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Attention citizens of Gilmer County, lots of court news this week, but I am going to let Lawrence Jay Smith the man who defeated Gerald B Hough in a civil suit a while back report all that is in the news. Brian Kennedy from the Gilmer County Commission had his court date on August 11th at 1pm with a special prosecutor from Calhoun County and a magistrate from Braxton County present.  People from out of town and other states have a hard time believing how fucking corrupt Gilmer County West Virginia is, so lets present a great blast from the past by way of a history lesson, just to review who all the players are that are involved in the totalitarian society created by the Church of IKE and that hell hole of a college on the hill Glenville State College  rated just about dead last in academics for colleges in West Virginia. Today is Thursday August 13th and the Central West Virginia Council of Concerned Citizens has its annual retreat this time of the year and will be enjoying the great outdoors for the next 11 days. Please enjoy your history lesson and I can guarantee you some news about Gilmer County that will blow your mind when our HOLIDAY is over…. Its back to school week coming up Monday at GSC and how many freshman girls will be taken advantage of this year up at the fright house on the hill?

By Free Bird — Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“Integrity, Commitment and Truth, these are the things the Power Elite and the CHURCH of IKE can do without!”

The Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition has been making Integrity, Commitment and Truth, part of our sacred creed since 2006!

If you want to be a dedicated member of the Central West Virginia SS —  Integrity, Commitment and Truth — are the words and the concept you live by.

The SS is a service for others, who investigate the corrupt power elite on a full time basis. We have educated professionals working for us, and have for some time. The elite members have discovered some of them, and then, once recognized, that particular SS member or SS affiliate will immediately find themselves threatened, or served with a subpoena to come to court over some made up bullshit, especially concocted, and an original brew of corruption specially stirred and stewed by Gerald B Hough Prosecuting Attorney for Gilmer County will be brought forth like an Alchemist of EVIL!

Author of the BARR CODE, Peter Barr head honcho of GSC with Greg Smith who has recently put those Negro football players to work picking up trash alongside hwy five and of course in and around the new businesses he bought in Glenville too. Smith doesn’t seem to care that NOT ONE of the rapes of white women GSC students by black football players received a conviction in the famous Court of Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

I find it fascinating that Shelly Morris DeMarino daughter to IL Morris per SS sources was banging Greg Smith on the side last summer as reported by the Central West Virginia Secret Seven and now Shelly has GREG as the number one man in her life, and in fact there has been a rumor of them getting married, and then GREG will be a SON of IKE in the CHURCH of IKE and we will never be able to get rid of him then!

I would guess Greg Smith will be the next one Ike tries to get in office since Rick Frame was such a failure!  But, what the heck at least Rick got some good pussy out of the deal!! 

Greg Smith is our local surveyor who amazingly as a divorced drunk found his way to the Foundation Board, GSC Board of Governors and in Charleston on the Executive Committee!

A light bulb must have gone off in the head of Greg Smith, when he decided to get FREE LABOR to clean up the town! Greg got the GSC Football team to pick up trash, but yet, they are STILL FREE TO RAPE ALL THE WHITE BITCHES at the school!  Yeah, thanks Greg, APRIL was Sexual Assault Month, the idea of Kayla Smith who once told me the HUR HERALD was just the local gossip site and they published no real news there.

Allegations of the crime of rape of an honor student, “ Amanda” have turned up some results in which a pubic hair believed to be from Jordan Opie Watkins was found by the attending nurse along with a swab that we suspect was positive for semen, however the investigating SS has not yet spoken with the nurse personally. Date Rape drugs were present in the victim who flat lined on the way to the hospital due to being drugged and given a powerful mixed drink which rendered her with a 2.4 alcohol content, enough to kill the well built 20 year old girl.

Sexual Assault Proclamation: After a presentation April 19th to the Gilmer County Commission by Kayla Smith, the Commission signed a proclamation to call April Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

I wanted to gag myself with a spoon that day of the meeting, and felt the same way when Kayla announced to the Gilmer County Commission that APRIL was female sexual assault month with only about 11 days left in the month, not a very well planned out observation of an important issue.

It was truly a fucking joke to us in the SS, who have been years deep into the investigation of several rapes at GSC and Smith probably has NO IDEA or IDEAR as she would say, “She has no idear,” the seriousness of the situation, or the facts, or the actual numbers of women that have had their life ruined at Glenville State College!

Why not make SEPTEMBER Sexual Assault Awareness month, when an honor student “Amanda,” attending GSC on the promise scholarship, was raped like a bitch by OPIE along with all of his friends from the SOB fraternity on the GSC campus?

Why not make JUNE sexual assault awareness month KAYLA? For that was the month that GABE PHROPHET a GSC QUARTERBACK in the tradition of Wilkie Perez, forced his hard erect black penis into the mouth of that nice girl Mary Hudnall that worked at the GO  MART! He slapped her, beat her about the head and shoulders – forced his big black cock in her mouth – sometimes choking her and making her gag, and then slammed her down on his bed, after ripping off her clothes in a violent act that KAYLA SMITH from GSC has not one fucking clue or idea about!   In the Police Report, Hudnall gave testimony that she was, ” Afraid for her life!” She was afraid that Gabe Phrophet would beat her to death, if she didn’t do exactly as he said, and she was traumatized and injured!

Why not make SEPTEMBER Sexual Assault Awareness month, when an honor student “Amanda,” attending GSC on the promise scholarship, was raped like a bitch by some piece of shit named OPIE along with all of his friends for the SOB fraternity on the GSC campus?  Hey Kayla fuck you, nice try, but no black dick this time you elite ass kissing disgrace! What the fuck? You mightas well be a dude Kayla for all the good your bullshit “April Awareness” achieved, but maybe you do have a dick, we should get someone from the football team like Glenville State College quarterback Steffen Colon to check that out for us.

But, how could we mention Greg Smith and his new love Shelly Morris DeMarino, poor little rich girl, part time whore earlier  .. and all the good work Smith is doing with putting the Negro boys to work and all, without mentioning their personal candidate for Gilmer County Commission on the ballot for this next Tuesday … LARRY CHAPMAN!


Remember when the Gilmer County Commission, Larry Chapman President, approved the purchase by Extension Agent Shirey of a series of books written by Dr. Love, Sex Therapist to teach a class at the college using such titles as “HOT MONOGAMY-Making your marriage sizzle”? (While being paid with county taxpayer dollars).

How long was that LIE by Chapman denied? The Central WV SS found out what was really up and reported on it, many years ago! Remember they used levy funds and the citizens were so irate the commission pulled the money out of their own pockets to pour oil on troubled waters and make it go away?
Well, that was all Larry Chapman…

This high ranking member of the Central WV SS and member of the “Ghost Wolf ” pack is kind of PISSED that he didn’t get to celebrate Sexual Assault Awareness month in April, since he didn’t find out about it until April 19th, and being a little bit tied up in training and all is disappointed that since it is already the 4th of MAY he hasn’t got a chance to PLAY with any Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River, but there is always tomorrow, CINCO DE MAYO!!

Remember when the BOND ISSUE for the college dorms was passed by the Gilmer County Commission, when Larry Chapman was El Presidente, the President, and also when there was little or no public input sought?

No Transparency!

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
I remember it well,  all the cool unfaithful scumbag elite self important public officials left the one meeting they had on the issue to go down the street to get legal advice from Butcher and Butcher (Timothy B Butcher, President of GSC Housing Corp and R Terry Butcher, Board of Governors at GSC) as to whether or not to sign it and the Commission signed the application that day? Well, that was all Larry Chapman

Remember the Gilmer County Commission with Chapman in the lead denying that any election complaint had ever been filed, or that the County Clerk was being sued in Federal Court the entire time the Federal Court Action in US District Court was in progress? The FREE PRESS finally published proof!
…And all that Denial turned out to be some kind a new river in Glenville or a something for it all turned out to be a lie! There was enough water blown up everyone’s ass to start a new river that is for sure!

Well, that was all Larry Chapman!

Remember that the Gilmer County Economic/Industrial Development Association (GCEDA) has been appointed by the Commission as the authority for economic development in Gilmer County and that Larry Chapman served on that organizations’ board as President/Vice President, or one officer or another over the years while in the elected office of Gilmer County Commissioner? Well, that was all Larry Chapman!

A photo of Circuit Clerk Karen Elkin who after 30 years of being under Lame Smith as Deputy Clerk has amassed more tall tales of cruelty and corruption than AMY RIDDLE can SHAKE the CHAPMAN STICK AT!  BM – Beverly Marks Crooked County Commission Clerk doing a little smiling in photo above about those 2010 elections for they went just right … well almost!

Further down the road a piece … Larry Chapman, President of the GCEDA who worked with fellow Board Officers and Members to establish a Search Committee, creates a job description, places advertisements and seeks applications for the position of Part-time Coordinator with Health Benefits for that job-entity created with the potential for fulltime.
That job is all Larry Chapman !! Where is the service to others?

All we have ever seen is service to Larry Chapman from Larry Chapman by Larry Chapman of Larry Chapman for Larry Chapman and his stick shaking girl friend AMY Riddle that he likes to diddle but does not mind leaving her in the road like some kind of beaten down dog, like he did recently during the benefit dinner for JESSE MARKS!

Yeah CHAPMAN is the Gilmer County Commissioner that gave away  the 911 service … and then looking to come back to get all the credit!

“Larry Chapman has been a running round with AMY Hey Diddle Diddle Riddle and going to everyone telling them how he’s changed, please forgive him while he leaves his girlfriend jogging on Sycamore Rd waiting for him while he Sucks Ass votes from with his I’ve Changed, I’m really not such an asshole anymore platform and “serves”  that Bullshit up with food at the benefit dinner for Jesse Marks!

This man has chapped lips from sucking so much ass he actually has to excuse himself from the executive session and the vote because HE WAS STILL THE PRESIDENT of the Gilmer County EDA!
Because that job is all Larry Chapman!

Election Fraud in Crooked County, there is nothing like it! VOTE BUYING SEASON and the pleasure provided by the Church of IKE put a lot of people in power over the years that are service to self only, and here is a man that looks so much like Larry Chapman it could be Larry Chapman, and oh, is that AMY? AMY SKINNER has already got Brian Kennedy by the Balls and Amy Riddle she likes a little diddle diddle and it appears to be, “Hey Amy Riddle time for some diddle diddle and bring your friend AMY a long, so I don’t get the names wrong later crying out in ecstasy courtesy of the Church of Ike!”

Is Larry Chapman so power hungry he thinks he is the law? Could Larry Chapman have solved issues that have caused the local community embarrassment like spending thousands of dollars of state and county money to fight a fabricated case all the way to the Supreme Court involving old used farm equipment, just like that sits on every farm in the state of West Virginia, and then pay people to lie saying it was brand new?
Oh, that Larry Chapman!

That job, the biggest SNOW JOB in circuit court history is all Larry Chapman too?
Yep! That was all Larry Chapman!

“Integrity, Commitment and Truth!! … these are the things I can do without, say the Demi-God Politicians from the Church of Ike who the common folk don’t like! ELECTION FRAUD is how they do it down in Crooked County just ask former County Commission Clerk Beverly Marks, and the current clerk, JEAN BUTCHER — both charged with misdemeanors in the last Gilmer County election by Natalie Tennant the Secretary of State!

