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Editors note, with text provided by Editor Edison CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf–

What a big lot of bullshit this meeting about the alleged attempted arson in Normantown WV was which was held almost one month after the alleged incident of Arson August the 13th 2015  —The meeting started out as bullshit because it was suppose to be at 4:30 pm but was changed to 6:30 by the WVDOE but they did not notify anyone about the change in time. Oh, yeah they will deny this fact like the Butcher Bitches denied sucking major dick to their mommy and daddy.

I would like to know who would benefit the most by the Normantown school building burning down, for therein lies the answer to who the people are that are probably responsible for this alleged  arson just waiting to happen.


The deputy fire marshal in charge of the investigation(that will never occur) -Jason D. Baltic Assistant State Fire Marshal is the cover dude. If anyone wants to take action on the debacle —-that is the dude that needs to be removed from this matter entirely. Figure that out, and these lying assholes that includes Cindy Daniel deputy dumb fuck won’t have a cover story and all they will be left with is the lies they are trying to tell while covering up the truth.

My hats off to Dave Ramezan for having the balls to call these people liars to their faces on the below video that is a must see. Also when called liars these pieces of shit don’t even try to deny it. When Dave Corcoran for the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of BULLSHIT was called out for making some shit up about bomb threats he quickly backs down and says something to the effect of he may have been mistaken, and that the false reporting was his fault.



Gabe Devono superintendent of Gilmer County Schools is the most dishonest of them all, for he tried to make Dave Ramezan the bad guy by making false statements about the reporting, but the people of GILMER COUNTY KNOW THAT THE GILMER FREE PRESS ALWAYS HAS REPORTED THE TRUTH EVEN IF IT MADE THE GFP UNPOPULAR WITH POWERS THAT BE.





Quoting press release from BOE Head Devono – – –
“I, Gabriel Devono, called the State Fire Marshall, which began a standard investigation.“

Reading the questions on Gilmer Free Press and comparing same with the “I, Gabriel Devano” press release, a body has to wonder if the author of the press release isn’t simply attempting to muddy the waters, brush this ‘candlewick’ attempted arson under the ‘rug-cover’ of the West Virginia Board of Education?

Gilmer citizens are well aware of the lack of transparency,  outright lies, withheld information, lack of notice for what should be public meetings, secret meetings, (principled closed door meetings as the local president refers) disinformation, the pass-the-buck and I’ll get back to you responses.  Which then never happens.

We have almost five years of West Virginia State Board of Education intervention experience now, we know the standard play book responses.  The State Board needs to take note of Abraham Lincoln’s quote, “you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.“  Mr. Green, Mr. Martirano, Mz. Daniel,  here in Gilmer we have been well aware of your game for years now.  You have educated us with the Manchins, McGraws, and Blankenships.

The arson attempt at the Normantown School required a FULL, FORENSIC INVESTIGATION.  Nothing less.

Those attending the spin response in Normantown,  to the arson situation, mentioned several minutes of mostly ‘aah’, ‘aah’, followed by more ‘ahh’, ‘ahh’, and then topped with a helping candy cotton.  Sweet but no substance.

It is important for Gilmer Free Press to publish the video of the meeting if there is one.

What we do know.  We have had a crime, breaking and entering, attempted arson, in a public building with children present.  Common sense would tell you there is an arsonist in our midst.  So what will be the next target?  Glenville Elementary?  Sand Fork Elementary?  Gilmer County High School?  When will the perpetrator strike again?

