddy aka Todd Smith.

Calhoun County Cocaine parties were popular back in 2006–Coke straight from FLA!

The exclusive “Yanked,” CalPatty Press article was replaced with this article:

On the 13th day of 2010 Vicki Shaver tells the CalPatty Press her daughter was murdered!

A statement made by Calhoun County worker Vicki Butcher Shaver reveals that her daughter was murdered by a hot shot of  narcotics!

Vicki, who is distraught over the loss of her daughter even expressed the matter by the action of written record and the CalPatty Press was given the exclusive right to use it by a member of the press in good standing:

“I’m the mommy that held her close when she took her first breath…and fed her from my breast. That watched her blow her first bubble, tie her first shoe lace, do her first cartwheel, and get the first “kelli hallmark” she made!!! so many firsts…I’m also the mommy that tried to help her fight the demons…over and over!

Victoria Butcher Shaver says Christopher Todd Smith killed her daughter, but Todd Smith told the SC of the SS that entire matter of the wrongful death had been thoroughly investigated at a federal level and no probable cause was found to proceed with wrongful death claims against Smith and soon federal statutes will run out and he Christopher Todd Smith the leader of the Fire Starting Cult considers the matter completely and totally resolved by law enforcement assigned to investigate stemming from complaints filed.

Victoria Butcher Shaver says Christopher Todd Smith killed her daughter, but Todd Smith told the SC of the SS that entire matter of the wrongful death had been thoroughly investigated at a federal level and no probable cause was found to proceed with wrongful death claims against Smith and soon federal statutes will run out and he Christopher Todd Smith the leader of the Fire Starting Cult considers the matter completely and totally resolved by law enforcement assigned to investigate stemming from complaints filed.

…and I’m the mommy that knew in her heart that this evil person by the name of Todd Smith was slowly helping kill her while he smirked at me. I’m also the mommy that knows the night she died he gave her enough to put her to sleep…then put more of his drugs in her system and sat and waited until she took her last breath…..until he was sure they couldn’t bring her back. Then he called for help. Todd already had another woman he had been seeing, and he was done with Kelli but she knew way too much on him to set her free….so he done away with her in a way he believed NO ONE would question…he was mistaken…..and I will not stop until I prove this…one way or another he will pay..”

Vicki says ” ..and I will not stop until I prove this…one way or another he will pay..”

Vicki Shaver has never been a huge supporter of the CalPatty Press in the past, especially since we were the ones reporting on the dangers of the “Fire Starting Cult,” of which her daughter was an active member –  but now she wants it known that her daughter Kelli Nicole, her precious baby… was MURDERED!

Murdered is not accidental death!! Murder is murder and an all too familiar subject in this part of West Virginia!

Kelli ask for our help during the summer of 09, but we thought it was a trick and denied her. Now a decision has been made to expose Todd Smith for the criminal that he is and to see that he is caught for his crimes and taken from our streets or he will most assuredly kill again!

Todd has set up shop in Lewis County in Weston!

He rents a house off of a low life child molester and thief Jerry Burkhammer on 5th street in Weston.  It’s not hard to miss the yellow house with all the garbage outside. The contents of the house include all of the junk he was selling at his front business on second street (I suspect there is more stored at that house.)

Photo of Kelli Lawson and Hot Toddy aka TODD SMITH  taken during happier times in the volatile relationship of Kelli and Hot Toddy leader of the Fire Starting Cult! The Cult are thought to be responsible for 70% of the mystery fires of 2007! Many of those deemed Arson, but NO ONE was ever held accountable!

The house was condemned by the city for awhile and Mr. Smith has been told to clean up the house but of course has refused.  He drives there late at night with a utility trailer attached to that Chevy Avalanche of his, to do all of his drug dealing and such and with the permission and by agreement of Shelly Morris Demarino, the Calhoun County Prosecutor.

Hot(Hot Shot Giver)Toddy also rents his current residence from another winner, Meth addict/ producer, Stu Goodwin –owner of Answered Prayer Collusion Center (paint shop great location to hide the fumes of Meth production) on W2nd street in Weston.  Todd spends a lot of time with him at his body shop as well. The body shop keeps some strange hours at times too!

