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By Free Bird – RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS/Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

I’ll have the force
I’ll have the power
To make my evil take its course

                                    Iron Maiden: The Number of the Beast

In Glenville, WV power grabbers may think nothing of torturing people mentally or physically to force them to see their way of thinking. A job may be held over a persons head, or benefits withheld and a person may quickly find out that the impact of emotional abuse does not differ significantly from that of physical abuse and that there is plenty of emotional abuse to go around involving the Government of Gilmer County than you can shake a stick at!

As reported yesterday in the GFP … right on the front page the Gilmer Free Press tells the truth about our local print media!

Central WV SS member Bunny "Sucking a weener" photo from the Crooked County Crooks website recovered from "Files from the Bottom of the Crooked River" pretty much sums up the Secret Seven "Take" on the latest Gilmer County Schools takeover that has been ignored by mainstream press, but citizens complaints were supported by the FREE PRESS in Central WV!

The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder is the most obvious in its inherent bias and manipulation of the facts and stories, as evidenced and witnessed by local citizens as they spoke out honestly and quite honestly and factually in response to the article.

The immediate community took an interest in the shockingly tragic Fred Hill case, but there were no real stories about a mysterious death, only police report formatted articles of who what where why and isn’t it very interesting that “NO FOUL PLAY rule,”  was used long before the medical examiner had time to even investigate or view the remains.

Of course, it had to be …

NO FOUL PLAY in that obvious game of…

”Hide the body, “OH NO, FRED IS DEAD!”

Suffice it to say the common citizen were more than disappointed about news coverage of this sad occurrence right in the heart of Glenville, West Virginia, where saying the wrong thing just might get you killed.

Or, if you have an allergy like Mark Medley,

“I am allergic to mean people with guns”  …that was that last thing said by Mark, and all she wrote for Medley —  for 357 Everett Campbell shot him dead, and knew nothing about his allergy!

The safety of law-abiding citizens should be one of the government’s primary concerns but who is going to save us from them?

Lately, I am beginning to wonder.

In the meantime, someone needs to reach out to the alleged victim in the Phrophet case.  The white female victim said she “Feared for her life,” during the incident, according to the criminal complaint . I bet good money she’s been fed a cock and bull story from either Gerry Hough the Gilmer County Prosecutor, or local law enforcement that everything is going well, and she needn’t worry about a thing, when the real facts are there has been no preliminary hearing scheduled, which is very suspicious indeed.

Also, since Hough probably has no intentions of prosecuting Gabe Phrophet for the alleged RAPE , and it is now suggested the victim hire an attorney.  If she has a credible case, her attorney should petition the court to seek an indictment of Phrophet under Smith v. Miller.

Glenville citizens need to act and take a stand against the violent acts by GSC college athletes against women! West Virginia found out about Gerald B Hough and the illegal act he made against a rape victim - And the FERPA Violation reported by the West Virginia Record speaks volumes about the illegal and outlandish actions taken by representatives of GSC and the local elite to cover up the violence against women that has been happening for years in Gilmer County, WV!

Lenora Marks was the victim of the college cop Andrae Wright, and we are hoping to make contact to interview  her for a mainstream news source article being submitted. This is another potentially deadly and explosive violent confrontation that could have turned out badly if not for the quick action of law enforcement

We have heard reports of the Vice President of the FRN yelling and throwing his glasses at the Director Donna Waddell over a disagreement which led to her firing or resignation dependent upon who tells the tale, but violence is violence when yelling and screaming, threatening, and throwing items at a person in a work area!

When we speak of the FRN we are speaking of:

Gilmer County
Family Resource Network

The name of the new FRN substance abuse coordinator is Kelly Cain and she is just starting out.

Now we hear that the Editor/Owner of our local paper the Glenville Democrat has decided to physically grab an employee by the forearm, pulling her upright out of a chair and push her aside while chastising and sometime later firing her.

Apparently, about a month before Dave Corcoran fired Cassandra Huff he walked upstairs where she was on the computer, told her he was tired of her screwing up his meetings and causing him grief.

“Corcoran grabbed Huff roughly by the forearm, pulled her out of the chair and pushed her to the side like a bitch that came home smelling like sex!”

Dave Corcoran who runs the Democrat/Pathfinder  has brought all of the online computers downstairs where he can keep an eye on them, and he put his foot down to no more working Gerry Hough’s hate site on his dime!

Soon Dave Corcoran took his replacement for the Democrat News Director, Ronda Gregory,(who also is a campaign manager for Bob Henry Baber currently running for Governor) to meet Mr Blankenship the new superintendent of Gilmer County Schools, and even before he introduced her, Dave Corcoran told Blankenship there would be no more negative press for him or the Board of Education and that further,  the Democrat was a family paper!  