~~ author on file~~how many ‘aah’ and ‘ahhs’ does it take ~~

The Gilmer Free Press

~~~ Readers’ Comments ~~~

Devono keeps demanding for citizens to call him. Something akin to calling the WVDOE fox in the chicken coop?

You high paid WVDOE big shots should huddle to figure out why the calls are not rolling in. Maybe you could apply one of your rubrics you all like to talk about.

WVDOE why don’t you reassign Devono to do PR to bail you out of your school system money malfunction scandal and to sell your common core snake oil?

By WVDOE IS THE PROBLEM  on  09.16.2015

I could only stomach first 2 minutes of the video.
Went back and counted 25 aah’s in those 2 minutes.

By reader3  on  09.16.2015

Mr. Devano accuses both Calhoun’s Hur Herald and Gilmer Free Press of not printing his “response”??? That’s disturbing since both put his response out in an easily accessible hyperlink. Click and read. This man does not understand how to double click on a link but spend hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars on technology???

It’s obvious all that’s important is his story, not the truth.  The transportation director described something going up stairs and down the hall.  At least he didn’t lie to tell the pile of paper towel on the floor story.

Local Fire and Police not notified? They could have been in the superintendent’s office getting information, on their way to the scene and notifying the Fire Marshal 10 minutes from the time the call came in.

It was the first day of school, Devono didn’t know what it was.  Not a soul brought in to check it that day and the kids stayed on sight. They have gym and music in that building. What if was toxic?? Didn’t he say somebody got sick when they went in there?

By No More Of Forced Intervention  on  09.16.2015

I just watched the video of the Sept. 10 meeting. They reported “a volunteer fireman went into the building to get something” then told who it was. Later, they said the fire department had NOT been notified.  If you were a volunteer fireman and found a wicking set up in a school building that looked like someone was planning arson, would you not notify your own fire department FIRST before even telling the superintendent of schools?? Not one person at that meeting asked how, if a fireman FOUND the problem, the fire department didn’t know about it!  What else don’t we know??
And why aren’t inspections made of closed buildings to be sure there aren’t squatters in them, damage, etc?  That seems very strange.

By Karen Pennebaker  on  09.16.2015

Oh yeah, here we go.  The standard Gilmer County tactic of starting an “investigation” that never gets investigate and never was.  They just keep it ‘open’ so the public can’t get information until the incident and ‘investigation’ is officially closed.  They’ll keep it ‘open’ till people forget… except, people Won’t forget.

I didn’t hear any to any real question get answered in this video, but if they are correct about body language speaking volumes… this video shows it.

By Buy a ticket  on  09.16.2015

WE are on YOUR side Mr. Ramezan!  Your site speaks for itself, documents exist.  You have done nothing but present truth to the people in all of the local counties, you’re a man of your word and you work with TRUE transparency and ability to let people talk, and we THANK YOU!

As the man said, show the people the PICTURES, we know they exist.

By Buy a ticket  on  09.16.2015

Where were the other Board Members?  Why only one from Center District and one from City? Are they too busy worrying about what goes on in Lewis County? Much easier to deal with what you have no say so about isn’t it. (Not that citizens hear anything about that either). What about Gilmer County schools?  Devano admits in a very low tone he didn’t want the Board to say anything after he showed them pictures but never apologized for publishing that across TWO COUNTIES he NEVER told ANYBODY to keep quiet about this?

By State Farce  on  09.16.2015

Watching this performance, hope this State appointed BOE Superintendent doesn’t apply for too many jobs.

By sad performance  on  09.16.2015

Guess that the lady at right foreground is the Daniel lady from state board of education in Charleston?

She attempts to give cover to state superintendent.  Wonder how long it will take her figure out she will have a full time job doing just that?

It appears she does not even understand the roll of a superintendent job to provide information to a wide variety of people, primarily the elected board.

By Beall Family  on  09.16.2015

Did I see this guy on SNL ?

By job opening  on  09.16.2015

This lady Mrs. Daniel is there to support the state superintendent from what this video shows.  It was good of her to let the public talk but is she going to do anything about the superintendent’s intentional secrecy?  Can she do anything to bring about transparency from any state appointed superintendent without Mr. Martirano’s say so? Exactly who is the head boss man in Charleston? Are the county superintendents running the show with no one to answer to when they do wrong?

By Terrell H.  on  09.16.2015

Why is the WVDOE behind Calhoun with using even the most basic of technology?

Why couldn’t the WVDOE have used the 107.7 radio station to announce the change of time for the Normantown meeting? Mr. Woodward who is Calhoun’s school superintendent did it today when there was a water problem.

I will tell you why. The WVDOE did not want many to know about the meeting time change so people who would come early would go home and not be heard!

The time switcheroo and scheduling the meeting at a time with a known conflict for families by the WVDOE shows the level of dishonesty we are up against.

Mr. Joe Frasure, you gained lots of admiration when you refused to lie about the wick. If retaliation for your honesty is hinted or if it occurs in the slightest way the WVDOE will have more blow back and it will not be held back.

By Frank George  on  09.16.2015

So the custodian’s son was in the building on the first day of school. Why? Not an employee and not a fireman.  Why was he even there?  Who was this so called fireman that didn’t report to his Chief?  Not one from Gilmer County and that’s for sure.
The Fire Marshal took pictures so why would he need Mr. Devono’s? Do the facts change according to who has the documents and who does the reporting? So it would seem.
Why is it under investigation if the evidence was too old and the police not called in?  Will the “investigation” stay open until somebody confesses?  More than likely that’s how long it will be until anyone gets to see those pictures.
When the Superintendent and his own employee’s story of what was there differ what do you belive.
It’s almost pathological how fast Mr Devono will change his story. I didn’t say keep a secret, I said not to say anything.  It was a fireman, it was the janitor’s son.

By Phooey  on  09.16.2015

Lowest blow yet to attack the GFP and David Ramezan after what this county has gone through with the lies, secrecy, mismanagement, waste, cover up, deceit, and treachery.

Were it not for the GFP the Normantown incident would have been swept under the rug which is exactly what the WVDOE intended.

How has all this worked out for you WVDOE? Someone wrote in that the WVDOE is its own worst enemy which is the truth.

By WVDOE Attacks GFP  on  09.16.2015

After this latest Normantown slap it is more evident that the WVDOE opposes all local level authority.

What a low blow not to involve our local fire fighters who risk their lives all the time or us. They would have known what to do and to do it right.

That is what the WVDOE did not want to happen——doing it right and in a timely way to try to catch the criminal.

The crime scene is contaminated, bats were added to the story, and the WVDOE’s spin machine is going full throttle.

By Rex Barnes  on  09.16.2015

Let us pray that the DOE’s rep applies for other jobs. If he will let us know each time he does, we will hold county-wide prayer vigils to ask for divine intervention for his career advancement.

By Career Advancement  on  09.16.2015

The comment about what can Dr. Daniel do is a good one. As a case in point the Clarksburg paper announced that Mr. Devono was selected as Blankenship’s replacement. That was in April or May of the year he arrived in Gilmer County.

The interesting point is that it was not until June of that year when it was on the WVBOE’s agenda to consider Devono’s move from RESA 7 to be the appointed superintendent.

How can that be explained? It does not seem that anyone, including Dr. Daniel, in the WVDOE or the WVBOE has authority to supervise intervention superintendents or to make decisions affecting them.

By Mystery  on  09.16.2015

There was no sense of urgency on the part of the Superintendent or it wouldn’t have been four days later before he even hinted of the problem to local BOE. He didn’t find it necessary to report it to local constabulary at all so what would make anyone believe he’d called the state any quicker? He has no track record of good faith action in Gilmer County. Don’t believe he has one in Charleston either.

By Bull Run Watcher  on  09.16.2015

Two of 5 local school board members attended.
Misty has much illness in her family.  Understand.
Dr. Armour and Mrs. Hurley appeared as responsible, concerned, and interested board members.
Bill Simmons and Tom Ratliff.  Where were you?
You both will be remembered come election time.

By Troy parent  on  09.16.2015

The Gilmer Free PressThe WVDOE’s attacks on The Free Press in their press release prompt far more questions to be asked than it does to clear up the arson mystery at the old Normantown grade school.

A response to the following questions by the WVDOE would be appreciated for clarification purposes.

Instead of naming persons the acronym WVDOE is used instead of referencing specific individuals.

The Gilmer Free Press    •  Because of the serious nature of the Normantown CSI issue as originally reported by the GFP, who at the WVDOE approved public release of the WVDOE’s responseto the original GFP CSI article? If none of the officials approved the release in advance was it not an example of inept management for the material to be published without prior official approval to give the distinct impression of inadequate WVDOE oversight during intervention?

The Gilmer Free Press    •  When the Normantown CSI incident was first known about was the crime scene adequately and immediately secured to prevent unauthorized access as is always done with superior law enforcement investigative work?

The Gilmer Free Press    •  When the crime incident was noticed the first time did the discoverer enter the building to get a personal look at what was there, and was that person interviewed by qualified law enforcement professionals to result in an official statement being available for public review?

The Gilmer Free Press    •  Who took pictures of the interior of the building to obtain immediate proof of what had occurred, and where are the pictures now? Were any of the individuals associated with the WV Fire Marshal’s office, the NES, the prosecuting attorney, local or State law enforcement or any other official entity?

The Gilmer Free Press    •  In the WVDOE’s reply to the GFP CSI article, paper towels were mentioned as the only visible evidence that could be interpreted as preparation work for arson. How can it be explained that at the last school board meeting, as seen and overheard by witnesses, the WVDOE representative showed pictures of the arson preparation described as exceptionally sophisticated, extensive, and indicative of work of a professional arsonist? Will the WVDOE project those same pictures on a screen at the Normantown town hall meeting on September 10, 2015, and will legally valid verification from all five Gilmer county school board members be submitted to prove that the same pictures were shown to them?

The Gilmer Free Press    •  Although there is no present proof that the arson preparation qualified as terrorism under U. S. federal government criteria, was the U. S. Tobacco and Fire Arms agency called to investigate as a precaution?

The Gilmer Free Press    •  Would the WVDOE explain why at the last board meeting its representative spoke about the elaborate professionally done preparation which had occurred for a devastating fire, and why it is claimed now that only a few incidental paper towels were observed at the crime scene? The WVDOE representative spoke of placement of a candle wick which is far more complicated and effective as an arson tool compared to a few scattered paper towels. WVDE in its press release mentions only paper towels. How did paper towels get tied into knots and made into a rope that goes upstairs and crisscrossed the ceiling? WVDE’s Superintendent even put his arms in a circle to show how big the candle base was with the “rope” going up the stairs coming out of it as a wick. furthermore, what investigation?  How can there be no threat to a building used every day by students? The observable fact is the Kindergarten and Pre-K classrooms are physically attached to that building.

The Gilmer Free Press    •  There is reference to a volunteer member of the local fire department entering the building on August 13, 2015 to inspect the crime scene. Was this an official act with witnesses in compliance with prescribed investigative procedures to protect the integrity of the original crime scene? Was the individual certified to be professionally qualified to perform investigative work? Who was the individual and did he/she file an official report to include pictures for citizens to review? During that conversation WVDE’s Superintendent made reference to some fire fighters liking to watch fires burn.  The school board member from Normantown specifically said “NO Normantown volunteer would EVER do such a thing”.

The Gilmer Free Press    •  Regarding the WVDOE’s pictures of the crime scene shown at the school board meeting, because they pertained to official school system business are they available as part of the official public record for citizens to review?

The Gilmer Free Press    •  Early on was the crime scene thoroughly checked for hair, fiber, DNA and other evidence by qualified experts in compliance with standard procedures for professionally done crime scene investigation work?

The Gilmer Free Press    •  Would all five members of our elected school board sign a notarized affidavit that they were not shown pictures of the complicated candle wick preparation work discussed by the WVDOE’s representative and they were not ordered to keep the arson planning incident quiet?

The Gilmer Free Press    •  With all the confusion would the WVDOE explain why citizens are unreasonable to question if there was crime scene tampering to elevate the original arson preparation incident to a higher level of criminality?

The Gilmer Free PressThe purpose of this article is to attempt to get the truth to help ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the County’s children, and to keep citizens informed.

The building has no fire suppression system and no sprinklers. Fire drills used to be the order of the day.  If we pull one of the alarms in the buildings used is there guarantee an alarm would go off? The alarms from the cafeteria building were hooked in for the trailers.  If one pull one of those, does it work?

Since the school system has been under State intervention for the past five years has Board of Education been permitted to walk through a single school and check the condition of any building?

This article has nothing to do to intentionally belittle the reputation of any individual through inference or any other deliberate intent.

Instead, the WVDOE is being held accountable for answers for Gilmer County’s people.

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf



September 8th is the official five year anniversary of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf following the tradition of the CalPatty Press and Crooked County Crooks websites that started revealing the truth as far back as NINE YEARS AGO, Revenge of the Ghost Wolf has continued on with the tradition and even made the BUTCHER BITCHES FAMOUS along the way.  The Butcher Bitches continue to be the most requested item from e-mails received from readers, and lets face it, we miss the familiar faces of the Butcher Bitches as much as anyone, for those girls truly were above the law because of who their daddy was…. that was until their daddy came under the attention of the FBI for making threats to journalists for telling the truth….



LEXI BUTHCHER one half of the Butcher Bitches rests her weary on a pair of very tempting breasts and then goes to town during a Butcher Bitches party!!!

LEXI BUTHCHER one half of the Butcher Bitches rests her weary very neary a pair of very tempting breasts and then goes to town during a Butcher Bitches party!!!

The whole concept of revealing the sexual charged Butcher Bitches series was to show that the girls could also do whatever they wanted and break any laws just like their mom and dad because they were part of the power elite of Glenville and not a god damn thing was going to happen to them, in fact, Glenville and Gilmer County is one of the only places you can go and commit murder and not even worry about getting caught.

LIZZY BUTCHER on the left gives her friend a good kiss and the good tongue just moments later in typical Butcher Bitches style. The daughter to NASIA BUTCHER was the STAR of Gilmer County high school and her mom was the boss of everybody and could do whatever the fuck she wanted to and not one god damn person could say one fricking thing about it. Lizzy and Lexi could do WHO and whatever they wanted.

LIZZY BUTCHER on the left gives her friend a good kiss and the good tongue just moments later in typical Butcher Bitches style. The daughter to NASIA BUTCHER was the STAR of Gilmer County high school and her mom was the boss of everybody and could do whatever the fuck she wanted to and not one god damn person could say one fricking thing about it. Lizzy and Lexi could do WHO and whatever they wanted.


In Glenville, WV power grabbers may think nothing of torturing people mentally or physically to force them to see their way of thinking. A job may be held over a persons head, or benefits withheld and a person may quickly find out that the impact of emotional abuse does not differ significantly from that of physical abuse and that there is plenty of emotional abuse to go around involving the Government of Gilmer County — more than you can shake a stick at!

As reported yesterday in the GFP … right on the front page the Gilmer Free Press tells the truth about our local print media!

Central WV SS member Bunny “Sucking a weener” photo from the Crooked County Crooks website recovered from “Files from the Bottom of the Crooked River” pretty much sums up the Secret Seven “Take” on the latest Gilmer County Schools takeover that has been ignored by mainstream press, but citizens complaints were supported by the FREE PRESS in Central WV!

The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder is the most obvious in its inherent bias and manipulation of the facts and stories, as evidenced and witnessed by local citizens as they spoke out honestly and quite honestly and factually in response to the article.

The immediate community took an interest in the shockingly tragic Fred Hill case, but there were no real stories about a mysterious death, only police report formatted articles of who what where why and isn’t it very interesting that “NO FOUL PLAY rule,”  was used long before the medical examiner had time to even investigate or view the remains.

Of course, it had to be …

NO FOUL PLAY in that obvious game of…

”Hide the body, “OH NO, FRED IS DEAD!”

Suffice it to say the common citizen were more than disappointed about news coverage of this sad occurrence right in the heart of Glenville, West Virginia, where saying the wrong thing just might get you killed.

Or, if you have an allergy like Mark Medley,

“I am allergic to mean people with guns”  …that was that last thing said by Mark, and all she wrote for Medley —  for 357 Everett Campbell shot him dead, and knew nothing about his allergy!

The safety of law-abiding citizens should be one of the government’s primary concerns but who is going to save us from them?

Lately, I am beginning to wonder.

In the meantime, someone needs to reach out to the alleged victim in the Prophet case.  The white female victim said she “Feared for her life,” during the incident, according to the criminal complaint . I bet good money she’s been fed a cock and bull story from either Gerry Hough the Gilmer County Prosecutor, or local law enforcement that everything is going well, and she needn’t worry about a thing, when the real facts are there has been no preliminary hearing scheduled, which is very suspicious indeed.

Also, since Hough probably has no intentions of prosecuting Gabe Prophet for the alleged RAPE , and it is now suggested the victim hire an attorney.  If she has a credible case, her attorney should petition the court to seek an indictment of Prophet under Smith v. Miller.

Glenville citizens need to act and take a stand against the violent acts by GSC college athletes against women!  West Virginia found out about Gerald B Hough and the illegal act he made against a rape victim – And the FERPA Violation reported by the West Virginia Record speaks volumes about the illegal and outlandish actions taken by representatives of GSC and the local elite to cover up the violence against women that has been happening for years in Gilmer County, WV!

Lenora Marks was the victim of the college cop Andrae Wright, and we are hoping to make contact to interview  her for a mainstream news source article being submitted. This is another potentially deadly and explosive violent confrontation that could have turned out badly if not for the quick action of law enforcement

We have heard reports of the Vice President of the FRN yelling and throwing his glasses at the Director Donna Waddell over a disagreement which led to her firing or resignation dependent upon who tells the tale, but violence is violence when yelling and screaming, threatening, and throwing items at a person in a work area!

When we speak of the FRN we are speaking of:

Gilmer County
Family Resource Network

The name of the new FRN substance abuse coordinator is Kelly Cain and she is just starting out.

Now we hear that the Editor/Owner of our local paper the Glenville Democrat has decided to physically grab an employee by the forearm, pulling her upright out of a chair and push her aside while chastising and sometime later firing her.

Apparently, about a month before Dave Corcoran fired Cassandra Huff he walked upstairs where she was on the computer, told her he was tired of her screwing up his meetings and causing him grief.

“Corcoran grabbed Huff roughly by the forearm, pulled her out of the chair and pushed her to the side like a bitch that came home smelling like sex!”

Dave Corcoran who runs the Democrat/Pathfinder  has brought all of the online computers downstairs where he can keep an eye on them, and he put his foot down to no more working Gerry Hough’s hate site on his dime!

Soon Dave Corcoran took his replacement for the Democrat News Director, Ronda Gregory,(who also is a campaign manager for Bob Henry Baber currently running for Governor) to meet Mr Blankenship the new superintendent of Gilmer County Schools, and even before he introduced her, Dave Corcoran told Blankenship there would be no more negative press for him or the Board of Education and that further,  the Democrat was a family paper!  

When we discovered all of this and also discovered that the highest ranks of the Secret Seven Coalition were also approached on the subject of giving Ronda G and Bob Henry some favorable press we wrote Ronda a little note, and it went a little something like this …
“We were asked by our highest ranks to give favorable publicity to your cause of being treated unfairly by the Democratic and Republican parties. However, we are not supporters of the BOG at GSC, and we are not supporters of Gilmer County Govt or Ike Morris or Glenville City Govt, so this should be interesting. However, we did get a few volunteers to be an athletic supporter to one of Bobs conquests Sarah Rutherford, who is the daughter to GSC secretary Joann Rutherford, but that was about it. We are anxiously awaiting her indictment next month on sexual charges involving her high school students and some dope smoking and such.

We suspect that Ronda has close ties either by marriage or money to WACO Oil and ASS and will be a new Agent for the Devil!

A quick call to the circuits clerks office and we heard it told that …”The girls at the courthouse were out in the hallway listening at some attorney yell at a girl talking about Cassandra Huff saying she had been fired, and then a saying something about you better not fuck with that new person Ronda Gregory over at the Democrat or you’ll wind up in jail quicker than you can be suited up in an orange jumpsuit and fed to the sexual predators at CRJ!!” Ronda Gregory pictured in this photo, is replacing Cassandra Huff of the Glenville Democrat the only local paper in Gilmer County, and was already introduced to the new Superintendent of schools Ron Blankenship and she is the gal that is to fulfill the promise be kept that there will be no more bad press in the Democrat/Pathfinder about Blankenship or the forced takeover by the state. Gilmer voters rejected a bond that would have turned four elementary schools in to two and Ronda has been hired to see that the people are fed some sugar from the local press that convinces them that this idea will happen and this time they are gonna like it because if they aren’t fond a Ronda then they aren’t cool according to the elite of Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River.

The bottom line as you can see is that GSC now has control within the local newspaper and the  board of Education along with the Mayors office and I suspect the Family Resource Center!

Ronda Gregory got the job for political reasons no doubt. Here is her latest:

Contact:  Ronda Gregory

Bob Henry Baber for Governor Campaign communications director
Cell: 304-685-3557
E-mail: 304-462-0320 home; 904-2440 cell
Bob Henry Baber Wins Mountain Party Nomination for State Governor
Bob Henry Baber won the Mountain Party nomination for West Virginia governor on Sunday by acclamation at its convention held Sunday afternoon in Sutton at the Town Square Café.  The other party candidate, Jesse Johnson, withdrew his name from consideration and solidly endorsed Baber as the party’s nominee just prior to the vote.

“Something fishy about Bob Henry Baber and his run for governor, but now we know that something fishy is the new girl Ronda!”

Apparently the POWER ELITE sometimes  think they own slaves, not employ people.

Is this “New discipline,” of the FRN Director and Cassandra Huff ex News Director at the Democrat/Pathfinder a situation that will rewrite personnel policies?

The threat of violence has been spoken in whispers throughout Gilmer County and is now rearing its ugly head at the most mediocre level of control in this town.

“The truth must be getting to them for some to act out in a violent and threatening way!”

One can only hope that these women have families with zero tolerance for abuse as we are pretty sure our local law enforcement would treat them with less consideration than they did Everett Campbells  ex-wife Mary Ann, she got bent over and penetrated in an unnatural way , but that was “JUST OK” with Sheriff Metz!  Mickey must have thought she was asking for it.


This is what happens when lawlessness and a total lack of respect for your fellow man runs rampant among those who feel they are entitled to special privileges because of whom they are.

Words fail me to describe what they are!

To confine the public to the edge of political or business factors that control their life ensures that the wealthy can be “left alone” to use their power as they see fit.

By disempowering people, the ability of individuals to manage their own government and society is undermined and weakened. This results in developing a fear of freedom. The powerlessness people feel due to the workings of the system ensure that they are apathetic about it, thus guaranteeing that wealthy and powerful elites govern society without hindrance from the majority. This result is not an accident.

  Chomskey expressed the attitudes of political power mongers well:

“The public must be put in its place, so that the responsible men may live free of the trampling and roar of a bewildered herd, ignorant and meddlesome outsiders whose function is to be ‘interested spectators of action,’ not participants…”

Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance and losing it is not something to stay quiet about.

SS letter to Ronda: “We are not supporters of the BOG at GSC, however, we did get a few volunteers to be an athletic supporter to one of Bobs conquests Sarah Rutherford, who is the daughter to GSC secretary Joann Rutherford, but that was about it.” “We are anxiously awaiting her indictment next month on sexual charges involving two of her high school students and some dope smoking and such.”

There are those in our community who are working frantically at this moment to prohibit someone from making such a statement. Empower yourself people, speak out.  Do not let this be the future of Gilmer County:

“Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness!”

George Orwell, author of the book “1984”




                               Osmund Nathaniel Brown

Height: 6ft 3in Weight: 225 lbs. DOB: 12/3/1986

Booked: 9/22/2011 Booking ID: 999045482

Gilmer County – Bail: $20 000.00 – CRJ

Charge Type: Felon

First-year Glenville State College head football coach David Hutchison is excited to lead the Pioneers into action this season, except Hutchison had no idea what Glenville, WV is like with the raping of white girls by players and unsolved murders and …OH YEAH all the dope the imports bring in from out of town.

New transfer and tight end OSMUND BROWN wearing blue looks good in ORANGE at CRJ where it is not OK to bring in hard drugs to the Best Western in Glenville and turn out all the hotties on dope with the sanction of IL Morris and the Power Elite of Crooked County down by that Crooked River!

Osmund Nathaniel Brown is the dude that got busted after his black girlfriend complained about Brown taking some pink from a younger and much hotter white chick and she wasn’t gonna go for the sloppy seconds, so she got pissed about all the green handed out to the pinker white  pink, and then dudes BITCH turned into what they used to call a black fink and the green got scattered to the wind as the mean white cops busted Brown and took him downtown  …. and then for a little trip to CRJ where it was NOT OK, because Gerry (I’m always right because I’m always white) Hough was not there to let another criminal go!

“…Hey, well why didn’t you just say so NEGRO!”

The NEW TIGHT END, is not our friend and took that trip to CRJ yesterday!

Class: Senior
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 230
Position: Tight End (but that end won’t be too tight in prison)
Number: 11

Osmund Nathaniel Brown got busted Thursday by the cops for a FELONY times three and it looks like we … have more drugs and crimes going on at Glenville State College and September is not over yet. This time the bail was 20,000 bucks and GSC is being very tight lipped about the alleged drug bust.

Brown was arrested for allegedly selling illegal drugs —  and or, is being held on drug-related charges and another charge of child endangerment.

“A Tight-End  on the football team at Glenville State College, Osmund Nathaniel Brown is charged with 3 felonies. 11F-97,98,99  GILMER COUNTY currently being held at CRJ.”

In Celebration of the TIGHT END OS BRINGING THE GOOD WEED to town and in memory of those all night all right Cocaine and sex parties with Ashley Miller lets kick it to a little Cocaine Eyes’



This article is authored by the President of the Council of Concerned Citizens Dan Bingman whose family still has 155 acres of property in Gilmer County and a 365 acre farm in Wirt County

imageIn this first document there is clear evidence that the THREE WOOD COUNTY bank accounts totaling over $125,000 recognized in the first accounting with one cd account worth $14,000 dollars were all cashed out by the executrix Rosa Belle Gainer against the express wishes of Albert J Woofter.  As, soon as ALBERT J WOOFTER was dead with the unsigned Power of Attorney paper work on the night stand as they were taking his lifeless body away, Gainer liquidated all the accounts and put it into one bank account where R TERRY BUTCHER her employer had control of the day to day actions. The amount deposited was $73, 352.50.

SO, we have a paper trail that proves that $125,000 was cashed out of three accounts, and only $73,352.50 was deposited in the bank in Glenville where R Terry Butcher is on the board. Another conflict of interest.

Evidence shows that there were three accounts with an excess of $125K and GAINER put it all in one account that the “Benny” only got seven thousand from after Gainer and the B& B Law firm pilfered the estate.

There was no accounting from 1994 until 31 Dec 2006 against WV LAW.  The Butcher and Butcher law firm broke the law and a call was placed to office of VANCE GOLDEN a commissioner in Wood County as to WHY he allowed Timothy B Butcher and R Terry Butcher to break the law and steal money from the estate.

For five years, lawyer after lawyer sent letters to Gainer and Butcher requesting their client have an accounting entitled by law, but the B& B law firm would not take calls and did not respond.

While doing the final accounting Tim Butcher paid himself as much as $10,480 per day, and those documents will be provided in a further publication and some of it has been published in the past, so a Google search may turn up some evidence.

Butcher wanted to make sure that when the account was settled the law firm had already used up the money that was in the bank account which was a situation certainly against the wishes of Albert J Woofter.

Margaret Kreiner, an attorney in Ohio wrote letter after letter stating that they were not adhering to the wishes of the deceased according to the will.  But, the Butchers obviously had Judge FACEMIRE and a few other WV Judges in their pocket, so why should they worry. Kreiner for two years wrote to Gainer asking that Butcher be fired as per wishes of Ruth Woofter and the Guardian. All these letters were ignored by Rosa Belle.

The second document is only shown to establish that according to their own paper work at the Butcher and Butcher law firm, the fact is and was that Rosa Bell Gainer IS NOT A RELATIVE – THEREFORE SHOULD NOT HAVE RECEIVED A PENNY IN THE DISTRIBUTION OF FUNDS FROM THE MISSING 1/6th.

Beverly Marks, the Gilmer County Clerk, distributed money to people RUTH WOOFTER had not seen or heard from in over 30 years and many like JACK GAINER the son of Rosa Belle Gainer and Rosa Belle herself were not even related, but money was sent to them anyway.

The GILMER COUNTY SHERIFF METZ not only ignored our documented complaint, but threatened to have me arrested if I were to investigate, “Any more of his people”

When an entire town and county is involved in this kind of crime that was protected by the local state police and Governor Manchin, now a US Senator, really how does one proceed?  Should we follow their lead and take the law into our own hands?





The listed “Benny’s is for the AJ WOOFTER ESTATE and HAD NOTHING to do with the missing 1/6 of surface property that is on the Calhoun/Gilmer County line West of Glenville on highway 5.

It was clearly established by their own paper work from the Butcher & Butcher law firm thatROSA BELLE GAINER now known as Gainer – Cunningham was NOT a relative yet it wasGAINER that received CASH for the missing 1/6th and NOT the immediate family, that had been supporting Ruth Woofter and giving her a home to live in, plus paying for medical care and all taxes.

JACK GAINER, Rosa Belle Gainers son also received cash from the sale of the missing 6th and if Rosa Belle is not a relative, then her son is not either.

THE Missing 6th was not controlled by the estate and the guardian for Ruth Woofter lives in OHIO, and so did RUTH WOOFTER and NO DISTRIBUTION of her funds should have been made from the state of WV. Gilmer County was only supposed to approve the sale so she could use the money for medical help.

Tim Butcher and Beverly Marks both committed a crime with a witness present that will testify, when they disobeyed a court order to sell the property for much needed medical care and PULLED THE TITLE from the land books.

Sheriff Metz never had any intention of doing the right thing, instead attempted to cover the matter up with threats.

WHO MADE UP THE LIST OF PEOPLE TO RECEIVE MONEY FROM THE MISSING 1/6th hidden and pulled from the land books? Beverly Marks? If so, she should be immediately arrested, and the Sheriff should be removed from office.

THIS IS A CRIME not only ignored by the SHERIFF as if, the matter did not exist but also ignored by the WVSTATE POLICE TOO because the final decision maker, the chief counsel from the State Police is from Glenville and directly tied to IKE MORRIS!

These documents are all evidence of a cover up and Gainer and the Butcher and Butcher law firm STOLE money from honest citizens from out of state and did it with the help of Beverly Marks the County Commission Clerk and the GILMER COUNTY COMMISSION ORDERED IS HEREBY ORDERED TO PAY THE MONEY or be held accountable for being accessories to a crime and civil action with penalties.

Timothy B Butcher had no legal right to interfere with that title, but it also was needed in a WV SUPREME COURT CASE and the result was the complaint NO 178- 2011 filed against Justice Jean Davis who certainly has no explanation as to why only 5/6 of the property in dispute was moved forward from circuit court against the rules of legal procedure.

By this proof alone the family that was supposed to receive funds feels they have enough evidence to have MARKS arrested, but when the matter was brought before the state police they refused to press charges, so the matter went before the counsel for the State Police, Virginia Lanham, and now we have discovered her father was a personal attorney for IKE MORRIS Clearly there is corruption in Gilmer County and the clearly the State Police have acted in an irrational and illegal matter.

In fact the state police tried to press charges federal charges against me for making the complaint.

“When LAW ENFORCEMENT becomes a political entity like the WV State Police then AMERICA can no longer be AMERICA and this seems to be the situation for the state of West Virginia!”

Bill Grottendiecks daughter is Virginia Lanham who was the chief counsel for the state police when I filed my complaint with Major Ingold.

Bill Grottendiecks was IKE MORRIS’ number one attorney for over 20 years.

Lanham was the one that decided if my complaint over the missing 1/6th was accepted.

Major Ingold and Lanham more or less ignored the evidence on the recommendation by Lanham, but the virtue of the letter he wrote in response, all of the facts are wrong so by that evidence alone, their execution of the action, would on the surface appear malicious and in bad faith. But, that’s how they do things when it pertains to Gilmer County West Virginia, the POSTER CHILD for West Virginia’s legal hell!

So the title opinion, and back taxes has not been accepted as a complaint or even acknowledged, officially, by ANY agency in West Virginia, and Ohio law enforcement, and everyone else thinks that is pretty weird, but now that I know LANHAM the chief counsel for the State Police is Bill Grottendiecks daughter, it all makes a lot of sense.

Unfortunately the real criminal in this situation is the lawyer from Glenville representing State Police and some Gilmer County public officials   — And of course the County Commission Clerk Beverly Marks.


imageMarks was written a letter in July asking her to comply on the sudden reappearance of the missing 1/6th:

July 12


I spoke with Judge Spicers office today regarding the 1/6th of surface property inDekalb owned by Audrey Ruth Woofter my aunt, a piece of property I paid taxes on myself, since my mother has broken her hip and didn’t work. Ruth never worked or held a job and had no income.
I explained to the judge’s office that I had a witness that was present when you called Tim Butcher and asked him what to do. The witness said, that Butcher told you to not do anything with the court order from Spicer.

I am talking to an officer of the court by cell phone as I am writing this to you. Spicer is an old family legal name around here and the judge is retiring at the end of the month. We asked him to take action before he leaves office

You ignored the judge’s court order and my aunt did not get the medical treatment she needed because you shelved the court order on order from Butcher who was city attorney and had nothing to do with this case.

Since you shelved the court order and took no action, my aunt could not get the medical treatment she needed for she needed the money from the sale and she died in Ohio.

The judge’s secretary asked me to file charges in WV and I laughed until I nearly cried, for we tried that and got no response from Metz which they actually did not believe. It was an uncomfortable moment, but I assured them it was true.

I will be back in touch with the judge’s office tomorrow and will be talking to the judge after he is fully briefed to ask him what sort of action should be taken. He was not happy you ignored the order and Audrey Ruth Woofter died on Xmas day.

Also, you took it upon yourself to distribute the funds from the sale after the death to heirs Ruth had not seen in over 30 years or so much as sent her a Xmas card. I reviewed the will and this was not the wishes of Albert J Woofter.

Further, matters were clearly stated in the will.

I explained to all concerned of your connection with Timothy B Butcher who pilfered the estate, and we have a serious issue with that. We have a witness that stated you always conferred with Butcher as, “What to do!?“

What you did was not legal, and we have evidence of you having committed similar acts in the past.

If for some reason any of these facts are incorrect, and/or you dispute the testimony of an eye witness, then I suggest you cooperate fully with authorities. You may want to speak with an attorney, at this time.

I have the list of heirs along with the title opinion that was also absent from the courthouse records when requested. We will ask you how you came by that list, and also why you did not go by the wishes of the Albert J Woofter will which specifically stated that all assets were to go to Ramona Bingman.

Rosa Belle Gainer was not a relative to Audrey Ruth Woofter, but yet we noticed she received money illegally from your transaction. So did her son.

How did she get on your list of heirs? Where did you get the list did you just make it up, who helped you with this alleged criminal action?

Ramona Bingman was the registered legal guardian, and had been for years. This was proven to Butcher ten times over, and it is matter of record here at the courthouse, and clearly it was established as fact today.

You decided to, “Make up your own rules” down there in Glenville, and really isn’t that how you always do it!

Beverly Marks, YOU are to contact me immediately in regard to the MISSING 1/6th which you had no right to sell. You were given an order to sell that property while RUTH WOOFTER was alive and you hid the title instead which is criminal. While waiting for the money from the sale for medical care, RUTH DIED ON CHRISTMAS DAY, and as far as I am concerned you are implicated in a wrongful death and so is everyone that helped you who includes Tim Butcher and Sheriff Metz who attempted to cover up the matter and refused to investigate the allegations.

I spent 15 hours on the paperwork dating back to 1994 recently. I spoke at length with my attorney, who was hired for that purpose of reviewing all the documents, and then he attempted to speak with the Butcher&Butcher Law firm on our behalf, but rarely got any response at all. And then,  when he sent proof of the affidavit that proved who the legal guardian was Dianna L Butcher LIED and said they never received the document, but being of above average intelligence sent the document signed return receipt requested, signed and dated by Dianna L Butcher which proves that she lied to our attorney and got caught.

“But, that’s how you always do it in Gilmer County!”

You need to call your attorney for we are going to be filing criminal charges against you and or bringing civil action in US District Court for compensation and also for punitive damages, unless of course Gilmer County wants to settle this suit. But, we know how they are from years of experience, extremely dishonest just like you Beverly Marks.

It clearly states in earlier paper work that Rosa Belle Gainer Cunningham is not a relative, yet you gave her the money from the sale of the property!

You got a court order to sell the property in 2005—but you did not sell it! You pulled the title from the land books like a common thief and you did it on order of Tim Butcher who had nothing to do with that property. What you did is a crime Beverly Marks and you are going to pay for it with as much jail time as we can possibly get you in an honest court, which certainly could never be a Gilmer County Court.

R Bingman was the legal guardian, and all the papers are in order. But YOU BLOCKED the sale until after RUTH DIED when it was her money, but then you abused your position as clerk and gave the money for the property that was not yours to some friends of yours. I would love to discuss this matter with you ASAP – so call me, everyone has my number. I want to see you face to face about this concern as soon as it can be arranged.

Dan Bingman
(Signature on file)

RETURN RECEIPT REQUEST IS in reference to text below:

During the entire time the Butchers were in control of the AJ WOOFTER estate they pulled every dirty trick in the book and just sat back in their big leather chairs and weathered out the storm protected by Judge Facemire and the Elites, and kept saying they had no documentation that R Bingman was the legal guardian of RUTH WOOFTER and her primary care giver and her niece that supported her, and provided her with food clothing and shelter for as long as I can remember.

An attorney from Cleveland and licensed to practice in New York is also a federal attorney and could no longer take the stalling tactics of the Butchers, so for an hourly rate which was rather costly provided all the paper work AGAIN that the Butchers needed to prove who the legal guardian was.

This receipt is signed by Diana L Butcher, but then the estate was held up for almost an entire year after the date on the signed receipt because the Butcher and Butcher law firm said they never received the documents which everyone knew was a complete and total lie. The last day Butcher had control he took more than ten thousand dollars out of the cash account which was three thousand more than the actual beneficiary got and that is just plain a crime. Butcher took 38,000 dollars from the estate in FEE’s he never earned in the last 90 days.

Another attorney by the name of Roger Curry had to be hired at a cost of $10,000 dollars because Butcher refused to cooperate with the out of state attorney, as he did with the four previous attorneys hired.

Rosa Belle Gainer – Cunningham got more than the 3% allowed by law for being an executrix and in some states could have been jailed for being an employee of Butcher and Butcher while being the executrix also, and then just taking more than the 3% allowed. This is a clear conflict and we believe by proven documents that Gainer committed embezzlement and fraud along with Butcher and Butcher and they should be arrested.

All documents are on file at the office of Vance Golden or at my home office, if any person wants verification of facts, I will do all I can to see they get the documents for review.

Why are public officials in Glenville allowed to break the law?

Who believes that R Terry Butcher and Timothy Butcher should be placed under citizen’s arrest, and then immediately and escorted to jail for stealing money from an elderly mentally challenged person as Ruth Woofter.

Audrey Ruth Woofter was my aunt, and myself and my entire family loved her. I can remember her from the early days in WV since I was three years old. The actions in Gilmer County killed her as far as my family is concerned, but please review the facts and draw your own conclusion, and then let’s put these people in jail where they belong.

~~  by Daniel Bingman ~~

The first thing that brings a huge RED FLAG is the fact that Charles V Renner just allowed his secretary to make a transaction and a highly illegal one if I read this correctly.

That is not allowed.

For those from Wood County know Mr Renner never made it out of the hospital, and died right around the time of the document published in this article.

My Uncle was one of the Wood County Commissioners that signed off on the estate.

Anybody that is anybody from Glenville knows that the Butchers made their living by stealing from estates, and if heaven were to release some secrets, this sort of illegal procedure got by the right people time and time again in Gilmer County.

People in the know are aware that some of the money from this estate was supposedly donated to GSC, but it obviously was not theirs to donate.

I vote for immediate arrest,and I think it is time Sheriff Metz resigned. This is just on too many times he has been involved in criminal activity.

Comment by Gilmer County Schools Coalition member  on  12.20.2011

All estates B & B have been involved with should be identified and there should be a comprehensive investigation to determine if there was a history of estate pilfering. Also, this GFP posting should be reported to Rachael Cipoletti ( ) at the Bar’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel(ODC)to observe how it deals with a complaint against lawyers. There probably would be a response that there is insufficient evidence, the statute of limitations has passed, misconduct did not rise to a level to merit discipline etc. Why have G. Hough and Metz failed to investigate the alleged crime? Does a citizen have to file charges before they are authorized to act or are they afraid to take on the Butcher’s? We need answers because this report relates to corruption in the County, and there is little wonder why citizens are afraid to take stands when there is evidence that the rich and powerful receive preferential treatment.

Comment by Ralph P. Ayles  on  12.20.2011

This article needs to be published in the Braxton paper.I have went through the same thing in Sutton court.Facemire should also be prosecuted if he did wrong in this.I had an attorney in Sutton that was dishonest,knew the other side ,went against me{my own attorney}because he did not want to go against other attorneys.This attorney has also practiced with Butchers.If you are honest in Braxton County court your in trouble.They go for the nasty,dishonest,thieves and liars.What a shame!!

Comment by Anonymous  on  12.20.2011

Once all the research is complete using the documents from Mr. Armontrout, all the criminal activities by the Butcher & Butcher’s as well as Beverly Mark’s office will be revealed for the feds to see. Innocent people have had enough of this group of crooks. Their time is coming. cool mad

Comment by WatchDog  on  12.20.2011

To Ralph,

In reference to:his GFP posting should be reported to Rachael Cipoletti ( ) at the Bar’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel(ODC)to observe how it deals with a complaint against lawyers…

Cipoletti proved herself to be as corrupt or more corrupt that the worst of the worst in Charleston by not accepting evidence against Gerald B Hough that proved criminal intent and no due diligence used. YOU are CORRECT she would have just made up an excuse and the best article written about such matters was written my our own PHD Carl Armour yesterday. It was right on point with the problems, please review that article.

Carl covered all the pertinent area’s that proves that attorneys in West Virginia are above the law and the stick together to make it all happen.

Comment by Gilmer County Schools Coalition member  on  12.20.2011

Attention citizens of Gilmer County, lots of court news this week, but I am going to let Lawrence Jay Smith the man who defeated Gerald B Hough in a civil suit a while back report all that is in the news. Brian Kennedy from the Gilmer County Commission had his court date on August 11th at 1pm with a special prosecutor from Calhoun County and a magistrate from Braxton County present.  People from out of town and other states have a hard time believing how fucking corrupt Gilmer County West Virginia is, so lets present a great blast from the past by way of a history lesson, just to review who all the players are that are involved in the totalitarian society created by the Church of IKE and that hell hole of a college on the hill Glenville State College  rated just about dead last in academics for colleges in West Virginia. Today is Thursday August 13th and the Central West Virginia Council of Concerned Citizens has its annual retreat this time of the year and will be enjoying the great outdoors for the next 11 days. Please enjoy your history lesson and I can guarantee you some news about Gilmer County that will blow your mind when our HOLIDAY is over…. Its back to school week coming up Monday at GSC and how many freshman girls will be taken advantage of this year up at the fright house on the hill?

By Free Bird — Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“Integrity, Commitment and Truth, these are the things the Power Elite and the CHURCH of IKE can do without!”

The Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition has been making Integrity, Commitment and Truth, part of our sacred creed since 2006!

If you want to be a dedicated member of the Central West Virginia SS —  Integrity, Commitment and Truth — are the words and the concept you live by.

The SS is a service for others, who investigate the corrupt power elite on a full time basis. We have educated professionals working for us, and have for some time. The elite members have discovered some of them, and then, once recognized, that particular SS member or SS affiliate will immediately find themselves threatened, or served with a subpoena to come to court over some made up bullshit, especially concocted, and an original brew of corruption specially stirred and stewed by Gerald B Hough Prosecuting Attorney for Gilmer County will be brought forth like an Alchemist of EVIL!

Author of the BARR CODE, Peter Barr head honcho of GSC with Greg Smith who has recently put those Negro football players to work picking up trash alongside hwy five and of course in and around the new businesses he bought in Glenville too. Smith doesn’t seem to care that NOT ONE of the rapes of white women GSC students by black football players received a conviction in the famous Court of Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

I find it fascinating that Shelly Morris DeMarino daughter to IL Morris per SS sources was banging Greg Smith on the side last summer as reported by the Central West Virginia Secret Seven and now Shelly has GREG as the number one man in her life, and in fact there has been a rumor of them getting married, and then GREG will be a SON of IKE in the CHURCH of IKE and we will never be able to get rid of him then!

I would guess Greg Smith will be the next one Ike tries to get in office since Rick Frame was such a failure!  But, what the heck at least Rick got some good pussy out of the deal!! 

Greg Smith is our local surveyor who amazingly as a divorced drunk found his way to the Foundation Board, GSC Board of Governors and in Charleston on the Executive Committee!

A light bulb must have gone off in the head of Greg Smith, when he decided to get FREE LABOR to clean up the town! Greg got the GSC Football team to pick up trash, but yet, they are STILL FREE TO RAPE ALL THE WHITE BITCHES at the school!  Yeah, thanks Greg, APRIL was Sexual Assault Month, the idea of Kayla Smith who once told me the HUR HERALD was just the local gossip site and they published no real news there.

Allegations of the crime of rape of an honor student, “ Amanda” have turned up some results in which a pubic hair believed to be from Jordan Opie Watkins was found by the attending nurse along with a swab that we suspect was positive for semen, however the investigating SS has not yet spoken with the nurse personally. Date Rape drugs were present in the victim who flat lined on the way to the hospital due to being drugged and given a powerful mixed drink which rendered her with a 2.4 alcohol content, enough to kill the well built 20 year old girl.

Sexual Assault Proclamation: After a presentation April 19th to the Gilmer County Commission by Kayla Smith, the Commission signed a proclamation to call April Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

I wanted to gag myself with a spoon that day of the meeting, and felt the same way when Kayla announced to the Gilmer County Commission that APRIL was female sexual assault month with only about 11 days left in the month, not a very well planned out observation of an important issue.

It was truly a fucking joke to us in the SS, who have been years deep into the investigation of several rapes at GSC and Smith probably has NO IDEA or IDEAR as she would say, “She has no idear,” the seriousness of the situation, or the facts, or the actual numbers of women that have had their life ruined at Glenville State College!

Why not make SEPTEMBER Sexual Assault Awareness month, when an honor student “Amanda,” attending GSC on the promise scholarship, was raped like a bitch by OPIE along with all of his friends from the SOB fraternity on the GSC campus?

Why not make JUNE sexual assault awareness month KAYLA? For that was the month that GABE PHROPHET a GSC QUARTERBACK in the tradition of Wilkie Perez, forced his hard erect black penis into the mouth of that nice girl Mary Hudnall that worked at the GO  MART! He slapped her, beat her about the head and shoulders – forced his big black cock in her mouth – sometimes choking her and making her gag, and then slammed her down on his bed, after ripping off her clothes in a violent act that KAYLA SMITH from GSC has not one fucking clue or idea about!   In the Police Report, Hudnall gave testimony that she was, ” Afraid for her life!” She was afraid that Gabe Phrophet would beat her to death, if she didn’t do exactly as he said, and she was traumatized and injured!

Why not make SEPTEMBER Sexual Assault Awareness month, when an honor student “Amanda,” attending GSC on the promise scholarship, was raped like a bitch by some piece of shit named OPIE along with all of his friends for the SOB fraternity on the GSC campus?  Hey Kayla fuck you, nice try, but no black dick this time you elite ass kissing disgrace! What the fuck? You mightas well be a dude Kayla for all the good your bullshit “April Awareness” achieved, but maybe you do have a dick, we should get someone from the football team like Glenville State College quarterback Steffen Colon to check that out for us.

But, how could we mention Greg Smith and his new love Shelly Morris DeMarino, poor little rich girl, part time whore earlier  .. and all the good work Smith is doing with putting the Negro boys to work and all, without mentioning their personal candidate for Gilmer County Commission on the ballot for this next Tuesday … LARRY CHAPMAN!


Remember when the Gilmer County Commission, Larry Chapman President, approved the purchase by Extension Agent Shirey of a series of books written by Dr. Love, Sex Therapist to teach a class at the college using such titles as “HOT MONOGAMY-Making your marriage sizzle”? (While being paid with county taxpayer dollars).

How long was that LIE by Chapman denied? The Central WV SS found out what was really up and reported on it, many years ago! Remember they used levy funds and the citizens were so irate the commission pulled the money out of their own pockets to pour oil on troubled waters and make it go away?
Well, that was all Larry Chapman…

This high ranking member of the Central WV SS and member of the “Ghost Wolf ” pack is kind of PISSED that he didn’t get to celebrate Sexual Assault Awareness month in April, since he didn’t find out about it until April 19th, and being a little bit tied up in training and all is disappointed that since it is already the 4th of MAY he hasn’t got a chance to PLAY with any Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River, but there is always tomorrow, CINCO DE MAYO!!

Remember when the BOND ISSUE for the college dorms was passed by the Gilmer County Commission, when Larry Chapman was El Presidente, the President, and also when there was little or no public input sought?

No Transparency!

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
I remember it well,  all the cool unfaithful scumbag elite self important public officials left the one meeting they had on the issue to go down the street to get legal advice from Butcher and Butcher (Timothy B Butcher, President of GSC Housing Corp and R Terry Butcher, Board of Governors at GSC) as to whether or not to sign it and the Commission signed the application that day? Well, that was all Larry Chapman

Remember the Gilmer County Commission with Chapman in the lead denying that any election complaint had ever been filed, or that the County Clerk was being sued in Federal Court the entire time the Federal Court Action in US District Court was in progress? The FREE PRESS finally published proof!
…And all that Denial turned out to be some kind a new river in Glenville or a something for it all turned out to be a lie! There was enough water blown up everyone’s ass to start a new river that is for sure!

Well, that was all Larry Chapman!

Remember that the Gilmer County Economic/Industrial Development Association (GCEDA) has been appointed by the Commission as the authority for economic development in Gilmer County and that Larry Chapman served on that organizations’ board as President/Vice President, or one officer or another over the years while in the elected office of Gilmer County Commissioner? Well, that was all Larry Chapman!

A photo of Circuit Clerk Karen Elkin who after 30 years of being under Lame Smith as Deputy Clerk has amassed more tall tales of cruelty and corruption than AMY RIDDLE can SHAKE the CHAPMAN STICK AT!  BM – Beverly Marks Crooked County Commission Clerk doing a little smiling in photo above about those 2010 elections for they went just right … well almost!

Further down the road a piece … Larry Chapman, President of the GCEDA who worked with fellow Board Officers and Members to establish a Search Committee, creates a job description, places advertisements and seeks applications for the position of Part-time Coordinator with Health Benefits for that job-entity created with the potential for fulltime.
That job is all Larry Chapman !! Where is the service to others?

All we have ever seen is service to Larry Chapman from Larry Chapman by Larry Chapman of Larry Chapman for Larry Chapman and his stick shaking girl friend AMY Riddle that he likes to diddle but does not mind leaving her in the road like some kind of beaten down dog, like he did recently during the benefit dinner for JESSE MARKS!

Yeah CHAPMAN is the Gilmer County Commissioner that gave away  the 911 service … and then looking to come back to get all the credit!

“Larry Chapman has been a running round with AMY Hey Diddle Diddle Riddle and going to everyone telling them how he’s changed, please forgive him while he leaves his girlfriend jogging on Sycamore Rd waiting for him while he Sucks Ass votes from with his I’ve Changed, I’m really not such an asshole anymore platform and “serves”  that Bullshit up with food at the benefit dinner for Jesse Marks!

This man has chapped lips from sucking so much ass he actually has to excuse himself from the executive session and the vote because HE WAS STILL THE PRESIDENT of the Gilmer County EDA!
Because that job is all Larry Chapman!

Election Fraud in Crooked County, there is nothing like it! VOTE BUYING SEASON and the pleasure provided by the Church of IKE put a lot of people in power over the years that are service to self only, and here is a man that looks so much like Larry Chapman it could be Larry Chapman, and oh, is that AMY? AMY SKINNER has already got Brian Kennedy by the Balls and Amy Riddle she likes a little diddle diddle and it appears to be, “Hey Amy Riddle time for some diddle diddle and bring your friend AMY a long, so I don’t get the names wrong later crying out in ecstasy courtesy of the Church of Ike!”

Is Larry Chapman so power hungry he thinks he is the law? Could Larry Chapman have solved issues that have caused the local community embarrassment like spending thousands of dollars of state and county money to fight a fabricated case all the way to the Supreme Court involving old used farm equipment, just like that sits on every farm in the state of West Virginia, and then pay people to lie saying it was brand new?
Oh, that Larry Chapman!

That job, the biggest SNOW JOB in circuit court history is all Larry Chapman too?
Yep! That was all Larry Chapman!

“Integrity, Commitment and Truth!! … these are the things I can do without, say the Demi-God Politicians from the Church of Ike who the common folk don’t like! ELECTION FRAUD is how they do it down in Crooked County just ask former County Commission Clerk Beverly Marks, and the current clerk, JEAN BUTCHER — both charged with misdemeanors in the last Gilmer County election by Natalie Tennant the Secretary of State!

“With the primary election in Gilmer County being next Tuesday May 8th we can understand why a new candidate might be a little shaky about which way to go, but please explain, why do old trusted candidates go nuts and swing every which way when it comes election time?  For instance, our favorite old candidate Carol Wolfe!”

Sure we know Carol Wolfe  has had a little trouble on the home front in the past.  But we didn’t hold that against her.  She’s been a good judge.  Yet damn if she didn’t go to Easter dinner at S Moyers Pet IT’s moms house.

“I think I may be a little drunk leave me alone!” Please don’t touch me, I can’t do what you want me to do! “I told you NO!” ” …I can’t do this, I have a boyfriend!” No!! Mphhh… IF SHE REALLY DIDN’T WANT TO, SHE WOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING – The New SOB rules to live by at Glenville State College!


Obviously Sandy Pettit and the Church of IKE brought Carol Wolfe
back in line!   … Or they would be the ones doing the smear campaign and there wouldn’t be a damn thing Wolfe could do about it with all her huffin and puffin! It’s  too bad  to see em bow, then break and give up every standard they swore to live by but you did, didn’t you Carol, wife of John George?

What drives the Circuit Clerk Karen Elkin crazy?

Everybody knows how much she absolutely hates Gerry Hough!

Elkin screams it loud enough every where she goes.  Not a soul in town won’t tell you that if they’re being honest. 

In violent times, you shouldn’t have to sell your soul
In black and white, they really ought to know
Those one track minds that took you for a working boy
Kiss them goodbye, you shouldn’t have to jump for joy! You shouldn’t have to ..
Shout, shout, let it all out, these are the things I can do without Come on, I’m talking to you, come on...
“Jumping for JOY takes on new meaning with the SOB’S from GSC where one sells their soul to join the Church of IKE!”

Speaking of Soul so where’s this black candidate out of Wood County Karen Elkin bragged about? When I checked the name, he was white. If the candidate is black or white, the citizens of Gilmer County really ought to know why hasn’t he come to town for a meet and greet even if he is supposed to file independent? 

What makes KAREN ELKIN say Berk Reed would make a good looking Sheriff, talk about Larry Gerwig like a dog, pant over Larry Chapman like a bitch in heat and then brag she has everybody in Cedarville in her pocket and she’ll control the vote there this year?

“What the heck did Chapman EVER do for Cedarville Karen Elkin? …Except keep you busy in a back room so the voters didn’t have to see you.  Hell, Larry Chapman couldn’t be bothered to try and give  Cedarville citizens a decent drink of water in over 16 years!”

An elderly from Cedarville was told about the summer of LOVE when the BUTCHER BITCHES BROKE BAD on the CalPatty Press and asked what she thought about all the drugs and sex at Gilmer County High School and the fact that, it was all JUST OK with Nasia Butcher… And that is what she said!

Why is Karen always against the one who’s done the job? Does it every time.  Talks about the old women in her club behind their back and smiles and pats to their face.  What’s she so afraid will come out ?   Wasn’t it bad enough that half the Democrat Women including Secretary Elkin voted republican in the last election to cut a deal to save her ass against Willard Marks?

Karen was running on her sister’s Sandy Petitt’s  job with WACO and using that to make threats is all she’s got.  Then she cusses, yells, stomps her feet, shakes her fist, smokes some more dope and yells loud and long all over that court house because she didn’t get the number of votes she told she would?  Tell us another lie OK?  That’s what you’re good for! And of course good for a feel up in the office under the old rule of LAME SMITH.

Even after her live in was busted with another woman for drugs in Webster County and flyers with pictures of him breaking home confinement went all over town Karen Elkin still got the job and the witch has the nerve to talk about how she teaches little kids in Sunday School while she cusses like a sailor and talks shit about anybody that won’t kiss her ass?

Give us a break you little hobbit hypocrite! We’ll say this much, you got to be living with the smartest man in the world cause he’s smart enough not to marry you for why buy the COW if the MILK is FREE.  It’s not cute anymore! You’re much older now and you don’t run good people’s minds despite what you tell yourself at night!Your sister likes to think she runs the whole damn county and can buy it all with the money from the Church of IKE, but it must run in the family …  Menopause Crazy and no doubt about it, even Cassandra Huff who runs with the Gerry Hough HATE group and hates all SS said the same damn thing!  That might be why her unemployment is about up, and HUFF may have to PUFF once again, and get back to that corner she worked up at the college flagging down every male she saw, and up and down that hill “HIGH” on that funny pill she always took. Corky and the Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit had to FIRE HUFF for she fell off the DEEP END!