“With the primary election in Gilmer County being next Tuesday May 8th we can understand why a new candidate might be a little shaky about which way to go, but please explain, why do old trusted candidates go nuts and swing every which way when it comes election time?  For instance, our favorite old candidate Carol Wolfe!”

Sure we know Carol Wolfe  has had a little trouble on the home front in the past.  But we didn’t hold that against her.  She’s been a good judge.  Yet damn if she didn’t go to Easter dinner at S Moyers Pet IT’s moms house.

“I think I may be a little drunk leave me alone!” Please don’t touch me, I can’t do what you want me to do! “I told you NO!” ” …I can’t do this, I have a boyfriend!” No!! Mphhh… IF SHE REALLY DIDN’T WANT TO, SHE WOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING – The New SOB rules to live by at Glenville State College!


Obviously Sandy Pettit and the Church of IKE brought Carol Wolfe
back in line!   … Or they would be the ones doing the smear campaign and there wouldn’t be a damn thing Wolfe could do about it with all her huffin and puffin! It’s  too bad  to see em bow, then break and give up every standard they swore to live by but you did, didn’t you Carol, wife of John George?

What drives the Circuit Clerk Karen Elkin crazy?

Everybody knows how much she absolutely hates Gerry Hough!

Elkin screams it loud enough every where she goes.  Not a soul in town won’t tell you that if they’re being honest. 

In violent times, you shouldn’t have to sell your soul
In black and white, they really ought to know
Those one track minds that took you for a working boy
Kiss them goodbye, you shouldn’t have to jump for joy! You shouldn’t have to ..
Shout, shout, let it all out, these are the things I can do without Come on, I’m talking to you, come on...
“Jumping for JOY takes on new meaning with the SOB’S from GSC where one sells their soul to join the Church of IKE!”

Speaking of Soul so where’s this black candidate out of Wood County Karen Elkin bragged about? When I checked the name, he was white. If the candidate is black or white, the citizens of Gilmer County really ought to know why hasn’t he come to town for a meet and greet even if he is supposed to file independent? 

What makes KAREN ELKIN say Berk Reed would make a good looking Sheriff, talk about Larry Gerwig like a dog, pant over Larry Chapman like a bitch in heat and then brag she has everybody in Cedarville in her pocket and she’ll control the vote there this year?

“What the heck did Chapman EVER do for Cedarville Karen Elkin? …Except keep you busy in a back room so the voters didn’t have to see you.  Hell, Larry Chapman couldn’t be bothered to try and give  Cedarville citizens a decent drink of water in over 16 years!”

An elderly from Cedarville was told about the summer of LOVE when the BUTCHER BITCHES BROKE BAD on the CalPatty Press and asked what she thought about all the drugs and sex at Gilmer County High School and the fact that, it was all JUST OK with Nasia Butcher… And that is what she said!

Why is Karen always against the one who’s done the job? Does it every time.  Talks about the old women in her club behind their back and smiles and pats to their face.  What’s she so afraid will come out ?   Wasn’t it bad enough that half the Democrat Women including Secretary Elkin voted republican in the last election to cut a deal to save her ass against Willard Marks?

Karen was running on her sister’s Sandy Petitt’s  job with WACO and using that to make threats is all she’s got.  Then she cusses, yells, stomps her feet, shakes her fist, smokes some more dope and yells loud and long all over that court house because she didn’t get the number of votes she told she would?  Tell us another lie OK?  That’s what you’re good for! And of course good for a feel up in the office under the old rule of LAME SMITH.

Even after her live in was busted with another woman for drugs in Webster County and flyers with pictures of him breaking home confinement went all over town Karen Elkin still got the job and the witch has the nerve to talk about how she teaches little kids in Sunday School while she cusses like a sailor and talks shit about anybody that won’t kiss her ass?

Give us a break you little hobbit hypocrite! We’ll say this much, you got to be living with the smartest man in the world cause he’s smart enough not to marry you for why buy the COW if the MILK is FREE.  It’s not cute anymore! You’re much older now and you don’t run good people’s minds despite what you tell yourself at night!Your sister likes to think she runs the whole damn county and can buy it all with the money from the Church of IKE, but it must run in the family …  Menopause Crazy and no doubt about it, even Cassandra Huff who runs with the Gerry Hough HATE group and hates all SS said the same damn thing!  That might be why her unemployment is about up, and HUFF may have to PUFF once again, and get back to that corner she worked up at the college flagging down every male she saw, and up and down that hill “HIGH” on that funny pill she always took. Corky and the Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit had to FIRE HUFF for she fell off the DEEP END!

Now that we know what Karen Elkin is really like and how she really feels without all the bullshit and lies, it makes us want to rethink our candidate for Sheriff!

Karen said Gerwig would do the same as Metz did, but we’re beginning to think that’s a lie! Sometimes even the best fall for the biggest line of BS!

Berk Reed has really heavy WACO connections we hear especially as Shelly’s ex husband and this bunch just might have to switch gears now that we get the whole picture.  What the hell isn’t there anybody in this town Shelly hasn’t fucked? Jesus! Never trust a WACO” Clone and that’s for sure because you know what side their breads buttered on and it’s not yours!

The Central WV SS took another vote after a protest was made and have said NO to BERK REED for Sheriff, but we won’t endorse Gerwig, unless he admits to lying to a grand jury about the value of evidence proved by a Secret Audio tape that is published on the Gilmer Free Press for all to hear, involving the famous “Travesty of Justice,” case. (But article must be accessed by Internet Explorer to hear audio file)

All we look for in a candidate is someone to do the right thing and take an honest complaint without protecting his legal buddies!  Were we wrong?  Maybe so but if we were wrong — we’re smart enough to admit it now …just before the Primary Election Day!

With CHUCK SPEARS the former Governors right hand man (don’t get any on ya) calling the shots at Glenville State nobody wants to take the chance of being the NEXT BASIL FRED HILL and be found floating down the Crooked River when the Spring comes! The CROOKS from Crooked County are nobody to mess with, they will KILL you or RUIN you forever, this is something we can back up with fact.
Erik Davis a GSC Football player was charged with rape but found innocent after another dishonest Courtroom performance by the infamous Crooks of Gilmer County!! Davis at the same time was fighting a COCAINE CASE in FLA …Misconduct at its finest in Crooked County and the first of the many cover ups of crimes against the citizens of Gilmer County!!
The ERIK DAVIS Rape of a local high school girl at his apartment after a party was only the first of many rapes of White, sometimes teen girls, while the NEGRO GSC Football player – just like Davis – have been able to RAPE with impunity for the last seven years and we are god damn sick of it!

Covering up a RAPE on Campus at GSC is easy now!

The Gilmer County Sheriff can get away with anything—including murder! Just ask Fred Hill

“I spoke with a citizen yesterday who wanted to talk to me who is out of Cedarville.  He said the Church of Ike couldn’t pay him enough to vote for Larry Chapman”

…And that back when Chapman first ran he paid this one old timer $100 to go out of county and pick up people who had moved but hadn’t registered in their new county and bring them back here to vote.  I find that very plausible as Jean Butcher’s Deputy Clerk told this  Concerned Citizen  I’d find a lot of “Empty houses” still on the voters registration list, is what we heard a told to one Concerned Citizen, and I thought that an odd comment.  Not to mention Chapman has a habit of putting his signs at empty houses.

Also the empty house voting thing and how the reason Larry Chapman was voted out last time was his two faced run back and forth between dumping Shelly DeMarino and trashing Darrell Ramsey by going door to door saying Darrell was gay.  Then it was Chapman running to Shelly to cry later, because he couldn’t believe Gilmer County voted Ramsey in after what all he had told them. Larry was always leaving voters with the thought … “Is he a pitcher or a catcher, that queer candidate for County Commission?”

 Just a little two faced weasel is what that darn Larry Chapman is and nothing has changed not one damn thing.  He even had the nerve to ask someone to bring him a copy of the OEPA audit because (though he wants to be Commissioner) he doesn’t know how to find it on his computer and he “didn’t know” anything at all about the schools being taken over but his excuse at the EDA was so he’d have money to keep his son and so his grandson who goes to elementary school around.

Gilmer County deserves better than this and we will never forget the day that Glenville, West Virginia in Gilmer County was all about Larry Chapman!!

“The ELITE, the power hungry, they gave the SS life, and in return we gave them hell! Now the SS is as Cold as Ice! I hope we live to tell the tale  …  I hope we live to tell!”

Vote Tuesday the 8th in the Democratic and Republican Primary, but don’t vote for the ones that want to keep us enslaved…

“Shout, shout …  let it all out! Integrity, Commitment and Truth, these are the things I can do without!” .. say the Demi-Gods from the Church of Ike who the common folk down by the Crooked River don’t like!

By Free Bird — Central West Virginia SS  Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Images provided by Little Bear of the Central WV SS from Calhoun County/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press — Editor

UPDATE RGW 22 March 2014

The Coach sitting on his Heiney in a Wirt County Courtroom Tuesday March 4th, 2014. The coach is a 1995 graduate of Calhoun County High School.

The Coach sitting on his Heiney in a Wirt County Courtroom Tuesday March 4th, 2014. The coach is a 1995 graduate of Calhoun County High School.

Happy beginning of Spring to all of those dedicated to a central West Virginia free from Crooks like we find in Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River. Most of the Secret Seven Coalition staff this week has been working on the SECRET LIFE of  Coach Heiny from Wirt County who has pleaded to a SEX charge involving a high school student in Wirt County.
Police have charged Lijiah Heiney who spent many years as a Wirt County teacher and coach, saying he sexually abused a 16-year-old girl … The former Wirt County High School girl’s basketball coach and math teacher faces half-a-dozen counts of sexual abuse by a person of trust. The victim is a 16-year-old girl student. The criminal complaint alleges Heiney confessed … The complaint says the relationship began at school with the sex at his house in Elizabeth this past spring and summer of 2013

Here she is the girl that would be a celebrity in Gilmer County and not a marker of shame in Wirt County for wanting to climb up on the cousin of Big Heiney , Red Heiney and Thor Heiney. (prounounced Hi Nee) Her nick-name is Coe-Cain and she is the girl the coach did approach that did engage in a sexual tryst time six according to school sources.  She feels she did nothing wrong and she would be right if only those two box bangers could have slapped those thighs a little further down the road in Gilmer County! For if only Coe-Cain would have painted that Hi Nee black they both would have been saved by the Power of Darkness if only the deed would have been done down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

Here she is the girl that would be a celebrity in Gilmer County and not a marker for shame in Wirt County for wanting to climb up on the cousin of Big Heiney , Red Heiney and Thor Heiney. (pronounced Hi Nee) Her nick-name is Coe-Cain and she is the girl the coach did approach that did engage in a sexual tryst times six according to school sources. She feels she did nothing wrong and she would be right if only those two box bangers could have slapped those thighs a little further down the road in Gilmer County! For if only Coe-Cain would have painted that Hi Nee black they both would have been saved by the Power of Darkness. If only the deed would have been done down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

Tuesday March the 4th 2014 Lijiah Heiney did reach a plea agreement with prosecutors and they presented it to the court that day.