When we discovered all of this and also discovered that the highest ranks of the Secret Seven Coalition were also approached on the subject of giving Ronda G and Bob Henry some favorable press we wrote Ronda a little note, and it went a little something like this …
“We were asked by our highest ranks to give favorable publicity to your cause of being treated unfairly by the Democratic and Republican parties. However, we are not supporters of the BOG at GSC, and we are not supporters of Gilmer County Govt or Ike Morris or Glenville City Govt, so this should be interesting. However, we did get a few volunteers to be an athletic supporter to one of Bobs conquests Sarah Rutherford, who is the daughter to GSC secretary Joann Rutherford, but that was about it. We are anxiously awaiting her indictment next month on sexual charges involving her high school students and some dope smoking and such.

We suspect that Ronda has close ties either by marriage or money to WACO Oil and ASS and will be a new Agent for the Devil!

A quick call to the circuits clerks office and we heard it told that …”The girls at the courthouse were out in the hallway listening at some attorney yell at a girl talking about Cassandra Huff saying she had been fired, and then a saying something about you better not fuck with that new person Ronda Gregory over at the Democrat or you'll wind up in jail quicker than you can be suited up in an orange jumpsuit and fed to the sexual predators at CRJ!!” Ronda Gregory pictured in this photo, is replacing Cassandra Huff of the Glenville Democrat the only local paper in Gilmer County, and was already introduced to the new Superintendent of schools Ron Blankenship and she is the gal that is to fulfill the promise be kept that there will be no more bad press in the Democrat/Pathfinder about Blankenship or the forced takeover by the state. Gilmer voters rejected a bond that would have turned four elementary schools in to two and Ronda has been hired to see that the people are fed some sugar from the local press that convinces them that this idea will happen and this time they are gonna like it because if they aren't fond a Ronda then they aren’t cool according to the elite of Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River.

The bottom line as you can see is that GSC now has control within the local newspaper and the  board of Education along with the Mayors office and I suspect the Family Resource Center!

Ronda Gregory got the job for political reasons no doubt. Here is her latest:

Contact:  Ronda Gregory

Bob Henry Baber for Governor Campaign communications director
Cell: 304-685-3557
E-mail: 304-462-0320 home; 904-2440 cell
Bob Henry Baber Wins Mountain Party Nomination for State Governor
Bob Henry Baber won the Mountain Party nomination for West Virginia governor on Sunday by acclamation at its convention held Sunday afternoon in Sutton at the Town Square Café.  The other party candidate, Jesse Johnson, withdrew his name from consideration and solidly endorsed Baber as the party’s nominee just prior to the vote.

“Something fishy about Bob Henry Baber and his run for governor, but now we know that something fishy is the new girl Ronda!”

Apparently the POWER ELITE sometimes  think they own slaves, not employ people.

Is this “New discipline,” of the FRN Director and Cassandra Huff ex News Director at the Democrat/Pathfinder a situation that will rewrite personnel policies?

The threat of violence has been spoken in whispers throughout Gilmer County and is now rearing its ugly head at the most mediocre level of control in this town.

“The truth must be getting to them for some to act out in a violent and threatening way!”

One can only hope that these women have families with zero tolerance for abuse as we are pretty sure our local law enforcement would treat them with less consideration than they did Everett Campbells  ex-wife Mary Ann, she got bent over and penetrated in an unnatural way , but that was “JUST OK” with Sheriff Metz!  Mickey must have thought she was asking for it.


This is what happens when lawlessness and a total lack of respect for your fellow man runs rampant among those who feel they are entitled to special privileges because of whom they are.

Words fail me to describe what they are!

To confine the public to the edge of political or business factors that control their life ensures that the wealthy can be “left alone” to use their power as they see fit.

By disempowering people, the ability of individuals to manage their own government and society is undermined and weakened. This results in developing a fear of freedom. The powerlessness people feel due to the workings of the system ensure that they are apathetic about it, thus guaranteeing that wealthy and powerful elites govern society without hindrance from the majority. This result is not an accident.

  Chomskey expressed the attitudes of political power mongers well:

“The public must be put in its place, so that the responsible men may live free of the trampling and roar of a bewildered herd, ignorant and meddlesome outsiders whose function is to be ‘interested spectators of action,’ not participants…”

Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance and losing it is not something to stay quiet about.

SS letter to Ronda: “We are not supporters of the BOG at GSC, however, we did get a few volunteers to be an athletic supporter to one of Bobs conquests Sarah Rutherford, who is the daughter to GSC secretary Joann Rutherford, but that was about it.” “We are anxiously awaiting her indictment next month on sexual charges involving two of her high school students and some dope smoking and such.”

There are those in our community who are working frantically at this moment to prohibit someone from making such a statement. Empower yourself people, speak out.  Do not let this be the future of Gilmer County:

“Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness!”

