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Here is a SPECIAL FALL HOLIDAY TRIBUTE to one of the more popular RGW articles for last year republished this first day of December 2012!

DON’T MISS the SPECIAL MESSAGE for the editor and PUBLISHER of  the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit  DAVE CORCORAN who is also President of the West Virginia Press Association at the bottom of this article!!

The Council of Concerned Citizens, and the Secret Seven Coalition, along with all of Central West Virginia celebrate today September 8th   …the first year of bringing you the REAL TRUTH on Revenge of the Ghost Wolf! (original publish date of this article is 8 Sept 2011)

Last fall after the sinking of the Cosmos Communicator the new Flagship of the SS we decided to move our files off the sinking ship and build a new one based on the title of the SS book Revenge of the Ghost Wolf and what a stellar first year we had!!

The SS Flagship Cosmos Communicator made it to #66 with a bullet on the TOP 100 fastest growing wordpress blogs in the world in just it’s first 3 days, but with constant pressure from two local competing publishers, the Butchers Bitches and the bitches at the fourth tier hell hole on the hill the new flag Cosmos Communicator got yanked like a Hot Toddy Roddy for displaying proudly the Bare Breasts of Lizzy and Lexy — the Butcher Bitches that broke bad earlier in the Summer on all times ratings winner the CalPatty Press, a hit taker and widow maker!

Captain John Booker from the Secret Seven Coalition and the CCC- Elkins with K-9 mascot the traveling dog Horseradish the day after his rig was knocked side ways during a tornado in Tulsa.

We lost some of our SS staff during the on going feud of being mad as hell and not going to take it anymore as the CCC and the SS made that saying part of our rebel yell last summer– and the summer that saw the sinking of all of our big name flagships like the famous Crooked County Crooks website and the more than famous CalPatty Press!

But recently, in the last 12 months we brought in some new members to the SS.

Captain Booker known as Lt. Booker then, took over operations while our top ranks regrouped from some skirmishes with the Crooks from Crooked County that left some casualties in the ranks  and some captured.

Captain Booker is a full time SS consultant and investigator and former major market air-personality from 99.5 FM WGAR in Cleveland the station of the year nationally awarded by the CMA in recent years. Known as JT Booker on the air, JT also has hob nobbed with some of the top air personalities in Alabama a place he sometimes calls home when he is not fighting corruption in the fine state of West Virginia, the home to Gods favorite folk.

Our brightest star who is a terrific writer and best loved member of the SS is Freebird, who joined RGW last fall and has co-written one great article after the next.

Some of the first contributions by Freebird were these fine SS articles…

Kara who takes care of the traveling K-9 Horseradish who could be famous one day!

DECEPTION IN GILMER COUNTY! The Power Elite and the BOG at GSC Say, “Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave, When First We Practice to Deceive!


Glenville DREAM turns into a NIGHTMARE thanks to the GILMER HOUSING PARTNERS – JACK JONES Con Artist – And ALL the CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY that live down by the Crooked River!!

The Count of Crooked County Marc Monteleone and the Naked Truth Revealed!!!

OIL and GAS! DRUGS and ASS! SEX in the SIN CITY of GLENVILLE, W VEE – Nobody rides to the top for FREE!

Greed and the Creed along with Trickery and Deceit are “Common Place” in Crooked County!

And many more SS articles had major contributions by Free Bird  in 2011 !!

Our very first supporter who contacted us within the first few hours during the birth of RGW is Willy O Biker from Calhoun County our old stomping grounds and this was his first comment! (comment below photo of Willy O)

Willy O Biker received threats from Gerry Houghs Hate site last spring, but Willy said to hell with ya, I ain’t a doin nothin wrong! One false move and this disco duck is dead bitches!!


Submitted on 2010/09/08 at 2:07 am

pullin for ya’ll- savin a link on my site for the new icelandic site- stay in touch(love the vids!)-willyo.

Editors note: You got the video’s! Cool!! They were breaking bad!!

