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By Free Bird – Reporter for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf/Hurricane Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor


OH that God Damn Church of IKE

Why don’t you ask him if he’s going to stay
Why don’t you ask him if he’s going away
Why don’t you tell me what’s going on
Why don’t you tell me who’s on the phone

Why don’t you ask him what’s going on

Why don’t you ask him who’s the latest on his throne


I live in Glenville, West Virginia and know how this town is all too well. I really hope Fred Hill’s family keeps up with the media and law enforcement about this case, that has lasted years. At any rate … MANY of us here in the “Ville” which is most often darkly clouded by the “Power of Darkness,” know what did happen!

“The “Ville” the SPOOKY GHOULISH GHOST of GLENVILLE made the “MURDER” go away, out of sight during a ritualistic ceremony one night at the Church of Ike!”

I was always afraid in Calhoun County, after reading all the stuff that happens there, but now I see Gilmer County is worse and truly crooked, just like what has been said all along about those “Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River!”


"...And they call THEM Butchers too! The Butcher Bitches Lizzy and Lexi acting kinda sexy..DON'T TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME - JUST TELL ME THAT YOU WANT ME! TUSK!

“…And they call THEM Butchers too!” The Butcher Bitches Lizzy and Lexy acting kinda sexy..DON’T TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME – JUST TELL ME THAT YOU WANT ME! TUSK!

The people referred to as the Powers that be are afraid the murder of Fred Hill will ruin the town’s name. Glenville has turned into a dangerous and scary place. I am even afraid to make a wrong step or say the wrong thing here. It is much more evil than you know. You really can get away with murder here. The court system, judges, town officials, they seem to be able to do what they want here, and control everyone with “what they could do to them.” Glenville has turned out to be an awful place and I am sorry for the day I ever thought of moving here.

Nobody wants their kids going to school at a place where this kind of stuff happens and it happens all the time in the “VILLE”  


I’m glad there was some closure for the Fred Hill family, when they found the body of “Fred Hill” in great shape behind the home of Sheriff Metz, in the River, just like the SS said, but whoever did this needs to be punished, but the punished and their secret will only get pushed back into years of caked on Crooked County excrement hidden behind the hills of the rich and lost, behind their homes and in the ditches in the creeks, and their dirty beds, but those carhart suspenders are tough and they may live to tell a tale or two about “WHO” in the “HELL” those people from Crooked County might be!


There has been a lot of talk about the dirty dealings of the Gilmer County Prosecutor and the fact that the “Fred Hill SPECIAL INVESTIGATION,” was all a sham proving all that we all read on the CalPatty Press years ago, about Sheriff Metz and prosecutor Gerry Hough. All allegations against them both turned out to all be true!

I believe every word of what has been said about Mr. Gerald B Hough. The bad news about Gerry Hough all being true convinces me that everything else that has been said about Gilmer County is just as true too.

"God Damn" Them is LEXY BUTCHER TITTIES THERE!!! That enough to put hair on your ...well you know!

“God Damn” Them is LEXY BUTCHER TITTIES THERE!!! That’s enough “Titty” to make ya grow a pair!

What “Gerry” used to say was “Just OK” IS NOT OK AT ALL!!

shitjustgotrealrevengeoftheghostwolfThis situation involving dishonest and corrupt public officials that includes a Sheriff with a FAKE HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA like Sheriff Metz makes me sick!

I can’t wait to get away from this Crooked County.

My prayers have been with the family of “Basil” ever since the “Powers that BE” …here in the “Ville” murdered Fred Hill the third!

I’m so sorry that this had to happen, and y’all had to hear such a discouraging word, but the people that kill after popping a pill here in the “VILLE” are just as bad as the people that murdered all those Jews during the holocaust back in World War TWO!

And they called them Butchers too!


OH LORD!! OH that God Damn Church of IKE!

Why don’t you ask him if he’s going to stay
Why don’t you ask him if he’s going away
Why don’t you tell me what’s going on
Why don’t you tell me who’s on the phone

(This Revenge of the Ghost Wolf article is best served cold with the song “Tusk”  played in the background.  …”Don’t tell me that you LOVE ME just click play on  the video …TUSK!”)