George Orwell, author of the book “1984”




                               Osmund Nathaniel Brown

Height: 6ft 3in Weight: 225 lbs. DOB: 12/3/1986

Booked: 9/22/2011 Booking ID: 999045482

Gilmer County – Bail: $20 000.00 – CRJ

Charge Type: Felon

First-year Glenville State College head football coach David Hutchison is excited to lead the Pioneers into action this season, except Hutchison had no idea what Glenville, WV is like with the raping of white girls by players and unsolved murders and …OH YEAH all the dope the imports bring in from out of town.

New transfer and tight end OSMUND BROWN wearing blue looks good in ORANGE at CRJ where it is not OK to bring in hard drugs to the Best Western in Glenville and turn out all the hotties on dope with the sanction of IL Morris and the Power Elite of Crooked County down by that Crooked River!

Osmund Nathaniel Brown is the dude that got busted after his black girlfriend complained about Brown taking some pink from a younger and much hotter white chick and she wasn’t gonna go for the sloppy seconds, so she got pissed about all the green handed out to the pinker white  pink, and then dudes BITCH turned into what they used to call a black fink and the green got scattered to the wind as the mean white cops busted Brown and took him downtown  …. and then for a little trip to CRJ where it was NOT OK, because Gerry (I’m always right because I’m always white) Hough was not there to let another criminal go!

“…Hey, well why didn’t you just say so NEGRO!”

The NEW TIGHT END, is not our friend and took that trip to CRJ yesterday!

Class: Senior
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 230
Position: Tight End (but that end won’t be too tight in prison)
Number: 11

Osmund Nathaniel Brown got busted Thursday by the cops for a FELONY times three and it looks like we … have more drugs and crimes going on at Glenville State College and September is not over yet. This time the bail was 20,000 bucks and GSC is being very tight lipped about the alleged drug bust.

Brown was arrested for allegedly selling illegal drugs —  and or, is being held on drug-related charges and another charge of child endangerment.

“A Tight-End  on the football team at Glenville State College, Osmund Nathaniel Brown is charged with 3 felonies. 11F-97,98,99  GILMER COUNTY currently being held at CRJ.”

In Celebration of the TIGHT END OS BRINGING THE GOOD WEED to town and in memory of those all night all right Cocaine and sex parties with Ashley Miller lets kick it to a little Cocaine Eyes’

By Free Bird RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS/ Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator-Editor/Editor Edison /CalPatty Press – Editor

The most prized freedom in this entire world is to be able to fairly elect the leaders and to maintain a free society where the people are the masters and those elected are the servants!

It is the basis of democracy!

However election fraud is common, especially in Gilmer County, and can occur anywhere when the form of choosing a leader via election or electoral process is held.

Fair and competitive elections are widely understood to be a necessary element of representative democracy. Electoral manipulation destroys many of the assumed benefits of democratic governance, including public accountability, transparency, and representation.

Bending and circumventing the rules may sometimes be considered “Part of the game.”

Elections can involve both retail fraud (bribery and intimidation) and post election wholesale fraud (manipulating the vote tallies) in an effort for a group to keep in power and in Gilmer County we know how they love their power! It happens all over the state of West Virginia.

“These people have got cousins!”

For example, Lincoln County W.V. …

Lincoln County had 116 percent of its residents registered to vote. It doesn’t take a genius to realize those numbers just didn’t add up.

Natalie Tennant SoS of WV charged BM, Beverly Marks (former county clerk on right)with a misdemeanor for voter fraud, and the new County Clerk Jean Butcher (left in photo)with two misdemeanor charges

There were claims of voter fraud, claims of votes from the grave and enough absentee ballots  to raise some eyebrows.  Lincoln County has a history of voter fraud and corruption. THIS time, however (allegedly) the ‘power brokers’ in the county devised a foolproof plan. Absentee ballots, in this current voting system, are a LOT easier to ‘fake’ (allegedly) than the more traditional ‘graveyard’ voting where someone basically impersonates the ‘dead’ voter in order to record their ‘vote.’ How can one challenge a mailed-in ballot without solid proof? Unless election officials want to spend days and weeks verifying every single absentee voter’s profile, how will anyone catch the alleged voter fraud?  Oddly enough, none of the races in question were won until the early and absentee votes were counted.

When the cleanup project began, the county only had seven voters listed as inactive in their system. At the completion of the project, more than 7,000 were listed as inactive.

The voter registration had dropped about 50 percent.

Now take a look at a little town in Wise County. Appalachia is a town of about two-thousand in southwest Virginia, not so very far away and not so different.

Fourteen individuals, including the mayor/town manager of Appalachia, a town councilman, and two law enforcement officials, were indicted by a Wise County grand jury on multiple counts stemming from an alleged conspiracy to conduct election fraud. Alleged violations ranged from conspiracy, to tampering with absentee ballots, to forgery, to illegal seizure of private property by law enforcement officials.