The text was in reference to some Nasty Box Banging Butcher Bitches videos we were going to publish, but our CalPatty Press Flagship was sunk just minutes before the first sexually revealing broadcast!

Lemegeton Secrets are learned by the Power Elite while doing mind altering substances

Bael he maketh men goe Invisible, he ruleth over 66 Legions of Inferior spirits he appeareth in divers shapes, sometimes like a Cat, sometimes like a Toad and sometimes he is called by the cult and by fire and by the Leader of the Fire Starting CULT!

This is his Character wch is to be worne as a Lamen before him who calleth him forth, or else he will not doe you homage.

Bael sometimes appears like a man, & sometimes in all these form at once. He speaketh very hoarsely, but is empowered by secret ritual, that often includes strange sexual rites as some stare at dark pools of water longing for contact of the evil one, the Lemegeton of Crooked County!!

Some refer to the Lemegeton as a book, but the Lemegeton is a belief and a being, and being that has become a supernatural entity and is called into doing bad deeds for the bad deed doers of Gilmer County and was present on the Night that FRED HILL was murdered and was present on the day Basil Fred Hills body was fished out of the Crooked River behind the house of minion Mickey Metz.

“The Lemegeton is pure evil and  often seen in human form in the dark woods of Crooked County on the dark nights when another virgin is sacrificed and is most certainly the favorite agent of the Devil!”

Secret rituals sought by the most secreted of the elite and secret rituals performed by the few and some new, for  secret rituals are often performed on the drugged and unsuspecting stranger that just happens to land in the Ville!

Bael speaketh very hoarsely, but is empowered by secret ritual, that often includes strange sexual rites as some stare at dark pools of water

That stranger may get quite a fright from those secret rituals in the night, secret rituals that give you a chill are the secret rituals brought to the Ville, but if they wake up at all, they won’t remember a thing, for it will all be a bad dream! Or will it ….

“The Lemegeton rules over the evil ones in Crooked County and only fears the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!

Very recently a self described well educated, brilliant and influential person made a totally stupid public  comment that, in general,

“If someone does not live in Gilmer County (apparently irrespective of family connections),they have no right to question what goes on in Gilmer County!”

Even if their family STILL OWNS and owned property and paid hefty property taxes since the 1800’s? Yes, is the answer because the power elite have absolutely no respect for the people who years ago made the county what it is today, and have helped ever since with their tax dollars.

Those thousands and thousands in property taxes have been of great benefit to the community, but Glenville and Gilmer County under the current leadership have been blatantly disrespectful of these facts and more, and further continue to be daily.

“…And to further limit someone’s rights Gerald B Hough prosecutor for Gilmer County recently stated, in effect, that if a person feels they’ve been wronged, they should just take it and shut up!!”

Can you believe this type of skewed off the mark and mind controlled thinking?

This has too long been the cry of every self serving, politician and businessman in  Gilmer County and it makes us wonder what is happening that can not bear the light of day.

In Gilmer County a special effort is made for enemies of the Power Elite and we have been studying how the elite do things, and looking into history, we see that former Circuit Clerk David Lane Smith was something of an expert at drawing in just the right people in the jury pool for his specialty of hand selecting juries for just the right occasion.

The Central West Virginia SS has uncovered a great deal of corruption and sent reports to the US Attorneys office and at least one official complaint was sent to the office of Special Investigations.

After investigating misconduct in the 14th district circuit court in Gilmer County for years, we have discovered a key element in the origin of the manipulated court system all started with David Lane Smith, known as LAME Smith to his friends. LAME would “Custom select,” juries special according to felony trial requirements, and then knowingly employ jury members that the elite are convinced will play ball when it is an important court case on their Crooked County Agenda.

PEGGY MOORE the then owner of the “Common Place” restaurant was a juror in the “Travesty of Justice” court case, the same case in which it was just proved that there was wrongdoing by Gerry Hough for paying a state witness to testify to ownership of property they never owned.

In WV there are laws prohibiting a person from serving on a jury if they have an immediate family member serving in law enforcement or are employed by a regional jail as a corrections officer.