OR …TUSK can be played in first comment below, while you review this Revenge of the Ghost Wolf article!

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/ Winnie the Jew- Ghost Wolf Reporter from Charleston for the Secret Seven Coalition

Shain Gandee with his last trip to Charleston over finally heads for home

Shain Gandee with his last trip to Charleston over finally heads for home

According to a statement made in the early morning hours of April 8th by Dan Bingman Supreme Commander of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition that was also endorsed by Captain John Thomas Booker of the Council of Conservative Citizens from Birmingham Alabama …


“The DEATH of Shain Gandee was NO ACCIDENT!”

“Shain Gandee, his uncle David Gandee and a friend are said to have all slowly asphyxiated when a truck they were careening over mud puddles with, an old Ford Bronco jumped across off-road terrain and sunk to its doors in a mud pit, inadvertently blocking the tailpipe and filling the vehicle’s passenger space with deadly carbon monoxide fumes, so say the P0 P0 — But, if the tailpipe was blocked the engine would not have run, and those dumb as fuck WV State Troopers expect people to believe that cock and bull story!?”

Larry's Bar last known place that Shain Gandee his uncle and a friend were seen alive!

Larry’s Bar last known place that Shain Gandee his uncle and a friend were seen alive!

“The doomed trio had been seen pounding down alcohol in a local bar until three in the morning before heading off to the back-woods up Wolfpen Drive for what would prove to be their last joyride together!”

“Obviously, their judgment and reaction time in such a catastrophic event was gravely impaired through intoxication and one EASTER weekend of partying and such….”

Shain may be a comin home for weekends now, or else they will need a ball and chain of Gold in heaven...

Shain may be a comin home for weekends now, or else they will need a ball and chain of Gold in heaven…

Many have been concerned that the show not only encouraged Shain Gandee and his friends to engage in a risky lifestyle that included drinking, drugs, sexual debauchery and lawlessness, but also negatively portrayed citizens of rural West Virginia in general, which indeed was about the biggest line of Power Elite Bullshit anybody has heard a told round here for awhile!!

West Virginia’s own democratic senator, Joe Manchin, in fact was so offended by the series he demanded it be terminated, calling it “Repulsive” and a Travesty” which “Plays to ugly, inaccurate stereotypes.”

“…When BIG JOE MANCHIN should certainly have looked at his OWN ACTS of getting his daughter a FAKE as FUCK Masters degree from WVU, but of course that was not told to an entire nation!!”

Bronco that had three dead bodies in it just moments before this photo was taken shows rear glass was broken but no mention if it was broken before the truck was found or after.

Bronco that had three dead bodies in it just moments before this photo was taken shows rear glass was broken but no mention if it was broken before the truck was found or after.

Buckwild’s promoters and fans alike shrugged off that criticism of, “Repulsive” and a Travesty” which “Plays to ugly, however, and the show’s producers were in the process of filming a Second Season this year when the totally unpredictable, predictably accurate fatal event happened to the point in which a serious tragedy occurred that resulted in THREE DEATHS, which was mentioned in the show when one of the girl primary cast members ask about accidents that happened due to mudding. Primary cast member Katie during one of the episodes that ran last winter all over the world on MTV was the “BuckWild Hotty,” that ask the question and the answer was, ” About THREE Deaths per Year…”

All kinds of celebrities came out of the WV Woodwork to tell SHAIN some secret shit!

All kinds of celebrities came out of the WV Woodwork to tell SHAIN some secret shit!

In a sudden and self-conscious move, production of “BuckWild,” was promptly shut down until further notice with the sudden and shocking news that its star cast member Shain Gandee  had finally done himself in with some mud and some booze and some beer!

OH isn’t that queer ….?!

For the record then: mud, booze, carbon monoxide and early morning drunkenness is not a good mix down in Wolfpen holler when it is below freezing out. It’s a highly toxic mix and not a good hillbilly fix this time round.


Don’t try this at home should have been the disclaimer shown on the screen, but instead the only thing shown on this TV Screen was 3 DEAD BODIES ordered up special by a former governor of West Virginia, who might as well pulled the trigger on those dead men himself, for the result was certainly the same when he decided to KILL the SHOW BUCKWILD his own damn way.