Prosecutors say once the schemers took power, the police department engaged in drug trafficking, and money and personal possessions such as TVs were illegally seized from residents.  Appalachia’s chief law enforcement officer has been charged with being a part of the election fraud conspiracy as well as occupying a sham position, collecting pay for no work.

A mail carrier in the Appalachia Post Office is charged with intercepting and diverting absentee ballots so they could be doctored with forged signatures and false statements then returned to the Voter Registrar’s office as legitimate ballots. Charges against three women include allegations they signed false requests for assistance at the polls so their votes could be cast for a slate of candidates.

Absentee ballots were marked by persons other than the intended voters and “many (absentee ballots) never saw their intended recipient.”

What do you think people of Gilmer County; could it happen here, has it happened here?  We all witnessed a family tie during the last county election.  That was pretty weird.  When the tie was broken multiple infractions of the voting process were revealed.  Electronic counters or PEBs were missing; no signatures of poll worker verification were on any machine tapes (if the tapes were even there) or on the polling count verification forms.

VOTER FRAUD IS OUT OF CONTROL in Gilmer County ! They really know how to deliver down by that Crooked River! Voting Slates bought and paid for votes and this last election they ordered two extra recording modules and changed them at the last minute therefore giving JEAN BUTCHER a very suspicious win during the election! It was a miracle, or was it?

We watched our Prosecutor Gerald B Hough (shown next to the flag in the photo during a voting process) leave the count and have conversations that impacted how the votes were counted over the telephone out of sight.  All of this happened and was acknowledged in front of three employees of the Secretary of State, the County Prosecutor, three County Commissioners, the County Clerk and multiple members of the public.  Not to mention two attorneys and assistants representing the candidates and the candidates themselves and supposedly recorded by the Commission. Not a word was said.  Everyone who was in authority to stop that joke was there and no one said a word.  The early and absentee votes, who knows the impact because no one gets any real numbers?  Not the number of Republicans vs. the number of Democrats and non-partisan who voted. We receive nothing but a number which isn’t even final until the canvas.  But there are a couple of people who can give you the numbers and give them to you before a vote is ever counted.

Known among the SS for her Nocturnal Emission at the County Commission with boy toy Palmer Stephens this photo is of the new ass- sis-tant for the Gilmer County Commission Connie O Stinky who is part of the “Gerry Hough Gang” and suspected of wrongdoing so early on from signing on to the gerry Hough elite hole in the wall gang!

Ask Butcher, your County Commission Clerk and her “election” assistant.  When the machines are voted all they have to do at the end of the day is bring up the vote count for each candidate with a PEB.  Do you think that information might be of any value to certain people?  They can open that ballot box during early voting at any time and do a quick hand count.  Do you think that information might be of any value?  What about the absentee ballot envelopes, do you really think that stops a person intent on knowing what is inside?  We watch this over and over and it never seems to register.  Wake up!  These procedures need to be changed and contact made with Legislators to see that the change takes place.  NO, not every one we elect is honest or above being self serving. Look at Lincoln County, look at Appalachia, and look at us!


Reporters from Charleston have recently contacted the highest ranks of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition and asked for information involving the excessive amount of unsolved and unpunished rapes in Glenville, West Virginia!

We gave up all we had, and then tried to be of some further assistance by suggesting ways of furthering the investigation by researching files which have previously been hidden to the public.

Brightly shining is the spotlight shining down on GSC for all of the state to see. Glenville State College has had several unsolved and unpunished rapes over the years sanctioned by the local power elite.

The pattern of rapes became so obvious after awhile and after some horrid and frightening specific instances that SS members began predicting the next rape and the next outcome and here is an example:

The Crooked County Crooks website and SS members accurately predicted the outcome of the Edwin Dale Kinnison rape case ONE YEAR and 13 days ago!  

Crooked County Crooks-Rape at GSC EDWIN DALE KINNISON!

September 3, 2010 at 6:05 pm

Speaking of rape…

It has been almost a year since Edwin Dale Kinnison was arrested and charged and then the case went to circuit court and there has been no update.

The SS predicted far in advance just how the EDWIN DALE KINNISON rape case would go and they hit the nail right on the head being 100 % correct one year in advance!

Most likely the school is going to cover up this rape as to not have any damage done to their image, which of course is more important than dealing with a problem of college campus rape.

Gilmer County is self serving and has their priorities up their ass!

Victim after victim at GSC is ruined and disgraced all at the cost of protecting the image of a school that has slipped to 4th tier academic status and a person could gain access with a 600 SAT score.

AND THEN …. Two months later the prediction comes true with the publication of the decision to drop the rape case against Edwin Dale Kinnison!