Now that we know what Karen Elkin is really like and how she really feels without all the bullshit and lies, it makes us want to rethink our candidate for Sheriff!

Karen said Gerwig would do the same as Metz did, but we’re beginning to think that’s a lie! Sometimes even the best fall for the biggest line of BS!

Berk Reed has really heavy WACO connections we hear especially as Shelly’s ex husband and this bunch just might have to switch gears now that we get the whole picture.  What the hell isn’t there anybody in this town Shelly hasn’t fucked? Jesus! Never trust a WACO” Clone and that’s for sure because you know what side their breads buttered on and it’s not yours!

The Central WV SS took another vote after a protest was made and have said NO to BERK REED for Sheriff, but we won’t endorse Gerwig, unless he admits to lying to a grand jury about the value of evidence proved by a Secret Audio tape that is published on the Gilmer Free Press for all to hear, involving the famous “Travesty of Justice,” case. (But article must be accessed by Internet Explorer to hear audio file)

All we look for in a candidate is someone to do the right thing and take an honest complaint without protecting his legal buddies!  Were we wrong?  Maybe so but if we were wrong — we’re smart enough to admit it now …just before the Primary Election Day!

With CHUCK SPEARS the former Governors right hand man (don’t get any on ya) calling the shots at Glenville State nobody wants to take the chance of being the NEXT BASIL FRED HILL and be found floating down the Crooked River when the Spring comes! The CROOKS from Crooked County are nobody to mess with, they will KILL you or RUIN you forever, this is something we can back up with fact.
Erik Davis a GSC Football player was charged with rape but found innocent after another dishonest Courtroom performance by the infamous Crooks of Gilmer County!! Davis at the same time was fighting a COCAINE CASE in FLA …Misconduct at its finest in Crooked County and the first of the many cover ups of crimes against the citizens of Gilmer County!!
The ERIK DAVIS Rape of a local high school girl at his apartment after a party was only the first of many rapes of White, sometimes teen girls, while the NEGRO GSC Football player – just like Davis – have been able to RAPE with impunity for the last seven years and we are god damn sick of it!

Covering up a RAPE on Campus at GSC is easy now!

The Gilmer County Sheriff can get away with anything—including murder! Just ask Fred Hill

“I spoke with a citizen yesterday who wanted to talk to me who is out of Cedarville.  He said the Church of Ike couldn’t pay him enough to vote for Larry Chapman”

…And that back when Chapman first ran he paid this one old timer $100 to go out of county and pick up people who had moved but hadn’t registered in their new county and bring them back here to vote.  I find that very plausible as Jean Butcher’s Deputy Clerk told this  Concerned Citizen  I’d find a lot of “Empty houses” still on the voters registration list, is what we heard a told to one Concerned Citizen, and I thought that an odd comment.  Not to mention Chapman has a habit of putting his signs at empty houses.

Also the empty house voting thing and how the reason Larry Chapman was voted out last time was his two faced run back and forth between dumping Shelly DeMarino and trashing Darrell Ramsey by going door to door saying Darrell was gay.  Then it was Chapman running to Shelly to cry later, because he couldn’t believe Gilmer County voted Ramsey in after what all he had told them. Larry was always leaving voters with the thought … “Is he a pitcher or a catcher, that queer candidate for County Commission?”

 Just a little two faced weasel is what that darn Larry Chapman is and nothing has changed not one damn thing.  He even had the nerve to ask someone to bring him a copy of the OEPA audit because (though he wants to be Commissioner) he doesn’t know how to find it on his computer and he “didn’t know” anything at all about the schools being taken over but his excuse at the EDA was so he’d have money to keep his son and so his grandson who goes to elementary school around.

Gilmer County deserves better than this and we will never forget the day that Glenville, West Virginia in Gilmer County was all about Larry Chapman!!

“The ELITE, the power hungry, they gave the SS life, and in return we gave them hell! Now the SS is as Cold as Ice! I hope we live to tell the tale  …  I hope we live to tell!”

Vote Tuesday the 8th in the Democratic and Republican Primary, but don’t vote for the ones that want to keep us enslaved…

“Shout, shout …  let it all out! Integrity, Commitment and Truth, these are the things I can do without!” .. say the Demi-Gods from the Church of Ike who the common folk down by the Crooked River don’t like!

The Gilmer Free PressThe Clarksburg Exponent-Telegraph on Sunday, July 26, 2015 published the following article about whether the Harrison County Commission violated the State code in hiring of an County Administrator.

Gilmer County Commission has hired three administrators in past 3 or 4 years!

My question is: Did the Gilmer County Commission Violate section 7-1-1a of West Virginia Code?


CLARKSBURG — The Harrison County Commission may have violated a state law that dictates the process for modifying a county’s government when it hired County Administrator Willie Parker in 2013.

That’s according to County Clerk Susan Thomas, who pointed to section 7-1-1a of West Virginia Code, which outlines a series of steps to be followed before altering a county’s form of government — including the hiring of a county administrator. These steps include passing a resolution seeking approval from the Legislature and collecting signatures from 10 percent of the county’s registered voters.

Connie O Stinky Commissioner Administrator shown on right, with HESS, KENNEDY —

How it used to be in Gilmer County ….Connie O Stinky Gilmer County Commission Administrator shown on right, with HESS, (left)KENNEDY —” And is he a pitcher or a catcher? .. Darrel Ramsey,” whose son said dude had sex with a boy from the head start program when the son was drunk as hell at the folk festival back in 2010 the summer the Butcher Bitches BROKE BAD on the CalPatty Press.

“The way I look at it, they’re violating 7-1-1a and have been since he was hired,” Thomas said. “They never changed the form of government, and I think (Parker) is doing things that are outside the realm of what an administrative assistant would do. He’s making decisions I think that should be made by an elected official.”

The Taylor County Commission recently reversed its decision to hire a county administrator after consulting with prosecutors during a special meeting June 29.

Taylor County Assistant Prosecutor Shawn Nines said he informed the commissioners of 7-1-1a of state code as it applied to their hiring of a county administrator.

On June 12, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals issued a memorandum decision in Nicholas County Commission v. Tim Clifford, another case pertaining to 7-1-1a.

In the case, the Supreme Court ruled 3-2, affirming a circuit court ruling that the Nicholas County Commission had hired a county administrator without following the steps outlined in state code for altering the form of county government.

“It is undisputed that the Commission’s actions were taken without complying with the requirements of West Virginia Code 7-1-1a,” the written decision states. “We find no error in the circuit court’s order annulling and vacating the position of county administrator and rescinding the hiring of (Nicholas County Administrator Roger) Beverage based upon its conclusion that the Commission bestowed upon Mr. Beverage as county administrator unfettered discretionary authority as to the affairs and administration of the Commission and, in doing so, changed the existing form of county government without first complying with any of the requirements of West Virginia Code 7-1-1a.”

But Parker and the commissioners who hired him drew distinctions between what transpired with the county administrators in Nicholas and Taylor counties and the situation in Harrison County.

Harrison County had established the position of county administrator prior to Parker’s hiring, a fact both Parker and Commission President Ron Watson were quick to point out.

“The county administrator had always been a part of the county for a number of years,” Watson said.

According to Thomas, the first record she could find of an individual officially holding the title of “county administrator” was James Harris, who was promoted to the position in 1998. Others served in administrative-type roles prior to Harris, Thomas noted.

Based on available records, the county administrator position was vacant from 2006 until 2013, when Parker was hired, according to Thomas.

Section 7-1-1a went into effect in 2008, according to an official with the West Virginia Legislature.

Regardless of whether the position had been created or not, Watson said the duties Parker performs do not constitute an alteration of the county government since there’s no transfer of power away from the county commission.

“In Willie’s case, anything that he has done since we’ve hired him, he’s been directed by the county commission, and he hasn’t generated that on his own,” Watson said. “It may have the appearance that he’s done something (on his own), but I can assure you and anyone else that any action he takes has gotten the approval of a county commissioner.”

Parker echoed that assessment, and he also pointed to Section 7-1-3m of West Virginia Code, which came up during the Nicholas County case and states that county commissions “are hereby empowered to employ, fix compensation for and discharge … personnel, including specialists and consultants, as may from time to time be necessary to aid (commissions) in exercising their powers or discharging their duties as provided by law and including a county administrator.”

Parker characterized his role as a staff member employed by the commissioners to aid them in carrying out their responsibilities.

“I don’t think the commission has given any level of their constitutional authority to me,” Parker said. “They’ve employed me to provide them recommendations, act on their behalf as they’ve so authorized, which is in line with 7-1-3m.”

Former commissioner Mike Romano said Parker’s role during his time on the commission didn’t violate 7-1-1a as he interprets it.

“The hiring of Mr. Parker as administrator was carefully considered by the commission in that he was hired to fill a role as the manager for the county commission,” Romano said. “He was not delegated any constitutional authority whatsoever, and he answers directly to the county commission in all actions he takes. That really takes the hiring out of the purview of a change in the form of government, because the county commission still maintains full control over all of its constitutionally delegated duties.”

Section 7-1-1a, for its purposes, describes the responsibilities of a county administrator in part as having “the authority to direct the administration of the county government under the supervision of the county commission. The county administrator shall carry out, execute and enforce all ordinances, policies, rules and regulations of the commission.” However, the description goes on to say that the county administrator would have the authority to “appoint or employ all subordinates and employees for whose duties or work he or she is responsible to the commission.”

Parker said he has no authority to hire or discharge staff.

According to the Supreme Court’s decision, Nicholas County officials who had their appeal struck down had made a similar argument regarding their hiring of a county administrator.

“Petitioners argue that the evidence showed that Mr. Beverage was not given all of the powers of a ‘county administrator’ as contemplated by West Virginia Code 7-1-1a because he was not permitted to hire or discharge employees; was not a member of the county commission; and would not have full decision-making authority,” the decision reads.

Thomas said she wants to make sure there’s a clear statutory basis for the duties Parker performs and expressed concern that — without approval from the Legislature and from voters — an unelected official was assuming responsibilities in Harrison County that should fall to the elected constitutional officers.

“I’m very concerned,” Thomas said. “I’m not only concerned as a public official, but I’m also concerned as a taxpayer.”

~~  Jeremiah Shelor ~~

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

Brian Kennedy stepped down as President of the Gilmer County Commmission and let Larry Chapman take over the lead chair.

Brian Kennedy stepped down as President of the Gilmer County Commmission and let Larry Chapman take over the lead chair.

Brian Kennedy who was PRESIDENT of the GILMER COUNTY COMMISSION when he was arrested for a DUI has waited 360 days for his day in court on that traffic infraction,he is headed to court this coming Tuesday at 10am. Brian, shortly after being detained for DUI got to be immediately arraigned on a late night Saturday night. Carol Wolfe was called at home and came rushing down to the courthouse to make sure the President of the Gilmer County Commission did not have to go to jail, like the rest of us would have, and that he could be released on his own recognizance.

When a criminal suspect is arrested, booked, and granted “own recognizancerelease, no bail money needs to be paid to the court, and no bond is posted. The suspect is merely released after promising, in writing, to appear in court for all upcoming proceedings. Only, in the case of Brian Kennedy he was never taken to jail and booked like you or I would have been. The Walrus got to go home to his new girlfriend, the one he was banging behind his now divorced wife’ Tara Kennedy’s back. Hoo ya! Tara Kennedy was a probation officer for the 14th district of the West Virginia Circuit Court, but her career became a train wreck when a complaint filed against her a few years back led to scandal and some serious truth being told about what a dumb bitch she really is.

Home of the 14th district circuit court and the Gilmer County Commission. The locals call this place the Crooked County Courthouse.

Home of the 14th district circuit court and the Gilmer County Commission. The locals call this place the Crooked County Courthouse.

David Karickhoff the skilled attorney that got 357 Evey off on a murder rap. Karickhoff has been hired as the defense attorney for Brian Kennedy and we heard from the magistrates clerk he is already asking to continue the court date from Tuesday July 14th to some date in the future,  until hopefully we all forget the

David Karickhoff the skilled attorney that got 357 Evey off on a murder rap. Karickhoff has been hired as the defense attorney for Brian Kennedy and we heard from the magistrates clerk he is already asking to continue the court date from Tuesday July 14th to some date in the future, until hopefully we all forget the “MY BAD” done by Brian Kennedy.

Here is how the headline read that reported the DUI bust of Brian Kennedy…

GLENVILLE, W. Va. — The West Virginia State Police arrested and charged Gilmer County Commissioner Brian Kennedy with a DUI over the weekend, although Kennedy was never taken to jail, but straight to the Gilmer County Courthouse where MAGISTRATE CAROL WOLFE was waiting for him alone so he would not have to be booked into Central Regional Jail like a normal citizen, maintaining his power elite status.

Senior Trooper K. J. Varner II pulled Kennedy over at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday after he was seen driving erratically on U.S. 33 in Gilmer County. This was NOT the first time for Brian Kennedy, that is for sure.

Once pulled over, Varner said he detected alcohol on Kennedy’s breath and initiated the proper procedures.

A secondary chemical test revealed Kennedy’s BAC was at 0.089, which is over the 0.08 limit.

Varner said Kennedy was cooperative while detained until around 10:30 p.m., when Magistrate Judge Carol L. Wolfe arraigned and released him on a personal recognizance bond.

According to Judge Wolfe’s office, as of Monday, no dates have been set in regard to the case, in fact Carol Wolfe recused herself from hearing the case and so did Magistrate Skinner, leaving NO MAGISTRATE available in Gilmer County to hear the case, therefore a court date cannot be set at this time.

A representative from the Gilmer County Commission has not yet been available for comment on the matter.

Common Sense for the Common Crooked County Crook IS what we got when we elected self proclaimed Gilmer County elitist Crooked County Commission President Brian Kennedy! His Common sense platform Kennedy ran on to get elected does not look sensible anymore, that is for sure!

And NOW some comments from Gilmer County Citizens posted on the Gilmer Free Press.

Is this the same joker that ran on the platform of   “Common Sense for the Common Man”? by vote him in again  

What gives people??
According to other posts he was driving on a revoked/suspended license??
This is now how many arrests for him??
Most citizens arrested like this go straight to being booked and jailed…….yet he walks on a personal recognizance bond?
Its not right people??
And we will get him for 6 more years as a commissioner??

Comment by doing GC proud 

Tara Kennedy was accused not too far in the distant past of being involved in a conspiracy that led to a wrongful conviction by knowingly presenting false evidence in an official probation report.  Since then Kennedy has made several outbursts in court and recently attempted to run over the publisher of the Gilmer Free Press, and actually did run over somebody’s foot in the incident!

Tara Kennedy was accused not too far in the distant past of being involved in a conspiracy that led to a wrongful conviction by knowingly presenting false evidence in an official probation report. Since then Kennedy has made several outbursts in court and recently attempted to run over the publisher of the Gilmer Free Press, and actually did run over somebody’s foot in the incident!

The law use to be if you were drinking and driving you went to jail for 24 hours and your license was taken away. Then you had to take classes to get it back and go to AAA meetings too. Does this law only go for a few people and not all? How can we walk tall? He could of killed himself or some other person. What is wrong with the people of Gilmer county, don’t you care any more? And the people we elected to hold up the law, give them a slap on the wrist and that is it. He could of killed one of your children or you. Would you not care? Even if you know the person who is arrested, they should get the same treatment as the rest of the people. Just because he is a commissioner doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to some ones life. Think about it.

Comment by Betty  

Nothing will happen.  Just watch.  And I sincerely doubt his alcohol level was ONLY that low if the officer was clearly able to recognize alcohol on his breath.  Kennedy has his bread buttered and he knows it, and he’s going to slide right out of this.  It’s how they do it in Gilmer County.

Comment by Watch and see  

Let’s not forget that Kennedy got pulled over for ERRATIC DRIVING.  Reports say he had over the legal amount of alcohol in his body.  Ok, so the jail is full and he’s a “big shot”, I get it.  But we all KNOW if it was one of us, they would have found space – but here’s my REAL question.  Was Commissioner Brian Kennedy actually booked for breaking the law and driving dangerously??  And Magistrate Carole Wolfe DID come out special on a Saturday night to help a brother out – but WHERE is Mr. Kennedy’s booking photo, and if there is not one, I’d like to know why.  That would have nothing to do with jail “space”.  Here we go AGAIN

To previous comment-er – they don’t post this stuff in the “local” print version of news like the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder of BULLSHIT because you aren’t supposed to KNOW what the “big boys” are getting away with!!! comment by Watch and see  

How many times has the Gilmer commission president been arrested now?  Answer:  A bunch.
As well as DUI….wasn’t he driving on a revoked or suspended license as well?  No mention of arrest for that!
Was this the 3rd DUI?
Brian, we have a local “NarcAnon” chapter!! by get it right


Brian Kennedy has also dropped the BALL on the Cottrill estate debacle.  The final accounting was submitted to the Gilmer County Commission and the SALE of the alleged property was NEVER MENTIONED in the accounting and also the funeral expenses were never part of the FINAL ACCOUNTING which according to the report given by Linda Huff the fiduciary commissioner the accounting given by the executor of the estate Mike Murphy is a complete and utter JOKE!!!



Shannon graduated from Calhoun County High School in 1995, earned a Political Science degree from West Virginia University in 1999, and graduated from the WVU College of Law in 2002. After graduation, Shannon spent two years as Law Clerk for Judge John Henning in Elkins. Shannon then found her calling as a prosecutor in 2004 when she was hired in the Randolph County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. Throughout her tenure there, Shannon handled all levels of cases, including felonies and misdemeanors. She spent several years as the Juvenile Prosecutor handling all delinquency and abuse and neglect cases. Because of that role, Shannon naturally became the prosecutor who handled the majority of cases involving crimes against children. Shannon has successfully prosecuted domestic battery, DUI, armed robbery, burglary, drug offenses, sexual assault, and many other cases.

Shannon Calhoun County Prosecutor graduated from Calhoun County High School in 1995, earned a Political Science degree from West Virginia University in 1999, and graduated from the WVU College of Law in 2002. After graduation, Shannon spent two years as Law Clerk for Judge John Henning in Elkins.
Shannon has handled all levels of cases, including felonies and misdemeanors.

This reporter spoke with Timothy Hoover the magistrate clerk in Braxton County to get all the facts on Brian Kennedy’s court appearance. Tim told me that Mary Beth Smith would be traveling to Gilmer County at 10am on July 14th to hear the DUI case of Gilmer County Commissioner Brian Kennedy since both Gilmer County magistrates recused themselves.

Representing the WALRUS Brian Kennedy will be David Karickhoff who represented ERIK DAVIS in a rape case that happened at GSC. Davis was under arrest from FLA authorities at the time for a Cocaine case, but Karickhoff got Davis off on the rape case and he also won another big case in which Everett Campbell shot his estranged wife’s boyfriend with a 357 in cold blood on the front porch of the Glenville State Police detachment headquarters.

Campbell did a year in jail on a misdemeanor charge for the murder, but should have gotten a long prison sentence.  Karickhoff is the best defense attorney there is around here, and will most likely pull off another miracle.

However, a young woman who has proved to be a tough prosecutor from Calhoun County Shannon Jones Johnson will be prosecuting the case since Gerald B Hough is recused.

TUESDAY JULY 14th at 10am is the court date for Brian Kennedy, but I bet you anything that David Karickhoff calls and gets the case continued, and then he  will continue it again, and again, until we all forget about the BUST of the Walrus County Commissioner Brian Kennedy. We can only hope the prosecutor from Calhoun County will fight for what is right for… I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.
See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly.
I’m crying.

Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come.
Corporation tee-shirt, stupid bloody TUESDAY.
Man, you been a naughty boy, you let your face grow long.
I am the egg man, they are the egg men.
I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob.

With all the turmoil and strife the Gilmer County Schools are going through, you would think that you would experience some accurate reporting, but NO, NEVER with the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder of Bullsh*t for the local PRINT PRESS representatives.  ALL you will get from them is SPIN straight from the Church of Ike Morris, the head of Waco Oil, the REAL GOD round here. Yep old Ike runs the college, and calls all the shots, and the college calls the shots for this poor poor pitiful city of GLENVILLE — the county seat of Gilmer County, West Virginia — where the local law enforcement is completely inept — and totally bought and paid for.

Fast Forward in on this video about 10 minutes and thirty seconds and all hell breaks out in this state controlled Gilmer County Schools board meeting, this is a good example how the state illegally bullies the locals and lets them make NO decisions about their own schools.

The GFP got it all on tape, or nobody would believe this shit~~they are PISSED we got this on video. Check it out!!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf has been known for years now to preserve history and that is why we have to bring up the fact that Tabitha Clem, of Hot Toddy fame was just arrested again — And Tabitha was also recently arrested for federal fire arms violation. Here is her latest mug shot only published hours ago.

Tabita Clem, the girl from Lewis County mixed up in the fire starring cult with Hot Toddy aka Christopher Todd Smith, just about the time Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson , also from Lewis County was found DEAD in the BED of Todd Smith.

Tabitha Clem, the girl from Lewis County mixed up in the fire starring cult with Hot Toddy aka Christopher Todd Smith, just about the time Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson , also from Lewis County was found DEAD in the BED of Todd Smith.

Since this is the beginning of SUMMER, but the end of June 2015  …RGW has been gathering facts about the GOATMAN Richard Neal who believes he bought the Cottrill Estate — we have to tell you this … VERY SOON the GOATMAN will find out that he has been challenged by an heir from New York, and after the latest law suit may own nothing at all…. the GOATMAN could very well find out he is a victim of a land fraud scheme that Gilmer County participated in!!

The GOATMAN believes he has a DEED signed at the Courthouse in Gilmer County April 28th 2015, but that dumb as fuck Jean Butcher the County Commission Clerk should have never even issued that deed since the accounting just handed in by the special appointed fiduciary commissioner LINDA HUFF clearly did not even have the sale of the estate listed as part of the accounting.

How could the final accounting even been accepted by the Gilmer County Commission?

Are they complete idiots? The Gilmer County Commission have looked like utter fools all throughout the Cottrill Estate debacle and now are in danger of being made major bafoons on a national level if the true story of this entire matter ever gets to the Huffington Post!  

By Free Bird — Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

OH NO! Not the internet! The Church of Ike and the Power Elite of Gilmer County never counted on the internet prevailing over the local print press for reach and influence – The local readers flocked to the CalPatty Press for compelling new and informative regional news and current community concerns!

As far back as 2006 the Church of Ike and the local Power Elite underestimated the internet and all of it quirks, perks, and excitement added by Hot Toddy and the Fire Starting Cult “Hay days” … and we say “HAY DAY” because they were making hay while the SUN was Shining !! Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson was bigger than life itself — Playing her REAL LIFE role as LUNACY LUCY of the Cult that ruled  Calhoun County … she and the other cult chicks were rode hard and put up wet down by the Calhoun Lagoon filled with Conspiracy!

Although these super hero’s known as HOT TODDY and LUNACY LUCY and her TRAINED GILA MONSTER …of local lore and actual history of the area, disturbingly shown brightly like the brightest stars of decadence in a dark Land of Hur night making the gossip column of the local paper during a unique period of internet history in which Calhoun County led America based on the per capita ratio of citizens for communities in “MYSTERY FIRES” … which marked that horrific time with an almost surreal feel!! Arson after Arson was declared by the local FIRE MARSHALL and the Cult were the ultimate suspects!!

Grantsville was becoming a national symbol for truth justice and getting the entire city of Grantsville kicked off the internet!!

That interesting fact became a real event when a former employee of google who started his own web hosting service banned Grantsville!

However one website was allowed immunity from certain prosecution known as …

“You got yanked quicker than a Hot Toddy Roddy, just like a rock star!! “

…Which meant your site was immediately missing when you went to edit it, the sucker just no longer existed which was the outcome for every HOT TODDY site ever posted!

…Thus the saying, “Yanked quicker than a Hot Toddy Roddy!”

The Juicy Lucy and her trained Gila Monster reference usually led to a scantly clad photo of Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson daughter to county worker Vicki Butcher Shaver Closer and girlfriend to Fire Starting Cult leader Todd Smith aka HOT TODDY!!

“The one web site deserving of the immunity from the BAN on Grantsville, West Virginia in Calhoun County … that lasted for two years, was the LMR website!”

Those were the infamous internet days dominated by popular demand and popular vote for the LONE METH RANGER led by John Manis Richards and his Ranger outfit often getting violence and crime on tape as well as State Troopers bent over for the local regime known as the Power elite.

The Lone Meth Ranger Newsletter that you can handle and hold!

Please enjoy this step back into history while the Secret Seven Coalition of Central West Virginia presents  …

Public Access Denied!!

“It was a trying week for The Hur Herald, from being declared a pornographic connected site, to fighting viruses to another encounter with the West Virginia State Police, where access was denied during those rugged early days of the internet being introduced to Central WV …”

It was a time when the Hur Herald was angrily ordered to leave the scene of an accident by State Trooper Fred Hammack.

Hammack indicated photographing of his “Crime Scene” was illegal. He ordered us to leave, said Bob Weaver of the Hur Herald. ” We felt the scene, on a public road, was under the jurisdiction of emergency workers, and we were not violating a “Crime Scene,”  situation described which was in “plain view access,” under law.

Just before “Snatching Camera from BOB WEAVER” just like Darrel McGraw if he could now, and just like you knew he would now!! PUBLIC ACCESS DENIED by the State Trooper that LIED on several occasions and brought before a circuit court for perjury more than any one trooper in Calhoun or Gilmer County history that we know of.
Cpl. Doug Starcher, right, moments before he confiscated the camera. (Photo by Bob Weaver/Hur Herald)
An editor of a West Virginia online newspaper had his camera confiscated after photographing in the direction of a federal building  by the same cop who arrested him three years earlier for photographing a traffic accident.

While standing at a distance on private property in a meadow for about fifteen minutes, Trooper Hammack approached and said we should not be photographing dead bodies, juveniles or victims of wrecks, and we were “liars,” referring to an earlier conversation regarding taking pictures of an accident scene.

STATE POLICE HAVE BANNED HUR HERALD SAYS TROOPER!!“Trooper Hammack Says Charleston Gave Directive to proceed in the banning of an on line publication of even self imposed questionable content…”

Christopher Shane Dellinger who used to party with the Fire Starting Cult during the pill poppin and bed hopping days throws the victory sign when his criminal case brought against him while a Braxton County Sheriff, after getting the boot by the Grantsville Police Department was reversed. Dellinger said that Judge Facemire of the 14th district Circuit Court decided to make his own rules and the West Virginia Supreme Court agreed!

The West Virginia State Police are reportedly controlling access to “plain view” accidents or situations in Calhoun County, according to Trooper Fred Hammack. Hammack told four Calhoun emergency personnel, they (local State Police) had received a letter from Charleston saying not to allow The Hur Herald on their scenes.

He said The Herald was sent a letter advising them of the directive. The Herald received no such letter.

“This is the ultimate form of censorship,” said Editor Bob Weaver. “If they are doing this to us, can you imagine what they are doing to our citizens?”

Hammack told personnel from Calhouns 911 and the local fire chief that the Hur Herald was, “Not classified as a newspaper…because it’s on the internet!”

“What a line of malarkey that was since the Hur Herald is the most responsible news outlet in all of Central West Virginia besides the Gilmer Free Press The Gilmer Free Press gets more then twice the page views than the Hur Herald and is more of an investigative regional news service, but still, the Hur Herald has its own dedicated following.

Major D. R. Searls, after a Freedom of Information request, advised The Hur Herald:

“The requested document is not known to exist in our agency.”

“GINNY” Lanham  is the current chief counsel for the WV State Po Po. Virginia, “Ginny,” Lanham whose father was the attorney for IKE MORRIS for twenty years makes for the ultimate in political benefit. So how do you think that cover up went? Lanham is just another Crook from Crooked County, and was raised up as a young child in Gilmer County and so therefore, was more than familiar, and firmly briefed on any wrongdoing down round the Land of HUR!

Hammack claimed a letter or memo was sent to him or his agency saying, ” Not to allow The Hur Herald at State Police scenes!” He also said a copy of the directive was sent to The Herald. He said the matter had been researched by their (State Police) lawyer.

Calhoun County Officer Campbell who is from Wirt County retired over the CJ Ellyson Scandal in which the Sgt failed a lie detector test involving evidence missing from the evidence locker that could have convicted Calhoun County Chief Deputy Sheriff Bandy – Who later faced 7 felony charges. Trooper Starcher accused of perjury and brought to face a judge in circuit court twice brings up the rear while delivering a dangerous criminal to the 4th district circuit in Calhoun County.

These types of vicious attacks and intimidating situations are not unlike the attack on the editors of Crooked County Crooks, and the Calhoun Underground, and of course, not excluding the Lone Meth Ranger website…

The Lone Meth Ranger “Johnny Richards” exposed corruption and rogue cops in and around Calhoun County … dang me if he wasn’t right about all that he reported! It can now all be proven by court record.

“But no sooner than it was reported than Crooked County’s Gerald B Hough is brought down to make it all… Just OK !”

Gerald B Hough- Crooked County Prosecutor, will lie, cheat, misinform and just plain make things up to get a conviction in Crooked County!

Danny NUB Marks from Calhoun County – A witness paid by Gerald B Hough to lie on the stand – had himself a little run in with the leader of the Fire Starting Cult Christopher Todd Smith, aka “Hot Toddy,” who said that NUB had to rub some mud off of himself for having been pushed right off a hill during an altercation with the leader of the Cult that turned out bad for Nub when he pulled out a blade, and soon woke up in some shade, a cussing away about being hit about the face and shoulders by Hot Toddy again and again.

Winning a conviction can accelerate a prosecutor’s career, but getting rebuked on appeal will rarely stall it, contributing to a culture that fosters misconduct. And the deterrents that confront prosecutors are fearsome only in theory.

Here is what usually happens when a prosecutor cheats:

Appellate courts uphold the conviction, admonishing the prosecutor not to do it again. When a court does overturn the conviction, it shields the prosecutor from embarrassment, omitting his or her name from the opinion or releasing its ruling in a way that few eyes ever see it.

In their rulings, appellate justices sometimes urge lawyer disciplinary officials to punish prosecutors, but such prompting is hollow. Courts have referred numerous prosecutors to the “ Lawyer disciplinary board” that polices lawyers only to see investigative files get opened and closed with no punishment levied!

There is little threat of financial penalties from a civil lawsuit because courts have granted prosecutors immunity. Courts, though, have carved out narrow exceptions, and some defendants have won settlements!

And only rarely are criminal charges filed. Few prosecutors nationally have been indicted, and they were acquitted or, at worst, convicted of a misdemeanor and fined!

Hough is clearly guilty of wrongdoing and that wrongdoing will be coming to the surface long enough to bite him in just a matter of days, but, he will be saved by the Crooked gaggle of Demi-Gods known to us all as the people that really run Crooked County?!

The Difference between GOOD and EVIL runs right down that Crooked County Line according to the Central West Virginia Secret Seven!

Richard (Dick) Facemire was castigated by the West Virginia Supreme Court for asking questions of witnesses as if he were the prosecutor, swaying the jury with great bias in favor of the prosecution, but really what punishment was meted out?!

Hell ! Facemire was already reprimanded for a breach of ethics when he was the Clay County Prosecutor…a ruling was made by the Supreme Court and now he’s a judge!

Why Crooked Prosecutors and Judges are Promoted in the Masonic Judicial System!

It’s simple. A crooked judge is more likely not just to overlook the crimes of a fellow mason, but also more likely to use his authority to railroad an innocent defendant under the orders of a higher-ranking mason. Usually, it is done as a test of loyalty, in exchange for advancement, or some other reward.

We have seen Facemire do just that recently involving a Crooked County criminal trial!

More often, the misconduct consisted of arguments or cross-examinations that violated a defendant’s constitutional rights. In many instances, those prosecutors who became judges had only one reversal!

In this instance this is” exactly” what happened involving Crooked County Circuit Court Judge Richard (Dick) Facemire!

The CalPatty Press Cow Patty was first thrown against Power Elite that were CROOKED AS HELL February 5th 2007!

Friday February 5th, 2012 was the fifth anniversary of the CalPatty Press and we’ve been celebrating FIVE YEARS of bringing West Virginia the REAL TRUTH through the Secret Seven website Revenge of the Ghost Wolf as the battle against the Church of Ike and the Power of Darkness continues!

Prior to the invention of the truth blogs and the Central West Virginia Underground Press that also includes hardworking journalists, who are rather well known now, and who also have acquired quite an impressive track record for exposing bad cops and corruption in the WV Judicial system, the Crooks from Crooked County and the Power Elite and the Church of Ike  in WV literally got away with murder, rape and other heinous crimes for years, but starting in 2006 along came the Crooked County Crooks website, the Lone Meth Ranger and the Calhoun Underground, then all of the old ways of doing things changed!

“The modern way of doing things now includes the concept of corrupt members of law enforcement and dishonest self serving public officials being exposed for their unlawful actions against citizens!!” 

Nobody expected what was going to come along next, but it was the CalPatty Press and the Secret Seven Coalition!

The Power of Darkness underestimated the fact that the CalPatty Press would break through with such impressive demographics which caught the Church of Ike off guard and in which later the Power Elite felt compelled to hire professionals to combat some of their image problems created by revelations of TRUTH published on the internet by a group to be forever known as the Central West Virginia Secret Seven!!

We scored our first big victory when the Crooked County Crooks website formed a coalition with the Lone Meth Ranger, the TEAM RANGERS from Calhoun County and the very appreciated Calhoun Underground. Out of that meeting was born the CalPatty Press 5 February 2007, and that was when things really started to break loose!

“It was asserted that these escapes sponsored bv the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition were organized by a band of CCC, whose daring seems to be unparalleled, and who, from sheer desire to be involved in fighting for individual rights and freedoms, have a dedicated purpose in snatching away lawful victims destined for bad ends at the hands of an elite group of public officials that Lisianna Rockefeller refers to as Crooked County Crooks!”

In the famous Circuit Court Case of the Lone Meth Ranger …

Artistic depiction of The LONE METH RANGER of Calhoun County – John Manis Richards – the leader of the group known as the Team Rangers!

John Manis Richards’ attorney, Robert Catlett, has requested the dismissal of a felony indictment after State Police in Grantsville say they lost evidence taken from the residence of the LONE METH RANGER who we all know as Johnny.

Much like the Kelley Mace meth case a few years ago, there was no analysis of an illegal drug, nor was the illegal drug ever presented.

Cpl. Doug Starcher testified numerous times during the Mace case that State Police had an illegal substance (meth) in their possession, taken from her residence using a search warrant.

The case was eventually dropped, when Starcher could not produce the evidence.

Ron Gordon former Police Chief in Grantsville now serving 15 years in prison was one of the first corrupt law enforcement officers exposed by a group that would be known as the Secret Seven Coalition who dominated Calhoun County reporting early in the days of Central West Virginia Internet history!

A State Police internal investigation and a criminal investigation of Starcher’s sworn statements, indicating perjury, produced no repercussions for the officer.

“Starcher’s sworn statements, indicating perjury, produced no repercussions for the officer.”

Imagine that!

State Police Sgt C.J. Ellyson, stating he discarded the alleged meth lab materials from a garage located in the barracks, indicating they were not properly secured by Sgt. Darrin Campbell.

What is even more interesting is that State Police from CALHOUN COUNTY testified in a hearing late that year, that they had in their possession evidence in the case against the Meth Ranger… when in fact all evidence had already been destroyed for months!


Remember the Calhoun Lagoon of Conspiracy we were talking about? Well it’s starting to fill up. Of course we called it correctly just as soon as the CalPatty Press editors were informed of Gerry Hough being brought in on the “Bandy” is not so dandy trial. Gerry claimed some BS sob story about the chain of evidence, and transcripts missing, and how by what could have only been an act of god, Hough suddenly had no case against the former Chief Deputy.


So what are we at the CalPatty Press alleging, besides allegations of out right lies… just like “JUST OK” Gerry Hough?

WHITE FANG – personal guard dog for the leader of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition checks front door passes of people seeking entrance to the summer SS headquarters down by the Crooked River in Crooked County.

What are we at Cal Patty alleging besides outright lies told about evidence destroyed during testing for controlled substance… when there was no testing done?

What we are alleging is… that, STATE and Calhoun Officials fell into

HOT TODDY leader of the Fire Starting Cult formed a truce and had several conference meeting with the leader of the Central WV SS in an exchange of information and good will between the two groups, ending a six year war.

a genuine CalPatty COW PATTY and nothing was going to be the same for them again, since they were now being investigated by the people of Central WV! Every time you fall in a Cal Patty COW PATTY it sticks to your face!!

“In Crooked County you can break rules and be promoted!”

When Calhoun County lets the most dishonest prosecutor in all of West Virginia bring Crooked County rules to Calhoun County we are all screwed!

When former prosecutors were criticized by appeals courts for breaking the rules of a fair trial, their careers weren’t sidetracked. Instead they became judges.

Just like… know who judge Richard Dick Facemire!

“These rumors of the magnificent CCC soon grew with outrageous fervor; there is no doubt that this band of the CCC does exist; moreover, they seem to be under the leadership of someone whose pluck and fearlessness is almost famous. Astonishing reports are now un-moored of how the CCC and those whom rescued became suddenly invisible as they broke through barricades and escaped down the Crooked River by sheer phantom alliance!” all told in the book Revenge of the Ghost Wolf which tells vividly the story of Crooked County!

Do the Freemasons make a difference in Central WV?

1) A Crooked County  Officer of the Court who knew of an arrest warrant sworn out against a brother Power Elite Mason would have to warn him immediately so he could flee the jurisdiction, because that is the way they always do it down in Crooked County!

2) A  Church of Ike Mason who was told of a brother Mason’s crimes, even including rape, robbery, or child abuse, would have to keep his knowledge of those crimes a secret, even in a court of law, and even if it was a mad little midget like Judge Richard A Facemire!

3) A Royal Arch Mason Church of Ike son of a Bitch who knew of a Companion Mason’s being a murderer or a traitor would have to keep his knowledge a secret the Gerald B Hough way!

4) An ELITE Royal Arch Mason would be obligated to hire a Companion Mason, even for sensitive or skilled professions, even if he didn’t have nearly the qualifications required just like they do up at the college on the hill –  or the courthouse — that includes all the thrill  … complete with a nerve pill!

Additionally, though not mentioned in the oaths, many times  “Church of Ike”  .. feel alright  Freemason Bitches get a “Fairer” trial in courts where a bullshit Church of Ike Power Elite Masonic Judge presides.







Free Bird Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter on the left from the Central West Virginia Secret Seven along with Editor Edison of the CalPatty Press with Hurricane Rina McCoy of the original McCoy’s from Logan County CELEBRATE by “Painting it Black” and having some fun during the wrap party after seven days of hard work on the popular SS article … You have to PAINT IT BLACK in Gilmer County when you are addicted to the POWER of Darkness!!

Nepotism and cronyism prevail in West BY GOD Virginia  where a sizable majority of judges are ” You better do what I say …”  Masons, and many attorneys are YES SIR MASTER … I BE A GOOD NEGRO … Masons as well.

If a Church of Ike Power Elite from Gilmer County Mason appears in court against a non-Mason, all he has to do is give any number of obscure gestures or words to the judge, like, “Lets fuck this bitch up!”

…In which the result is the judge will be obligated to rule in the Church of Ike favor.

No one in the court room will be the wiser (except another Church of Ike follower who would be forbidden from bringing the incident to light).

It is easy to see how these elements of the oaths could very definitely be detrimental to the welfare of Crooked County down by the Crooked River. Masons, it is said, “Take care of their own,” and they do, to an extent which is always self serving.

The Crooked Gaggle of Demi-Gods sitting on golden seats can become so powerful that they target local law abiding citizens, and this has already happened!

The CalPatty Press often in the past has made reference to the WV Judicial System and the FREEMASON connection!

The judicial system in WV prefers to keep a person in the dark with the dark evidence that is brought from the dark side of the street and it is all so on the Dark Side that the subsequent legal actions often prove WV Judges and Lawyers are part of the Brotherhood of Darkness and Paint it BLACK with the Church of Ike!

These types of  West Virginia Judicial System Conspiracy stories are strictly taboo !! Especially if they reveal any truth…

John Manis Richards the Lone Meth Ranger during a meeting with the Team Rangers. Richards was set-up for an an arrest after being on the run by Crystal Metz the daughter to Crooked County Sheriff Mickey Metz!

“Most West Virginia  mainstream news service agencies  like the print press media outlets like the GAZETTE in Charleston are controlled by Phil Reale of Gilmer County and  the big campaign contribution up the patoot solution provided by WACO OIL and ASS!! When it comes to BIG IKE any request is granted with no questions asked!! That is how they always do it down in Gilmer County!!”

ALL THE CRONIES BELONG TO …the exclusive club of the Power Elite, the Church of Ike lobby!

“Now we can honestly say, that at this present time at Central Regional Jail and other regional jails in West Virginia more non-violent offenders versus violent offenders are currently behind bars in West Virginia!”


What the fuck?!

That is some bullshit!!

And I guess you know, those stupid Power Elite Bitches… think that’s “JUST OK !”   .. just like that catch phrase authored by Gerald B Hough the worst performing prosecutor to take the bar exam 8 times before he passed it.

“So BUILD MORE PRISONS is the medicine we are going to have to swallow now… because that is the current situation we are all being force fed!!”

Come on baby let me turn you around … turn you, turn you turn you around! Shore nuff they’ll be sellin stuff when the moon begins to rise down in Crooked County …
Just ask Fred Hill shown in this photo with gal pal all set to go downtown and tell no lies. Pretty BAD when your dealin with the MAN and the light shines in your eyes! The SS will remember FRED HILL this 11th day of December and three years after the Crooks from Crooked County KILLED FRED HILL!

The CHURCH of IKE is in the business of training jail guards using the old shoe factory as classroom and study areas for the purpose of building a force of Elite Military trained jail guards that will be asked to follow ever order no matter how ridiculous.

Manipulation, Murder, Rape, will be the educational criminal law enforcement courses taught by the Powers that Be, to their corrections officers! The local elite who  you know are also members of the  … just happen to be Better than You crowd!

…meaning much better than us, the fine citizens of the tri-county area of Central West Virginia ruled by the Church of Ike and the FRIGHT HOUSE on the hill!

“BETTER THAN YOU!” …Is what we the citizens of Gilmer County, West Virginia, and those who make up several other neighboring counties in Central WV are used to hearing .. just that .. every day!! And that’s how it always goes down!

“The Secret Seven Coalition Says … instead of letting it all go down …   Lets GO DOWNTOWN!!”

The CalPatty Press the most successful alternative news website in Central WV for monthly, weekly and daily page views, and now the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website has taken the lead and is now published in replace of the traditionally shocking, but always accurate, voice of TRUTH the CalPatty Press!!

The Gilmer Free Press    The Gilmer Free PressELKINS, WV – A Barbour County woman’s lawsuit alleging while she was a teenager was coaxed into a sexual relationship by the former sheriff has come to a close.

Yesterday, trial was to begin in the case of Brittany Mae Keene v. John Wesley Hawkins, and the Barbour County Commission.  However, U.S. District Judge John Preston Bailey on Monday entered an order dismissing it after receiving word Keene, 21, and Hawkins,49, mediated a tentative settlement.
Records show Keene agreed to voluntarily dismiss the Commission from the suit on Friday.

Telephone calls to both Keene’s, and Hawkins’ attorneys, Paul Harris, and Harry Smith III, inquiring about the terms of the settlement were not immediately returned.  Keith Gamble, attorney for the Commission, replied via email Tuesday noting Friday’s voluntary dismissal.

When asked if the Commission would still be required to disclose the terms since Hawkins was sued in his official capacity, and the county’s insurance carrier was footing the bill, Gamble replied “not necessarily,” and referred further questions to Smith.

In her complaint filed nearly two years ago, Keene alleged Hawkins began a series of conversations with her via Facebook in late July or early August 2011.  At the time, she was 17 years-old, and he was in his first term as sheriff.

About that time, Keene alleged Hawkins lured her to a camper at the county fairgrounds under the pretext of interviewing her for a job at county 911 center.  After entering the camper, she claims Hawkins offered her alcohol to drink.

When she attempted to leave, Keene claimed Hawkins pulled her back into the camper where he handcuffed her, stuffed a bandana into her mouth, and sexually assaulted her.  Both after the encounter, and via subsequent text messages, Keene alleged Hawkins threatened to kill her if she spoke publicly about what happened.

However, Keene filed a domestic violence protective order against Hawkins on May 11, 2012. A week before a scheduled hearing on her petition, Keene was indicted by the Barbour County grand jury for receiving stolen property.

Though it was later dismissed, Keene alleged the indictment was brought as a form of retaliation for filing her domestic violence petition.

In her suit, Keene alleged she was not the only victim of Hawkins’ “deviant sexual behavior.”  She claimed to have knowledge of at least five other women raging from 16- to 19-years old, Hawkins had sex with either while on duty or on county property.

Records show a trial date was rescheduled twice, the second time in February to accommodate Hawkins’ release from prison following his conviction on an unrelated mail fraud charge.

According to indictment brought against him via information by U.S. Attorney William J. Ihlenfeld II on February 11, 2014, Hawkins ten months earlier wrecked a 2004 GMC Envoy owned by his wife at a farm on Jerusalem Church Road in Philippi he, and one of his deputies used to raise cattle.  Following the wreck, Hawkins instructed the deputy, whose name is not specified in the indictment, to misstate how, and where the wreck occurred.

After filing a claim with them, the indictment states Nationwide sent GMC Financial, who had a lien on the truck, one check for $8,167.25 on April 15, 2012, and another for $95.40 on June 10.

An indictment via information is where a defendant waives his right to have his case presented to the grand jury, and intends to plead guilty.

At the time of his indictment, Hawkins was in his second term as sheriff.  He was re-elected in 2012 with no opposition.

Records show that exchange for pleading guilty, resigning as sheriff, surrendering his law enforcement certification and agreeing never to serve in an law enforcement capacity again, U.S. Attorney’s Office agreed it would not prosecute Hawkins for charges stemming from an investigation into his mismanagement of an estate, and funds from the Sheriff’s tax office.

Last June, Bailey sentenced Hawkins to one year, and a day in prison followed by three years supervised probation.  In addition to a $100 special assessment, Hawkins was ordered to make full restitution to GMC Financial.

Records show Hawkins paid the assessment the day of his sentencing, and $2,000 toward the restitution a week later.

The following July, Hawkins was ordered by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons to serve his sentence at the Federal Corrections Institution in Memphis, Tenn.  Records show he was released on May 28.

U.S. District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia, case numbers 13-cv-49 (Keene civil) and 14-cr-11 (Hawkins criminal)

~~  Lawrence J. Smith ~~

A review of our highly read RGW article published June 29th 2012.

By Free Bird – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor for the Concerned Citizens Free Press /Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“Frequently inexperienced and sometimes inadequately educated local authorities  known as the CPS from across this state get to judge whether hundreds of young, low income mothers and fathers are fit to be parents in West Virginia. Simply asking the question “Are you depressed?”, and getting a yes answer gives them license to misdiagnose those parents as having mental disorders and allows social services to remove children from the home.  Well duh, CPS has been called and whether right or wrong of course they’re depressed, wouldn’t you be?”

Child Protective Services (CPS)

Child Protective Services is a specialized Child Welfare service provided by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources. This service is provided to families on behalf of children who are neglected or abused by their parents or by the guardians or custodians responsible for the care of children.

This is Gerald B Hough prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County, and Sheriff Metz will be first to tell you “Hough is the head law man around here!” If the new people to the area knew previously about the horrors of Glenville, and Crooked County many would never have taken the job at the federal prison or settled anyplace in Gilmer County, which has the most corrupt law enforcement and court system in the state of WV.

I know there are some people who are really trying and use their skills and education to benefit under privileged children. But, in this part of the state, I do know of a lot of people who use their kids for the free stuff and I have seen them sell their stamps for half price to buy drugs. There are rumors people are even selling their children via CPS employee’s to families looking to adopt or possibly into white slavery!

Some children in this part of the state are still doing without and the parents are spending the money on drugs and if those parents are drugged out of their minds, or drinking at Tallies Duck, how safe are those kids?

God Bless the ones who are responsible and take advantage that all the CPS has to offer to the parents that if they did drug test they would not have anything to worry about anyways. And I know kids who have been taken out of homes for petty stuff and then, there are the individuals who live in hell each and every day!  Nikki Harris and Teresa Williams, are two CPS workers in West Virginia that can make peoples life a living hell, according to citizens complaints.

“I don’t see how those two sleep at night. What if it was your kids or a family kid and a CPS worker acted like they did and did not do nothing to look into it or spend no more than a trip to ask a couple of questions and dropped it and forgot about it all together and did not investigate into it further?”

Those two CPS workers won’t even pick up a phone and call and ask witnesses to see if they can tell you something to back up a report.

Without tax payers CPS would have no financial support, so the specialty now of CPS is to steal from and destroy the people that actually put food on all their tables, which seems counterproductive to me.

Gilmer County, the home of RAPE and MURDER in Central West Virginia is certainly no stranger to child rape and child molestation, and some well known people are guilty as hell, but protected quite adequately by the local Church of Ike as this account attests to…

“I feel so sorry for these children that have been let down. I didn’t realize the justice system was failing so many children!”

“I thought that my situation was just a fluke or an accident or just simply an unwillingness to take on someone with money and a prominent name but to know that so many children have suffered the way one child in Gilmer County has …”

The CPS corruption in Calhoun County is lead by Crystal Kimble and Loretta Smith.
Ryan Underwood and Samara Keith are the only two honest CPS workers in the Calhoun office.
Loretta Smith blackmails mothers that have trouble with the law to make false statements, and then mixes a little bit of this and that to tell lies to set people up. The adult protective services workers also are corrupted ran by Jackie Blankenship and Victoria Butcher-Shaver. (Shown in this photo)
The facts are coming out, like HOT TODDY on a HOT SUMMER night with a cool summer breeze a blowin on that Big Gila Monster.

“It just truly saddens my heart and for the person that said parents are bad just cause our teenage daughter was molested by a supposed leader of the community is just wrong.”

“I trusted my ex-husband with our child on weekends, because I thought a father would protect his little girl, but he let something happen to her for promise of advancement at his work. I was wrong he allowed someone to repeatedly hurt her and introduce her to Cocaine! And when something was said to him he covered it up and refused to believe it. So sometimes it is out of your hands and when u go to the system for a protective order and the judge throws it out even though the women’s and children’s abuse center said it happened and my daughter named him 3 different times, but since he is a man of money and power in Glenville, he got away with rape just like so many of them do.”

“I just don’t know why so many children just slip through the cracks and something needs to change but how do you go about changing it?”

“I am grateful for one CPS worker she told my ex that she believed it happened and she made him see the light so my daughter has not been around this person and since she was 16. I think she forgot most of those bad days, or repressed it, but u can never be sure!”

When it comes to the children of citizens of Gilmer County things are so corrupt and dire that your everyday common person is AFRAID TO ATTEND a public meeting or openly discuss such issues since many of the public officials have proven to be criminals that can carry out violent reprisals or false charges for a false arrest, so most of the citizens are AFRAID in Gilmer County according to this poll of nearly 500 participants which is a large sample from a small County that has a population of only about 7000.

Have you ever had the WV CPS beating on your door for stupid reasons? According to an actual account…

“My child, who was 4 at the time had stepped in a pile of dog poop while he was getting on the school bus. I saw it, told the aid to bring him back off of the bus because of it.

“So sometimes it is out of your hands and when u go to the system for a protective order and the judge throws it out even though the women’s and children’s abuse center said a sexual assault happened and my daughter named him 3 different times, but since he is a man of money and power in Glenville, he got away with rape just like so many of them do.”

The Aid says “Oh don’t worry about it we ll clean it off”. I say OK thank you. 2 days later CPS is at my door because my son went to school with dog poop on his shoe. Then a week later, same 2 women from CPS are back because ” your sons hair wasnt brushed when he went to school the last few days”. Ummmm its WINTER he wears a knit skull cap. DUH his hairs gonna be a mess when he takes it off!”

“Seems to me that the only time CPS gets involved is if a School calls, not when a parent calls. Why bother people who ARE taking care of the kids?”

I know as citizens it is out duty that we go to every extent to make CPS do their job and help these kids in Central WV that are being taken from their homes. It is time to CLEAN HOUSE at CPS!

For too long Child Protective Services have stolen children for profit. The parents are not allowed due process, not allowed to question witnesses or face their accuser.  In West Virginia the parents are railroaded, lied about — and their children are bought and sold like a commodity!

Families are torn apart, destroyed and forever changed by a government agency that has no scruples, no morals and no standards, because that’s how they always do it in Gilmer County!

 The West Virginia CPS have no one to make sure they don’t abuse the very system they were put in place to protect. Money has become the issue not the children and not the family. This is just the beginning of the misery many people see down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

There are several excellent WV single parent grants available to single moms and families who qualify.These social programs help to pay for all the necessities of setting up a good home for children including providing shelter, food, and medical care. West Virginia has been immune, so far, from the bloody episodes of gang violence that have marred the big cities from New York to Los Angeles.Yet, there are disturbing signs of something evil that might lurk beneath a tranquil surface and ultimately rear its ugly head. Young women in West Virginia, at the state capital in Charleston are selling themselves to businessmen on the street during the day time to pay for their OXY habit and that of their boyfriends too.Gangs are also becoming more of a problem in WV and Mercer and McDowell counties are listed among eight West Virginia counties with the highest numbers of gang activity, according a report on gang violence recently released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Kanawha is one of eight West Virginia counties with the most gang activity, according to a report issued last fall by the FBI. The report, released every two years, tracks the estimated 1.4 million members that make up the nation’s more than 33,000 gangs. Young people in WV are falling victim to drug abuse and gang affiliations and violence, by starting to catch up to the paved roads of  gang trends from bigger cities.

Maybe if all the CPS workers lost their jobs they could get on welfare their damn selves and see how these kids feel about the poor service and abandonment by society.

Here is a personal account of bad actions from a citizen of Wood County down in Parkersburg…

The Children of the Power Elite like this young woman are subject to abuse too, and sometimes that is for the lack of adult supervision, just like at the raucous orgy that jumped off the 2011 school year out hwy 33 at the home of Shelly Morris DeMarino, where a daughter of the Church of Ike was raped and the result of that rape was a pregnancy and an abortion all while underage, and also the basketball coach got to have his way sexually with one of the star BB Ball players on the Lady Titans Basketball team. It was Bitchen BOBCATS BABY just like BEACH BLANKET BINGO when the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad Bumping Butts during the Summer of Love on the CalPatty Press!

“I am a former employee of the CPS unit at the Jackson County DHHR and can personally attest to the many allegations against them. Nikki Harris has no morals. She will and has covered up huge mistakes and illegal behavior on the part of one CPS worker alone. She and the worker should have been fired had the CSM at the time not have been so close to retirement and therefore didn’t want to “stir the pot.” Also, I know that many of the CPS workers would sign themselves out on home visits and never return. Instead of doing home visits they would run personal errands or anything else non-work related. However, because of the irresponsible nature of their supervisor, Mrs. Harris, no questions were asked. Most of the workers in that unit were not there to do their job, they were there because that was one of the only jobs in the building where they could do whatever they pleased without punishment. I will say that the only worker in that unit who was an honest, hardworking, genuine and caring person was the CPS case aide. I am not sure if she is still there or not. Most of the decent employees at that place have since moved on to other positions elsewhere.”

“The CPS pick on the families who are not in danger, and need the  least help and then, help destroy the families  who the CPS leave in danger. The CPS is a self serving entity and just as self serving as the CHURCH of IKE and all the power elite in Gilmer County, West Virginia!”

“Jackson County CPS is horrible!!!! They do not protect children!!! They refuse to act until a child is hurt or dead. One mother I know has been reported repeatedly for drug abuse, alcoholism, beating her teen daughters and nothing has been done because apparently they are too lazy to do anything for these girls who are suffering mentally and physically. This office needs to be investigated before someone else gets hurt!”

CPS in rural West Virginia has long made a business of stealing children. Families who are new to the area do not know that, however. They are attracted to the “People that Shine” in the Glenville Democrat, the bullshit rhetoric about the worst school academically in the entire state of West Virginia, oh, and also, the beauty of the area.

When local politicians or media want to stop discussion on any subject or disagreement with information they have presented as “Fact” and validate lies, criminal actions and other misconduct, the first thing they do is label those seeking the truth as “Conspirators!” These so called elites from Gilmer County have covered up countless rapes, and some of those rapes were victims under the age of 18 like the rape that happened that night up hwy 33 at the home of Shelly Morris DeMarino -the same night the GCHS Basketball coach Bobby Duvall had sex with one of the players on the team! “Where was the CPS in Gilmer County when the rapes and sex with high school teachers was something you couldn’t talk about or mention in Glenville — a secret agreement was put in action by members of the Church of Ike – a group of public officials & politicians for reasons of the pursuance of policies that must be kept SECRET awful sexual crimes occurred with minor children which they dare not mention in public.”