Heiney was originally charged with six counts of sexual abuse by a person of trust.
He is now going to plead guilty to two felonies with suspended jail time, but remain on probation with five years of home confinement.
He must also register as sex offender.
There is to be no contact between Heiney and the victim or the victim’s family.
Heiney can no longer live in Wirt or Wood County and must also give up his teaching license unless it’s formally revoked by then.
Heiney’s plea is actually an Alford Plea which basically means the defendant does not admit to the act, but admits that the prosecution could likely prove the charge.
The whole ugly ordeal would go away for Heiney in Gilmer County for all Heiney would have to do is Paint it Black!

In GILMER COUNTY Heiney would not be facing any jail time and would not be looking at any punishment, because at Gilmer County High School SEX between students and teachers is JUST OK with GCHS Principal Nasia Butcher and JUST OK with local prosecutor Gerald B Hough. Sex between students and teachers is an everyday sort of occurrence in Gilmer County because in Gilmer County the CROOKS are protected by the Power of Darkness.
This beginning of Spring here at Revenge of the Ghost Wolf we have just updated you on the SEX SCANDAL in Wirt County and feel the time is right to review this fine RGW article…

You have to PAINT IT BLACK in Gilmer County when you are addicted to the POWER of Darkness!!







Meth addiction, like most addictions, can take over someone’s life. The need and obsession of using plagues them, the addiction controls their every decision.  Scared yet?

Crystal Meth it has infected Gilmer County and it is the Morris Drug Cartel that controls it — And the Employee’s of the Church of IKE that deal the shards can even get you some pills to get your thrills — For it is all good down by the Crooked River!

Here is Timothy Alan Furr who was busted recently because he has been injecting METH with a needle and then took too many pills and was getting too many thrills and just look at the man’s mug shot.

It spells, “Dougie Morris let me snort the good SHIT — The straight glass that will get you some ass, so I had to take some of his Ike’s Lortabs I got from Doug Cottrill to try to come down man…”

Timothy Furr, Age 42, it has been said has been dealing dope for and from DOUG COTTRILL who is a close associate of IKE MORRIS, and he washed cars at DRAKES AUTO SALES so is also possibly connected to the BUTCH DRAKE drug connection and Tim was caught and was charged with possession with intent to deliver marijuana, possession of controlled prescription pills, possession of meth and possession of cocaine.

Dude was also arrested for daytime burglary, so he was in the act of ripping off some more dope or in the act of getting some money to buy dope from the WACO OIL and ASS drug dealing Cartel in Glenville, West Virginia. Then, dude gets busted again, just a couple of months ago and even HOT TODDY from the Fire Starting Cult wrote to us and told us that Furr was Snitching like a Bitch in POD B-5 at the Central Regional Jail– Hot Toddy said, that Furr was snitching everyone out he could just to get some more dope and Gerry Hough was all for that — For Hough is the biggest Crook in Crooked County!

Detailed Offender Information

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon
Full Name: Furr,  Timothy  Alan
Height: 6′  1″
Weight: 240 lbs.
Birth Date: 3/10/1969
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 12/16/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

DRUG RELATED CRIMES IN GILMER COUNTY have to do with forgery and uttering for money to buy METH just like the son of long time Gilmer County Commission Clerk Beverly Marks

Beverly Marks the retired Gilmer County Commission Clerk that was charged with a misdemeanor for election fraud — before retiring in 2011 —must have been teaching some crooked little tricks to that crooked little dick that hangs around with her name at the end of his, GREG LEE MARKS has some felony arrests to tell Beverly Marks (known as BM around the courthouse) about when she gets back!

“Beverly can’t leave town without that little bitch wanting to rape, pillage and plunder! Just about all power elite parents have had this problem at one time or another! And boy did ole Greg Lee fuck up this time!”

Greg Lee Marks was charged with TWO COUNTS of conspiracy involving forgery and two counts of uttering — so someone whipped him and kicked him and made him write bad checks – But Power Elite kids don’t have to do any time for the crime so the charges were dropped because his mom has quite a lot of things to tell on the local cops about !  And so it goes down in Crooked County!!

Detailed Offender Information

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon
Full Name: Marks,  Greg  Lee
Height: 5′  10″
Weight: 150 lbs.
Birth Date: 5/3/1983
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 12/27/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
11F-114,115,116,117 GILMER COUNTY – Bail Amount: $20,000.00

Deranged Offender : Pre-Trial Felon  Full Name: Greg Lee Marks, Crooked County Asshole of the month — Issuing Agency Location 11F-114,115,116,117 GILMER COUNTY – Bail Amount: $20,000.00 — but don’t worry mom stole plenty when she worked for the county she can afford it!

“THIS JUST IN from the GILMER FREE PRESS… the story behind the arrest of the SON of a SON of a CROOK from Crooked County!  Notice the booking dates for these partners in crime!”

“The charges stem from Marks’ involvement with two other Gilmer County residents – Amanda Lorain Smith and Alicia Wine – and a man from Braxton County in passing bad checks recently at Fred’s Exxon in Normantown!”

Doug Cottrill Waco Oil and Gas Employee and golfing buddy to the highest ranks of the Power Elite walked on serious drug charges including Cocaine and Narcotics with no bail – there was no consequence just for being a member of the elite for Doug is with the Power of Darkness and getting caught with Cocaine does not apply to him and he even got caught with a prescription bottle of Lortab with the name IKE MORRIS on it, and a bindle of Cocaine was in the bottle of dope that belonged to IKE – Add a couple of bags of good weed also and the only loss was the dope that was taken during the arrest – otherwise it was have a good day and go with the Power of Darkness on your side


The CHURCH of IKE according to local photographer Gary Collins often is held on the Golf Course. IKE MORRIS the ruler of Crooked County with the former coach of the WVU football team. I wonder where the Lortab and Cocaine were at on this outing? I bet they even had a pocket rocket or two!!


“Real politics is the possession and distribution of power.”—Benjamin Disraeli, 1804 – 1881






“Power is sweet; it is a drug, the desire for which increases with habit.”—Bertrand Russell, 1951

Karen Facemyer (R – Jackson)
Minority Whip
District 04
Elected to the West Virginia State Senate 2000-2010
Education Glenville State College, B.S

Even people like Karen Facemyer a GSC graduate roll the POWER OF DARKNESS WAY.  For 10 years, Karen Facemyer wrongly reported the mileage from her home to the State Capitol, allowing her to avoid paying federal taxes on more than $99,000 in reimbursed expenses when she attended legislative meetings in Charleston.

Facemyer also got about $2,000 more in state mileage reimbursement money than she was entitled to by exaggerating the distance of her commute.

Facemyer bumped up her mileage to the Capitol from 45 miles to 52 miles in January 1995, even though she didn’t change her residence in Ripley.

The change allowed her to take advantage of a little-known section of the federal tax code that exempts state legislators from paying taxes on reimbursed expenses, provided they live more than 50 miles from a state’s capitol building.

Facemyer acknowledged that she ‘misreported’ her mileage.

You don’t tell a bootless man to pull himself up by the boot straps, but it is done here down in Crooked County everyday by people living in isolation and only a little better off than the Common Man, the self serving few who refuse to acknowledge the plight of their neighbor or their own contribution to the condition. People who blame those in need for their own needs, as the poor smother in an airtight cage of poverty in the midst of a very small, members only, built by corruption, self described, affluent society is how they do it down in Gilmer County, and one must ask how that has become JUST OK?


The Daughter of the Lord of the Church of IKE Shelly Morris DeMarino held a big party January 22, 2011 at her big huge home, where a Power of Darkness Child was raped and the rape resulted in a pregnancy reported by Cassandra Huff of the Glenville Democrat – But CORKY the editor of the local paper refused to publish the crime. Cass Huff was fired from her job a few months later

The addiction in Gilmer County to wealth & power is as bad as any craving for alcohol or drugs you will ever know. In the absence of big money, the morally corrupt will settle for power of any description. Signs indicating the power addicted include an ever increasing, immediate-satisfaction required, demand for the “better than others” fix which comes with denial, impaired thinking, harm to family members, misplaced loyalty and secrecy resulting in a steady decline in the quality of life for the ruled. Corruption spreads with the politicians own inability to exert control over their own addiction.   Members of the “elite” here use power like an emperor to intimidate and pursue their personal agenda. It is their speed, their cocaine, their fix. MORE POWER is their slogan of the day, everyday.

No more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue
I could not foresee this thing happening to you

If I look hard enough into the settin’ sun
My love will laugh with me before the mornin’ comes

I see a red door and I want it painted black
No colors anymore I want them to turn black

I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes

For there THEY ARE  from the Church of Ike , can’t you see their faces, painted Black Black as night, Black as Coal, they are from the Darkness that has a power you should never know!!

Peter Barr is the President of Glenville State College and many know he brought the BARR CODE to bear as policy for dealing with RAPE!

Edwin Dale Kinnison was charged with second-degree sexual assault in October 2009, stemming from an alleged incident that occurred at Pickens Hall dormitory at Glenville State College Sept. 29 — Gerry Hough Crooked County Prosecutor refused to prosecute for the reason of damaging the image of GSC!

 Don’t lay on your back unless he is BLACK — And has more or less let his Black Athletes fuck the holy bejesus out of the WHITE female CO-EDS at Glenville State College.

Just ask MARY HUDNALL whose last known residence was 502 A Goodwin Hall. She claims in her police report that she was brutally raped by GABE PROPHET a BLACK Football Player from Glenville State College wearing number 7 which brought him some luck because he got to forcibly FUCK MARY — And it was JUST OK with Glenville Prosecuting Attorney GERRY HOUGH just like it always is!

In fact, GERRY HOUGH actually represents the rapist, it just looks like he is the prosecution person, but in real life, if you are WHITE he is more of a persecuting penis, than an actual prosecutor.

Head FOOTBALL Coach for Glenville State College David Hutchison loves having a good quarterback, and could really give a shit if Gabe Prophet is a rapist! Or could he get headlines like this?

The Pioneers offense struck first when quarterback Gabe Prophet hit Joe Lauteria for a 15 yard touchdown early in the first quarter.

The RGW HEADLINES READ : A QB for the Glenville State College Football team, Gabe Phrophet is behind bars for sexual assault charges. The incident allegedly occurred Friday June 17, 2011 at his home.

“The definition of 1st degree sexual assault is forced penetration, causing serious bodily injury, or use of a deadly weapon, but then I guess a big black hard dick could be considered a weapon and the preferred weapon used by students at the HOME of Rape and Murder in CROOKED COUNTY –  Glenville State College!”

Gabriel Prophet (Gabe Prophet), 22, was arraigned by Gilmer County Magistrate Robert Minigh on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 and was facing two felony charges involving sexual assaults of 1st and 2nd degree.

Why the GSC Football player was just booked into jail on the 23rd of JUNE, instead of right before the arraignment is unknown but a precursor to the fact that…



Prophet is just one of many football players from GSC to be accused of rape, but there have been NO convictions.

Prophet was booked at Central regional Jail today June 23, 2011.

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon
Full Name: Prophet,  Gabriel
Height: 6′  2″
Weight: 170 lbs.
Birth Date: 2/2/1989
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 06/23/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
11F55 AND 11F54 GILMER COUNTY – Bail Amount: $25,000.00

If your looking to rape a hot white chick at a local college you never have to look further than Glenville State College high on the hill overlooking Crooked County down by that Crooked River!