Prosecutor: LIES like a BITCH in rape case

December 2, 2010

GLENVILLE – A Glenville State College student charged with sexual assault, stemming from a September 2009 incident will not be prosecuted.

“I passed on indicting,” Hough said. “It is the discretion of the prosecutor to decide if there is substantial evidence to decide if a crime has been committed. We looked very hard at this case and decided the evidence was not substantial, not sufficient to go forward.”

Kinnison was charged with second-degree sexual assault in October 2009, stemming from an alleged incident that occurred at Pickens Hall dormitory at Glenville State College Sept. 29, 2009

After the examination authorities returned to the dormitory to retrieve evidence, which was sent to the state police lab

The alleged victim claimed she was assaulted after falling asleep on a couch.


In the matter of the latest rape by Glenville State College student and Football player Gabe Phrophet, there still has not been a preliminary hearing, and his attorney D Grindo has not returned calls asking about the preliminary hearing date.

Gabe Phrophet mug shot. There was an attempted cover up of this rape from the GET GO that included disinformation about the victim being distributed around the VILLE by employee’s of the Glenville Democrat – And they are a newspaper that many times reports false facts and information that is often a detriment of the community!

The magistrates office also still reports no preliminary hearing has yet been scheduled which is highly unusual — and we can see the Crooked Writing on the wall that spells another RAPE – Cover up at GSC the home of rape and murder!

Even if rape charges are carried forward Gilmer County doesn’t have a skilled enough prosecutor to win the case, as witnessed by the Glenville rape case of GSC football player Erik Davis!

The Erik Davis rape case was a real circus and Gerald B Hough got his ass kicked in court by defense attorney David Karickhoff of Sutton, WV in a case that should have found the rapist guilty, but Karickhoff is a far superior attorney than Hough will ever be.

If GSC wants to win again all they need to do is call David Karickhoff and the QB walks and GSC may be on their way to a half-way decent team again this year.

I guess we could look at this Gabe Phrophet rape the old fashioned way and give it no more thought like IL Morris and Jimmy the Greek”

“The black athlete is bred to be the better athlete because, this goes all the way to the Civil War when … the slave owner would breed his big woman so that he would have a big black kid.”

If the trend of imported black athletes being allowed by local public officials to freely rape the local girls continues…should we all go back to what worked best in the old days?

“Hough said he has never lost a sexual assault case he has taken to trial!”

Lexie Butcher says, “Some girls like Rape!” Some girls take my money, some girls take my clothes Some girls get the shirt off my back, and leave me with a lethal dose! It’s the fancy of every Butcher Bitch party and something of a FETISH for some!

Hough lost the Erik Davis rape case, in which a 17 years old Gilmer County High School senior was allegedly sexually assaulted at the private apt. occupied by Erik Davis a football player for GSC from Florida.

Hough lied to the Parkersburg Press, and this is not the kind of public official that has the best interest of the community at heart.

Gerald B Hough is obviously catering to the Power Elite and their desire not to tarnish the image of Glenville State College, which more often than naught is done at the cost of jeopardizing the safety of the students.

This overall attitude and position is held by the GSC BOG also, who you do not see enrolling their own children at Glenville State College, for … don’t you know it is the home of rape and murder in Central WV!

Another rape involves Everett Campbell a man who shot his ex-wife’s boyfriend with a 357 and was convicted of a misdemeanor instead of murder in the first degree!

Truly, Everett could not stand the fact that his ex Mary Ann Campbell was finally happy and secure in a relationship with another man.

Before her new found happy life was realized, while divorced and estranged, there was one incident in which Mary Ann went through an ordeal that was so horrible, she is still affected by it. She agreed to meet Everett for a dinner and spend time with their four year old daughter, but when she went to the room, Everett forced her sexually and forcibly held her head face down on the bed nearly smothering her while he ripped off her clothes and committed the act of sodomy in front of their screaming and crying daughter. The little girl was pleading for her daddy to stop hurting her mommy and making her cry. Everett replied with, “Shut the Fuck up and go back to sleep!”

Hurt both physically and emotionally by the incident Mary Ann Campbell sought the help of the Gilmer County Sheriff, Mickey Metz, and decided she wanted to press charges for being raped in an un-natural way in front of a four year old child. Mary Ann stated that Sheriff Metz did not bring charges against Everett and talked her out of signing the complaint.

How many more young girls will have their lives destroyed under the reign of Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald B Hough?!

Our findings reveal that often this is just how the good ole boys of Gilmer County do it, since Everett was closely associated with Sgt CJ Ellyson of the West Virginia State Police, who around the same time had somehow lost all the dope and guns and money from the evidence locker in Calhoun County, and crucial evidence needed to convict Chief Deputy Bandy of the Calhoun County Sheriff’s office was simply missing one day.

We guess it was no coincidence that Gerald B. Hough was assigned as special prosecutor to that case, and since he claims that CJ Ellyson is a good personal friend of his.