 If the new people to the area knew about the horrors of Glenville, and Crooked County many  would never have taken the job at the federal prison or settle anyplace in Gilmer County, which has  a very corrupt law enforcement and court system in the state of WV. The County is run by a Board of Commissioners who are constantly screwing the citizen with levies and bond issues geared toward making the rich in the area richer and the poor people of this part of Central WV even poorer.

Children are a commodity for which there is a steady and growing market both in the United States and across the world, so WV will grap their piece of the action just like they did the marijuana trade and the PILL MILLS that rule the state and have even effected the elite with rampant prescription drug abuse.

Child sex-slaves arrive in Europe and elsewhere from unspecified locations, even West Virginia! Children taken from homes routinely end up in the porn industry, believe it or not. It has been going on for many years but since it did not impact most of us it was easy to ignore.

But as counties across the state have cycled down into bankruptcy like Gilmer County has, the need to pump harder for every buck to be made has become more compelling. Today it is not just the most vulnerable who are targeted, but families that would before have been passed over as too well connected that are currently also in jeopardy from all the crime, dope and corrupt law enforcement.

The Butcher Bitches paved the way for underage drinking being condoned many years ago & now it has been a family tradition of sorts in Crooked County down by the Crooked River! Beer Bong Bitches Breaking Bad!

Here is a latest comment from a reader of the many Secret Seven Coalition articles …

The last RAPE VICTIM from GSC that was discovered by the Secret Seven Coalition, said, “NO FEMALE is SAFE at GSC! The last rape that took place in Goodwin Hall had difficulty in the courts because DAN BELL the Chief of Public Safety made sure the rape kit evidence was immediately lost, but the court was recently notified that law enforcement went over an above to make sure there was no evidence and if the parents of the victim did not speak up and contact the Secret Seven Coalition, then mostly the public would have never known about another horrible rape in GOODWIN hall, but then RAPE is common in Gilmer County, especially since there have been multiple rapes and no convictions.The crime statistics that exist for Gilmer County, West Virginia are a complete LIE and fabrication, if the public only knew the truth they would be shouting to bring in the national guard!

“Let’s see the raucous party up Rt. 33 did not happen, the Charleston romp didn’t either with all the pomp and booze supplied by the Gerry Hough household, and the sexual molestation by the Coaching Staff in which the Gilmer Sheriff Mickey Metz does not have the qualifications for! What about CPS? Where in the HELL is the CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES when children need protected from the METZ GANG and the lawless Hough Starletts! In WV what the hell, where is the CPS? Where are they to protect the children, they steal the children. Why not do a story about what Gerry Hough, Tara Kennedy, the County Commission and the big muckitty mucks do to our children, by way of torture, denial and mistreatment. As for everyone questioning what happened to the kids that were assaulted by the Metz gang. If one of those parents or someone that knows the truth calls in to CPS and pushes the issue you might find some resolution there. However, I have a much diminished view of that organization but they seem to be able to run their own witch hunt when given just the right amount of information but it would have to be someone who knows and is aware of the facts. As well if Mrs.

Rape at Glenville State College is now as Common Place as IKE MORRIS eating at Audrey’s family restaurant in the heart of Crooked County down by the Crooked River at 7pm on a Tuesday night.

Butcher had knowledge or report had been made to her then she too would be legally liable as a mandated reporter to have filed a CPS report.

Failure to do so would make her guilty by association and therefore place her job in Jeopardy. I think she should be in Jeopardy, in fact I think she should be in a zoo for outdated back woods feeble minded whore raising nitwit bitches, but they probably couldn’t get all that on the sign in front of her cage!! YOU MAKE ME NAH SHA’S NAY SHA!”

The PARTY ANIMAL LADY TITANS HOST DRUNKEN BASH AT THE V-BALL TOURNEY down at the state capitial — “They all drank Thursday night, went to the tournament Friday and then the real party started.
The boy friend of Crystal Metz was so drunk and fucked up on drugs, that nobody cared when he ventured off, and then what he was trying to do to the girls by pulling their pants and panties down and then trying to play with their precious feminine secret places!
Another one of Gerry Hough’s daughters, Lauren Hough, Carly’s Lil Sis was named as a chief player in all of the sexual exchanges and drunk shit and such.
The boyfriend of Crystal Metz was going room to room and in hallways trying to get the girls naked and play box banging bingo the Butcher Bitches way!
“In one incident dude hid in the bathtub in the ladies facilities and when the girls went to use the bathroom then he jumped out swinging his penis to and fro just like they do down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!”

Local psychiatrists, psychologists, attorneys and physicians become little more than hired guns for authorities trying to take children from their parents into foster care.

Mickey Metz is not qualified to serve as a coach on the Volleyball team. He does not have the credentials to fill that position at the high school, but Gilmer County is so corrupt that even after the document Metz used to qualify to be on the ballot to run for magistrate was proven a phony, Metz still was allowed to be on the ballot against the laws of West Virginia, and even allowed to run for office on primary election day, but Metz only received a small amount of votes and came in last place. By the time the election was held, the FREE PRESS had already published the document Metz brought forward and it was a FAKE!!

As the fear fades and justifiable anger comes to the forefront falsely accused parents are shining a spotlight on a family court system normally shrouded in secrecy. This raises the crucial question of who should be allowed to determine the most fundamental rights of parents to bring up their own children and what standards are used to make such a serious and life altering decision. Who is truly working in the best interest of the children?  Many times it may be the parent.

“Another filthy CPS pedophile busted  ….”will most likely be an upcoming headline on some future Revenge of the Ghost Wolf article.  Mark Levriers a CPS worker had 23 years of access to vulnerable, defenseless children, before he was found out and caught for child molestation!

There are many more Mark Levriers in CPS, count on it. CPS is a magnet for perverts and pedophiles. Even a braindead pedophile knows you don’t have to hang around playgrounds = you can get a job at CPS and get paid to be a pervert, just like Gerry Hough gets two paychecks from the state of West Virginia to engage in criminal activities, like subornation of perjury and felony conspiracy, and even white collar crimes to help out his friend Timothy B and R Terry Butcher!

Children, the latest victims being snatched in broad daylight by CPS, should be a serious concern for law enforcement agencies. We must have better coordination among state and local agencies of all levels to ensure that children are unharmed and not victimized by our own institutions. They must put forth better efforts to ensure that the price of children as individual human beings is not being calculated in cold cash.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — More than $1 million in federal funds have been approved for West Virginia to encourage more adoptions of children in foster care.

“The funding was announced in September of 2010 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The department said the adoption incentive awards are intended to improve states’ child welfare programs, but for many it was just a license to steal!!”

We must be concerned because this could well be a precursor of graver problems like child sex trafficking,  and other illegal operations which use children to  commit crimes.  The local CPS must take steps, in coordination with law enforcement, society at large and the media, to warn the public plus assist and advise parents on how to protect their children against not only street abduction by criminals but also by legal criminals of their making like they have in Gilmer County down by the Crooked River!

To be a high school coach of any sport there are certain requirements that need to be met and Sheriff Mickey Metz did not meet these requirements.
A. ASEP Coaches Education Program – Complete our 14 hour course with
a WVSSAC instructor and pass all 3 tests with a minimum score of 80%.
B. Local School Board approval (must be a high school graduate or GED)

What is happening here is not an oddity and unfortunately it is not new. Children are being taken from their families prematurely or unnecessarily because federal formulas give states a strong financial incentive to do so rather than provide services to keep families together.  Taking a child and paying a middle class family to care for them has fast become the latest form of middle class welfare.  All available help goes to foster and adoptive parents.  About the only parents the federal government won’t help indefinitely are birth parents. What’s wrong with this picture?

Laws give bounties to states of up to $8,000 or more per child for every adoption they finalize over a baseline number. But the injustices don’t stop there, because in order to get that money, states have to have children to take away and place them – and therein lay the incentive to falsely accuse parents of harming their children and to forcibly remove children even when there is no evidence to do so.

MARTINSBURG — Just a short few months ago Louis Palma was wrestling with more than just 40-plus vacancies for Child Protective Services workers across the state.

In addition to the 10.8 percent vacancy rate for CPS staff, another 17 percent of the CPS work force has been on the job for less than a year, Palma said. Many of those hired to work for CPS don’t hold degrees in social work but in fields deemed related: criminal justice, sociology, education or psychology, Palma said.

“CPS is doing a job they have never been trained to do.  They are investigating people who have never been charged, calling them child abusers, taking kids away and getting paid to do it. The money that follows a child abuse accusation and subsequent placement of the so-called endangered children into foster care or adoption is the real catalyst for the epidemic of child abuse accusations!”

Lizzie Butcher could break any law bang any box , suck any…well you get the idea … and there was never any consequence for underage drinking or bad behavior back in the day. And when you ask where was the CPS in those days? …You could get laughed out of town, for why should they care about abuse, or child abuse of any kind if it isn’t endorsed by the elite and labeled especially for poor folk. Butcher Bitches fun shown above sucking hard to get the juice to make you loose for summer fun in the VILLE where they live by the “Power of Darkness!”

And there is no incentive for any physician or anybody involved to be intellectually honest in court about this because the law also gives them immunity if they’re wrong. So what happens is that the minute CPS is involved – or the second the EMTs are called (for example, in sudden infant death, choking or alleged shaken baby cases), parents are already labeled as child abusers. They never had a chance.

 Families are coerced into participating by intimidation and the threat of losing their children. In return for fraudulently collected profits, the contracted “vendors” (physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists) provide trumped up “evidence” of child maltreatment to support the claim that they need to keep the child in foster care. In return for this they receive more federal funding. Now this is truly job security.

Nothing in our life experience is more devastating than the abrupt, brutal, and unwarranted forced separation from family and loved ones by strangers. The parent-child bond is our strongest instinct, taking precedent over all else. To have this bond severed by state agents who possess unhindered power, and give no thought or consideration to the fear, anxiety, and trauma that their actions cause, is a crime against humanity.

Removal of non-abused children is an act of emotional and psychological terrorism. CPS does not follow established law and policy. They face no consequences for their illegal behavior. Law enforcement routinely submits to the whims of social workers as do family court and magistrate judges in the majority of cases. Children failed by the system have died while in the protective custody of the State, in the care of CPS and in foster care. Citizens should NOT be removed from their homes and family members based on nothing more than hearsay.

May you never experience an introduction to that Kafka-esque world of state child-snatching.  It illustrates so many of the reasons why, hidden behind its self-protective wall of secrecy, this ruthless and corrupt system is fast becoming one of the most serious problems faced by families living at poverty level today.

The victim that was raped in Goodwin Hall at GSC in the Suite occupied by Jordan Opie Watkins contends that she was not prescribed or knowingly took benzodiazepine which she tested positive for at Stonewall Jackson when evidence for the rape kit was obtained. A mixture of high proof alcohol and date rape drugs was mixed by some other students at GSC and the last thing she remembers is sitting with the cup of alcohol mixed from over 100 proof grain-alcohols mixed by Jayde Layne and Jordan Bennett students at GSC. The next thing she remembers is waking up and regaining consciousness nude with five member of the SOB fraternity standing over her in the shower.

“No Child Left Behind Says CPS!”

Parents have experienced that in these “Secret Courts” that are ran and administered by the same people that are taking the children, that it is in fact a Kangaroo or Tribunal Court where there is no justice and no help. There is virtually no possible way the parents can win. In these courts, parents are placed with Gag Orders, instructed to ‘Not discuss the case’, this way, the social workers, crooked probation officers like Tara Kennedy and dishonest prosecutors like Gerald B Hough can conduct their business outside of scrutiny, and they can lie on the reports and to the judges like Richard A Facemire — free to perjure themselves without question, after all who will complain? Parents are often not even allowed in the court rooms while their cases are being discussed. All the people involved are playing the parents like a fiddle. Social Workers may be very nice, claiming they are there to “help” and they are sure ‘you’ll probably get your children back’, however each time the “defendant” expresses any type of conflict with them or their decisions; something to either expose them, or to prove innocence, they threaten that they will and can “put the child up for adoption”.

Three-year-old Aliayah Lunsford was was last seen in her home around 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning last Sept. 24th wearing Dora pajamas and a pink princess sweatshirt. She is about 3 feet tall and weighs about 35 pounds. She is missing her four front teeth and has shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. Is she in the river or taken by the CPS and sold into adoption, in another state?

The children are being taken at an alarming rate, and although they are only investigating ONE child…. they will take them all, regardless of the circumstances. They are stealing the children legally. It is reported that Social Workers have no problems falsifying documents or lying about parents and extended family members.  They may threaten the parents into so called “services” such as parenting classes or anger management which by parents taking these services is an automatic admission of guilt (even if they have done nothing); Many Social Workers will do whatever it takes to ensure your child WILL be placed up for adoption. It’s like they’re bounty hunters.

Children may also be placed and deemed “special needs” ensuring more Federal Funding and Non Profit Grants for the authorities. It has been documented that babies as young as a few months old are considered to have “mental issues” and are given strong psychotropic drugs. With each issue that can be found (or created) the state and Federal Government gets more money, not just from the demand for more taxes, but also from non-profit grants one may donate to.

The Governments motto “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND” was meant to be a slogan for better education.  Today, “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND seems to have become the slogan used by Social Services and CPS. No Child Left Behind, means that the Social Workers, the State, and Federal Government including Non Profit groups, Adoption Agencies and all their agents and affiliates have a guaranteed income, and it seems the economics involved is not trickle down.

The state of West Virginia and the office of the CPS have been known to parade our children in front of adoptive parents like cattle at an auction. They do it under the disguise of fun and games. “Come and pick out a child” is the mantra.

“Why not put them on an auction block and sell them to the highest bidder. These children are innocent pawns in a game of greed, politics and corruption. If you don’t believe it is going on in the state of West Virginia, think again!”

Can you imagine the hurt, anger, frustration and guilt these children feel when they are alienated from their own flesh and blood, treated like a lost dog from the pound and then are not “picked” for one reason or another. This is a travesty in the worst possible way.

Talk about illegal adoptions- This is just one of the many reasons the corrupt office of the CPS in West Virginia snatches children from home of parents who are uneducated, poor and who don’t know the system and the crime that goes on in its underbelly. It is time to stop the madness, stop the corruption and stop the selling of our children.

Where were you When I needed you Ms CPS?

Well you could not be found!

What can I do Oh I believed in you

You’re running me around

Well you can take it as a warning

Or take it anyway you like

It’s the lightning not the thunder of the SS!

You never know where it’s gonna strike

Our love’s in jeopardy baby!

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

NEWS FLASH!!! A telephone wire tap was found on the phone of Ruth Mitchell of Linn, WV by the phone company Wednesday May 27th!!!


WHO PUT IT THERE, was it the State Police, who have a long history of corruption in Gilmer County, or was it the dumb as Goober Pyle numb nuts Sheriffs office?!


All this and more coming up in THIS ARTICLE of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!

If YOU are looking for corruption, you have come to the right place Gilmer County West Virginia, known to the locals as Crooked County. Yeah these bitches down here are out and outright criminals. Now we are talking about more than half of the people that work at the courthouse too, the City Police, the State Police, but especially the Gilmer County Sheriff’s office. In FACT the Gilmer County Sheriff is the biggest JOKE of them all!  They are the Crooked County ASS CLOWNS!!

Glenville State College will be getting a big surprise soon when the Wilkie Perez RAPE CASE investigation gets reopened by the Council of Concerned Citizens. GSC has no idea how close they came to being made a NATIONAL MOCKERY of for their handling of sexual assault cases at the college in Glenville.

A major network came very close to picking up the story and told the President of the Council of Concerned Citizens Dan Bingman that they would keep their eyes on developments there. GSC is number ONE in RAPE for WV colleges with multiple arrests and NO CONVICTIONS due to a very (censored), dishonest (censored) of a (censored), poorly educated prosecutor by the name of Gerald B Hough. Recently the CCC interviewed the victim of one of Glenville State Colleges’ most famous RAPE CASES involving Wilkie Perez a GSC football player.

Glenville State College in Gilmer County, West Virginia is near dead last in academics in the State, but leads all the rest of the colleges for the number of alleged sexual assaults with ZERO convictions!!! Since the infamous Erik Davis RAPE case in 2006 more than 20 sexual assaults have met with NO CONVICTIONS due to the fact the county prosecutor Gerald B Hough a ferpa violator has no interest in prosecuting a rape case for the reason of possibly damaging the image of the college sometimes known as the FRIGHT HOUSE on the hill.

Glenville State College in Gilmer County, West Virginia is near dead last in academics in the State, but leads all the rest of the colleges for the number of alleged sexual assaults with ZERO convictions!!! Since the infamous Erik Davis RAPE case in 2006 more than 20 sexual assaults have met with NO CONVICTIONS due to the fact the county prosecutor Gerald B Hough a ferpa violator has no interest in prosecuting a rape case for the reason of possibly damaging the image of the college sometimes known as the FRIGHT HOUSE on the hill.

RGW will soon have a full story on how the victim was treated by Glenville State College, and I warn you now it is a HORROR story not suited for the ears of children. AS FAR AS FORMER GSC FOOTBALL PLAYER WILKIE PEREZ GOES … ONCE A CRIMINAL ALWAYS A CRIMINAL. Luis Michael Mendez, 44, and Wilkie Perez, 39, each pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud before U.S. District Court Judge Darrin P. Gayles in the Southern District of Florida.

In their pleas, both defendants admitted that they participated in a scheme to place straw buyers in condominium units owned by real estate developers who are members of Mendez’s immediate family in return for a share of the profits. As part of Mendez’s plea agreement, he admitted participating in a scheme to sell condominium units in developments controlled by members of his immediate family to straw buyers who would neither own nor be financially responsible for the properties. Mendez conspired with two Florida mortgage brokers to finance the fraudulent transactions with loans obtained by submitting false loan applications and supporting documentation.

Glenville State College has had several unsolved and unpunished rapes since 2005 but the latest rape of an honor student from Wood County, on the Promise Scholarship program was the rape that was the most brutal and involved several fraternity members of the SOB fraternity, and the SS is seeking to let the Alumni Association know about the cover up by Dan Bell former head of public safety from GSC -- and the Gilmer County Sheriffs Department is ALSO responsible for several RAPE COVER UPS at GSC!!

Glenville State College has had several unsolved and unpunished rapes since 2005 but the latest rape of an honor student from Wood County, on the Promise Scholarship program was the rape that was the most brutal and involved several fraternity members of the SOB fraternity, and the SS is seeking to let the Alumni Association know about the cover up by Dan Bell former head of public safety from GSC — and the Gilmer County Sheriffs Department is ALSO responsible for several RAPE COVER UPS at GSC!!

Mendez also admitted submitting false loan applications in his own name to purchase a number of properties. Following the purchase of the units, the seller funneled a portion of the sale proceeds to shell corporations controlled by Mendez. In total, Mendez admitted that his conduct caused a loss of over $3 million. According to court papers, Perez was a licensed mortgage broker who owned Kinetic Mortgage Group, Inc., a mortgage brokerage company in Miami, Florida.

U.S.A. v. Luis Mendez, et. al. (14-cr-20160 SDFL)

Former GSC FOOTBALL STAR QB Wilke Perez admitted that he and Luis Mendez, one of Mendez’s immediate family members who owned and controlled the real estate developments, entered into an agreement in which Perez arranged for straw buyers to obtain financing to purchase units controlled by Luis Mendez by, among other things, submitting to financial institutions loan applications and supporting documents containing false information about buyers’ employment, income, and assets.

Rape at Glenville State College is now as Common Place as IKE MORRIS eating at Audrey's family restaurant in the heart of Crooked County down by the Crooked River, where you can take that subject up with IKE MORRIS owner of WACO oil for breakfast sometime, or discuss over dinner sometime late in the evening on Tuesdays, you’ll find old Ike there. Ike more or less owns the college, even though it is suppose to be state run, and IKE pretty much calls all the shots there and picks who is on the board of Governors. The Governor would never take a chance on pissing IKE off because of the generous campaign contributions and all.

Rape at Glenville State College is now as Common Place as IKE MORRIS eating at Audrey’s family restaurant in the heart of Crooked County down by the Crooked River, where you can take that subject up with IKE MORRIS owner of WACO oil for breakfast sometime, or discuss over dinner sometime late in the evening on Tuesdays, you’ll find old Ike there. Ike more or less owns the college, even though it is suppose to be state run, and IKE pretty much calls all the shots there and picks who is on the board of Governors. The Governor would never take a chance on pissing IKE off because of the generous campaign contributions and all.

Luis Mendez paid kickbacks to alleged rapist football star from Glenville State College Wilke Perez out of the loan proceeds following the closings on the properties. Perez, in turn, used a portion of the kickback payments to compensate straw buyers for the use of their identities and credit information. In total, Perez admitted to obtaining more than $2.5 million in fraudulent loans. Mendez and Perez were indicted by a federal grand jury on March 31, 2014,


The entire County of Gilmer expressed their displeasure at discovering Larry Chapman was all about Larry Chapman-Remember the issues involving the Gilmer County Recreation Center and the Golf Course? Well, that was all Larry Chapman-Remember a series of no-bid contracts? Well, that was all Larry Chapman-Now Larry Chapman, President of the GCEDA who worked with fellow Board Officers and Members to establish a Search Committee, creates a job description, places advertisements and seeks applications for the position of Part-time Coordinator with Health Benefits for that job-entity created with the potential for fulltime.. Larry Chapman APPLIES FOR IT HIMSELF AND GETS THE JOB! All we have ever seen is service to Larry Chapman from Larry Chapman by Larry Chapman for Larry Chapman! This man actually has to excuse himself from the executive session and the vote because HE WAS STILL THE PRESIDENT OF the Gilmer County EDA!

The entire County of Gilmer expressed their displeasure at discovering Larry Chapman was all about Larry Chapman-Remember the issues involving the Gilmer County Recreation Center and the Golf Course? Well, that was all Larry Chapman-Remember a series of no-bid contracts? Well, that was all Larry Chapman-Now Larry Chapman, President of the GCEDA who worked with fellow Board Officers and Members to establish a Search Committee, creates a job description, places advertisements and seeks applications for the position of Part-time Coordinator with Health Benefits for that job-entity created with the potential for fulltime.. Larry Chapman APPLIES FOR IT HIMSELF AND GETS THE JOB! All we have ever seen is service to Larry Chapman from Larry Chapman by Larry Chapman for Larry Chapman! This man actually has to excuse himself from the executive session and the vote because HE WAS STILL THE PRESIDENT OF the Gilmer County EDA!

Lets talk about the President of the Gilmer County Commission LARRY CHAPMAN, he may be the new President of the Commission for the reason that the old PRESIDENT of the Gilmer County Commission BRIAN KENNEDY GOT BUSTED FOE A DUI last JULY 19th, 2014 and not ONE FUCKING THING has been done about it in the Gilmer County Courts.

This reporter talked to Linda James the magistrate clerk a while back and she said both WOLFE and Magistrate Skinner recused themselves, and they have been unable to get another magistrate from Braxton County to come over and hear the case.

WHAT A CROCK OF BULLSHIT by the Gilmer County Courts.  Gerry Hough the dishonest son of a bitch prosecutor that is a documented LIAR is letting the case languish in the courts so that when one year is up the case could be dismissed for lack of prosecution, or the matter could be reduced by a guilty plea to a lessor charge. Whatever happens there you can bet, it will be a SHADY DEAL at best!

Lets review what we get when a real crook like CHAPMAN ASS CLOWN is in charge!

Remember when the bond issue for the college dorms was passed by the Gilmer County Commission, with Larry Chapman President, when there was little or no public input sought?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
We remember it well, they all left the one meeting they had on the issue to go down the street to get legal advice from Butcher and Butcher (Timothy B Butcher, President of GSC Housing Corp and R Terry Butcher, Board of Governors at GSC) as to whether or not to sign it and the Commission signed the application that day?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
Remember the issues involving the Gilmer County Recreation Center and the Golf Course?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
Remember a series of no-bid contracts?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
Remember the Gilmer County Commission with Chapman in the lead denying that any election complaint had ever been filed or that the County Clerk was being sued in Federal Court the entire time a Federal Election was in progress?
…and all that denial turned out to be a new river in Glenville or something for it all turned out to be a lie!

Wilkie Perez accused of RAPE by Anita Philiips-Wiseman who recently told Lawrence Smith from the Council of Concerned Citizens that Glenville State College treated her like a piece of trash after the rape and many faculty and staff turned on her for telling the shocking truth about Wilke Perez the star Quarter Back. Wilkie Perez had Gerald B Hough for an attorney who was cited for a FERPA VIOLATION by using the victims school records against her in an illegal manner. Gerry Hough had to write a letter to the Office of Disciplinary Council saying he LIED the first time they questioned him. RGW is in possession of the document proving the Gilmer County Prosecutor LIED officially to a government agency, was fined 400 dollars and was caught at it like a bitch.  Hough should have had his license to practice law pulled on the spot for that stupid stunt.

Wilkie Perez accused of RAPE by Anita Philiips-Wiseman who recently told Lawrence Smith from the Council of Concerned Citizens that Glenville State College treated her like a piece of trash after the rape and many faculty and staff turned on her for telling the shocking truth about Wilke Perez the star Quarter Back. Wilkie Perez had Gerald B Hough for an attorney who was cited for a FERPA VIOLATION by using the victims school records against her in an illegal manner. Gerry Hough had to write a letter to the Office of Disciplinary Council saying he LIED the first time they questioned him. RGW is in possession of the document proving the Gilmer County Prosecutor LIED officially to a government agency, was fined 400 dollars and was caught at it like a bitch. Hough should have had his license to practice law pulled on the spot for that stupid stunt.

Well, that was all Larry Chapman!
Remember that the Gilmer County Economic/Industrial Development Association (GCEDA) has been appointed by the Commission as the authority for economic development in Gilmer County and that Larry Chapman served on that organizations’ board as President/Vice President, or one officer or another over the years while in the elected office of Gilmer County Commissioner?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman!
Well what is it that is all Larry Chapman now?


Did Larry Chapman ALLOW the home of RUTH MITCHELL in LINN,  WV to be Wire Tapped?!


Elected Gilmer County Sheriff LARRY GERWIG takes the CAKE for being one worthless puppet son of a bitch Sheriff.

Larry was compliant with bringing in false witnesses in the Travesty of Justice case, and was fully compliant with false testimony from Roanna Rafferty regarding 1/6th of 155 acres she said she owned, but title opinion years later proved SHE DID NOT OWN. Gerwig was fully involved with that conspiracy to LIE in a Gilmer County Circuit Court and may someday have to pay the price for that crime for there is NO STATUTE of LIMITATIONS for any FELONY in the state of West Virginia.

GERWIG has been active in covering up the Cottrill Estate Murder and has had no idea some real professional detectives have looked into facts involving the case. Although, those names cannot be used currently they would be willing to testify against Gerwig in a federal court.

Gilmer County Sheriff Larry Gerwig was recently served an FOIA request by Council of Concerned Citizens member and Secret 7 Coalition Major Sir Lawrence Smith investigative reporter that also writes for the Gilmer Free Press… this PDF shows the letter sent to Gerwig.

GilCo Sheriff homicide investigations FOIA

What Gerwig DOES NOT KNOW is that Deputy Mike Wheeler is caught on tape saying he had conducted NO INVESTIGATION of the murder of Willard Cottrill before November 18th  2014.

That fact stated by Wheeler, if used in court, is enough to bring actions against Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald B Hough and Gilmer County Sheriff Larry Gerwig for LYING about TWO PREVIOUS FOIA requests sent. They are both now liable for civil action, in which it would be ALL LARRY CHAPMAN and the bureau of risk management to pay for….

Here is the answer by Gerwig for the latest FOIA sent.

Gerwig 5-15-15 FOIA reply



One thing is for sure,  when it comes to the matter of FOIA requests both Gerwig and Hough play the Crooked County FOOL!!

The leaders of the Secret Seven Coalition were recently told that Janet Sprouse of Glenville could tell us ALL ABOUT the drug use of Gerald B Hough, for the reason, she  just may be involved with that greasy, skinny  Crooked County Crook! Here is a recent photo that can allegedly tell us all we need to know about the Prosecutor from Crooked County

The leaders of the Secret Seven Coalition were recently told that Janet Sprouse of Glenville could tell us ALL ABOUT the drug use of Gerald B Hough, for the reason, she just may be involved with that greasy, skinny Crooked County Crook! Here is Janet in a recent photo. She can allegedly tell us all we need to know about the Prosecutor from Crooked County

On the subject of Gerald B Hough who often acts the FOOL there has been rumor of his illegal drug use and that we need to talk to JANET SPROUSE to find out more of his involved illegal buying of drugs for his own habit. We have heard of Gerry Hough’s drug use from his country singer first wife that never really made it as a singer, or in the country music business, but she has some wild tales to tell about Gerry’s hashish smoking days, and that was before he ran off to Israel to live in a commune for Jewish people who are not necessarily big fans of us Christian folk.

In this article please find a rather recent photo of Janet Spouse (above) and a photo of her very revealing tattoo. (below)

Is that the familiar tatoo the Gilmer County Prosecutor see's every time he goes down on his new GAL PAL... well this belongs to that girl Janet we have been asked to talk to about the drug use allegedly going on down at the courthouse involving the Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald B Hough!!  Hey Gerry are you blackmailing this girl?

Is that the familiar tatoo the Gilmer County Prosecutor see’s every time he goes down on his new GAL PAL… well this belongs to that girl Janet we have been asked to talk to about the drug use allegedly going on down at the courthouse involving the Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald B Hough!! Hey Gerry are you blackmailing this girl?

We hear that Tamara Swirly Tongue Stalnaker, Gerald B Hough’s wife, is not really into banging Gerry anymore!

Is it because that DICK doesn’t smell right? Could be! In fact we hear that Tamara can’t really stand her husband much these days.

Do y’all think that is why Gerry is a screwing around again like he was in the days before the FRED HILL MURDER back in December of 2009?

One thing for SURE is  …Gerry Hough sure plays the Crooked County FOOL!

I ain’t no country boy, I’m just a homesick man.

Crooked County sure is pretty, but I’ll leave it all behind,
This is my decision, I’m comin’ home to stay this time.


…which makes me WANNA BE A  FOOL for the CITY!!

FUCK, any place but that Crooked as Fuck Crooked County West Virginia.

Breathin’ all the clean air, sittin’ in the sun,
When I get my train fare, I’ll get up and run.

Because I am a FOOL for the CITY!!

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

We had to wait until APRIL to Publish the Criminal Complaint of Murder that took place last November, for we had to gather facts, about the Cottrill Estate Final Accounting recently turned over to the Gilmer County Commission — who we knew damn well would take NO ACTION whatsoever. In fact, we were so sure of it, we made that matter known a full 24 hours to the entities who it mattered to the most regarding said action. So the GOOD GUYS in this Cottrill Estate Debacle found out that the Gilmer County Commission members were all completely inept and would ignore criminal behavior, before they found that fact out the hard way themselves, via the Gilmer County Commissions NON ACTION once the FINAL ACCOUNTING was posted and the estate was closed.

A whole lotta nothin is what the Gilmer County Commission does. And when they are not doing that they are out getting DUI’s — getting their friends off from serious wrongful death allegations — cheating on their wives and spending every fucking dime Gilmer County ever had — and will continue to do so until the County is broke.  John Bennett is the new commissioner. I always liked John, but he sure does find himself in a huge toilet of turds this time.  It must really stink!!!

— November 18th 2014 — A  MURDER COMPLAINT was made by Ruth Mitchell and taken by Deputy Wheeler of the Gilmer County Sheriff’s office –

Deputy Mike Wheeler arrived at the home of Ruth Mitchell where the Cottrill Estate is located in LINN, WV November 18th 2014. Deputy Wheeler of the Gilmer County Sheriff’s office was there for the specific purpose of taking a written record of an eye witness account to murder —  And an official complaint filed by Ruth Mitchell, long-time live-in companion to Willard Cottrill. This police report made about Willard’s alleged wrongful death or murder was a complaint being taken and filed four years and one month after the alleged crime occurred. 

What makes this event meaningful is the fact that during the conversation had that day between Mitchell and Deputy Wheeler it became evident that Wheeler had never questioned anyone into the alleged wrongful death of Willard Cottrill… ever and admits this at the end of the interview.

Sheriff Gerwig and Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerry Hough were obviously LYING while answering FOIA requests from reporters with a statement saying the case was still under investigation, when, in reality, this meeting between Wheeler and Mitchell reveals there was NO INVESTIGATION of the murder of Willard Cottrill evident by the words spoken on 18 November by Deputy Wheeler himself during the time that Deputy Wheeler took the official complaint.

This is an actual screen shot of the Willard Cottrill final accounting -- only a select few have seen the final accounting presented to the Gilmer County Commission, but what this reporter was told is that this final accounting may just well set a record for Gilmer County Estate discrepancies, and further, may well prove that crimes have been committed by the executor Mike Murphy who judging from phone  interviews  has not one clue as to what an executor of an estate really does. To say Mike Murphy,  husband to Venita Cottrill is anything less than a babbling BABOON when discussing the Cottrill Estate is and understatement, and how alleged professionals in  the Gilmer County Commission and their appointee's has put up with his nonsense  if far beyond me,  and I  am the guy that brought the AJ WOOFTER estate debacle to the press. I have to say, this accounting may even  be worse that what the father and uncle of the infamous Butcher Bitches pulled back in 06 and 07.

“This is an actual screen shot of the Willard Cottrill final accounting — only a select few have seen the final accounting presented to the Gilmer County Commission, but what this reporter was told is that this final accounting may just well set a record for Gilmer County Estate discrepancies, and further, may well prove that crimes have been committed by the executor Mike Murphy who judging from phone interviews has not one clue as to what an executor of an estate really does. To say Mike Murphy, husband to Venita Cottrill is anything less than a babbling BABOON when discussing the Cottrill Estate is an understatement, and how alleged professionals in the Gilmer County Commission and their appointee’s have put up with his nonsense is far beyond me, and I am the guy that brought the AJ WOOFTER estate debacle to the press. I have to say, this accounting may even be worse than what the father and uncle of the infamous Butcher Bitches pulled back in 06 and 07”  Statement by President of the Council of Concerned Citizens.

The barking of little dogs owned by Ruth Mitchell greeted Gilmer County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Wheeler, as he entered the porch area and walked into the former home of Willard Cottrill.

Many people, after hearing the testimony of Ruth Mitchell believe that Willard Cottrill was killed with drugs by members of his own family.

Evidence exists that shows that a substantial amount of money was withdrawn from his account, twenty days before he was pronounced dead on October the 20th 2010.

Gilmer County Sheriff Deputy Wheeler entered the home of Ruth Mitchell amid barking dogs and what seemed at the time to be a Chihuahua free for all — And was led inside to where Ruth Mitchell had some paperwork stored and Mitchell immediately began explaining the medical paperwork, and preceded to discuss the last hours of Willard Cottrill — and then named the names of all the  people that were present for Willard’s last hours.

A point was made by Mitchell that described a situation that identified the hospice nurse as Debbie as being present during the last hours. No last name was given, just the name of DEBBIE.

“Venita and Freda and the Hospice woman were here and it was the ONLY TIME that the hospice woman was here in this house.” “She sat there with a big book and unfolded it and drew pictures!”  Venita ask her,  “Can you show us how to use this morphine?” The hospice nurse said, “No, I am not authorized to do so…”

“Venita and Freda took a saucer and took 2 xanax and some oxycodone and smashed it up real fine, and put it in a teaspoon and then put in some chocolate pudding – and then Freda Cottrill held Willard’s head still while Venita forced the smashed up drugs  in Willard Cottrill’s mouth. Then Venita took a syringe and would force morphine in either side of Willard’s mouth!”

“Willard kept rolling his head back and forth… Freda, looked at Venita when I started out on the Porch, not being able to take much more,” and Venita said, “Where are you going?” I said, “I am going out on the Porch.”

“Like HELL you are,  get back over here and sit down,” Venita ordered Vehemently.

“I sat there and tried to talk to the hospice nurse. She refused to talk to me.”

Deputy Wheeler who had been recording this statement in an official murder complaint finally asks, “Do you remember the nurse’s name?”  Mitchell replied, “The only thing I know is her first name is Debbie.”

“What is the date today?” asks Deputy Wheeler.  “The 18th” replied Ruth Mitchell.

“MIKE, they actually murdered him,” Mitchell states in the most sincere manner.

“The address is 1200 Little Ellis,   Linn WV,” asks Deputy Wheeler.

“He then proceeds to ask Ruth Mitchell, “Their name is Cottrill isn’t it?”

Wheeler was making reference to Venita and Mark Cottrill, “For some reason I thought their name was Marks …” stated Deputy Wheeler of the Gilmer County Sheriff’s office.

“You said Melvin and Venita were trying earlier to force him to go to a dentists appointment?”  Wheeler asks, verifying information Ruth Mitchell had  given him  early among the hail of barks  from several little  dogs  wanting  to know why a big tall Deputy Sheriff  in  a black  uniform is  doing in their house.

“Yes, that’s right,” was the retort by Mitchell.

Wheeler asks, “They came back after the dentists appointment which was Melvin Cottrill’s birthday?”    “Yes, it was Melvin’s Birthday, the 19th,” said Ruth.

“She said it was a SHAME you can’t have any?”  Deputy Wheeler asked while making reference to a statement Venita Cottrill made when referring to eating some birthday cake of Willard’s brother Melvin.  Mitchell had given that testimony during the first few minutes of the visit by Deputy Wheeler while taking a formal complaint of murder in Linn, West Virginia on that 18th of November 2014.

From the left is Alan Cottrill son to Willard Cottrill shown in this photo in the middle.  Mark Cottrill who was instrumental in making a questionable land deal with Richard Neal on the right and down below representing the DEVIL HIMSELF  is sister Morphine Venita Cottrill Murphy who actually administered the drugs and deadly morphine to Willard Cottrill according to an eye witness account of the alleged wrongful death of Willard Cottrill.

From the left is Alan Cottrill son to Willard Cottrill shown in this photo in the middle. Mark Cottrill who was instrumental in making a questionable land deal with Richard Neal is on the right and down below representing the DEVIL HIMSELF is sister Morphine Venita Cottrill Murphy who actually administered the drugs and deadly morphine to Willard Cottrill according to an eye witness account of the alleged wrongful death of Willard Cottrill.

During this interview, and subsequent murder complaint, it was determined that Willard Cottrill was murdered with drugs the day after his brother Melvin’s birthday — And Willard was actually denied a piece of Birthday cake that day by Venita Cottrill the daughter that gave Willard Cottrill Morphine and forced xanax and oxycodone down his mouth.

Just then the Sheriff’s dispatcher broke in on the radio and Deputy Wheeler responded.

There was some further discussion about a deer head that Willard wanted his oldest daughter to have, but Venita Cottrill-Murphy protested.  Ruth Mitchell then explained that Willard Cottrill had told his daughter Venita, (referred to in earlier articles as SISTER MORPHINE) to get a pad and some paper and write down who got what as a late addition to his prepared will. Willard made it a point to mention that the big Deer Head was to go to Marlea Cottrill, and that was when Venita, for some odd reason tossed a fit right then and there in front of GOD and everyone.

“Marlea Marlea Marlea, everything goes to Marlea,” was the statement Venita made that Deputy Wheeler wrote down about the discussion regarding Deer Heads — When Venita was told that Marlea was promised the Deer Head, her dad’s biggest trophy, a LONG TIME AGO, THAT was when she reacted badly and caused a commotion.

Willard ask for a pain pill for back pain during that discussion according to the police complaint documented that day by Deputy Mike Wheeler of the Gilmer County Sheriff’s office.

Deputy Wheeler shown in this photo after FOUR YEARS is finally getting around to taking a complaint from Ruth Mitchell involving the death of Willard Cottrill with Morphine obtained from Dr Hilary Miller in Glenville. In her hearing at the DO board Doctor Miller lied like a bitch and said, that, Venita Murphy Cottrill was Willards sister not his daughter. She also said he was under hospice care, but NO DOCUMENTS EXIST that said Willard Cottrill was under hospice care and he was not. If you read all the articles about the Cottrill estate on Revenge of the Ghost Wolf you can see all the documents and facts for yourself. Laws have been broken, but in Gilmer County that doesn't mean a god damn thing.

Deputy Wheeler shown in this photo after FOUR YEARS is finally getting around to taking a complaint from Ruth Mitchell involving the death of Willard Cottrill with Morphine obtained from Dr Hilary Miller in Glenville. In her hearing at the DO board Doctor Miller lied like a bitch and said, that, Venita Murphy Cottrill was Willards sister not his daughter. She also said he was under hospice care, but NO DOCUMENTS EXIST that said Willard Cottrill was under hospice care and he was not. If you read all the articles about the Cottrill estate on Revenge of the Ghost Wolf you can see all the documents and facts for yourself. Laws have been broken, but in Gilmer County that doesn’t mean a god damn thing.

It was further  established  during this taking of a murder complaint that  Melvin Cottrill had his birthday on the 19th of October,  and that  was the date that  the cake  was  being  eaten,  and that was the date that Melvin and Venita Cottrill tried  to force Willard to go to a dentist appointment, and that  it was on the  20th  of  October when Venita  picked up the MORPHINE left at the local pharmacy called in by Doctor Hilary Miller  without ever  seeing the patient Willard Cottrill. It was also that 20th of October when the Hospice Nurse only identified as Debbie  was there with Venita and Freda Cottrill.  Freda held  Willard’s head  while Venita forced the drugs into  his mouth, “Don’t worry DADDY we are going to take real  good care of you” … Venita told  her  father just before  she  started  giving him the deadly morphine.

Now, at this point of the interview Deputy Wheeler got busy writing down the drugs given to Willard Cottrill and when.

“What drugs did they give him,” asked Wheeler. So Ruth Mitchell repeated it again.

“Oxycodone, 2 xanax and Morphine.” Wheeler repeats these drugs while also asking, these are the drugs mixed up on the spoon right?”

“OK, that was the first time they gave him drugs?”  Asked Wheeler.

“When did they give him drugs again…” asked Deputy Wheeler, and then Mitchell responded that they gave him doses WITH MORPHINE about every 20 minutes, and that they always gave him the morphine with the other drugs.

“About how many times?” Asked Wheeler, Wheeler was told they gave him at least 4 big doses of ten drops a piece, Wheeler broke in and asked about ten drops, “4 times so a total of about 40 drops of Morphine?”  Mitchell replied yes.

Then, Ruth Mitchell explained that after Venita Cottrill Murphy and Freda Cottrill gave Willard  Cottrill the dope with the spoon, they also later gave him more morphine in a little  syringe that you would use for kids that you can fill up with liquid, and they then squirted the toxic morphine into the mouth of Willard Cottrill with the INTENTION of killing him, said Mitchell.

“Do you know if Venita Murphy asked that hospice be involved?” Deputy Wheeler inquired.

“How about how many times did they use the syringe to push liquid into Willard’s mouth,” he also asked.

Mitchell did not know that answer to the hospice nurse questions, but said the syringe of Morphine was used about three times, at least, 20 or so minutes apart, in addition to the drugs given with Morphine in the spoon.

The investigative reporter from the Secret Seven Coalition that has been investigating the murder allegation in LINN WV noted that the account numbers from the final accounting just handed in by Linda Huff,  MATCH the bribe money on the  1000 dollar stacks that came out of WIllard Cottrills BANK ACCOUNT 20 days before he was given and overdose of drugs. Gilmer County law enforcement, actually knows this fact now, but has taken no action. What does that  tell us? Does that tell us that the head law man in Gilmer County may have taken a BRIBE himself,  to cover up the murder allegations  and THEFT from the estate? YOU take the facts and decide for yourself.

The investigative reporter from the Secret Seven Coalition that has been investigating the murder allegation in LINN WV noted that the account numbers from the final accounting just handed in by Linda Huff, MATCH the bribe money on the 1000 dollar stacks that came out of WIllard Cottrills BANK ACCOUNT 20 days before he was given an overdose of drugs. Gilmer County law enforcement, actually knows this fact now, but has taken no action. What does that tell us? Does that tell us that the head law man in Gilmer County may have taken a BRIBE himself, to cover up the murder allegations and THEFT from the estate? YOU take the facts and decide for yourself.

“Was WILLARD a terminal patient?” Asked Deputy Wheeler — “NO HE WAS NOT,” answered Ruth Mitchell.

“If he wasn’t terminal why was hospice involved?” Wheeler queried.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” responded Mitchell, but I understood that  Debbie the hospice nurse was a good friend of Freda Cottrill the wife of Melvin Cottrill who is Willard Cottrill’s brother.

“She was never here before, I never saw that hospice nurse before that night,” added  Mitchell.

“WHO ASKED FOR THE MORPHINE AND HOW DID THEY GET IT?”  Deputy Wheeler asked Ruth Mitchell emphatically.

“Venita called Dr Hilary Miller, and I don’t  know what  she said to her to get the morphine, but when I talked to Dr Miller about it, she said, that Venita lied to her, and that she asked  to talk to me, but Venita lied — And said I was not present  at the house!”

Wheeler then repeated back to Ruth Mitchell, an exact statement she made so she could sign and date  it, and he recited it,  just as the statement was given by Mitchell.

Wheeler speaks, and says, “I put down, ‘Well evidently Venita called Dr Miller and lied to her about me being there… I don’t know what they told her.’ So actually it was not exactly what Mitchell said, but close enough for Gilmer County, West Virginia.

Mitchell added that,Venita also told Willard Cottrill that he did not have long to live. He asked how long, and Venita told, him, “Not much Daddy, not much!”

Deputy Wheeler then asked Ruth Mitchell where she was when she witnessed Freda, and Venita administering the drugs that allegedly killed Willard. “Right there…”  Mitchell stated, and then pointed out exactly where she stood in plain sight of the dirty deed.

Then Deputy Wheeler asked some questions about who came to get Willard’s body and where they took him, and the answer was the local Glenville mortician came and got Willard and took him to Morgantown.

Deputy Wheeler’s radio continued to sound off from time to time while the complaint was being taken.


“Mitchell said, “It was the NEXT DAY the  21st of October 2010, Me and Josh and Dianna Holmes and Marlea Cottrill all came down to the Sheriff’s office to report that we believed  that  Willard was murdered!”

“I wasn’t in until 4pm on the 21st, so Willard died on the 20th and you didn’t get a hold of me until the next day at 4pm,” Wheeler replied.  “Yes” was Ruth Mitchells answer.

Mitchell then brought up the slip of YELLOW PAPER with the drugs they gave Willard written down and when they were given to him.  That yellow paper was published as evidence in the  Revenge of the Ghost Wolf article, entitled, “SISTER MORPHINE ….”

That evidence was shared with federal law enforcement with the note that Gerald B Hough and  the Gilmer County Sheriff’s office were ONCE AGAIN involved in criminal actions. The evidence was presented by the Council of Concerned Citizens along with other evidence that a crime had been committed in Gilmer County and knowingly covered up by local public officials. So far, federal authorities, have only received the evidence, but taken no action.

“Did they have Power of Attorney,” asked Deputy Wheeler. Mitchell answered NO, because Mike Murphy, husband to Venita Murphy was not made executor of the  estate until after Willard Cottrill was dead. That  document was dated for November of 2010 and  was published by the  Council of Concerned Citizens in the Gilmer Free Press and it was signed and dated by BM, Beverly Marks, the then Clerk  of the  Gilmer County  Commission.

“Mike, those people took all of Willard’s money out of his bank account on October 1st, long before Willard died, because when he  went  in  the hospital they thought  he was going  to die, but he  got better, and came home, they had to kill him, because if Willard would have found out that they stole all of his money out of his account he would have  shot every one of  them dead, so they felt they had to kill him!”

Deputy Mike Wheeler, given a motive for murder listened to that statement by Ruth Mitchell, but made no response. However, later in the interview and while taking the murder complaint, Wheeler stated the bank had to  have a record of that, but in four years Wheeler who has asked no questions of anyone.  Wheeler being the Chief investigator has not  interviewed one person, or ask one question about  the murder until four years later on the 18th of November, 4 years and 28 days after the death of Willard Cottrill. The Gilmer County Sheriff’s office thought maybe they would look into those allegations now, especially since they found out there has been no accounting of the estate, until recently.

The REAL TRUTH about originally reporting the murder is…  that Deputy Wheeler on the 21st of October when 4 people went into the Sheriff’s office to report a murder decided to do a little bragging on what a big bad cop he is and HOW HE GOT HIS WIFE. 

Wheeler explained to Ruth Mitchell, Diana and Josh Holmes and Marlea Cottrill, that he planted DOPE on his wife’s husband when they were still married, he then told them, he paid for her divorce, and that is indeed how he got his wife who has since left him stating reasons of alleged alcoholism from what we all hear down at the county seat.

Mitchell brought up the subject of the LOCK BOX Willard had with thousands in cash in it.  Ruth said, some of the money was hers that Willard was keeping for her, so some of her relatives did not try to take the money from her.  Mitchell told Wheeler that Venita and Freda need to be punished.  They killed Willard and Venita made off with his LOCK BOX and CASH before his body was cold.  Wheeler then asks Ruth Mitchell if she believes Willard was murdered and she said YES!


Are all these answers the TRUTH according to the best of your ability? Asked Wheeler…

Yes they are, was Ruth Mitchells immediate answer.

OK, I will take this to Gerry, and go back through the records, and then the LIE was used by Wheeler that Dr Miller stated that Willard was a hospice patient.  Miller was subjected to a disciplinary hearing in Charleston, WV —  And it was stated for the record at the Hearing Board that Willard was only entered into hospice the last 24 hours of his life. So officially, Willard was allegedly on hospice care for the last 24 hours, but NO DOCUMENTS EXIST that back up that claim. So far it is only a statement made by the DO MEDICAL BOARD, and quite frankly, an obvious fabrication by medical professionals.

Knowing Glenville and Gilmer County to be a place where public officials often blatantly  break the law, it appears, that Larry Chapman and Gerry Hough are CHOOSING not sullying Dr Hillary Millers career, over prosecuting an obvious murder.  But by her own admission Miller was lied to and admits a mistake was made.

Now that the final accounting has been served up to the Gilmer County Commission by the Fiduciary Commissioner Linda Huff, professionals not originally privy to the facts of the Cottrill estate now see that there are more discrepancies involving estate money than anybody can keep track of or count. PROOF now exists that potential CRIMES were committed, but still, to the local POWER ELITE  protecting Dr Hilary Miller is a GOOD BET!! 

 Dr. Hilary D. Miller, DO is a good bet if YOU TOO need to get your hands on a family members cash and kill them very dead with MORPHINE!

You can call the office to set up an appointment.

604 W Main St, Glenville, WV 26351 (304) 462-7460

Because no public official or cop in GLENVILLE and GILMER COUNTY gives a fuck about some old dude from Linn, WV that was murdered for his money and his property. The Power Elite in  Gilmer County only care about themselves and will do all they can  to protect Hilary Miller regardless if she was an associate and accomplice in  MURDER!

What we should all have is MURDER in our HEART for the JUDGE of it all Gilmer County Commission President Larry Chapman, because he may choose protecting Hilary Miller over doing the right thing, and that my friend I will put good money on.

Gerry Hough,  Larry Chapman, Brian Kennedy Commissioner, Sheriff Gerwig, ARE ALL KNOW NOTHING DO NOTHINGS and that is just what they do… a WHOLE LOTTA NOTHING!!!

Murder in my heart for the judge
I’ve got murder in my heart for the judge
Well, that mean old judge wouldn’t budge
I’ve got murder in my heart for the judge

Now he said, if you look like a man
I will be your friend, just give me your money
And cut off your hair, boy
I don’t want to see your ugly face again

Murder in my heart for the judge
I’ve got murder in my heart for the judge
Well, that mean old judge he would not budge
I’ve got murder in my heart for the judge

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf   FRIDAY the 13th of MARCH 2015 in GILMER COUNTY Ruth Mitchell was finally allowed to move back into her home on the Cottrill Estate in Linn, WV. Ruth needed papers from the EPA giving her the OK to move back into her home, after the POLICE tagged the residence contaminated, …when in fact there was no toxic substances found before or after the expensive EPA inspection.


The papers were processed on the 11th of March exactly one month from the time Mitchell was forced to leave her home on 11 February 2015. There seemed to be some stalling tactic in getting those EPA inspection papers into the hands of Ruth Mitchell. There has been an obvious 48 hour attempt by the Gilmer County Sheriff to interfere and for some reason attempted to stall the return of Mitchell to her home.

Ruth Mitchell had her home raided by the Gilmer County Sheriffs Office with the assistance of the State Police -- and Ben Huffman the Police Chief of Glenville the County seat of the infamous Crooked County home of the Crooked County Crooks. Mitchell was forced out of her home under threat of arrest and was taken from her home in the middle of one of the worst winters in years in Central WV. Mitchell could not gain access to her home until Friday the 13th although the EPA gave permission in writing on the 11th for her to return home.

Ruth Mitchell had her home raided by the Gilmer County Sheriffs Office with the assistance of the State Police — and Ben Huffman the Police Chief of Glenville the County seat of the infamous Crooked County home of the Crooked County Crooks. Mitchell was forced out of her home under threat of arrest and was taken from her home in the middle of one of the worst winters in years in Central WV. Mitchell could not gain access to her home until Friday the 13th although the EPA gave permission in writing on the 11th for her to return home.

Mitchell was told by Gilmer County Courthouse officials that she had to see Casey Jones with the paperwork before she could return, but the EPA, and Dave Beckner of the EPA had already given the OK for Ruth to return last Wednesday. So, in reality, the courthouse staff had no authority to keep Ruth Mitchell OUT of her home those 48 hours.  A law suit could be filed soon against the Sheriffs office for illegal search and seizure, possible harassment, and possible theft charges filed against Casey Jones along with violation of civil liberties, which, in this instance is not much different than a kidnapping charge and would be brought against the infamous Casey Jones of the Gilmer County Sheriff’s office. So, simply put, even though the WRITTEN EPA go ahead was given for Ruth to go home on Wednesday March 11th, Mitchell was not allowed to return to her home until Friday the 13th. Since she returned to her home yesterday the 13th of March, Ruth has found that many of her clothes left on hangers in the closet are missing — And only the hangers are in place.  Other items missing are a police scanner, some DVD movies, food from the pantry, lard, some extension cords on the porch and several other items.

“FRIDAY the 13th of MARCH 2015 in GILMER COUNTY, is the Day of LIES, LIARS and Deputy Casey Jones riding the Crooked County Conspiracy TRAIN since facts proved there was NEVER A REASON to have Mitchell removed from her home in the first place!”

Deputy Casey Jones on left in photo with Sheriff Larry Gerwig in black t-shirt on the right. Eyewitnesses watched as Casey Jones illegally took deer horns and other items out of the home of Ruth Mitchell that did not belong to him, and those items had nothing to do with official police business that day.

Deputy Casey Jones on left in photo with Sheriff Larry Gerwig in black t-shirt on the right. Eyewitnesses watched as Casey Jones illegally took deer horns and other items out of the home of Ruth Mitchell that did not belong to him, and those items had nothing to do with official police business that day.

Now that all the facts are in the EPA has found no evidence of toxic drugs being made or manufactured on the Cottrill Estate just as was reported by the Council of Concerned Citizens in the Gilmer Free Press and on Revenge of the Ghost Wolf. In the Article entitled Cops Cops Tramps and Thieves … it was mentioned that NO METH COOK, or any evidence of a METH COOK would be found in and or around the house, thus, the POLICE and the Gilmer County Sheriffs office had NO REASON and NO EVIDENCE to have Ruth Mitchell removed. Casey Jones BAD BOY Deputy Sheriff of Gilmer County also stands accused of stealing deer horns and personal property the very day of the Police Raid. The Gilmer County Sheriff’s office also DID NOT ALLOW RUTH MITCHELL to take her medicine for Parkinson’s Disease and high blood pressure with her. Mitchell was forced out of her house under threat of arrest in the middle of winter, however her not being allowed to take her medicine with her or really secure her home properly was unforgivable on a professional basis. The Sheriff’s office may very well face some serious legal liability.

Now that the facts are in, we can honestly say that Deputy Casey Jones really STEPPED ON HIS DICK this time!! NOW THAT WE KNOW THE TRUTH WE know that Casey Jones is a … “Liar” I won’t ever leave now Casey Jones …you lying piece of shit Even If you wanted me to stay Nothing you could do That could turn me away Hanging on anyway and will choose to fight another day Believing the things you say Being the fool cuz you’re not COOL! Ain’t that what you said? Ain’t that what you said? Ain’t that what you said? Liar Liar, liar Oh, by the way Casey Jones, this SPRING we do our LINN WV dog training, and this year we will be training our SS K-9’s to defend against unlawful search and seizure! Go-ahead-and-run-My-dog-loves-fast-food (2) PAPERS !!  Papers Please!! You better have a warrant Casey Jones if you want to come round here, otherwise, you are not welcome in these parts again, for the fact you are dishonest and you steal!! Now what the fuck, you are a cop dude, and guess what nobody needs your kind of protection so bugger off bitch and catch your own train!! goaheadandrunbitches001 (2)Don’t miss the next edition of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf and get an exclusive look at the MURDER COMPLAINT filed by Ruth Mitchell with Gilmer County Sheriff Deputy Wheeler coming up in APRIL on RGW!!

By Editor Edison CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

Members of the Secret Seven Coalition and the Council of Concerned Citizens along with the help of advisers from the Council of Conservative Citizens in Birmingham, Alabama kept close tabs on the fugitives from the METH COOK out in Linn WV that got Ruth Mitchell forced out of her home by the Gilmer County Sheriffs office.

The story released in the Gilmer Free Press entitled Cops Cops Tramps and Thieves brought state wide attention to the METH COOK at the Cottrill Estate in Linn, WV where no less than nine patrol cars showed up on February 11th 2015

Full Name: Cottrill,  Laura  Ann
Height: 5′  4″
Weight: 135 lbs.
Birth Date: 10/14/1969
Gender: Female
Booking Date: 02/24/2015
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon
Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
14F-972 LOGAN COUNTY – Bail Amount: $5,000.00
15-M11F3; 14M11F17 GILMER COUNTY – Bail Amount: $100,000.00

On the 24th of February Laura Cottrill (photo above) and Jeremy Askew were arrested in Logan County, and transported to CRJ in Flatwoods, WV.

On Monday February 23rd Laura Cottrill sent a text message to a member of the Secret Seven Coalition, saying she would call in just a little while.

The Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition had several conversations with Laura Cottrill trying to talk her into turning herself in and then giving accurate information to the police that would reveal there was no meth cook in the home of Ruth Mitchell, so that Mitchell and elderly disabled woman could return to her home with her four dogs. Mitchell was PUT OUT of her house with no place to go on February 11th on the suspicion that a Meth Cook had contaminated her home.

The text message sent to a high ranking member of the local SS said,