Mr Christopher Todd  Smith also spends a lot of time on the Brown Avenue area of Weston, same area Eric Metz-family relation to Sheriff Metz lives.  Seems as though Eric and Todd have the same type of ability to stay out of Jail. Hey Micky you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind hey Micky, but…uh not your family member dude, he is straight on CULT!

The corruption in Lewis County runs deep!  Yes, Weston was able to get rid of one bad cop. He was really good about looking the other way when credible info on hard drugs coming and going into the city was presented, perfect for Hot Toddy,    The rest of the Weston PD seem like  good people, I believe that and actually trust them.

Lets trust them enough to get a little pay back. I really hate it when people ask for our help and we say no. We are never saying no again god damn it! We can at least do that much for Kelli!

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson 1981 to 2009

Murdered by HOT SHOT! Murdered by HOT  TODDY!

By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator Editor/Secretary of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven/Editor Edison/Editor CalPattyPress WV

Major Ingold of the Police Standards division called the local detachment of the Gilmer County State Police yesterday giving the orders to take the complaint against Gerald B Hough for violation of Part B of the State Code involving Subornation of perjury.

Gerry Hough the PA that LOST the evidence against Chief Deputy Bandy who walked on 7 felony charges is accused of Subornation of Perjury!

Hough already is under investigation from a federal investigative agency according to a statement from Fawn Thomas Public affairs director for the Office of the US Attorney for Northern West Virginia made on June 22, 2010.

West Virgina Secret Seven members are in possession of the “Secret Tape” in which State Witness for WV and Gilmer County Marilyn Matheny  from LEMON EQUIPMENT in Parkersburg was caught in a lie in regard to value of states evidence. If she would have told the truth, then the case would have been time barred and dismissed.  So Hough asked Matheny to lie and she is  caught on tape.

That criminal action by Matheny is bound to spill over to civil action filed in US District court for damages, but the case is in the hands of the FEDS and we predict Matheny will have her clock cleaned for this criminal action.

“Knowledge empowers citizens and that is being manifested throughout the State to eventually help achieve reform.”

The knowledge and truth provided by mainstream news source Gilmer Free Press has empowered the local citizens of Gilmer County to see the “Real Truth” about issues.

For years the local press was controlled and all you heard about were the “People that Shine.” Davie Cacamamie aka Corcoran is certainly one big ass kisser!

The Glenville Democrap featured the same old “Power Elite” in the same old newspaper with the same old propaganda week after week.  I find it funny now-that some of those same people that shine -are on the receiving end of subpoena’s and are being investigated by federal agencies and  finding themselves being represented by very expensive law firms for the wrong doing and criminal behavior complained of for years.

The local Gilmer County State Police have their opportunity to do what is right today!

But I doubt the local newspaper the Glenville Democrat will want to “Shine”

With Gerald B Hough Gilmer County Prosecutor it is ALL SMOKE and MIRRORS, but this time his dishonesty may have caught up with him! Will Shelly Morris DeMarino step in to replace Hough while he is fighting the felony charges brought?

any light what-so-ever on the fact that the local Prosecuting Attorney will have to explain to State Troopers today and this week why he paid Roanna Rafferty $700 dollars to bring false testimony in a felony circuit court case.

Rafferty said she owned 1/6th of 155 acres, while an expensive title opinion from another court case proves beyond any doubt that she owned zero of the 155 acres.

The first statement Hough made to the “Tainted” jury was that Roanna Rafferty was a victim!  Those are strong words to tell a jury and a complete lie by Gerry Hough.

Facts gathered from the court case of:

“Cecil Leon Ramsey II vs. Roanna Arbuckle Rafferty”

…proved that Rafferty owned ZERO of the property in question in the felony criminal trial.

Part B of the state code on the matter clearly states:

(b) Any person who induces or procures another person to testify falsely regarding a material matter in a trial of any person, corporation or other legal entity for a felony, or before any grand jury which is considering a felony indictment, shall be guilty of the felony offense of :

Subornation of perjury!

