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By Editor Edison- CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

TIME TO ELECT A CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE ON MAY 10th, by then we will run some old cases by you that prove MISCONDUCT by Judge Facemire, Sheriff Metz, and the current Sheriff Gerwig.

Larry Gerwig started lying on the stand which can be proven as far back as the famous "Travesty of Justice," when he said OLD USED RUSTED FARM EQUIPMENT purchased in 1980 was BRAND NEW and worth thousands of dollars! What a fucking LIAR Gerwig was then, and what a fucking LIAR Gerwig is now. On that same case he let Roanna Rafferty from Cocoa Beach FLA come to court and like about owning 1/6th of 112 acres of surface property near the Calhoun County line, Metz, and Gerwig worked with the County Clerk to HIDE THE DEED from the courts to COVER UP THE LIE, the TRUTH is out now but JUDGE FACEMIRE doesn't want the truth to get out for the truth would come out about him too!!! He rigged that case like a bitch!!! NO to Sheriff Gerwig being Sheriff

Larry Gerwig started lying on the stand which can be proven as far back as the famous “Travesty of Justice,” case, when he said OLD USED RUSTED FARM EQUIPMENT purchased in 1980(purchase order located could be used to prosecute Gerwig and Metz both) was BRAND NEW and worth thousands of dollars! What a fucking LIAR Gerwig was then, and what a fucking LIAR Gerwig is now. On that same case he let Roanna Rafferty from Cocoa Beach FLA come to court and lie about owning 1/6th of 112 acres of surface property near the Calhoun County line, Metz, and Gerwig worked with the County Clerk to HIDE THE DEED from the courts to COVER UP THE LIE, the TRUTH is out now but JUDGE FACEMIRE doesn’t want the truth to get out for the truth would come out about him too!!! He rigged that case like a bitch!!! NO to Sheriff Gerwig being Sheriff. The PERJURY of Roanna Rafferty  was PROVED by a title opinion of the disputed property that  cost 5000 bucks. When the FBI got involved in the summer of 2011 five years later, they were convinced both METZ and GERWIG lied during the court case, as did others.  

Judge Facemire who knowingly allowed false testimony by key witnesses of the prosecution during the Travesty of Justice case, came within one vote of having that case reversed by the Supreme Court --- BUT NOW it is known a deed was hidden by the Commission Clerk BM Beverly Marks which should have sent her to prison, but in Gilmer County Public officials cover for one another and the rest of the USA is getting hip to these backwoods towns like Glenville West Virginia where the local college leads the state in unresolved RAPES!!!!

Judge Facemire who knowingly allowed false testimony by key witnesses of the prosecution during the Travesty of Justice case, came within one vote of having that case reversed by the Supreme Court — BUT NOW it is known a deed was hidden by the Commission Clerk BM Beverly Marks which should have sent her to prison, but in Gilmer County Public officials cover for one another and the rest of the USA is getting hip to these backwoods towns like Glenville West Virginia where the local college leads the state in unresolved RAPES!!!!

 In recent years BOTH METZ and GERWIG  have led the way for the cover up and MURDER of Willard Cottrill.   Recently the 4th heir to the Cottrill Estate who was mostly ignored as heir, was given the entire estate, and three dwellings by the Gilmer County Commission, but not long ago, just 14 months  ago, things were not going so well out at the Cottrill Estate, and based on false information and based on Sheriff  Gerwig and several deputies being involved in a conspiracy of wrongdoing, this is how it went just 14 months  ago.

Cops Cops Tramps and Thieves, INVADE the Linn WV HOME of Ruth Mitchell!!

The Gilmer Free PressThe Cottrill Estate Debacle has been in the news both in print media and on the pages of the voice of the people, the Gilmer Free Press, for years now in Central West Virginia. Many people are familiar with the ongoing court battles, but the most recent MAJOR battle was WON by Ruth Mitchell, the live in companion to Willard Cottrill on 18 October 2013 in the West Virginia Supreme Court by a vote of 4 to 1.

In the ruling Ruth Mitchell is allowed to live in her home that she lived in with Willard Cottrill rent free for as long as she shall choose to live there, but the exact wording from the West Virginia Supreme Court is even more specific.

The Supreme Court document and ruling states further, that the matter of Ruth Mitchell living in the home she shared with Willard Cottrill should be rendered void should she at any time choose or need to live elsewhere.

The Gilmer Free Press
The residence with the carport where Ruth Mitchell resides
on the Cottrill estate property, which is close to 44 acres total.

There has been a long continuing dispute going among Cottrill family members of whether Ruth Mitchell should be allowed to stay in the residence, but the 4 to 1 Supreme Court decision put a stop to those debates. Those opposing family members which included Venita Cottrill-Murphy and her husband Mike Murphy appealed the Supreme Court decision (which is almost always a futile effort,) however they would not give up the legal battle—And then, after the decision allegedly sold the property to Richard Neal for $23,000 cash and a 1968 Camaro totalling to $40,000, when the property was once appraised at 166,000 dollars.

After the Supreme Court decision, tempers flared and threats were made to burn Ruth Mitchell out of the residence if she did not leave on her own, and Richard Neal who the Gilmer County Commission let take possession of one or two of the homes on the property without a proper deed, shot one of Ruth Mitchells dogs and the local Sheriff did not even speak to Mr. Neal about the murder of the animal. Neal was never arrested for animal cruelty. Neal continued to make threats and threaten other members of the Cottrill family when they came to visit Ruth Mitchell.

There were more court proceedings in Gilmer County Magistrate Court where the matter of the sale of property to Richard Neal was challenged, along with his permission to live on the property without a deed, and without the estate being settled since the Willard Cottrill estate has not been closed officially. No accounting of the estate has ever been done.

The Gilmer Free Press
This is the 68 Camaro that was traded with $25,000 Cash for what
Richard Neal says is for all 44 some odd acres
of the Cottrill Estate but NEAL has NO DEED.

Linda Huff the current fiduciary commissioner originally turned down the job saying the estate was a mess and there were too many discrepancies. But, now Mr. Chapman the President of the Gilmer County Commission has assigned Linda Huff to be the current fiduciary commissioner. The estate accounting is still in limbo and remains NOT CLOSED, while the bond by Mike Murphy the executor of the Cottrill estate may have to cover lost funds that are said to be missing from the estate accounting, but that matter still has not been confirmed.

Given all of this information it may come as no surprise that the home of Ruth Mitchell was raided by the appearance of no less than NINE PATROL cars, both from the State Police and the Gilmer County Sheriff’s office on Wednesday 11 February 2015!!

Was this an attempt for the executor Mike Murphy and Venita Cottrill to circumvent that 4 to 1 Supreme Court Ruling and take the law into their own hands?

Does the raid of nine patrol cars resulting in RUTH MITCHELL being removed from her home a direct result of the fact that Ruth Mitchell recently filed a complaint of murder against Venita Cottrill and Freda Cottrill? Are the raid and threats and removal from her home a way to SHUT RUTH MITCHELL UP about being an EYE WITNESS to murder?

The Gilmer Free Press
Richard Neal aka The GOATMAN is pictured moving in an aggressive and threatening way
toward a visiting member of the Cottrill family and is flipping her off
as she attempts to visit Ruth Mitchell under a hostile environment
created by the opposing members of the Cottrill family that lost in Supreme Court.

The STORY BEHIND the RAID of the HOME of RUTH MITCHELL – How it all came about…

Laura Cottrill is a cousin to Venita Cottrill-Murphy the person who allegedly administered a lethal dose of morphine mixed with other drugs that led to the death of Willard Cottrill on October the 20th 2010. Laura Cottrill and her boyfriend Jeremy Askew had been staying with Ruth at the Cottrill estate. Ruth Mitchell recently filed a police report with Deputy Wheeler and reported she was an eyewitness to a murder; somehow the police raid is not a complete surprise knowing that fact.