There is NO HEAVEN for Gilmer County in Twenty Eleven for the Ville has had enough of Gerald B Hough!!

It all seemed to add up to the fact that no cop or public official is going to jail for a crime on Hough’s watch, whether they are guilty or not!

What about the attempted rape of woman by Felix Aviles who works at the prison? He allegedly attempted to rape a girl that also works at the prison, it has been allegedly claimed the assault took place in her apt. in Glenville.

Aviles allegedly kicked in the door, tore the woman’s clothes off and bit her. Allegedly the victim got away and ran to the police station.

Well for now the sexual assault charges are moving forward against Aviles as the Gilmer Free Press reported in their court news of March 16, 2011 that:

•  State of WV vs. Felix Aviles Jr.
He appeared represented by David Karickhoff of Sutton and entered a not guilty plea.

Felix Aviles Jr. also had his case continued to the July 2011 term of Court.

•  State of WV vs. Felix Aviles, Jr. of Glenville was indicted for sexual abuse in the first degree.

A culture of sexual impropriety in jails and prisons exists in pockets such as Regional head Terry Miller amid accusations of sexual harassment of female employees . Dude abused and harassed the female inmates, as well as employee;s as some of the recent law suits allege which were reported by – And a widespread pattern of sexual misconduct by male guards  occur at the regional jails and  Lakin Correctional Center in Mason County !

ALL FUTURE sexual deviants in the jail system could very well be trained in Glenville at the new IKE MORRIS CRIMINAL JUSTICE CENTER and by the biggest deviants of them all …the Gilmer County Power Elite – Where it is just OK for you to raise children that want to experiment in a sexual way with the whole neighborhood!!

Glenville, in the heart of Crooked County where, “ It is just OK for you to raise children that want to experiment in a sexual way ….with the whole neighborhood!! Just ask Lizzy Butcher and her good box banging buddy and star of the box banging video that we gave to Willy O !!

That must have been the explanation coming from the West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional officer Kevin R. Kessell for allegedly forcing TAMMY RUCKER to engage in sexual acts with him before giving her contraband to keep her quiet!

Tammy Rucker was forced to have sex while being held in a West Virginia Regional Jail!

It was also JUST OK for a Gilmer County Corrections Officer to commit sexual offenses  during a time when he was on duty!

Tammy Rucker shown here in prison attire was abused in jail and prison. She was given contraband to shut up, but was given little choice and was forced to perform sexual favors by a corrections officer!

Steven Thomas Gray, 26, (pictured in orange) of Glenville, WV was charged with sexual assault in the second degree and imposition of sexual intercourse on incarcerated persons!!

Steven Thomas Gray has his finger in every little pie as the girls reached for the sky during a cell check with extra’s!!

Full Name:     Gray,  Steven  Thomas
Height:     6′  0″
Weight:     400 lbs.
Birth Date:     11/13/1981
Gender:     Male
Booking Date:     07/06/2009
Facility:     Eastern Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status:     Convicted Felon for molestation of inmates and sexual intercourse

Inmate Court Order Information
Court Info Number     Issuing Agency Location

The charge alleges that when Gray was employed as a corrections officer at the Central Regional Jail in Flatwoods, he engaged in sexual acts with a prisoner!!

“CRJ where you can’t be gay, you got to bang the girls in orange it is part of the Glenville West Virginia training!”


This is what the CalPatty Press said well before the matter was settled:


“The CalPatty Press ONCE AGAIN had a very accurate prediction !”

On Monday, June 15,2009  the Circuit Court of Braxton County was in session with the Not so Honorable Richard Facemire, Chief Judge, presiding.

The flash of black was instant! The Ghost Wolf a bloodthirsty beast was upon the Lemegeton, crushing his violent hatred, cruelty and lust, with a savage attack led by sparkling spears of white fangs, tearing, digging, gouging, and ripping the flesh of the evil one! The attack of nefarious darkness dealt a fierce deed of destruction to the agent of the Devil in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

Steven Thomas Gray and his counsel Daniel Grindo appeared for sentencing. On May 20, 2008, Gray, entered a plea of guilty to one count of an indictment charging him with  sexual intercourse on an incarcerated person. On August 11, 2008, the Court ordered that the defendant be evaluated by a psychiatrist. On the 9th day of October, 2008, the Court ordered the defendant to be placed at the State Penitentiary for sixty days of diagnosis and classification and thereafter be returned to the Court for further sentencing.
Gray was now requesting the Court grant him probation or home confinement. Prosecuting Attorney McLaughlin recommended probation. Judge Facemire denied the defendant’s motion for probation and home confinement and ordered Gray be sentenced to not less than one, nor more than five years in the State Penitentiary.

Suspended that sentence then….