…a lie was submitted to the Supreme Court that:

“Appellant took this equipment and sold it to Gerry and Shirley Ball of Grantsville”

Actually the court record from the 14th circuit court clearly stated that defendant named as Appellant in Supreme Court NEVER took the equipment anywhere, or ever touched it, or moved it, but with the help of Robert Goldberg, C Smith and Darrell McGraw all from the office of the attorney general LIES were knowingly brought before the Supreme Court!

“We smelled a Butcher Bitch and we were right for Darrell McGraw turns out to be closley tied on a personal level to the infamous Butcher dynasty of Gilmer County!”

Juror Peggy Moore who is currently being investigated for jury tampering along with Gerry Hough who had the jury drinking water out of bottles that were labeled with his photo and name on them —this act of handing out his personal water for the jurors is not only unethical but highly illegal, yet Judge Richard A Facemire knowingly allowed this sort of behavior.

This is what is recorded as official matter of record about Juror Peggy Moore in the State Supreme Court brief drafted by the office of McGraw…



State’s Response:

Although Juror Moore had a son employed in the regional jail system, a thorough inquiry by the court occurred regarding her ability to be impartial during voir dire. Upon examination she assured the trial court of her impartiality; and, thus, Juror Moore should not have been removed for cause.

What a bunch of Power Elite LIE and bullshit that all is….

Peggy MOORE that owned the Common Place who was mentioned above in the Supreme Court document should have never served on that jury because she has a son that worked as a corrections officer at CRJ that is about as big an asshole as you would ever want to meet.

NO IF ANDS OR BUTTS that is the fucking law, but Judge Facemire felt if he asked nicely if she was going to play by the rules, then they could overlook the law in West Virginia, because that is what Facemire does best!

In this instance Judge Facemire was in ON THE FIX from the very start!

We have studied Gilmer County Corruption for years and every important trial in the last few years had a hand picked jury by someone we consider a criminal, David Lane (LAME) Smith.

…and the son of MOORE, the Corrections Officer is a corrupt and dishonest asshole too that got caught smuggling contraband to the females in exchange for sexual favors. CO MOORE was fired for these sexual infractions and smuggling contraband after being arrested for stealing a car.

Of Course PEGGY MOORE went to Ike Morris and he pulled a few strings and the sexual favors and contraband allegations at the jail were never brought forward but that Moore bitch was arrested for the car theft and stripped of his rank as corrections officer at CRJ.

Final outcome, Peggy Moore we consider to be a bought and paid for juror and we intend to seek prosecution against her and others, and will try to present our evidence to federal authorities.

Lizzy Butcher is not in all that good of mood when the powder is gone, and she has to face the evil Lemegeton again going back home!

We should be able to be proud of our local government, its agencies, affiliations and its actions but this must not be so if elected officials feel the need to limit anyone’s right to ask a question or to seek legal recourse.

While the principle of government transparency should be self-evident in a democratic society, the West Virginia Legislature, in enacting the Freedom of Information Act, W.Va. Code § 29B-1-1 (“WVFOIA”), mandated transparency in West Virginia government, declaring that transparency in government and public officials is the “public policy” of the State:

“Pursuant to the fundamental philosophy of the American constitutional form of government which holds to the principle that government is the servant of the people, and not the master of them:

It is hereby declared to be the public policy of the state of West Virginia that all persons are, unless otherwise expressly provided by law, entitled to full and complete information regarding the affairs of government and the official acts of those who represent them as public officials and employees.

The people that rule Crooked County in Glenville, WV and their very real totalitarian regime fail to realize that as Americans we have rights, and that Gilmer County is still apart of the United States whether those dumb fuck county commissioners and Gerry Hough up on the hill think so or not.

The local girls need a little schooling to let them know the local black GSC students are NOT RAP STARS they are RAPE STARS and they are not NFL players some of them are from the ghetto and need to be reviewed by a committee of the council of conservative citizens when they travel in threatening groups off campus. Local girls need to be schooled that it is HIP just to take that pussy and GSC is not really the ideal place to learn this hard core rule of modern life in the Ville!