“I will call you in a little bit, befriend me on Facebook..” that text was sent at 5:16pm Monday the 23rd of  February, from Logan County, WV and no reply was sent.

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon
Full Name: Askew,  Jeremy  Bruce
Height: 6′  1″
Weight: 211 lbs.
Birth Date: 2/19/1971
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 02/24/2015
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon
14F-973 LOGAN COUNTY – Bail Amount: $5,000.00
15M11f3; 15M11F18 GILMER COUNTY – Bail Amount: $100,000.00

Yesterday February 27th precisely at 4 pm the EPA came out to inspect the Cottrill Estate home of Ruth Mitchell, and Dave, the EPA representative sent to do the inspection mentioned the fact that the DHHR in Charleston was putting pressure on him to share his inspection reports even before the inspection had been completed.

Dave B from Elizabeth, WV in Wirt County refused to give over that information and felt that the local DHHR was putting pressure on him to fudge the report and officially say that contaminants were found in the house, where as, on his preliminary inspection, there were NO CONTAMINANTS found in the home of Ruth Mitchell.

There was also and indication officially from the EPA that Mitchell should have NEVER BEEN REMOVED from her home, there was not enough evidence found or reason to remove her, and further, the EPA stated they thought the whole matter was SHADY… at the very least.

Venita Cottrill shown in this photo, the person the inquiry on Dr Miller lied about and said was Willard Cottrill's sister.  She is in fact the daughter of Willard Cottrill. Wouldn't you know that local Glenville Dr. Hilary Miller would have an inquiry that was totally rigged with false facts. Venita Cottrill administered a deadly dose of Morphine according to eye witnesses, mixed with other drugs with Freda Cottrill forcibly held the head of WIllard Cottrill so they could get the deadly drugs down him. Venita walked off with about 20,000 in a lock box in cash while Willard Cottrills dead body was still warm. SO FAR Gilmer law enforcement have cooperated fully with Venita Cottrill-Murphy's husband Mike Murphy the executor of the estate where much of the money in the bank account of Willard Cottrill cannot be accounted for in the current accounting being done by the estate. The local Sheriffs office back when the murder occurred tried to order Ruth MItchell out of her own house by gun point after the family made requests she be removed. The Supreme Court stepped in and said Ruth could stay as long as she liked.

Venita Cottrill shown in this photo, the person the inquiry on Dr Miller lied about and said was Willard Cottrill’s sister. She is in fact the daughter of Willard Cottrill. Wouldn’t you know that local Glenville Dr. Hilary Miller would have an inquiry that was totally rigged with false facts. Venita Cottrill administered a deadly dose of Morphine according to eye witnesses, mixed with other drugs when Freda Cottrill forcibly held the head of Willard Cottrill so they could get the deadly drugs down him. Venita walked off with about 20,000 in a lock box in cash while Willard Cottrills dead body was still warm. SO FAR Gilmer law enforcement have cooperated fully with Venita Cottrill-Murphy’s husband Mike Murphy the executor of the estate where much of the money in the bank account of Willard Cottrill cannot be accounted for in the current accounting being done by the Gilmer County Commission. The local Sheriffs office back when the murder occurred tried to order Ruth Mitchell out of her own house by gun point after the family made requests she be removed. The Supreme Court stepped in and said Ruth could stay as long as she liked.

This reporter talked to the local office of the DHHR on Friday and spoke with a female named Andrea who refused to answer any questions about procedure, protocol or DHHR guidelines when dealing with a situation where an elderly person was forcibly removed from the home. These are questions reporters need to have answers to, to further gather facts for an accurate report, and then Andrea thought she would pawn off her responsibility to Joyce Underwood in Calhoun County, but this reporter knew that any call put into Underwood yesterday would have found her out for the day and the weekend by noon on Friday, and that was exactly the case.

A call back to the local DHHR in Gilmer County resulted in a male named JAMES answering the phone who, although was very polite, but quite frankly lied like a little bitch and was certainly not an adequate representative of the Gilmer County DHHR since he denied the fact they were involved in the case what-so-ever — And further denied any contact with Ruth when they had called the place she was staying at, twice that very afternoon, in fact, just one hour before I called them.

LEGALLY with facts gathered, and the proper testimony, the Gilmer County DHHR could face some liability for not only a law suit, but violations of laws that a federal agency may find very interesting indeed.

Mark Cottrill very well could have left a threatening message on the mail box of Ruth Mitchell Friday. The threat was found in sticker letters and said, "Ruth You'll own Hell" Mark Cottrill is believed to be in an illegal conspiracy to circumvent a Supreme Court ruling and to sell the property against the wishes of the will.

Mark Cottrill very well could have left a threatening message on the mail box of Ruth Mitchell Friday. The threat was found in sticker letters and said, “Ruth You’ll own Hell” Mark Cottrill is believed to be in an illegal conspiracy to circumvent a Supreme Court ruling and to sell the property against the wishes of the will.

James sensing that the press would pick this case up immediately sent me on my way to Fairmont, West Virginia the home of the WV mafia connections and the home town of attorney ROGER CURRY who was the attorney and SUPREME COURT COUNSEL for the defense in the “Travesty of Justice,” case where it was proved that local head law man and prosecutor Gerald B Hough paid a person from out of town to lie on the stand — And state they owned 1/6th of a farm they in reality DID NOT OWN. The matter was proved by title opinion. Hough was protected from the ONLY three year statute of limitations of crime in the State of WV or Gerald B Hough could have been prosecuted for subornation of perjury, which a state police major said, he believes HOUGH WAS guilty, but protected by a statute of limitations of three years.

Fairmont is the regional headquarters of the DHHR and the home office of Patricia Vincent. I finally was able to talk to her personal secretary and told her of my concerns about the HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE actions of the Gilmer County DHHR and the fact that they lied to my face and actually tried to give misleading information and denied even being involved. I explained to that secretary that very frequently we already have proof, since we often use electronic surveillance and take advantage of the lax one person consent laws in West Virginia for recording phone conversations. I  explained that we like to use audio and video both in our gathering information for stories.

Patricia Vincent was suppose to call me back on FRIDAY, but I was certain she would not.  One can only hope she will make some calls down to Gilmer County and find out what those dirty rotten lying sons of bitches are up to now.

Is the DHHR involved in a Conspiracy to by HOOK or CROOK keep Ruth Mitchell out of her house. Andrea, from the local DHHR called Mitchell and told her, it was gonna cost her thousands to have the house cleaned and that the EPA inspection report would be unfavorable and that she should think about finding another place to live.

Does the DHHR know that they are attempting to circumvent a Supreme Court order allowing Mitchell to live in her home RENT FREE on the Cottrill estate? I think they do, and further all indications point to the local DHHR  being involved with the infamous CROOKS from Crooked County to keep Ruth off the property so that the questionable sale to Richard Neal goes through, for there seems to be some failed procedure by the Gilmer County Commission Clerk — regarding that sale of Cottrill Estate Property — before the accounting has been done, or the accounting has been closed.

Estate Accounting’s are required once a year, yet NONE have been done for the Cottrill Estate and that is JUST OK with the CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY that live down by the Crooked River.


Linda Huff was appointed by Gilmer County Commission President Larry Chapman to be the fiduciary commissioner for the Cottrill Estate and sources close to the courthouse tell me that the long awaited Cottrill Accounting could possibly be finished within 30 days.

Huff who is known to work out of the office of Shelly Morris DeMarino, most likely will find there is missing funds, and that the sale of the property did not jive with rules, regulations and guidelines.

Richard Neal who claims to have purchased the Cottrill Estate stated HE HAD A DEED to the property and told Ruth Mitchell she was never going to be allowed back in her home. Neal admitted to being on the property, yesterday the 27th of February and stated he was given permission by the State Police to do so, and to report to them if and when Ruth Mitchell was to ever return to her house.

A threatening NOTE made of sticker letter material was left on the mail box of Ruth Mitchell which indicates to the local Council of Concerned Citizens that Mark Cottrill was on the property, since he left a threatening note on a paper plate once before years ago.

It was sticky letters from sticker material that was posted on the side of the mail box.. “RUTH you’ll Own HELL !!”

 If this reporter were to speculate on facts gathered, I would say Mark Cottrill is in WV and has been on the property and conspiring with Richard Neal to circumvent a Supreme Court order and keep Mitchell OFF the property. It appears that Mark Cottrill and Richard Neal may be conspiring with SOME public officials from the Gilmer County Court house. If these facts can be proven, lets hope we can send these dirty rotten sons of bitches to prison for as long as the law will allow!!

Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

GILMER FREE PRESS REPORTS the REAL TRUTH on the POLICE RAID in LINN WV last Wednesday February 11th as they present….

                            Cops Cops Tramps and Thieves, INVADE the Linn WV HOME of Ruth Mitchell!!

The Gilmer Free PressThe Cottrill Estate Debacle has been in the news both in print media and on the pages of the voice of the people, the Gilmer Free Press, for years now in Central West Virginia. Many people are familiar with the ongoing court battles, but the most recent MAJOR battle was WON by Ruth Mitchell, the live in companion to Willard Cottrill on 18 October 2013 in the West Virginia Supreme Court by a vote of 4 to 1.

In the ruling Ruth Mitchell is allowed to live in her home that she lived in with Willard Cottrill rent free for as long as she shall choose to live there, but the exact wording from the West Virginia Supreme Court is even more specific.

The Supreme Court document and ruling states further, that the matter of Ruth Mitchell living in the home she shared with Willard Cottrill should be rendered void should she at any time choose or need to live elsewhere.

The Gilmer Free Press
The residence with the carport where Ruth Mitchell resides
on the Cottrill estate property, which is close to 44 acres total.

There has been a long continuing dispute going among Cottrill family members of whether Ruth Mitchell should be allowed to stay in the residence, but the 4 to 1 Supreme Court decision put a stop to those debates. Those opposing family members which included Venita Cottrill-Murphy and her husband Mike Murphy appealed the Supreme Court decision (which is almost always a futile effort,) however they would not give up the legal battle—And then, after the decision allegedly sold the property to Richard Neal for $23,000 cash and a 1968 Camaro totalling to $40,000, when the property was once appraised at over 200,000 dollars.

After the Supreme Court decision, tempers flared and threats were made to burn Ruth Mitchell out of the residence if she did not leave on her own, and Richard Neal who the Gilmer County Commission let take possession of one or two of the homes on the property without a proper deed, shot one of Ruth Mitchells dogs and the local Sheriff did not even speak to Mr. Neal about the murder of the animal. Neal was never arrested for animal cruelty. Neal continued to make threats and threaten other members of the Cottrill family when they came to visit Ruth Mitchell.

There were more court proceedings in Gilmer County Magistrate Court where the matter of the sale of property to Richard Neal was challenged, along with his permission to live on the property without a deed, and without the estate being settled since the Willard Cottrill estate has not been closed officially. No accounting of the estate has ever been done.

The Gilmer Free Press
This is the 68 Camaro that was traded with $25,000 Cash for what
Richard Neal says is for all 44 some odd acres
of the Cottrill Estate but NEAL has NO DEED.

Linda Huff the current fiduciary commissioner originally turned down the job saying the estate was a mess and there were too many discrepancies. But, now Mr. Chapman the President of the Gilmer County Commission has assigned Linda Huff to be the current fiduciary commissioner. The estate accounting is still in limbo and remains NOT CLOSED, while the bond by Mike Murphy the executor of the Cottrill estate may have to cover lost funds that are said to be missing from the estate accounting, but that matter still has not been confirmed.

Given all of this information it may come as no surprise that the home of Ruth Mitchell was raided by the appearance of no less than NINE PATROL cars, both from the State Police and the Gilmer County Sheriff’s office on Wednesday 11 February 2015!!

Was this an attempt for the executor Mike Murphy and Venita Cottrill to circumvent that 4 to 1 Supreme Court Ruling and take the law into their own hands?

Does the raid of nine patrol cars resulting in RUTH MITCHELL being removed from her home a direct result of the fact that Ruth Mitchell recently filed a complaint of murder against Venita Cottrill and Freda Cottrill? Are the raid and threats and removal from her home a way to SHUT RUTH MITCHELL UP about being an EYE WITNESS to murder?

The Gilmer Free Press
Richard Neal is pictured moving in an aggressive and threatening way
toward a visiting member of the Cottrill family and is flipping her off
as she attempts to visit Ruth Mitchell under a hostile environment
created by the opposing members of the Cottrill family that lost in Supreme Court.

The STORY BEHIND the RAID of the HOME of RUTH MITCHELL – How it all came about…

Laura Cottrill is a cousin to Venita Cottrill-Murphy the person who allegedly administered a lethal dose of morphine mixed with other drugs that led to the death of Willard Cottrill on October the 20th 2010. Laura Cottrill and her boyfriend Jeremy Askew had been staying with Ruth at the Cottrill estate. Ruth Mitchell recently filed a police report with Deputy Wheeler and reported she was an eyewitness to a murder; somehow the police raid is not a complete surprise knowing that fact.

We have spoken with Laura Cottrill on three occasions in the last two days in order to ascertain the facts of this report. We also talked with Sgt Smith of the State Police, an officer I trust and respect. I spoke with June B the health care provider for Ruth Mitchell that was present at the scene during time of the POLICE RAID in LINN.

June is a very fine person who takes her job seriously who says she works for an organization called the Gilmer Senior Citizens which is a entity funded by Medicaid. June explained that members of the Senior Center that included a nurse named Jennifer and a Lewis County social worker by the name of Luella Blake were present the afternoon of 11 February 2015.

June, further explained, she was present when Ruth Mitchell reported to elected Sheriff Larry Gerwig that she found needles in a room where Laura and her boyfriend Jeremy stayed. Sheriff told Mitchell very emphatically to, “Deal with it!”

The representatives of the senior center were there at the house that was raided last Wednesday to hear Ruth’s complaints and inspect the room where the needles were found.

It has been determined that it was possibly the SENIOR CENTER staff that brought the cops on Wednesday 11 February to the home of Ruth Mitchell after the complaint was made and the needles were discovered!!

Unfortunately, all the facts that the Gilmer County Senior Center shared with the police were false, all lies, and you can bet they think they have enough local political power to get away with this criminal act.

The Senior center nurse Jennifer Short and a LESS THAN SINCERE Social Worker– Luella Blake from Lewis County — most likely told the police about the needles Ruth discovered in the spare bedroom – and mentioned the SMELL in that back bedroom, but then DID NOT give law enforcement anything close to an accurate assessment of the situation.

The smell was described as mostly Body Oder according to June B. Ruth said it was the smell of SEX, but both assured there was NO METH LAB in that room at Noon on Wednesday, and then, a few hours later the cops were there shutting up the house and ordering people to stay put, then ordering them to all leave the premises.

Laura Cottrill called while interviewing June B and wanted to talk.  She called on the cell phone, while I was talking to June on the land line, so June heard some of the communication with Laura. I asked Laura to contact the police and please let them know the truth, that there was no meth lab in the house. In the conversation with Laura the day before, she confided in and said that the needles found were used to shoot morphine and they belonged to her boyfriend Jeremy.

So, now we know from the horse’s mouth so to speak, that the needles had not one thing to do with meth and witnesses that included the Senior Center representatives only discovered two needles and a bad odor that was more relatable to a Body Odor stink than a meth lab stink, was not reason enough to force and old woman with a disability out of her home in the middle of winter.

Witnesses on the scene of the Police Raid said that Gilmer County Sheriff’s Deputy Casey Jones was first to approach Ruth Mitchell and Jones stated something to the effect of, “You work with us and tell us the truth, and you can stay in your house…”  Then, they ask if Matt Montgomery who is often on the property was doing Meth up there with his brother and Ruth answered, “NO. Matt has never done Meth!” Then Deputy Jones asked about other people but did not seem to know the exact names of the actual suspects he was looking for.

To clear up this whole mystery I was just contacted by a person that was there and present last week when Jeremy Askew along with a person identified as Thomas Shaw purchased a hose from Advance Auto supply in Gilmer County last Wednesday the 11th, and more meth making supplies were purchased from the Hardware store located right there in the same parking lot. This person also informed me that cold pills were also purchased from the local pharmacy and that a meth cook was performed on or near the Cottrill property out away from the house without the knowledge of Ruth Mitchell. This person said they were very sorry about getting Ruth removed from her house and just now their selves got the guilty parties to admit purchasing meth making products locally, and then going out to the holler in LINN to make some shake and bake meth.

The Gilmer Free Press
Laura Cottrill may find herself between a ROCK and a HARD PLACE
now that the residence she was staying in was raided and the police
would like to have a word with her about a meth cook and
the activities of herself and boyfriend Jeremy Askew!

In addition, this person also admitted that Jeremy Askew had some antique old Jewelry that he sold to a store in New York and received in the mail a cashier’s check for $250.00. This person admitted that this jewelry could have been stolen from Logan County. The proceeds were very possibly used to purchase the meth making materials. Sheriff Deputy Casey Jones found some of this jewelry during the raid and removed it from the house.

Therefore one alleged crime had to happen for another alleged crime to occur, because this informant admitted they were previously very low on funds and had no place to stay or go—And that this person acting now as a confidential informant fully admitted to taking advantage of the big heart and well meaning ways of Ruth Mitchell who had no idea what these criminal suspects were fully involved in.

So, on behalf of the local police it appears that they were right on the tails of Jeremy Askew and Thomas Shaw after being tipped off that they were buying meth making materials in town and most likely had a description of the vehicle used when purchasing these materials.

By all calculations when the police raided the home of Ruth Mitchell the police were very possibly no more than 20 minutes behind the alleged suspects that allegedly cooked a batch of meth near the Cottrill home of Ruth Mitchell.

As an investigative reporter the most important aspect of your job is to ascertain all the facts and then put them together in some kind of order that is a possible believable solution to the answers of what actually happened during a crime that is being investigated.

This investigative reporter was extremely lucky to reach people that were on the scene and were an eye witness to this event.

Surprisingly to me, this may be an incident in Gilmer County in which all the law enforcement agencies banned together in a cohesive unit to go out in search of the bad guys, and further, that they knew their time was limited to catch the drug making criminals.

After all these facts have been revealed to the public, as well as law enforcement via the FREE PRESS here in Gilmer County let us all hope we have acted in the cause of justice to make this area a safer and more comfortable place to live for all of us.

Please support us at the Gilmer Free Press in our effort to get the EPA out to inspect the home of Ruth Mitchell.

As a community let us all try to help Ruth Mitchell financially if we can, so to get her and her pets back in her home safe and as soon as possible.

~~  Author on File ~~

Cops Cops tramps, and thieves
We’d hear it from the people of the town

Down in Crooked County home of the CROOKED COUNTY CROOKS
They’d call us Cops Cops , tramps, and thieves

The Gilmer Free Press  

You better catch yer own train bitches!

I wish I was strong (now it won’t be long)
Would’ve known from the start
Instead of waiting so long
To reveal what’s behind
But there’s no use in talking
You made up your mind…

Baby you and I, (are not the same)
You say you like sun (I like the rain)
So before we go through it all again
You better catch yer own train

I wish I was light
I would shine through this tunnel
To the light on the other side
I would brake down this wall
So it could finally see
The truth of it all

UPDATE 22 FEBRUARY 2015 REVENGE of the Ghost Wolf — Bad Weather hits Central WV, and the outlaws of the latest METH COOK from GILMER COUNTY are having FUN and still on the RUN!!

By Dan Bingman

Feb 22 2015

Parts of West Virginia recorded record lows overnight Thursday and into Friday.

The National Weather Service said every single spot in the state of West Virginia was below zero.

Parts of the Mountain State appear to have broken low-temperature records along with some poverty records this winter.

The official Charleston low was minus-17 at the National Weather Service weather station in Southridge.

Other low temperatures recorded around the state include minus-15 in St. Albans, home of the State Police and minus-19 in Madison, minus-23 in Sandyville, Jackson County, and minus-24 in Mount Nebo, Nicholas County which is surprising since the DEVIL himself is known to visit there, and you would think that would heat something up a bit.

Remote hideaway near Mann WV in Logan County where the outlaws do roam - photo by Laura Cottrill

Remote hideaway near Man WV in Logan County where the outlaws do roam – photo by Laura Cottrill

In remote Calhoun, some residents reported a -15 to -18 and just put another log on the fire.

The cold could have been a factor in the deaths of two people in Logan County. Logan County is where Laura Cottrill and her boyfriend Jeremy Askew, the latest to cook up a batch of Meth out there on the Cottrill Estate are a hidin out. (Photo included is of a hideaway up the holler aways in Logan County.)

State Police were called for an unresponsive man. When they arrived, they found Michael Mullins, 35, dead outside near a trailer, frozen and stiff as a board.

While on the scene, police also discovered Ashley Conley, 24, known somewhat there in LOGAN near MAN WV for her constant complaining, but she won’t be complaining much anymore. She was found dead on the ground near the roadway, cold as frozen water and lifeless. (Photo taken in Logan County)

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the the Ghost Wolf

The Secret Seven Coalition and the Council of Concerned Citizens have been meeting in secret and staying behind the scenes for months now as many of the legal aspects of the Willard Cottrill Estate have started to play out. Always from the beginning, there was a problem with the accounting and a problem with Mike Murphy the executor of the Willard Cottrill Estate. The local Concerned Citizens have always stated that laws and rules were broken right out of the gate. However, lucky thing for the bad guys in this story is the fact that Gilmer County officials don’t give a fuck about laws or rules nor do they feel they personally have to adhere to norms and mores of a normal society. Down in Crooked County(Gilmer)they make their own rules. These facts are readily apparent when you watch this following video from November of 2013. Since then, legal experts and at least one big name homicide detective have agreed with the journalists that first discovered wrongdoing while investigating the facts of the Willard Cottrill murder case by conducting interviews and reviewing pertinent documents. Please review this video below of the Gilmer County Commission as they start to finally uncover a few truths about the estate which include, the fact that, there has been no accounting although accounting’s are required once a year by law on pending estates, and also the fact that the fiduciary commissioner has had no contact with the Gilmer County Commission in order to close out an estate that is a couple of years over due to be settled by the time of this video.

Linda Huff, since this video was published WAS INDEED appointed as the new fiduciary commissioner. We concerned citizens can almost guarantee that she will find quite a lot wrong with the paperwork, and also the fact that an accounting for the estate has never been done, ever. Will the Gilmer County Commission be put in a situation where they have to uphold the law, against outside people from New York State that think that Gilmer County people are all a bunch of hilljack hillbillies and they could never get caught for their alleged crimes?  Only time will tell …

Is TIME on our side West Virginia? Will Mike Murphy the executor along with his wife Venita Cottrill who administered a lethal dose of drugs to Willard Cottrill FINALLY be made to be held responsible for their wrongful actions, as well as the actions of others involved in this theft of property, and murder? Only time will tell… is TIME on OUR SIDE?!

Update February 4th 2015 NO PAPER WORK KIND OF DEAL ********************************************

This ONE MINUTE video above recorded by the staff at the Gilmer Free Press illustrates to the world that the Willard Cottrill Estate became UNTOUCHABLE as far back as December of 2012. We at Revenge of the Ghost Wolf had heard, even earlier than that, the fact that local attorney Shelly Morris DeMarino stated, “I wouldn’t touch the Willard Cottrill Estate case with a ten foot pole!”

This video also accurately pre dates the video used in the article above in which Brian Kennedy stated that Bernie Mauser was the current fiduciary, and that they had failed to make contact with him, however, clearly it was the Law Offices Of Bernard R. Mauser that was the fiduciary back then in 2012 at time this video was shot — And after that, Linda Huff turned down the invitation to take over the Cottrill Estate. But, after Marlea Cottrill’s appearance before the Commission in November of 2013, Larry Chapman became interested enough to get Linda Huff to finally agree to take on the Cottrill Estate as a Fiduciary. The husband of Linda Huff has worked for Larry Chapman as an employee for many years, so maybe Linda thought her saying YES finally would be a good career move for her husband.

NO Circuit Court needed to be involved, nor any bullshit paperwork agreed to by Brian Kennedy Gilmer County Commissioner, all it took was Larry Chapman saying, this is what we are going to do, so therefor it all became a no paper work kind of deal…

Please enjoy this RGW article from September third of 2010. The publisher of the Gilmer Free Press Dave Ramezan has a law suit against Gerald B Hough the very dishonest and corrupt Gilmer County Prosecutor coming up in February, in Gilmer County, so wish him luck. Hough should be in federal prison for all the alleged illegal actions he has taken as prosecutor. This month Concerned Citizens are in conference to figure how we can best bring down the evil empire known as Crooked County. While we are still in recess please enjoy this article full of truth…

By Rina McCoy/Editor – Cosmos Communicator/Editor Edison Reporter

Everybody needs a little female loving, and maybe that’s what’s wrong with the world, not enough love to go around. However, female loving with a female inmate is so very wrong especially if you are a corrections officer, although I am sure temptation is sweet and satisfaction is sweeter.

Glenville, West Virginia, where evil is always lurking in the tall dark hills that surround the old looking little ville is the home to: W.Va.’s Newest Criminal Justice Training Center!

Scandal, rape, murder, it all hovers around Dracula’s Castle on the hill-Glenville State College-looming over the minions of evil in that small town in Crooked County next to the Crooked River!

The CalPatty Press and the Secret Seven Coalition  shared a little bit of the real life goings on – on top of the hill, just to be attacked and hunted for it! The CalPatty Press told you things you will never hear about in the Glenville DEMO-CRAP and Pathfinder of BULLSHIT!

Joe Thornton, the Cabinet Secretary for the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety spoke of the need for Glenville facility for better efficiency.

“One of the things that didn’t make sense  was that we had three correctional agencies training in

Crooked County Educational Icons Nasia with the author of the Barr Code Peter Barr-You don’t go far in education in Gilmer County without the OK of either of these “Shot callers” that live down by that Crooked River!

three different areas,” said Thornton at ceremonies the weekend before Christmas 2009.

Then my home-boy Peter Barr (boy can he drink) met our challenge and found us a home at Glenville State College,  in Gilmer County!

“The challenge was to try to find a location or facility that could house three different agencies with necessary supporting resources…thanks to Peter, our prayers were answered!”

The Regional Jail Authority, Division of Corrections and Division of Juvenile Services send trainees to Glenville for basic training, during which they stay in vacant dormitories on campus, the whacked out Peter Barr, Glenville State president said, “Those entities lease space in the facility from Glenville State, because that is how “We Roll” in Crooked County!    ..cuz it makes me  money, dat right,  dats wats sup  … weez in da ebonics on da hill, it kine a dark  …An it all goes right!”

The latest GSC-Gilmer County SEX SCANDAL starring some local girls showed a lot of tongue action along with SEX Drugs some bathroom scenes and a lot of HOT HOT HOT chicks, it was the best photo lay out yet from the CalPatty Press!

Sweet Satisfaction, gets good reaction in Crooked County, the home to rape and murder and also home to Two-Lane Two- Faced Ain’t livin long like this magazine editor – True Life Juda’s Lisa Minney. Minney of course is the gal that attracted so much attention to herself over the fact that her friends the Crooks from Crooked County were screaming bloody murder over the latest SEX SCANDAL exposure!!

Minney joined with others to muzzle up the members of the Secret Seven for the bitter truth was brought out for all to see again!

The Suprise attack on the CalPatty Press by former SS member and the Crooks from Crooked County was an attempt to silence members of the Secret Seven for telling the TRUTH about Gilmer County!!

Gal is a term I usually save for reference to the female of some animal species, but then, in the context of which I just used it – it seems to fit.

Animals,  every one of them!   …all of those Crooks from Crooked County!

And Glenville West Virginia is the place where animals are trained to rape the inmates in the prison and the jails, in fact one good ole boy-Steven Thomas Gray- as big as any Bubba you ever met decided to take advantage of the situation and forced an inmate at CRJ to take in some sexual fun!

Tammy Rucker got busted on a Meth charge and was sent to prison! She just did not know she was going to have to “Put Out” to get along!

Then on the prison side of things there was Tammy Rucker, but she got forced into a sexual situation against her will by a guard long before she had gotten started doing serious prison time.

Tammy Rucker they got to fuck her while she was incarcerated in a West Virginia Regional Jail!

Glenville West Virginia is becoming the hub for the power elite to train their goons that… it is “Just OK” to go ahead and fuck the inmates.

GERRY HOUGH according to Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz is the HEAD LAW MAN in these here parts…so of course it is JUST OK!

Sure, a little cunninglingus may be in order, and for those of you that don’t know what that means, here is a little educational tid bit or is that tit bit!

The word actually has a Latin derivative. Cunnis, meaning vagina, and lingus meaning “to lick.” So, put it together, you get: to lick the pussy!

Amazing where these words come from. All those things your Latin teacher never taught you.

There is a lot sex inside West Virginia jails and prison’s! Websites like the CalPatty Press that exposed the truth and those involved were attacked and threatened for telling the Truth!

Oh that’s right they don’t teach Latin in West Virginia! You have to be properly educated in VIRGINIA for that!

“First I did a cell check, and then I felt those pert young titties and topped it off with  some cunninglingus!”


That must have been the explanation coming from the West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional officer Kevin R. Kessell for allegedly forcing TAMMY RUCKER to engage in sexual acts with him before giving her contraband to keep her quiet!

Tammy Rucker was forced to have sex while being held in a West Virginia Regional Jail!

It was also JUST OK for a Gilmer County Corrections Officer to commit sexual offenses  during a time when he was on duty!

In another incident,  a dude from Crooked County was pulling the big weener out and asking the inmates to touch it! Unlawful carnal knowledge is just OK just as long as you keep it HOT HOT HOT the Crooked County way!

Steven Thomas Gray, 26, (pictured in orange) of Glenville, WV was charged with sexual assault in the second degree and imposition of sexual intercourse on incarcerated persons!!
The charge alleges that when Gray was employed as a corrections officer at the Central Regional Jail in Flatwoods, he engaged in sexual acts with a prisoner!!


“CRJ where you can’t be gay, you got to bang the girls in orange it is part of the Glenville West Virginia training!”



This is what the CalPatty Press said well before the matter was settled:



Gray said to another inmate, “Yeah I got my dick sucked and fucked some titties and got the pussy real good and it was cool since I didn’t get caught for a long time, funny how a few cigarettes goes a long way in jail– and my family is friends with  Judge Facemire so I won’t be here long!”

Not Bad for a 400 pound fat guy that couldn’t get laid unless he was a jail guard!

No need  to  wonder why they call them CROOKS from Crooked County now!!

Full Name:     Gray,  Steven  Thomas
Height:     6′  0″
Weight:     400 lbs.
Birth Date:     11/13/1981
Gender:     Male
Booking Date:     07/06/2009
Facility:     Eastern Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status:     Convicted Felon for molestation of inmates and sexual intercourse

Inmate Court Order Information
Court Info Number     Issuing Agency Location

On Monday, June 15,2009  the Circuit Court of Braxton County was in session with the Not so Honorable Richard Facemire, Chief Judge, presiding.
Steven Thomas Gray and his counsel Daniel Grindo appeared for sentencing. On May 20, 2008, Gray, entered a plea of guilty to one count of an indictment charging him with  sexual intercourse on an incarcerated person. On August 11, 2008, the Court ordered that the defendant be evaluated by a psychiatrist. On the 9th day of October, 2008, the Court ordered the defendant to be placed at the State Penitentiary for sixty days of diagnosis and classification and thereafter be returned to the Court for further sentencing.
Gray was now requesting the Court grant him probation or home confinement. Prosecuting Attorney McLaughlin recommended probation. Judge Facemire denied the defendant’s motion for probation and home confinement and ordered Gray be sentenced to not less than one, nor more than five years in the State Penitentiary.

Suspended that sentence then….

Judge Facemire further ordered that the Defendant serve 120 days in the Penitentiary followed by 8 months of home confinement. Upon the completion of the confinement, Gray will be placed on five years probation. The Court also advised the defendant that he would have to register as a sex offender for ten years.

I’m going to act as prosecutor and judge! So there!

So the jail guard (C.O.) from Crooked County gets 4 months of jail which will  have to be at another regional jail since he worked at CRJ and he  will never make it to prison, and then does 8 months at home and then probation.


Now I ask you is that good for our community!? No! It is not and neither is Judge Facemire! He is only mad about the fact that he didn’t get to fuck any inmates yet…least anyways, that we know about!

Facemire always goes light on cops or guards caught breaking the law, basically Richard A Facemire is most likely taking bribes which always results in a lack of justice!

This summer of 2010 brought GOOD NEWS for Chirstopher Shane Dellinger! …witnessed here obviously feeling pretty good about his four felony convictions being reversed in Supreme Court with a new trial ordered!

Facemire delayed sentencing of Bad Cop Delinger for one year and then gave the skinny little fucker 60 days in jail for FOUR FELONY convictions …and if it were you or me we would have gotten 40 years!

The SS says C Shane Dellinger returned to CRJ 22 May and only did two months for FOUR FELONY CONVICTIONS

Facemire delayed sentencing for more than a year for this  Crooked County jail guard GRAY… who should have just been taken out back and made to make friends with a mean dog like White Fang!

Also we can’t forget this:

A correctional officer is accused of having more than 50 sexual encounters with a female inmate at the Anthony Correctional Center.

David Wayne Masters, 36, was arrested at work  and charged with one count of sexual intrusion with an inmate.

The inmate provided investigators with a shirt that tested positive for Masters’ semen, according to the criminal complaint filed by State Police.

The inmate was later removed from Anthony Center and transferred to another facility.
An Anthony Center Official said Masters was suspended without pay pending the resolution of the criminal case at that time.  Oh my God, suspended without pay, that was pretty harsh!

Corrections officer Gray was 26 years old at the time of the fucking and sucking at CRJ! … Yay! Jail sex right in the halls of Braxton County in the Flatwoods jail!


A pearl necklace around the orange jail issue!  Should have used a tissue! The 26 year old  GRAY C.O. from Glenville, West Virginia exploded mountains of jizz on female inmates. Yes Gray is most certainly a homeboy from Glenville, in Gilmer County where they have a long history of training jail guards just like Mr Gray, because to quote Gerald B Hough…. “It’s Just OK!”

Gerald B Houghs’ daughter Carly Hough also got in on the Sex Scandal!


It seems Carly has a bad habit of pulling those panties to the side!

The corrections officers for just about every jail and prison are now trained at the new Morris Criminal Justice Center and the whole facility is controlled by the Power Elite of Crooked County! They now train most all of the corrections officers. God Help us NOW!! The evil has been turned loose on the West Virginia Prison and Jail system, and it all comes right from the heart of Crooked County!

One good thing  about Crooked County is … they sure have some hot chicks and they sure know how to party!! So, while you are there, all we can says is …let the EVIL BEGIN!!

Sexercise with the Butchers Bitches could lead to a burning sensation, that you might want to get checked out at your local doctors office! But, of course, that type of TWO-LANE behavior is OK with Lisa Minney and is all about the WILD and Wonderful life in Gilmer County!

Lisa Wexler/Crooked County Crooks Editor

First published June 11, 2007 · then the new modern version was published in December of 2010…
Please enjoy this LOST FILE from the bottom of the Crooked River – with Photo’s and  Graphics added 42 months after text was first published in the CalPatty Press-this LOST FILE is today being republished 09 January 2015 to prove to all that Circuit Court Judge Richard Facemire was a dishonest son of a bitch years ago and he still is a dishonest son of a bitch–This is our version of Crooked County Crooks Colorization of an old movie in an old town in an old Crooked County down by an old Crooked River Special Feature -in which we add the dialogue with comments, photo’s and fun while the difference between good and evil runs right down that Crooked County Line!

The Difference between GOOD and EVIL runs right down that Crooked County Line! Lizzie will make you hot and dizzy when you’re all alone with just the phone! Turned loose last summer it was no twista sista it was more like a hurricane when LEXIE and LIZZIE BROKE BAD ALL SUMMER LONG on the CalPatty Press during the summer of Twenty Ten!Can I get a witness?! It all happened then! ! Just another HOT SHOT from the endless hot hot hot summer that sizzled on the CalPatty Press! Who could ever forget! July 23rd 2010-the day the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!!

…getting our readers up to date to the most current events and scandals taking place up on the hill and down at the old courthouse including the NEW most up to date Scandal and Hate and all in the world that describes the modern dynamics of the infamous Crooked County ” POWER ELITE ”  …while the REAL TRUTH is  revealed via this Secret Seven Publication from  three and a half years ago!)


Crooked County Circuit Court Judge Richard (Dick) Facemire decided… in an extremely blatant manner, to, “Make up his own rules!”

In this article we will publish excerpts of the court record from the Gerald Thompson case that tells it all!

“The Source of all evil and home of the Lemegeton in Crooked County!”

The fact that a Circuit Judge would know better than to act in such a way speaks for itself. Just another example of public officials in Crooked County doing exactly what they want to.

So what are they good for? Absolutely nothing!

Besides all the errors and blatant misconduct involved in the  Gerald Thompson case, Facemire also made some of these same mistakes in the high profile Crooked County case to be heard before the Supreme Court. This case has been referred to as the “Travesty of Justice” case. In the year 2005 approximately 8600 cases came before WV courts. Out of those 8600 only 24 were granted review, 19 were heard and only 3 were reversed. In 2006 over 10,000 cases came before WV circuit courts, and the Travesty of Justice Case was one of only a few that have been selected to be heard. Most likely, out of all the cases heard in 2006, again, only 3 most likely will be reversed. TWO of those reversed cases will be Circuit Judge Richard (Dick) Facemire cases, according to informed sources.

We have been under orders not to report on the “Travesty of Justice” case, since all information indicates it will be in the court system for at least two more years at a great cost to the state of West Virginia!

All we can report is; that-in-that case, two of the principle players, and the states main witness are now dead. The case is still alive, but the primary players involving the basis for the Gilmer County Sheriff complaint are dead!

Was F John right on ? …when he said “Some strange animal or something appeared before his truck while returning from a Wood County Court appearance causing him to crash into a mountain, could that “strange” animal have been the Ghost Wolf?

Also the defense trial counsel F John Oshoway met with a mysterious accident the evening before that case was presented to the Supreme Court in Charleston. Oshoway was taken to the hospital. The case received a 3 to 2 vote in favor of the defendant  and we hope this is an indication of ultimate victory, unless of course someone in crooked county wants to play the please do a favor for me today and I will gladly give you some campaign contribution on Tuesday!

The Accuracy of the West Virginia Secret Seven is uncanny! The SS predicted in September of 2009 the exact outcome of the Edwin Dale Kinnison RAPE CASE AT GSC–Rina McCoy who is not from Kansas (city) anymore said, “That was a no brainer” “Just another cover up of a Glenville State Rape!” “…My answer is AGAIN?!

Good work at beating the odds of the thousands of cases brought before Circuit Court in the state of WV! Accusations have been made that Oshoway made a secret deal with Gerry Hough to throw that case for the prosecution when it could have been easily won. All felony charges in that case were defeated in Circuit Court. The only charge at issue is one misdemeanor charge.

One of those principle players in the “Travesty case” was Gerald Ball. He was arrested by the State Police about the time the case was born: (below from HH news source)

“Gerald R. Ball has been charged with domestic battery, domestic assault and brandishing a deadly weapon. He has been arrested by the State Police and released on $1000 bond. A plea hearing is set for Calhoun County Magistrate’s court on July 26 th!

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson found dead in the bed of Hot Toddy aka Christopher Todd Smith currrently under investigation for her murder! G Hough PA for CROOKED COUNTY put Smith (who proved to be a dangerous criminal) on a 12 month diversion for Smith’s assault of Kelli! Then did nothing about it! Smith got a free pass from Hough and it will be one year from the day Kelli died in 9 days from today!

“Calhoun County Deputy Sheriff Carl Ballengee and members of the Grantsville VFD combed the Bull River area late Sunday night after Ball’s vehicle was found over the hill about 11 p.m.”

Notice the 1000 dollar bond? If that were you or me it would have been 100,000.00 bond.

We the CalPatty Press editors find it odd that Ball, who was directly related to the then magistrate Steve Johnson, never did any jail time and the case was just…..dismissed! Odd indeed! But not really! That was just another one of those deals where the Calhoun Lagoon of Conspiracy met the Crooked County Court of Corruption.

(Johnson was later convicted of embezzlement in Calhoun County and dismissed as magistrate.)

In that case, (from the court record) Facemire refers to Mr Ball as… “A person of credibility!”

Clay County seems to be the minor league for practicing the art of misconduct! You make the majors when you move up to Crooked County.

Two of the public officials from Gilmer County getting the most complaints were  Facemire and Tim Butcher. Butcher  served as the prosecutor for Gilmer County not long in the past and our very own Richard (Dick) Facemire was prosecutor in Clay County and learning in the minors how to make his own rules in the majors just waiting for the day to unleash it all on Crooked County Down by that Crooked River!

Tim Butcher (The Bitcher of the Butchers) was recently hauled into federal court and ordered to appear at trial along with BM and brother R Terry! Even Peter Barr (Have another DRINK PETER!) got caught up in this Crooked County White collar crime of covering up a lien on questionable home-made titles on property directly related to GSC and all created by a couple of Board of Governors members, just like the one above who may be made to “…Give it up!”

When Facemire was the prosecutor in Clay County  he was reprimanded by the Supreme Court in the 90’s for unethical conduct in circuit court!

“I heard he likes his big toe sucked on!”

Complaints  like that and complaints even more outrageous have flooded the CalPatty Press website recently over Tim Butchers son being pulled over for a DUI… failing a field sobriety test, then not having to go before the court or taken to jail according to statutes and state law. The son was just picked up at the police station. A couple of weeks later the adult son of Tim Butcher was in a car with several other people where allegedly drugs were found. Again no arrest!

This illegal preferential treatment was a matter of discussion recently at a Glenville City Council meeting, where Butcher had told the Mayor that it was “Just OK” –which of course was a total and blatant lie. You will find all that info in a previous article. Just another example of the elite of Crooked County “Making up their own rules!”

Calhoun Cop- and Fire Starting Cult gang associate- C. Shane Dellinger who’s felony case was reversed due to wrong ruling by Facemire over a juror!

Why should West Virginia laws apply to the people running the show in Crooked County?

Also, if any person, says anything about it, they are attacked, threatened with jail and may find their closest pet murdered!

Finally Justice Starcher is doing something about all the misconduct in the 14th district Circuit Court!

Further, we have it on good authority that by some miracle of god, the Governor is aware of the problems in Central West Virginia…” And just what is going on with public officials involved in running things like a third world country!” He should know, He is running the whole deal!: Big JOE is their boy! The local Power Elite are backed up like a big dog by big Joe, and with him it is all a go!

Convicted of 4 felony’s but only serving 4 months Christopher Shane Dellinger had his case reversed in WV Supreme Court – Richard(Dick) Facemire got the blame for calling the wrong shot regarding a wacko juror and the Dellinger case was reversed just last summer — The THREE faces of EVIL above and best friends with the Lemegeton! Richard A Facemire an expensive judge as a result of the HUGE number of cases that end up in appeals court for years!

Circuit Judge Richard Facemire biased Clay jurors against defendant Gerald Thompson by acting like a prosecutor, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals unanimously ruled recently.

Facemires attitude, it was reported, was what upset the Supreme Court Justice Starcher the most.

In an outrageous, unheard of, and illegal act, Facemire asked witnesses an exact amount of 180 questions! This is unheard of in legal history!

That fact alone put all the Supreme Court Justices in a tizzy!

Justice Starcher tells it like it is regarding reversal of Facemire Case

The defendant Thompson’s attorney, Jerome Novobilski didn’t challenge Facemire’s conduct at trial. The same sort of behavior was displayed by Calhoun Counties F John Oshoway during the “Travesty of Justice case” Do you think the F in… “F John Oshoway” is the short version… of fuck up?

The SUPREME COURT found that after testimony from the first witness, state police trooper Richard Stevenson, Facemire kept him on the stand with 83 questions.

Facemire asked him if Lieutenant Michael Goff had training on handling hazardous waste and “Meth labs like this.” Stevenson said yes.

Facemire: “I note that you said Lieutenant Goff destroyed the methamphetamine other than some samples. Is that right?”

Stevenson : “Yeah, he destroyed all this liquid stuff contained within the Mason jars and such.”

Facemire: “Lieutenant Goff took up this meth and gave you samples. Did he give them directly to you?” Stevenson said yes.

Facemire: “I note that you say that the meth lab was not active at the time you responded to the scene. Is that correct?” Stevenson said yes.

Goff testified next. Facemire asked him 20 questions.

Facemire: “I assume those recipes aren’t for making a cake?”

Goff : “Not a cake I’d want to eat.”

Facemire: “So those recipes are consistent for making what?”

Goff : Methamphetamine.

Facemire: “Anybody that possessed that wouldn’t have any other reason to possess it?”

Goff said he knew of no other reason.

Kermit Sanford, Thompson’s father in law, testified first for the defense.

Facemire kept him on the stand and said, “You don’t want to see anything bad happen to Mr. Thompson?” Sanford said no. (THIS IS HIGHLY ILLEGAL COURTROOM PROCEDURE BY A JUDGE)


Facemire: “Likewise, you don’t want to see anything bad happen to your daughter?” Sanford said no.

Facemire asked what he saw in photographs of Thompson’s residence. Sanford said he had never seen those items.

Facemire: “Under penalty of perjury and false swearing, you are telling -”

Sanford: “I’m telling the truth. I’ll take a polygraph, sir.”

Facemire: “I’m the one talking here, sir, not you.”

Thompson’s mother, Jesse Thompson, testified next. She described a fight between her son and his wife that led to gunshots and a 911 call.

Facemire asked what the fight was about. Jesse Thompson said, “They didn’t have to have anything to get in a fight over.”

Facemire : “You want this jury to believe that they just like to fight and it wasn’t anything they were fighting over that day?”

Jesse Thompson: “He was telling her to leave and she was crying. She didn’t want to leave. And then she was gonna leave and he told her not to leave so that’s all I know it was about.”

Facemire asked if she saw her son shoot. She said, “After I got outside. He shot maybe once before I got outside. Then he shot a couple of times after.”

After FIVE YEARS in the West Virginia Court system the above brushog had a closing cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars! Gerald B Hough is facing a felony subornation of perjury charge filed recently with the WV State Police in regard to this rusted piece of junk – Hough paid a state witness $700 so he could tell the jury she was a VICTIM when a recent title opinion revealed that particular witness had NO INTEREST in the property at all …. ZERO!! The jury was tainted from page ONE of the court record because of the criminal infraction by Hough prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County- Marilyn Matheney from Lemon equipment is under federal investigation for the fraudulent appraisal of this piece of old used rusted farm equipment that Deputy Gerwig told a Gilmer County Grand Jury was brand new with brand new retail price!!

Facemire: “Well, which was it? You’re telling this jury first now that you were inside when he shot and so you didn’t see him shoot. Now you’re saying -”

She said, “No, I said -”

He said, “other -”

She said, “Okay, pardon?”

He said, “No, no. I’m talking right now.”

She said, “Okay, you talk to me. You tell me.”

He said, “You see, there’s a procedure here. I get to ask the questions. You get to answer them, okay?” She said okay.

Facemire asked the defendant’s wife, Kristin Thompson, 13 questions. The Justices did not pass along any of that dialogue.

Gerald Thompson Jr. testified last. He said police threatened him.

After cross examination, Facemire asked him if he told the magistrate that police threatened him.

Thompson said, “No sir, I was scared to.”

Facemire asked if he mentioned it at circuit court hearings.

Thompson said, “No sir, I was scared and I’m scared now. I don’t know what’s gonna happen when I get out of here, if I do.”

Facemire said, “You would agree, you would have more to lose in this case than the troopers do?” Thompson said yes.

After jurors convicted Thompson, Novobilski appealed. He and assistant attorney general Robert Goldberg argued before the Justices Feb. 27.

Without the REVENGE of the GHOST WOLF the Lemegeton that lurks in the mountainous realms of evil that looks down on all of Crooked County       … may rule forever!

Starcher’s opinion in Thompson’s favor quoted from West Virginia Rules of Evidence that, “…In jury trials the court’s interrogation shall be impartial so as not to prejudice the parties.”

Starcher quoted a Supreme Court of Appeals opinion that, “A judge may ask questions for the purpose of clearing up points that seem obscure, and supplying omissions which the interest of justice demands, but it is not proper that he conduct an extended examination of any witness.”

Starcher wrote, “…The nature of the questions, especially when coupled with the questioning of trooper Stevenson, suggested to the jury that the trial judge had assumed the role of the prosecuting attorney!”

We were told late Friday evening that the attorney representing the defendant in the “Travesty” case, made the same statement when he first read

357 Evy Campbell smiling like a bitch after beating a murder charge!  A recent comment left on the GFP by a concerned citizen stated the matter correctly HOUGH WAS THE PROSECUTOR ON EVERETT CAMPBELL’S MURDER TRIAL,AND HE LET KNOWN FAMILY MEMBERS AND CLOSE FAMILY FRIENDS SIT IN AS JURY MEMBERS,FAMILY MEMBER SHACKLEFORD SAT ON THAT JURY AND CAMPBELL WALKED SCOTT FREE ON A MURDER TRIAL.GILMER COUNTY IS VERY CORRUPT–I think this is a tragedy that a man can kill another in cold blood and still walk the streets. I think that we here in the USA have the best court system in the world but it has flaws. I suppose there are more votes from Campbell and his family and friends than there is from Medley and his family and friends who lived over 100 miles away. Medley was a loving father and a good friend of mine who I will miss very much. He had three great kids who will miss him much more than me. I hope the Judge in this case sleeps well at night because many of Medley’s family will not for some time to come. Carl Robinson, friend of Mark Medley

the court record in the “Travesty of Justice” case, “The judge had assumed the role of the prosecuting attorney.”

For over 18 months, Central West Virginia Bloggers have been trying to present the truth to the people of West Virginia. Finally… some of the facts involving cases we have been discussing and reporting about have been proven true. These cases are only one example.

Soon we hope to bring you news of more misconduct involving Gerry “Just OK” Hough, and the Chief Deputy Bandy criminal trial.

Notice you are never told of any of this “True information” or hear any truths from the local Crooked County Rag…. The Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder. Yeah… they’re the pathfinder of bullshit!

(The SS covering of the Bandy trial will go down in history of top-notch reporting and excellent foresight by calling the outcome of the Bandy Case more than 15 months in advance! The Calhoun County Chief Deputy Bandy Criminal case goes down in history for the most well documented case that was also a complete disgrace for the fine State of West Virginia …in the fact that Gerald Hough Special Prosecutor assigned to the case acted as defense counsel instead of a prosecutor and the judge assigned to the case is on record for reminding Hough that his motions were the motions of defense counsel not a prosecutor!)

Since it is the HOLIDAY SEASON, lets celebrate by republishing an RGW article read by thousands looking back to December three years ago. Happy Holidays from Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!!

By Free Bird – Reporter for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf/Hurricane Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

They used to say it’s not what you know but “Who you know.”

In Gilmer County what really seems to matter these days is …“Where you buy your blow.”

Partiality to long-standing friends, especially by appointing them to positions of authority, is how business is done on a daily basis here in Gilmer County and if you deal a couple of kilos or a few hundred pills along the way all the better.

Merry Christmas from The BUTCHER BITCHES famous members of the Gilmer County POWER ELITE that Broke Bad like they did for Beach Blanket Bingo during the SUMMER of LOVE on the CalPatty Press, certainly in the Holiday Spirit above and have each others tongues deep deep deep in the Holiday!

By the way, have another drink, like Princes Di wife to Timothy B Butcher or do as you’re told and don’t worry.  It will be “JUST OK!”

“How’s that working out for you, Gilmer County?”

Take, for example, good old Crooked County Commissioner Brian Kennedy. He worked at the college for Aramark, promised to move to Normantown if they’d support him while he ran in the city, gets the job, gets fired at GSC for what in reality constituted embezzlement with his buddy Shattuck and hand in hand with the evil and hated Larry Chapman who he is still trying to get back into office.

Next thing you know Kennedy is working at the Morris Sports field getting a Morris Foundation check too — and since those two jobs and his bitch ass wife TARA KENNEDY’S state salary,  still can’t pay the bills or support their habits ,even when  hanging out with Judge Facemire — but then dude is told to help run the Morris restaurant business with his old buddy, the newest place where all the elite meet — and a place where all that dope just might hit the street!

“Kennedy doesn’t have time to come to Commission meetings because he is high as fuck! If the WALRUS does show stoned as hell he is not on time and can barely stay till the half day once a month is finished!”

Now we hear that fake fuck is going to Florida for the rest of the year and beyond (what do you say, Orange Bowl with Ike or Shelly and Greg?) and there’s even been rumor if they can’t get Metz in they’d like to make Kennedy a Magistrate. 

Running Gassaway Road after closing the bar ( the only thing open at that joint), Crooked County Commissioner Brian Kennedy runs his car off the road…just like DOUG MORRIS!

Connie O Stinky Commissioner ASS shown on right, with HESS, KENNEDY — And is he a pitcher or a catcher .. Darrel Ramsey, whose son said dude had sex with a boy from the head start program when the son was drunk as hell at the folk festival back in 2010 the summer the Butcher Bitches BROKE BAD on the CalPatty Press.

It is probably not a good idea for evil corrupt elite to step off in our territory bitches, for middle run is not far away and that is SS owned and operated right next to IKE’S private 10,000 acre game reserve and hunting club. A few of the members have taken shots at our dogs a few times in the past, and next time will be the last time if we catch them at it for the highly trained K-9′s have every right to defend themselves, and they will be let loose to do just that, plus they get a very well armed back up now just in time for the holidays.

“Did anyone chase Kennedy down at home and determine if he was hurt, what condition he was in, was anyone else in the car or what caused the crash besides the fact the Walrus was too fucked up on Cocaine and booze to drive!”

Brian Kennedy is the nephew of the infamous Butchers of the Butcher and Butcher law firm. In Glenville, the county seat of Crooked County, the VILLE the purpose of family ties mixed with running the local county government is to be able to pull strings and the right strings can be pulled by putting the right people in control for the sole purpose of becoming elected, reelected, or having your supporters and close associates elected or reelected! Kennedy has proven to be a real bad actor. But, then again, it’s not necessarily who you know, but where you buy your blow in Gilmer County, and COCAINE is Brian Kennedy’s middle name.

No indeed ‘cause the Sheriff  Mickey Metz already knew that dog wouldn’t hunt. Call Moss, tell him to hurry the Walrus is down! He’s just a little piece up the road. Standard Operating Procedure, give anybody that is fucked up and with him a ride home and it’s Just OK but remind that lying bitch Tara Kennedy to pick up his paycheck as he might not make the meeting today. Feeling a little under the weather we hear, is it because of all the Cocaine and beer?

Damn, hope we can be there next time, we just need better communication equipment to respond, but that is on the budget for next year.

What about I’d stop pulling out that hair if I were you Doug Morris?  Somebody needs to teach that man something about business before pleasure!

“Sheriff Metz ran as fast as he could when the Mrs. heard the  Morris name on the scanner!”

Knew he had to stop Huffman from writing up anything silly or letting some biased State Policeman get involved. Had to make sure the big bosses grown kid didn’t have another reason to leave town.

The GILMER FREE PRESS reports that DOUG MORRIS VP of WACO OIL and ASS got his ass busted for dope after crashing his car within yards of the former headquarters of the West Virginia, Secret Seven Coalition!

On Tuesday, December 13, 2011, The Gilmer County Sheriff Deputy Ben Huffman was dispatched to a single-vehicle Motor-Vehicle-Accident at approximately 5:00 AM on WV Highway 5 west, near Gilmer-Calhoun county line.

According to Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz, he responded to the vehicle accident as well since he lives about 1.5 miles from the accident.

When Deputy Huffman arrived on the scene, he asked Sheriff Metz who was in the car accident. Sheriff Metz advised Deputy Huffman that he had not seen the driver, but the driver was at the residence just down from the accident.

Deputy Huffman went to the house and identified the driver as Douglas Shane Morris from Glenville, WV.

At this time The Gilmer County EMS was on scene helping Morris because he was complaining about his back hurting.

Shortly after, the victim was transported to Minnie Hamilton in Grantsville, WV to be treated for injuries.

The toxicology report request by Deputy Huffman which was sent to him on December 15, 2011 by Minnie Hamilton showed that Douglas Morris tested positive for THC, Benzodiazepine, Amphetamine, and Opiates.

A DUI charge was filed in Gilmer County Magistrate Court by Sheriff Deputy Huffman against Morris on Monday, December 19, 2011.

The complaint notes: Any person who drives a vehicle in WV while he or she is under the influence of controlled substance is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, except as provided in section two-b of this article, shall be confined in jail for up to six months and shall be fined not less than one hundred dollars not more than five hundred dollars. Violation of W.Va State Code 17C-5-2(d)(B).

Somebody call Phil Reale one of the heavy weight secreted  Crooks from Crooked County and have him standing by,  don’t give a damn about anything else, handle it, take care of it, make it, “Just OK!”

Check it out Phil Reale — you are not the real deal, but the real Phil Steal –we are gonna be on you like fly’s on shit all of 2012 for we would love to hit some of that shit dude!  Just let me hit it one time, oh yeah and from behind like a Butcher Bitch that’s got the itch!

If y’all want to know why the WV GAZETTE won’t print shit about Gilmer County, it is because of Phil Reale, lawyer dude, Ike Morris dude, Power Elite dude and enemy to the Central WV SS, the CCC and the brand spanking new Gilmer Schools Coalition.

“And it comes to latest incident where DOUG MORRIS VP of WACO OIL and ASS, wrecked his car under the influence of FIVE different drugs you can bet some sneaky and underhanded Gilmer County shit will be dealt now!”

For all we know someone has a new car besides the Hess’s tonight over that.  Yeah, he probably only picks up the cash but with his local dealers getting caught right and left and Calhoun County fun waiting, what’s a good little crime boss to do?  Make his daily run.  Hand Mickey what you found on me, he’ll give it back when I’m out of the hospital and by the way, get me to that hospital before anyone else shows up.  Tell him to make sure it’s all still there, see him later gator, and then back to F L A for some more C O C A I N E.

REAL DOPE dealers like Doug Morris son to the infamous IKE MORRIS of WACO OIL and ASS go free and can actually get caught with Cocaine while breaking other laws and walks…

Butcher Bitch Lexy Butcher looking sexy while all of the elite can use drugs without worrying about the local Sheriff or law enforcement, others are falsely prosecuted to keep the Crooked County machine rolling!

Here is Timothy Alan Furr who was busted recently because he has been injecting METH with a needle and then took too many pills and was getting too many thrills and just look at the man’s mug shot.

It spells, “Dougie Morris let me snort the good cocaine so I had to take some of his dads Lortabs I got from Doug Cottrill to try to come down man…”

Timothy Furr, Age 42, it has been said has been dealing dope for and from DOUG COTTRILL who is a close associate of IKE MORRIS, and he washed cars at DRAKES AUTO SALES so is also possibly connected to the BUTCH DRAKE drug connection and Tim was caught and was charged with possession with intent to deliver marijuana, possession of controlled prescription pills, possession of meth and possession of cocaine.

Dude was also arrested for daytime burglary, so he was in the act of ripping off some more dope or in the act of getting some money to buy dope from the WACO OIL and ASS drug dealing Cartel in Glenville, West Virginia.

Detailed Offender Information

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon
Full Name: Furr,  Timothy  Alan
Height: 6′  1″
Weight: 240 lbs.