Judge Facemire further ordered that the Defendant serve 120 days in the Penitentiary followed by 8 months of home confinement. Upon the completion of the confinement, Gray will be placed on five years probation. The Court also advised the defendant that he would have to register as a sex offender for ten years.

“I’m going to act as prosecutor and judge! So there!”

So the jail guard (C.O.) from Crooked County gets 4 months of jail which will  have to be at another regional jail since he worked at CRJ and he  will never make it to prison, and then does 8 months at home and then probation.



Lawyers Mike and Matthew Woelfel of Huntington, recently alleged a widespread pattern of sexual misconduct by male guards, and communicated a need for law suits to be brought! Mike Woelfel said.” Some women may be afraid to accuse their jailers because they are still under their authority!” He also said,

“It’s my impression that sexual misconduct in the jail setting is just as under reported statistically as sexual misconduct in the general population,”

“Since the opening of the Regional Jail system, there has existed a continuing practice and pattern of sexual misconduct visited upon inmates at the hands of correctional officers. This practice could not continue to occur without the tacit approval of supervisory staff of the West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority,” one suit reads. “

“A conspiracy to conceal such sexual misconduct is ongoing and involves Regional Jail personnel.”

A culture of sexual impropriety in jails and prisons exists in pockets throughout the state, he said.

Woelfel pointed to HIGH RANKING Regional Jail officials the recent firing of

Terry Miller drove the job killer train, if you were a chick in the office and didn’t listen to his suggestion that… “Nobody rides to the top for free!”

Regional Jail Authority Director Terry Miller amid accusations of fondling the breasts of female employees was certainly an indication that there may be a larger problem within the agency, and that even more criminal sexual impropriety actually took place under the watch of Terry Miller.

One former employee told SS sources,

“Terry Miller was no better than a masher, and he was my boss!”

“It would be unfair of me to paint all supervisory personnel or top level personnel with the same crooked brush; however, the recent firing of the head of the Jail Authority raises system wide concerns,” he said. “When you have allegations of sexual misconduct at the top, and you have allegations of sexual misconduct that I’m well aware of on the front lines, there’s no oversight.”

“A native of Parkersburg, West Virginia, Terry Miller served more than 27 years with the Wood County Sheriff’s Department, before retiring as a Lieutenant.

Miller obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from West Virginia State College. He has an Associate Degree in Law Enforcement from Parkersburg Community College. Cabinet Secretary Jim Spears, formerly of the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety asked Miller to assist in the reorganization and establishment of the Homeland Security State Administrative Agency in 2005.

Jim Spears is commonly known to us as Chuck Spears and he is the dude that is in charge of the image at Glenville State College.

Nice image ya got going for us Chuck!

“Rape the bitches and reap the riches because YOU are at GSC!!   …where nobody rides to the top for free!”


Friday September 16th RGW SPECIAL FEATURE!

The Gilmer Free Press  earlier today republished an article on Gerry Hough from the WEST VIRGINIA RECORD (below)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerry Hough cautioned for ‘98 FERPA violation


WV Record Reports:

Records show very early in his legal career, Gerry Hough was scolded by the Lawyer Disciplinary Board for violating federal law when he improperly accessed a Glenville State College student’s academic records in the course of representing her accused attacker in a sexual assault case.

The Board on December 09, 2000, filed a one-count statement of charges against Hough for committing three violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct when he asked for, and received, a copy of Anita Phillips-Wiseman‘s transcripts on November 13, 1998. At the time, Hough was representing Wilkie Perez, a GSC student and quarterback of the football team, on charges he raped Phillips-Wiseman.

In the statement, which acts as an indictment for disciplinary purposes, the Board stated that Hough was also a member of the GSC faculty at the time he was representing Perez. Hough, the statement alleged, used his position on the faculty to mislead the GSC Registrar’s Office into getting a copy of Phillips-Wiseman’s transcripts for the sole purpose of aiding in Perez’s defense.

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, strict limits are placed on disclosure of a student’s academic records, and who has access to them. Among those who are permitted access to a college student’s records, including his or her transcripts, is the student’s advisor.

According to the statement, at the time he requested her transcripts, Hough was not Phillips-Wiseman’s advisor. Because of that, the Board charged Hough with violating Rules dealing with truthfulness in statements to others, respect for the rights of third persons and misconduct.

Eventually, the Board on August 04, 2004, opted to dismiss the charge, and “caution” Hough, who by this time had become Gilmer County’s prosecutor, for his conduct, and fine him $400. The reason for the Board’s decision was due to the fact that at the time of the incident, Hough had been a member of the state Bar for only a month, and, upon learning of his actions, Thomas Powell, GSC’s then-president, reprimanded Hough, and denied him a pay raise given to other GSC faculty and staff.

As part of the agreement to dismiss the charges, Hough, despite his initial denial, had to admit to them, and express remorse for his actions.

Records show the sexual assault charges against Perez were dismissed.

~~  By Lawrence Smith – WV Record – 09.16.11 ~~

And here is yet another story on HOUGH that was published in the WV Record!

Ohio man appeals dismissal of ethics complaint against Gilmer prosecutor
9/16/2011 7:40 AM By Lawrence Smith  -Kanawha Bureau

CHARLESTON – Citing a failure to consider new evidence, an Ohio man is asking a state ethics panel to reconsider his complaint of improper conduct by Gilmer County’s prosecuting attorney in his 2005 criminal case.

The Office of Disciplinary Counsel on Sept. 6 dismissed the complaint Dan Bingman filed against Gerry Hough. In her dismissal letter, Lawyer Disciplinary Counsel Jessica Donahue Rhodes, said the information Bingman included in his Aug. 24 complaint of Hough paying one of Bingman’s relatives to testify against him, and advertisements Hough placed in the Glenville Democrat-Pathfinder accusing Bingman of “cyberbulling,” not only failed to show a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct, but was also time-barred.

“Nothing in those two (2) documents reflect [sic] any violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct,” Rhodes said. “Furthermore, you have not provided any proof that Mr. Hough paid Mrs. Rafferty to testify during the trial.”

“Those allegations are far too vague and unclear to discern what actions you believe Mr. Hough has taken that amount to an allegation of a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct,” Rhodes added. “It appears you have been aware of most of what you allege in your second complaint when your first complaint was filed and two (2) years before the first complaint was filed.”

“Thus, your complaint appears to be time-barred,” Rhodes said.

Records show, Bingman, of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, was indicted in March 2005 by the Gilmer County grand jury on a charge of grand larceny, a felony. He was accused of stealing, and later selling farm equipment, a brush hog, valued at nearly $2,500 on Jan. 31, 2002.

However, a jury on Dec. 14, 2005, convicted Bingman of petit larceny, a misdemeanor. Bingman maintained he should’ve never been indicted, let alone convicted, since the brush hog was valued at less than $400, and sat idle for over 20 years on property belonging to his family.

In his complaint, Bingman accused Hough of suborning perjury by getting Roanna Rafferty, Bingman’s aunt, to testify falsely she had a 1/6th interest in the property. Also, Bingman maintains Hough was aware the value of the brush hog was well below the $1,000 threshold for a grand larceny charge.

The allegations raised in his Aug. 24 complaint were similar to ones raised in a complaint he filed against Hough on Dec. 20, 2007, that was dismissed a month later. However, in his response dated Sept. 8 to their dismissal letter, Bingman said ODC failed to consider two new pieces of evidence included in his recent complaint that came to light last year.

One was a title opinion that was introduced last July in a civil suit showing Rafferty did not own the 1/6th share of the property she claimed. Another was bills received in October for back taxes on the property that, Bingman said the county previously refused to let his family pay.

The title opinion and tax tickets, Bingman says, show that his new complaint against Hough not only falls within the statute of limitations, but also he had no business prosecuting him in what amounted to a family squabble.

“The new evidence in this case proves that it should not be time-barred,” Bingman said. “It proves that due diligence was not practiced and a human being suffered severely as a result.”

“A case should never be brought to court by a Prosecutor who has not used due diligence to establish the facts,” he added. “When Hough could not locate the 1/6th claimed, the court should have been notified (despite his embarrassment) a mistrial declared and perjury charges brought against the Prosecutors [sic] witness in my opinion.”

“Because there was no title proof of ownership, the jury, and the court could not know that there was equal ownership in a property dispute that somehow turned into a criminal case, although experts say it should have been a civil action all along.”

In response to his letter, Chief Lawyer Disciplinary Counsel Rachel L. Fletcher Cipoletti said ODC was treating Bingman’s dissatisfaction of their dismissal of his complaint as an appeal and would be placing it on the agenda for the next meeting of the Lawyer Disciplinary Board’s investigative panel. Though she did not say when the next meeting would take place, Cipoletti said she would notify Bingman in writing of their decision.

When reached for a comment about Bingman’s complaint prior to its dismissal, Hough said he had yet to see it. However, he said this was Bingman’s latest attempt to retry his case.

“Every citizen has a right to complain and have their voice heard somewhere,” Hough said. “He’s been busy for the last four years reinventing the trial that took place, and his conviction, which was found by a jury of his peers guilty of larceny from his family.”

*** RGW statement regarding West Virginia Record article!

As we all know HOUGH brought false charges in this case knowingly, and it has been PROVEN Hough paid witnesses to lie on the stand and now many concerned friends and relatives even in another state are lodging complaints in Columbus that the long arm of the Crooked Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River can reach out and put innocent people in chains and drag them across state lines even with fabricated evidence!

And now a little song from all of the SS to Gerry!!