Hough committed a crime in this instance and the crime exactly fits the state code!!

Gilmer County Court Cases involving misconduct and the POWER ELITE of Glenville use SMOKE and MIRRORS to bring charges against innocent citizens when they speak out on wrongdoing! Free Speech is met with SMOKE and MIRROR CREATED CRIMES the specialty of GERALD B HOUGH!!

Hough Paid Rafferty $700 dollars in advance to “Testi-Lie” or in other words to give false testimony. It has been my experience that Gerald B Hough Gilmer County Prosecutor has committed this same crime on numerous other Gilmer County Court cases. If Hough would have done his homework and checked with the courthouse, he would have discovered that Rafferty owned zip of the 155 acres of surface property, NADA, NOTHING, not even one acre jack!

And therein lies the damages and crime of this felony complaint against Hough!

Will the State Police work with the Gilmer County Commission to cover up this criminal activity that clearly indicates a crime occurred, or will they do the right thing and arrest Hough along with Rafferty for a crime indicated in an absolute way by the evidence?

By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator Editor/Secretary of CWVSS-Elkins/Editor Edison Consolidated Citizens Corp-Elkins WV/Editor

Just the other night I was at a bar and I was having a conversation with some folks who lived down the street from me that I didn’t know…

Peter Barr (author of the Barr Code) is implicated in federal law action as being on title of property sold along with another GSC employee!

And this very question of WHO is at fault at the GILMER COUNTY COURTHOUSE is currently the hottest topic in town mixed with dirty gossip that always comes home to roost if ya a had one too many and it was a SATURDAY NIGHT!!

We’re a talkin bout a hullabaloo now Gilmer County Style!!

Hoo yah! It’s the only gal darned thang you have to do, if the pole to your home ain’t a given up the juice and the baby needs a hippen and there ain’t no gas in the truck.  Oh yeah, the thought occurred to me to take some of that run off from the gas wells and go a fifty fifty and that is what got me to the bar and what a better way to buy a little freedom away from a hilltop prison.

Down the hollar and thru the woods, but to grandmothers house I did not go!

Sometimes you have to put some distance between you and any type of significant other, even if he was a mistake you made ten years ago when you were just a kid, and then I thought well maybe since I just said it I better be moving while that one sets in a ways!

Sometimes you know if  your performance is a particularly bad one that evening, and then ya know it is often a good idea to get off the stage because in these here parts the bottles start a flyin bout now… (I was a thinkin!)

“I can’t abide lazy people!”

…was the last thing I said when I decided I am thinking this is how I planned it all along. Start a fight, give the baby to daddy and head for the bar!!  Perfect!! God damn I am gonna have a good time!!

There’s no call to talk like that!”

…was the last thing I heard!

Ten years ago we had a good deal a- goin, but he bollixed it all up by getting arrested and all the money we thought we had is long gone now. It does not matter if one is to claim innocence it is the gettin arrested part that smarts!

I almost made  it to the truck when I heard some screamin!

“You’ve got your face painted up like a chippie I know what your a doin!”

He broke the axe handle, but I should n’ fault him for it my mama always said.

The next thing I know I was having a good time with people I did not know and here is a what everyone was a talkin bout!

The Gilmer Free Press

Thanks for Participating in GFP Poll.

Gilmer County Clerk’s Office
Given the recent current turn of events of Legal Records involving the Gilmer County Clerk and a Local Attorney, who do you think is responsible for the wrong doing?
County Clerk
County Clerk and Attorney
Neither 23.53%

Poll Results Only Reflect the Views of Those Who Participated in Voting.


By Rina McCoy/ Cosmos Communicator Editor/ with special permission from Cosmic Communications inc.  – from the upcoming book WEST VIRGINIA HELL HOLE!

Many in Calhoun County and Lewis County feel much safer now that Christopher Todd Smith AKA HOT TODDY is behind bars!