Birth Date: 3/10/1969
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 12/16/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

Poor Tim Furr is hooked.  Got to have it, got to deal it to have it, and he’s hoping that promise still covers him too.  $4500 will do the bail and good to go.  Not his first rodeo, if nobody brings bail, he’ll have to roll and pretty much knows the business from the bottom to up about so high.  Guess what’s going to happen and as long as the judge does as he’s told no one should be the wiser. Give him probation so Tara can handle that and the drug test results will be just OK. That’s what she gets the state benefits for, that and making sure they come up positive if necessary or they’re controlled by threatening to take their kids or jail their husband.  When the perfect set up is in danger, one of you paid flunkies better step in to make it just OK! That auto dealer drug transport deal is too valuable to screw up now. Which esteemed lawyer will they pull out of their pocket for him?  The high road would be a Bowles and Rice representative but probably just give it to a local.  He’s really not family you know, not real family, but that monkey’s already been trained.

Selective prosecution is practiced in the most crooked county in WV Gilmer County, the home of the most reversed and off the hook judge in the entire state Richard (DICK) Facemire! Doug Morris just got popped again, last time Oakie Starsick State Trooper busted him for Cocaine the dope and the charges just disappeared, and all of these above excuses actually work if you are a child of the POWER ELITE of the EVIL VILLE known as Glenville, West Virginia, and just like the case of Timothy B Butchers son pulled over for DUI back in the old days of the original Crooked County Crooks website, the first website in WV to report the REAL TRUTH!

Forms of corruption change from day to day, but include bribery, extortion, cronyism, nepotism, patronage, graft, trading in influence and embezzlement.  Every form witnessed right here in Gilmer County too many times to count and too many of the same names always involved. Corruption that facilitates criminal enterprises such as drug trafficking, money laundering in addition to crooked real estate deals, and maybe even a little human trafficking go on daily.  Local law enforcement, with the apparent blessing and total cooperation of the elected officials, turns a blind eye and open hand to it all.

We all pretty much recognize favoritism when we see it.  It’s favoring a person!

Larry Chapman on left in the county commission office pulled a fast one on Gilmer County — Surely Chapman had to excuse himself as President of GCEDA so Bennett and the rest could vote him in for a paycheck but that wasn’t enough. Bennett had to see that Chapman’s latest squeeze was hired too. Job well done! Hope she doesn’t teach the kids how to sleep with a married man and break up his family as part of her PE courses! Just another fine example of ethics and morals in the Crooked County. That’s how much the Board of Ed cares about who’s watching the children. Nasia says that’s just normal. Now that Chapman gets the paycheck (which just happens to be about equal to his old Commissioner’s salary) plus health insurance, do you believe he will do more for Gilmer County than he did when he was just President of the GCEDA or County Commission? Maybe he’s just been holding out on us but I think we’ve seen this dog and pony show before.

And, that is not because he or she is doing the best job at anything but rather because of some extraneous feature-membership in a favored group, personal likes and dislikes, etc.  It’s using who you have in your pocket or under your thumb to get what you want. Favoritism or patronage is  demonstrated every day in hiring, honoring, or awarding contracts, distribution of cash gifts and cash equivalents,  selective criminal prosecution, and appointments to public service jobs in Gilmer County are expected, it has become the norm. Nepotism is probably the most common form of favoritism around here as it covers favors to members of the family.

Both nepotism and cronyism fueled by guilt through association controls the lives of our citizens in every way that can possibly affect their communities. Some form of “I got to get over” mentality is always behind the moves the Einstein elite make these days.  Seen in the naked light they have made this county one ugly place.   Keep it in perspective, keep it real, this all happened in just one week! People say it’s still a feudal state, I say we exist in a state of unfettered political corruption  known as a kleptocracy, meaning “ruled by thieves” and that has always been the real name of the game.

Maybe it’s time for the decent folk of this county to do some thinking. No person with any understanding of what constitutes moral and ethical behavior can possibly believe there’s a very bright future for anyone but a few of the selected if we stay on this path.

Is it too late to save this county before it becomes a nameless blob on the map included in some type of consolidation so the politicians can get more federal monies based on total population — Is it too late to save this Crooked County from the embarrassment of an illiterate dumb as fuck Sheriff like Mickey Metz and a dishonest prosecutor that Gerry Hough has proved to be?

Don’t know, lets hope not, but it is a cruel irony that our leaders have called building the federal prison a”Major economic development,” while the investors of the new hotel located right next door utilized state funds and now want to downgrade the facility to a local inn while the drugs and sex and rape and debauchery carry on with no consequence to any other but the victims and the tax paying citizens of Gilmer County

Ethical Treatment for Gilmer County?  Will It Ever Happen?

Remember when the Gilmer County Commission, Larry Chapman President, approved the purchase by Extension Agent Shirey of a series of books written by Dr. Love, Sex Therapist to teach a class at the college using such titles as “HOT MONOGAMY-Making your marriage sizzle”? (While being paid with county taxpayers’ dollars).  How long was that true fact denied?  Remember they used levy funds and the citizens were so irate the commission pulled the money out of their own pockets to pour oil on troubled waters and make it go away?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…

Time for Beach Blanket Bingo with Bikini’s hidden underneath — Lizzy Butcher taking a Dizzy break with good pal just before the Summer of Love where the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad!!

Remember when the commission almost gave away the medical center on mineral road, revealed in a report in the Gilmer Free Press?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
Remember when the bond issue for the college dorms was passed by the Gilmer County Commission, with Larry Chapman President, when there was little or no public input sought?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
We remember it well, they all left the one meeting they had on the issue to go down the street to get legal advice from Butcher and Butcher (Timothy B Butcher, President of GSC Housing Corp and R Terry Butcher, Board of Governors at GSC) as to whether or not to sign it and the Commission signed the application that day?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
Remember the issues involving the Gilmer County Recreation Center and the Golf Course?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
Remember a series of no-bid contracts?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
Remember the Gilmer County Commission with Chapman in the lead denying that any election complaint had ever been filed or that the County Clerk was being sued in Federal Court the entire time a Federal Election was in progress?
…and all that denial turned out to be a new river in Glenville or something for it all turned out to be a lie!

Well, that was all Larry Chapman!
Remember that the Gilmer County Economic/Industrial Development Association (GCEDA) has been appointed by the Commission as the authority for economic development in Gilmer County and that Larry Chapman served on that organizations’ board as President/Vice President, or one officer or another over the years while in the elected office of Gilmer County Commissioner?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman!
Well what is it that is all Larry Chapman now?

Now Larry Chapman, President of the GCEDA who worked with fellow Board Officers and Members to establish a Search Committee, creates a job description, places advertisements and seeks applications for the position of Part-time Coordinator with Health Benefits for that job-entity created with the potential for fulltime.


That job is all Larry Chapman!!
Where is the service to others?

All we have ever seen is service to Larry Chapman from Larry Chapman by Larry Chapman for Larry Chapman!

This man actually has to excuse himself from the executive session and the vote because HE WAS STILL THE PRESIDENT OF the Gilmer County EDA!


Because that job is all Larry Chapman!

Shameless and promiscuous intercourse came at a young age for Lizzy Butcher(left)losing her virginity at just 13. Promiscuous daughters sometimes come from incestuous fathers, and an unruly daughter will make an unruly and promiscuous wife someday for someone else a little further down the road. Feeling attractive and loved by  R Terry Butcher “Daddy” can help a girl have more confidence and strength and those Butcher Bitches certainly can throw one mean TYRONE!! Oh yeah!!!

It has been suggested that the Board of Directors of the GCEDA needs to familiarize themselves with Sarbanes-Oxley legislation and the IRS Code for 501c-6 non-profit organizations.  They prohibit any part of the net earnings being used to benefit individuals of that Board or its Directors other than “reasonable” compensation for actual expenses incurred.  Also, providing accurate information as to possible conflicts of interest on the form 990 is imperative AND THE LAW.

Oh, don’t tell me, because that job is Larry Chapman too? Is Larry Chapman the law? Could Larry Chapman have solved issues that have caused the local community embarrassment like spending thousands of dollars of state and county money to fight a fabricated case all the way to the Supreme Court involving old used farm equipment, just like that sits on every farm in the state of West Virginia, and then pay people to lie saying it was brand new?

Oh, that Larry Chapman!
That job, the biggest SNOW JOB in circuit court history is all Larry Chapman too?

Yep! That was all Larry Chapman!
Since the board seems to be all about Larry Chapman they might also want to guard the status they have enjoyed under the Federal Volunteer Protection Act.  Can this long time business owner, charter member and multiple times President just forget the affiliation?

Will Western Auto be left out with no representation?  Leaders of Gilmer County…  can you do anything without being underhanded?


That job is all Larry Chapman!
Gilmer County deserves better than this and we will never forget the day that Glenville, West Virginia in Gilmer County was all about Larry Chapman!!
Mr. Chapman, if we are wrong and you have not broken the law in this matter, please explain.  Your silence can only be considered confirmation.  If you cannot explain, perhaps the IRS can!

Bullying GFP in Public Meeting and Attack on Free Speech

After the meeting was called to order, Mr. Larry Chapman, the out-voted previous Gilmer County Commission President, entered the room, disregarding the rules of order, put his name on the sign-up sheet below others, took his jacket off,  threw it on the chair, and publicly verbally attacked the GFP reporter.

Chapman demanded the Commissioners create a resolution forcing GFP to submit names of everyone who had responded to the article about the unusual method by which he created and hired himself for a part time position for Gilmer County Economic Development Association.

I see Connie O’Stinky stated when asked about Larry Chapman and his out burst, she said she almost peed herself, and then it was reported by a bystander that, “Chapman came in sputtering and spitting like a boiling teapot”

Chapman took off his jacket and threw it down on a chair! And then, demanded to know who was sending that stuff in about him and his Hottsy Tottsy Girly Girl to the Gilmer Free Press, Chapman acted in a very threatening manner!

Where the ELITE MEET the VILLE in Gilmer County where Nasia Butcher can make some calls and have all of the schools taken over by the state and R Terry Butcher who with brother Timothy B Butcher did not do an accounting in 12 yrs on the AJ WOOFTER estate against WV law, and had to face no consequence because of evil and unlawful political actions, “They really know how to deliver by the Crooked River, DOPE and CROOKED POLITICS!

A typical local “Power Elite” just having a little fun at our expense while engaging in a typical everyday Crooked County day full of nepotism, which often leads to pressure through the family somehow or then there is, the holding of a carrot out in some type of bribery–And soon there could be embezzlement, extortion or graft, or even another real estate scandal like we just witnessed with our own eyes, while the “Powers that Be” never stopped denying the real facts.

Deny deny deny! “Oh it is all just a lie!”  Not this time Crooked County!!

You done got CAUGHT a being Crooked down by the Crooked River!!

Y’all know how to deliver down by that Crooked River!!

This is the FAMOUS CALPATTY PRESS article that all turned out to be true right from the start that fateful December night FIVE YEARS ago. Now we know that BASIL FRED HILL was murdered and his body conveniently found near the home of former Sheriff Metz four months later. December 10th 2009, was the last FULL DAY Fred Hill was on this earth, he was killed about 1 hour and 15 minutes into December the 11th.
The truth of the matter is the leaders of the community knew exactly how FRED DIED years ago, and only the FBI from Washington DC will be able to bring us justice — For the local law enforcement in Gilmer County is completely and totally corrupt, and that is something that most everybody knows for miles around.
 fredhillfunathomewithkitty(Fred Hill above in photo was murdered in December of 2009 in Gilmer County)
The local prosecutor Gerry Hough knew at the time FIVE YEARS ago, who killed Fred Hill, how he died and everyone that was responsible — And when the time is right we are going to tell the world all about it — It is a very ugly story! Our Gilmer County Prosecutor is very dishonest man! We may find out more facts about his dishonesty when the Publisher of the Gilmer Free Press sues Gerald B Hough on the 19th of December 2014 in a Gilmer County Court for misconduct while performing his prosecutor duties. Dave Ramezan is seeking more than $30,000 in damages from a cheating prosecutor.
There was an eye witness to the murder of FRED HILL who was not part of the killing — And now we know the whole story!  Unfortunately the leaders of our community were criminals then and they are criminals now.  It can be proven.
The following story is how it was told five years ago, complete with the Curtis Mayfield song Freddie is Dead, for we knew then just how CROOKED the law was in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!
The group known as the Secret Seven Coalition which also includes the many editors and reporters for the truth blogs of Central WV, have long been dedicated to bringing the real truth forward.  That “Truth” is sometimes ugly and includes bad news about a corrupt judicial system and the evil that haunts the woods of Central West Virginia and the courts of the small surrounding counties.
Fred Hill had just returned home from Texas to be with his family and his ill father – he knew time was precious!

A man told investigators that he saw a man matching Hill’s description on Saturday morning between 9 and 9:30 a.m.–The man said the person he saw was standing in the median on Route 33, and appeared to be disoriented A very ominous and nasty force known as the “Powers that Be,” are capable of breaking any law, and also capable of committing rape, murder, or whatever suits their agenda of maintaining power, and then becoming richer, while the common folk have everything taken from them, and then many are persecuted, then prosecuted, for relatively minor infractions.

Central WV leads the nation in per capita of people incarcerated! Here in central WV corrupt prosecutors like Gerry Hough are involved in conspiracies to  lose evidence against bad Law Enforcement, or just never bring a case forward, as was done in the circuit court case of Doug Starcher from the WV State Police twice brought up on charges of perjury, but the cases were mysteriously dismissed, without cause by Gerald B Hough.

Gerald B Hough prefers to target people often for personal reasons, then suppress evidence that could certainly prove innocence! If you are part of the SS, or have posted anything on any of the many truth blogs, you are going straight to jail bitch! …and then, the ‘powers that be’ will gladly tell you “that” was the reason why you are going right to jail, no bail for you!  Just ask one of the Princesses of Glenville, Tara Kennedy, she will tell you! If the target is a member of the SS or a reporter or media person, then charges will just be made up and a “Crime will be Created” as was done in the “Travesty of Justice,” case that has cost the state of West Virginia thousands of dollars to fight for the years it has been in all of the high courts.

There is one thing the local “Powers that Be” don’t like at all,   ….and that is “outsiders” like Fred Basil Hill 29 years old, a young man brought to the local area by employment. Freddy Hill was doing contract work for a local gas company in Glenville, also known as the capital of CROOKED COUNTY, where the Crooked Crooks live next to the Crooked River! And buddy if they kick you out of a Glenville Bar, like Freddy was, then you are also most likely going to get your ass kicked too! After all, we are talking about Crooked County, where there are no rules, in fact… “They make their own rules in Crooked County!”

The SS made the prediction, not long ago, that soon someone would be found on a small island on  a fork of the lil Ka-Noy! (Recently mentioned by a member of the SS!) You can bet that Fred will be found much like Melody Rush, just fucking dead. “Yeah, she was drunk, and fell down and now she is just… dead!” No investigation, no nothing! It will be the same old story with Basil Fred Hill,  just the word of, “Oh dude was drunk, and stumbled!”     “Now Fred’s dead!” Basil Fred Hill, is he another casualty of EVIL!? Another victim of a senseless killing?!

Then of course there was the Millstone double murder that happened before the other Millstone double murder and the  Heather Richards mystery death that was never looked into and all those hunting accidents and on and on.
By the way    …the CalPatty Press and two members of the Secret Seven  recently received threats involving the Heather Richards mystery death incident, but it was a laughable matter, in which the person or persons that were making the  threats, suddenly realized they were making threats to someone that could probably kill them, right then and right there, and maybe would.
“Oh my God, I’m gonna die, “ is an awful thought to go through a young persons head. So the people making the threats were literally laughed at since it was a pathetic effort, but obviously someone maybe told them they could try it. It’s just that someone forgot to tell them how vicious  the SS are to deal with, and also, how a person could definitely get their ass kicked, or much worse.
Officials, firemen and volunteers and friends of Freddy Hill will meet at 8 a.m. TODAY at the Gilmer County VFD to continue the search that has been going on since last Friday.
Freddy Hill reportedly left Trezan’s Restaurant Bar and Grill in Glenville a little after midnight last Thursday, with friends and his family yet to hear from him.
“With the evil still turned loose on the local area, surely Basil Fred Hill could have fallen victim to the Macabre Dark Forests and Evil Entities of Gilmer County,  home to rape and murder!”
“Or Possibly, Fred Hill could have fallen into the CALHOUN LAGOON of Conspiracy, just down the Crooked River from Crooked County!”
Police used cadaver dogs and a sonar-equipped boat yesterday to look for the man in or near the Little Kanawha River. Funny, how they already know where to look for dude.
If you’re looking for Fred, now don’t shake your head because ya know… Freddy is dead!   Freddy’s dead! The evil still lurks in the hills of Central West Virginia!

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  • cosmoscommunicator

    Because it is hard to know who to trust, I should only mention, that the more ya know, the more you can’t say. I think you are right Fred is dead. Probably me and Jamtart are the only ones up and at em this early.



  • What has been confusing, frustrating and heartbreaking for friends and family is there are two different circumstances under which Fred left. One story goes on to say Fred was asked to leave. Another says he was sober, and simply wanted to go back to the hotel. “Someone in this town knows something, I think, I am convinced someone has done something to my brother,” —Rene Hill –sister to Fred

  • Reeny, ya ought to get with the sister this morning and tell her what you know, because you know you can’t trust the Crooks from Crooked County , they are probably the ones that killed him!

  • Rape, Murder, it’s all the same in Crooked County!

    Actually the sister is older than Fred and spells her name Renee and is also a dispatcher down around the state capital. Since I am not there to call any shots, the first thing I would do, just to show mercy is tell the sister what is up– and where she is, and that it is a long way from anywhere cool. Glad I’m not there for this one. Someone should tell her what is really up and that she has lost a loved one in the infamous Crooked County. It certainly is not looking good. It’s 8am let the search begin!

  • Jamtart

    So why are the people that do these things still vertical? Editors note: Just getting home from work finally?

  • This is the bullshit part

    Anyone with information about Hill’s disappearance is asked to call the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Department at (304) 462-7441. The Glenville Sheriff will do absolutely nothing to improve the situation or do one damn thing to remedy the situation. Nobody I know would be calling the Glenville Sheriff for anything, all they will do is cover up the crime once it is determined that one of the power elite are responsible for the death, but at least it would be nice for the family to have the body for closure. Editors note:The local cops are mostly for protecting the power elite from the regular folk, and also the job description includes running interference for the crimes by the local public officials and are lost when it comes to real police work, mostly the fire department is handling the search and actual work, which is all for naught anyway because Fred is dead, that’s what some chick said.

  • I Remember

    The last time there was a missing person in Gilmer County who had just been kicked out of a bar, there was no search, no cadaver dogs, no helicopter brought out. His body was found three months later, downstream in the Ohio River. His killer, incidentally, still lives in Gilmer County. Editors note: Finally it is cool to see someone getting the point. I think Fred could have possibly been sold some of that bad dope made up at the college. You have to burn off that oxygen molecule at a constant temperature, if it varies even one degree for very long, the batch could turn out to be poison. It doesn’t take more than one big line to kill you, or one spun out fucked up member of the power elite. They are nothing but Crooks from Crooked County. We have been publishing the information about how dangerous Gilmer County and the surrounding area is, for three years now. The cops are there only to protect the criminals that run the town and steal all of the money from the county and the city!

  • > In a trial, in Crooked County the small time small town prosecuting attorney Gerald B Hough called his first witness, a grandmotherly, elderly woman to the stand. Gerry Hough approached her and asked, “Mrs. Jones, do you know me?” She responded, “Why yes, I do know you, Mr. Hough!” “I’ve known you since you were a young!!” “Quite Frankly, you’ve been a big disappointment to me. You lie, you cheat on your wife, and you manipulate people and talk about them behind their backs! “ You think you’re a big shot Mr Hough when you haven’t the brains to realize you’ll never amount to anything more than a two-bit paper pusher. Yes, I know you. You are a dishonest man, and everybody in Gilmer County knows it!” > Hough was somewhat taken back. Not knowing what else to do, he pointed across the room and asked Mrs. Jones, “Do you know the defense attorney Mr F John Oshoway from Calhoun County”? She again replied, “Why yes I do. I’ve known Mr. Oshoway for years and even went to his daughters funeral almost five years ago!” “Mr Oshoway is a lazy lawyer, he is bigoted and he has a drinking problem!” “He has never had an innocent client in his life, in his mind, they are all guilty, or else why would they have ever been arrested!” “John Oshoway can’t build a normal relationship with anyone, and his Law Practice is one of the worst in the entire state. Not to mention he cheated on his wife with three different women, one of them was my daughter that worked in his office. So, yes I know him!” > The defense attorney F John Oshoway tried to stop the testimony and object, but was over ruled. > The judge, Richard A Facemire asked both counselors to approach the bench and in a very quiet voice said: ‘If either of you idiots asks her if she knows me, I’ll send you both to the Central Regional Jail right now!”

  • Renee Hill is in Glenville helping Gilmer County emergency crews search for her brother 29-year-old Freddie Hill. He was last seen Friday night when he was asked to leave the Trezans Bar in Glenville. “The stories conflict as to why he went out the backdoor, but he did and vanished into thin air,“ Hill told MetroNews Tuesday. Hill is hoping for a wonderful end to the story, but knows that may not happen. “I think more likely someone in this town knows something and something’s been done to him,“ she said. “And I want anybody that knows anything that please…it’s time to stop torturing our family and let us know.“ Editors note: Torturing entire families is what Gilmer County does best, especially if you’re not from there. This, however, is the worst part of the bad news: The Gilmer County Sheriff’s Dept. is handling the investigation

  • Forces of light and Darkness in Gilmer C ounty

    Somebody does know something, “That a fact Jack!” And that info was passed on to a member of the SS! Editors note: I say raise the white flag and get to the family with all info, since you know and I know that the poor woman is probably sitting at the same table with the murderer disguised as a good guy from the city, but we know em as a Crook from Crooked County and a son of darkness!

  • Anonymous

    lll Editors note: is that a hint, because it is not much of one. Unless of course you are making a reference to Basil Frederick Hill III Therefore…message received!

  • The Anonymous One

    Im writing to you in order to pass on some information….I have an interest in this case and also have some sources there on the ground who have whispered in my ear. Someone in the position to know among the searchers has let it be known that the daughter of your local sheriff was in that bar the night that Freddie vanished. This coupled with the fact that initial reports were that Freddie got helped out through the back door because he was bothering some of the local girls makes me wonder what other details your sheriff might know? I’m not a local boy, give me your insight, and I will feed you mine. Editors note: You are not the first person to contact us today, in a similar regard, so many have come forward, please send info to –The SS is the only organization that has budgeted funds to have central WV public officials investigated. In fact, many of us have sacrificed much too much of our own money, but this is a crooked as fuck part of West Virginia. The sheriff, although a nice guy is not going to bring anybody to justice that is among the power elite, and that is the downfall, since he works for them, so therefore, he works for the bad guys and if you think for a moment the circuit court judges that are local are upstanding citizens, think again. At least one of them suffers from a mental illness. Dude’s daughter was also involved in setting up a member of the SS that led to that person being jailed and charged with crimes he is innocent of–so that same chick has fucked us up by hanging out with close associates, riding in the same car with them, and then the Sheriff is waiting with handcuffs after the vehicle is pulled over a little further down the road, although that was an 08 incident, we haven’t forgotten for a second, but that is how it is done in crooked county, it is always from the inside and then the power elite will fuck up your life and good!

  • Freddie was with a local girl that night? Fred’s not dead, not that night some chick, said, “You’re drunk, you better come to my place,” and then, so he proceeded over there, and then she came home later after putting him on the couch, and had to tell the dude at the door not to come in because Freddie looked dead, but he was not.

  • Berk

    Anyone concerned about Freddie can add me as a friend I traveled to Glenville/Gilmer County today and it is a really strange place.. I will not rest till I find out the truth behind all of this… so feel free to add me as a friend to learn everything i have found out.. i will be posting pictures tonight hopefully.. that town is very eerie… Editors note: Fuck yeah it is eerie dude, and you are not a stupid person. From all we have gathered Freddy is about as cool as hell a person as you could ever know. “That kind” is always the kind the “powers that be” like to fuck up. They live for it!

  • Please believe with all sincerity, that if anyone that we know or are associated with had anything to reveal in the way of specific information either good or bad, we would most certainly make every effort to contact you personally. To get to the truth, you need to get down to the level of the action and communicate one on one with the principles, locations, persons present, persons with special knowledge that have talked to someone that thinks they know something, etc. Observe, make specific observations, then try to become familiar with the unique mores, norms, or other social factors that could be considered extremely local to that particular location, and then get with someone that can utilize all of these talents from an experienced and knowledgeable skill level. The answer is so close you can touch it, but there are a lot of secrets kept in Crooked County. If we possessed any of those secrets we wouldn’t be human unless we shared it immediately. We can only hope to be a junction for information. Sometimes, people, and often people we are unfamiliar with trust us with secret shit sometimes. In the past some of that secret shit proved to be not only true, but painful to hear. Sounds like Freddie came from Salt of the Earth folk and “those kind” are damn hard to find in this world anymore.

  • (12/17/2009)HH Report By Bob Weaver Gilmer County officials are now scaling back search efforts for a 29-year-old Charleston man who has been missing a week after he left a bar in Glenville. There have been a few leads about the whereabouts of Basil Fredrick Hill, according to Sheriff Mickey Metz, and officers are conducting interviews to try and get more information. Search crews have been focusing on the Little Kanawha River for several days. The area has been combed by foot volunteers and extensively from the air, and a dive team was brought in to search the river. Sheriff Mickey Metz says they’re focusing on interviewing anyone who saw Hill the night he disappeared and looking at surveillance footage near the bar where Hill was last seen.

  • The way it is

    Like it or not, the search is being scaled down, so hope to get lucky, and you all must leave the investigation in the hands of Sheriff Metz and stop speculating or telling some tall tall tales. Lets stick to the facts. The facts are the Gilmer County Sheriff is in charge of the investigation and all the scuttle butt or gossip must stop and leave the situation in the good hands of the police that know the area better than anyone. Have faith and the servants of god will be protected by our dedicated West Virginia law enforcement. There really is nothing more to do about it. Leave it to the Sheriff to figure this all out and go back about your business. It’s not like this is the first time this sort of thing has happened, so let the professionals do their job. Editors note: “Oh brother!”

  • cosmiccommunications

    I am getting a real bad feeling about all of this. Especially after reading the entire comment section. I don’t want to even add my thoughts. I just hope they find him soon. Where are all the good tracking dogs?

  • (12/16/2009) Wirt County authorities are investigating the discovery of a body found in a remote area near Creston, trying to make an identification of the remains. The body was discovered in a wooded area in the Groundhog community, not far from Creston, according to Gregg Busch, the Wirt County Medical Examiner. Officials would not say whether the body was male or female, but did indicate it had been at the location for some time. Busch says the remains have been sent to the state Medical Examiner’s Office in Charleston. Details are sketchy, with Creston residents saying they have not recently been aware of a missing person. The Wirt County Sheriff’s Office and the West Virginia State Police are all investigating.

  • Damn it! Lets get out there and find out what happened to Freddy Hill

    Comments from internet: In search of Fred Hill Posted by: K. Dani on Dec 17, 2009 at 09:29 AM I just came back into town and heard about this from our Jr. High band teacher. I’ve known Freddie since we were little, and I know he wouldn’t do anything stupid. Please, SOMEONE get to the bottom of this so his family doesn’t have to worry! Posted by: Maggie on Dec 17, 2009 at 09:14 AM Please don’t stop covering this story. Someone has to know something. Freddy is a very sweet guy who would not just walk away from his family. I continue to pray for his safe return. Posted by: Amber on Dec 16, 2009 at 06:02 PM Freddy,Is the best friend or brother anybody could ever ask for, and my only wish is that he come home safe and sound, those of us who are blessed to have you in our lives miss and love you so very much! Editors note: On November 1st after a long search that lasted a whole day,a member of the SS found two lost pit bull mixes in the woods at night. The first successful search for our newest dog, and the lost dogs belonged to a policeman. I remember his wife crying and crying when she received the news her babies were found. I suggest more effort in getting out in the woods, preferably not at night though, the successful searcher went a little crazy in the effort, but maybe that is what is needed for this situation too! Get a little crazy in the effort. Get back out in the woods and stay there until somebody gets some good news from somebody.

  • Jenn

    This is so crazy! Freddy and I have been friends for 12 years. He is a super cool, sweet, caring guy and I truly think someone has done something horrible to him. I agree that Gilmer County is crazy and it kills me to think that some stupid ‘good ‘ol boys’ may have done something to him for being different. I am disgusted by the lack of information available to his loved ones and also at the backwards law enforcement. This will not go unsolved, but someone may be getting away with murder and it’s a shame. Lots of love to you Freddy. Turn on your love light. Peace out…

  • We have been trying to educate people about the evil and corrupt Gilmer County, West Virginia for quite awhile now. In Gilmer County you will find some seriously fucked up power elite that are nothing but criminals and they have an entire police department to protect them with a Sheriff in their pocket. Any smart young woman would have snatched up Freddy as soon as he showed up the other night. Part of me wants to think that he is snuggled in some once-in-a- lifetime love nest somewhere after falling hopelessly in love with a girl that finally met her dream man. I really want that to be the ending to all of this, but the practical side of me thinks he showed too much attention to the wrong girl that liked it– and someone’s power elite son or close relative got mad about it. –Rina McCoy/CalPatty Press Reporter

  • Go to Hell

    listen to all you retards out there i am from gilmer county lived there my hole life and i was a firefighter there and you all need to relies that it is a small and that stuff like this only happen once in a while. And as far as the cop go i agree they are worthless but as far as trying to find fred if the person or persons that had anything to do with it kept him in the county then the fire department will do anything they can to find him and that is a promise Editors note: ” …that it is a small and that stuff like this only happen once in a while” In response to the above quote taken from your comment, WE were not talking about your penis, I hope you realize that, not relies, and that is my whole life not hole, but thank you for your time and your comment and thanks for wanting to help. We did come up with a new bumper sticker though, thanks to your comment! Go to Hell-We live there-Glenville, West Virginia

  • Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz says right now no one seems to have any idea what happened to 29-year-old Basil “Freddie” Hill. “We have no signs at this time of any foul play. I do find that speaking with the family, I do believe that this individual would have called home,” the sheriff told MetroNews Wednesday. Search crews have been focusing on the Little Kanawha River for the past few days. But Metz says they’ve now pulled back because they’ve combed that area extensively from the air, from the ground and even a dive team was brought in to search the river. Now Metz says they’re focusing on interviewing anyone who saw Hill the night he disappeared and looking at surveillance footage near the bar where Hill was last seen. Hill and his co-worker, both contract employees for a gas company, went to a bar after they finished work on Thursday. Metz says they’ve questioned that co-worker about what happened that night. “They were drinking heavily,” the sheriff said. “They were pretty intoxicated at the time and Basil was asked to leave the bar but the co-worker did not know that at the time.“ When the co-worker realized Hill had left Trezan’s, Metz says he remained at the bar for a couple more hours. He thought Hill had gone back to the Best Western, where they were staying, with a woman. But that wasn’t the case. Metz says around 1:00 AM last Friday morning several teenagers stopped and talked to a man they identified as Hill near the courthouse. Hill appeared intoxicated and said he was fine. Another possible sighting was reported to police Tuesday. Metz says a man traveling down I-79 believes he saw Hill standing in the median around 9:00 or 9:30 AM Friday morning. “He said the individual looked disoriented, that he was standing in the median, that he wasn’t hitch hiking. He was just kind of standing there looking around,” Sheriff Metz said. The sheriff’s department is bringing in the West Virginia State Police to help with their investigation. Right now Metz says their best hope is to get a tip or some sort of information that will lead them to a very alive Hill.

  • Friend of Freddy and Renee still in a state of disbelief!

    My friend Freddy (Basil Frederick Hill III) has been missing since Thursday night (Dec 10.) He was last seen leaving Trezans bar in Glenville, WV. Since then tracking dogs have traced his scent down to a river. A search has been conducted but has turned up nothing so far. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact his sister Renee at 304-553-9856 or his friend Leah at 304-421-4280. Or contact me any which way you can. Thanks for keeping an eye out. I spent many happy times with Freddy and Renee when we were kids and am still in a state of disbelief and shock concerning his disappearance. You may have also seen this posted by others, but I’m not just running with a news story here. I actually know Freddy.

  • The Anonymous One

    I am curious, not being all that familiar with Glenville. Why would Freddie leave by the back door (through the kitchen)? Does this bar normally have a bouncer on Thursday night who showed Freddie out? Or did some of the local patrons send him out? Editors note: Good question. Three women were the owners, we haven’t kept up much on the local scene since the Main Event got busted, a power elite run establishment. We have been more about being pub goers in the past. Love smoking fatties on the back porch. Met some pretty cool fricking people at the pub and some cool old dudes with some real good weed. Had some good times there. Sounds like someone could have used Fred’s head to open the back door and him being a little dude, being tossed by an Ox and being made to fly might adversely affect one’s ability to fly in the future. Chances are REAL GOOD that someone that works at the restaurant bar knows all anyone could want to know. I would be ON-like a big dog the owners, the manager, bouncer, bar tender, waitress, and all patrons like fucking yesterday, and about twice!

  • Anonymous 2

    I questioned why he went out the back door. I have been in that bar several times and have seen a couple of people ask to leave, they always left out the front door. If he did go out the back door, someone needs to talk to Lori C., the manager of The Little Kanawha Apts., she and her husband live in the house back of the apts., and the back door of the bar and her front door are just a few feet apart, and that nosey bitch doesn’t miss much. Editors note: Question: I questioned why he went out the back door. Answer: “Cuz Freddy ain’t from round here now is he?” “Hey Freddy are you ready…. why do you talk so funny anyway?!”

  • The matter of your greatest concern was promptly remedied as per your request. Certainly we stand corrected in the error. Thank You for speaking your mind on the matter, but can only partially post your redacted comment. Our own safety becomes a concern if we were to point any direct fingers at specific “power elite” Fraternity from Glenville, West Virginia. We are talking about Crooked County Crooks that live next to the Crooked River …for a reason!! Freddy is my friend. I miss him and want him home. The fact of the matter is he is still out there and the actual people who know and love him want to bring him home. Editors note: This is a CCC article, but published on the CalPatty Press and the CCC have a reputation for letting it all go crazy with little or no editing I may add. So, I know who sucks, but I can’t say. Power elite suck, and they kill. They are just waiting to kick all of our asses again! Chomping at the bit, from what we hear. Most likely, some of us will be the next to be “…just dead.” But, we are mother fucking screamers and we are gonna tell!

  • r

    If these circumstances and allegations of a systematic miscarriage of justice are indeed true, get the FBI involved. Q. A Good suggestion, but you have to be referred to the FBI from another law enforcement agency so it is a bit of a catch 22. We hired an attorney and went to dinner with him and then he in turn was able to have lunch or dinner with a US Attorney which is a federal prosecutor and ‘off the record’ discussed our concerns. So, then, if they become interested they can have the FBI help in the investigations, or their own investigators. Believe you me, they have heard quite a lot about Glenville, West Virginia for the last five years

  • M & M…


  • I have the answer! I have the answer!

    Reading all of these comments it states earlier about Fred Hill and his family are “salt of the earth” people and that those type of people are hard to find. Fred is a “salt of the earth” person so that is why he is so hard to find! Editors note: I don’t think that’s what he meant when he said lighten things up and stick to the facts. “Sounds like Freddie came from Salt of the Earth folk and “those kind” are damn hard to find in this world anymore!” –Rina McCoy CalPatty Press

  • Are the SS the NEW Redmen?

    “With the evil still turned loose on the local area, surely Basil Fred Hill could have fallen victim to the Macabre Dark Forests and Evil Entities of Gilmer County, home to rape and murder!” –CalPatty Press Could it be? The SS started in Calhoun County in 2006 have become the new Redmen?! Just take the Crooks from Crooked County out back and beat em was the ways of the days of old. The “Redmen Act” was passed in West Virginia to prevent vigilante activities, and in Calhoun was used in an attempt to prosecute individuals for what is known as “The Whippings at Sand Ridge.” (HH source) Thirteen Calhoun persons were indicted in August, 1910 for complicity in the whipping of Rev. Scott Williams, a holiness preacher. Dozens more participated in the act. Albert and Wesley Poling were held under bond to appear in the case, since they witnessed the event. A large number of masked riders on horses descended on Rev. Williams, dragging him from his dwelling with a pillowcase over his head. Five of the masked men beat the clergyman, severely lacerating his body. The Polings had assisted the Rev. Williams in coming to Calhoun, but for months rumors about the preacher’s doctrine had spread around the county, indicating he was “preaching against God” and “had young nude girls participating in some meetings.” Sounds a lot like the goins on up there on the hill in Glenville West Virginia where they have all those rituals and such and the men are men and the goats are scared! A newspaper account said “Wesley Poling, an aged and highly respected citizen, and his son, Albert, who is also a first class citizen, were attracted to the scene of the whipping by the noise made by the mob, and implored the maskers to desist in the cruel designs, but they were of the same faith as the preacher and were given the same dose as he.” The Polings, founders of the historic Sand Ridge round church, were tied to a tree and beaten. It has been told, Albert Poling uttered a blessing upon his persecutors every time he was whipped! The court attempted to locate the Rev. Williams to obtain additional information, but he returned to Oklahoma. No one was prosecuted for the attack.

  • By Bob Weaver Authorities returned to a remote area of Wirt County yesterday near Creston to continue investigating the discovery of human remains. Members of the WV State Police spent much of the day doing a forensic investigation. Hunter’s reportedly stumbled on the skeletal remains, whose sex is yet to be identified. The Wirt County Sheriff’s Department and the WV State Police responded to Groundhog Ridge, finding the body about 25 feet off the highway in a thick wooded area. Gregg Busch, the Wirt County Medical Examiner, sent the remains to the State Medical Examiner’s Office for identification. Authorities did say the body had been at the site for some time. The best known missing person in the region is Christian Dawn Starcher Seabolt The 18-year-old Roane County girl left her mother’s apartment in Spencer to get a pack of cigarettes on August 31, 2002, and has not been seen since. Seabolt was an acquaintance of “Tattoo Vince” Golosow, a Tariff, Roane County man, now serving time for killing Michael Judson Reid, 52. “Tattoo Vince” was connected to a number of individuals who resided in Roane, Wirt and Clay counties.

  • For Justice

    Is there an existing agency in WV, such as CrimeStoppers that a person can anonymously report a crime to? CrimeStoppers exists in a lot of areas, and they will act as a contact point and clearing house for rewards in a crime. I was made aware of the situation with young Mr. Hill, and his disappearance in Glenville, WV. If there were to be a significant reward established for information regarding the facts of his disappearance and the individuals involved, who could receive that information and be trusted to handle it appropriately and keep their confidence? I find this case so disturbing that I would consider contributing to a reward fund. Editors note: We suggest calling Renee Hill at 304-553-9856 with your suggestion, and desire to become involved. I am sure she is anxious to receive any and all positive support.

  • Buggiechop

    I have known the Hill family for 10 years. I don’t think anyone understands what they are going through right now. What I can explain is that they will not rest until they know where Freddie is. Someone knows what happened or where he is! Freddie and his sister have one of the strongest bonds I have ever seen. Renne will not rest until all resources have been used. His parents deserve to know the fate of their son. Fred has a kind heart and a unbelievable love for life. That is how he was raised. These qualities can be found in each of his family members. I would love for someone to come forward give them the information they need. Otherwise the great citizens of this town will never get rid of his family.They will always be present in some way digging for closure. That’s all anyone is asking for. Please give this family a Christmas miracle! Editors note: Good comment, but this is not the first time for a situation like this and many good families have been destroyed thanks to the corrupt power elite of Crooked County, in fact we have written 750,000 words about it. I am not sure, but that has to be almost as many words as War and Peace by Tolstoy. Unfortunately in this case of the Hill’s, the family that deserved it the very least fell victims to an evil so malevolent as to be talked about only in whispered shudders of terror! Glenville, West Virginia! It can only be described as … Hell’s Homecoming!

  • Jamtart

    If Glenville is Hell then where is the fire and brimstone? Q. Editors note: On top of the hill at the courthouse Oh by the way Mr Jamtart was that really your love juice used in the picture for the girl that posed for the photo at this Cal Patty article? That is what it said, and now I can’t find it.

  • Jamtart

    Burn baby burn!!! Q. The entire town needs to just disappear and move that fucking college to some place else! Most people are outraged at what goes on, but are too kind-hearted to do anything about it.

  • Lisa Minney beloved member of the local community received a threatening e-mail and reported it to the Secret Seven (pasted below) –although, this letter is not well written, it doesn’t mean it did not come from some wacked crazy loon Crooked County elite that might be jealous of the success Lisa Minney has had in the publishing business. If anyone else received a letter like this contact us immediately. The SS has received several threats lately, but no letters or bomb scares yet. Subject: YOUR LIFE IN DANGER Hey, My name withheld, I am emailing to you for very important information about your life. There is secret information that has a lot to do with your life. I came across this secret accidentally. There is a group of secret cult members mixed with assassins. They held a meeting on how to track your family; they planned on how to hit you first before any other person in your family. I have had a means to cover their meeting discussions on how to eliminate you, right now I have the tape and I know you would like to have this tape so that you can solve the problem before they take your life. I use to be one of them but now I decided not to allow you die this way for some reasons. I have the tape and you need not to report the case to police yet, we need to arrange on how you can get the tape immediately .If you report this case to police or any security service, mind you they will not spare your life and family reply me immediately……do not try to run because they are monitoring you I know the time they planned to hit you, you need to reply me immediately……you are closely monitored!!!

  • ck

    I met Fred for the first time on the night he went missing. He was obviously intoxicated, but was a calm peaceful man. He did start hitting on some of us girls at the bar, but was not pushy or out of line at all. I talked to him for awhile and thought he was a very nice guy. I have a sketchy memory of the night, seeing as how I was too intoxicated, however I do remember him being asked to leave the bar by the bouncer. He was standing toward the back of the bar and was asked to leave through the back door, I just assumed that it was because of where he was when the incident happened, but now that I think of it, I have never seen anyone asked to leave through the back. I pray that he is found and well. Prayers are with he and his family until some answers are found. Editors note: Dude was set up like a big dog, somebody better be talking to that bouncer, and dude better have a fucking good reason for bouncing Freddie to oblivion, or I can believe there is going to be a big problem. A lot of people have fucking had it with the Gilmer County Bullshit and their Crooked Prosecutor and their Crooked Judges and their Crooked Cops and their Criminal public officials, but we certainly are grateful for your time and your honest recollection of that night, and further, express our sincere thanks! –And I am sure the family members of the Hills thank you. You are brave, kind, and a caring soul, and we need more people like you to help us. Please. We would appreciate it if you would talk to Renee, her number is posted in this comment section. Thanks Cori

  • The local SS calling for arrest of bouncer at Trezan’s! It has come to our attention that Fred Hill’s civil rights were violated over a week ago at Trezan’s restaurant in Glenville. The bouncer had no right to put his hands on Fred Hill and or block his exit to the front door. The SS is demanding a VIOLATIONS OF CIVIL LIBERTY’S arrest complaint be delivered to the bouncer of Trezan’s along with a pair of handcuffs. Otherwise, the questioning of the delicate matter should be taken up privately, since obviously nothing is going to be done, unless we do it ourselves. It is the belief of the SS that BASIL FRED HILL was murdered by the infamous Crooks from Crooked County that often take a dislike to “Outsiders” messing with the local females. These dirty rotten son’s of bitches have been getting away with murder for far too long and it is high time something is done about it! Maybe that bouncer might like the holy fuck kicked out of him, would that be fair play since they killed Basil Fred Hill in cold blood, and did it with the endorsement of local public officials

  • hurting

    As a relative of Fred Hill not only are our hearts broken that he is missing, but broken because his Dad is seriously ill and failing due to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Please, please if anyone has any answers whatsover, let the family know so that his Dad will not leave this world without knowing what happened to his only son.

  • The Anonymous One

    What is the name of this bouncer? I think I would like to meet this fella, to see what it is he might have forgotten about the incident.

  • ck

    I remember him being asked to leave and being shown to the back exit, however I never saw anyone put hands on him. I’m not defending the bouncer, don’t really know him. He was actually pretty calm about the whole situation though, I don’t think he was mad at Fred whatsoever, they were just trying to avoid a situation with any of the girls/boyfriends in the bar. The bouncer returned to the front of the bar within minutes of leading Fred out the back. I just wanted you to know that as it may disqualify the bouncer as a suspect somewhat. Editors note: Thanks Cori for your accurate account of the immediate situation, unfortunately those people with not so accurate information, that were not there, like you, have been telling some colorful stories about that bar and other bar room situations. We, however, unfortunately, are all too familiar with “How it goes” In Glenville, and “How it’s gone,” in the past there. Therein lies the problem. At any rate we certainly appreciate the time you have taken to clarify some of the issues. We got some real hot heads to cool down right now. Some people are calling to question that person in close quarters, if you know what I mean. We are tired of all the crap that goes on in Crooked County, a lot of good people have come to harm from the Corrupt Public Officials and Crooked Ass Cops.

  • The saddest part of all of this is that soon we will just hear no more of it. Fred’s body will maybe be found in three months or so, and then for a few days that will be talked about and then you will hear of it no more. In fact years from now Sheriff Metz won’t even admit to being Sheriff when it all happened. He will answer the question with, “Was I the elected Sheriff then? I thought I was only a deputy,” and with that statement alone there will be denial and a hidden meaning spelled with capitals. The cold blooded murder has already been covered up, and we would have no doubts that a few certain public officials had to be involved for the cover up all to take place. I would not get my hopes up for any happy endings, the criminals disguised as police and public officials aren’t going to let anybody come here and mess up their perfect world of profit. They make a damn good living at being crooked and they make a damn good living when it costs you everything you have ever had, just like in this case. Basil Fred Hill lost everything he ever had and the good town of Glenville, and the fine criminals of Crooked County will figure out a way where that bad event puts money in their pocket/or they have already taken precautions to see that nobody messes with their future profit, since they have a pretty good deal going for themselves and all the money just goes around and around in the power elites’ own corrupt little circle. Also, they have a newspaper in their pocket…the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit to sway the story in the way that will make them all look good.

  • For Justice

    My thanks to ck for her recollections about what she remembers of the evening that Fred went missing. I would ask her, and anyone else who was there, who might have left the bar shortly before Fred did. My guess is that someone was waiting at the back door, and it took some communications from the bouncer. If no one left shortly before Fred, then a phone call was probably made to arrange for someone to be there. Any competent police department would be getting a subpoena to examine his cell phone call records that evening. (I assume there is cell phone service in Glenville?) Editors note: Depending on your service cell-phone service, can be NOT that good in some area’s where a hilltop gets in the way of the tower. Better bring the entire network, like in the commercial. “My guess is that someone was waiting at the back door, and it took some communications from the bouncer” That is exactly what we thought too! “Any competent police department” …is not what you are going to get in Glenville, they are completely incompetent and do not care about the facts of a case, they go by hearsay or what their friends say without ever checking the veracity of the statements– and are actually dumb asses enough to take that same information to court and that is why so many of the Gilmer County cases are going to WV Supreme Court.

  • Council of Concerned Citizens

    Check this out! What we need to do, is snatch up that little piece of shit bartender tonight and the bouncer too, just after closing time and take them out back by the old bridge where no one can hear them scream unless you are near a back window in a room at the Conrad Hotel. Those Crooked County pieces of shit tell us everything in about thirty seconds when they realize they are taking a trip down the crooked river and will be going out the same way Fred did. Then we round up the other stupid mother fuckers that they rat out, and go in and drag them out of their fucking houses in the cold and the snow until they take us to where they dumped Fred. Basically, if someone wants to get it on with a bunch of well armed pissed off professionals, then bring it, you will get your asses kicked. Then, if anyone tries to stop us we light that place up like the fucking fourth of July! Enough is enough! Nobody is going to do shit unless we do it. Editors note: I was told to just leave it, since this is America otherwise I wouldn’t have let this comment through, because I know who sent it, so, I corrected all the errors and spelling and let it go. Hopefully, this is not necessary, if that is OK with y’all

  • ck

    I don’t recall anyone leaving shortly before him. Like I stated before, I was under the influence and was really only focusing on the group of people that I had been talking to, including Fred. I really wish I could tell you more. I am not giving up hope on facebook, I have been reminding everyone to keep this in mind and not give up on Fred and this case and not to let law enforcement give up on it either. Hopefully we will find answers to our questions soon. I feel so bad for Fred and his family, and being one of the last to have seen him, want to help as much as I can. Editors note: Cori, Thanks again for staying in touch. The family I am sure hangs on to your every word, under the unique circumstance of this sad occurrence. However, law enforcement is already done with it, and will not pursue much of anything now. They can’t go against their own power elite. The police are only well paid minions.

  • Anonymous 2

    I spoke with a friend tonight, he told me that Fred was sent out the back door and the person that he was having trouble with was put out the front door. Don’t know if there is any truth to this, but if it is, Who was the person he had trouble with and where did he go after leaving the bar? Does anyone else have any information about this???? Editors note: “…and where did he go after leaving the bar?” Think that is obvious, dude went to kill Fred. But what is even more disturbing is the police have mentioned none of this and are playing down the real truth about the possible indoor altercation. “…Who was the person he had trouble with” We would like to have that name, if you can muster it up in the morning or if anyone is still up partying.

  • ck

    It can’t hurt to keep on their asses about it though. Maybe I am too confident in the power of persistence, but I want to make them see that we aren’t giving up on this. If that is all I can do, it’s what I’m going to do. Editors note: Staying on their ass is what we do best, we are the biggest pain in their ass they have ever seen, and we will call the dogs out on all of those worthless pieces of shit when the time is right. We are about to pull out a huge boner on the powers that be soon–and have been gathering allies to help us do it. Word is, the big law man in town will be called out on the carpet soon, for something he did that was real bad. You are a kind and loving person Cori and we are convinced the family appreciates any and all information you can bring forward. We certainly wish that you had taken Fred out of there, you would have gotten yourself quite a catch, and maybe the best man you ever had, or ever would’ve had. The saddest part is now we will never know. Unfortunately for Fred he never knew that he was in the infamous Crooked County, home to the Crooked County Crooks that live next the the Crooked River in league with the devil!

  • They dont call Gilmer County “Crooked County WVA” for nothing

    Posted by: lisa on Dec 19, 2009 at 06:56 PM what has happened to this story it just kinda droppedout of the news would like to hear a update Posted by: Charles on Dec 18, 2009 at 02:07 AM please keep showing fred’s face and story!!!! it has only been a week you can play it longer than that!!! Keep the search alive, WE LOVE YOU FRED!!!! Posted by: Erin on Dec 17, 2009 at 03:09 PM Please keep airing Freddy’s story. We need to find out what happened to our friend. If WSAZ and other news channels keeps Freddy’s story alive, I think it will better our chances of finding him. **We miss you and love you Freddy, and we aren’t going to stop looking until you’re found** Posted by: Freds Friend on Dec 17, 2009 at 02:23 PM While looking for information on this story I came across a page that seems to suggest atleast the possibility of foul play being involved and raises questions as to why more resources are not being used to find Fred. It is NOT my site. I am posting this in hopes that it convinces someone to come forward or more investigation. Posted by: Anon friend o Fred on Dec 17, 2009 at 01:40 PM Something fishy has gone down.They don’t call Gilmer County “Crooked County WVA” for nothing…The sad thing is, Glenville Sheriff’s office is in charge of the case, good luck getting any answers from them. Their only responsibility is to protect the power elite in the area, who probably had something to do with all of this, they dont like outsiders coming in. Google “Crooked County WV” and find out for yourself… My heart goes out to you and your family Fred. We wont stop until we get answers!

  • Sonia

    Anyone knowing anything that can lead us to Freddie – Please Please let us know. Freddie is my nephew and we cry tears for him. Editors note: We are doing our best staying up late and getting up early and making calls and contacts and writing letters. The SS is doing all they can to help you, when we hear and learn about the family, it sounds so much like our own family, that, it is very disturbing to all. We are conversing with as many people as we can to get some smidgen of daylight in the darkness.

  • Council of Concerned Citizens

    The 2nd in command of the CCC from Alabama will be coming to the area for the holiday’s , also for observation, and to gather information, along with the leader of the WV SS, who is also currently out of the state . We are compiling data on the Snitch List, so send your specific information to the CalPatty Press, so that it can be distributed properly. All information deemed note-worthy will be shared with the 1st SGT of the Glenville State Police and or high ranking members of the State Police in Charlston. The message received at 1632 hours stated that the suggestion should be made to the family to hire a private investigator from out of the area, so that information gathered could also be shared with that person. It was the belief of local members of the SS that by later Friday 11 December that information shared pointed to a hook-up either on campus or near with a local female, by Fred, and then that was all we got. We now question the veracity of the statement considering the reported impaired condition of the source at the time. We waited until later in the weekend before drawing any conclusions, but by Monday, any reasonable person would be convinced that foul play once again reared it’s ugly head in Crooked County, in the manner of an evil entity wearing a blue or green flannel shirt, but that was all that could be ascertained. Editors note: What can we say, but please this time don’t tell anybody you know specific people from the CalPatty Press since that created some uncomfortable moments for us last time. We had to hide out practically in “tick” country where it took me hours to get them all off my dog, and then I had to disrobe with a towel around me on the front porch after being bromed off while clothed. That was not a fun week for me, and believe you me, I prefer indoor facilities. This is the wrong time of the year for that BS again. So just be cool, and you don’t know me….right!

  • Sharedspirit

    Glad to hear you guys are on this one! I saw the news report on wboy and thought “this looks like a guy we would hang out with” . It’s not looking good that he’s going to be found alive. Editors note: It was not looking good to us, over a week ago, we knew what was up then, but was truly hoping dude got with some lucky Co-ed and was lost somewhere in the dorms, passed out with a smile on his face and tired. We thought it was about 50/50– but by the time Tuesday the 15th rolled around, we knew he was gone, and we suspected the worst, and of course, we are convinced that some of the same bad guys we are all too familiar with, were behind the entire debacle. Fuck yeah we would love to kick it with Fred, so lets try to have at least some faith, but I think nobody knows the pitfalls of Crooked County better than the SS. Look for us to be in your area too in the not too distant future.

  • I moved the last two comments to the trash, one of them from one of the Crooked Crooks that live next to the Crooked river (now not shown) since, nobody needs to hear from the people that are most likely responsible for Fred Hills disappearance and this is not the right forum for threats and warning the CalPatty Press once again to SHUT UP! To the CROOKS: You have served court orders, letter to servers, blah blah blah, sent our own attorney’s letters, either get better at having your ip disguised, or change your obvious legal speak. Nothing seems to work for ya, because it is called A M E R I C A …learn that word, and here is another concept you asshole. Freedom of speech! Plus we back up what we say Mr Creepo, hope your wife doesn’t find out what you are up to.

  • Charles “Berk” Berkimer

    Well, after talking to his family the stories are conflicting.. they have been told that Fred was sober and just left and also that he was drunk and was asked to leave after complaints from the ladies in the bar.. one thing is for sure Glenville is a very close knit community and also there are a lot of drugs in and out of that bar.. the family has requested that no one goes around and asks questions in Glenville due to the possibility of someone else being hurt…

  • Just sent a letter to our favorite local journalist, after she reminded me that a similar crime to the Fred Hill mystery disappearance occurred not too far in the past, in fact I believe it was someone she was well acquainted with, if I recall correctly. Lisa Minney, that has her own successful publication is featured in this Crooked County Crooks article that has been getting lots and lots of hits lately, it is one of our favorite CCC articles. Somewhere in time! From the Lost files! A Christmas Message from Justiss