We have spoken with Laura Cottrill on three occasions in the last two days in order to ascertain the facts of this report. We also talked with Sgt Smith of the State Police, an officer I trust and respect. I spoke with June B the health care provider for Ruth Mitchell that was present at the scene during time of the POLICE RAID in LINN.

June is a very fine person who takes her job seriously who says she works for an organization called the Gilmer Senior Citizens which is a entity funded by Medicaid. June explained that members of the Senior Center that included a nurse named Jennifer and a Lewis County social worker by the name of Luella Blake were present the afternoon of 11 February 2015.

June, further explained, she was present when Ruth Mitchell reported to elected Sheriff Larry Gerwig that she found needles in a room where Laura and her boyfriend Jeremy stayed. Sheriff told Mitchell very emphatically to, “Deal with it!”

The representatives of the senior center were there at the house that was raided last Wednesday to hear Ruth’s complaints and inspect the room where the needles were found.

It has been determined that it was possibly the SENIOR CENTER staff that brought the cops on Wednesday 11 February to the home of Ruth Mitchell after the complaint was made and the needles were discovered!!

Unfortunately, all the facts that the Gilmer County Senior Center shared with the police were false, all lies, and you can bet they think they have enough local political power to get away with this criminal act.

The Senior center nurse Jennifer Short and a LESS THAN SINCERE Social Worker– Luella Blake from Lewis County — most likely told the police about the needles Ruth discovered in the spare bedroom – and mentioned the SMELL in that back bedroom, but then DID NOT give law enforcement anything close to an accurate assessment of the situation.

The smell was described as mostly Body Oder according to June B. Ruth said it was the smell of SEX, but both assured there was NO METH LAB in that room at Noon on Wednesday, and then, a few hours later the cops were there shutting up the house and ordering people to stay put, then ordering them to all leave the premises.

Laura Cottrill called while I was interviewing June B and wanted to talk.  She called on the cell phone, while I was talking to June on the land line, so June heard some of the communication with Laura. I asked Laura to contact the police and please let them know the truth, that there was no meth lab in the house. In the conversation with Laura the day before, she confided in and said that the needles found were used to shoot morphine and they belonged to her boyfriend Jeremy.

So, now we know from the horse’s mouth so to speak, that the needles had not one thing to do with meth and witnesses that included the Senior Center representatives only discovered two needles and a bad odor that was more relatable to a Body Odor stink than a meth lab stink, was not reason enough to force and old woman with a disability out of her home in the middle of winter.

Witnesses on the scene of the Police Raid said that Gilmer County Sheriff’s Deputy Casey Jones was first to approach Ruth Mitchell and Jones stated something to the effect of, “You work with us and tell us the truth, and you can stay in your house…”  Then, they ask if Matt Montgomery who is often on the property was doing Meth up there with his brother and Ruth answered, “NO. Matt has never done Meth!” Then Deputy Jones asked about other people but did not seem to know the exact names of the actual suspects he was looking for.

To clear up this whole mystery I was just contacted by a person that was there and present last week when Jeremy Askew along with a person identified as Thomas Shaw purchased a hose from Advance Auto supply in Gilmer County last Wednesday the 11th, and more meth making supplies were purchased from the Hardware store located right there in the same parking lot. This person also informed me that cold pills were also purchased from the local pharmacy and that a meth cook was performed on or near the Cottrill property out away from the house without the knowledge of Ruth Mitchell. This person said they were very sorry about getting Ruth removed from her house and just now their selves got the guilty parties to admit purchasing meth making products locally, and then going out to the holler in LINN to make some shake and bake meth.

The Gilmer Free Press
Laura Cottrill may find herself between a ROCK and a HARD PLACE
now that the residence she was staying in was raided and the police
would like to have a word with her about a meth cook and
the activities of herself and boyfriend Jeremy Askew!

In addition, this person also admitted that Jeremy Askew had some antique old Jewelry that he sold to a store in New York and received in the mail a cashier’s check for $250.00. This person admitted that this jewelry could have been stolen from Logan County. The proceeds were very possibly used to purchase the meth making materials. Sheriff Deputy Casey Jones found some of this jewelry during the raid and removed it from the house.

Therefore one alleged crime had to happen for another alleged crime to occur, because this informant admitted they were previously very low on funds and had no place to stay or go—And that this person acting now as a confidential informant fully admitted to taking advantage of the big heart and well meaning ways of Ruth Mitchell who had no idea what these criminal suspects were fully involved in.

**** In Retrospect ****

So, on behalf of the local police it appears that they were right on the tails of Jeremy Askew and Thomas Shaw after being tipped off that they were buying meth making materials in town and most likely had a description of the vehicle used when purchasing these materials.

By all calculations when the police raided the home of Ruth Mitchell the police were very possibly no more than 20 minutes behind the alleged suspects that allegedly cooked a batch of meth near the Cottrill home of Ruth Mitchell.

However, even though the cops may have been on the trail of meth makers, STILL , there is the fact that no evidence was found in the house, and there was NO REASON to remove Ruth Mitchell from the house, but the Gilmer County authorities did anyway.

Now, in modern time, some experts on the Cottrill Estate Debacle feel that these CROOKS f from Crooked County were working with the heirs who recently were found to be in the wrong by way of a land fraud sale to the Goatman and have been ordered to return all benefits while the Goatman deed to 42.5 acres was ordered VOID by the Gilmer County Commission on February 5th 2016.

As an investigative reporter the most important aspect of your job is to ascertain all the facts and then put them together in some kind of order that is a possible believable solution to the answers of what actually happened during a crime that is being investigated.

This investigative reporter was extremely lucky to reach people that were on the scene and were an eye witness to this event.

After all these facts have been revealed to the public, as well as law enforcement via the FREE PRESS here in Gilmer County let us all hope we have acted in the cause of justice to make this area a safer and more comfortable place to live for all of us.

~  Author on File ~~

Cops Cops tramps, and thieves
We’d hear it from the people of the town

Down in Crooked County home of the CROOKED COUNTY CROOKS
They’d call us Cops Cops , tramps, and thieves  

TIT for TAT in keeping with the theme title in reference to TRAMPS and THIEVES in the photo above is a friend and LIZ BUTCHER (left in photo) 1/2 of the BUTCHER BITCHES made infamous by the CalPatty Press, the Central West Virginia high achiever for HITS and the Butcher Bitches were a big reason for those high number of page views for they may be BAD but they sure are FUN! HOO YA!! LIZ is SMOKING in this photo and in more ways than one,

TIT for TAT in keeping with the theme title in reference to TRAMPS and THIEVES in the photo above is a friend and LIZ BUTCHER (left in photo) 1/2 of the BUTCHER BITCHES made infamous by the CalPatty Press, the Central West Virginia high achiever for HITS and the Butcher Bitches were a big reason for those high number of page views for they may be BAD but they sure are FUN! HOO YA!! LIZ is SMOKING in this photo and in more ways than one,


By Free Bird — Central West Virginia SS  Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Images provided by Little Bear of the Central WV SS from Calhoun County/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press — Editor

“Way down here in Crooked County it seems one must serve the Church of Ike to get ahead. Man or woman must bow to Idols of Gold yet never own one in Gilmer County!”

