By Editor Edison/FreeBird/Rina McCoy/Central West Virginia SS

It must have felt just the same as when the Nazi’s took Poland — during that Blitzkrieg  take over of Gilmer County Schools this past week.  I think I heard talk of concentration camps and gas chambers for anyone connected with the FREE PRESS.

Informant for the SS Gary Collins told some tall tales of cruelty in the Gilmer County Schools. Well it all appears to be true and a state of actual emergency was declared! Gary also wanted to say, “Have another drink Princess Di,” as Gary has been telling that story over and over again about how Diana L Butcher chased him out of the post office one day, threatening “HELL FIRE RAIN DOWN ON HIM!”  …and that was just for submitting photo’s to the FREE PRESS and of course for that… he must be a spy!

The question arises whether or not Nasia Butcher principal of Gilmer County High School, which recently has been the object of scandal and complaints, made complaints herself to the SBA in order to prevent Bill Simmons the pick of “THE PEOPLE” taking the head spot!

VOTER FRAUD IS OUT OF CONTROL in Gilmer County ! They really know how to deliver down by that Crooked River! Voting Slates bought and paid for votes and this last election they ordered two extra recording modules and changed them at the last minute therefore giving JEAN BUTCHER a very suspicious win during the election! It was a miracle, or was it?

Nasia always said Simmons would never serve a day as Superintendent!

It seems Nasia Butcher of the infamous Butcher’s got her way again and you can bet NASIA will be willing to do anything — either by hook or crook  …to move up the ladder and gain power under the new regime!

William Simmons was our dude, and had the endorsement of the Secret Seven Coalition. We have recently been pouring over documents recently acquired concerning how much GSC spent on lawyers while R Terry Butcher  Board of Governors member started pushing Bill Simmons out at GSC — So the Elite could seize power– and generally Butcher made life miserable for Simmons.

Before the sensational Take Over of Gilmer Schools, we were just about to release an article entitled…

“The TORTURE of Williams K Simmons at GSC!!”

Nasia Butcher wife to R Terry Butcher of the Butcher and Butcher law firm knew a secret and only members of the exclusive club knew…

Last Tuesday afternoon the 7th of June, Nasia Butcher, mother to the infamous "Butcher Bitches" was shredding anything and everything she could at the high school! That is because she knew what was up! And that is because NASIA BELONGS to the exclusive club that KNEW the "Take Over of the Gilmer County Schools," was coming!

The “Power Elite,” and lovers of JOE  & Gayle MANCHIN knew Gilmer County Schools were not in compliance.  Joe Manchin even appointed his wife, Gayle, as a member of the West Virginia Board of Education just for the reason her position might just come in handy someday — And boy howdy Big Joe was right! The OEP Audit read that several official complaints had been filed! Nasia knew what was up and she got her gang of GLENVILLE GOONS together to go attack the State Capital with their political reign of terror and powerful friends — And BIG BIG money in campaign contributions from both living and dead —  And both legal and illegal !!

 Damn you better know what’s up now bitches because the Gilmer County Goon squad is in FULL FORCE and coming after you!!

Gilmer County GOON SQUAD invades Charleston!

Film at 11!!

The emergency inspection, which was was the origin of the military style take over started with a meeting of:

Nasia Butcher, Barbara Miller, Desi Garrett, Tom Ratliff, Dorothy Rhoades, and Hillary Miller – ALL INVADING Charleston to file a complaint because “Their Girl did not get the job she wanted!”

Judy Stalnaker the GOON SQUAD PICK for Super!

When it was realized that  Judy Stalnaker the GOON SQUAD PICK had no chance of getting the superintendent position well then well greased political wheels down South in Charleston went in motion!!

The Glenville GOON Squad and all their glory and full colors  all seem to be related by one kin to another, but, OH, That’s right, this is West Virginia!

Barbara Miller operates the Barbara Miller Realty, and also is Judy Stalnaker’s sister, And  then, Dr. Hillary Miller is the Daughter of Barbara.