  • Lets not forget what happened last holiday season, a victim of the Calhoun Lagoon of Conspiracy! BODY OF MELODY RUSH AT MEDICAL EXAMINER’S OFFICE – Discovered On Sycamore Creek New Year’s Day (01/02/2009) The State Medical Examiner will determine the cause of death of a Calhoun woman identified as Melody Rush, whose lifeless body was discovered beside Sycamore Creek early New Years Day. Rush, in her early 30s, had been to the George Parsons residence at Russett New Year’s Eve night, after which her sister called 911 about 2 a.m. Thursday, stating she was missing from her car. The car was near the Parsons residence, apparently stuck or stalled, after which she apparently fell over a steep hillside landing near Sycamore Creek, according to Sheriff Allen Parsons. Grantsville volunteer firemen joined the search in an area about 150-yards below a low-water bridge, her body discovered as temperatures dropped to about 15 degrees.

  • Richard D

    ..and also there are a lot of drugs in and out of that bar.. the family has requested that no one goes around. I remember reading on this site, how the CalPatty Press or whatever organization the people that run this site belong to, (i get confused sometimes about all the different acronyms) I do recall the people of this site saying that they wanted Gerry Hough gone, but they had received information from “people” to lay off, because since he was the “head law man” in Glenville, then a lot of dope was able to be stored there and distributed there, and that the drug dealers were being left alone, and the cops had very few drug busts and those “very few” were minor infractions for Marijuna. Therfore this site was taking heat because of them telling the truth about how corrupt all of the local people running the place were including Hough. Soon after the CalPatty Press announced about the local drug problem and the caches and to quit talking about what a bad prosecuter Hough is then there was a drug bust in Gilmer. Yeah after the cat was out of the bag. A lot of people I know read all of these blogs and I for one think they are the best thing to happen to the area to get the truth out. It is funny how they are always right about things way in the future. I noticed the CalPatty Press takes chances and makes predictions far in advance, and then it all comes true just like they said. Someone in their organization has a lot of knowledge, and I heard told they have someone working for them in almost every county and some of those are employee’s close to the bad public representatives. I even heard they have contacts inside the jail. Now that I have some time off for the holiday, I will be looking at more articles and also I like to read the Underground from Calhoun County too. They are all good. Good work. You people really do care and the powers that be you always speak dont care for anybody.They walk all over people. Editors note: Everybody is up late tonight. This Christmas Season will not have the same spirit because of the black mark on our community due to the missing Fred Hill. Thanks for your thoughts. There are a lot of BAD drugs in Glenville, we are not angels, since we smoke a lot of weed, but pills and bad meth and all that other crap that comes from the college is some real bullshit. The cops look the other way and most likely somebody, somewhere is getting a kick back. Bad drugs and a bad environment leads to just what has happened in Crooked County with a mysterious circumstance and a missing person…. (Again!)

  • cosmoscommunicator

    I was informed by cell this morning that power is out in many parts of WV even the land of HUR according to Reeny. So I have been handed the controls to fly the CalPatty Press Machine this morning. The Hur Herald will obviously not be publishing their daily articles until they can get power. In response to the Gerry Hough comment, sorry, but we don’t agree with the leave Gerry in there as prosecutor so the drug dealers can still operate etc. Gerald B Hough is a very dishonest man, that will be confronted with that dishonesty very soon, since a criminal complaint was filed against him in November. From what I understand, the evidence against him is pretty damning, and it will be very interesting to see how he expects to maneuver out of this one, since the tape recorded information provided to police includes statements from a state witness referring to the fact she provided false testimony to do a favor for a friend and that friend was Gerald Brian Hough of Glenville West Virginia. A good philly lawyer said that investigators ask all the right questions and all the right answers implicated Hough in knowingly committing a crime to bolster his career as an attorney and prosecutor. Members of the ruling elitist class in Central WV have all heard about this criminal complaint by now and most likely are seeking a solution to get their good buddy and fellow Crooked County Crook Gerry Hough out of hot water. We all figure he will try to blame the matter on someone else or the fact that he was just, “Misinformed, and certainly he can straighten out the problem now.” What a crock! Hough is a crook! It will be interesting to see what protocol and procedure is used once the higher ranking law enforcement realize…. Gerry Hough is busted! Since it is all me this morning, I have to say I have seen someone get a huge benefit out of Fred’s demise and that is Trezan’s BAR! Trezan’s (which is mispronounced on all of the badly executed TV broadcasts given by unseasoned broadcasters for the most part) received a huge benefit by getting major newspaper coverage in every paper in WV and on all the TV stations. Trezan’s couldn’t hope for a better deal, it would have cost them at least $50,000 or maybe even more to get that kind of advertising. Name recognition etc etc. Good move for the owner’s! Those bitches should have a lot more money in their pocket soon and they didn’t have to spend even a penny! All they had to do was be an accessory to murder, and all the Crooks in Crooked County that live next to the Crooked River have done that a time or two!

  • Lisa

    If someone saw him at the highway in the median and he seemed disoriented then i would be investigating what kind of drug he came in contact with and where it came from, and why did they get conflicting stories from the bar, something is not right there in Glenville. If the family has any money you should hire someone to be investigating for you, cause they probably didn’t like the way he looked or it might of just been the way he talked, maybe he made the fatal mistake of speaking to someone. but you should definitely being checking everyone that was at the bar cause I sure doubt he asked to go out the back door. my heart goes out to the family and his friends there’s so much suffering from loved ones being missing, especially at the holidays when you need them so much I wish you good luck in your search Editors note: That information given as fact”: ( someone saw him at the highway in the median and he seemed disoriented ) is not reliable information at all. We feel that was a false report, or rather disinformation. You see that is how they get us all off track. In our opinion,Fred was dead by 2am Friday and floating down the crooked river. So we really doubt someone saw him disoriented. You really have to consider the source when gathering important information. This case is being bungled in Crooked County, they distort the facts until the facts are total fiction. Last time we hired a private investigator it cost $1180 per day, so that is a good suggestion, but if the family was serious about hiring a P I the bill can go get up to over 10 grand pretty quick. Not a lot of money when you are desperate, but a lot just to find out what you already know in your heart and that is, that Fred is gone and his only mistake was to make an arrival in the infamous Crooked County. However, we made the same suggestion to hire a P I –Since that will be the only way to get any accurate facts what-so-ever. Some private investigators bring a high skill level along with years of experience. We need a homicide investigator that has got over thirty years experience for this one, since the Crooks from Crooked County are the worst kind of Crooks to exist in the fine state of WV

  • WeMissFreddy

    I know that some people from Glenville have been posting on this site. I just have a few questions. Are the cops still investigating and questioning people like they say? Are things just “back to normal” there or are there still traces of effort to find Freddy? The state police were contacted, have they not been there also investigating Freddy’s disappearance? It worries me that the news already has stopped reporting on Freddy. I don’t want people to forget about him. We can’t rest until he’s found. Also, does that bar not have any type of video surveillance where the cops can piece together what happened? What about the people who saw Fred stumbling around the courthouse at 2 am? Is that valid information or another invalid tip to get people off the trail? So many unanswered questions. I truly hope we find out what happened to him. We all miss him so much and won’t rest until he’s found. Editors note: Yes, the investigation is still continuing, according to the local detachment of State Police who are now devoting all of their time to this investigation. The person in charge of the local investigation for the State Police is a seasoned veteran law enforcement officer making a sincere effort to determine the facts and hopefully bring the investigation to a conclusion for good or bad. That is all we know for sure.

  • To Becky Sorry for your loss, and we do apologize if our style of getting to the heart of the matter does not meet with your approval. But, just so you know, we have lost as much as you or even more because of the “Crooks from Crooked County” that you mentioned in your message to the CalPatty Press. Yes, sometimes Secret Seven associates often do say things in bad taste and we do it for a reason because we don’t want to hold anything back. YOU stated; Keep talking about Freddy if you must, but why don’t you please refrain from callously making statements about his state of being at this time. I think we can all do without your clever, clever rhyming (“Fred is dead!”). This is no joke. The freedom of speech we love in this country does indeed protect your right to say whatever you wish; however, remember that just because you have a RIGHT to say something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD say it. So why don’t we practice a little common curteousy and proceed with a little sympathy. I have to admit you made some valid points, and further I can’t disagree with a lot that you have said, but I personally feel your anger is somewhat misdirected since I am personally responsible for 3/4 of the article. Yes SS members should use a little more common courtesy, so we apologize for the way we made you or others feel in that regard. But, we feel the real issue is MORE important. Quite frankly, in our position on the matter getting some real valuable info by being a junction for information far surpasses the common courtesy of just being polite. So I accept the fact that you are angry, but I should take the full brunt of your anger, or at least 3/4 of it, which I do. I am responsible for the presentation. (3/4) And I also stand firm in my reasons for any wrongdoing I am accused of and take full responsibility for it. I do respect your opinion, and I do respect you, but I can’t change anything that is already done. I will take all of your suggestions under consideration.

  • What about the people who saw Fred stumbling around the courthouse at 2 am? In answer to that question: That information tends to hold more veracity, from the limited information we have received. But, I think that the time was more like 12:30am or 1am At least that is what we are going with. So from our personal point of view that was the only accurate witness of Fred.

  • For Justice

    Given the circumstances, we are certain that more than one person has knowledge of what happened to Fred. The bouncer? Or maybe the women who own Trezans and are experienced in observing what goes on? They know the regulars, and anyone from out of town would be known in a moment. Or maybe the girlfriend of the person who went out the front door to have it out with Fred, one of the women who was reportedly upset with Fred? If your boyfriend would put Fred in the river, what’s going to happen when he gets upset with you some night? Everyone who has any knowledge of what went down and is not speaking out is complicit in putting Fred’s family through a living hell. Good people who were already living with the recent lost of grandparents, have a father terminally ill with ALS. Justice shall be done for Fred Hill. In the meantime, I hope that the nights for those sitting on any relevant information will be long and sleepless.Every minute you delay coming forward, you are adding to the torture of this family. May the truth you are hiding continue to gnaw at you night and day until you go to your own grave. Editors note: Couldn’t agree more!

  • Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz told WSAZ no one was able to search for Hill over the weekend because of the snow storm. Metz says once enough snow has melted, search teams will be out again trying to locate Hill. Isn’t it funny how there was conflicting information from the get go, right from the fucking start, you know, the more I think about it, the more pissed off I get. The conflicting stories, the conflicting reports, it is all a little too much–and so mother fucking CROOKED COUNTY, it is how they do everything in this part of West Virginia–and who the fuck gives a shit about a little snow, a foot of snow, shit, so fucking what. Try living in Alaska you little punk ass bitches! Trezan’s got the benefit, nice, good work, their advertising budget isn’t much, but hey the dope bar got coverage nobody could have bought and paid for–for the expense of it all. Maybe Trezan’s will off someone every week and really make some money. The bitches that own Trezan’s don’t seem to be helping much or offering any information. Dope moving through that place like a mother fucking big dog and who does what? Maybe some of us should be waiting for some of them out back, see how they like being tossed in the Crooked River, since it is just a hop skip and a jump away from Trezan’s, plus I remember a scuzzy looking older dude about 45 with long dark hair wearing a hat like he is a tomb raider or something hanging out in the parking lot of the Conrad Hotel and dude was walking back and forth like a nigger on a street corner selling crack, and I sort of got the idea that–that was what he was doing there, selling some sort of dope, now this was months ago, mind you, but the next week I went to town to get some yeast and a copper line, there was dude, again. I thought to myself what a bust, nobody is around, he is by himself, just hanging out when there was no reason to. To me the situation was very obvious. Next time I see that dude, I might just walk up to him and knock him right the fuck out, before I say a word to him, and when he comes to, I am gonna ask, “Seen Fred?” …and then when he gives me that look, I am going to hit him again ….POW! And before anybody asks, yes it did take me over two hours to write this, and finally I had to get the help of Lil Reeny so that she could make it look all pretty and such. and put it on here. I made too many mistakes, and this song is a Reeny pick, that is all. Check out the map, (in the article above) where it shows the location of the bar in red and it’s close location to the Crooked River, that all the Crooks from Crooked County live next to. >

  • The message from Reeny this morning is the power is out in parts of a Calhoun and we would like to report that updates and publication of the HUR HERALD in SUNNY CAL will be delayed due to the difficulties caused by the weather. Because of electric, telephone and Internet service disruptions, there have been no Herald updates. It was reported that it was 32 degree’s with cloudy skies currently Hopefully the Hur Herald will be up and running later today. CALHOUN SCHOOLS CLOSED WEDNESDAY (12/22/2009) Calhoun Schools will be closed Wednesday for a third day related to the blizzard. Staff will not report.

  • WIRT WOMAN IN CRITICAL CONDITION FOLLOWING SHOOTING – Officer Fired After Woman Had Sword, Incident Related To Suicide Reports (12/22/2009) A Wirt County woman who has a history of mental illness was shot by a West Virginia state trooper. She remains in critical condition in a Morgantown hospital. Glenna Westfall, 39, of Elizabeth, was shot late Sunday night by Sgt. A. D. Nichols who was responding to a 911 call to Westfall’s mobile home at the intersection of Rt. 5-14 in Elizabeth. State Police issued a statement saying when the trooper arrived at the residence, Westfall grabbed a sword and aggressively advanced toward the officer. The officer shot Westfall twice, reportedly in the upper body. Westfall was alone when the incident happened. “The trooper fired his weapon and stopped the imminent threat,” the press release says. “The trooper then provided basic first aid assistance, while he awaited the arrival of medical personnel.” The officer was not injured. Authorities had responded to a 911 call a short time before the shooting. Westfall was on the Route 5 Elizabeth bridge, allegedly threatening to commit suicide. An official with the 911 Center in Wood County said authorities responded to a suicide call that came in around 11:08 p.m. Sunday. In addition to the trooper, deputies from the Wirt County Sheriff’s Department and Wirt County EMS responded to the suicide call. State police spokesman M.T. Baylous said, “There will be an internal investigation, as well as a criminal investigation in regard to Westfall’s actions,” saying charges against Westfall are pending. The officer has been put on leave, following procedure. Westfall was a client of Westbrook mental health services. Editors note: Frankly, what other choice did the State Trooper have? I would have shot her too under the circumstance. Crazy whack job charging you with a sword and gonna chop off a piece of your ass. I would have fired more than twice. Chances are this officer is a better shot than I am and placed them well, which is probably what saved her life.

  • This was posted on Capital Intern Site a WordPress blog

    I know my family could rest easier if someone would come forward. I was in Southern Building Systems yesterday and his empty office adjacent to my mothers is describable only as an empty feeling. With that in mind. This story has not just “gone away”. Thanks to good ol’ fashion watchdog journalism there is hope. Check it out. Even if you don’t have a personal connection with Fred, it’s intriguing People are talking and starting to wonder! Editors note:We are doing the very best we can for you. This has become personal for a lot of people that have never met Fred. I think it would be an accurate statement if I said, “We very much want to meet him now!” All we can do is be a junction for information. I believe we have gotten information by being that junction that was not known before. We received accurate comments from Cori K who was there and talked to Fred. Accurate information from a sincere person was worth it’s weight in gold. If Fred is found alive, by some miracle or for some crazy wake up call to us all, it goes without saying we would do everything to be there to shake his hand, hug Renee, and tell him to his face we never gave up on him.

  • MORE ABOUT FRED from the Capital Intern blog

    A family friend and co-worker at Southern Building Systems, Basil “Fred” Hill was a unique young man passionate about real things and dedicated to a real existence. Although I knew him for about a year, his history with my family extended far beyond that. My grandmother remembers him in diapers and my mother helped him find a career with our family business. My grandfather was determined to turn him into a self-made-man.His responsible demeanor won the hearts of all three and the four of them worked side-by-side in harmony. But Thursday, December 10th would change our lives, his family’s lives and my understanding of who I am and what I have learned from slaving over an AP Style book. At approximately 12:30 a.m. on December 10th, Basil “Fred” Hill was lead out the backdoor of a bar named Trezan’s in Glenville, West Virginia and into an exceptionally cold December night with temperatures dropping to the single digits. The bouncer of the bar would be the last person to see Fred hill before he vanished. Fred and a co-worker had finished their first of a two-day job in the small town, about 1 1/2 hours from Morgantown, and decided to head to a bar for a good time and a few drinks. Fred was uncharacteristically interested in finding a lady friend for the night to reward his hard day. But he usually checks in with his sister & he most definitely does not leave a bar, solo, at 12:30 a.m. in an unfamiliar town But the events of what happened before Fred left through the backdoor of a bar are accounts of blurred vision and mismatched stories from the bar staff. Although most patrons exit through the front door or a public exit, for some reason Fred left through an alternate door. While police continue what is now considered a body search, I was recruited from Boulder to do my job as the press and get the word out. Having only used my skills in communication as an intern, I was unsure of how to approach the situation but whether it was the Colorado Journalism School, an inherent ability to grasp reason in times of desperation or months of experience talking to journalists on the phone, I worked quickly, efficiently all the while 1,372 miles away. I turned out a series of press releases to six separate news organizations in Clarksburg, Morgantown & Charleston. All six answered my calls with a segment on both the evening and night time shows. Gilmer Free Press’s Coverage was superb & they served their duty as journalists Thanks to their help, an anonymous tip came from a couple who said they spotted Fred staggering on the road at about 1:30 a.m. Although search teams brought in the country’s most skilled Bloodhound dogs, who have supposedly sniffed out a body 2 miles away from the initial sent, they were unable to turn up anything. More than 45 volunteers; men, women, children–families!– came out to scour the woods for something. But when their efforts were exhausted they produced nothing. No clothing, no I.D., nothing. It’s as if he vanished. A whole town has joined together to help find Fred Hill. As heartbreaking as the whole situation is, I have learned that as a person I am capable of making people move and things happen. Although the search continues, it makes for a brilliant investigative piece for a budding journalist. Why did the police wait until after 3:00 p.m. to take the missing person report seriously? Why did the bar put him out the backdoor? Why did the bouncers’ original stories not match up? Who was traveling on Route 33 in Glenville, WV at 1:30 a.m.? Editors note: Tonight we entertained and had visits from family members and engaged some long seen favorite relatives trained to kill by the US Govt in war time. I felt it was my personal duty to continue to bring the subject up and go over and over and over all of what possibly could have happened and talked about possible altercations and outcomes, and then, when the conversation would be changed by a jolly feeling, holiday mood, and kind talk of the days of old when we were all children –and back to a time when West Virginia was inhabited by Gods chosen few…. I then, would once again engage the topic to a veteran soldier that has seen quite a bit of combat and served in foreign countries. The lay of the land was described in detail and different scenarios discussed. I have to admit, I didn’t like a lot of what I was hearing. Oh God, please provide us with a miracle, for that we may once again feel how lucky we are to be here on your very own creation. We ask this during this special time of the year, we are humble and we are sad.

  • ck

    I am so disappointed with the lack of media coverage on this story. I realize that NOTHING is being done at this point to find answers, therefore nothing NEW to report, but THERE IS A MAN MISSING. I feel like with this snow storm they have found an excuse to throw up their hands and give up. I don’t understand how the media thinks it’s okay to quit covering this. Tiger Woods cheats on his wife, as I’m sure many of these journalist have done themselves, and he gets weeks of nonstop coverage. The well being of a man, his family, and an entire community can’s get a 5 minute spot in a newscast? Where have our priorities gone, and why do I feel like this man has been given up on? Personally, I think I shouldn’t be able to tune into a WV television station without seeing Fred’s photo. Dear Lord, I hope that if I were to ever go missing it wouldn’t be in West Virginia. Editors note: We Love YOU Cori, we know how cool you are, and we know you are truly someone to be valued. Unfortunately, for us, members of the Secret Seven since 2006 and some CCC members too, could easily go missing since the Crooks from Crooked County have plans for our asses! We have never given up bringing the truth. Check this out home-girl, many of the CalPatty Press articles covered events about bad police actions that were NEVER COVERED by main stream media like Chief Deputy Bandy arrested on 8 felonies and then the prosecutor just made sure the evidence never showed up against him, in fact he had another police officer steal the evidence out of the evidence locker. Hough tried to get a change of venue because of our coverage and the judge had to explain to him, that only “defense counsel” asks for a change of venue, therefore, HOUGH, was acting as a defense counsel when he was suppose to concentrate on putting the bad cop in jail, but instead, tried to get a bad cop off, and then let that pretty little April McCroskey off too! Her daddy was the Sheriff for years! I go could go on and on. Our coverage of Facemire having a case reversed because of asking 180 questions as if he were a prosecutor, not a judge, Facemire showed prejudice and adversely influenced a jury and then we published the “quotes” from the WVSC on the matter, that was only one of three FACEMIRE CASES reversed in a short amount of time by the same judge. These media news outlets are corporate owned and having extensive knowledge on how it all works I could explain it to you sometime, but there is the matter of the target on my back and the price on my head right now for the fact of revealing the truth about the “Powers that Be” Read this story on the Crooked County Crooks Website: RESIDENTS OF CROOKED COUNTY IN FEAR OF RETALIATION Numerous officials and Gilmer County(Crooked County next to the Crooked River) residents commented about problems in their county, but said they lived in fear of retaliation. “They are afraid to say anything about the court system or bad eggs in Law enforcement.” said, one Gilmer County resident, One wrong step, one wrong word and LIFE as they knew it is over!

  • Hill Family Friend

    My family has spent a lot of time with Freddie Hill, and I know his father and mother well. I am very disturbed that the mainstream media is not pursuing this story. I believe that if someone from the press or from a show like America’s Most Wanted would get started asking questions, some information would shake loose. I can certainly believe that Freddie was under the influence that night, but I cannot believe that he would have made himself so obnoxious that someone would want to kill him. I am upset to read your headlines about his being dead because I continue to hope and pray that he is alive. I cannot imagine any circumstances under which he would not be in contact with his family, but we love him so much we have to continue to believe. Please continue to ask questions and help us find our friend. Editors note:It is very interesting to note how a man that none of us knew affected us all so much, almost as if he was my brother or my cousin or a close family friend. There is a reason many of us have been so struck by this incident. We are all coming together–over Fred. “I am upset to read your headlines about his being dead because I continue to hope and pray that he is alive” There is a reason we are callous with our headlines, it is to mirror the callousness of the act of what we are certain took place. Nobody knows the wicked ways of the Crooks from Crooked County better than the SS. In fact, bad deeds and Crooked Crooks is what brought the SS together. Yes we have received SEVERAL threats, we have been threatened with being the next ones to come up missing and with jail and we have MOST ALL been thrown in the slammer, but it wasn’t for anything we did, it was for shit they made up or falsely accused, then when we would lose employment for being a little tied up– they would say, “Write some more shit on the internet mother fucker<” That’s about the time we went to war and lawyer-ed up real good, got some big shots behind us, and spent some major dollars, thousands and thousands, if we didn’t have more money than most people do, then we would still be in jail. Now we are planning for the future and going to professionals and questioning the ruling class of the power elite’s ability to pull off the shit that they do–they literally do, ” Make their own rules!” But … are currently under the glass, and they don’t know it, but they already fucked up, and we got all the time in the world, at least until we are found floating down the Crooked River, or they put us back in the Crooked Pen for some more made up bullshit.

  • ck

    I have been reading and was wondering about the safety of the Secret Seven and your openness. I applaud your courage and willingness to unearth the truths of the corrupt officials in the area. I’m not particularly knowledgeable about most of the stories I have been reading about, but I do feel like I have personal stake in this particular story. I’m not family or even a close friend, but being one of the last people to have seen Fred alive and well I have made it my personal duty to not let this just fall to the wayside. I will continue to question what is being done to find answers. Hopefully we will receive a Christmas miracle this year and get some answers. God bless those of you that has been staying on this as well as other stories of this magnitude. Editors note:Your personal duty and dedication to helping the Hill family has been exemplary. Also, when you do read CalPatty articles, keep in mind ,for the most part we are speaking about specific individuals. Not all cops are bad,there are people that care about doing a good job in Law Enforcement. Also, on a personal note, we hold nothing against the Sheriff Mickey Metz. Many of us actually like the guy, but one man can’t do everything, nor can he control the actions of others when they make bad choices or experience and error in judgment.

  • Paul

    would the editor please contact me at my email. I am a cousin of Fred and we are starting an investigation. i could use all the information that you may have. thanks Editors note: I do admire the e-mail address, good choice, but any information that we have is currently published on this page. We very much support the agenda and agree with your motivations. Not a moment to be wasted! If we gather anything new we will contact you as soon as we receive the tip or info Also looked at your Facebook page Paul, We are dedicated to helping in any way we can, being a hub and junction for information has proved to have some value.

  • Anonymous 2

    The names of two boys that claim to have talked with Fred around 12:30 or 1:00 have been passed to me. They claim that he went to their vehicle and shared a drink with them and then he said he was on his way to Go Mart for a pack of cigs. They also claim that the police have already to talked to them. If his family is starting an investigation, and they don’t know the names of these guys, I would be happy to pass an invetigator the names. I don’t know how much weight to put into these guys story, since one of them has been known to stretch the truth a bit. Editors note: If you feel that you want to share, then certainly hold on to that information, the phone number of Renee Hill is listed. I am sure the family will be anxious to get accurate and current information. Certainly, the State Police as well as others in charge of the investigation would consider all confirmed sources. Fred Hill is still missing. We’re sure that someone knows something. If anyone knows anything, please let us know. Members of the SS and the CalPatty Press can be reached by writing to Seven Coalition

  • Anonymous 2

    Who are the owners of Trezan’s? Editors note: There are three owners, one is named… “Fucked” the second is named, “Really Fucked,” and last but not least, “Really Really Fucked!” Waitman Lee Fredrick is being looked at by members of the Secret Seven in the disappearance of Fred Hill who was last seen leaving a local bar in Glenville, West Virginia.

  • Involved

    The Secret Seven is looking at Jeremy Davis, an employee at Trezan’s along with Waitman Lee Fredrick regarding the disappearance of Fred Hill.

  • berk

    Yeah, well as for those 2 boys, Fred has been a close friend of mine and he doesn’t smoke cigs.. so those two douches are lying and yeah someone should talk to them.. It breaks my heart that no one in that town wants to come forward and say something what the fuck people if this was someone in your family or a close friend wouldn’t you want to know, if you come the Charleston and go missing wouldn’t someone up there want to know what the fuck happened to you… how can you live with yourselves knowing what happened and not coming forward.. Editors note: Good to hear you tell it like it is, and thanks for driving all the way out to Gilmer County and spending all day on the search Berk. Every little tid bit of accurate information is important. Everything, all of it. SS Suspects since you are a friend of the family– released by Ranking member of the SS: Waitman Lee Frederick was appointed Chief Jailor at the Gilmer County Jail when Sheriff Smith was elected back in 1988 or 89. Waitman went on to be a big wheel at one or more of the Regional Jails… lost his job somehow and has not done much for the last several years but beat his girlfriends and drink heavy. Sheriff Smith is the father of the famous ” Have another drink Princess Di Butcher” Power elite related suspects, just as we suspected, I hope this new release of new information is helpful to you and the family. The father of Jeremy Davis use to be a city copy in Glenville a few years back.

  • I have my usual alternative theory. But it makes sense. Here is my train of thought. The conflicting stories about his character? Alcohol makes people do things they might not usually do. Like smoke a cigarette or hit on strange women obnoxiously. So we can’t rule out those things. What if he really WAS escorted out the back to avoid confrontation with someone he pissed off? What if the tracking dogs led the police to the river simply because after he was escorted out of the bar he went there to take a pee? Supposing he DID wander around town and get a cig off someone? MAYBE he actually found some folks to party with. G-ville is a really partying place all ’round. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine at all. So, maybe he goes to somebody’s place and because he’s ALREADY messed up and not thinking right, and because we all know what sort of substances folks “party” with these days thanks to the pharmaceutical industry and a bunch of doctors, maybe he dumps some pills or other nonsense on top of whatever he’s already too high on and O.D’s? It’s common knowledge now days that if it’s found you supplied the drugs that someone dies from, you get charged with MURDER. Much safer then to dispose of the body than to call an ambulance. People overdosing and dying is becoming a real common thing. Much more common than murdering someone for flirting with your girl in a bar. My theory, therefore, is that he simply found someone to hang with, they did too much of the wrong drugs, then when he stopped breathing his fellow partiers freaked out, MAYBE because they were “somebody”, or maybe just because they didn’t want any trouble. His body will most likely be found far from Glenville, quickly dumped by idiots. The odds of this being the real story are pretty good as compared to the current theories. Just my two cents as a two bit detective… Editors note: Good thinking and good work and your theory is duly noted. I find your theory highly believable. Some people don’t smoke until they drink and then they smoke, and other good points you have made. Someday it will be one of the PROMINENT SONS of a member of the power elite, and some stripper that supplies him with one of those morphine patches people wear and he eats it, and then dies within minutes and she dumps him off at the nearest gas station. That would be the same scenario. But Fred had more sense than that. Fred was educated and from a good family and had many many friends and none of them thought he was an asshole. So, this instance, seems to set itself apart by the testimony given to Fred’s ability to make good decisions and his dedication to family and duty to finishing the job he was assigned to.

  • The fine folks at the Calhoun Underground made a valid point. Despite the cause, the conclusion to the matter must be soon! CU also known as the CALHOUN UNDERGROUND is a part of the Secret Seven Coalition. Web blogs included in the Secret Seven Coalition–The NEW Lone Meth Ranger Newsletter, CalPatty Press, Calhoun Underground, Crooked County Crooks–And several affiliate websites that often check in from time to time.

  • berk

    i once again have to discount your theory I have known Fred for years and have partied with him all over the country while working at music concerts.. FRED NEVER SMOKED CIGS EVER!!! so the fact that he would be out getting cigs/ bumming cigs can be thrown out the window. Fred also dated a girl for several years that smoked and he never once smoked and actually he would always ride her ass about smoking.. and the fact you think Fred just wandered around and found some people to party with and did something and ODed would probably be at the complete bottom of my list.. like i said before i have partied with Fred in our younger days and he for 1 could handle his own drunk or not, and 2 Fred would never get so fucked up on a work night that he wasn’t able to go to work in the morning, this goes as far back as i can remember working out door festivals and such.. so i think now you are starting to get off point and you are starting to fall into the trap the bastards responsible for his disapearance want, the “to fucked up” theory,, I just dont believe that for a second…, Editors note: Once again, first hand account, long time friend corrects and steers in the right way anyone with a doubt about Freds character. No doubt what was first described was more than accurate, so correct course for those in the need to.

  • just a theory. file away for later.

  • Cindy

    Being a family member all I can say is have the balls or compassion for the grieving family as to what has happened to little Fred. I believe if Freddie was alive he would have contacted his family. I also believe someone knows what has happened. Maybe not the whole story but some of it. As sad as it makes me to say please just tell the family where to find him, dead or (I pray) alive. This family has been through so much this year, this is crushing. So if you read this and you know what has happened to Freddie “man up” and tell someone. You don’t have to give a name, you don’t have to put it in writing, just call Renee or someone. Freddie is a good kid and a loving person. He has a smile that lights up a room. He is gentle and quiet. Please help him make it home. Editors note: “If Freddie was alive he would have contacted his family.” This is all we know to be correct at the moment.

  • WeMissFreddy

    i have to totally agree with Berk. I’ve known Freddy for 10 years now. I’ve seen him as drunk as one could possibly be AND HE NEVER, EVER SMOKED. I was a smoker, as was his girlfriend, and he NEVER bummed a cig off of us.. so once again, that story is so false. They are either lying, or the person they talked to wasn’t freddy. There is no way Fred would be going to the store to get cigs, or bumming a cig off of someone. Its completely impossible. It IS completely possible that Freddy was hitting on girls at the bar. But I don’t want people to get the wrong idea about that. Freddy wasn’t a “slutty” or “sleazy” kind of guy that wanted a one night stand. I talked to him the day before he went missing, and he was talking about how much he wanted to find the right woman and start a family. Freddy was a good guy, and he may have been flirting with girls, but his intentions were genuine. He was looking for Mrs. Right. Also, there is NO WAY Freddy was doing a whole bunch of drugs when he had to report to work the next day. He took his job way too seriously and respected the staff too much to show up to work all high and belligerent. I knew Freddy really well and he stopped doing drugs a looong looong time ago. Freddy was known to drink, but that was it. NO SMOKING AND NO DRUGS. So I guess back to square one with the theories. I have a theory. I have a theory that some crack head at the bar saw Freddy buying his drinks, and got a good look of how much money he had in his wallet. Freddy was a small guy, and the crack head saw him as an easy target. Once he saw Fred leave the bar (or he coaxed him out of the bar) he robbed him and dumped him into the river. What about the men they are investigating? The man who was arrested the morning Fred went missing? Any news on that? Editors note: The only news released on ANY suspects was released by the SS and published on this page. From what the SS knows is that they have their reasons for the actions of both suspects. As far as any info we have the po po have no suspects currently, Secret Seven persons of interest are said to be close to the man who runs the police in Glenville, so draw your own conclusions Editors note #2:“I have a theory that some crack head at the bar saw Freddy buying his drinks, and got a good look of how much money he had in his wallet.” That was some of the same thinking we had when the editors note included the bad checks written by LEE the number one suspect of Central WV’s SS. More information is known, but is not being shared currently.

  • For Justice

    I read or heard that surveillance videos in a store where Fred was falsely reported to have gone after leaving Trezans showed one of the guys who gave the false information drunk and trying to get money from an ATM. I wonder it the guy legally has an ATM card of his own? If not, whose card was he trying to use? Editors note: Did he have the right pin number?

  • allicansayis

    Trezan’s is a bad bar. letting underage teens drink. That place needs to shut down!!! Its too crazy in there. Editors note: In days past …The Main Event became the favorite home of the Power Elite and then ATF had to come in and shut it down while Tim Butcher screamed they had no right to raid the place and take out 20 underage kids, which, one of them was his son. Also the son I believe was arrested for resisting arrest, throwing a pissy hissy fit, bragging about who his dad was and this and that, while the last minutes of the Main Event unfolded before the public and I got a flashback to when I was eight years old– Something smelled sort of funny, but familiar, and then I remembered …It was the smell of corruption once again! Nothing much has changed since I was eight.

  • The CalPatty Press and members of the SS have been talking to a secret secret member about a similar disappearance to Fred Hill that took place years ago, and these are some of the details found out. Yes. He disappeared after being kicked out of a bar, his vehicle was found without him…. etc…. Some things about JP’s case folks don’t know: He was fed yaegar (sp) all night at the bar by the man who shot him. He had pills in his stomach even tho he wouldn’t take an aspirin for a headache.

  • Renee (the sister)

    May anyone out there who knows anything about Fred’s disappearance that they are not telling walk in my shoes from now until your life ends…then continue to experience it for eternity. Try having the love of your life in Iraq, away from you and all he loves because he feels it is his duty to serve in the military so people like you and me may have the right to say what we believe in public, in private, to the press, and on websites like this. Try losing a 41 year old cousin, your last grandfather, a 37 year old long time and very dear friend, and your last grandmother in less than 3 months. Try watching your father become more and more crippled by a debilitating disease that no one understands and be able to do less and less for himself every day. Watch him need his family, whom he has always showered with love and which grows smaller with each passing month, more and more every day. Then have the one constant and true friend in your life, your brother and friend, taken away by some unseen and unknown person or incident; and have to go tell your parents who have already been through too much. Try dragging yourself out of bed every morning and going to work, because, like it or not, life will go on; and you know that he would kick your ass if you laid down. Try going to work and answering 911 calls for help that just put scary scenarios into your head, and being responsible for the safety of the units responding to those calls for help, wondering where help was when Freddy needed it. Spend each workday wishing every minute that the day was over and you could go home, then going home and wishing you could go back to work where there is something else to think about. Finally cry youself to sleep hoping you will wake from this nightmare in the morning, only to have the same horrific nightmares and wake to your new reality that should only be seen on tv. That is my wish for whomever knows anything that they are withholding. Walk in my shoes. Thanks to those who do care and are sincere. Keep searching and praying, Renee Editors note: I think the editors note in a comment on another article expresses how we all feel…. We have to find Fred! There is just no-way we should ever think about anything else, until we do. Too many people this time! It happened to someone that had too many people behind him, that were just gonna say fuck no, hell no! How could you ever like yourself again if you didn’t join those people. For the next time, it might be you or me, and god knows we’ve got no army like that behind us. We have no choice. We have to find Fred and find out what the hell happened to him, and see that justice, this time, is done, if not for ourselves… certainly for Basil Fred Hill III –CalPatty Press

  • The answer? Someone who “wouldn’t do such a thing” is tossed out of a bar. Why? Someone spiked his drink? OD not possible? What if someone DID spike his drink? Editors note: It feels good to have you with us on this one CU, I hope you don’t mind if I hold your hand. This stuff is starting to scare me. You are older and wiser in many ways, and know a lot of people. Somebody, somewhere, has something of value to offer in the way of inside knowledge. Fred could not have disappeared like a UFO got him. Why did his scent lead to the river and end there?

  • midnight climax

    This is ridiculous… Corrupt Cops, “Secret Seven”, … WTF. Let’s get some facts together and end all of this nonsense speculation. Freddy does not smoke cigarettes, who tried to use the ATM card? What is the bouncer’s name? What is the name of the person that Freddy was supposedly arguing with?

  • hurting

    Please don’t give up – help us! we have to find him. Editors note: We are never giving up because of people just like you.

  • ck

    Just checking in.I stop by the page a few times everyday, it’s nice that you are still on the case. I am too still keeping everyone on their toes that I can. I don’t want to see this rested until we know what happened to Fred. Having 4 siblings of my own, I can’t imagine the pain and suffering that Renee and her family are feeling. They need answers and I for one am Not Giving Up on Fred. Editors note: It is nice to know you are still there, and will never give up. See, how you are?! Everybody says you are cool! Pretty easy to believe it Cori.

  • Council of Concerned Citizens

    Don’t get excited, and don’t take this as the word of god, but members of the CCC as well as SS and members of the Consolidated Citizens Corp from Elkins have gathered some information. However, information that is gathered in the manner that it was/is/or could have been gathered wasn’t necessarily by the book. Mostly if you want to know something and you don’t have a lot of time to fool around a nicely balanced handgun with a good feel to it in the ear of the bad guy that needs to speak is sometimes a convincing method of gathering info, not to say that method was used, but…it could work in a pinch. (disclaimer: please don’t try this at home) If all are serious about getting facts together, somebody should talk to a young guy, maybe 18 or 19 that didn’t like Fred talking too much about the fact he did not like Glenville, and I would be looking into a man that hit Fred in the head after taking his money, and the fact that Fred’s death was an accident, supposedly. I would be scouring the river to the West of Glenville possibly down river from Grantsville, , since Hill most likely went in the river behind the bar and be looking for a young kid named Jack, or Turner, or some other young hooligan that lives in, around or near the college on the hill. I am gone by 10am tomorrow. I would string that mother fucker up in the middle of town and let him swing if this info pans out at all. Somebody do some checking, somebody ask some questions. Editors note: Corrected this for grammar, somewhat, and corrected a few minor errors. This is the most up to date information gathered from other leads, and is current as of 9pm January 1st, a few people in the area do know what happened it seems. On the WAITMAN article someone left this comment: 4 who ever is interested they need to go look in the pond on lees farm, he stated 1 time that he should put me there the pond im told is 18 foot deep just thought that u would like to know i think mr. frederick is capable of this crime Editors note: Don’t think we forgot about that good ole boy. He knows everybody, but it is important to take in all the data. Frederick has got some serious bad karma, that may be called due soon. I doubt the police have talked to Lee Frederick, but you can bet they know more about him than we do. I keep hoping the state police will hit on something, but I don’t think anyone has given them anything to sink their teeth into yet. I truly believe the police have no suspects, haven’t talked to anyone that has given them any information to move forward on. Not everybody wants to talk to the state police, especially around here.

  • cosmiccommunications

    Waitman Lee Frederick and Jeremy Davis are still very strong suspects in this disappearance, and we are hoping that the State Police and or the Sheriff’s office are following up on this information. Some of us feel strongly that Lee and Davis know enough to tell the entire story, so some feel they know the whole story. There is some other information available from a young person around 18 or 19 that was the reference from above comment. It is 4:47am and i am going to bed, but I have a feeling the day is coming we will know more or less what happened and who was responsible. Thanks to the Council of Concerned Citizens for the expertise.

  • Cosmos Communicator

    This is so true!! Nothing has changed in Glenville West Virginia, since the dawn of time– and nothing ever will. It is the most low down, dishonest, little trap of a backwoods town to ever come down the pike. If you are not one of the “Power Elite,” in that little town, then you aren’t shit–they make up their own laws and rules in Glenville that don’t pertain to the rest of the state of WV. And if that doesn’t do it, they will just LIE and make some other shit up. The POWER ELITE can break the law and no one will investigate them for it. There won’t even be any looking into it…at all! –CalPatty Press

  • susie white

    Who are you people?!!!!!! They have not found a body yet!!! Let the LAW do their job! Mind your own f’in business and Gilmer County would be A LOT better off! it pisses me off when people like you think you could do such a better job…you go out and find the asshole from Charleston…we are tired of looking and it’s to cold anyway! Editors note: Hey SUSIE! …. Fuck you! Who the mother fuck do you think you are talking like that to us?! Hey maybe you can get a chance to say that to our face someday, so do yourself a favor and wait for the special moment, otherwise, shut the fuck up bitch! Rumor spreadin’ a-’round in that Crooked County town YOU know what I am talkin about!

  • Susie White, and I was just thinking…. Now why don’t she write? Suz, check this out home girl…. Gilmer County and Glenville is our business! We are god damn experts when it comes to Glenville and Gilmer County, in fact we have made it our business to let the entire world know what a fucked up place it is and WHO the fucked up people are that run that little county seat of a town. Why do you think they call it CROOKED COUNTY?!

  • ck

    What happened here. I thought we were trying to find a missing man, not sit around and threaten the very people that are working to find answers. “You go out and find the asshole from Charleston…we are tired of looking and it’s to cold anyway!” What the hell is that? You can’t be serious. Editors note:We couldn’t fucking believe that one either Cori, but it more or less backs up some of the points we have been making about Crooked County, going into our 4th year. They are serious, that’s what being a Crook from Crooked County living next to the Crooked River is all about.

  • Susie White is obviously upset that her little hilljack town has been criticized for its inability to maintain a lawful existence and foster a safe environment for people from out of town. Her angry post is typical of the small minded stupidity that is common in our state. I’m pretty sure she just referred to Freddy as “The asshole from Charleston”. He was not an asshole. He was not the kind of person who would start a confrontation. He was the kind of person that you are lucky to have ever even spoken with if you live anywhere in Gilmer. He was a person of intelligence and reason. He was someone who would enrich your very life if you got to know him. He was someone who in no way deserved what happened to him. You see, Freddy came from a place called Tyler Mountain. He knew what it meant to be from a rural area. The difference between Susie White and Freddy Hill is that Freddy didn’t let the rural life consume him. He overcame it. He ascended. He educated himself and got a job…. The fact IS, Susie White, IS you’d have loved the guy if you got to know him… So when someone like that ends up missing and you call them an asshole, you really just prove what everyone’s been thinking: Gilmer County sucks and doesn’t deserve any of our commerce, and that little shitty Trezans establishment should be burnt to the ground since it’s obviously out of control. Editors note: Well said and well written!

  • For now we are gonna say Fred IS not an asshole Fred IS cool as hell. Lets try to say Fred IS…. I don’t even know Fred, but I wish I did now, and I really want to shake his hand and say hey man…it’s good to see that you’re OK! Can you go run up with me today, to the house, we have some buddage that needs a little helping hand. Cuz you know what, YOU are COOL AS HELL! Let’s just say Fred IS…until we find out otherwise. We ALL want to know Fred now. Wouldn’t it be so cool if he had amnesia or something, and we really did find him. Lets not give up hope. Hope, that is really all we have, but lets get up on some hope.

  • cosmiccommunications

    For just today we are gonna say Fred IS not an asshole This IS Tuesday January 5th FRED IS day…. Fred IS cool as hell. Lets try to say Fred IS … if just for one day. I don’t even know Fred, but I wish I did now, and I really want to shake his hand and say hey man…it’s good to see that you’re OK! Can you go run up with me today, to the house, we have some buddage that needs a little attending to. Cuz you know what, YOU are COOL AS HELL! Lets try to say Fred IS … if just for one day! We ALL want to know Fred now. Wouldn’t it be so cool if he had amnesia or something, and we really did find him. Lets not give up hope. Hope, that IS all we really have, but lets give up some hope, give it up! If just for one day! TODAY IS Fred IS day we don’t have to wait until tomorrow!

  • hurting

    Fred IS my nephew. He IS one cool kid and he IS one cool man. Always a smile on his face and an adventurous spirit. Fred IS caring. He came back to WV from out of state to live at home to take care of my brother who is seriously ill. Fred IS loved by his family – his mom, his dad, his sister, aunts, uncles and cousins and many friends. Fred IS a real person, not just someone who came up missing. Fred IS loved. We need help to find him, please.

  • That IS so beautiful! That IS so sweet!

  • a2z

    Crooked county/crooked world. It’s all a big fucking crooked mess these days. Mostly in part because “The People” have let it become what it is. It’s past time to vote these arrogant irresponsible incompetent slackers out!! Editors note: We have been saying that since 2006–but see they cheat they run illegal voting slates, and we were determined to find someway to get the Crooked County Clerk David Lane Smith Busted for running an illegal voting slate,(LAME Smith to his friends) but when election time came around half of the SS were locked up on trumped up charges, so they were hip! Listen up, they are ALL BAD in Crooked County–Every fucking one of them! Right now, we have enough on FACEMIRE to have him impeached, he is by far the most irresponsible criminal judge to come around in a long while. His track record now shows what a dishonest son of a bitch that he really is! However, one of our more hip legal counsel from New York city wants us to go after some other crooks first so we can tie them all in together later.

  • Anonymous 2

    Sounds like a few people are suffering from bad judgment and cabin fever, or maybe just a case of dumb ass…The comment about “the asshole from Charleston” was wrong.. the person that said that should be ashamed of themself..but if you post something like that, especially knowing that the family reads this site, you must be of poor character. Even if Fred made a remark about not liking Glenville, he doesn’t deserve to come up missing or be called names. If all of us that have said we didn’t like something about Glenville were made to “come up missing” the county would have close to zero population. I myself have had a love hate relationship with Glenville for 40 years or better. It can be a nice place and the “greenery” can be most awesome, I know some really good people there and some that are not. I wish so many of the “nots” weren’t in power. I hope in this New Year there can be change. I know that is easier said than done, Gilmer County needs more people willing to bring about change…however as you have stated .. not in these words .. if you rock the boat you may find yourself up a creek without a paddle, or as they are so famous for “down the river”. People in Gilmer know this and are afraid to speak out or do anything that will upset the powers. I don’t know the answer to the problem, maybe some of us need to grow some balls and do what needs to be done to clean up this place (I’m not suggesting anything violent). Vote in the elections for the right people, closely monitor the voting process, make accountable the officials that do wrong. I see that you guys are trying to do this, I hope more people will help. Fear can be our worst enemy. (climbing off my soap box now) …. Is there any new news on Fred or the person or persons responsible? Prayers to the family and an apology for the “remark” the small minded person made about Fred, it in know way reflects the way many of us in Glenville feel. Editors note: “People in Gilmer know this and are afraid to speak out or do anything that will upset the powers that be” The Crooked County Crooks website did an article on just “that” back in 2007, then republished in 2008 you might want to click the CCC link on this site and read the article. “Many have complained of murders, unsolved and unpunished and rapists and meth lab operators that seem to be walking around free.” “The average citizen has NO FUNDS to defend themselves. So, therefore they live in fear of the Crooked Crooks of Crooked County.” You are exactly right, well written comment, this is what we love someone that will sit down and tell it like it is– believe it or not, that is a start to making things better. However, we are not afraid and have been speaking out since 2006, and we have flat out told these people what we think of them and a few to their face ,so don’t think they don’t know who we are. The Secret Seven used to just be seven people now it is more like 21. We are not afraid and we are going to take some more names and kick ass! Well we believe we will find Fred, and it will be a situation that is more or less just like members of the SS have stated, but this time it is personal. The SEARCH with very little zeal was a real test of the Crooked County Crooks that were in power, and nothing positive came of it. We firmly feel our statements taken are accurate and that the info is accurate, but to get any more we would have had to use force ,and as much as that possibility was favored, didn’t. Especially since we have quite a record for using force and getting caught at it later. We know who Susie White is and she is a wanna be power elite, but her statement directly reflected how the city attorney Tim Butcher s family feels about this and the Butcher family IS Involved in the disappearance of Fred Hill either directly or indirectly. NOBODY wants the truth to be known and they are banking on the fact we won’t find Fred until February or March. Believe me Glenville is to blame!

  • The best way to handle these types is to ignore them completely and delete their troll posts. Trust me, I deal with them all the time. I am even a visitor to the site they make references from. You can’t win by trying to insult them back, that will just cause more of them to arrive. Just clip them off and let’s get back to discussing the situation at hand. Every post dedicated to them, including this one, is counted as a win in their game. “Effective troll is effective” will be what their friends on 4chan say if they see a lot more posts directed towards their troll posts. So, let’s not continue a flame war with people who have no interest in this case. Let’s continue trying to figure out where Freddy has disappeared to, and find another forum in which to bicker with simpletons. Editors note: You are 100% correct, and with that thought, lets delete some comments, shall we, …looked at your site. Very cool!

  • Cooler heads prevail! I truly appreciate your comment and suggestion. Thanks! See, even we need some help sometimes, that is so kind of you. Kindness is cool! We need to find Fred, it is really important that this fine family, the Hills, receive all of our full cooperation, even if it costs, time, energy, and whatever else we have to give, we should never stop until the matter is settled. Truly an evil exists all around us, we must never forget– and we must never tire, and we must keep asking questions! It’s time to come together.

  • ck

    Thank-you JudgeX. I was thinking the same thing, I was just like you, didn’t want to post yet another comment to encourage them. I was worried that we were losing steam on this topic, not that I thought anyone was giving up, just a bit concerned for a minute there. I’m hoping that we can keep pushing this matter until we get some answers for a deserving family. I for one feel so close to this case that I can’t just “live with it” or myself until I know that we have clearly exhausted every avenue to bring to justice those involved in the disappearance of this innocent-obviously much loved man. I truly wish that we would find Fred alive and well, but at this point I’m still clinging to hope that we can at least bring this family the answers needed in order to begin to heal. I truly wish that if in their position, the same would be done for me and my family. God Bless all of those still pushing for justice in this matter. Editors note: Well said, I think this group effort is working out better, quite frankly. When you, or your family have had to pay heavy prices, like losing everything you have, to the Crooks from Crooked County, well it makes you more emotional about things, then , further down the road when something similar happens to close associates, that you later, band together with– it doubles up on the hostility from our end. Basically we all are a bunch of pissed off people most of the time. Johnny, well we have all forced him into retirement, for now, just for the matter of his health, and just as soon as he withdrew from the clutter of all the Central WV bullshit, his life flowered like spring, and now has hope for the future of starting over. Thanks goes to you too Cori, for helping steer this important matter in a more positive direction.

  • Council of Concerned Citizens

    You might want to make a couple of more edits! Lily von stuup: Of course heady, you’ll have the good taste not to mention you know what.

  • WeMissFreddy

    Could we possibly organize all the random information we’ve received so far about Freddy.. For instance, does anyone know about Fred’s last moments of being seen? Did we ever figure out what happened to make Fred leave the bar? Was he in contact with Lee that night at the bar? Does anyone know if he was there that night? Is there any other relevant information that should be listed to possibly piece the puzzle together? I agree that we should keep this site focus on Fred. His family reads this site and it’s so disrespectful to have people posting negative things about Fred and calling him names. Finally, is there anything we can do to help move this case along? Any tips that we could give to the state police? It’s so frustrating because it just feels like we are at a standstill and nothing new is coming forward. I don’t want Fred’s case to go stale. So maybe if we put together all the facts in an organized manner, something may come of it? Just a thought. Editors note: It is our job to possess some of that special knowledge and if you read the data, you could get about 60% of what you need, we have about another 25% that we can’t reveal for the fact it may, or possibly compromise the source and I believe another 15 % of what you seek is currently unknown. I will say on the 25% we can’t get specific about we acted on, by naming individuals involved. Nobody named individuals involved except for the CalPatty Press, and we wouldn’t do it, if we didn’t have a reason, does…that pretty much say it all. I don’t know why we have taken this Fred thing so personal, but maybe we should start thinking about all the really cool people in this state we have not met yet, for they may be every bit as cool as Fred, and from every indication we have, from correspondence with people that knew him well, ….FRED IS COOL AS HELL

  • We have our asses out there so far on this that we need help with this one, so we called for help. Please listen to me, if you want to investigate something this specific you are better off with someone that has 30 plus years in homicide investigations or other skilled individuals that have seen similar situations in the past. I think we covered some of this before, but you have to be specific to the location. It’s on here somewhere I just don’t where. Sometimes we ask specific individuals because for something like this, you need the pro’s from Dover. I will say that Waitman is possibly not in that big of a hurry to get out of jail, at least that was information we obtained 48 hours ago. Some of his associates feel he is better off in there since a Website with a bad reputation led the way for some adult education on the fact, fuck yeah we think dudes involved.Why the hell else would the SS put his ass on front street. It is only by our own track record for success and good information from sources that we do this. To be honest it was not in our best interest to say anything, for one, the police are pissed at us for saying what we said, which makes us think, that …possibly we could be right. Yeah, we were a little off on the Flanagan Murders, but you know why? That freaked us out man! That could have been us! The Flanagans were the nicest people you could ever want to know. We named names of people we knew were local to that area and may be low enough to be involved. You know people you’ve known before in low places. People that turned on you later, that you knew were greedy….those kind. We didn’t name- names of people we never heard of…for what it’s worth.

  • I personally would like to see an absolutely uninhibited list of the names of every person who was in Trezan’s that night. I don’t care if Grandma Suzie Sweetcookies was sitting in that shithole. I want her name on a damned list, and I want no apologies one way or the other if she turns out to be innocent or guilty. I want a list of every lowdown dirtbag that frequents that AREA. I don’t care if they just live across the street or happen to drive through there once in a while. If they’re a dirtbag, I want the name listed for all to see. Why? Because that kind of information is key in finding out who did what. Connections rise to the surface when questions are asked. You have to mine the data. Will someone’s feelings get hurt? Yeah, probably. Will someone come crying because they want to be off the list of people who might have hurt Freddy? Sure. But in the end, if that move isn’t taken, you might as well not have ever started looking. If I was in a downtown Charleston bar, and your friend went missing, you’d wanna ask me some questions. I’d help ya out on it. Anyone who says differently is a douchebag who has no business integrating with society, and can be relocated to a shack on top of a cold mountain somewhere, as far as I’m concerned. Don’t be worried about being wrong or tossing some names around. It’s the perfectly right thing to do. If you get called on it, send em my way via e-mail, and I’ll talk to them about it, I don’t even care. A missing person’s life is more important than some asshole’s pride, and if you get accused of something you didn’t do, until you’re convicted, we consider you innocent anyway. Dredge that fucker’s pond, check the trunk of his car, pull his credit records, check his phone history, and put all that shit online via an anonymous outlet through a proxy. Whoever is involved, even in the most minor capacity, needs to swing from the gallows. Let the information be free. You guys are doing good work. Don’t slow down or stop. Editors note:“Don’t slow down or stop” that’s what HE said….hee hee