Click the link in GREEN below to check out the court documents of a RAPIST!

Gabe Prophet Mag Court info

The victim Mary Hudnall had the holy crap fucked out of her, and was scared to death alleges that she was raped, and then sought treatment at Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital after the pounding by the QB of the GSC Football team from Washington DC.

The criminal complaint stated that the victim MARY HUDNALL “Feared for her life,” during the entire terrifying sexual attack!!

No amount of Darkness can hide the spark of light brought by the Secret Seven Coalition’s MAGIC Crystal of HOPE — which is the only effort being made in Gilmer County  to document facts and collect data pertaining to all the sexual assaults that have occurred in Gilmer County home of the Crooked County Crooks!

In Glenville, as to not tarnish the image of the college, everyone pretends another horrible rape did not happen!

And then, when the evidence and the gossip become too much, that next step is to start to smear the reputation of the victim and to frighten her too, so that she will be too scared to come to court!

IS THIS what we need in Glenville to stop the crimes of HOUGH and GSC and to STOP THE RAPE OF WHITE WOMEN at GSC?

If she is the victim the word is put out on her that she is a whore that was asking for it. “That is the usual drill in Crooked County”  It is easy to see GERRY HOUGH manipulated this brutal RAPE!

Mary Hudnall worked at the GO MART right on the main drag in Glenville and lived at 502 A GOODWIN Hall and the RAPE cost her the job along with her college work at GSC — SS members have been trying secretly this week to make contact with her, so that we can give the public and other news agencies the Dirty Deal that we know the POWER ELITE of GLENVILLE gave the poor young girl!

The SS has seen this situation so many times in the past that this time we got specific about what would be said about the victim, who would say it, and from “What” mainstream news source the propaganda would be born.

The only responsible coverage of the latest alleged sexual assault by another QB for GSC was the article in the State Journal based on the article posted on the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website.

The Secret Seven Coalition website published the facts immediately following the arrest of Gabe Phrophet red shirt QB for the GSC football squad.


GABE PROPHET in the documents posted and provided in this article was also a Quarterback — an athlete to be protected at all costs, even if lying and cheating have to take place!

“Stop! Stop!” The young GSC Co-ed says she told him. He did. He then told her she had sex with his friend as well and that she’d consented, none of which she remembered.

Dan Dotson A Braxton County assistant prosecutor stated he has neither resigned nor been fired from his position despite at least two separate news reports that indicated otherwise after he was arrested on a domestic assault charge. He assaulted his wife in Craigsville – dopeville while she was waiting on a drug delivery at a local gas station with her boy friend that was about to get some Mrs Dotson booty!!

Lying and cheating, is always the first responsibility of Gerry Hough, it is what Gerry does best for he as a rule does not bring rape charges forward, and the only rape case we can remember that went to trial was the Erik Davis rape case – Davis was a GSC football player and according to the information the SS gathered in 2006 was guilty as hell of raping a 17 year old Gilmer County High School Student – Hough recused himself so as to not piss off the Church of IKE and Dan Dotson who was accused of assaulting his wife and was an assistant prosecutor under Braxton County Prosecutor Bill Martin lost the rape case to a lawyer named David Karickhoff of Sutton


A man from the Sigma Omega Beta fraternity that she has only seen once was raping her. “Stop! Stop!” The young GSC Co-ed says she told him. He did. He then told her she had sex with his friend as well — and that she’d consented, none of which she remembered. “I felt like I’d woken up in a nightmare,” said the woman who applied to Glenville State College because it was the only 4 year college she could afford!

“I was stunned,” rape victim exclaimed! “I went to the hospital and filed a report with the Gilmer County Sheriff, but the local justice system was no help.”

“Then Gerry Hough the Gilmer County Prosecutor wrote my parents a letter saying he was going to arrest me for public intoxication if I did not shut up about being raped!”

RAPE truly is a reality at Glenville State College in lawless Gilmer County, WV and the female students have just had to accept it for the Peter Barr code will prevail without fail…

We are taught that under democracy if anyone abuses their political power they will be punished at the ballot box.  Under this “Cornbread mafia” controlling Gilmer County power rests on a calculation.  The power mongers must always be figuring how to keep the regular people satisfied and just fearful enough.  They must figure out what is just enough to make them understand that going along with the group in power is better for them personally than if they point out wrong doing or act against it.  That’s what you give minions a little cash and dope for, to keep the natives in the right mind set. Occasionally, as in the Fred Hill case, they go a little too far.  Good help is hard to find.

The true boss of the elites has two obvious threats to overcome.  The most immediate is from other elites.  Having real power in a county like Gilmer means numerous perks and advantages, thanks to the gas and oil revenue brought in.

Other elites would like that power and power draws ruthless people like moths to flame.  So the “Big cheese” must make sure he is surrounded by rats loyal only to him and his money, and that enough crooked elites benefit from his generosity to the point that they would choose not to risk it all by challenging.  More importantly, they would also oppose the challenge of another, since the other is not guaranteed to continue that generosity.  Job one, to be boss, buy the loyalty of elites but try to keep some form of “enforcers” handy.

Lizzy Butcher of the infamous Butcher Bitches, after putting dude up against the wall hard says.. “You sir, are in for one hell of a BLOW JOB!” If you want to find out about addiction in Gilmer County all you need to do is get invited to a party where the Butcher Bitches are in the house!

The second danger, which is that of citizen discontent and rebellion causing a ballot box take-back is easier to prevent.

The Clarksburg Mafia is even a term recognized by the FBI from out of the State of West Virginia and the Church of Ike are said to be avid members, but the Corn Bread Mafia of Central WV have a handle on all the Crystal Meth and the Hillbilly Heroin too – But have never really had any reliable consistent weed connections.

Severe repression, including selective prosecution under the law, election tampering, threats of or actual physical abuse and even death, sends a message that resistance is futile and bears a high cost.  Cheaply paid but highly praised, sometimes mentally challenged, enforcers develop a network of local spies, rats or flunkies even more cheaply paid existing only to report any rumblings of discontent.

Such information can pretty much help the regime foresee and help break up any real challenge that might start to arise.  Individuals don’t resist because they fear it will lead to no change in the system and are told it will destroy their lives and families.  On top of that, hand picked underlings in the form of local political leaders can make people feel comfortable enough — assure basic services, social benefits, and security — that people will accept the rationale that to keep still and go along means stability such as it is.  Without it, who knows what kind of chaos and horrors could ensue?  What kind of chaos will a deposed dictator and his money impose upon us in retaliation is more to the point.  Maybe they’ll take over your schools and promote the economy of another county. Maybe they were going to do it anyway.  Perhaps there is not much more to take.

“The Power of DARKNESS in Crooked County holds Secrets!” All the while the Ghost Wolf watches from high atop the mountains overlooking the town below. When the moon is full if you look closely you may observe a black shadow stalking his prey while making his way down the hills, but if his eyes should be red, you surely better run instead!

Our only WEAPON against the POWER of DARKNESS is the GHOST WOLF — Leaping into the DARKNESS the BEAST that has lived to fight another day, is always watching, always waiting for the ones that think they have it made …and that all the EVIL is Just OK!

The menace of the awful elite may soon have to pay!

The destiny of the wicked brought the return of the Ghost Wolf to the Darkness of Crooked County and to the blackness of the “Ville,” the name everyone knew was really in the city of River View!

The Black Wolf, the Ghost Wolf was truly king of his realm. The dark beast that was always watching Lisianna was only a shadow to others. Was the mysterious creature merely a shadow or maybe only a ghost?

“…The word spread like wildfire all throughout the VILLE and up the hollers and even up on the hill! Throughout the whole of Crooked County people walked in fear and searched the most secreted parts of their minds for any ill doing that could have been perceived as an act of betrayal to the Ghost Wolf. Doors were barred and locked especially by the sinister evil that owned the town and kept the people of the county as slaves to the Church of the Poison mind and the second generation of IKE the father of the demi-gods that hid from the Ghost Wolf that stalked the land and the elite of the ville!”

Even the dead waited with dread for the Return of the Ghost Wolf for it certainly would be painful to die that way again, ripped, torn and shred with the vengeful jabs from the white fangs of blackness. It was said the creature was searching for Lucifer himself after killing with delight the Lemegeton the favorite agent of the Devil!

For them, it is never RAPE the Butcher Bitches say !! Their daddy is rich and they go the Power of Darkness way!! “I just sucked that cute guys dick here sister have some!”

“Why clean up this cesspool of corruption and cheap hoods you ask?” 

The answer is that a good life should be all about honoring self and one another as created equal and in servitude only to God.  It is all about what is Christian right and damnation wrong, what this country was founded on.  It is about finding the courage and the backbone to resist this crippling legacy of bigotry and injustice that passes as living  here before it is carried, yet again, on to the next generation; our children, our grandchildren and those of our friends.  Don’t make them the next plantation workers.  Too many have lived under this suppression of civil rights under the constitution right here in Gilmer County as it is.  More rights will be taken, subverted or repressed as surely as the sun rose this morning if we keep on keeping still.  Are we going to just determine right and wrong by continually taking a poll of elite opinion on every aspect of our daily lives or walk in the confidence of a faith we profess to believe? Do we still believe in liberty and justice for all regardless of background, education or experience? Are we really going to live and die blind to all but the wants of the bosses and forget the needs of our own? Have we truly forgotten to a man how to stand on our own two feet?

“I felt like I’d woken up in a nightmare,” said the woman who applied to Glenville State College because it was the only 4 yr college she could afford! ”I couldn’t believe it, but I was being raped by another student from GSC I had only seen a couple of times on campus—before I thought it all was a bad dream!”

In the words of a dead President, “The great enemy of the Truth is very often not the lie- deliberate, contrived, and dishonest – but the myth- persistent, persuasive and realistic.”  We have been brain washed to believe it can be no other way. Intentionally brainwashed to believe the myth that we are backwoods hicks, too stupid, lazy and incapable of making our own decisions and that we have no one among us smart enough to handle any important job. If one is found, they will be told what to do. These people really care.  Take a long look around and see the state of the county and the majority of its people now that they’ve taken and control almost everything worth having. You may have to laugh, when you’re done crying. Perpetuating that myth has been so costly, so cruel and the biggest joke of all, that of a caring, capable, leadership in power has been on us.

(When you hit the play button on our theme song below, there will be TEN SECONDS of SILENCE for a GSC Rape Victim)

It all boils down to one thing down by the Crooked River You have to PAINT IT BLACK in Gilmer County when you are addicted to the POWER of Darkness!!

Free Bird Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter on the left from the Central West Virginia Secret Seven along with Editor Edison of the CalPatty Press with Hurricane Rina McCoy of the original McCoys from Logan County CELEBRATE by “Painting it Black” and having some fun during the wrap party after seven days of hard work on the latest SS article … You have to PAINT IT BLACK in Gilmer County when you are addicted to the POWER of Darkness!!

Gerry Hough’s 15 Points of Counter Claim is 15 POINTS OF NOTHING! Gerry Hough proves himself to be a Complete Idiot in Law Action Against Investigative Reporter!

Coming up on June 5th on the NEW Crooked County Crooks website a Secret Seven Coalition website for Central West Virginia!