The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know.

The people insist on remaining informed so that they may retain control over the instruments of government they have created.

To that end, the provisions of this article shall be liberally construed with the view of carrying out the above declaration of public policy.”

The elected officials and public officers of Gilmer County seek to subvert this democratic principle, and by doing so, erode the public trust and insist that their authority should be accepted without question.  Their efforts to keep what should be readily available, public information as their personal and private knowledge raises many questions.  What is it that they fear?  Have their actions been so underhanded as to render them unable to bear the light of day?

Sexy Lexy keg stand can turn a person upside down and inside out but get that ass in the air – soon no one will care – sex flows like a Butcher Bitch down a Crooked River! Local girl from the Ville shows us how to get a thrill where the elite meet in Crooked County!

The “Public policy” of transparency in a democracy is not a new concept and has deep historical roots. As stated by well known, British historian, Acton,

Every thing secret degenerates, even the administration of justice; nothing is safe that does not show it can bear discussion and publicity.”

The Founding Fathers of America clearly agreed with that principle, and this Country was formed on the basis of governmental openness.

GilmerCounty is still part of the U.S.A. Bitches!!

Ask any of our Veterans what they fought for.

The great early patriot Patrick Henry wrote,

“…The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.”

Any promised review of complaints against a public official or policy lacks any evidence of transparency, and takes place in secret in Gilmer County.  Far from being provided “full and complete information regarding the affairs of government and the official acts of those who represent them as public officials and employees” as mandated by the Legislature, the public is provided no records or information to judge or gauge how public business is conducted nor how those officials and agents resolve complaints beyond generic, non-specific lip service in an effort to placate and make the questions go away.

Against this backdrop of total secrecy, lack of transparency and attention-grabbing for political gain, public questions and concern abound and rightfully so, but where are the answers?  None will be forthcoming from those in charge and that is obvious.

Tax paying citizens certainly deserve and should be provided complete information regarding the affairs of government and the official acts of those who represent them as public officials and employees. These rights should never be in question. If I were such an educated person I would stop asking who wants to know and start answering what would you like to know.

“This really is the United States, so don’t let the Crooks from Crooked County fool ya!”

The Butcher Bitches say if you want to be one of us …Lets take this pill with an X I will lick every inch of you girl until you never want another tongue, then give you the HEX and you will reach out in ecstasy every time you hear my name! You will be mine Valentine! Your big V is all Me .. and that is next!

“Sweet Satisfaction, gets good reaction in Crooked County, the home to rape and murder!! Better do it the Butcher Bitch way or your home or office could be burned down today and you wouldn’t want to do that to your daddy now would you baby girl…”

Crooked County is also home to Two-Lane Two- Faced Ain’t livin long like this magazine editor’s Lisa Minney, who of course is the gal that attracted so much attention to herself last fall, over the fact that her friends, the Crooks from Crooked County, were screaming bloody murder over the latest Butcher Bitches SEX SCANDAL exposure and that her and a few other publishers in town were gonna put a stop to exposing the sex scandals, but all we got in the last year was more sex scandals with YOUNGER girls involved. Teenage girls of the very people that Lisa Minney left her friends in the SS for are the ones to blame for throwing raucous parties where it is “Just OK” to have drunken teenage sex and even the basketball coach of the Lady Titans can bring beer and prove he is no queer for he is gonna get some thing straight while the mama cat lets him play — but nobody told the coach his  sins were witnessed by the Lemegeton, and that he was now part of the evil, and the darkness that haunts the dark woods of Crooked County —  the Lemegeton is always watching always waiting for the attack he knows is coming, for can’t you hear it?

“..Something moving slowy in the bush! What is it?”

“There! Can’t you see it?”  Is it a SHADOW or only a Ghost?”

Minney joined with others to muzzle up the members of the Secret Seven once again, one year ago today — And NOW on the one year anniversary of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf the bitter truth is once again brought out for all to see, because we are STAR DOG CHAMPIONS!!

