By Free Bird Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

The Metz diploma does not and will never meet State of WV standards for either high school graduation or its equivalent. The Adison High web site admits it. That’s a fact!

Now we hear Mickey Metz is quietly taking classes to get his GED.  The man who told reporters in Charleston and Parkersburg that his credentials were good and internationally accredited is back tracking.  Supposedly Metz will have it by May 8th!

This doesn’t change the original sin!

Sheriff Mickey Metz was never legally qualified to file for the office. If his diploma is good as he told us why would he go for a GED? 

“Yes, that darn Sheriff Metz lied again, yet the powers that be want us to vote another one of their good old boys in  — and put your legal lives and that of your children —  in a known liars hands!”

“Guess that’s the way we always do it in Gilmer County!”

The diploma SHERIFF MICKEY METZ brought forward to comply with the FOIA is from an online high school. METZ got this fake document on 11.21.11-After checking the school, you can pay $369, and they ask a few questions an issue a diploma. Then they send you the one page colorful diploma. The diploma is fake and according to the Better Business Bureau the online site has an F rating. Read about the conspiracy with Natalie Tennant in a mainstream news source near you next week!

NO FOUL PLAY Sheriff Metz is a nightmare candidate for magistrate now that his high school diploma or equal — that is required by law —  has proven to be a fake and two mainstream press articles brought forward all the pertinent facts to prove an ethics violation has been endorsed by the executive committee —  for the Mickey Mouse Club, and Bobbie and Annette may be next to run!!

The Higher Education Policy Commission sets the standards by WV Code.  To hear supposedly intelligent people say they do not acknowledge the veracity of the document as presented on the Free Press and this site is probably the most damning evidence against current leadership in Gilmer County.  It is a valid indicator that the collapse of the educational system in this county is due to the complete ignorance and incompetence of current leadership and it is fueled by greed

“That is the one he gave me,” Jean Butcher said…
…When a reporter asked, why the Mickey Metz diploma was accepted as valid, and why someone that never graduated from high school was allowed to be on the ballot against state law.

The FRIGHT HOUSE on the HILL–The HOME of RAPE and MURDER– Glenville State College is ranked #73 out of 73 liberal arts colleges in the southern district per US News and World Report. You can bet those lying ass elite from the CHURCH OF IKE will say it’s just not true because of where you are reading the information. As Dr. Peter Barr author of the BARR CODE spends a lot of money to spout the rhetoric of “One of the best liberal arts colleges in the state”, it is not supported by fact. We are also at the bottom of the heap when it comes to the ranking of colleges in WV.

Now the Church of Ike are telling their supporters not to believe what they read or hear about information provided by the Gilmer Schools Coalition. You see how they do it in Gilmer County? It’s on the Free Press and not to be believed so those NEW WORLD ORDER members say. These great truth seeking but ca ca finding self proclaimed truth telling leaders that are just LIARS who have led us all down the primrose path of self destruction once more deny any knowledge of what has really happened to Gilmer County at their hand.

Jean Butcher said to the judge, “That’s the way we always do it in Gilmer County”
…When asked why she hid a 150,000 dollar lien from a bank involved in a legal transaction with a FOR PROFIT – GSC Non Profit organization, the Gilmer Housing Partners.

A Crooked County Collage from a Crooked County Courthouse on the hill just below the FRIGHT HOUSE a beaming some evil down on the TOWN! You know, THAT town down by the Crooked River…

*** CEFP MEETS IN SECRET *** *** ***

“The CEFP committee met once “In Secret” and unannounced to discuss a recommendation, although the Board of Education had not asked for a recommendation.

The committee reportedly conducted a secret ballot on whether the recommendation of the CEFP to the Board of Education should be one new elementary for the county, or two new elementary schools.

Twenty-nine of the 35 members were present, however the vote was 14-13 to proceed with a plan for one new school for the entire county.

Pritt says a second secret ballot was taken as to whether or not to proceed with the Normantown plan in its present form. The vote was 21 not to proceed with the Normantown plan, 4 to proceed, with one abstention.

A member of the newly formed CEFP committee questioned the configuration of the committee under Policy 6200.