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Catch up on ALL the Crooks and Liar’s from Gilmer County and Central West Virginia coming up FRIDAY  JUNE 15th on the next edition of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!

Crooks and Liars in Gilmer County are everywhere! And now with an election on the way, they will be coming out of the wood work what can I say…other than tune in– turn on and then drop by Friday June 15th for your next edition of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!!

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/ Free Bird – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Secret Seven Coalition serving Central West Virginia/Lil Bear – “Stringer photographer-reporter for the Central WV SS

“On Martin Luther King Day, which was held just recently in Gilmer County, Gerald B Hough FERPA VIOLATOR — PATRON SAINT of RAPE among Black Rapists at Glenville State College took the day off in celebration of all the Black Rapists that have seen no convictions at GSC in the last ten years!”

A celebration commenced that could have very well included MORE RAPES condoned by the prosecutor for Gilmer County. It has been a FIELD day for raping the white women at Glenville State College, that is famous for being last in academics and is now unquestionably number ONE in RAPE for the entire state of West Virginia!!

The Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition have been SHINING the LIGHT on the Powers of Darkness that cover up the crime, then lends support to the rapists and are the cause of RAPE and Sexual Assault at GSC by cleaning up the crimes scenes allowing the horrible act to committed over and over and over again like an endless nightmare!!

The Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition have been SHINING the LIGHT on the Powers of Darkness that cover up the crime, then lends support to the rapists and are the cause of RAPE and Sexual Assault at GSC by cleaning up the crimes scenes allowing the horrible act to be committed over and over and over again like an endless nightmare!!

And if you’re from the Gerry Hough part of town the RAPE STATISTICS  DO NOT include SISTERS or COUSINS or DAUGHTERS only Acquaintance Rape the good old fashioned  kind of rape’s in a Crooked College town down by the Crooked River!

In Gilmer County you turn 21 at 18 and 24 at 21 and the young affluent crown can obtain any drug they want from ANY of a number of local drug dealers that are actually members of the Church of Ike recently caught with drugs and arrested or they the drug dealers that sell the dope to the Church of Ike, at any rate, when arrested, they walk on the dope charges, and a good example of that was the July 29th arrest of WACO OIL and ASS employee Doug Cottrill, a pretty nice guy with pretty decent Cocaine, that has so much power he can get caught with pills in a pill bottle that has the name IKE MORRIS on it, and has narcotic LORTAB pills inside with a bindle of Cocaine, and in the back was a case of beer and TWO BIG BAGS of KYNDE BUD WEED!! JESUS all that dope for a golf outing. Doug never was punished for the dope, the case disappeared, and the cop that arrested him was dismissed from that law enforcement agency. And then the cops life became a living nightmare, and Doug Cottrill has no worries he is happy, and SO IT GOES down in Crooked County!

In Gilmer County you turn 21 at 18 and 24 at 21 and the young affluent crowd can obtain any drug they want from ANY of a number of local drug dealers that are actually members of the Church of Ike recently caught with drugs and arrested or they buy dope from the drug dealers that sell the dope to the Church of Ike, at any rate, when arrested, they walk on the dope charges, and a good example of that was the July 29th 11 arrest of WACO OIL and ASS employee Doug Cottrill, a pretty nice guy with pretty decent Cocaine, that has so much power he can get caught with pills in a pill bottle that has the name IKE MORRIS on it, and has narcotic LORTAB pills inside with a bindle of Cocaine, and in the back was a case of beer and TWO BIG BAGS of KYNDE BUD WEED!! JESUS all that dope for a golf outing. Doug never was punished for the dope, the case disappeared, and the cop that arrested him was dismissed from that law enforcement agency. And then the cops life became a living nightmare, and Doug Cottrill has no worries he is happy, and SO IT GOES down in Crooked County!

 The Erik Davis rape case was a real circus and the special prosecutor from Braxton County Dan Dotson got his ass kicked in court by defense attorney David Karickhoff of Sutton, WV– Karickhoff was also the defense counsel of 357 Everette Campbell MURDER trial,
Dotson was assigned SP from Sutton, and then Dotson came to Gilmer County prosecutor for the ERIK DAVIS RAPE case and lost badly in a situation that should have found the rapist guilty!
But, Karickhoff is a far superior attorney than Dotson or Gerry Hough will ever be.
Dotson as an Asst Braxton County Prosecutor, the next year after the rape trial, found himself in jail for assaulting his own wife while she was waiting to meet her dope dealer boyfriend in Craigsville, WV which is a full on DOPE TOWN!! A member of the SS got to witness Dotson in his orange jump suit in booking in the holding cell, and that was certainly a day to remember. (Erik Davis shown in this photo, right)

Three Stages of Acquaintance Rape:

  1. Intrusion– Attempt by the offender to violate the victim’s personal space and level of comfort. May draw close by revealing personal information or through “accidental” touches and stares.
  2. Desensitization– Occurs when the victim feels comfortable with the offender and has come to regard intrusive actions as no longer or, at least less, threatening. The victim of the desensitization may feel uneasy but convinces himself or herself that the feeling is unfounded.
  3. Isolation– The offender uses the victim’s trust to isolate him or her from others.                                                               Come visit STUPID VILLE …Glenville, WV!

    rapedbyablackmanCome visit “STUPID VILLE” known as the “VILLE” to Locals  The “VILLE” finds its HEADQUARTERS High on the Hill at Glenville State College down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!!

Visit the FRIGHT HOUSE on the HILL  Glenville State College HOME to RAPE after RAPE after RAPE ! Hit PLAY on this video to take a TRIP to STUPID VILLE …the “VILLE”  known as Glenville!!


…. has quite a bit in common with the stupid VILLE across the river!

 “NEGROS RAPING of the WHITE GIRLS was JUST OK with MICKEY METZ and GERRY HOUGH for 8 years, and all we have to look forward to with LARRY GERWIG and GERRY HOUGH is another 8 years of RAPE under the watch of the Gilmer County Sheriff Department!”

Alcohol abuse can lead to more problems than many think; the use of alcohol is continuously being linked to many cases of acquaintance rape in Central West Virginia at the HOME of RAPE Glenville State College. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get an accurate estimate of such cases, as not all of the sexual assaults on campus or off pertaining to the college in Glenville get reported. Shown here is party where members from Nicholas, Webster, Braxton and Gilmer met for a pretty big bash out in the woods. It was a party where any kind of drugs can be obtained, and the people that have all the GOOD DOPE have the most familiar last names in the area. Photo by Lil Bear – Central WV SS

Alcohol abuse can lead to more problems than many think; the use of alcohol is continuously being linked to many cases of acquaintance rape in Central West Virginia at the HOME of RAPE Glenville State College. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get an accurate estimate of such cases, as not all of the sexual assaults on campus or off pertaining to the college in Glenville get reported. Shown here is party where members from Nicholas, Webster, Braxton and Gilmer met for a pretty big bash out in the woods. It was a party where any kind of drugs can be obtained, and the people that have all the GOOD DOPE have the most familiar last names in the area. Photo by Lil Bear – Central WV SS

Studies have also shown that at least half of all violent rapes and sexual assaults in BUCKWILD West Virginia involve alcohol consumption by one of the parties involved, either the victim or the perpetrator!

a11In a classic case “Groomed Rapist,” and child molester Sarah Ann Rutherford was practically raised at Glenville State College, her mother JoAnn Rutherford has been a secretary there many years. Sarah Ann Rutherford now serving just TWO YEARS in JAIL for the sexual assault of two high school students …used alcohol along with hard drugs and marijuana to complete home town  home spun sexually criminal acts. Glenville should be PROUD of Sarah Ann Rutherford, for she really “Outed “ the entire corrupt system of corruption firmly in place in Gilmer County where the local high school actually accepts Student/Teacher SEX. So, you see, Sarah Ann Rutherford being a product of Gilmer County is only a reflection of the environment that she was exposed to.


Citizens of the “Ville” need to act and take a stand against the violent acts by GSC college athletes and students against women!  Thanks to the Secret Seven Coalition most all of the state of West Virginia has now been informed about Gerald B Hough and the illegal acts he made against multiple rape victims, which includes the FERPA Violation reported by the West Virginia Record, which speaks volumes about the illegal and outlandish actions taken by the Department of Public Safety-Dan Bell, and representatives of GSC involving the local elite who actively cover up the violence against women that has been happening for years in Gilmer County, WV!

Take a STAND Gilmer County! Speak out against  STUPID VILLE – GLENVILLE the HOME of RAPE, HIGH on the HILL, at the FRIGHT HOUSE Glenville State College!!

By Free Bird — Central West Virginia SS  Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Images provided by Little Bear of the Central WV SS from Calhoun County/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press — Editor

“Way down here in Crooked County it seems one must serve the Church of Ike to get ahead. Man or woman must bow to Idols of Gold yet never own one in Gilmer County!”

The power elite business agenda we follow so blindly has promoted drug dealing, money laundering, book making, prostitution and the rape of our youngest and finest women, yet we sit like stones along the bank down by the Crooked River, with no reaction — as do the leaders that currently rule the roost. Our Gilmer County youth are victims of our own unwillingness to take responsibility for the results of a self serving political agenda. This brings one question to mind. 

“When does the agenda to make these victims top priority become more important than protecting the GSC reputation and making money? “

16 Rapes TOTAL In ALL – Just like the Candles there on my wall!

The Sigma Omega Beta (SOB) frat house, Opie Watkins lured “AMANDA” the victim to Goodwin Hall at GSC she was served high proof alcohol mixed by Jayde Layne a student at GSC which contained a rape drug – Members of the non-academic achievers SOB GSC Fraternity are involved with the RAPE and a cover up!

Take me to the Crooked River and drop me in the water!

Dip me in the river, drop me in the water
Washing me down, washing me down!

To know our history in Gilmer County is to begin to see how to take up the struggle again. Acknowledging the sins of the past can help push us to stop and realize why we are failing to succeed in business and in life  — And what needs done to GET BACK to where we once belonged. It should remind us to keep the promise of a future worth having for the next generation we must inevitably leave behind.

The GSC Co-ed who is a rape victim has a name, her name is Amanda, the girl who’s only mistake was to trust Opie Watkins – And she is appreciated for the fact her efforts in academics have been rewarded with good grades, for she is to be honored and respected, she is not an object for the pleasure of misguided male GSC students that should not even be allowed in the same room with this outstanding student for their poor performance in academics and ungodly drunken behavior, but if  this student were to be raped at GSC the staff and faculty already have a history of backing the rapist all the way through the court system, become active in name calling — And in the last documented rape case, the victim was also threatened by the FERPA VIOLATOR himself Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald B Hough and told to shut up!

There are many behaviors or actions in society that are punishable by law. The more serious of these are crimes of violence such as murder, forcible rape, robbery, and assault.

Jayde Layne with her SIGMA OMEGA BETA boyfriend wearing the FRAT T-Shirt, and we have had countless contacts today from a Sigma Omega Beta FRAT Member from GSC saying they had nothing to do with the rape, while there is one of their members grabbing onto the bitch Jayde Layne that mixed the alcohol with the date-rape drug in it that led to the rape of Amanda Smith. Oh yeah, y’all had nothing to do with it. We got countless mail from them saying that is not their frat house anymore, but of course it was around the time of the subsequent rapes and in the same time frame as the rape of Amanda Smith, so we searched our archives since Jayde Layne and all alleged guilty parties to the rapes have ripped their Facebook pages off the internet. That is kind of funny to us since we got everything we needed from those pages six months ago, so taking them down had no impact on our situation other than the general public can no longer cruise their pages getting names and evidence freely displayed on the FB page, like the dumbest asses from the Church Ike that ever came down the pike!!