***     ***    ****     ****    ***    ****  ***  *****  ****   *****   *****  **** ****

For all the STAR DOG CHAMPIONS of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition and the Council of Conservative Citizens Birmingham Alabama!

Special SS  Feature for Monday September 12th

Monday MADNESS …Revenge of the Ghost Wolf ROCK and ROLL ENCORE!

This next Monday MADNESS …Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Rock and Roll selection is dedicated to BRIAN CHALMERS award winning Rock and Roll photographer, journalist and artist and a very special friend … also served as the Secret Seven Coalition Art Director 06 07 08 and 09

Though Chalmers worked many years for Gannett NBC affiliate WKYC/3, he’s best known as the man who took over drawing the iconic WMMS “Buzzard” after original artist David Helton spread his own “wings” to then-WMMS owner Malrite’s other stations, including another big outlet, WHTZ/100.3 “Z100” in New York City.


SPECIAL MESSAGE for the editor PUBLISHER of  the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit  DAVE CORCORAN…. on this 3rd of December 2012.

Copyright infringement and exclusive rights must not be part of your vocabulary there Mr. President of the Press Association, well it was the Central West Virginia Secret Seven that exposed Judge Watkins on FOX news, and we are about to expose some prime players in Gilmer County for the RAPES at GSC.

I have been working with a major news outlet for six months on getting that story national.  Last time I talked to the head guy for that entire particular network from coast to coast he assured me they were still looking into it. Amanda Smiths parents had to come to me for help involving the rape of their daughter, we got them an investigator, it was M Clifford that actually wrote the brief for the US District Court.

Dave Corcoran on the left with BOB HENRY BABER the man the ran for Governor of the state of WV and banged the holy bejesus out of Sarah Ann Rutherford, his son's girlfriend during a drug and sex frenzied orgy!  Baber banged Rutherford and taught her all he knew about fucking students and Sarah Rutherford learned enough to get herself two years in jail and now she has been locked up for two months and 3 days and counting ...

Dave Corcoran on the left with BOB HENRY BABER the man that ran for Governor of the state of WV and banged the holy bejesus out of Sarah Ann Rutherford, his son’s girlfriend during a drug and sex frenzied orgy! Baber banged Rutherford and taught her all he knew about fucking students and Sarah Rutherford learned enough to get herself two years in jail and now she has been locked up for two months and 3 days and counting …

You are still using my personal property as an ICON  on the Gerry Hough hate site, and you were given notice to remove this work of art that will be the cover of my second book RETURN of the GHOST WOLF the NEW CIVIL WAR!!

Intellectual property”   please look that up Dave, for I think that now that you are the President of the WV Press Association, I will be able to have a field day with the fact that you feel like you can make up your own rules just because you live in Crooked County down by the Crooked River.

Do, I have to haul your butt into a federal court to resolve this issue? Because, you see, the clear matter of fact is I have already been to every court in the state at least once, and would look forward to arguing against you in front of a federal judge. So, it would not be all that big of a deal to me, and only this time I want damages and the over 680,000 in lost wages from my radio show cost by Gilmer County for their knowingly bringing of false evidence proven by a title opinion to the circuit court, that Gerry Hough has decided to ignore, but, maybe its all a little over his head, according to two attorneys here that have a very low opinion of Hough based on his past record and FERPA violation.

This is a request to remove my copyrighted material. I am sending this on time stamped and dated so that it can be proved you were once again notified that you are violation of publishing my personal property.

Now why would you even involve yourself in such a lowly situation as actually publishing ads for that Hough hate site garbage? Is that WV Press Association policy? Or should we also include that in our complaint?


SPECIAL UPDATE DECEMBER 5th … WATKINS HEARING from the courtroom, from last week 11/27/ 2012
Listen to the witnesses testimony and watch how Judge Watkins reacts, it is the reaction of Judge Watkins that gets him booted from the bench until 2016.

The REST of the Story can be found at the Concerned Citizens Free Press just click on this green link to GO there: