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While we are getting together the legal documents that PROVES JUDGE JACK ALSOP really JACKED UP the COTTRILL ESTATE when he gave a decision and then let MIKE MURPHY the executor of the Cottrill estate OFF SCOTT FREE without making a distribution as ordered by the judge. Murphy made an ASS out of Judge Alsop thinking him to be a dumb HILLBILLY from Webster Springs, WV which he appears to be since he let MURPHY use 31,000 bucks of estate money as his own when he used it to fight a LOSING WV SUPREME COURT CASE — At this time in MAY while we celebrate Mothers day lets remember the real mothers are JUDGE JACK ALSOP and Cottrill Estate Executor Mike Murphy for getting away with MURDER, for those bitches are REAL MOTHER FUCKERS that firmly feel they can make up their own rules.

Until those documents are gathered please enjoy this BLAST from SIX YEARS ago when were on the VERGE of STATE TAKE OVER of the schools!!

By Editor Edison -Free Bird and Rina McCoy for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition and the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Website

The Council of Concerned Citizens of Gilmer County and the Secret Seven Coalition of Central West Virginia have joined together on a joint political journey to expose a great many wrong doings — one of which led right straight to the governor and the Secretary of State Natalie Tennant!!

“Hey Natalie, why don’t you go back to being a baby sitter for the Power Elite Bitch!!”

I will tell you what Natalie, you had a lot of fucking nerve sending your bullshit investigator into our town to come up with a situation that you could easily cover up and then say it was all handled and the election fraud was just a couple of misdemeanor errors, but what about the felony violations of the law?  WTF?

You sent your girl straight to the home of IKE MORRIS Natalie! Way to go, we knew you were Crooked then, for it was all witnessed by the Central WV SS!

Hey Natalie miss SoS did you forget, there were a couple of recording modules that mysteriously disappeared and then reappeared during the night in question and Beverly Marks changed her usual procedure of reporting counts of individual precincts?

But, then you are using Gerry Hough to make sure that evidence is tampered with and or comes up missing, for Gerry is already implicated in a cover up regarding evidence and we got the details recently from the State Police — and they are pretty pissed off about Gerry Hough’s best friend SGT CJ ELLYSON selling evidence out of the evidence locker and then Hough being appointed Special Prosecutor covering up the matter and letting his State Police Sgt friend ELLYSON off on all of the charges!!

You people are nothing but criminals and we can prove it and we will! Bitch!

Why the fuck would we even consider you as a Governor Natalie when you are obviously deep into the pockets of IKE MORRIS?

Fuck that we are done with all of your corrupt bullshit! Go back to babysitting bitch!

In fact, if you piss  us off again, we will get a hold of some of your old air – checks from when you did your local TV- Work  and do a professional critique of them and let everyone know you were nothing but a small market “No Talent HACK!” with absolutely no future in broadcasting!

One of our dudes has all the credentials and the experience at TWO – MAJOR MARKET TV Stations notched on dudes gun. We are from the big leagues bitch!!

Geez Louise, how high up the ladder did you make it to market 104? … when our dude made it to the top 15 and even did a brief sting in market 4! Oh man you were really hitting the big leagues there girl!!  You almost made it to the Top 100 markets in the United States!

Jesus Natalie you could not even make it in a top 100 market let alone a top 50 or top 25 or a major market, but you had NO CHANCE of making the big leagues bitch because you suck!! You are one fake fuck and you proved that to all of us!

You may have been able with time and some connections to get yourself into a top 100 market like Madison Wisconsin if you sucked enough dick, but making cheese in  Madison would have been about as far as you were ever gonna go Tennant!

“So take your cock-sucking no talent ass and keep it in Charleston because we don’t need you around here!”

But, as far as any of us know, it might have been your knee pads that got you the Secretary of State gig, but we sure can’t see it on your merit alone, except for the fact you had IKE to back you with the big bucks!


Great progress was made this past week by local CCC and SS factions and many state and federal agencies were contacted and we have received a rather large box size filled with replies and complaint forms to be filled out and notarized along with statements from our investigation team and attorney on various illegalities and violations involving misconduct and criminal activity of some very big names of some very powerful people from Gilmer County.

You may notice this article carries three authors on the by-line above and that is because this article contains three separate contributions since one SS member is also a member of the Council of Concerned Citizens.

But, at least six people are responsible for gathering all of the information we are going to share with you!

The West Virginia SECRET SEVEN Coalition was formed in 2006 and it was a union of the Calhoun Underground, the LMR Newsletter, Crooked County Crooks website and on 5 February 2007 the SS Flagship became the CalPatty Press!

Most people these days want to remain anonymous. We are surprised to learn even the highest ranking State Officials recognize the fact of who they are talking to and who we represent.

We represent the NEW FOURTH ESTATE in West Virginia. We are working with mainstream reporters and are happy to say many of our articles are covered by mainstream sources now, for we are the ones they come to sometimes for documents and facts!

Now, we do admit to using strong arm tactics a couple of times to get the cooperation needed on a couple of occasions, but “Whatever it Takes,” is our motto, since we are going up against people and public officials that follow absolutely NO RULES at all.

“So, the new rules are, there are no rules!

As soon as we figured that one out … we have had great success!”

Unfortunately, we are in possession of documents that we can not share with you yet since we promised a mainstream reporter we would not use them until after we had accomplished a few tasks and carried out interviews.

This week a high ranking member of the Council of Concerned Citizens talked to Dawn Warfield — who is the Deputy Attorney General for the state of West Virginia  and I spoke with Virginia Lanham who is counsel for the superintendent of the State Police.