Even though RAPE should be viewed by Gilmer County Law Enforcement as a violent act, the stereotype still persists of the victim contributing to his or her own victimization.  We have heard all the excuses from all the unsolved rapes, which is ALL of them! Sheriff Metz is O for 16 in solving rapes and that is not a very good record!!

Rape victims being seen as contributing to their victimization and rape viewed as a private sexual act may be two reasons why rape often goes unreported, but especially unpunished in Gilmer County that leads the state of WV in unsolved and unpunished rapes!

Sometimes,Gilmer County, even  brainwashed the victim to believe  that stinking thinking bullshit and nothing is done by those investigating the crime to correct that wrong thinking.  In fact it is encouraged!

 Another stereotype is that rape is overwhelmingly perpetrated by a stranger, which is another load of crap fed to you by Gilmer County authorities who have become down right dangerous, with their unproven and untrue opinions.

It is documented that rapes committed by total strangers to the victims range from 42 to 53 percent of total rapes. The remaining percentage is done by friends, associates, or relatives of the victim. Rapes that occur between a victim and assailant known to one another are called acquaintance rape.

We all know about DATE RAPE, and some have even heard of marital rape but more recently Glenville State College and seemingly our law enforcement leaders have gone so far as to be complicit with GANG RAPE on campus and will not prosecute!

“There are no consequences what so ever for RAPE in Gilmer County, West Virginia, home to Glenville State College!”

Gang rape stands out as both heinous and frightening. Multiple sexual violations are enough to haunt anyone, but the ominous aspects of group dynamics that gang rape uncovers are even more sinister.  We must understand that campus gang rape may also be called acquaintance rape because it most often occurs during  a social get-together. Both the perpetrators and the victim know each other.

Recently a leader and in the criminal justice department was asked if they thought members of the SOB fraternity could commit the rape they are accused of being involved with in which Jordan Opie Watkins is the main suspect, and that person said, “Yes,” I think if they thought they could get away with it, as many have at GSC, Yes, I believe they were involved in raping that girl, but all I can really tell you about were the rumors I heard,” those were the words of an on campus leader and someone deserving of respect as told to the Supreme Commander of the Secret Seven Coalition. Photo above is of SOB fraternity members suspected of the rape of a co-ed that left her in the intensive care unit at Stonewall Jackson Hospital in Lewis County.

“When are we going to open our eyes and admit that people really are hurt by inappropriate sexual behaviors?  When are we going to take responsibility and change the way business is done?  We fought for it once before; do we not have the strength to fight now? When will we take back our morals, ethics and dignity?”

“When are we going to deny the officials at GSC and the POWER ELITE of Glenville to have another successful cover up!”

The address  of the  SOB Fright House “Frat House”(pictured above -first photo at top of this article) is 710 N. Lewis St. which is less than 1/2 mile from the intersection of W. Va. 5 and U.S. 33/119. A reverse search shows the address has a listed telephone number for Florence M. Shiflet. 
However, when the number  (304) 462-5570 was punched in SS investigators  received a message saying the number is not in service, so if you know anything about the Secret Seven Coalition … you know the next thing we are going to say is we suspect this property is owned by the SLUM LORD himself Gerald B Hough for what more of a perfect owner could be picked for a palace of rape and humiliation?! A federal attorney requested a detailed list of all property owned by Gerald B Hough in Gilmer County  — And we won’t be surprised if “Gerry”  does own the “Fright House” and is making a profit on all the rape and mayhem going on at Glenville State College in Glenville, West Virginia the “Home of Rape and Murder!”

The SEXUAL ASSAULTS at GSC were first only reported by the SS and then finally the birth of the FREE PRESS in Glenville the GILMER FREE PRESS, the reports of HELL ON EARTH sexual torture soon was revealed to a mainstream audience while the local newspaper the Glenville Democrat makes it a policy not to report any negative news, but others say Dave Corcoran – Democrat Publisher and Editor is bought off like a Colombian Whore for a CIA agent while President Obama is having a fine vacation in Bogota!

The statistical majority of individuals who commit gang rape are reported to be young adults somewhere around the age of 23.

This crime is more common on college campuses just like Glenville State College,than it is in the larger school that are not in a lawless society like Glenville, West Virginia with its bought and paid for law enforcement, especially for the fact the ultimate authority Gilmer County is under is totalitarian leadership — ruled by the Church of Ike.  Those who are usually involved in gang rape are members of a fraternity like the GSC SOB fraternity  — or the famous GSC Football team who having a winning record and lead the State of WV in RAPE!

It is stated, with regard to publicized cases, that elite groups on campus are most likely to engage in group sexual assault. Take for example, that, football and basketball players have more prestige and status than baseball or soccer players and are more likely to be involved in gang rape. Social status is often implied with participation in certain fraternities.  Many of these members view themselves as a cut above most students with more money, better cars, and better attire. This type of group identity may discourage moral self-assessment. The group mentality which downplays the importance of that moral compass can lead to the occurrence of gang rape by fraternity members.

In a group mentality no one individual in a gang rape believes that he is solely to blame for the crime taking place ..so the words of Jordan Opie Watkins, and his excuse of, “Things got out of hand,” just doesn’t cut it around here.

There is no doubt that GANG RAPE is group oriented. One reward of gang rape is described as camaraderie among the men involved. Other listed benefits include rapport, fellowship, and cooperation. Another primary motive, especially for group leaders, is to maintain an authoritative image within the group. Participation among the other members stem from indebtedness to or emotional dependency on the leader.

“What happens when Cowards and Bullies are put in power?”

“The answer is nothing.  The same happens as what has already happened in Gilmer County. Around here and in surrounding counties too ..that is nothing happens, until some Nit Wit named Blankenship — whose County placed dead last in the state for performance in County Schools — comes in as a so-called expert, now that is another kind of RAPE!

 No progress, no growth, no improvement of the human condition in Crooked County, not unless you are a member of the Church of IKE!”

When you put someone in power who will work on a set up basis, one who will not make decisions but follow orders like Larry Chapman former County Commissioner and blame their employees when that plan fails it is time to change the leadership model if anyone but the leaders is to survive. Lately when I heard the endless spewing forth of bullshit from Glen Ashley on the Gilmer Free Press, I thought to myself, how much is that bully boy piece of shit Larry Chapman paying this dumb son of a bitch!

Leaders are leaders whether male, female, old, young, formally educated, or schooled in hard knocks. Leadership either is or it isn’t present. Right now, today, we have far too many followers and little to no leadership in Gilmer County! The President of the Gilmer County Commission Brian Kennedy is a NO TALENT KNOW NOTHING and just as big of a “Little Bitch” as his wife Tara Kennedy who believes all of the FREE PRESS publications should be shut down!

“One good thing is that the Secret Seven Coalition of Central WV have exposed crimes and proven themselves resourceful and accurate in its reporting through superior leadership!”

However, under the power elite control with orders given by Sandy Pettit, we have a major leadership failing in Gilmer County and our population and business losses support this statement unequivocally.

We must stop putting people in place who have the ego to be the leader but do not have enough responsibility to take the blame, like Kennedy, Hess, Metz, Hough, R Terry Butcher, Timothy B Butcher, Peter Barr, Ike Morris and the list goes on and on!

“In a group mentality no one individual in a gang rape believes that he is solely to blame for the crime taking place  .. so were the words of Jordan Opie Watkins, and his excuse of, “Things got out of hand,” just doesn’t cut it around here!”

Loss of individualism is encouraged to promote group spirit or to prompt behavior that is viewed as unacceptable, to promote a feeling of belonging and fitting in. Strong cohesion within a group eliminates the need for self control and guilt and instead gives that control to a group identity with its own histories and beliefs. It would stand to reason that if one’s group identity is stronger than one’s personal identity then acceptance of gang rape by the group would out-weigh one’s individual objections. When that group identity produces conformity then not only does watching the rape of an individual demonstrate the appropriateness of the behavior taking place but it also shows how it is done.

The Gas Station Man from Myrtle Beach South Carolina that Janice Weldon local Glenville Attorney and Associate of Peter Barr President of GSC and IL “Ike” Morris …brought to GSC named “Jordan Opie Watkins” that led the attack by the SOB’s is an alleged rapist of the Victim that was given Date Rape Drugs in Goodwin Hall

Individuals behaving within a brotherhood may perform acts that they would never do alone. It would not be unusual to find a person who is an upstanding citizen with no prior criminal record accused of being a perpetrator in a gang rape. This individual acting alone may have no known violent tendencies. The gang rapist may be no different from anyone considered “normal”. Membership in a cohesive group can break down one’s personal values and beliefs which can lend to the occurrence of gang rape.

There is definitely a positive correlation between traditional sex role attitudes and the prevalence of rape. How a female is perceived in the family role can determine a young male’s reaction when placed in such a situation.

Since a large proportion of gang rapes occur in or around college campuses it is important to address college policies and procedures that are set up to deal with acquaintance rape. The way in which administrators deal with rape cases that are brought to their attention usually determine the extent to which future cases will be reported. If a female student does not feel that she will be taken seriously by the college she might not report an assault.

It is important that college administration believes and makes it clearly known that sex is not something that men have a right to and if they disregard a woman’s wishes they will be held accountable for their actions. That does not happen at Glenville State College.  Protect our good name and our job at all cost comes first in the mind of the administration.  Protect the bosses legacy to save our job comes first in the mind of our law enforcement officials.  Your sons and daughters come last as they do their best to discourage public consequences for perpetrators and think only of how this could affect the bottom line.  They will say they are trying to save you from embarrassment and protect your good name.  In reality, their status in the hierarchy is the only thing protected and all that matters.  The long term damage done to your child is never taken into consideration.

The VICTIM of the RAPE in GOODWIN HALL at GSC actively being covered up by the college — Gilmer County Law Enforcement and GSC Public Safety officer Dan Bell says, the “Last thing I remember, I was holding a cup of a strong mixed drink of alcohol, and I could tell I was getting kind of drunk, and the next thing I know I am in the shower with 5 members of the SOB fraternity standing over me in the suite of Jordan Opie Watkins. Plenty of evidence existed that a rape took place, but the evidence they told me Dan Bell from GSC admitted losing, but people were there that were witnesses and I myself am a witness!”

Gang Rape is something that GSC college students should become informed about. With its prevalence on campus higher than in society as a whole gang rape should not be taken lightly. It is also an important issue that needs to be addressed by college administration and the right to safety of the students made a number one priority. The first task needs to be the steady breakdown of sexist attitudes. In our culture there still exists a rigid sex-role ideology in which the male role is more valued. If women step too far out of their prescribed sex-role they may be punished by rape or the threat of rape. This should not be a college level mind set. The second must be to discourage the group mentality thinking and encourage individualism.

Unless and until women are viewed as equals worthy of respect rape may never decrease considerably. These young women must learn their own value beyond that of a sex object from a very early age. They must learn that self respect and self protection is an entitlement, a right they must not let be denied and there is no amount of money which can buy those values.  Until we teach our young men that the female is more than her sex and that wants must be controlled. Until we teach both genders that authority and power must be tempered with mercy and consideration for others and that their own personal dignity is priceless this story may never change. Until we value our youth more than material gain and refuse to accept this treatment of them, no man or woman in this county is worthy of being called “a leader”.

What really hurts even worse than the trauma of finding out your daughter or family member was almost killed for the sexual pleasure of Glenville State college students, is the knowing that if GSC were even close to being in a normal location other than Crooked County there would have been no need to worry about a vicious sexual assault that almost ended in death for your loved one and preferred student.

The GOOD OLE BOY SYSTEM here in Gilmer County often makes for poor choices for recommendations for sponsorship. A good example of this situation are import problem students like Jordan Opie Watkins who barely held a D average when brought to GSC  by ELITE Sponsor Janice Weldon local attorney and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina socialite connection!

“Poor excuses for human beings that don’t really deserve a second chance — like OPIE seem to be under the belief that they have some sort of god given entitlement — And that they are allowed to rape a naive and somewhat young and innocent honor student  – just starting her second year of college after an academic performance of straight A’s! “

If you are a parent of an unsuspecting CO-ED coming to Glenville State, the shock and horror of the inevitable  …a Brutal Rape is compounded by the ultimate trauma that your daughter or close family member was raped in the Twilight ZONE!

Gerald B Hough just before making his first FERPA Violation so that he could threaten a RAPE VICTIM while he represented his client the alleged RAPIST WILKIE PEREZ who moved on to be a big football hero QB at WVU so might as well be a god at GSC if he was gonna be all that, well hell that means he could fuck any chick he wanted to in Glenville and he would get his own lawyer out of the deal and wouldn’t even have to pay for it!! Free SEX and a scholarship and can just take the first bitch he see’s sling her down to the ground slap the shit out of her until she is so terrified she may wet herself, but before that can happen Wilkie is headed in the out door and setting a precedent and soon to be guideline standard for a classic brutal sexual assault at Glenville State – The HOME of RAPE and Gerald B Hough on his way to being the Patron Saint of Sport Fucking beaten and unconscious women!!

“I’m  GERRY HOUGH  the Earl Scheib of RAPE at GSC, where male students can rape any girl, any time — day or night — for the cost of tuition!!  Feel ups, and extras  included in the foreplay at Goodwin Hall”

Raped in the TWILIGHT ZONE for the reason that the VICTIM soon finds out the evidence is conveniently lost on purpose — And for those reasons that there is no longer any evidence — the prosecutor Gerry Hough IS NOT going to pursue the matter!! 

For that is how they do it down in Gilmer County… THE TWILIGHT

They are not very bright at GSC but do lead the state of WV in RAPE although can not spell very well by this write up (above)in the GSC paper that goes with the photo of Gerry Hough appearing to be high as a kite!!

ZONE!! But even in the TWILIGHT ZONE a bad lawyer can get caught in the act of a FERPA Violation, but Gilmer County was not informed until recently when the matter was published in the West Virginia Record, and now we clearly can see why HOUGH filed a civil action against the author of this article, “Lawrence Smith,” who informed us all that even when caught in the Twilight Zone you can be held accountable!

News > State Supreme Court

Hough cautioned for ’98 FERPA violation
Date line 9/16/2011  By Lawrence Smith -Statehouse Bureau – The TRUTH about Gerald B  Hough is now told!

CHARLESTON – Records show very early in his legal career, Gerry Hough was scolded by the Lawyer Disciplinary Board for violating federal law when he improperly accessed a Glenville State College student’s academic records in the course of representing her accused attacker in a sexual assault case.

The Board on Dec. 9, 2000, filed a one-count statement of charges against Hough for committing three violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct when he asked for, and received, a copy of Anita Phillips-Wiseman’s transcripts on Nov. 13, 1998. At the time, Hough was representing Wilkie Perez, a GSC student and quarterback of the football team, on charges he raped Phillips-Wiseman.

Jordan married Jordan recently, for that is Jordan Bennett who traveled to Georgia to marry Jordan Opie Watkins one of the alleged rapists at GSC — Jordan mixed the drinks with another GSC student Jayde Layne who said she should be the one to mix the drinks because her mother was a bartender, and mix those drinks they did, only the VICTIM had date rape drugs added to hers, so this victim was not only gang raped but set up by the girls, now that is a first!! …Or is it, in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!!

In the statement, which acts as an indictment for disciplinary purposes, the Board stated that Hough was also a member of the GSC faculty at the time he was representing Perez. Hough, the statement alleged, used his position on the faculty to mislead the GSC Registrar’s Office into getting a copy of Phillips-Wiseman’s transcripts for the sole purpose of aiding in Perez’s defense.

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, strict limits are placed on disclosure of a student’s academic records, and who has access to them. Among those who are permitted access to a college student’s records, including his or her transcripts, is the student’s advisor.

According to the statement, at the time he requested her transcripts, Hough was not Phillips-Wiseman’s advisor. Because of that, the Board charged Hough with violating Rules dealing with truthfulness in statements to others, respect for the rights of third persons and misconduct.

Eventually, the Board on Aug. 4, 2004, opted to dismiss the charge, and “caution” Hough, who by this time had become Gilmer County’s prosecutor, for his conduct, and fine him $400. The reason for the Board’s decision was due to the fact that at the time of the incident, Hough had been a member of the state Bar for only a month, and, upon learning of his actions, Thomas Powell, GSC’s then-president, reprimanded Hough, and denied him a pay raise given to other GSC faculty and staff.

As part of the agreement to dismiss the charges, Hough, despite his initial denial, had to admit to them, and express remorse for his actions.

Records show the sexual assault charges against Perez were dismissed.

It was pointed out to us by one of the newest members of the Secret Seven Coalition, and if the situation was noticed, or overlooked prior to this day, well then, better that you get it in your head now how dire the conditions are at GSC when something so awful happens that you hope nobody ever finds out about it.

What they don’t want you to know at GSC is that the same week, that when the mainstream press announced that the Edwin Dale Kinnison rape case was dropped by Hough within a matter of days of that announcement another brutal rape took place and was first mentioned in the Gilmer Free Press as a comment left by relatives of the rape victim and also mentioned in this RGW Article:

More RAPES at GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE and more cover ups! Gilmer County SEX SCANDALS in review!!

I heard about a girl being drugged and raped at GSC just a couple months ago in a dorm room at Goodwin Hall… She had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance after she was found in critical condition, ended up in ICU for a few days. All the evidence needed, was gathered from the room… as she was being transported. I am going to predict GSC, Mr.Bell and Hough all three… try and cover this one up… even though there are witnesses and evidence… not to mention the victim!!! GSC has a responsibility to it’s students and the public to inform them of such criminal activities… but has done nothing about this one either… One would think… GSC would want to be known as the #1 college that puts their students safety first… above all else… instead of the #1 college that covers up crimes!!! As far as the Law in Glenville… what a joke!!!

By Squaw on 12.07.2010

From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Prosecutor Lets the GSC Rape Case Go‘.


Hough, Bell,and local law enforcement are corrupt.
My stepdaughter was drugged and WHO knows what else. Hough sent my wife a letter stating that evidence has been lost.
Bell is an ASS.
He is not a law enforcement officer.
He has been bought by the college.
Maybe he needs a taste of what he is putting our kids through.

By hiphappens – P-Burg on 12.06.2010

From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Prosecutor Lets the GSC Rape Case Go‘.



Please send the facts of that rape in which the girl was drugged and info involving allegations of a cover up to:

The Central WV SS has been reporting on and publishing stories on rapes that were covered up by GSC since Timothy Butcher, then foundation President and City Attorney disturbed the routine questioning of the rape suspect Erik Davis just before we witnessed the tragedy of Justice when the GSC Football player was found innocent of raping an underage high school girl whose reputation was trashed for the convenience of the Power Elite not to mention her virtue sold like some type of unnecessary White Trash

By Anonymous on 12.07.2010

From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Prosecutor Lets the GSC Rape Case Go‘.


What we did not know when the Above ran on the Free Press that just at the same time the Gilmer County Prosecutor let the rape case go (which you can review by clicking the green link above) there was another rape even more brutal and vicious that almost ended in the death of an honor student!

“It was like a sign from GOD just as one rape is covered up officially  … slam bam thank you for some all night sex with an unconscious beauty it happens immediately again!”

Only this time this latest RAPE DISCOVERY has been exposed by the West Virginia SS and we are informing all Concerned Citizens by publishing this Sunday nights article that GSC signed a 12 page Resolution with the OFFICE OF CIVIL RIGHTS at the beginning of 2012  because of the rape of AMANDA?!

Several steps  must be followed which will include the reopening of the case, although Gerry Hough went to great lengths to cover up this brutal sexual assault along with DAN BELL — the public safety officer from GSC that was told to lose the evidence!

An investigator states ….

” It is apparent that law enforcement botched the investigation from the BEGINNING!”

Several documents are currently available to verify this information.

The beautiful VICTIM of rape was also denied civil rights by being denied access to her complete medical file at Stonewall Jackson Hospital ! Hospital officials are complying with the cover up to keep from being liable.

Some students got sent some money from home,and students decided to buy the strongest alcohol the money could buy. The RAPE happened in a suite in Goodwin Hall occupied by Jordan OPIE Watkins who was brought to GSC by local attorney Janice Weldon – The VICTIM, “Amanda” was given a cup of alcohol laced with date rape drugs and ended up in an ambulance, flat lining and in intensive care after the brutal rape that also involved several members of the SOB fraternity!

The suppression of females in leadership positions is a political struggle, first and secondly a class struggle, especially in Gilmer County, and especially at GSC where Glenville State College is #1 in RAPE leading WV — But is number 73 out of 73 schools dead last in academics.

Lower class movements which have struggled to be free from the established authorities. Some like Amanda have risen up through the ranks to be an honor student — that is someone to be proud of and someone to look up to which we have so proudly displayed at the top of the page!

The Church of Ike serves the ruling class in the politics of business, and the politics of politics and has the whole fucking state of West Virginia wired in with the greased pockets of Phil Reale who makes sure that he lobby’s  all the Charleston press for the GOOD IMAGE of GSC and Gilmer County, so the Power Elite  covered up yet another rape, but this time they covered up a rape of someone that could be the Miss America of our fine state for all that she has accomplished and for all the fine friends she has made!

“Think of all the things we could have had until those SOB’s RAPED AMANDA and it was really bad!”

“She cried, then nearly died, and I can still hear her say…”

Take me to the river, drop me in the water
Take me to the river, dip me in the water
Washing me down, washing me down
I don’t know why you treat me so bad
Think of all the things we could have had
Rape is an ocean that I can’t forget

And the SS haven’t got all you yet…

By Free Bird — Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“In Gilmer County the RICH just keep getting richer and the POOR just keep getting poorer, but that’s the way they do it down by the Crooked River!

Local political rulers grab power through direct involvement in policy planning, through participation in Crooked County political campaigns and elections, and through appointments to key decision-making positions.