The power elite business agenda we follow so blindly has promoted drug dealing, money laundering, book making, prostitution and the rape of our youngest and finest women, yet we sit like stones along the bank down by the Crooked River, with no reaction — as do the leaders that currently rule the roost. Our Gilmer County youth are victims of our own unwillingness to take responsibility for the results of a self serving political agenda. This brings one question to mind. 

“When does the agenda to make these victims top priority become more important than protecting the GSC reputation and making money? “

16 Rapes TOTAL In ALL – Just like the Candles there on my wall!

The Sigma Omega Beta (SOB) frat house, Opie Watkins lured “AMANDA” the victim to Goodwin Hall at GSC she was served high proof alcohol mixed by Jayde Layne a student at GSC which contained a rape drug – Members of the non-academic achievers SOB GSC Fraternity are involved with the RAPE and a cover up!

Take me to the Crooked River and drop me in the water!

Dip me in the river, drop me in the water
Washing me down, washing me down!

To know our history in Gilmer County is to begin to see how to take up the struggle again. Acknowledging the sins of the past can help push us to stop and realize why we are failing to succeed in business and in life  — And what needs done to GET BACK to where we once belonged. It should remind us to keep the promise of a future worth having for the next generation we must inevitably leave behind.

The GSC Co-ed who is a rape victim has a name, her name is Amanda, the girl who’s only mistake was to trust Opie Watkins – And she is appreciated for the fact her efforts in academics have been rewarded with good grades, for she is to be honored and respected, she is not an object for the pleasure of misguided male GSC students that should not even be allowed in the same room with this outstanding student for their poor performance in academics and ungodly drunken behavior, but if  this student were to be raped at GSC the staff and faculty already have a history of backing the rapist all the way through the court system, become active in name calling — And in the last documented rape case, the victim was also threatened by the FERPA VIOLATOR himself Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald B Hough and told to shut up!

There are many behaviors or actions in society that are punishable by law. The more serious of these are crimes of violence such as murder, forcible rape, robbery, and assault.

Jayde Layne with her SIGMA OMEGA BETA boyfriend wearing the FRAT T-Shirt, and we have had countless contacts today from a Sigma Omega Beta FRAT Member from GSC saying they had nothing to do with the rape, while there is one of their members grabbing onto the bitch Jayde Layne that mixed the alcohol with the date-rape drug in it that led to the rape of Amanda Smith. Oh yeah, y’all had nothing to do with it. We got countless mail from them saying that is not their frat house anymore, but of course it was around the time of the subsequent rapes and in the same time frame as the rape of Amanda Smith, so we searched our archives since Jayde Layne and all alleged guilty parties to the rapes have ripped their Facebook pages off the internet. That is kind of funny to us since we got everything we needed from those pages six months ago, so taking them down had no impact on our situation other than the general public can no longer cruise their pages getting names and evidence freely displayed on the FB page, like the dumbest asses from the Church Ike that ever came down the pike!!

Even though RAPE should be viewed by Gilmer County Law Enforcement as a violent act, the stereotype still persists of the victim contributing to his or her own victimization.  We have heard all the excuses from all the unsolved rapes, which is ALL of them! Sheriff Metz is O for 16 in solving rapes and that is not a very good record!!

Rape victims being seen as contributing to their victimization and rape viewed as a private sexual act may be two reasons why rape often goes unreported, but especially unpunished in Gilmer County that leads the state of WV in unsolved and unpunished rapes!

Sometimes,Gilmer County, even  brainwashed the victim to believe  that stinking thinking bullshit and nothing is done by those investigating the crime to correct that wrong thinking.  In fact it is encouraged!

 Another stereotype is that rape is overwhelmingly perpetrated by a stranger, which is another load of crap fed to you by Gilmer County authorities who have become down right dangerous, with their unproven and untrue opinions.

It is documented that rapes committed by total strangers to the victims range from 42 to 53 percent of total rapes. The remaining percentage is done by friends, associates, or relatives of the victim. Rapes that occur between a victim and assailant known to one another are called acquaintance rape.

We all know about DATE RAPE, and some have even heard of marital rape but more recently Glenville State College and seemingly our law enforcement leaders have gone so far as to be complicit with GANG RAPE on campus and will not prosecute!

“There are no consequences what so ever for RAPE in Gilmer County, West Virginia, home to Glenville State College!”

Gang rape stands out as both heinous and frightening. Multiple sexual violations are enough to haunt anyone, but the ominous aspects of group dynamics that gang rape uncovers are even more sinister.  We must understand that campus gang rape may also be called acquaintance rape because it most often occurs during  a social get-together. Both the perpetrators and the victim know each other.

Recently a leader and in the criminal justice department was asked if they thought members of the SOB fraternity could commit the rape they are accused of being involved with in which Jordan Opie Watkins is the main suspect, and that person said, “Yes,” I think if they thought they could get away with it, as many have at GSC, Yes, I believe they were involved in raping that girl, but all I can really tell you about were the rumors I heard,” those were the words of an on campus leader and someone deserving of respect as told to the Supreme Commander of the Secret Seven Coalition. Photo above is of SOB fraternity members suspected of the rape of a co-ed that left her in the intensive care unit at Stonewall Jackson Hospital in Lewis County.

“When are we going to open our eyes and admit that people really are hurt by inappropriate sexual behaviors?  When are we going to take responsibility and change the way business is done?  We fought for it once before; do we not have the strength to fight now? When will we take back our morals, ethics and dignity?”

“When are we going to deny the officials at GSC and the POWER ELITE of Glenville to have another successful cover up!”

The address  of the  SOB Fright House “Frat House”(pictured above -first photo at top of this article) is 710 N. Lewis St. which is less than 1/2 mile from the intersection of W. Va. 5 and U.S. 33/119. A reverse search shows the address has a listed telephone number for Florence M. Shiflet. 
However, when the number  (304) 462-5570 was punched in SS investigators  received a message saying the number is not in service, so if you know anything about the Secret Seven Coalition … you know the next thing we are going to say is we suspect this property is owned by the SLUM LORD himself Gerald B Hough for what more of a perfect owner could be picked for a palace of rape and humiliation?! A federal attorney requested a detailed list of all property owned by Gerald B Hough in Gilmer County  — And we won’t be surprised if “Gerry”  does own the “Fright House” and is making a profit on all the rape and mayhem going on at Glenville State College in Glenville, West Virginia the “Home of Rape and Murder!”

The SEXUAL ASSAULTS at GSC were first only reported by the SS and then finally the birth of the FREE PRESS in Glenville the GILMER FREE PRESS, the reports of HELL ON EARTH sexual torture soon was revealed to a mainstream audience while the local newspaper the Glenville Democrat makes it a policy not to report any negative news, but others say Dave Corcoran – Democrat Publisher and Editor is bought off like a Colombian Whore for a CIA agent while President Obama is having a fine vacation in Bogota!

The statistical majority of individuals who commit gang rape are reported to be young adults somewhere around the age of 23.

This crime is more common on college campuses just like Glenville State College,than it is in the larger school that are not in a lawless society like Glenville, West Virginia with its bought and paid for law enforcement, especially for the fact the ultimate authority Gilmer County is under is totalitarian leadership — ruled by the Church of Ike.  Those who are usually involved in gang rape are members of a fraternity like the GSC SOB fraternity  — or the famous GSC Football team who having a winning record and lead the State of WV in RAPE!

It is stated, with regard to publicized cases, that elite groups on campus are most likely to engage in group sexual assault. Take for example, that, football and basketball players have more prestige and status than baseball or soccer players and are more likely to be involved in gang rape. Social status is often implied with participation in certain fraternities.  Many of these members view themselves as a cut above most students with more money, better cars, and better attire. This type of group identity may discourage moral self-assessment. The group mentality which downplays the importance of that moral compass can lead to the occurrence of gang rape by fraternity members.

In a group mentality no one individual in a gang rape believes that he is solely to blame for the crime taking place ..so the words of Jordan Opie Watkins, and his excuse of, “Things got out of hand,” just doesn’t cut it around here.

There is no doubt that GANG RAPE is group oriented. One reward of gang rape is described as camaraderie among the men involved. Other listed benefits include rapport, fellowship, and cooperation. Another primary motive, especially for group leaders, is to maintain an authoritative image within the group. Participation among the other members stem from indebtedness to or emotional dependency on the leader.

“What happens when Cowards and Bullies are put in power?”

“The answer is nothing.  The same happens as what has already happened in Gilmer County. Around here and in surrounding counties too ..that is nothing happens, until some Nit Wit named Blankenship — whose County placed dead last in the state for performance in County Schools — comes in as a so-called expert, now that is another kind of RAPE!

 No progress, no growth, no improvement of the human condition in Crooked County, not unless you are a member of the Church of IKE!”

When you put someone in power who will work on a set up basis, one who will not make decisions but follow orders like Larry Chapman former County Commissioner and blame their employees when that plan fails it is time to change the leadership model if anyone but the leaders is to survive. Lately when I heard the endless spewing forth of bullshit from Glen Ashley on the Gilmer Free Press, I thought to myself, how much is that bully boy piece of shit Larry Chapman paying this dumb son of a bitch!

Leaders are leaders whether male, female, old, young, formally educated, or schooled in hard knocks. Leadership either is or it isn’t present. Right now, today, we have far too many followers and little to no leadership in Gilmer County! The President of the Gilmer County Commission Brian Kennedy is a NO TALENT KNOW NOTHING and just as big of a “Little Bitch” as his wife Tara Kennedy who believes all of the FREE PRESS publications should be shut down!

“One good thing is that the Secret Seven Coalition of Central WV have exposed crimes and proven themselves resourceful and accurate in its reporting through superior leadership!”

However, under the power elite control with orders given by Sandy Pettit, we have a major leadership failing in Gilmer County and our population and business losses support this statement unequivocally.

We must stop putting people in place who have the ego to be the leader but do not have enough responsibility to take the blame, like Kennedy, Hess, Metz, Hough, R Terry Butcher, Timothy B Butcher, Peter Barr, Ike Morris and the list goes on and on!

“In a group mentality no one individual in a gang rape believes that he is solely to blame for the crime taking place  .. so were the words of Jordan Opie Watkins, and his excuse of, “Things got out of hand,” just doesn’t cut it around here!”

Loss of individualism is encouraged to promote group spirit or to prompt behavior that is viewed as unacceptable, to promote a feeling of belonging and fitting in. Strong cohesion within a group eliminates the need for self control and guilt and instead gives that control to a group identity with its own histories and beliefs. It would stand to reason that if one’s group identity is stronger than one’s personal identity then acceptance of gang rape by the group would out-weigh one’s individual objections. When that group identity produces conformity then not only does watching the rape of an individual demonstrate the appropriateness of the behavior taking place but it also shows how it is done.

The Gas Station Man from Myrtle Beach South Carolina that Janice Weldon local Glenville Attorney and Associate of Peter Barr President of GSC and IL “Ike” Morris …brought to GSC named “Jordan Opie Watkins” that led the attack by the SOB’s is an alleged rapist of the Victim that was given Date Rape Drugs in Goodwin Hall

Individuals behaving within a brotherhood may perform acts that they would never do alone. It would not be unusual to find a person who is an upstanding citizen with no prior criminal record accused of being a perpetrator in a gang rape. This individual acting alone may have no known violent tendencies. The gang rapist may be no different from anyone considered “normal”. Membership in a cohesive group can break down one’s personal values and beliefs which can lend to the occurrence of gang rape.

There is definitely a positive correlation between traditional sex role attitudes and the prevalence of rape. How a female is perceived in the family role can determine a young male’s reaction when placed in such a situation.

Since a large proportion of gang rapes occur in or around college campuses it is important to address college policies and procedures that are set up to deal with acquaintance rape. The way in which administrators deal with rape cases that are brought to their attention usually determine the extent to which future cases will be reported. If a female student does not feel that she will be taken seriously by the college she might not report an assault.

It is important that college administration believes and makes it clearly known that sex is not something that men have a right to and if they disregard a woman’s wishes they will be held accountable for their actions. That does not happen at Glenville State College.  Protect our good name and our job at all cost comes first in the mind of the administration.  Protect the bosses legacy to save our job comes first in the mind of our law enforcement officials.  Your sons and daughters come last as they do their best to discourage public consequences for perpetrators and think only of how this could affect the bottom line.  They will say they are trying to save you from embarrassment and protect your good name.  In reality, their status in the hierarchy is the only thing protected and all that matters.  The long term damage done to your child is never taken into consideration.

The VICTIM of the RAPE in GOODWIN HALL at GSC actively being covered up by the college — Gilmer County Law Enforcement and GSC Public Safety officer Dan Bell says, the “Last thing I remember, I was holding a cup of a strong mixed drink of alcohol, and I could tell I was getting kind of drunk, and the next thing I know I am in the shower with 5 members of the SOB fraternity standing over me in the suite of Jordan Opie Watkins. Plenty of evidence existed that a rape took place, but the evidence they told me Dan Bell from GSC admitted losing, but people were there that were witnesses and I myself am a witness!”

Gang Rape is something that GSC college students should become informed about. With its prevalence on campus higher than in society as a whole gang rape should not be taken lightly. It is also an important issue that needs to be addressed by college administration and the right to safety of the students made a number one priority. The first task needs to be the steady breakdown of sexist attitudes. In our culture there still exists a rigid sex-role ideology in which the male role is more valued. If women step too far out of their prescribed sex-role they may be punished by rape or the threat of rape. This should not be a college level mind set. The second must be to discourage the group mentality thinking and encourage individualism.

Unless and until women are viewed as equals worthy of respect rape may never decrease considerably. These young women must learn their own value beyond that of a sex object from a very early age. They must learn that self respect and self protection is an entitlement, a right they must not let be denied and there is no amount of money which can buy those values.  Until we teach our young men that the female is more than her sex and that wants must be controlled. Until we teach both genders that authority and power must be tempered with mercy and consideration for others and that their own personal dignity is priceless this story may never change. Until we value our youth more than material gain and refuse to accept this treatment of them, no man or woman in this county is worthy of being called “a leader”.

What really hurts even worse than the trauma of finding out your daughter or family member was almost killed for the sexual pleasure of Glenville State college students, is the knowing that if GSC were even close to being in a normal location other than Crooked County there would have been no need to worry about a vicious sexual assault that almost ended in death for your loved one and preferred student.

The GOOD OLE BOY SYSTEM here in Gilmer County often makes for poor choices for recommendations for sponsorship. A good example of this situation are import problem students like Jordan Opie Watkins who barely held a D average when brought to GSC  by ELITE Sponsor Janice Weldon local attorney and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina socialite connection!

“Poor excuses for human beings that don’t really deserve a second chance — like OPIE seem to be under the belief that they have some sort of god given entitlement — And that they are allowed to rape a naive and somewhat young and innocent honor student  – just starting her second year of college after an academic performance of straight A’s! “

If you are a parent of an unsuspecting CO-ED coming to Glenville State, the shock and horror of the inevitable  …a Brutal Rape is compounded by the ultimate trauma that your daughter or close family member was raped in the Twilight ZONE!

Gerald B Hough just before making his first FERPA Violation so that he could threaten a RAPE VICTIM while he represented his client the alleged RAPIST WILKIE PEREZ who moved on to be a big football hero QB at WVU so might as well be a god at GSC if he was gonna be all that, well hell that means he could fuck any chick he wanted to in Glenville and he would get his own lawyer out of the deal and wouldn’t even have to pay for it!! Free SEX and a scholarship and can just take the first bitch he see’s sling her down to the ground slap the shit out of her until she is so terrified she may wet herself, but before that can happen Wilkie is headed in the out door and setting a precedent and soon to be guideline standard for a classic brutal sexual assault at Glenville State – The HOME of RAPE and Gerald B Hough on his way to being the Patron Saint of Sport Fucking beaten and unconscious women!!

“I’m  GERRY HOUGH  the Earl Scheib of RAPE at GSC, where male students can rape any girl, any time — day or night — for the cost of tuition!!  Feel ups, and extras  included in the foreplay at Goodwin Hall”

Raped in the TWILIGHT ZONE for the reason that the VICTIM soon finds out the evidence is conveniently lost on purpose — And for those reasons that there is no longer any evidence — the prosecutor Gerry Hough IS NOT going to pursue the matter!! 

For that is how they do it down in Gilmer County… THE TWILIGHT

They are not very bright at GSC but do lead the state of WV in RAPE although can not spell very well by this write up (above)in the GSC paper that goes with the photo of Gerry Hough appearing to be high as a kite!!

ZONE!! But even in the TWILIGHT ZONE a bad lawyer can get caught in the act of a FERPA Violation, but Gilmer County was not informed until recently when the matter was published in the West Virginia Record, and now we clearly can see why HOUGH filed a civil action against the author of this article, “Lawrence Smith,” who informed us all that even when caught in the Twilight Zone you can be held accountable!

News > State Supreme Court

Hough cautioned for ’98 FERPA violation
Date line 9/16/2011  By Lawrence Smith -Statehouse Bureau – The TRUTH about Gerald B  Hough is now told!

CHARLESTON – Records show very early in his legal career, Gerry Hough was scolded by the Lawyer Disciplinary Board for violating federal law when he improperly accessed a Glenville State College student’s academic records in the course of representing her accused attacker in a sexual assault case.

The Board on Dec. 9, 2000, filed a one-count statement of charges against Hough for committing three violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct when he asked for, and received, a copy of Anita Phillips-Wiseman’s transcripts on Nov. 13, 1998. At the time, Hough was representing Wilkie Perez, a GSC student and quarterback of the football team, on charges he raped Phillips-Wiseman.

Jordan married Jordan recently, for that is Jordan Bennett who traveled to Georgia to marry Jordan Opie Watkins one of the alleged rapists at GSC — Jordan mixed the drinks with another GSC student Jayde Layne who said she should be the one to mix the drinks because her mother was a bartender, and mix those drinks they did, only the VICTIM had date rape drugs added to hers, so this victim was not only gang raped but set up by the girls, now that is a first!! …Or is it, in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!!

In the statement, which acts as an indictment for disciplinary purposes, the Board stated that Hough was also a member of the GSC faculty at the time he was representing Perez. Hough, the statement alleged, used his position on the faculty to mislead the GSC Registrar’s Office into getting a copy of Phillips-Wiseman’s transcripts for the sole purpose of aiding in Perez’s defense.

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, strict limits are placed on disclosure of a student’s academic records, and who has access to them. Among those who are permitted access to a college student’s records, including his or her transcripts, is the student’s advisor.

According to the statement, at the time he requested her transcripts, Hough was not Phillips-Wiseman’s advisor. Because of that, the Board charged Hough with violating Rules dealing with truthfulness in statements to others, respect for the rights of third persons and misconduct.

Eventually, the Board on Aug. 4, 2004, opted to dismiss the charge, and “caution” Hough, who by this time had become Gilmer County’s prosecutor, for his conduct, and fine him $400. The reason for the Board’s decision was due to the fact that at the time of the incident, Hough had been a member of the state Bar for only a month, and, upon learning of his actions, Thomas Powell, GSC’s then-president, reprimanded Hough, and denied him a pay raise given to other GSC faculty and staff.

As part of the agreement to dismiss the charges, Hough, despite his initial denial, had to admit to them, and express remorse for his actions.

Records show the sexual assault charges against Perez were dismissed.

It was pointed out to us by one of the newest members of the Secret Seven Coalition, and if the situation was noticed, or overlooked prior to this day, well then, better that you get it in your head now how dire the conditions are at GSC when something so awful happens that you hope nobody ever finds out about it.

What they don’t want you to know at GSC is that the same week, that when the mainstream press announced that the Edwin Dale Kinnison rape case was dropped by Hough within a matter of days of that announcement another brutal rape took place and was first mentioned in the Gilmer Free Press as a comment left by relatives of the rape victim and also mentioned in this RGW Article:

More RAPES at GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE and more cover ups! Gilmer County SEX SCANDALS in review!!

I heard about a girl being drugged and raped at GSC just a couple months ago in a dorm room at Goodwin Hall… She had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance after she was found in critical condition, ended up in ICU for a few days. All the evidence needed, was gathered from the room… as she was being transported. I am going to predict GSC, Mr.Bell and Hough all three… try and cover this one up… even though there are witnesses and evidence… not to mention the victim!!! GSC has a responsibility to it’s students and the public to inform them of such criminal activities… but has done nothing about this one either… One would think… GSC would want to be known as the #1 college that puts their students safety first… above all else… instead of the #1 college that covers up crimes!!! As far as the Law in Glenville… what a joke!!!

By Squaw on 12.07.2010

From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Prosecutor Lets the GSC Rape Case Go‘.


Hough, Bell,and local law enforcement are corrupt.
My stepdaughter was drugged and WHO knows what else. Hough sent my wife a letter stating that evidence has been lost.
Bell is an ASS.
He is not a law enforcement officer.
He has been bought by the college.
Maybe he needs a taste of what he is putting our kids through.

By hiphappens – P-Burg on 12.06.2010

From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Prosecutor Lets the GSC Rape Case Go‘.



Please send the facts of that rape in which the girl was drugged and info involving allegations of a cover up to:

The Central WV SS has been reporting on and publishing stories on rapes that were covered up by GSC since Timothy Butcher, then foundation President and City Attorney disturbed the routine questioning of the rape suspect Erik Davis just before we witnessed the tragedy of Justice when the GSC Football player was found innocent of raping an underage high school girl whose reputation was trashed for the convenience of the Power Elite not to mention her virtue sold like some type of unnecessary White Trash

By Anonymous on 12.07.2010

From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Prosecutor Lets the GSC Rape Case Go‘.


What we did not know when the Above ran on the Free Press that just at the same time the Gilmer County Prosecutor let the rape case go (which you can review by clicking the green link above) there was another rape even more brutal and vicious that almost ended in the death of an honor student!

“It was like a sign from GOD just as one rape is covered up officially  … slam bam thank you for some all night sex with an unconscious beauty it happens immediately again!”

Only this time this latest RAPE DISCOVERY has been exposed by the West Virginia SS and we are informing all Concerned Citizens by publishing this Sunday nights article that GSC signed a 12 page Resolution with the OFFICE OF CIVIL RIGHTS at the beginning of 2012  because of the rape of AMANDA?!

Several steps  must be followed which will include the reopening of the case, although Gerry Hough went to great lengths to cover up this brutal sexual assault along with DAN BELL — the public safety officer from GSC that was told to lose the evidence!

An investigator states ….