Reporters have been pressing West Virginian authorities for details of the Gandee crime scene, particularly for descriptions of what condition the bodies were found in …that would so quickly convince investigators NO FOUL PLAY was involved and that the deaths were indeed due to carbon monoxide poisoning, but those West Virginian authorities play by their own rules, rules we know round here all too well, and they are called CROOKED COUNTY RULES like they do down in Crooked County, down by the Crooked River.

The city streets are empty now along with those country roads (The lights don’t shine no more)

 And so the cold sound that flows into my mind (The echos of the daylight) of everything that is alive in my blue world.

I turn to stone When your are gone I turn to stone Turn to stone …Shain when you a comin’ home


Listen to the 911 CALL from the terribly saddened man that found Shain Gandee DEAD!!  (just click the  green link below to GO there)


Larry's Bar a photo taken Sunday April 7th just after the funeral of Shain and Dave Gandee

Larry’s Bar a photo taken Sunday April 7th just after the funeral of Shain and Dave Gandee


Update April 10th “Buckwild” Canceled !!

Shain is DEAD and now the SHOW is DEAD!!

“Buckwild” is DONE Stick a FORK in EM!!! FUCK!! Now we know this shit happened to kill the show!

F YOU  to Senator JOE MANCHIN, and the Governor Earl Ray Tomblin who also helped too,  and even the Mayor of Charleston worked together with the Bad Power Elite of West Virginia to bungle the show from the start.

MTV decided to stop production in the middle of the second season of the show on Tuesday April 9th

“Buckwild“followed the lives of “SHAIN” his friend ASHLEY and her friends ANNA and Cara and Katie and Shae, and the buxom Salwa “Pill Popper” Amin, along with good friend JOEY and TYLER who gets ALL the good pussy.

FOUR episodes of Season 2 were shot, but will not air — however, a special that was taped 2 months ago is expected to air.

MTV and the BuckWild executives didn’t give the cast and crew any specific reason for the cancellation.

Here is original primary cast members as officially presented by MTV …


  1. “Gandee Candy”

    Everyone in Sissonville, W. Va. knows Shain. Sociable and loyal, he was the high school Prom King, but missed the dance because he had to work. He’s done every job from coal mining to being a garbage man but as long as he is using…   Read More »

  2. “The Ringleader”

    Even though she comes from the ritzier part of town, Anna would rather spend her time getting dirty with the crew down in the creeks and hollers. She’s a true wild child at heart who finds herself at a crossroads in life trying…   Read More »

  3. “The Tomboy”

    Wild and carefree, Ashley is known for being one of the guys. She’d rather get down and dirty in the mud than deal with local drama — although she doesn’t mind starting it. She’s the bravest and most honest of her friends, but…   Read More »

  4. “The Spicy Southern Belle”

    Around town, Shae is known as the Southern belle. She’s been chased after by every eligible bachelor in Sissonville but somehow always ends up with the bad boy. Currently a nursing student, this college girl is also a…   Read More »

  5. “Justin Beaver”

    Shain and Joey have been best friends since they could walk. Once they learned how to ride a bike, it’s been bumps, bruises and hospital visits for these adrenaline junkies. With his Justin Bieber haircut and laid-back country…   Read More »

  6. “The Firecracker”

    Originally hailing from Morgantown, the biggest college town in West Virginia, Cara had seen her fair share of the club and bar scene. But when the drama of having an ex in the same town became too much, she decided to escape…   Read More »

  7. “The Pretty Boy”

    Known for his innocent good looks, Tyler has a reputation for leaving a trail of broke hearts all over town. He recently finished up another semester in college but the flexible schedule of working at his dad’s company sometimes…   Read More »

  8. “The College Girl”

    A well-rounded college girl, Katie loves to spend her free time away from school, back with her friends in Sissonville. She is afraid of anything potentially dangerous, which means the gang loves to push her to her limit…   Read More »

  9. “Bengali in Boots”

    A recent college graduate, Salwa lives at home with her strict parents. Whenever she’s able to slip away, she’s the first one at the party. The oldest of the group, Salwa is always down for a good time and everyone loves her…
    SHAIN and SHAE go to NEW YORK CITY to promote the SHOW!  …a video record of the trip!