These top-notch high ranking members of the West Virginia government would never get on the phone with a member of the Council of Concerned Citizens for Gilmer County unless they already knew a Public Relations POOP STORM  was about to rein down on their head because of the wrongdoing of Gerald B Hough!

…And that the REAL TRUTH ABOUT GERALD B HOUGH was going to break in the mainstream press and even possibly go regional!

As soon as it was mentioned to Dawn Warfield that her boy Robert Goldberg presented evidence in his brief  considered in the majority opinion of the “Travesty of Justice” case that was completely false — and not part of the court record she said,” Bob Goldberg works for me!”

Warfield was then made aware that the facts Goldberg brought to the West Virgina Supreme Court were not mentioned in the court record, and further, never was a part of the court testimony that included old rusted junk farm equipment Gerald B Hough falsely stated to a grand jury was worth brand new retail prices .

Deputy Attorney General – Dawn E. Warfield

Goldberg stated that rusted junk (presented as new) was on a separate hundred acres that was NOT heir-ship property !  Goldberg lied to the West Virginia Supreme Court and now rumor has it Goldberg states, “That’s what the Gilmer County Prosecutor told him!”

It was then that Warfield made the statement for the record that, “These mistakes are hard to fix!”

Personally speaking we could give a fuck if they are hard to fix, we say get up off that Power Elite Golden Throne and earn your state paycheck by bringing the misconduct forward and “Fixing it!”

Warfield was also questioned as to why the head of the Police Standard division was even given  the complaint against Gerald B Hough — since this was never any part of any State Police investigation at any time.

“We knew then, that we had established how the State Police cover up in-house crimes and our mission that day was accomplished and this information will be used against the state in court!”

Then, it was mentioned that a CRIMINAL TORT for criminal negligence was being readied against the Gilmer County Sheriff and the Gilmer County Commission — and surprisingly Warfield became defensive and said, “Good luck with that we all have immunity!”

Actually, I was somewhat surprised by the defensive stance of Dawn Warfield, but she maybe should read up on Federal law action involving a proven bad faith prosecution, for everyone has their immunity stripped from them, because it can be proven they broke the law to bring the case forward and that is exactly what happened in Gilmer County!

At that point of the conversation being a Council of Concerned Citizens member, I was more than happy to be referred to Virginia Lantham who was the attorney behind Col Pack  — the former Superintendent of the State Policewho we made the original complaint against Hough to!

Virginia Lantham was  a person kept from our reach on many occasions, so I was happy to report to her that her not recognizing new evidence in a criminal complaint made against Gerald B Hough was duly noted and would be brought forward in federal court.

It was Lantham’s absolutely ridiculous explanation via letter from Major Ingold — as to why the state was going to pass on the complaint that got that very same complaint picked up by the Special Investigations Unit of the US Attorney’s office!

Her letter that was delivered by Major Ingold head of Police Standards division of the State Police was literally laughed at by investigation attorneys for the fact they did not recognize- against rules of procedure, I may add, the new evidence brought forward!

We were sent on a mission by an attorney investigating this wrongdoing since 2006, but never in a million years did we figure on discovering how West Virginia manufactures a very expensive cover- up of a case that cost the state of WV nearly 750, 000.00 dollars to falsely prosecute — thanks to the stupid as fuck Gerald B Hough!!

That action made the State Police liable  and also led to our formal complaint against Colonel Pack and then we were thrilled shortly after our formal complaint — Colonel Pack was sent packing just like the article requested written by the President of the Council of Concerned Citizens in the GFP involving the murder that Hough let happen in our home town involving Everette Campbell named by the SS as 357 Evey!


Also another lengthy talk was had with a representative of the State Police that spoke for troopers of the rank of Sgt or below, which often have opinions usually different than the high brass, in which they have little contact with — when being deployed on the street fighting crime.

We were shocked to learn that Gerald B Hough has dropped some drug charges on people caught by the State Police with drugs!

Gerald B Hough Prosecuting Attorney for Gilmer County took the opportunity to communicate a situation that was NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE TRUTH to 350 public officials conveniently gathered who could also serve the purpose of extending support for a situation that was more than falsely reported by Gerald B Hough!

But, because of who their daddy and mommy was, the dope came up missing and the drug charges dropped!!

The Council of Concerned Citizens and the Central WV Secret Seven Coalition were surprised to learn that day that the actual troopers on the street support our efforts and want Hough gone.

Now, we never believed that before, but when it was told to someone of high rank in the SS by a veteran WV State Trooper, someone we respect, and also someone with multiple years of actual combat experience that had seen it all and then some, well it seemed much more believable.

In fact, that was a very important meeting and called attention to the fact that our entire reality of the situation had to be re-evaluated  … for we  never believed the troopers on the street not only supported our effort, but hoped that we succeeded in having Hough removed from office!

It was a decisive moment for our highest ranks, for then we all felt like shit for giving Trooper Smith and others a hard time, and then being unreasonable on more than one occasion and actually using words we were sorry for now. The State Police lower ranks tried to tell us — and more than once and more than twice!

All the while Trooper Smith calmly stated, “Hey well maybe someday you will get it!”

IKE cut a deal with the State Police – It was agreed that IKE would give them the TrioPetroleumBuilding for their GilmerCountyState Police Headquarters for the price of ONE DOLLAR after the trooper I spoke with busted Ike’s son for COCAINE and drug possession while driving his fancy Porsche Sports car, which was seized by federal law for the drug violation.