And if the Butcher Bitches were here breaking bad, they would have everyone kissing each other or waiting to be tied up in the other room!

Dorothy Rhoades and Tom Ratliff (father of Tommy Ratliff at GSC) both are board of EDU members and voted against Simmons, because the GOON SQUAD knows how THE BUTCHER BROTHERS AND NASIA BUTCHER hates SIMMONS!!

Tom Ratliff was one of two who ran in last election, and then was the choice of the Power Elite of MORRIS TOWN and with intentions to take total control of the board.

But things don’t always work out as planned for the Power Elite —  Tom Ratliff got elected, but a Radcliff, William Radcliff did not!

Now if you are from out of state you are going to hear some of the SAME NAMES a lot, but, again, this is West Virginia and you will be finding out they have been sleeping in the same beds a lot too! Just ask Lizzie and Lexi who broke bad all summer long last summer on the Cal Patty Press!!  Hoo yah!!

When Bill Simmons was voted in as the new Superintendent of Gilmer County Schools, replacing John Bennett all the people were happy!


Nasia ran to IKE and said,

“I will do anything Ike ….anything you ask, anything! But just please call somebody!!  We don’t want to mess with Bill! He will throw me out IKE! I will do anything you want, just name it!”

IL Ike Morris, owner of MORRIS TOWN – the capital of Crooked County  then contacted Joe Manchin – BIG JOE!  And Joe had his wife Gayle, who is also a high ranking member of the State Board of Education, get the FIX in for Nasia!

Gayle fixed it good!  Gayle fixed it real good!!”

… Slam, Bam, Thank You Ma’am even if you are “The Governor’s Wife!”

Gayle is running the BOE and is a major shot caller, and called a shot for NASIA BUTCHER that knocked Bill Simmons out of a position he rightly earned and to hell with the poor white citizens of Gilmer County!

” HELL,  the common folk mize as well all be Negroes or Slaves on the plantation as far as the Power Elite are concerned!”

Normally any county has six months to correct a bad situation!

“But,by declaring Gilmer County a State of emergency, which it was not, for the situation was truly more closely associated to a Nasia anxiety emergency —  and the fact the GOONS were upset over Stalnaker not getting their Captain of the Ship of fools appointment!!”

John T. “Ted” Mattern as the new interim superintendent of Gilmer County Schools

The Powers that Be prevented Bill  Simmons, (the peoples choice)  from starting his new position.

This is how all it goes down in MORRIS TOWN!!

 In Crooked County down by the Crooked River it is the ELITE way or the Highway!   …And to Hell with the Slaves!!

We SLAVES can be raped like a bitch at GSC! And then pillaged and used and tied down — And they WILL raise our gas prices  — And we can’t afford the food at Facemire’s grocery store owned by IKE – Or the utilities or the taxes — And we have become SLAVES to the County — And SLAVES to the State — And SLAVE to the Bank –And SLAVES to the Butchers!

Better walk the line !

“…Or those darn Butcher’s or the MORRIS TOWN CLAN will enlist someone to put all those that oppose them in jail, or may threaten someone’s whole family, like they did DAVE over at the Gilmer Free Press!”

Now Nasia is kissing ass to get her share of the BUTCHER PIE!!

And why was she at the board office ALL DAY LONG just a couple of days ago?

Was Nasia there trying to destroy all the evidence relating to her?

.…before the Shit Storm take over took over and rained down and it was too late?

You got it!

Nasia was shredding evidence like a Bad Butcher Bitch Breaking Bad!!

The POWER ELITE PICK for Superintendent Judy Stalanker not getting the position is what started the entire string of events that led to the TAKE OVER of GILMER COUNTY SCHOOLS!!

The TAKE OVER was all about politics and being sore losers!!

Stalnaker has allegedly also been involved with jury tampering – And that also included a misconduct complaint regarding the jury against Gerald B Hough during a Gilmer County Circuit Court felony trial, along with the mention of Peggy Moore the owner of the Common Place Restaurant.