But,  how long will he stay there? Smiths Drug case was the longest in the Calhoun County history taking nearly three years to complete. How was he able to stretch out a case that long? Well, it could not have been done without the cooperation of authorities and a Calhoun County Prosecutor that decided to cut him some slack in exchange for information on drug activity in the area.

Smith was able to bullshit his way into some free roaming time since as far as is known, no real legitimate information was ever given, and the information that was given turned out to be completely false!

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson aka Lunacy Lucy Pill Popper and Bed Hopper long time member of the "CULT" found dead in the bed of Todd Smith in the early morning hours of December 26th 2009 !!

And the faulty info from Todd Smith proved to be an embarrassment for Calhoun County Law Enforcement.

Now that Todd Smith is behind bars more information has been received on other crimes he committed.

News about ARSON and RAPE is being revealed to well dug in members of the Secret Seven from Calhoun County.

Members of the Secret Seven have had to make some changes since the recent betrayal of Lisa Minney also known as the editor of TWO-FACED TWO LANE – Ain’t living long like this magazine!

The Secret Seven is now scattered to three different area’s to regroup and gather information enough to start sharing vital facts with federal authorities involving corruption and the covering up of crimes in the Central West Virginia tri-county area that are known strongholds of the SS.

Glenville, West Virginia seems to be the central headquarters for an evil self – serving power elite that make their own rules!

The death of Fred Hill and rapes at GSC campus are just a few of the major crimes that are being covered up and buried!

What the power elite consider a crime would be a situation in which the general public was aware of the truth and how much public officials have had to compromise professional standards to implement the cover up.

Minney has been revealing quite a few Secret Seven Secrets to the Power Elite and was recently seen (three weeks ago) having an intense conversation with Crooked County Crook Tim Butcher the former Glenville City Attorney right on the main corner of town in the Pizza joint parking lot.

Since the breakup of the Secret Seven websites that were getting more than 15,000 hits a week each, more information from the SS that was being held sacred, surfaced, and is being revealed…

This time the subject is     … RAPE BY THE LEADER OF THE CULT!

Here is an actual account of a crime of sexual intrusion as related to a member of the Central WV Secret Seven!


“I knew if I would tell I would be in more danger because of the crooked and lazy justice system. Also, there is no protection for a victim until the trial. Look at the evidence of poor Kelli. CRIMINALS HAVE MORE RIGHTS THAN VICTIMS”

Todd Smith now being housed at CRJ often forced his women to take photographs with little or no clothing on and sometimes used those pictures to blackmail his victims

“As a victim, WE ARE SCREAMING WE NEED HELP.I understand that a person is innocent until proven guilty but what about the victims safety until their proven guilty.”

“My fiance left me!”

“We had an argument about the awful ordeal and he stated that all this is my fault that I should have never had anything to do with Todd Smith and that I should have not told anyone about any of this.I asked him if he was ever scared of someone or raped and he said no that he would not put his self in that situation”

“I saw TODD in his truck. He knows that I have been talking about him. I have been very scared lately but I am doing everything I can to remain safe. I  finally reported to some really good police here, like Lisa Wexler suggested and they have been of some support.”

“I still have a lot of anxiety and I am lucky to get about two hours of sleep a day or every other day. As of right now, I just don’t know how life will work out due to my fiance leaving me when I needed him the most and he left me when I do not have employment and he left all bills for me and he walked away all because I was raped …I lost everything!”

“So, I have even been praying that Todd finds the Lord and turns himself in and pays for his crimes on society. I believe that God can do marvelous things. It could be possible through God. I saw your article about when the courthouse was struck by lightening. I know God is on our side. I just pray for things to speed up so everyone can have justice and some peace through all of this. He continues to taunt me still!!”

“I saw the evil in his face as if he was plotting something awful for me!! That’s why I was so frightened!”

Rape victims were scared they would be forced to have sex with other gang members and young women often submitted to Smiths photographic depiction of the awful event out of fear for their safety! " I saw the evil in his face like he was plotting something awful for me." "Thats why I was so frightened I knew if I stayed and did not calm him down he was going to do something inhuman to me. I felt like he would drug me and let men rape me and then send me the pics to torment me !!"

“I was very scared! I knew if I did not calm him down with submitting to the sex he was forcing on me he was going to do something inhuman to me!”

“I felt he was going to drug me just like he did Kelli Stamper and let men rape me and then publish the pictures he forced me to take partially clothed!!”

“He ripped open my blouse and roughly grabbed my breasts and I grabbed his hands and said don’t but he flipped me over on my stomach and removed my jeans in a rough way and then forced himself on me in a way I have never known before!”

“So I endured the pain, even though I cried out, he would not stop and then roughly moved me into different positions and made me do things sexually that I have never done before!”

“So I did what I had to do to see my children again!”

“I was so frightened I could not move on my own, it seemed like it was happening to someone else, all I could do was endure the pain and hope I did not die before seeing my family again.”

“It was torture! I was living the worst nightmare of my life!!”

“I have not slept for days and I am so exhausted because I am trying so hard to remember everything he did to me! I keep remembering something of importance with the pictures he took!”

“For some reason one of those pictures holds certain importance to him. He sent the pictures to me later by e-mail to blackmail me and he brags about the sex constantly and it makes me feel like a dirty slut and a whore!”

“I feel now, if I did not submit he would have had all those other gang members rape me too! I am convinced that his plan was to drug me and then to pimp me out later that week for money and drugs! He traded drugs for his pain pills, and now he had me to trade too, or so he thought  …until I escaped!”

The above is a true life account of another rape by Todd Smith! The victim has spoken truthfully and only initially to members of the SECRET SEVEN because of the fact SMITH is finally behind bars with a 1-3 prison sentence, she feels a little bit safer, but still lives in fear!!

If YOU are a victim of rape, and/or have also been a victim of Todd SMITH write to cal.patty@hotmail.com  to contact a member of the Secret Seven.

By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator-Editor/Secretary of the Council of Concerned Citizens

HOT TODDY Leader of the Fire Starting Cult!

Christopher Todd Smith  appeared before Judge Jack Alsop in Calhoun Circuit Court today and was sentenced in a timely manner shortly after 10am!

“Hot Toddy aka Christopher Todd Smith  received One to Three years in Prison today with time served! ”  …according to a noon report from Cosmos Communicator!

Depending on how one processes the “Time Served” Smith could be out of prison by early 2011, however that is not likely if Judge Alsop has anything to say about it, along with several Calhoun County citizens that have been waiting for this day for the better part of three years.

Sentencing meted out by 14th district circuit court Judge Alsop today is related to a drug charge which originated in Grantsville in 2007, with police saying Smith possessed about a gallon bag of marijuana with intent to deliver. 193 grams it was later determined.

The recent plea agreement appeared to have been one of two options, incarceration in prison for not less than one year nor more than three, or a determined number of days to be served in Central Regional Jail. (2009 Smith Court appearance below just after plea agreement was denied)

The Shelly Morris DeMarino "Sweet Deal" Snitch in the future agreement was rejected in 2009 after the Smith Case had been before the court for two years! Smith on right with his defense counsel!

Judge Nibert had rejected a request for a plea agreement in 2009. The case was continued into 2010 and was one of the last cases on the agenda of “Departing” Calhoun County Prosecuting Attorney Shelly Morris DeMarino. (photo-below)

Shelly D tried to get a deal for Smith in 2009, but HOT TODDY never did have to face the 2010 APRIL trial - as another last minute deal was signed on the very day documented by this courtroom photo

Both Judge David W. Nibert and Thomas Evans III had already recused themselves from the case and Judge Jack Alsop had to be appointed by the WVSC to hear it.

Smith also filed a motion that Alsop also be disqualified, however that effort was

"CULT" Leader and man believed responsible for starting many of the 07 Calhoun County "Mystery Fires!"


The current Calhoun County Prosecutor Rocky Holmes had already been disqualified because of prior involvement in the case and prior involvement with Todd Smith and his twenty years of terror in Calhoun County and surrounding areas.