” It is apparent that law enforcement botched the investigation from the BEGINNING!”

Several documents are currently available to verify this information.

The beautiful VICTIM of rape was also denied civil rights by being denied access to her complete medical file at Stonewall Jackson Hospital ! Hospital officials are complying with the cover up to keep from being liable.

Some students got sent some money from home,and students decided to buy the strongest alcohol the money could buy. The RAPE happened in a suite in Goodwin Hall occupied by Jordan OPIE Watkins who was brought to GSC by local attorney Janice Weldon – The VICTIM, “Amanda” was given a cup of alcohol laced with date rape drugs and ended up in an ambulance, flat lining and in intensive care after the brutal rape that also involved several members of the SOB fraternity!

The suppression of females in leadership positions is a political struggle, first and secondly a class struggle, especially in Gilmer County, and especially at GSC where Glenville State College is #1 in RAPE leading WV — But is number 73 out of 73 schools dead last in academics.

Lower class movements which have struggled to be free from the established authorities. Some like Amanda have risen up through the ranks to be an honor student — that is someone to be proud of and someone to look up to which we have so proudly displayed at the top of the page!

The Church of Ike serves the ruling class in the politics of business, and the politics of politics and has the whole fucking state of West Virginia wired in with the greased pockets of Phil Reale who makes sure that he lobby’s  all the Charleston press for the GOOD IMAGE of GSC and Gilmer County, so the Power Elite  covered up yet another rape, but this time they covered up a rape of someone that could be the Miss America of our fine state for all that she has accomplished and for all the fine friends she has made!

“Think of all the things we could have had until those SOB’s RAPED AMANDA and it was really bad!”

“She cried, then nearly died, and I can still hear her say…”

Take me to the river, drop me in the water
Take me to the river, dip me in the water
Washing me down, washing me down
I don’t know why you treat me so bad
Think of all the things we could have had
Rape is an ocean that I can’t forget

And the SS haven’t got all you yet…

By Freebird Central WV SS Reporter/Hurricane Rina McCoy-Crooked County Crooks Editor /Editor Edison- CalPatty Press Editor and the Gate Keeper for Crooked County/ Little Bear Central WV Reporter for the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Website

Dr. Peter B. Barr author of the BARR CODE presented an award to Science professor Larry Baker on graduation day last Saturday at Glenville State College and Sue Morris, Chairman of the Board of Governors, looks on from the background, Baker had to hold his hand steady, since the METH FUMES have a long lasting effect. The SS have recently discovered the biggest LOCAL METH manufacturing operation ring are GSC students, using the college lab, and equipment. It has all been covered up by the CHURCH of IKE!! The money is really starting to flow in, but the stink and the fumes linger. No one is talking about the sting buys of pure glass purchased from a Junior GSC Chemistry student at $300 for 3.5 grams of the drug that tested at 86% pure, not bad for 73rd place in academics. Can’t tell the local cops about that deal, they will steal all the dope!

Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz had his ass handed to him after all the votes were counted Tuesday night May 8th. What a sick son of a bitch Metz is, thinking the Power Elite and the Church of IKE would risk it all with another ELECTION FRAUD scandal to keep him happy covering up crimes with another county paycheck.

Check it out!

The MONSTER PUPPET of the Church of IKE Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz best known for calling NO FOUL PLAY involving the death of FRED HILL had his ass handed to him in his bid for magistrate! Not even the Church of IKE could buy enough votes for people to put up with more corruption!

The citizens of Gilmer County have figured out on their own that Mickey Metz – Ike Morris Monster Puppet candidate for magistrate can’t even spell magistrate as illustrated by a personal note Mickey handed Bob Minigh the current magistrate, that Bob keeps in his top drawer at his office. Gilmer County voters are convinced METZ is just another CROOK from Crooked County that lives down by the Crooked River, and communicated that fact at the voting booths.

What the democratic executive committee pulled off KNOWINGLY by allowing Metz to run after submitting a FAKE High School Diploma, is a criminal matter, and should be handled as a criminal matter. No more excuses, and the fact that Metz was taking the GED test (again) just in the last couple weeks speaks volumes about the guilt factor that includes top Glenville names.

Is Metz really that stupid?

“This is a question that one asks when pondering the fact that the Gilmer County Sheriff and the Prosecutor for Gilmer County think they can cover up the fact that they PAID a witness to lie in a high profile court case that went all the way to US Supreme Court after spending two years in the 14th district circuit court!”

The answer is YES he is that stupid.

Speaking of stupidity and JOKES like Sheriff Mickey Mouse Metz…

Keith Judd, who is serving a 17 year prison sentence for extortion, received…

Clearly, the citizens of Gilmer County WV are unhappy  Gerry Hough Crooked County Prosecutor is in office, because Hough (shown in this photo half lit) has proven to be a dishonest man that can’t be trusted!

41 percent of the vote in West Virginia’s Democratic primary for president, about 72,000 votes to Obama’s 106,000.

David Hedges, publisher of Spencer newspapers, said “West Virginia, once again, finds itself in a familiar place – in the cross-hairs of late-night comedians.”

In Calhoun County, Obama received 527 votes to Judd’s 453, with Judd leading the ballot in 10 of the 55 counties, mostly the coal producing counties.

In Gilmer County, Obama received 643 votes, losing out to Judd’s 690.

News analysts say the backlash is over the Obama administrations environmental push against coal, but hell IKE MORRIS will just give OBAMA a blast of the great drugs from Gilmer County and some ass, and Obama will be all about Waco Oil and Gas!

In fact, maybe Obama can perform some same sex marriages for the elite crowd, and we can find out if Commissioner Darrell Ramsey is a pitcher or a catcher by the dress he wears to the wedding! An insider says that OBAMA is bi – sexual and he wants to blow the whistle on our own president of the United States!

Meanwhile, author Larry Sinclair — who claims to have had a cocaine sexually fueled GAY as HELL romp with Obama before he became president says he has some real bombshell information to share as to what really went on. Larry decided to drop the bomb to tabloids after the 14 April WHORE debacle of secret service agents down in Columbia.

What many find confusing about West Virginia corruption, is how casual and open it really is, just like what has been shown to you by parties thrown by the Church of Ike, the Butcher Bitches, and just how accepted the drugs and sexual debauchery are.

Waco OIL and ASS is what it should read at WACO headquarters when Doug Morris and his drug buddy Pat Ward are dealing directly from the offices. It was PAT WARD that let the PUSSY out of the bag when he disclosed that it was a WACO OIL secretary, the one with the smart mouth and killer tits that was banging Doug, and he was on his way to see the secretary after beating his wife Kim Morris before leaving for Calhoun County and the home of the girl friend secretary. Only one thing stopped Doug, he was so fucked up on five different kind of drugs he wrecked his car on the property of former SS headquarters! Good thing, we moved or it all might have gone differently, for there are some old scores to settle and some new scores to settle with HATE GANG member PAT WARD who is employed by Waco Oil and ASS!!

Actions that should be considered scandalous aren’t, they are so widely accepted in a supposed majority Christian area as to shake one’s faith in all they have been taught about caring for each other, moral behavior or ethical conduct and to begin to wonder if they ever knew there was any difference between right and wrong.

An old case in point involved former Governor Arch Moore who went down to a friends dealership and asked if he could take a 98 Regency out for a test drive. He took the car back to the Governor’s Mansion … and kept it for four years.  During the four years the governor was test-driving the vehicle, the dealership won contracts to sell the state $2.9 million worth of cars. And two weeks before Governor Moore left office, it was awarded an additional $2.7 million contract for 200 new police cruisers, a contract voided after Gaston Caperton replaced Moore in 1989.