A great look at the worker BEE'S for the POWER ELITE in Gilmer County on the far left new assistant Connie O Stinsky, who has been working with minions for Gerry B Hough, Jean Butcher who recently was charged with ELECTION FRAUD soon after taking office, DAVE HESS County Commission President and the Walrus, Brian Kennedy who literally caters to the Power Elite of Crooked County!

Moore and Stalnaker were mentioned in WV Supreme Court documents involving an unresolved and familiar high profile case, in which both were named as jurors, that should have never served due to conflicts.

The Butchers, big players among the power elite are pushing for a new school proposed by the BOE be built on their property – on top of Glenville hill where Auction Barn used to be!

Of course it is well known the Butcher Brothers of the infamous Power Elite had the place burnt down and collected hefty from an insurance company! Now we know the Butchers may have used a local infamous outlaw, and a person we know all too well – that is the “Top Dog” of a well known local gang known as the Fire Starting Cult –  Todd Smith!!   ….aka Hot Toddy!!

The SS has some exclusive information in the form of a threatening letter from CRJ and written and sent by the leader of the FIRE STARTING CULT — Christopher Todd Smith, also known as HOT TODDY for his very long history of Arson and collecting insurance checks – now serving time in prison!

This letter below was stamped November 4th 2010- and in the letter Todd Smith denies raping a young woman and having sex with a 17 year old girl. He also denies killing Kelli Nichol Stamper Lawson who was found dead in his bed December 26th 2009 , it was a sad death by overdose. Smith says it was another man who’s code name was T and not him that burned the Auction Barn down — So the Butchers could profit from the building of a new school  — And here is the actual letter as proof. We highly suspect HOT TODDY did this one himself for he got caught bragging about it!

The threatening letter below also includes the envelope complete with the CRJ inmate number of Todd Smith, this is the actual original letter sent from the jail and around this same time, the threats and illegal activity involving Smith became known to  CRJ, and then they started reading  all HOT TODDY’S letters being sent out and made copies of them.

Nasia keeps saying the property has to be big enough to hold a high school, elementary and a middle school!!!  Both of their properties fit the criteria!

So you see how it is done down in Crooked County!!!

Nasia pleads her case to IL IKE MORRIS and Ike calls BIG JOE and then it is ALL A GO!!

The Butchers or another member of the POWER ELITE are 500,000 or a million dollars richer and somehow we are always the ones that pay for it!

I am tired of paying for it, and I am god damn tired of being a SLAVE!!

And NOW for the moral of the story:

You get what you want if you’re greedy and your husband is a lawyer in Glenville. Your opinion is important when it comes to who gets the big money.  You are somebody, and the common person is nobody —  and even nobody in the Common Place Restaurant — for that is where the ELITE MEET!

It will be interesting to see what the new boss thinks about the strange days that just occurred this past hellish week in June — And it will be interesting to see who the next Superintendent is.

Let us hope that it was all the result of great auditing by a group of Professionals who told it like it is for a change.  After all, most of the findings were the same as they left us with during the last audit.

Lizzie Butcher who Broke Bad in the Summer of 2010 with KISSING SISTER Lexie gives mother Nasia wife to R Terry Butcher some love!

Maybe the State Board of Education doesn’t like to be ignored, even by the self proclaimed politically affluent, queen of the Glenville Social Club Nasia Butcher, Principal, Gilmer County High School!

One thing for sure, whatever the reason the SBA didn’t take a thing — Gilmer County Schools were handed to them on a silver platter and sadly suffering from a bad case of neglect from the top to the bottom.

“If I am going to get fucked, I would rather be on top this time, than the bottom , because those power elite rug burns are getting annoying!!”

“It gets me down!”


“More revealing HOT TODDY letters from CRJ coming up so bookmark this article you may want to refer back to it regarding “What was written by Smith in the LETTERS from CRJ!”