“The regular guy in Gilmer County is used to walking on the  “Muddy” side where people pay the price for their self described “Betters” the ELITE to walk on the WILD side of life, with all the Luxuries!”

This needs to change as we all acknowledge the differences of entitlement to basic human rights and the conditions suffered created by our own choice of leadership in Gilmer County, home of the Crooked County Crooks.

Washing the MUD off the streets and parking lot for regular folk that have to walk on the MUDDY side, while the ELITE walk on the WILD SIDE -UPAK was just torn down the other day, and is no longer in the location shown in this photo in the background, In fact, now that we lost U-Pak, we have little choice in grocery shopping because one owner did not think Glenville was big enough for another grocery which is absolute Bullshit, might as well heard that one from the Democrap and Pathfinder of.... The same owner that makes a fortune at the GO MART which has the best location and monopoly on the local foot traffic also owned UPAK and now the EDA and LARRY CHAPMAN plan on putting up a new building in its place -- wonder what kind of corruption will go along with that deal?

The PLAIN TRUTH of the matter is the last thing in the world that will cure the ills of political corruption in West Virginia is to put another one of the good old boys in office, anywhere!

“You know the kind …not a law that wasn’t made to be broken if you have the right last name or at least the right amount of money and they will make you feel good about it, putting them ABOVE the LAW!”

I wonder if Ramsey is giggling because he heard about the photo's taken of Gilmer County Commission President getting CAUGHT banging AMY SKINNER in the car outside the "DUCK" a country BAR hang out up the road a piece from Glenville. It was the image of the big white ass undulating in the wind towering over the ripped open blouse of AMY SKINNER making for a bucking tale at Tallie's Duck Tavern up there in a Normantown. The smell of Sex was in the air among all the moanin and a groanin and a rollin around that was a goin on out in the country there for the animals and the big bucks to get an idea of how DRUGS can sometimes makes human sexual relations just all that much more disgusting to nature and such.

Justice in Gilmer County is getting pretty hard to find when we have corrupt pieces of shit like JUDGE RICHARD A FACEMIRE as a Circuit Court Judge  – Facemire sentenced the defendant of the Travesty of Justice to ONE YEAR IN JAIL a very harsh punishment in West Virginia, for a misdemeanor all based on false evidence proven false now, but he lets a drug dealing nigger go free on probation even when caught in the IKE MORRIS MOTEL with DRUGS and dude is a Football player for GSC, now what the fuck is wrong with this picture!

In Court on April 23rd  just days ago it was the State of West Virginia vs. Osmond Brown Jr.  before the not so honorable Judge Facemire.

OSMUND BROWN was before the Court for sentencing upon his former plea.

The parents of the latest rape victim at GSC reported the incident to the Secret Seven known as the SS in Gilmer County - The SS has uncovered multiple rapes by Black Athletes involving white female students and there has not been even one conviction - Countless rapes have been documented - just as fast as the SS expose the rapes - the local Sheriff Metz see's to it that they are covered up just like they always do it down in Crooked County!

Brown was placed on 5-years’ probation and must perform 100 hours of community service.

At this time he is working and playing football in North Carolina, and is paying child support.

Later his probation may be transferred to North Carolina after he graduates from Glenville State College.

New transfer tight end OSMUND BROWN looked good in ORANGE at CRJ shown here in G-Ville BLUE where it is JUST OK to bring in good drugs to the Best Western in Glenville and turn out all the hotties on dope with the sanction of IL Morris the LORD of the Church of IKE! Ike has to have his football stars no matter what the price and no matter how much it fucks us up, the people that have to walk on the MUDDY SIDE!

These so called friends of the ELITE that get to walk on the WILD SIDE  love a job where the only qualification is being able to do nothing except collect a paycheck, speak but say nothing, go on free vacations, drive county cars and hire and harass who they’re told by whatever minions of the boss are in power!

That job description sounds a lot like Brian Kennedy too, since he works for IKE MORRIS and the Church of IKE restaurant the Pioneer Grill thereby getting TWO FULL PAY CHECKS from Gilmer County, although there was another person in mind when Free Bird wrote that part of this article.

The Gilmer County Courthouse where few rape cases ever make it now, being dismissed in magistrate court since the witness and rape victim is often threatened to be raped again if she shows up as was done in the rape of Mary Hudnall who worked at the GO MART and was a student at GSC - Gerry Hough prosecutor for Gilmer wrote the last rape victim that had a 4.0 gpa a threatening letter threatening to arrest her if she did not SHUT UP about the rape and quit telling people about it, it was about that time her parents contacted the Secret Seven Coalition who immediately got them professional help and a professional investigator to tell their story too. We are trying to get a copy of that letter and redact the victims name and other details, but publish as much of it as we can. GLENVILLE and GSC LEAD the State of West Virginia for RAPE!!

Glenville Citizens need to act and take a stand against the violent acts by GSC college athletes against women! West Virginia found out about Gerald B Hough and the illegal act he made against a rape victim – And the FERPA Violation reported by the West Virginia Record speaks volumes about the illegal and outlandish actions taken by representatives of GSC and the local elite to cover up the violence against women that has been happening for years in Gilmer County, WV!

Glenville State College has had several unsolved and unpunished rapes since 2005 but the latest rape of an honor student from Wood County, on the Promise Scholarship program was the rape that was the most brutal and involved several fraternity members of the SOB fraternity, and the SS is seeking to let the Alumni Association know about the cover up by Dan Bell from GSC and the Gilmer County Sheriffs Department.

The Secret Seven Coalition, once informed about the rape at Goodwin Hall, launched an investigation. The RAPE took place in the Suite of a student from South Carolina that was brought in by the closest associates of Peter Barr the President of GSC. This particular sex crime turned our stomachs, and upset the SS women the most, and also pissed them off enough to take immediate action, so a professional investigator was contacted — the parents of the Victim were contacted and we got the testimony from the victim herself who my heart goes out to. She remembers being in the room with Opie Watkins with a cup of alcohol, that was mixed by a female student who said her father was a bartender so she should mix the drinks, but she mixed a concoction of wood grain alcohol and date rape drugs!! The victim then said she came to with five SOB fraternity members standing over her as she was nude & being sexually assaulted in the shower, in Goodwin Hall at Glenville State College. She flat lined in the ambulance on the way to Stonewall Jackson hospital where they found evidence that a rape occurred. Public Safety officer Dan Bell mailed the evidence to himself from the hospital and then it became lost …on purpose. GSC has become a haven for rapists and drug addicted criminals!

The last thing the victim, and honor student, remembered was that she was drinking a cup of alcohol with other students, and then the next thing she became conscious at the bottom of a shower nude with five male GSC students standing over her! Her life has been a nightmare & she almost died from the drugs and alcohol that were given to her. The victim does not take drugs but DATE RAPE drugs were found in her system and her blood alcohol level was 2.4

JOBS and PEOPLE are bought and sold in Gilmer County, and it’s fun for those who are willing to keep you in line to serve their king.  Always the ones who smile so nice, walk into church like a saint on Sunday but lie like a rug, sin with the best and steal like a professional the rest of the week. Take your pick, there’s a house full to pick from ranging from high on that hill all the way down to the Little Kanawha. Put your buddies in a bag, shake it and pick one.  Won’t make one bit of difference when you’re done.

“If you gave us a nickel for every man working for any agency funded by taxes in Gilmer County that was honest and under the age of 70 we’d be hard pressed to come up with a fifty cent piece!”

Lexi Butcher Bitches Breasts will liven up any party in Crooked County especially w/ her COCAINE purse brought to the party! Lexy don't worry about being caught with drugs - and can have sex w/ anybody she wants girl or boy.

This bunch that’s had the power the last 25 or so years seem to come from a generation of self serving, wait on me and just tell me what I need to knows. Working to benefit anyone beyond themselves is not in them. Don’t expect it and you’ll never be disappointed.

Ask your Sheriff  MICKEY METZ why he LIED for years and then carried on over to fraud when he figured no problem being your next Magistrate. You guys love him, right? He’s a good old boy.

What made METZ think that would be just OK with you?

Ask Metz why he fell in lock step when the High Priestess of the Church of Ike, said…

“You will not arrest my family or friends for drugs and drunkenness!”

Ask  Mickey Metz Sheriff of Gilmer County how many rape investigations were JUST OK with him if the perpetrator attended GSC!

Ask METZ why 357 Evvy only got a year for premeditated murder.  Ask him who killed Fred Hill.

Ask METZ what kind of deal the prosecutor makes for those special needs cases and what Judges run with the idea.

While you’re at it, ask Sheriff MICKEY METZ about that fancy store bought  diploma he used to file for office illegally, who told him to do it and if he really took his GED at the church as told in town last week!”

When you’re not too busy, you need to check in with Larry Chapman EDA Director about why he just had to have that job while he was still President of the Board of Directors and just after he lost his public office?  You guys just love him, right?

"If you see ME, buddy it could be the last thing you ever see!" It means you pissed off the SC of the SS and he wants your ass for he only brings me for one reason, cuz I’m the best! "You just might find yourself slipping into Darkness!" "I'm with the Central West Virginia SS!" Shang a lang dang dang, want to see me do my thang?" "You better run, but that is just what I like!"

Chapman is a good old boy.  He brags about being an investor in Best Western and how great the Rivers View Project was, how smart Pete Barr is, but doesn’t seem to know a thing about how his own county clerk could file liens illegally to get it done and kept it all in the dark with her buddy Butcher.

Ask LARRY CHAPMAN why he’s so willing to take a cut in pay now when he swore to friends he had to have the EDA job to keep his boy from moving out of the state.

Could it be the money is running out?  Larry Chapman really doesn’t want to answer to anybody and he knows the people have never held him accountable for anything? Besides, you know what a Board member at a bank can do for a personal friend with sticky fingers, especially when they’re related to another good old boy!

Keep it quiet with threats, call the boss, get them a job and see that they come out smelling like a rose. As he says, you never know when you’ll need to get the favor back and this one knows he’ll get it or tell.  One more time, business as usual and they will shed not one tear for the children as the schools close one by one.  Actually, they’ll wave goodbye to the school bus with a smile while working to get that Arbuckle Land back on the SBA agenda.

Speaking of keeping it quiet! The Butcher Bitches know how to keep it quiet, they have had sex with so many men, boys, women, girls, that really who can count, and you have to wonder who has the most SEX … LIZ or LEX?

“Oh, yes, by all means, put one of those good old boys in office but don’t complain when you get what you asked for.  History will repeat itself!”

Gilmer County people are paying the ultimate price for such foolish decisions right now.  Some have already heard they lost their kids to another county because they sold their very souls to these devils they believed were so smart and trustworthy.

In the meantime, too many families ask a God they have turned their backs on to save them from this disgrace knowing full well that redemption only comes when you go and sin no more.

Is Gilmer County ready to be or not to be?

That is the question and this election is going to tell the story!

It takes courage and fearlessness to change anything.  You have to be willing to take a chance.  One thing is for certain, no guts, no glory. Look out cause the buzzards are circling and the hogs are waiting to hear that familiar call to the trough.

“The next move is yours, but then you can always join the CHURCH of Ike and take a walk on the WILD SIDE!”

“But we say FUCK THAT! Because it’s better to be a member of the Secret Seven and be a REBEL REBEL!