Lizzy Butcher of Butcher Bitches FAME known for that WILD Summer of Love  — when the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad — On the CalPatty Press, shown in this photo in the famous BLUE DRESS that needs to be tested for semen and other bodily fluids when the sins of the night on psychoactive drugs is revealed that made Lizzy spin in a Tizzy later that night and wanting to REACH OUT and touch someone, anyone she could tackle .. and then wrap her legs around. You see, nothing Lizzy does is wrong and nothing daddy R Terry Butcher does is wrong neither! Bang a gong the Bitch and the Butcher ain’t wrong — Oh My!! Because sometimes being ALL WRONG is just ALRIGHT! Oh Yeah! A recent Secret Seven “Inside Her” poll has Lizzy Butcher leading Sexy Lexy Butcher by a score of 64% to 36% in the question of IN which Butcher Bitch would you stick your Dick Facemire? And 12% of the respondents were female students from GSC!!

A show of hands recognized over 80% of the CEFP members were employed by the school system, married to an employee, family of a board member, retired from the system, on the substitute teacher or aide list, or tied to the school system in some way. Leaving less than 20% representing community members, parents, and grandparents of students.”

Guess what, the powers that be said this never happened.  No secret ballot but no minutes.  Sure thing.


In February 2012 there was yet another “Secret” meeting of your CEFP headed by Principal Butcher who has a personal interest in the Auction Barn site and Mrs. Garrett who owns the Linn property offered for the joint school with Lewis County.  BOTH ATTENDED AND BOTH VOTED!

Anyone care to take bets how the vote at this unpublished, secret ballot meeting came out?  You are correct give the man a cigar! You’ll go far in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

Site one, the Auction Barn for the Consolidated Elementary School, site 2, the Garret Property for the joint school in Lewis County.

Oddly enough, local powers and their followers say this isn’t true yet on the agenda as posted for the Commission meeting Tuesday March 6th Ron Blankenship was scheduled to bring a proposal before them on the waterlines needed for the new Gilmer County Elementary School.


Drugs are pretty darn easy to get in Glenville West Virginia, just read all the Glenville News about how Doug Morris who heads up WACO OIL and GAS, crashes his car, has five different king of drugs including Valium and Speed and Doug had the NEED for some WEED that night too! In fact, there were no charges, no court, Mickey Mouse Metz was there to make sure it all was JUST OK for the CHURCH of IKE!

No legal procedure for public meetings, no way of knowing who voted for what with no minutes.  Blankenship said notes have been taken previously but not for this meeting as the guy who normally takes them wasn’t there. Supposedly there is an attendance list but try and get it. Are you kidding me?

In the event any of these members should ever decide to run for public office the citizens have a right to know who gave their county schools away!

How can anyone even sit on a board appointed by a public entity, funded with federal and state tax dollars and vote for personal gain? 

”  How can Nasia Butcher legally head this committee?  Why didn’t she and Mrs. Garret at least recuse themselves from the vote and if they were so uninformed as to go ahead what possible excuse can Superintendent Blankenship have to permit it?”

The “Topic of Discussion” Timothy B Butcher a BOG from the “Fright House GSC” ..and an owner of Site one, the Auction Barn for the consolidated elementary school … is the  discussion about whether it was the Fire Starting Cult all along that Burned Down the Auction barn as part of the master plan of putting some huge state dollars and some easy money into the pockets of Butcher and Butcher of Gilmer Housing Partners is illustrated above by BC of the original SS — Just like the old days –Timothy B Butcher  pictured in a compromising position being questioned by members of the Secret Seven Coalition who are trying to take the Crooked out of Crooked County is the title of this image, and is featured in the next edition of the Ghost Wolf trilogy…


Great family stories of being a member of the elite including intrigue and manipulation of our local elections are told all of the time but sadly, the plague of voter fraud is very much alive and well. Indeed, it still thrives in Gilmer County.   If accusations are made at the State level the first questions are, have you told the Feds?  have you told your County Prosecutor? and do you know who owns that big mansion on 33?  And last but not least, you don’t really want the election overturned, do you?