Fire Starting Cult Leader HOT TODDY sentenced today by Special Judge ALSOP!

Christopher Todd Smith, formerly of Grantsville was once  charged with stealing a dead man’s credit card after he died in a car crash on Route 47 near Leachtown, Wood County on October 30th.
Smith apparently came upon the fatal crash of Randolph Fluharty, a resident of Mineral Wells, taking the man’s credit card and using it the same day to purchase an ATV. A despicable act, and then Smith for years claimed to be friends with Judge Facemire of Braxton, County.

Judge Alsop usually holds court in Crooked County but paid a visit to the Calhoun Lagoon of Conspiracy and was the judge that had the courage to sentence the CULT leader Hot Toddy to 1-3years in Prison.

“One year to the day,” before the 2010 plea agreement was made – the  April of 2009   SNITCH DEAL plea agreement, authored by Shelly Morris DeMarino regarding Smith’s  2007 drug charges–Judge Nibert rejected, indicating Smith had a 20-year history of criminal charges in several counties, including the theft of a credit card, mentioned. Smith purchased an ATV with the credit card, and  spent some time incarcerated for the theft- and robbing the card from the body of a man just killed in a car accident.

On March 22, 2010 –  I thought this case was going to go all the way until 2011 when through his attorney Tom Whittier, Smith presented new motions to Circuit Judge David W. Nibert.

Nobody wanted to hear any NEW motions of any kind — since the dope arrest was from October of 2007 and the matter had not yet been brought to trial.

One motion made by Smith’s attorney Tom Whitter was for an In-camera hearing, a closed or private session with the judge.

In Camera refers to a secret and private discussion and trials held with the judge in his private chambers or in the courtroom without any public or jurors.

Normally sensitive matters and matters of national security are tried or discussed privately which may or may not be recorded. Doubt Hot Toddy has any legitimate matters that would require and IN-CAMERA situation.

Judge Nibert responded, “I don’t want to have a hearing (on motions) on the trial date!”

Prosecutor Shelly DeMarino said “I oppose this. It has drug on far too long, too many continuances,” while reviewing the court record.

Fire Starting Cult members moved a lot of meth and pills and threw some outrageous parties in Calhoun County, the group was infiltrated by SS members in 2006 and photo's were taken!

Stephanie Stamper AKA Lil Steph, a sister to the deceased Kelli Nicole Stamper-Lawson AKA Lunacy Lucy of the Fire Starting Cult was recently almost run over by Todd Smith AKA Hot Toddy leader of the CULT!

This incident that involved Smith backing his truck up in a threatening manner as if to ram the vehicle into the young Stephanie Stamper prompted her to file a protective order against Smith.

DeMarino expressed concern for Lil Steph – who could have been a witness for the prosecution in Smith’s drug case-we predict that she will testify to the fact that SMITH KILLED KELLI LAWSON in a pending murder investigation, cuz Kelli knew too much about Hot Toddy’s drug and gang operations-technically at one time, the Central West Virginia SS and CCC considered Lil Steph a full fledged member of the Fire Starting Cult!

Original Fire Starting Cult member known as Lunacy Lucy the Pill Popper and Bed Hopper who was found dead in the Bed of Cult leader Smith just hours after a Christmas night of Partying being found dead at approx 0430 hrs 26 December 2009

Kelli Stamper-Lawson was formerly Smith’s girlfriend.  She died of what has been rumored as

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson was originally from Lewis County and was the constant companion of Hot Toddy leader of the Fire Starters!!

a drug overdose  last December 26th — Lawson was found unresponsive in Smiths bed in the wee hours of the morning at 4:30 am the 26th just after an Xmas night Celebration at Smiths home in Weston. Inside information revealed Lawson died from a cocktail of illegal drugs.

Now that HOT TODDY is a bit tied up over the 2007 dope rap he has several more charges to face, with even more jail time to look forward to. We will keep you up to date via reports from the Cosmos!

….the Cosmos Communicator the New Flagship of the West Virginia SS!