The media has attempted to cover voter fraud charges in WV for some time.  This type of event is not news to citizens of the state. Most West Virginians will tell and accept that Voter Fraud is “Par for the course around here”. Reporters began by covering voter fraud charges brought against a former Democratic sheriff of Lincoln County. In January of 2011, a West Virginia attorney petitioned the state Supreme Court for reinstatement after a conviction of mail fraud associated with his ex-wife’s election campaign. Multiple counties have been dealing with dead people voting, illegal absentee ballots and finding lost ballots. The voter registration system for the state is inaccurate and unsupervised.  Another bloated bureaucracy full of nepotism, cronyism, good old boys and their girls. Poverty increases and the income gap wider than ever.  What is there to say? Can you hear me now?

Governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s family is not exempt from this plague. His father, a former sheriff, was convicted of bribing officials to cast illegal votes in 1974, and he was then convicted of bribery that occurred during another sheriff’s election in 1998. We won’t go over the money his mother has made through appointment.

It is widely known that US Senator Joe Manchin’s daughter was allowed to short cut the academic standards at West Virginia University to obtain her master’s degree. The exposure of this activity caused the state’s flagship university a great deal of embarrassment.

Political cronyism is in play at all levels of the state. It is yet another example of our political condition.  CREW recently named Representative Nick Rahall as one of Washington, DC’s most corrupt. Among several indiscretions named was Rahall’s use of influence to relieve his son from a possible prison sentence associated with DUI, cocaine distribution, and felony breaking and entering. Do you think that could happen right here in Gilmer County? YEP!!

A wink and a nod have always been given to the open bar at the Marriott in Charleston.  Six or eight lobbyists would chip in and maintain an open bar for legislators. They had plausible deniability because no one knew who drank more than $25 worth of free booze which was the limit for unreported gifts.  Where does it end? The examples given here are just a “Tip of the iceberg.”

It is to be expected that, in this environment, many serious candidates become absolutely paranoid that the “Fix is in.” Who can blame them and God bless those who try.


Speaking of Tip of the Iceberg, how about that girl LIZZY BUTCHER, who has certainly not been an ICEBERG in Gilmer County, and she didn’t have to worry about paying for school, cuz she is too cool!

Here is the Resume of Lizzy Butcher of the Butcher Bitches that BROKE BAD during the SUMMER of LOVE on the CalPatty Press!

Excuse me Miss Liz Butcher, but what did you say your qualifications were?

Experience :   SEX !!  …And lots of it !

SEX at Gilmer County Recreation Center Glenville, WV

Lifeguard. Ensuring safety of swimmers at a public swimming pool, office work, first aide & safety, and chemically treating water-while dishing out some under water ass. May 2004-August 2004.

SEX at Butcher & Butcher Attorneys at Law Glenville, WV

Part-time secretary. Answer phones, type wills and deeds, file work, computer work. December 2004-May 2004-was present while Butcher and Butcher ripped off the estate of Albert J Woofter-several thousand was stolen from the account then, as well as all interest payments were two years late and thousands short at each payment.

Shameless and promiscuous intercourse came at a young age for Lizzy Butcher(left)losing her virginity at just 13. Promiscuous daughters sometimes come from incestuous fathers, and an unruly daughter will make an unruly and promiscuous wife someday for someone else a little further down the road. Feeling attractive and loved by R Terry Butcher “Daddy” can help a girl have more confidence and strength and those Butcher Bitches certainly can throw one mean TYRONE!! Oh yeah!!!

NO ACCOUNTING HAD BEEN DONE-SEVERAL ATTORNEYS REQUESTED AN ACCOUNTING BE DONE-But all letters were ignored, and no accounting was done for 12 years!

Then the law firm of Butcher and Butcher raped the cash account for over 38,000 the last 120 days taking almost 11,000 the last day and leaving the Benny with practically nothing! Good work Liz Butcher, did you learn that in college, how to rip off honest people by getting control of the finances and then taking all of their money in a totalitarian utopia?

SEX at McDonalds of Glenville Glenville, WV

Crew worker. Greet the public, prepared and handled food, cleaning, cashier. June 2003-August 2003.

SEX at Gilmer County Recreation Center Glenville, WV

Lifeguard. Same as above. May 2002-August 2002.


SEX Education

Lots of SEX at Denison University Granville, OH

Class of 2008, Heritage Scholarship

Coursework includes Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Sex education and History

SEX at Gilmer County High School Glenville, WV

Honors for the Sex Goddess of Gilmer County Liz Butcher

Denison University Heritage Scholarship (half-tuition, approx. $52,000)

Glenville High School Alumni Scholarship

FIFTY-TWO Thousand dollars of the Butcher Bitches college was paid by the Glenville High School Alumni Scholarship and Denison University Heritage Scholars

Beyond outright criminal activity being perpetrated by some local officials in Gilmer County, ethically challenged behavior is quite popular among most of the leaders. The Butcher Bitches got to go to college without being strapped like everybody else, unless you mean strapped with a dildo for dormitory fun with the girls! The Butcher and Butcher LAW FIRM did not do an accounting on the AJ Woofter estate for 12 years and embezzled thousands, yet Sheriff Metz refused to investigate! And that dumb ass  Metz wonders why he could not win a local election….

While some actions are not illegal, they become a clear conflict of interest.

Palmer Stephens who has been accused of hacking local websites along with his partner in crime PAT WARD from WACO OIL married another HOUGH HATE GANG MEMBER – who left her job as an administrator for the Gilmer County Commission. I guess there is a thin line between love and hate that leads to a marriage among haters of FREE SPEECH!

For sake of a name let us call it “Boss Hogg Politics”— a handpicked group all about power abuse, ethically challenged behavior, and self-focus.  While the state deals with poverty and population loss, career incumbent, handpicked, Paid Puppet Peon Pawns put into the Democrat party are given more wealth and power than personal ability would ever provide.  As a result they must sink to new levels of low to protect their proverbial piece of the pie.  Also, incumbents face no major challenges and are taught to use any manner of deception imaginable to hold life time terms.  When a “new” candidate tries to present they are outspent and outmanned, undermined and defeated until and unless their supporters cut a deal. Until they come in line.  In these types of environments, many business leaders will side with power puppets because of their fear of ending up on the “losing side” of the puppet master.  An uncompromised candidate will not survive.

Old time gangster type politics has nothing on Gilmer’s primrose path.  It may be on a smaller scale in terms of money and influence, but “proportionally” the Boss Hogg scene is just as potent in this local area. Old-timers chuckle fondly at the memory of a liquor lobbyist carting cases of free booze into the court room. Or at the campaign finance report that duly noted payments of $100 for driving voters to the polls, including one to a 14-year-old, who was too young even to have a driver’s license. Old days you say?  Hardly.

To show we are never very far away from such actions, as we mentioned earlier in this SS article, a felon incarcerated in Texas took one in three votes away from President Obama in West Virginia’s Democratic primary on May 8, 2012. Keith Judd is serving time in a federal prison in Texas, for extortion, yet he took the majority of votes for the Presidency in Gilmer County and others.

Funny?  Somewhere else maybe, but this is home.  This is where we live.  This is what we are supposed to protect. By locking up more than 15 percent of the state wide vote, Judd could be entitled to at least one delegate at the Democratic National Convention in September.  Not so funny and no one believes for 30 seconds it was done intentionally as political statement.

“The type of people we have selected and supported as leaders have become so blinded by power, lust and greed that they left us, the voters, uninformed, in the dark and not for the first time!”