If you have voted in Gilmer County you know the story of John F. Kennedy’s victory in the 1960 presidential primary in West Virginia. Even federal level politicians recall when one of Daddy Joe Kennedy’s bag-men went through West Virginia with pockets stuffed with cash. He would visit sheriffs doling out thousands of dollars with the promise of more money should the county end up in voting for Kennedy. Today, the first thing a new candidate gets asked in Gilmer County is how much is a vote worth this year.

From Snitches to Bitches from Members and Users who have scored from Bosses that don’t take losses to Blokes that take tokes and then WRECK THEIR CAR but their A STAR and the Collaborators take it down a step in Evil all the way to HELL and to the Untouchables who they say will NEVER TELL down in CROOKED COUNTY!

Then, of course, there are the old mafia type payoffs that led to ballot box stuffing in Chicago during that same election.   The scandal is so well remembered that there is now a standard joke…

“I want to be buried in Chicago so that I can stay politically active after I die.”

DEAD PEOPLE VOTED in the LAST ELECTION in GILMER COUNTY — Power Elite that have rigged the elections for years in Gilmer County in favor of their own YES MEN like Crooked County Sheriff Metz they have backed by HOOK or a CROOK from Crooked County that lives down by the Crooked River!

Oddly enough, what did we come up with during the 2010 election in Gilmer County?  Dead people were on the registered voters list found by a candidate for commission.   Pretty sure that wasn’t the first time it happened just the first time someone wanted to win bad enough to report it.  Gee, I wonder how he knew that fraudulent practices were in place?

Can’t believe it, people you had better.  Whether there is time enough to block these illegal, unethical and immoral actions is anyone’s best guess at this time but know this.  Your rights as a tax paying citizen of this county have been ran over to the point of extinction and the good buddies you have kept in power have protected these actions all along.  It is too late to say what could have been or what should have been.

“What are you doing right now to see that these crimes will no longer be accepted if for no other reason than the protection of future generations?”

“Are you even going to try or will you sit like the monkeys and SEE some EVIL, HEAR some EVIL and say nothing?  All we know is these messenger’s shoot back. we are from West Virginia, it’s a family tradition!”


‘PROFESSIONAL POLITICAL CRIMINALS FROM  the “Church of Ike” in WEST VIRGINIA down in Crooked County’

  …sounds like the title to an exciting new book that will make you squeal like a pig!

“It’s NED BEATTY impersonator contest night every night down in Crooked County where you may want to eat some polk salad with Annie like it was back in 1969 …”

Voter fraud poses a far greater threat to our County and our nation as a whole than people exercising free speech with their own money. Yet over and over our local news hounds worry about that free speech.  Why is that?  Because the truth might just set the buddies providing their guaranteed income free.

We send armies of election watchers across the globe to Third World countries and feel good that we are protecting the democratic process. But we would be better served to take a close look at our own election doings.   If you are really looking for election fraud there is no need to look any further than right here at home.

In Gilmer County the pay is always better for those down on their luck, homeless individuals and drug addicts during an election.   Who better to put up and take down your signs (or your opponents), put their names on the registration list and let their “friends” cast the ballot.

For a few days every couple of years they are someone important that no one would believe in a court of law.  If they only knew how these “friends” laugh and joke behind their back saying that “we don’t want any of those people to have any say”.  maybe it would change, but money is a powerful draw for the poor and we have a lot of them!

Gerald B Hough is starting to play Rough and sent Gilmer Sheriff Deputies over to the Gilmer Free Press to make sure Dave Ramezan appeared on time in court and was duly served papers that contained the threat from head law man and home wrecker the PA – Hough who is using the court to threaten, handle and hold!

“Doing Sneaky underhanded things to people is a way of life in Glenville, you can almost call it a Family Tradition if you will … and the Power Elite, they sure love to do it still!”

On the 8th of March Gerald B Hough dragged Dave Ramezan into court to try to get him to reveal the contributors to the Gilmer Free Press and to reveal the names of people commenting as anonymous!