The deal was contingent on the fact that all charges were dropped and the  Porsche was returned and the seizure papers disappeared. Also the Cocaine all the sudden was unaccounted for.

Hell IKE MORRIS can buy himself a little town in WV and a College all of his own and buy the highest ranks of the State Police along with the Governor!


I will tell you what that dumb ass Gerry Hough has told some tall tales about Glenville, WV but …

 Gerry Hough is the numb-nut who went around and told a select few that he was a past secret service agent, and then had lived in a kibbutz in Israel and then married into and lived a total “Hippie” life style!

We got the real story from one of his college buddies who wrote a FICTION account of being a killer secret service agent, and it is a darn good book! So the closest Hough came to actually being a secret service agent according to his friend, is when they were smoking some kick ass hashish from Lebanon while they were washing dishes for room and board.

Hey there ya go Carly, your daddy is a liar again, guess you can go pull them panties to the side again for the college boys at WVU maybe that will make you feel better about things!

Prosecutor: No evidence in rape case!

…was the headline when Hough dropped the case against Edwin Dale Kinnison, just as predicted by the Central WV SS! Search this site or look for some old CalPatty Press files to find the facts out about how GSC is a dangerous place to be for co-eds

It is all part the Barr – Code placed into effect by Peter Barr after black football player Erik Davis was allowed to rape a local 17 year old white girl High School student!

“Don’t lay on your back unless he is Black!”  Seems like Ike Morris’ grand daughter should maybe worry about breaking the bar code from her recent flings with the Black Boys in town that have gotten more white pussy since the riots in Los Angeles!! But POWER ELITE pussy is the best according to the locals. However, we disagree that 16 year old snapper should be allowed, but what the hell it seems to be OK with IL IKE MORRIS so head on!

Just ONE of our hundreds of shots of Power Elite parties featuring the Butcher Bitches and some younger wilder players among the kids of the Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River and their fancy friends from out of town-we have noticed there are so many damn bathroom shots it is beginning to look like the Butcher Bitches spent half of their time in the bathroom with their good timing friends.This is a more recent shot, but this is after they snorted the lines  that were right under the Bud Lite can.Yeah they were sparkling white lines so it was not the good shit, but it still was Cocaine.

Hough told the press in that article that, “ He has never lost a sexual assault case he has taken to trial,” but that was a complete fucking lie since he lost the Erik Davis case!! So now you see Hough is a phony as fuck lying son of a bitch that needs to be removed from office as soon as we can make it happen!

THE JESSICA SELF CASE was a bungle in the Crooked County Jungle!!

There are only a couple of things that I know about the Jessica Self case for sure.

  1. After it happened SS members spoke with 2 Pizza Hut employees and asked them straight up if she did it.  They said definitely as the cash registers take from the night before always agreed with the bank deposit that she prepared.
  2. They said that she was the only one who took the deposits to the bank and that the amount of the deposit was changed on the slips by the time it was put in the bank and that the bank had notified Pizza Hut of this and their corporate office had been investigating this for some time before the charges were made.
  3. They thought she was taking the money to the bank daily as she took it out the door with her every day.
  4. An SS associate asked Gerry Hough if she was guilty.  He said for sure, that she was the only one who had the money and the case was open and shut. But the case must have been more open than shut, because Jessica Self walked herself right out of the courtroom with a Not Guilty Verdict to all counts and there were several. Hough blew the case by being a bad attorney, he was unorganized and did not have all the facts because he is lazy!
  5. I was called for jury duty (of course I was not put on the jury because they don’t put known SS on juries) but while I was outside a man identifying himself as Jessica’s father told me that they had her up there for trial and that it was not right.  A lot of people had access to that money besides her.  He was distraught so I did not force the issue of the deposit slips being changed regularly before the actual deposit.

My personal belief is that someone at the bank had to be complicit with this for a long time as it would be their responsibility to notify the account holder if the numbers were changed on the deposit slip and they were not the actual one making the deposit.  I know this was done if a change was made on the daily deposit slip for other local businesses I am aware of, they would call and verify that change was made.  I came to the conclusion that whoever had been handling her deposits had been let go or left employment at the bank and a new teller taking the deposit had turned her in. Gerald B Hough fucked this case up to high heaven! Ask Karen Elkin! She knows!

“She’s gonna do it!” “She’ gonna do it!” Pull em to the side Carly! Carly Hough party animal on the right is gonna show us a sight! From what we been a told, Carly Hough daughter to Gerald B Hough was passed around the boys at the IKE MORRIS COLLEGE on the hill like a joint of Marijuana!

I believe Jessica did the deed and I believe the reason her “Father” approached me was to gain my sympathy so I wouldn’t open my big mouth to the wrong person and question Hough about it when he came in.

Another thing I question in the jury selection process is why they always call employees of the Federal Prison for duty (guards).  That would not fly in most states, as it is well known they are prejudiced by their job and believe every one in the joint is guilty. I can’t believe a defendant’s attorney would want them on there unless they are in on the fix like F John Oshoway was on the Travesty case.

Follow that with giving the head honcho of the prison and honorary doctorate degree from GSC which is so weird to me that a basically “Junior” college can even bestow a doctorate.  It seems  a vain, arrogant and stupid action by a bunch of pompous asses to me.  I guess they can do it, they have, but I’d love to hear what someone at the Higher Education Policy Commission really thinks about it.


“There’s 350 jobs” at the prison, Ike Morris recently told the State Journal “We haven’t done a real good job on preparing ourselves for all these workers who drive from Braxton, Harrison and Nicholas counties. We need to provide them with some good single-family housing here in Gilmer County and build our community.” Therefore IKE set out with the Butchers to form Gilmer Housing Partners with Peter Barr and GSC!! The Butcher and Butcher law firm was brought in to do what they do best, which is rip people off for multiple thousands of dollars! Hell IKE MORRIS has bought himself a college and the whole god damn town of Glenville and in the weeks to come GSC is gonna be hit with more FOIA requests than you can shake a Crooked Stick at!! Oh damn, I forgot that is top secret shit, but we already have the documents thanks to Morris employee’s Leslie Ward from GSC and down Pat – Pat Ward from WACO Oil and Gas! Thanks!! You would NOT BELIEVE how much the Power Elite pay in lawyer fee’s to get themselves out of hot water, but the SS will show you very soon!

TARA KENNEDY ALL LIT UP — Brian Kennedy has turned out to be an irresponsible County Commissioner since his attendance lately is a NO SHOW. Rachael L. Fletcher Cipoletti, Chief Lawyer Disciplinary Counsel on19 May 2011 ordered documents be released and provided for law action that proves Kennedy lied on Gilmer  Court documents!

It has been unbelievably easy for IKE MORRIS (shown above with West Virginia football coach Rich Rodriguez) leader of the elite to control job placement and commerce in this county through manipulation of its Boards and the County Commission as evidenced by who is placed on the boards and who is elected to office.


For example his own secretary sat for years as Treasurer of the Ambulance Authority and on the GCEDA Board of Directors and his wife Sue Morris sits as President of the GSC Board of Governors, his son is on the Morris Foundation and Alumni Board and to top it all off he employs Gilmer County Commissioner Brian Kennedy at Sue Morris Sports Complex which received 250,000 in 2008 from the Morris Foundation as a “Charitable Contribution” and whose Director is Marc Monteleone the Operations Manager for WACO.  You remember, partner in Bowles & Rice Law Firm which represents GSC and the County Commission as bond counsel? Yes it is unbelievably easy to do what you want to do in Gilmer County as long as you belong.

To hear them tell it they are now going to forgo the facade of GCEDA and seem to be  admitting that any development in this county is not only paid for by them but also planned by them.  We have not seen one county referendum on a ballot and are pretty sure we won’t in the future.

Life is unbelievably good in Gilmer County if you’re an Oil and Gas Magnate!

IKE, Dude!! You’ve made your money and now it’s just all about playing the power game and baby do you have it.  It is your vision and it will become reality no matter who likes it!!

IKE MORRIS seems to actually own the State College at Glenville and actually the whole god damn town, and he has some Crooked as fuck attorneys appointed in powerful positions at GSC to protect his interests!

At the time this photo was taken of Lexie Butcher her dad R Terry Butcher was on the Board of Governors at Glenville State College – This photo was taken just before that barely hanging on top was popped! Hey Lexie, ya gotta a little something on those lips girl, better wipe your mouth, looks like you got splashed!!

Hate to tell you Gilmer County but most of the citizens that live here and support these causes paying property taxes are not of the correct “quality” to participate or make any decision about this life they are supposedly building for “you”.

IKE brags on the 350 or so jobs at FCI Gilmer but by his own admission these jobs are not employing residents of Gilmer County.

The housing they look to develop using Glenville State College as for profit front of the Riversview Project was always intended for the commuters from surrounding counties.  They have the experience and seniority to run that facility even though we have built a new Criminal Justice program.

College was always fun for little sister Lizzie Butcher, pictured left with her tongue soon to be headed far down the throat of her former best pal from the box banging video that still has not been broadcast via broadband yet, but hopefully sometime in the near future they will be posted in celebration of the day the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad on the CalPatty Press during the Summer of Twenty-Ten!!

Get a clue, these people have years invested in the system and have no intention of moving their families to Gilmer County when they retire.  Their cash goes back to where their life is.  That’s where their investment are — and where they will stay. Only temporary needs monies are spent in Gilmer County such as tank of gas and maybe lunch. Get real!

If any real revenue is ever generated by that for profit group headed by Peter Barr (which at this point appears to be a loser sitting in Federal Court), it would go into the pockets of the investors. There is nothing new under the sun when it comes to money and power in Gilmer County.

The 24 hour medical center is a lie at this point.  Although that is what was promised, Minnie Hamilton’s representative at GSC reported to the Board of Governors that Minnie Hamilton did not feel they could support a 24 hour facility so what is Plan B?  Is there a real plan B? We can’t even seem to get the air conditioning and a parking lot right at the existing facility on Mineral Road.  (Better watch out Denny Pounds will sign it all away)

We like sports as much as the next person but that’s where the priority lies for Gilmer County and GSC.  There is no emphasis on advancing educational opportunities in order to prepare for any kind of outside competition.  What outside competition?  Free trade is not a welcome phrase in Gilmer County where it’s not what can we do to make you want to come here and open a business but just the opposite.

The question becomes what can you do for those in power if we let you bring your business here?  What can you do for the POWER ELITE ? Can we take your money and your honey?

It can all be good and SLEEZY when you are a dealin with the Crooks that got it EASY  –that are ALL from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River!!


May 28th

SPECIAL  Memorial Day Weekend Celebration — A SPECIAL FEATURE!

The Ghost Wolf of Crooked County and the “Bubba Dog from Dekalb,” that lived down by the Crooked River!!

In the beginning, the people say, the “White Bubba Dog of Dekalb,”

…Who was the head guard dog and belonged to the Secret Seven of Central West Virginia was put on the Mountain Top!

“White Bubba Dog of Dekalb,” Head Guard Dog for the SS!!

 And the Black Wolf also of the SS was put beside the fire down by the river!

When the winter came the “Bubba Dog,” could not stand the cold, so he came down to the settlement below and drove the Black Wolf from the Fire!!

“…the Black Wolf ran to the mountains, where it suited him!”

The Black Wolf ran to the mountains, where it suited him so well that he prospered and increased and lived happily with SS, until after a while he ventured down again and killed some animals and a few corrupted and evil public officials, but only one of their daughters, in the crooked little town down by the Crooked River below as he felt it was his duty to do!

“The corrupt and evil people got together and followed and killed the Black Wolf, who then by the Power of the Gods in the UNIVERSE became the Ghost Wolf of Crooked County!!”

Black Wolf named,”Stoney” shot by Po Po and left in pool of blood, during hail of gunfire from both sides!

…When on that fateful night of surprise attack the Black Wolf named Stoney was shot by a PO PO Sgt named Ellyson who was also shot and wounded! But quickly and with purposeful speed the Black Wolf’s  dark brothers came from the mountains and with only one purpose and that was to take such Revenge!

The Revenge was so great and so powerful, that it led to rape and plunder and murder!!

The ROAR of the savage tearing and ripping of limbs was Long and Loud mixed with the growls and howls of  the professionally executed attack of the very well trained black as night weapons – brothers to the Black Wolf!

Those crooked public officials that ruled over the minions were ever since that day in Crooked County forever afraid to hurt a Wolf!!

Members of the Central WV SS were eager and HUNGRY to fight for the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!!

By Free Bird — Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

No more Mister Nice Guy
No more Mister Clean
No more Mister Nice Guy

Dave Corky Corcoran …They say he’s sick, he’s obscene!!

My, my, my, my, my…Corky Cockamamie Corcoran you have got to explain this one.  Our copy of the Democrat/Pathfinder of bullshit arrived today and must say that the entertainment value was priceless.  Still rolling on the floor and sides are aching but news? You got to be kidding!

I got no friends ’cause they read the papers
They can’t be seen with me…
Much of what Dave Corcoran of the Glenville Democrat has written is utterly insulting to the average intelligence Mr. Editor. Quit spewing yellow journalism as news and wasting print space with bad pictures of gala events and misplaced signs!n Or else, it’s NO MORE MR NICE GUY!!!

How is it news that the Chief of Police decides to pull out some signs he kept in the garage (apparently for months and could be some of the many that were stolen) at City Hall and set them up?  Illegal you say, well if it was intended as a political statement about people with no knowledge of their existence then yes, it was illegal and to say the least highly unethical even for you or him. If it was designed to upset voters guess what, they’re too smart to fall for that one. If you think any informed voter in this town doesn’t know that any conversations you reported, if you had them, were taken out of context then think again.  Gilmer County knows you little man and the sucking sounds coming from your office directed across the street are deafening!

Got a little God complex going Corky?  Think you run the vote of your subscribers? Perhaps even the election?   Damn, that’s deep.

A GOD COMPLEX exists when a body believes absolutely that they have positive knowledge and there is no possibility of error or failure because their opinions are unquestionably correct.  It causes people like the Editor of Gilmer’s only printed local paper, Dave Corcoran to disregard the rules of society and require special consideration or privileges so that he is given a status in the community which allows him to slant his stories and turn anything reported into silly political innuendo and half truths while getting paid for it.

I used to be such a sweet, sweet thing
Till they got a hold of me
I opened doors for little old ladies
I helped the blind to see
I got no friends ’cause they read the papers…

Speaking of print media, reporting the news, and Dave” Corky” Corcoran guess Ike Morris promised Pete Barr and Glenville State College the same thing Ike promised Ron Blankenship Gilmer County’s State appointed Superintendent of Schools. They won’t have to worry about any negative press! But, if you are not someone who SHINES or part of the Church of IKE, well then you can figure Dave “CORKY” Corcoran will come up with some DEAD ISSUE negative press that he just makes up like this article above!

It was reported to members of the SS that Jordan Morris, grand-daughter to the Lord of the Church of Ike was heading to Glenville, was drunk, and then wrecked her new car. Jordan was driving so fast, the car grew wings and left the road, and then hit the bank by the road again flipping her vehicle and running her car into these people’s house (porch) and damages it.
Persons on the scene reported to members of the Secret Seven, that they had to pull her out of the car, although Jordan claims she broke the windshield to get out while she was wearing a sandal, to pump up the drama and take the attention off the fact she was drunk as fuck and trying out some of her dads most marvelous expensive Cocaine from Columbus, Ohio, by way of Florida.
However the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder of Bullshit never reports the actual news, only news approved by Sandy Pettit and the Church of Ike!

There are so many important and news worthy events effecting the lives of  Gilmer County citizens coming out of Charleston that if this nonsense is the best we can get out of a PhD in Journalism then education in West Virginia has surely gone to the dogs. This man is so blinded by his own incentive that he inherently gives biased reports on any topic. This brings questions to mind. Why do we even buy this rag? Why do we sacrifice our own best interest of getting accurate information on what effects our community to the silliness of political sport at the hands of Corky Cockamamie Corcoran?  Why?

Our world – our economies, our societies, the environment – is so complex, isn’t it absurd for Corky to place utter claptrap on the front page when even the prosecutor  “Just OK GERRY,”gives the straight scoop for once in a Blue Moon, to Dave Cockamamie before press time making the DEAD ISSUE that was the front page of the Democrat a moot point. That’s right before press time, making Corky’s front page story a story about a NO STORY, the no story he knew to tell all along, but that is   Dave Corcoran for ya! That is how you do it in Gilmer County if you are the  Editor and Publisher  of the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit !

What’s going on with school consolidation, you’ll never get the straight scoop out of Dendra Miller, for how could you ever trust her. There are some burning questions to the many Bitter Truths around the county seat, Glenville …what about the courthouses, are they going to redistrict the counties and consolidate them, what about low income child care being reduced?  What about the mid-west drought and how it’s expected to impact our food budgets this fall? 

Couldn’t you discuss climate change or what’s driving the psychology of drug addiction and suicide among our youth? What’s your stance on political corruption?  Oops, didn’t mean to get personal. But you might bring up putting people in jail on trumped up charges of stealing their own timber to shut them up at election time.  Now there are just a few  subjects a good newspaperman might report on and bring real information to his readers who are not only intelligent and open-minded, but believe it or not Corky, are quite able to carefully and thoughtfully engage in trial and error analysis — to form their own opinion.  That’s what it means to be a journalist…but you are L O S T, CORKY!

Much of what Dave Corcoran of the Glenville Democrat has written lately is utterly insulting to an average intelligence , or above, but dude can’t see it himself!

Hey Corky! Quit spewing yellow journalism as news and wasting print space with bad pictures of GALA events and misplaced signs. Learn to be flexible and thoughtful Corky, or we will run you out of this town on a rail and we don’t even have a rail …anymore …bitch!!

Could it be that “Belve” Vodka is going to do a joint promotion just for the Freshman class at the end of this summer and just in time for the beginning of a fall school year – just in time for GSC Football season, this time “Betsy Barr “ has a slogan of her own, in conjunction with Belvedere Vodka even better than her husbands “Peter Barr Code, “Don’t Lay On Your Back Unless He is Black!”
Betsy Barr says… “Belve goes down as smoothly as a Freshman on a Friday night in Goodwin Hall at GSC!”

Speaking of local print media, reporting the news,  and Dave” Corky” Corcoran … guess Ike Morris promised Pete Barr and Glenville State College the same thing Ike promised Ron Blankenship Gilmer County’s State appointed Superintendent of Schools.

…They won’t have to worry about any negative press!! That’s right, that was a Dave fucking Corcoran promise on the barrel head because Corky is part of the corrupt “Good Ole Boy Network!”

While everyone is distracted by the very serious issues of school and county consolidation, GSC football Coach David Hutchison has been a loyal Church of Ike member and brought another rabid wolf in to slaughter the lambs of Glenville State College.

JOHNNIE MORTON is the new wide receiver coach for the Pioneers. 

Peter Barr, author of the BARR CODE – shown with his wife Betsy in this photo.
Betsy Barr says… “Belve goes down as smoothly as a Freshman on a Friday night in Goodwin Hall at GSC!”

Johnnie Morton
Height: 6-0 Weight: 193 Age: 40
Born: 10/7/1971 Inglewood , CA
College: USC
Experience: 12 Seasons (SF 49ers, KC Chiefs and Detroit Lions)

Oddly enough, a little over a month ago, this past NFL player was found guilty of LYING TO A GRAND JURY during a criminal probe of his California business associate Neang Chhorvann who had pleaded guilty to one count of MONEY LAUNDERING in 2011, failed to appear and had a warrant issued for his arrest.  Federal authorities say MORON MORTON was sentenced to two years probation.

Morton even acknowledged that he had given business associate Chhorvann more than TWO MILLION DOLLARS to be invested and had even placed a call for him to one of Chhorvann’s associates.  With that kind of money does it make sense to even look for a job coaching a rural college football team 3,000 miles or so away in West Virginia?  Who found this guy exactly, which Crooked County Crook has the California connection?  We should take a poll.

Here’s another tidbit of Morton’s history.  He joined twelve other former NFL players in the famed “concussion lawsuits.” 

Maybe we won’t have to think of you as abusive toward women, “ Corky,” like when you grabbed Cass Huff up by the arm and forced her out the door for doing exactly what she’d been told, but allowing you to pay the next victim less money and lay the blame on someone else — just as this photo illustrates that it is also Cassandra Hough who lays in a puddle of her own blame, down at the home of Glenville’s PRINT MEDIA, during those last sordid days of her last employment, along with some vomit, a bit of missed piss on the floor and some other smelly good stuff, to make Huff look even more amiss when we see her stumble from the bathroom in which she had just excused herself to take a piss, but then there was a cough and she was off into some purple haze hillbilly bliss.

The one thing Morton doesn’t want known is that after he was knocked out in the MMA fight that resulted in this supposed concussion he reportedly TESTED POSITIVE FOR STEROIDS after the hit.  Yeah, he’ll be a real contributor to the “development” of GSC’s team all right and a big help with what not to do when laundering cash through the Foundation. (Or maybe GSC CROOKS can teach him how not to get caught). We’re sure after Pete guaranteed he’d be covered under the Barr Code, Morton’s decision to leave California and move to Glenville State College was based solely on its reputation as a quality institution of higher learning (and we do mean HIGHER).  How about it Johnnie, how high do you fly?

….even the prosecutor “Just OK GERRY,” gives the straight scoop for once in a Blue Moon, to Mr. Cockamamie before press time making the DEAD ISSUE that was the front page of the Democrat a moot point. That’s right before press time, making Corky’s front page story a story about “NO STORY,” the no story he knew to tell all along, but that is Dave Corcoran for ya! That is how you do it in Gilmer County if you are the Editor and Publisher of the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit!

This is something you might report on Corky, this is news.  Do you recognize it?  This reveals once more the kind of influences the wolves on the hill are willing to bring to Glenville in the name of sports and specifically football the sport you love to get ads to support.  It shows clearly the type of people Ike Morris and his hand picked cohorts associate with and find just OK to hold up as role models to the students of Glenville State College and every kid in the area who loves football.  It is that win at all cost because football is the moneymaker attitude you should be talking about.  That’s what real leaders in a community do, protect and serve. It’s what the Editor of the people’s only printed newspaper should do, stand watch and work against corruption instead of bowing down to its power and celebrating with the perpetrators.  You know Corky, you may find it’s possible to make your living honorably but doubt you’ll ever have courage and enough control over that greed gene to find out.

We’d like to believe that someday, probably later rather than sooner, that paper will evolve into something better than what it is today. At least we hope it does. Maybe we won’t have to think of you as abusive toward women like when you grabbed Cass Huff up by the arm and forced her out the door for doing exactly what she’d been told but allowing you to pay the next victim less money and lay the blame on someone else. Maybe you’ll gain enough wisdom to know the difference between good and bad. legal and illegal. And if you decide to grow up, we suggest you see a therapist about that God Complex.  We use the term really as more of an insult against those whom we regard as being “over the top, and you, ” Corky banger of old boxes,” have a kind of Mad Scientist dream of world domination. Don’t let that bad habit of yours (banging old boxes) change from a simple neurosis of over importance to the psychosis of being numero-uno in the universe. A person could really be in trouble!

I got no friends ’cause they read the papers
They can’t be seen with me
And I’m feelin’ real shot down
And I’m gettin’ mean
In news of the BUTCHER BITCHES…
My dog bit me on the leg today
My cat clawed my eye
Mom’s been thrown out of the social circles
And dad has to hide
I went to the church of Ike incognito
When everybody rose
The reverend recognized me and then punched me in the nose
No more Mister Nice Guy
No more Mister Nice Clean
That Corky he’s sick, he’s obscene

“If you don’t have time to wrap your fish in the Glenville Democrat, get some STINK in a convenient spray can from the head of the Cockamamie Club himself “Dave Cocoran” and then, feel right at home! If it “ Smells like Bullshit, or just a bit fishy, well then you know for sure it has to be the not so over rated Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder!

Until then, we will tune in to the weatherman, throw back a beer or two with the college professors or football players and vote for a politician that will only take action based on deliberate and unbiased consideration of the best possible information and course-correct as needed. Soon as we can have a clean election (please , we’ve got to stop laughing!).

If you’d be so kind as to help the Gilmer Free Press, this site and a few others put out truth and much needed info on any relevant subject it would be great.  But know this, those writers and journalists will not drink the koolaid of the Church of Ike and his minions with you.  They will not take a required viewpoint for a cash or favors incentive.

You shouldn’t keep throwing stones and dirt at and around decent people to please the politico, Corky.  It’s not a good thing to keep on wasting your front page space with bullshit, lies and insinuations of impropriety that doesn’t exist.  Keep these childish approaches up and you’ll put yourself out of business before you get it sold.  When you do, and your limited powers have disappeared in Gilmer County, maybe you’ll think of the words of Bob Dylan who knew way back then exactly what happens when you can no longer do the Corky Cockamamie kneel down, bend over and serve at the altar of the church of Ike dance. You might get stoned, but better yet, when you print absolute garbage after letting the sins of the elite go unheard, well then, it is NO MORE MR NICE GUY MISTER!!

No more Mister Nice Guy Corky
No more Mister Clean
No more Mister Nice Guy Dave Corcoran
 You’re sick, You’re obscene!

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/Reporter



Lizzie Butcher below joking for dad about being an Iranian!

Later Liz walked like an Egyptian and hammed it up for the home town Power Elite that seem to have an interesting criminal twist!

Also SEE ARTICLE previous to this one where letters are posted in which Christopher Todd Smith aka Hot Toddy  says it was another “T” that actually did the arson involving the auction barn, which indicates, there was an arson, and further indicates it most likely was Smith that did the crime, since he has been responsible for many fire starting crimes and has quite a history of involvement going back to his teen years and early 20’s by burning vehicles and attempting to collect insurance money. Over the years Smith did collect on some insurance checks for fires, which makes him HIGHLY SUSPECT in all of the mystery fires in Calhoun County and the Arson involving the auction barn.  Smith was able to obtain addresses from an informant and criminal associate in Calhoun County and Smith bragged about working with private detective, bad cop and bails-bondman, Jim Ball!

Then we found out that Todd Smith is directly related to Ball whom he admitted to being involved in criminal dealings and enterprises with, and it all made sense and some facts fell into place for matters that happened years ago!

Lizzie Butcher, one half of the infamous Butcher Bitches hams it up for DAD R Terry Butcher. Lately Gerry Hough, Pat Ward of Waco Oil & D Corcoran have gone on a HATE campaign against Ramco Technologies and the Gilmer Free Press & Dave Ramezan.

Hough and others like Larry Chapman have threatened Ramezan and have called him…

“That Iranian…and threatened to have members of his family killed!”

These statements have been made by the Butchers, Chapman, Hough & even D Corcoran the inept publisher of the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit!


Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson pictured here 18 months before her untimely death due to drug overdose! Kelli tried to move away from Todd Smith, but he followed her to Lewis County and got involved with Meth manufacturers and a girl by the name of Tabitha Clem who was sent to Federal Prison for her GANG activities and for dealing and manufacturing of Crystal Methamphetamine!




This letter lists all the drugs and dangerous narcotics SMITH gets from the Doctor so that he can control drug addicted women through perverted sex and drug addiction! Yeah and to think this is the kind of GOON the Butchers hire to do their dirty work. I wonder what BIG JOE MANCHIN is going to think about that!

Smith brags about his power over drug addicted women and displays in his own hand writing all the prescriptions he obtained for illegal narcotics!!

Smith controlled female gang members via the distribution of dangerous narcotics!

Smith controlled female gang members via the distribution of dangerous narcotics!

THESE PRESCRIPTIONS — and ones just like them for hard narcotics are killing the citizens of WV daily!!

What doctor would allow such abuse, and all the while in Grantsville years ago this all went on with full knowledge of Police! Bad cop Shane Dellinger, Police Chief JD Nicholson used to party, pop pills and fuck the bejesus out of the Fire Starting Cult chicks from Calhoun County in exchange for continuing to operate a criminal enterprise — all the while all the evidence guarded by the State Police disappeared from the evidence locker, under the charge of Sgt C J ELLYSON of the State Police and Gerald B Hough who was named as a special prosecutor to Calhoun County. While Hough was the special prosecutor all of the evidence against Calhoun Chief Deputy Bandy came up missing and Gerry Hough made sure all 7 felony charges and one misdemeanor never made it to a court room and were dismissed for the fact he had the evidence stolen.

Also in his own hand writing you can see clearly that Christopher Todd Smith does not deny the drugs or the sex or the situations!

HOT TODDY Leader of the Fire Starting Cult sent threatening letters from jail - formed alliance with secret informer thru threats!

Todd Smith also claims to have over 150 nude photographs of Lisa Minney, editor publisher of Two -Faced Two -Lane Living magazine  in compromising positions.

“Hot Toddy,” attempted to bargain with those photo’s in exchange for other information or for money since his last insurance check from Arson got all used up in legal fee’s!

Clearly TODD SMITH who has been implicated in crimes for hire involving the Power Elite of Gilmer County clearly makes a threat in this actual threatening letter sent from CRJ - Jail Staff was notified but stated there was little they could do, that SMITH was a seasoned criminal & would find a way to make threats or issue criminal instructions from Protective Custody in the A block of the first regional jail to be opened in WV years ago.

In the letter from CRJ (above) which is a black and white bitmap format version of the threatening mail sent from the Central Regional Jail in Flatwoods – Smith declares war on the many journalists that have exposed his crimes of rape, arson, and possibly murder!

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson aka Lunacy Lucy, gang member and was having a sexual threesome on the night she died! Tabitha Clem from Lewis county,a known gang member was there involved in a secret sexual relationship based on drug abuse. Clem was eventually sentenced to federal prison for her involvement in drug and gang activities!

A sexual threesome was admitted to, in these newly published versions of “Evil Itself” in writing!

THESE LETTERS WERE SENT BY SMITH FROM JAIL ALMOST A WHOLE YEAR AFTER LAWSON DIED — THESE LETTERS IMPLICATE SMITH AND POWER ELITE FOR ARSON AND OTHER CRIMES — SMITH BAILED OUT THE SUSPECTED KILLER OF FRED HILL — Waitman Lee Frederick, 49, a Gilmer County resident and the driver of the vehicle, who led Police officers on a slow-speed chase from Gilmer County to Wood County in a suspicious incident that involved Sheriff Metz!

"Lil" Steph who fell out of favor with Hot Toddy after the death of Kelli Lawson is shown here with her sister during happier days!

The sexual acts and heavy drug use on Christmas Night 2009 was the end of Kelli Nichole Stamper Lawson!   … who was also addicted to narcotics and was at the mercy of Smith!!

Smith was also involved with LIL STEPH, Kelli Stamper Lawsons’ little sister. STEPH was involved in exchanging sex for drugs, but she found out about the sick twisted sexual meetings going on in Lewis County with her sister and a young woman involved in gang activity and the manufacture of methamphetamine, “Tabitha Clem,” who was also present –  and was having sex with Smith all night long on the night Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson died!

“Julie Jacobs was mentioned in this letter by Smith and she is a stripper from some of the big clubs down by the Casino and was reported missing soon after she was involved in a traffic accident in which a green pickup truck forced her and two other entertainers off the road. We believe that Smith had her killed or murdered her himself!”



Gerald B Hough makes more threats, even after posting his HATE advertisement in the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit!!


G-FYI™: Gilmer County Prosecutor Sending Threatening Letter to GFP


Monday, June 20, 2011 we have received the following certified mail from Mr. Gerry Hough the Gilmer County Prosecuting Attorney.

Click H E R E for the Letter

In the article published on June 08, 2011, which was a response to false information written by Mr. Hough and published in the Glenville Democrat, we invited Mr. Hough to a Public Forum for the purpose of providing answers to questions concerning several issues.  Mr. Hough has ignored the invitation, but chose instead to send us a certified letter stating that he demands an apology within seven days, or else.

It is Mr. Hough that needs to apologize for the false information, racist remarks, and death threats.  If at any time GFP makes false statements, we will publicly apologize and retract, which is not the case here.

Our invitation to a public forum is still open!