A good likeness of Jordan OPIE Watkins is shown in this photo, the main rape suspect in a rape that was covered up by GSC officials and Gerald B Hough.In fact Hough threatened the rape victim with arrest if she couldn’t stop telling people about it.The victim a promise scholarship honor student was raped in Goodwin Hall by Watkins and other members of the Sigma Omega Beta Fraternity. “Amanda” the victim quit school, is introverted now, needs therapy for trauma and works at a job far below her education.These are the topics the Gerry Hough Hate Gang doesn’t want the public to hear about – that is why they threaten the messenger because Hough Hate Gang members can’t handle the truth.The SS had a professional investigator interview the parents of the victim to get facts for possible court action against Hough and the GANG of RAPISTS!

“Over 300 Gilmer County citizens voted for a candidate who had violated filing codes with a fraudulent diploma. They knew it, they saw it, they still voted to put a man in a position of public trust that had lied to them for eight years!”

700 were called and filled for a candidate who could not find the time to get a required written waiver to sell his business products to the County as he sat on the Commission.  The same candidate committed adultery while in office and flaunted it in public at campaign functions.

The same man , Larry Chapman, who, when voted out of office, remained on the Board of Directors of EDA created by himself and fellow Commissioners and who was appointed to that board by that same Commission during his tenure. He then recused himself from the vote while sitting as EDA Board of Directors President to permit hiring himself before resigning and taking the paid position serving that same board. In the mean time he prospers as another county business fails.

“We could go on describing voters who also support a Prosecutor who will not charge a college football player with rape and the law enforcement officials who report they must phone the Executive Committee Chair so she can notify her boss who funds the Morris Foundation and his wife on the Board of Governors before taking any action or to find the judge!”

Vote-buying and vote-selling with instances of corruption of past and present day are so incredible that you can only close your eyes and shake your head in disbelief.

Clearly, it appears that voters seem no longer able to define the difference between right and wrong.

“Evidence exists that both Dan Bell GSC public safety officer and Casey Jones Gilmer County Sheriff Deputy, botched the chain of evidence just as would be expected from the Crooks from Crooked County!” Janice Weldon a GSC employee and local attorney left the area when she heard the SS wanted to speak to her about why she brought Jordan Opie Watkins a Marine Corp wash out to Glenville State College, from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Watkins is believed to have raped two different girls before flunking out. Watkins and members of the SOB fraternity used Date Rape drugs to commit the sexual assault. Alcohol was also used in a planned set up RAPE of the very beautiful honor student from Wood County. The victim stated officially that NO FEMALE IS SAFE at GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE where the victim carried a 4.1 grade point average.

This brand of corrupt behavior continues to take its toll on the entire state, not just one county but Gilmer County needs a breakthrough in political leadership in order to end corruption for its people. In order to end the dirty little disgusting corrupt activities we seem willing, by our own lack of action, to accept. The mess can only be cleaned up when people of true moral fiber and courage decide to stand up and be counted but they are fast becoming a minority around here. Even the most trusted seem willing to cave to economic pressure.  Money is the new God and Jesus wept. This culture of politics has placed many into county leadership roles that exceed their moral and intellectual competence.  A real breakthrough cannot come soon enough.

It is such a small wonder that it starts out so promising and yet becomes woefully inept each and every election; they are us and we are them. Constant, prayerful, hopes for the best, dashed on the rocks of realism, disappointing all. Gone is the dream of taking back our government to make public service once again an honored profession.

Gilmer County politicians, like Gerald B Hough are widely known for being corrupt, incompetent and power-hungry, they do it in such a dumb and sloppy fashion that few can honestly say they do not know. Let this be the lesson learned for all elections – past, present, and future. The words of journalist and Sage of Baltimore, HL Mencken: “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.”

Gerry Hough issued some false subpoena’s last year to get information on SS members, and to fool our web host into giving personal information — and we had to threaten to file civil action to stop the illegal bullshit he attempted to pull off 3,000 miles away in California. At that time HOUGH formed his HATE GANG and here are the members …

Pat Ward – Waco Oil and Gas an IT with NO LICENSE or credentials
Leslie Ward – Glenville State College Got a degree online, like Metz
Cassandra Huff – Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder -FIRED!
Connie O stinkowski married now to Palmer Stephens – Gilmer County Commission  Administrator when she first joined the HOUGH HATE GANG, but then got JOB at GSC through hate gang connections and some help from top CROOK,  Gerry Hough.

Palmer Stephens – Former WV Radio group and WBRB overnight personality – Now BOSS 97 FM mornings
Gerald B Hough – Gilmer County Prosecutor Hate Gang leader.

WAKE UP TO A Gerald B Hough HATE GANG MEMBER every morning at 6am and listen to a small market no talent that has never broken the top 200 in market sizes, but he still is an active hate gang member along with former Crooked County Commission administrator Connie O stinky the girl with the feminine deodorant problem!

Gerry Hough was mad about FREE PRESS articles that told the true story and Hough tried to get a contract for information technology at the local high school with Palmer Stephens who hardly had the education and background for that task, and boy was Hough mad when he wasn’t able to get his corrupt as hell business deal!

The matter was discussed at length in this GFP article:

OEPA REPORT and the True Facts! Hough’s Ad in Democrat Was NOT FACTUAL


The OEPA report is representative of and demonstrates the facts involving what Ramco Technologies tried for 3-years to communicate to the Gilmer County School Board—and further went to great efforts to convince the Superintendent John Bennett that his decisions were WRONG!

Oh John better run like the devil Bennett allowed those who know NOTHING about technology to make decisions and destroy what progress was made with the little money available to keep the technology up to date, because that’s how they do it down in Gilmer County!

Ramco Technologies, although asked by the board, to bid for the contract REFUSED TO BID, unless the conditions leading to the destruction of technology infrastructure were corrected.  RAMCO was not interested in any contract that would simply throw good money away on mediocre technology.


Ramco Technologies DID NOT BID, like Gerry testified to in his advertisement partially paid for by the Glenville Democrat, where Cassandra Huff – Hough Hate Gang member was employed because a key factor was that there was a lack of LEADERSHIP in the system to make good technology decisions.

The track record for bad decisions involving technology in the school system was long and sad.

Ramco Technologies had performed technology service involving computer systems, networks, electronics, training, and more for about 20 years with the annual payment ranging from $9,600 to $26,000.

Ramco Technologies provided full service 24/7/365. This full service provided was done WITHOUT any other compensation for tools, test equipment, computers/laptop, mileage for travel, insurance, medical benefits, and retirement benefits.

Message to Mr. Hough….

You see Mr. Hough, if you just read the WV Department of Education OEPA report, you can easily see, all the citizens comments in relation to the educational system issues, have come true and are verified. As for the rest of the issues, the time is coming. So please quit using your position to threaten and create hardship for the citizens of Gilmer County as you have been known to do in the past. Clearly, the citizens are unhappy you are in office, because you have proven to be a dishonest man that can’t be trusted.

“Gilmer County Citizens are NOT stupid! So don’t try to feed them lies!!”

We are SICK of your lies and false allegations Mr. Hough!
I would like to invite you, on behalf of the citizens of Gilmer County, to a public forum with all expenses paid by the Gilmer Free Press, so you can tell the community your side publicly and they can ask their questions and get answers in a civil manner. Their tax dollars are paying you, and you owe it to them.

We are SICK of the evil ways of GERRY HOUGH and his HATE GANG! It is time to make some changes, and one of those changes should be GERALD B HOUGH.

And these Gilmer County School children that you spit on Mr Hough…

As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They’re quite aware of what they’re going through!

“I say it is time for some Cha Cha Changes in Gilmer County!”