Concerned Citizens have not been able to get an accurate account of what the law action actually pertains to since Ramezan is under a gag order — the Gilmer County Courtroom proceedings were closed and he can’t comment, so our only knowledge has come from courthouse employee’s loyal to the Secret Seven Coalition, and there are a few of those around these days…

It appears through sources …this is just another attempt for the Crooked Public Officials from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River to CONTROL the citizens of Gilmer County by THREAT of law action or THREAT of JAIL!

The Facemire court was in closed session on the early part of Thursday the 8th of March, but inside courthouse sources say, although no specific action taken inside the courtroom was known, it was said that … the entire, “Staged” before Judge Facemire (the hanging judge from the Travesty of Justice case ) event was showcased for special elite attendee’s, so that public officials who had bruised egos or were harmed emotionally by the Lawrence Smith win over Gerry Hough that included humiliating cheers from the crowd, could now rub some egg off their faces and by Shooting the messenger and the man they thought was helping the most in the achievement of informing local citizens and all people of Gilmer County to find out the REAL TRUTH about  ethical violations that have been revealed via public record and publication.

Courthouse sources say Nasia Butcher before entering the courtroom looked at the publisher of the Gilmer Free Press Thursday like she would like to kill him!

Wow! ZOWIE BATMAN … Do you think Nasia Butcher has come up with a ploy to take the attention off the money making AUCTION BARN scheme!! …Which lets the Butcher and Bitcher law firm make some more quick cash at the expense of the state of West Virginia!?

Stay tuned for an update on this UN-American law action that we now hear was carried out by Gerald B Hough early Thursday March 8th in a Gilmer County courtroom. Looks like they may have enlisted the THREE FACES OF EVIL Judge FACEMIRE as a Hatchet Man …more later!!

The CEFP Committee, chaired by Nasia Butcher, recommended some local property as candidates for the new elementary school. One of the sites is the Butcher’s property on old Auction Barn land, where the AUCTION BARN used to stand and Bob Butcher used to do the Hob Nob with a Corn Cob in his hand all day, and then Madge would say  “…Oh Bob Oh Bob!”  and Bob said…

“Who’ll give me a hundred dollars?
One hundred dollar bid, now two,
now two, will ya give me two?

Two hundred dollar bid, now three,
now three hundred, will ya give me three?

Two hundred, two and a half, two-fifty,
How about two-fifty? fifty? fifty? fifty? I got it!

How about two sixty? sixty? sixty?
I’ve got two sixty, now seventy?
how about seventy? two-seventy?

“SOLD to the Fire Starting Cult leader who will burn her down for two seventy!”

Before the Gilmer Free Press came along, as well as all the other websites of “Truth,” that have been in the fight for what is right —  the Power Elite of Glenville, West Virgina — literally got away with MURDER and RAPE too, hell, arson was just a side line of work then!

Americans do not do this to other Americans!

The West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition, the Council of Concerned Citizens, and the Gilmer Schools Coalition all  salute the very brave  Dave Ramezan who has been under constant threat of HARM coming to his family thru threats of SHERIFF METZ, GERALD B HOUGH and members of the Power Elite that attend the CHURCH of IKE!

Here is a comment from a citizen that hits the matter right on the head!

The Constitution of the United States of America gives its citizens the right of free speech.

Free speech and freedom of access to public information is under assault, quite obviously here in Gilmer.

The proof of that is very apparent.

Who are these people who are trying to deny Gilmer citizens our basic guaranteed right?

Are these people we have elected and put into office and are paying with our hard earned money?

Are these very people that are attempting this, running for election on the current ballot?

Are these people the “Cubies” that have all ready been named?

Are these people the local upper crust elites?

The community has a right to know exactly who is behind a move such as this!

Please inform us, so we citizens can act appropriately at the ballot box if need be.

Gilmer citizens appreciate the GFP more than you know Mr Ramezan.

We are tired of the secrecy, silence, corruption of over 20 years.

Gilmer citizens will stand with you.

By Let The Sun Shine on Gilmer on 03.07.2012

From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Forces At Work To Stop The GFP’s Advocacy for Transparency and Accountability?‘.

We the citizens of Central WV stand behind  Dave Ramezan of the Gilmer Free Press and we support the FREE PRESS in America!

“It is TIME to LET THE SUN SHINE IN Gilmer County!”