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

Detailed Offender Information

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon

Full Name: Amin,  Salwa
Height: 5′  2″
Weight: 115 lbs.
Birth Date: 5/29/1988
Gender: Female
Booking Date: 03/27/2013
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

WILD WILD Buckwild Star gets ALL the BLAME and is ANYTHING but TAME !

West Virginia captured a BUCKWILD party animal yesterday by the name of Salwa Amin after a judge determined that she had violated the terms of her release following her February arrest during a drug raid near Charleston.


Nicholas County probation officials said that Amin’s first court-ordered drug test had come back positive for oxycodone and morphine according to WOWK-TV’s latest news report.

‘Her BOOTS are made for WALKIN …right down DOPE ALLEY ROAD  …the “Bengali in Boots”  SALWA AMIN got busted AGAIN like a BUTCHER BITCH BREAKING BAD in Crooked County!!’

The 24-year-old MTV- REALITY PILL POPPER and BED HOPPER was booked into Braxton County’s Central Regional Jail as a pretrial felon and is being held without bail.

Nicholas County – Bail: $ NO BAIL BITCHES!!
Felony CAPIAS bench warrant!

Salwa Amin was busted like a “Bitch”  just last month in a drug raid down in Nicholas County home of the PILL POPPERS!

Amin has been charged with two counts of drug possession with intent to deliver, and now violated her bond, which means she will sit in jail until her trial, and so, she may lose her spot on the show, or go ahead and do her part from the women’s POD at CRJ!

Charged last month with two counts of drug possession with intent to deliver and initially jailed on $200,000 bond, Amin hired defense attorney Michael Callaghan who then got the bond reduced to $100,000. Salwa is currently right here at HOME in the home town jail CRJ so don’t forget to write!

Callaghan, Amin’s attorney could not be reached yesterday,Wednesday the 27th of March, the day of her arrest, but a jail official says a warrant shows Amin violated her 100k bond by failing to appear in court, for her revocation hearing based on failed drug tests.

Salwa the big breasted often LOUD primary character on BuckWild was originally released from custody on the reduced bond during what turned out to be a rough week for the Buckwild cast.

A whole week didn’t even go by before  costar Michael Burford (aka “Bluefoot”) was busted on suspicion of Driving Under the Influence. One thing can be said for sure, is NOBODY is faking getting FUCKED UP on BuckWild …at least the drugs are a reality!!

Hey SALWA …YOU KEEP LYIN when you oughta to be a truthin and you keep losin’ when you oughta not bet.
SALWA you keep samin’ when you oughta be changin”

Now what’s right is right, but you ain’t been right yet.

Those “Bengali Boots” are made for walkin!

You keep playin’ where you shouldn’t be playin
and you keep thinkin’ that you´ll never get burnt.

But that Morphine and OXY is a Lesson you ain’t learnt…

Are you ready Boots?

Time to stop talkin and start walkin right into CRJ!”

Shain Gandee kickin it up Wolfpen Hollar in Sissonville former stomping grounds of Christopher Todd Smith and the Fire Starting Cult.

Shain Gandee kickin it up Wolfpen Holler in Sissonville former stomping grounds of Christopher Todd Smith and the Fire Starting Cult.


March 31st Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

Happy Easter from Revenge of the Ghost Wolf and the Secret Seven Coalition!!

Butcher Bitches LIZZY and LEXI - Butcher Bitches Butcher Bitches yeah yeah yeah!

Butcher Bitches LIZZY and LEXY – Butcher Bitches Butcher Bitches yeah yeah yeah!

Wisdom is not granted by or through time or experience. It comes from insight & imagination; a sense of not knowing, a willingness to explore, to learn, to venture into the unknown, and a little word to the wise …also because it is just alright to gain a little experience and make a little time at the local ALL NIGHT party with those BAD ASS Box Banging Butcher Bitches Breaking Bad down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!! WHO YA!!


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