  • And, for WeMissFreddy… could someone fill out this little form? Last Known Location: Time of departure: Reason for departure: Intended destination: Last conversations on record: Information about Co-Worker who was there with him, conversations, his record of the events leading up to the disappearance: Information gathered from bartender: Information gathered from others, with names: Names of patrons and bartender at Trezan’s that night: Rumored sightings of Freddy After departure from Trezan’s: Suspects (and why they are suspected): People who have been questioned: People who have not been questioned but should be: Websites with information: Other CalpattyPress articles related to this case: I dunno, maybe something like that would help.

  • I know now!

    I know now, Judge X is Lisa Wexler! ha ha finally at last, listen to that! That is Lisa Wexler the person who shocked people by writing the very first articles on questionable public officials. Now we know! Editors note: ….hmmm, I’m not really sure about that.

  • Sure sounds like the REAL Lisa Wexler! That’s for sure! Tell you what! We might have a new Super Hero on our hands! Judge X Welcome to our Nightmare, we are more than proud to have someone with your heart.

  • I’m not Lisa Wexler, I don’t even know who that is. And I’m definitely not a super hero. Does anyone know what the police are doing now? Editors note: Glad you straightened that out, but now someone will say it a couple a months down the road saying they heard it, po po has not made any arrests and that is all we shall concern ourselves with until we find Fred.

  • The whole x thing, right.

    Sure, that’s what I would say too. Editors note: Oh i get it now, you are an old journalscape reader. I can see where you are coming from, but Judge X is Judge X as stated, but it was laid on the line Lisa Wexler style, sorry judge X but is was just someone admiring you for being you and thinking it was someone else. It’s a compliment for someone that takes charge, sparks out some orders and gets things moving, that is fearless and a born leader. This site would not be what it is without Lisa Wexler. It doesn’t matter if you know who she is.

  • I think that Judge X has the idea with the form, simply gather the information–whoever can contribute to each section just post it and Judge X and who-ever else want to, may document the contribution of information and maybe something will fall into place. Truly, being a junction for information could prove to have a valuable purpose.

  • I think if I am to come clean with our position on the matter as far as 2/3 of us feel. I would really value any more opinions. Like the CU. I vote for simply being a junction, and letting the Police go get their guy and find Fred. The neck of the CalPatty Press is stretched far by naming SS persons of interest, for if you look back on the history of CalPatty Press– statements from the early part of 2007 high profile CalPatty Press subjects– always ended up in Jail Orange, AFTER all the candid shots either in uniform saying they were bad and then turned out bad, and/or other predictions about the Fire Starting Cult, and many countless public officials were exposed for wrongdoing. Plus the matter of the reputation of the CalPatty Press being right is pretty important. The track record is incredible especially given the subject matter. Being right about outrageous things is not always that much fun. Of course, in this case, for some reason , nobody cares if we all are wrong, we only want to do the right thing, and the right thing to do is keep on gathering the information and hope the police can please get something good and find out what happened to Fred Hill, for he may be the only person in the history of West Virginia, that came upon even more family AFTER he came up missing.

  • Gilmer County Student

    I would like to make an interesting note being a in the closet follower of the Calhoun Underground blogs like this one. This statement was made by this site one month ago today and seems like foreshadowing to this very day….spooky! “Our backwoods society has obviously gone wrong– evident by that Stupid Bloody Tuesday morning just after Easter Weekend where we are only left with the aftermath of a madman driven by Greed, Stupidity and Violence!” –CalPatty Press Editors note: Interesting conclusion…now that you point it out, it is spooky!

  • TODAY it has been 30 days –ONE MONTH since we have seen FRED HILL Ok you’ve gotten away with it for a month! Hasn’t it seemed like a year? Get it in gear! We are waiting to hear some good news about Basil Fred Hill III You can’t get away! We are all here to stay! And we will find you!

  • hurting

    One month today – and still a mom and dad without their son and a sister without her brother. If you saw or possibly talked to Fred that night would you please post all the details, no matter how small, so we can start to understand what might have happened to him. Please

  • Involved

    Regional Jail Records indicate that Waitman Lee Frederick has been released from Jail. Editors note: Well I was going to make no editors notes today, since I have been getting in so much trouble, but that deserves a: Yikes!

  • ck

    I was just thinking about how this time a month ago I was enjoying a nice conversation with Fred. I wish I could say I was doing the same tonight. I’m really praying hard for the Hill family. It’s time for answers, it’s time for healing.

  • Renee Hill

    Today is Freddy’s 30th birthday. Please stop the hateful, hurtful namecalling and nonsense and help me find out what has happened to my brother. He and I would do no less for any of you, whether we liked you (or even thought you were an asshole) or not. If you have any real information you may contact me directly on my cell phone, 553-9856 (in case you missed it the times it was posted without my permission), or by email

  • OK, my take on it. I think interested individuals could do one thing that might be helpful. Yes, post all info here. The cops do read this. Calpatty could do with a bit of positive publicity down at the cop shop… If someone was murdered, the killer deserves all the hell the legal system can give them. But in the meantime, reality dictates that if the police are no longer physically searching the river banks and people feel that is where he will ultimately be found, then interested parties should be going door to door downstream making sure every single person with river frontage keeps their eyes pealed. Anything that floats down the river, bodies included, will eventually get hung up in trees and brush or wash up with the trash on the riverbank. And there is so MUCH rubble in the creeks and rivers that stuff doesn’t usually get all that far before getting hung up. A body would be still all in one piece due to the cold.

  • hurting

    we have gone to dam at Elizabeth and door to door along river there and gave out flyers, but a lot more needs to be done.

  • What if you knew her and found her dead on the ground

    How people forget is right, this happened just one year and a few days ago. 01/02/2009) The State Medical Examiner will determine the cause of death of a Calhoun woman identified as Melody Rush, whose lifeless body was discovered beside Sycamore Creek early New Years Day. Rush, in her early 30s, had been to the George Parsons residence at Russett New Year’s Eve night, after which her sister called 911 about 2 a.m. Thursday, stating she was missing from her car. The car was near the Parsons residence, apparently stuck or stalled, after which she apparently fell over a steep hillside landing near Sycamore Creek, according to Sheriff Allen Parsons. Grantsville volunteer firemen joined the search in an area about 150-yards below a low-water bridge, her body discovered as temperatures dropped to about 15 degrees. This mysterious death was just ignored which certainly sounds like foul play to me

  • The CalPatty Press just made a shocking public announcement acting as a separate entity–and calls for change– the CCC has also given their endorsement for this decision, officially. I have to be honest, when you said, I remember seeing Fred’s sister on the news saying “They said they won’t stop looking for him.” That hit me a little hard, and the disappearance of Basil Fred Hill lll somehow changed everything. Just tell me how would you feel, if Fred was your brother, or best friend? We, as a community are all guilty for the disappearance of Fred Hill! It’s about time every citizen of Crooked County took responsibility for Fred Hills disappearance, for if we were keeping a better watch on our obvious,”Dangerous Environment” —filled with rogue cops and dishonest public officials, would we all still be looking for Fred Hill? The nightmare of a local ruling royalty gone rotten has to end! — And the hope for our future should begin with closing that horrible college on the hill, lurking over all of us like Dracula’s castle! That despicable institution has brought nothing but crime, drugs and unsavory characters to our community! The ACTION of putting every single elected member out of office has to begin! Then just start over! Lisa Smarr, Carl Armor Lisa Minney Robert Minigh Lisa Belknap Cecil Leon Ramsey II …so far these six are the only community leaders we care to endorse, for these are honest citizens and further, are people that care–and will not be influenced by threats, or will they be compromised by negative political influence or bribery. To answer your question, after the search was called off because of the SNOW storm, that was pretty much it. “There is no search, there is no investigation, there is no press coverage! The police in charge of the investigation are holding something in their hand, but it is not evidence and it is not good news about Fred Hill.”

  • (01/18/2010) Bob Weaver It is more than a month since the disappearance of a Charleston man after he left a bar in Glenville. Basil Fred Hill, 29 was last seen at Trezan’s Restaurant Bar and Grill in Glenville. “Somebody has to know something, somewhere, whether they realize it or not,” said sister Renee Hill. Authorities have not ruled out foul play. A fundraiser by the Friends of Fred Hill was held yesterday in Dunbar, hoping to raise enough money to offer a reward for information about his disappearance. The group is also looking at hiring a private investigator. Hill was last seen leaving a Glenville bar on December 11, with some reports saying he was asked to leave. Renee Hill realizes that the search for her brother will come to an end if he’s not found soon. Police have used cadaver dogs, a sonar-equipped boat, a chopper and foot-searchers in an effort to find the man. Hill is approximately 5’7″, weighs around 140 pounds and has curly brown shoulder-length hair. He was last seen wearing dark-tan Carhart suspenders and a green sweatshirt. Hill was working in Glenville. If you have any information, call the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Department at 304-462-7441.

  • cosmoscommunicator

    Great CalPatty Press quote provided in answer to these two statement by concerned citizen of Glenville, the town Fred Hill disappeared in. “Mind you Lee is a rough character but he’s not so goddamn dumb as to kill a man over some pocket change. There’s more to this story than just robbery and accidental murder.” “They put more effort into finding that guy than they did trying to find Osama.” CalPatty Press:Valuable assessment on your part, however it is the opinion of the SS that the search was merely an exercise and was conducted as such–it was all practice-a big show-with little or no enthusiasm. You could be right about Lee, but I know a little, and the matter was not over a little money,the matter of being murdered was about a normal person be rudely propelled into an environment of nonsensical evil driven by drug crazed mental illness and ALCOHOLISM!

  • (01/23/2010) By Bob Weaver Authorities have ruled that a Spencer man has been the victim of a homicide. State Medical Examiner James A. Caplan, MD, says Kenneth Glenn Boggs, 44, of Locust Avenue, died Wednesday at the hands of unknown culprits. Reports indicate Boggs had been drinking at a bar. Likely after leaving the establishment, he was severely beaten, causing trauma. Returning to his residence late at night, he went to bed. Occupants of the house were unable to awaken him the following morning, and the Roane County Emergency Squad was summoned. The Spencer Police Department is investigating. Acting Police Chief John Caldwell could not be reached for comment. Funeral services will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. at the John H. Taylor Funeral Home in Spencer.

  • Lisa R

    I just wanted to say that Freddy is loved and missed by many and we will not stop searching for him or for answers in his disappearance. I have known Freddy for over 7 years, we have worked together, practically lived together, and traveled together and there is no way he would have been thrown out of a bar for being out of control unless maybe he was sticking up for someone. In my opinion, I believe he was put out the back door and somewhere was out there waiting on him. I believe there is blood on the hands of many, and it will not go unknown, as many people that love Freddy and are praying for answers, the truth will be revealed. Just reading all of the comments tonight with my husband, as soon as we saw, “went to buy cigs” we both looked at each other and said no way, thats not Freddy. I don’t believe he was seen anywhere after leaving that bar, I strongly feel that all of these so called stories, such as a girl left him on a couch, the teens talking to him, etc. have been put out there to throw off the investigation. I wish people would realize what they are doing to Freddy’s family and friends. There is not a day that goes by that he is not on our minds. We try to find every bit of information we can in hopes of somehow piecing this mess together. Just think about it, if your brother or child or friend went missing and someone out there knew something, maybe even something simple like a make of vehicle they saw when leaving/entering the bar, wouldn’t you want that person to tell the authorities? Please come forward if you know anything. We love you Freddy and pray for your safe return!

  • cosmiccommunications

    Hate to see Renee getting bullshitted this way and everyday may be losing grip being caught up in all the grief. There is a contradiction going unrecognized. The IMAGE of the State Police and the IMAGE of Glenville are very much more important to the people actually in charge of the search for Fred Hill. To solve the mystery of the disappearance would surely tarnish that image all to hell, in fact the image may be muddied quite a bit, and you can’t have that happening around here or heads would roll. The public officials in Glenville could easily commit a murder and nobody would even investigate the matter because right from the gate it would become political! Oh yeah, good idea, solve the crime and lose your job, family and household! And that my friends is the catch 22 involving Fred Hill. As soon as I heard the rumor, “Oh he was drunk and fell in the river!” I thought to myself, here we go again! Not very believable and then that disoriented shit really disturbed me, for I knew that was pure bullshit meant to mislead right from the start gun. Fred landed right in the middle of Corruption Capital and had no idea what evil lurked just around the corner.

  • Is there any reason that Fred would have had as much as $1300.00 on him Thursday night the 10th of December? I need to have an answer to that question, from the friend Fred was with, or…

  • Renee (the sister)

    no. i know for a fact he couldn’t have

  • Very Good, thank you for that information, since that disqualifies some information that was received.

  • On the 13th of January the CalPatty Press in conjunction with the CCC, and the SS published information derived from the investigation of Christopher Todd Smith –long time enemy to the SS–fronting out his operation and illicit associations. Smith just the day prior to his arrest had threatened a ranking member of the SS and a staff member of the CalPatty Press. Smith wrote directly to an unknown mail address, gave addresses of SS homes in Gilmer and Calhoun County and other properties he should have had no knowledge of. Smith made a threat to a specific individual, close relatives of that person and included addresses and names, even threatened to kill one of our guard dogs, and then the SS acted immediately. It is our belief that: Christopher Todd Smith is closely associated with Waitman Lee Frederick, and other individuals in illegal drug operations and it is our belief that CULT members were present on the night of the disappearance of Fred Hill. We are convinced that Todd killed Kelli. Nobody has more intel on the CULT than the SS and the CCC and yes they have blown rounds our way more than once! CHRISTOPHER TODD SMITH CHARGED IN WESTON (01/26/2010) A former Grantsville man has been arrested in Weston for carrying a concealed weapon, in addition to multiple other charges. West Virginia State Police have charged Christopher Todd Smith, 38, of 531 West Second Street, with carrying a concealed deadly weapon, driving while suspended, non-DUI; failure to change address on operator’s license, and no insurance, according to a criminal complaint. Weston City Police said they are investigating the recent death of Smith’s girlfriend, Kelli Lawson, waiting for an autopsy report. Smith is also a confidential informant for Shelly Morris Demarino the Calhoun County Prosecutor and still has not had to face the consequences for drug charges from October of 2007. The CalPatty Press as far back as two years ago said that; it would possibly be 2010 before Smith would have to face any consequences for criminal charges, and by then some solution would be reached that he would not be held accountable. Certain individuals feel that Smith has made a similar deal with Gerald B Hough in Gilmer County, and was willing to exchange information on the SS members and other issues of interest to Gerry Hough in exchange for not being prosecuted for his assault charges. Yes, Gerry was planning on letting him go. Our attorney informed us yesterday that Smith by all rights should have his bond immediately revoked for the fact he is a convicted felon and was charged with a concealed weapon. Smith also possesses a cache of weapons hidden at his Weston residence. Smith will not be jailed, nor will his bond be revoked for he is working for the powers that be as a confidential informant. Smith is allowed to commit crimes thanks to Gerry and Shelly.

  • Just Visiting

    Lisa mentioned something to me about not commenting, or very little, last week, well basically our views are different on a couple of issues. But, if Jim Ball is the bondsman, then of course there will be no revocation. Ball is that queer ass mother fucker that plays with mens butts while he is an administrator of law enforcement over there in Sutton WV. Ball is from Glenville, and besides being a bail bondsman, prides himself on being a private investigator. Maybe Ball should investigate his little bitch ass employee’s that have names I would name a dog for driving drunk, with his kids and his white trash old lady in the car. But Ball is probably too busy sucking cock somewhere. Do you think maybe there is an issue here? No bond is going to be revoked! These people are mother fucking Crooks from Crooked County next to the Crooked River. But homosexual police officers-bail bondsman- are not my favorite thing. Oh yeah; added this as an amendment: “Smith wrote directly to an unknown mail address, gave addresses of SS homes in Gilmer and Calhoun County and other properties he should have had no knowledge of.” That situation was discussed and some remain convinced that Gerry Hough is the one that would have access to that information and Gerry Hough possibly gave Smith that information during an exchange. Smith walks on criminal charges if he talks. If it was not Hough then we have a problem called a mole! Smith also has the same problem as Waitman Lee, besides having a likeness for assault and rape, they write bad checks, which spells Meth head after shooting heroin the same day. Lewis County court reveals several worthless checks to Jerry’s Sporting Goods of Horner, in the amount of $52.99, $131.33, and $29.67, indicated in the criminal complaint and recent arrest of your infamous Hot Toddy.

  • Just call me Hill Billy

    Well he was killed by a man with a switchblade knife. For 43 dollars my friend lost his life Now this dude’s gonna get out in a year or two ‘Cause the system don’t work for me and you

  • cosmiccommunications

    Since I have been calculating data it is much to my disappointment that this article is the 9th most read article when it deserves to be 1st. Why is the public, and even CalPatty Press readers losing interest in the Fred Hill disappearance? What can we do to find out more about what happened to Fred? What are the police saying about it? Do they have any leads or clues? I am hardly convinced that the State Police are depending on what they read on the CalPatty Press to gain information, leads, or vital tips to solve the sudden disappearance of Fred Hill. I know the Sheriff says he is too busy, but not too busy to gossip about the CalPatty Press to some of our enemies, I noticed. When I ask people about Fred Hiil, in town, in public, in the middle of the woods, all I get are blank stares and then a… “What do you care for, why should you give a shit, is he your cousin or something?” A rather hostile answer comes from almost anyone, either that or I have been wearing out my welcome by even mentioning it. Or, I am just wearing out my welcome. I can’t figure it out. What the hell is it that pisses everyone off by just mentioning it?

  • Connie Byrd Ellenboro, WV about bad experience at Trezan’s

    Me and my boyfriend went out to have a good time at a bar in Glenville called Tarzans.(sic) A guy decided to grabbed my butt as I was standing with my boyfriend just to start a fight. And of course it worked. We all got threw out and as we were leaving about 8 or 9 guys still wanted to fight and were standing in the road trying to get us to stop and one of them jumped on the hood of my car screaming at me to stop and it looked like he had a hand held pistol in his hand. I was terrified, way too scared to stop the car so I kept going. Now, I am being charged with malicious assault, conspiracy to commit malicious assault and so is my boyfriend. I asked to press charges on the guy for sexual assault, assault for hitting me on the eye, and for jumping on the car. They did not do anything except for pressing the charges on me and my boyfriend. Where’s the justice in that! Editors note: Outsiders are fucked or fucked over in these types of situations, and then to make money, the local law steps in and wins one for the courthouse to pay all of their salaries.

  • Somebody should call somebody and do something, not nothing ! SS member

    Someone needs to contact Connie Byrd and/or research that particular criminal case to see if the names of the individuals that assaulted her and her boyfriend can be obtained. Also, I am curious as to the outcome of this criminal case. Truly the ethics of Gerry Hough Gilmer County Prosecutor is in question since he is now being investigated for misconduct and fraud at a federal level. It sounds like this poor girl came to the wrong town and the wrong bar just like Fred Hill, the Sheriff does not have time to investigate the matter any more, (so what is he doing?) and the State Police are hoping the entire incident just goes away! The Police have no leads and they have no suspects because they like it like that and because you know Jeremy Davis, the person that put Fred Hill out the door and all, well his daddy was the Police Chief in Glenville for 24 years. No way is Jeremy going to Jail for being an accomplice to murder! Now the State Police will somehow draw the conclusion that it is the boy from Charleston, Fred Hills fault for starting a fight, just like what happened to Ms Byrd and her boyfriend. She should consider herself lucky that she was not raped, and he was not beaten to death and thrown in the river. This is all about the image of the NEW IKE MORRIS Correctional Training Center they invested a ton of money in up at Dracula’s Castle that looms over the evil little town of Glenville. No, don’t want to tarnish the reputation of the town or the people that run it. How will they attract students, money, commerce, or more people to kill? We have seen it all before, they are just hoping everyone will forget, and they always do, and then when years go by the situation will be manipulated with false facts and made up facts and maybe another crime will be created by good ole boys to cover up this one. Are we all going to wait until Renee Hill has a nervous breakdown over the disappearance of her brother, or witness some other sad event in the Hill family brought on by the sadness of this tragedy…before anything is done? I guess we all forgot what it was like to be from West Virginia, and the fact that whenever anybody outside the state met us, or outside the country, got to know us, or we were out there in a foreign land all alone–well we were the ones that got the peoples trust, people that never met us before, but they found some quality in that down home soft spoken way about us, because we are West Virginians, quality people. I say it is time we lived up to the name here at home too! I say it is time to live up to our responsibility to do the right thing. Somebody please help.

  • (This comment in it’s entirety is posted to the latest CalPatty Press entry for February 1st) Ponder states that the district court enhanced his sentence because his crime involved part of the corruption of the Gilmer County Sheriff’s office. He argues that the overall corruption of the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Office was known to the district court through another case in which Ponder was not a defendant. It appears from the record that Ponder did have sufficient notice to have responded to this information. The pre-sentence report specifically noted that Ponder’s father was involved in drug trafficking and was making payments to members of the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Department for protection against arrest. And Waitman Lee Frederick was the man in charge of the jail in those days, suspect in the Fred Hill Disappearance. Sheriff Smith father of Diana L Butcher married to Tim Butcher of the Butcher and Butcher law firm and Glenville City Attorney was the SHERIFF of Gilmer County then, taking protection payments from drug dealers. Case No. 91-8374. United States Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit. And so it goes for this moment in Gilmer County “Home Cooked” Corruption!

  • Adam

    Gilmer County is loaded with law enforcement. They know exactly what happened with this case. The police, especially sheriff Mickey Metz, serve only those who want nothing said, and not the people. Sheriff has refused to even interview those who were there or look at the clues. He was Ok on his first term, but got bought when got reelected. This is absolutely a shame for this community. Editors note: Thanks Adam for making this comment known in Gilmer County and this is very close to the position of the CalPatty Press on this matter from day one, although we have been highly criticized for making our opinion public right from the gate

  • nameless10

    I have a subject that is just as as bad as the county it involves the city and the fire department.Councilman Campbell whom is the council person in ward 2 no longer lives in Glenville but in Jane lew but insists he lives in the ville.He was living at the Fire Department for some time but now lives out of county,this person has embezzled money from members of the department as well as your tax money that is spent to run that place. He has left Glenville because he is a narc for the police and fears for his life. He insisted that he lives in the ville but actually lives in jane lew ask any fireman around.

  • There is some merit into the effort of reporting the wrongdoing , but hardly equal to losing your life for no reason at all… other than being in the wrong place with hostile violent people–that never met you in your life–and then having your family tortured over your loss and disappearance into thin air. It is the “thin air” part that is hardest to digest. But, thanks for the hot tip, now do you know what happened to Fred Hill? But, I sincerely thank you for the, “Narc for the police and fears for his life,” information. That seems par for the course in Crooked County.

  • It’s 31 degree’s but it feels like 19–looking for someone just like you!

    Question #1 – At just after midnight on December 11th, with December 10th in the history books, who is out and about on that weeknight at that hour? Answer #1– I don’t like to be out late on a Thursday because I have to be up at 6:30 am and at work at 8am and I barely make it every day with about 12 minutes to spare. I usually don’t like to be out at that hour because half the people out are half high and drunk hooligans and the other half are cops. Not that I don’t like cops at that hour, but that is who is out there, on patrol, and suspicious characters like myself are likely to meet with some sort of confrontation. Or some idiot could be looking to start some shit would find someone who would not back down and would stand up for himself….me! Question #2 – What are the chances that a confrontation with police and/or bad guys will occur? Answer #2 — That depends on how hot the zone is that you just landed in by hook or crook, maybe you were just minding your own business, just passing through, but now you are in hostile territory, and that means good guys and bad guys and a few in between, but you don’t know which are which — because you are Freddy Hill and in … “Not so familiar territory!” A. sub part a to answer #2– little did you know just by leaving Trezan’s you were in known and well documented hostile territory — a very HOT ZONE — and territory that is patrolled regularly, by the bad and law enforcement and now you are a little on the fucked up side, not good, you are at an immediate disadvantage for you are prey for the good and the bad and… What do you know, you ALSO have already been separated from “Your Pack,” because you left your friend back at the bar. B, sub part b to answer #2– someone with intent to target you now has sighted you in — as prey for that is what they are looking for. Fucked up, alone, separated from back up and you are going to be swooped in on — by those lying in wait. Is it the bad guys ..or law enforcement? For both are looking for someone just like you! Question #3 – What type of situation would it take for someone to “Appear” to just to disappear into thin air? Answer #3 — If you have ever spent any time in a country outside the US then you may agree — local police swoop down on someone they targeted and they were swooped on — jostled up a bit — pushed around — secured — shoved in the back of the patrol car and swooped away all in less than 45 seconds. A. sub part a to answer #3 — From personal experience I have seen the cops do this in a foreign country and I have seen the bad guys do it — once when I was barely 24 but quite experienced at “mixing it up” I was with a band of American renegades in a country other than the United States — and for the purpose of this demonstration I was there for profit and financial gain — trying to keep a gringo low profile if that could even be possible — traveling through a small ville, somewhat lost off on a side road, I looked off to my right and two foreign gentlemen of another color — but not native to the country I was in , had a young woman with blond hair blind folded and her hands tied behind her back — and handguns bigger than they were — pushing her in a quick hurry from a business at gun point — and seemed to be headed for another structure about 50 yards away over completely open ground and in broad daylight — I immediately alerted my companions who had witnessed this incident at the same time I did — from the shock of the sudden appearance of it all — and the fact we were temporarily lost in a foreign country — we did nothing, but kept going — I have often thought about who this young obvious American was and what happened? But who ever it was — it happened too quick for us gringo’s to help — we were at a disadvantage and did not engage, but kept going. I was with the pro’s from Dover and we were on a mission — common sense rules applied and we rolled on through, through the hot dust and the afternoon sun. Question #4 — Was Fred Hill in a foreign land to him, was it the bad guys, or was it the other guys that got him? Answer 4 — YOU answer that one, what do you think? I have drawn my own conclusions — and we might want to look into a possible rogue element — given the fact, history has shown a pattern of past rogue behavior. Something to consider is being in a real Hot zone — but not knowing it until it is all upon you — vulnerable — at a disadvantage — these are the situations that lead to…disappearing into thin air — it was not immediate, but it took less than 60 seconds and …. gone! Disappeared almost as if it was in …thin air!

  • Disinformation is like NO information at all

    This is how Glenville Law Enforcement searched for Fred Hill… Anybody seen Fred? Has he called anybody, or shown up anywhere? …Nice! Skilled at providing for an “Image” of something being done, the Gilmer County Sheriff is even more gifted at distribution of disinformation that ended up just being pure unadulterated bullshit to confuse people! Searchers scale back search for missing man, this was done at 12:15am Friday morning at the start of the search! Sheriff Reports Two BULLSHIT Sightings After Charleston Man Left Glenville Bar Metz says around 1:00 Saturday morning several teenagers stopped and talked to a man they identified as Hill near the courthouse.(24 hours after Fred was already dead, he of course was up at the courthouse and also ….) Hill appeared intoxicated and said he was fine. Another possible sighting was reported to police Tuesday. Metz says a man traveling down I-79 believes he saw Hill standing in the median around 9 or 9:30 Saturday morning. “He said the individual looked disoriented, that he was standing in the median, that he wasn’t hitch hiking. He was just kind of standing there looking around,” Sheriff Metz said. (Most dead people seem disoriented at first, especially if they have been dead for more than a day and are up dancing around in freeway traffic the next weekend, great police work!) The search never really did continue for a missing Charleston man last seen on December 11th 2009 in Glenville. Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz says right now no one seems to have any idea what happened to 29-year-old Basil “Freddie” Hill –nor did they ever, it was Jeremy Davis’s son of the long time Police Chief just havin himself some fun, and frankly for all the bother it’s been messing up everyone’s tea time and all, nobody really wants to go out there and clean up after Waitman Lee again either. So lets go out and practice some Karate’ he ya! Ya might need it ya know…. Editors note: Hill left the bar through the back door. The sister said whether he was thrown out of the bar or simply asked if he could leave that way is unknown.(that fact is known now-nobody leaves that way without help) “From there it’s like Fred vanished into thin air,” Renee Hill said of her brother. “He didn’t have his cell phone on him. He didn’t tell anybody where he was going.” The back door at the bar and that entire scenario was just glossed over and that situation was played favorites with, if you want to solve the crime, start at the back door with Jeremy Davis who everyone tried to cover for from the very start. Arrest Jeremy Davis and if I was a family member, I would not stop complaining until the police arrested Jeremy Davis. <Mickey Metz: “Oh now, can’t really do that with who his daddy was an all…”


    “Somebody has to know something somewhere, whether they realize it or not,” Renee Hill said. Renee says her brother wasn’t the type of person to just run off. She says that the longest she ever went without talking to Fred was about three days. I am wondering why I am just now stumbling over the stumbling near the business–sighting-of Fred Hill. If you ask me, this stumbling and being disoriented bullshit are attempts to undermine Fred Hills character and to back up the, “Must have been drunk and fallen in the river story” when those that really know this town know he was murdered in cold blood over no other reason than they could kill him, for they are the Crooks from Crooked County and who the hell is going to stop them? The Sheriff? The State Police? Them good ole boys have been here round these part for years, doubt they will be a sayin much. AUTHORITIES SAY 29-YEAR-OLD “BASIL FRED HILL” WAS LAST SPOTTED ON THE 10-TH… AT THE “TREZAN’S” IN GLENVILLE. HILL IS BELIEVED TO HAVE LEFT THE BAR AROUND MIDNIGHT. 5 NEWS HAS LEARNED THAT A LOCAL COUPLE SAW WHAT’S BELIEVED TO HAVE BEEN HILL STUMBLING NEAR THE BUSINESS A LITTLE AFTER 1-30 THAT MORNING. HILL IS APPROXIMATELY 5 FEET 7 INCHES TALL. HE’S ABOUT 140 POUNDS WITH CURLY BROWN, SHOULDER-LENGTH HAIR. AT THE TIME OF HIS DISAPPEARANCE… HE WAS WEARING DARK-TAN CARHART SUSPENDERS AND A GREEN SWEATSHIRT. HILL WAS WORKING IN GLENVILLE AT THE TIME FOR “SOUTHERN BUILDING SYSTEMS”. A SEARCH BOAT WAS USED YESTERDAY… BUT THERE WAS STILL NO SIGN OF HIM. CADAVER DOGS AND A HELICOPTER HAVE BEEN BROUGHT IN TODAY TO HELP WITH THE SEARCH. AUTHORITIES HAVE *NOT* RULED OUT FOUL PLAY.

  • Anonymous 14

    Haven’t been in touch for a while. Glad to see Todd Smith was arrested. In regards to the firearms and him being a felon, has anyone contacted ATF. They take a dim few of felons with guns. Glad to see you guys are still looking for Fred. Editors note: Todd Smith was arrested and released, and he was on two bonds while he was arrested, that should have been revoked because of the arrest, but were not. Also, he was arrested for poaching and caught with a rifle and faced court for trespassing and poaching but faced no consequence for having the weapon and being a convicted felon. Smith has a SNITCH deal in writing with Shelly Morris DeMarino so normal laws do not apply to him. He is free to rape, murder and commit arson as long as the powers that be feels he has information to give them on their enemies, but the joke is he has no information to offer what-so-ever and has bullshitted the authorities. We won’t ever give up on the Fred Hill disappearance, for who knows more about the Crooks from Crooked County than us? Hope you took notice of the new poll taken by the Gilmer Free Press about the Fred Hill investigation. It is published in one of the latest CalPatty Press articles. 260 out of 270 people said they were unhappy with the investigation of Fred Hill.

  • ck

    I’m not quite sure why 270 out of 270 people aren’t unhappy about this? I have been fairly understanding of the investigators and the circumstances in my words thus far, but I’m really just pissed about it now. There is no reason why NOTHING has been accomplished in over 2 months. People deserve answers, a family needs them. Editors note: Well you my dear might have more answers about what happened to Fred Hill than you know since you were there. Also, since you were one of the last people to talk to Fred before he was brutally murdered for no reason. The matter has become a political matter now and a cover up is well in place. Did you notice how everyone went over the top to protect Jeremy Davis out of respect for his daddy. The CalPatty Press mentioned his name, but no other source for information did. Did the police ever speak to you about the matter? From what we can ascertain after talking to people just like you, that not much of an investigation was conducted at all.

  • The local law enforcement in Gilmer County has never really had much experience investigating REAL crimes. They are only skilled at making shit up for CREATED crimes, and Gilmer County and surrounding counties lead the state in incarcerating people for misdemeanors that should see NO JAIL TIME. The STATE of WV leads the NATION in incarceration per capita. The STATE of WV leads the WORLD for putting people in jail for non-violent crimes. But, if you give any of those dirty rotten sons of bitches a REAL crime to investigate they are as lost and as confused as a baby in a topless bar.

  • ck

    Nothing official. I called to offer a statement and still, nothing. I haven’t been back out in Glenville since and intend to transfer to a different school in the 2010-11 year. You have no idea how much I wish I could offer some information toward the happenings that night. I think about Fred quite often, for having known him such a short amount of time, he sure has impacted my life greatly. Editors note: See what I mean! Thought so, and how irresponsible is that, that they would not get back to you when you were there, saw who was there, and who was there may very well be the killer. The sad thing is the SS obviously know more than the police do, since we have actually conducted interviews started to dig a little bit, and used some of our underground connections. I think that you would have been pretty lucky to have gotten to know Fred better, and he comes from such a good family too. I thank you for your honesty, but I would really appreciate it if you could speak to a Hill family member about this. I know of one relative that would be very anxious to talk to you, and he plans on being in the area soon. Cori, I just spoke to one of our attorneys if you want to make an official statement, that included who what when where, who was there, what was witnessed, and any additional information about conversation, specifics about the altercation, it could be possible to get the information into the hands of federal authorities. One of our people has already filed a federal complaint against several individual public officials in Gilmer County – the complaint was accepted and there is a current investigation into wrongdoing – and this could be submitted along with other reports that have been requested. Send info to

  • Well god damn! What the hell is everyone doing up so late? Usually it is just me, all alone. Thank god Lisa M talked Lisa W into putting the RSS up on the CalPatty website or I would have never found where all the action is tonight! You see, it is our contention and mine personally as a leader of the Secret Seven Coalition that the local good ole boys are protecting the guilty and have absolutely no interest in any investigation! When the rumors were being spread around Crooked County that FRED was drunk and fell in the river, I knew what was up and had a pretty good idea what happened. Jeremy Davis is not an innocent party to this crime and if I was a family member, quite frankly I would have already had a gun to the side of his head and looking at a long prison sentence for doing what I do best. Lee Frederick is another person to look to. People have been talking. In this instance the local law enforcement have been aided by the local detachment of the State P0 P0 to make the Fred Hill disappearance a non issue. You can tell it is low priority because the matter was turned over to a low ranking trooper, that is a local. WRONG! But, see the police do not care if they are wrong, they just want the whole entire debacle to go away. To solve the murder would be to bring a bad light upon Glenville and Gilmer County and they are under orders to see that, that situation does not happen. Damn Cori, I wished you would have scooped Fred up and taken him home that night, it might have been the only way he was going to get out of there alive.

  • cosmiccommunications

    HELLO Crooked County and ALL Of West Virginia! Was surprised to find in my e-mail box this morning an e-mail alert that more comments had been left in the Fred is Dead comment section. Basil Fred Hill – who is called to Glenville by duty and work, and who can’t even survive one evening in town without being killed – is certainly evidence of the evil that STILL lurks in Glenville, the heart of Crooked County – those facts speak for themselves! The comments left by Cori in the wee hours this morning pertaining to the Fred Hill debacle is also evidence that local law enforcement – in charge of the investigation – have not been honest about what they have actually been doing – which now the comments readily reveal is a whole lot of nothing! I recall reading about, how local law were complaining about the fact that they had no more leads in the Fred Hill case, when witnesses that were present at Trezan’s and had contact with Fred Hill were not questioned or interviewed. This fact is not only tragic, but criminal if you ask me! After reading the comments left by Cori K. early this morning – who was present the night of the tragic disappearance – and who readily admitted she made herself available to law enforcement – but law enforcement made no effort to question her or gather information that could have proved VITAL speaks loads about what is really going on. This also proves that Sheriff Mickey Metz lied right to our faces, along with any other law enforcement that was involved in the Freddie Hill investigation.

  • Freddy’s friend

    I am so disappointed that we have heard absolutely nothing about Freddy’s disappearance. I guess it is a case of “out of sight, out of mind.” I watch TV shows such as FBI Files, Cold Case Files, etc., where police search with dogged determination to find missing persons and to discover what has happened to them and am left wondering, “How do you get the police to care as much as the family and friends do?” If they are investigating, those of us who really care about Freddy would like to hear something. Just let us know that the police care even a little bit about finding this friendly, loveable young man. We miss him so much. Editors note: This is not TV and in real life the police in Calhoun County in 2007 committed more crimes than the citizens did, and much more serious crimes at that. It is not much different in Gilmer County only they are a lot more sophisticated about how they commit the criminal behavior and misconduct. In Gilmer County they are backed by big money,with Ike Morris and the Corrections Officers Training facility at Dracula’s Castle on the hill being a big part of their new money making agenda. The cops in Gilmer County have been instructed to, “make it all go away,” that is the part that you don’t get, they are Crooked as fuck, not just one, but all of them. The out of sight out of mind is certainly their agenda, so good looking out on that observation.

  • Council of Concerned Citizens

    Y’all are going by the assumption that Law Enforcement in Gilmer County is honest, but NONE of them are honest! You would get the idea if you have been keeping your eye on these people for as long as I have. I’m convinced that certain individuals in Law Enforcement in Gilmer County KNOW who killed Fred! And now it is their job to cover the tracks of the killer! Everyday that goes by in which there is no advancement in the case the trail gets colder and colder, and the Gilmer County Crooked Police and Crooked County Sheriff office are going to make sure it all gets cold. Judge by their actions so far and you may agree, but I don’t give a fuck if you do agree or not, because you will never know what I know about these people and I’m not gonna tell you what I know, because we plan on acting on our information. If you want to find Fred, or find out what happened to him, y’all better get off your asses and find out yourself, because that is the only way it will get done. When you do start finding out things you will be very surprised at the nightmare you have involved yourself in, because that is what these backward fucking hillbillies in Gilmer County are, a living fucking nightmare. The cops are there to protect the people that run the town, NOT the citizens, they are too busy hauling them off for long jail terms for either minor crimes or NO CRIME at all. The Gilmer County Sheriff will arrest someone on someones word without checking any facts and I can give you example after example and have gathered quite a few documents to prove that point, since we will be making our report to federal authorities soon and will be accusing several local law enforcement of being involved in criminal activity. The Gilmer County Sheriff has NO EXPERIENCE involving a crime of this magnitude and everyone in Gilmer County are just hicks from the sticks and don’t know one god damn thing about doing any sort of REAL investigation. Yeah, good idea! Trust a bunch of hicks from the sticks to solve the murder of your family member! That’s not gonna happen when they work for the people that killed him! The public officials in Gilmer County are as crooked as the day is long, and that fact can be proven!

  • hurting

    As a family member, I want to tell you we have NOT given up. We have just been overwhelmed with the care of Freddie’s father at the moment. I monitor your site and was glad to see there is still discussion going on. Thanks.

  • The CCC is not always the voice of the CalPatty Press since there are some differences of opinion on some important matters, but at any rate it should be good for you to know that there are some working on your behalf and to your benefit to get some answers. Can’t really say much more than that, but some information should filter down through the ranks soon.

  • Cosmic Communications

    Lony was married to Everette, so that means she was a Bennett by marriage, and now that we live in modern times you might want to give some thought to why you turned out just like Troy and why people say that, could it be he is your dad? Also there was a little problem with Troy and Lony and her being married to the brother if you remember that story too. You should have explained to the “friend” all those people died a long long time ago, and those days are far away from “NOW” but still in this part of the country I guess it was just like yesterday. Also that whole double first cousins thing, did you ever give any thought to that, but what the hell I have a cousin married to my other cousin that live right down the road a piece and he got with her when she was just 17, if ya know what I mean,and it wasn’t the way she danced, but hell in Calhoun and Gilmer County I guess that is par for the course. In honor of those good memories for you that were not so good for me, I am going to play this song, but I am playing this song for ABBY NORMAL for the little singer that used to belt it, but here is the ultimate belter. The first person you see here playing the piano, is Andrew Gold one of the finest session musicians in Los Angeles at the time, nice guy, but kind of quiet. Also one other member on that stage I got tossed into a studio with once with a bunch of big shots that represented him and the big shots I worked for at the time putting us under some major pressure, but he and I hit it off big time and he was shocked that I knew a LOT about him, it was years later I did a gig with his good buddy Rodney and had dinner with Rosanne Cash. OK here ya go ABBY! And as for you Buford, I am looking at the guns on the wall and wondering if I should strap them on again and come looking for you! Because I am sitting here thinking about what happened to all my money and my wife. That money better come back. In this tune above if you watch close you can see Linda say “wow” ‘off mic’ because she is realizing that the entire audience must have drank the kool aid or something, before the taping of the show and she was “kicking ass” to a “dead room,” I am not talking about the Grateful dead, I mean deceased, for the “actual applause” and cheers you hear in these types of shows are dubbed in later, so to watch it now, it all seems sort of weird, but then a vile of liquid osley in the Hawaiian punch at the refreshment stand will do that to most people. And now, how about an Encore by a lady I LOVE! I ran into her in Mendocino once, and she was cool as hell.Then I found out she stayed there a lot while I was kicking it with “Hot Property” which was the sensation of the bay area back in the day.

  • The leader of the Fire Starting Cult is back in jail at CRJ! Christopher Todd Smith aka Hot Toddy, this is a man we are convinced has committed murder. We are certain of the rapes because we have had contact with the victims and some have given statements, but are afraid to go to the police. This man Smith by his own admission has been involved with drug deals with Waitman LEE Frederick an SS suspect in the disappearance of Basil Freddie Hill. To see his latest mug shot with booking information go to this website. Clink on the link provided below. Smith was arrested at 0536 hours this morning.

  • I used to do Linda’s “Blue Bayou” & “When will I be loved.” I have a more “raspy” voice, I’ve been compared a lot to Janis & Melissa Ethridge. So I always put a little of my own in someone elses music but I REALLY enjoyed singing both of those. And OF COURSE Bonnie Raitt. LOL Great song picks CC!! I’ll clean up a little of me doing Bobby McGee & email it to you. :) Take care & BE SAFE!!!

  • Cosmic Communications

    Abby, if you take a good look at the photo of Dwight Yoakam and myself back stage before the show, you can see we had both been smoking the killer skunk from Mendocino, I had fired up a big fatty with his band just before that and it filtered into his private trailer back stage before the show. Do we or do we not, look stoned as hell! My eyes were blazed, and you can see Dwight was feeling alright, and that’s all I can say about that. Minutes later after that photo was taken I found myself walking on stage and just getting lit up by the raucous crowd. It was such an awesome feeling! I looked out at the audience and I realized I knew so many people there I couldn’t count them all and they were all hollering at me on stage, and I was talking back to them absolutely amazed that so many of my friends were there and then, bing bam boom it all jumped off! One of the most fun nights of my entire life! All outdoors in the California sun. I couldn’t believe I got to kick it with Dwight that night, and that photo was taken by Lisa Shoes of Warner Reprise records. What a thrill! One month later, I was at Universal amphitheater and Clint Black came up and thanked me for all the work on the record. Hayden Nicholas from my band Tulsa wrote better man with Clint. I asked Warner Reprise and Dwight that night if I could meet Clint who was with RCA and damn if they didn’t make that happen. The 19 year to die for chick that I was with that night however got lost with Clints band. The other photo was on the front page of Radio and Records and was back stage in Ventura with Rodney Crowell just after I broke the news to him that the fifth single release from the album went number one. The other dude was my then best friend the Gipper. Damn I was good looking back then wasn’t I? ha ha… California tan, damn I miss that and the beach, but mostly I miss all the hotties from those days. Now I’ve let my face grow long and with the long hair don’t look so shiny new and clean cut. I lived right on the beach then, it was fucking amazing. But in the picture with Dwight it looks like I have short hair, but in the back I had a braided pony tail. My girlfriend back then used to like to fix my hair. The Rodney picture I had it cut because the people I worked for wanted a more styled appearance for the photo shoots and such. It was all about the marketing and publicity and I just tried to show up on time. Just put your tape on the machine of Me and Bobby and damn what a good mix! You sound wonderful. I love vocalists that don’t have a pitch problem, and you sound great. Remind me to tell you the story of how KT OSLIN grabbed me up and wouldn’t let go of me during a press conference back stage in San Diego sometime. She was fricking serious, but so sweet, I wish I would have done it now. Even though she was kinda old, but man did she love me. She didn’t want to let go of me, until the former morning man from KSON rescued me and actually pulled me out of her grasp. KT, now there was a wonderful person on the inside, but she didn’t want to let go of me for nothing. She pulled me aside and told me she wasn’t really a singer, but an ACTOR and was only playing a part, even though she just won a Grammy. My best friend says he saw a trade magazine with a shot of her and I from that night, but I never saw it, but I was booked solid for about three years and barely had time to sleep in those days. Also GREAT JOB with ABBY NORMAL Column this week it was the best one yet! Don’t let the Waitman get ya! Everyone should read the latest by Abby Normal under the latest comment section of the CalPatty Press Abby Normals’ WEEK END Weekly advice column! SHE bit her lip, but still wants to take the trip to the right house….the WHITE HOUSE!

  • LMAO u r sooooooooooo effin hilarious!! You were so blazed in the pic with Dwight. I almost peed myself when I first saw it. hehe :D KT is AWESOME! I did “Do Ya” on my demo!! I’ll have to dig it out sometime. I could’ve “went places” but I chose to be a mother. I couldn’t do both. There was just no way for me. I toured the Tri-State area only and competed in International Finals (Freddy Fender presented me with my last award lol) but opening for David Allen Coe was my “shining moment.” I miss the hell out of it a lot lately. Singing and performing became like breathing to me… *sighs* Ahhh to be young again. LOL Maybe one of these days we’ll jam together… bet it’d be a hoot – to say the least. lol Thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate it :) I’ll have my family here for a few days this week (they’ll be in tomorrow) and probably won’t post, but rest assured I’ll be reading. I won’t let the Waitman get me. lol Take care Darlin’ & BE SAFE. P.S. I could tell your hair was long – you just give off that vibe LOL

  • While the family is visiting from out of town, why not bring them down to Trezan’s for an evening meal, and a few after dinner drinks! And you could visit with the friendly folks in Gilmer County, and maybe introduce your mother and sister to Jeremy Davis, you know the son of Police Chief Davis, the newly deceased that was chief of Police in Glenville. Don’t forget, Jeremy was the last person in the bar to see Freddie Hill alive, just before being put out the back door where some locals were waiting to kill an honest music lover, just like yourselves. Let me tell you a little story about Chief Davis, I saw him late in the evening sitting in the Go Mart, or what ever the fuck it was called then, because it was about nine years ago. I remember sitting down at his table bold as fuck while he was eating, and sharing with him the fact that a crime had been committed against me, and my family, and when I mentioned to him who it was, and also the fact that, that person that committed the crime, and I could prove it, was a local public official. The little white haired police chief just sat there and didn’t do shit, and further, more or less stated, he wasn’t gonna do shit, but it was all nice to know for future reference. I remember it well because, what he didn’t know was I had enough fire power in my vehicle to blow half the fucking town away at the time, and I wasn’t all that happy about being robbed. I sat there looking at this little man with white hair that had his firearm strapped to his side and monitoring his police radio at the time. Being literally twice his size, and having committed numerous acts of violence in the past, I sat there and contemplated reaching across the table, pulling out his weapon and then blowing his brains all over the table for the answer that he gave me. But, just about that time a State Trooper pulled up, and walked in and started pinching asses, and slapping backs and going through the good old boy ritual, and looked right at me, like, what the fuck are you doing here…..hippy! So, I decided to thank the chief for his time, then took my pissed off adrenalin rushing redneck self up out of there and then headed back home to the wife and the dogs. I often wonder if I made the right choice.

  • Council of Concerned Citizens

    Using your head and being polite in that instance was most certainly correct. Yes, you made the right decision. Although, your frustration of feeling helpless, knowing members of the local power elite were gonna get away with another crime, just like they did many times before was certainly normal. Better not to react, for truly that would have accomplished nothing. Davis was nothing but a minion for the local Crooks, running that little hell hole of a town, from what I could gather. Plus, now, years later, he is quite dead anyway, and never much of a player. He was more about making sure the drunk college kids were escorted back to the dorm, from what I have been able to ascertain. But, the last thing he was ever going to do, would have been to look into crimes committed by the people paying his salary, so what could you have been thinking anyway? It is always much better to position the situation by planning a strategy to where the Crooks from Crooked County are put in the position of having to react to you. Not you to them. Jeremy Davis, the bouncer that gave Fred the boot should have been questioned extensively, but was not. I do believe you are correct in your assumption that part of the reason for that would be of who is father was, the Police Chief of Glenville W.Va. for 24 years, and doing a damn good job of covering up crimes for that entire time. So, why would the local cops change any of that? Especially since the crime involved the Chiefs son. The type of behavior that was to be displayed by all local law enforcement involving the disappearance of Fred Hill had long been established, by December of 2009. A good 40 years of unsolved crimes and white collar cover-ups had well been in place by then, so it was no big deal for them to make Fred Hill a non issue after a few DAYS, not weeks. To further address the situation the actual search for Fred was all show and did not get underway in a timely manner what-so-ever. It was a bungle from the jungle from the very start. The investigation of Fred Hill has very much been a non-investigation, and an absolute disgrace. But, then want do you really want from a bunch of STUPID uneducated hillbillies from West Virginia.

  • hurting

    As a family member, I can tell you that Fred’s Dad retired years ago from a back injury. So, Fred did not replace his Dad on the job.

  • I just ran across this tidbit while doing a search

    There are at least three truth blogs on the internet locally dealing with all sorts of local(and state wide) horror stories, where you can learn even more including when,where and who is involved at the CalPatty Press, Calhoun Underground, and a more mainstream news type website, the Hur Herald all these are in the links on the right side of this page. Now I don’t know about you, but MY faith has been shaken, at least in the police around here. We must REALLY be in the sticks, nowhere else i have ever lived that this kind of shennanigans was tolerated. I mean this kinda stuff has been going on for years if not decades. A short while ago one of my NR neighbors had a rifle stolen from his house, he knew who had done it, and he went to the place he was sure the gun would go(it had) and retrieved said weapon(but had to pay the guy who had purchased the gun from the thieves). No cops, no paperwork and property returned the same day. The guilty party got his ass kicked pretty good and has’nt been seen around for a while. Seems like a pretty good way to deal with property crime to me! Ahhhh vigilanty justice, John Wayne would be proud. I guess folks up here in the hills have always had their own way to effect justice. I for one am impessed and feel much safer for that. Ok, suppose ya need the cops, but you know it’ll take at least a 1/2 hour to get there? Sound scary? Well thats the truth of the matter, here in Calhoun county, West Virginia- no lie! Although I love livin’ rural sometimes I wonder. First the facts. When I first moved down to WV, my bright red Jaguar XJS v-12 headturner was stolen, and I even knew who did it. So as the upright(usually)citizen I am, I called the WVSP(west virginia state police) to report it. Basically I was told that since I knew who had taken the Jag that I should’nt worry to much, the party was just likely joyriding and would return it when done. ?????????, WHAT? Somehow this did’nt seem to be a valid response, at least from the state police.I was told a cop would show up as soon as one was available. I am still waiting! Four years later! In fact, i don’t think they are coming. Now that I have lived here a while(6 years) I have come to the conclusion that yer pretty much on yer own.

  • tim smith

    Enter your comments here… I was going to say something, but now …. Editors note: But now, but now? But now what! OK then, maybe we will say something since you went to all the trouble to put in your name and e-mail address indicating a working relationship with WVU -so here goes… “WHERE THE FUCK IS FRED! We are tired of all the bullshit answers! And this no more leads bullshit, is the worst, try ….never had a fucking lead in the first place!” But then, what do you really want from a bunch of stupid dumb ass hillbillies from Gilmer County West Virginia!

  • ck

    3 months.. still in my thoughts and prayers. Editors note: Ditto, funny how it was exactly almost to the minute 90 days ago, from when this comment was posted and Fred went missing, and to think YOU were there and talked to FRED, and saw who was there. Then, to even think that you volunteered to speak with the police and they never bothered even questioning you. Now that is the crime. It appears that the SS has actually done more work and made more of an effort to put the people in the know, with the people that want to know, than the local police. Now that is pretty pathetic.

  • CCC–States Rights and Racial Integrity

    I’m not sure how many people saw this article by the Crooked County Crooks website, but it’s a good one. It has been three months today that Fred Hill disappeared out of thin air, and I assure you he did not stumble and fall into the river like authorities and those hick locals would like you to believe. Hidden Agenda is the middle name of every single public official in that little hell hole of a town they call Glenville and there is not one honest son of a bitch in the bunch, mainly because they are all son’s of bitches that would steal you blind, take all your money, property, what ever they can take, and then find some way to incarcerate you, while you find yourself locked up with the mentally ill. Now, these are not idol words, I can back up every single bit of it and have several reports on this conglomerate of criminals from Gilmer County. They are nothing but a bunch of close-knit-criminals and one can only hope that each one of them may take their turn falling into the river and then never being heard of again. Since it now has been 90 days from the time Fred went missing, here is an excerpt from the article with the link to the full article above — it is interesting to note that the banner at the top of the Crooked County Crooks website — (forced off the internet twice) shows a shot from the main part of the evil little town that took Fred Hill out of the world — Glenville! Boy oh boy can the town of Glenville come up with more nonsensical conclusions and outright lies just when you don’t need nonsensical conclusions the most. Yeah, thanks Glenville, you were not there just when we needed you the most! Sure, Fred was seen going to the store to get cigarettes, but funny thing, Fred does not only not smoke, he detests it. That would be the last thing on his mind. It is extremely difficult for me to witness the sadness and heartbreak on the face of Renee Hill, who is struggling minute by minute just to survive to the next minute, just to be disappointed by the fact that not only no good news has made it’s way to her, the only news is obviously so fabricated as to be taken as a personal insult. That personal insulted feeling extends to the friends of Fred Hill to the point that they are all on the edge of being hostile, and they most likely have never felt that type of hostility before. Fred was obviously someone we would all be lucky to know. I keep hoping that some good news will by some miracle just appear out of nowhere. Who ever is responsible for Fred Hills disappearance has gotten away with it so far, but people talk, and guilt is a real burden to even the hardest of criminals. Lisa Wexler for Crooked County Crooks Website. We are all hoping that new information will lead to the body of Fred Hill in the next ten days or less. But, if you are looking for the local cops to be involved, that is not going to happen, they are there to protect the guilty really running things. Their job is to protect the power elite in the local area, NOT the general public. The persecution and prosecution of the general public is what pays all of their salaries and keeps their evil ball rolling.

  • “Well hell GERRY HOUGH is the head law man in these here parts” That above statement made in reference to Gerald B Hough, Gilmer County Prosecutor -and the most dishonest person in Glenville West Virginia, besides possibly Tim Butcher the Glenville City Attorney. It may be a good time to educate all the people wondering about Fred Hill just how corrupt and just what a criminal the head law man is. I doubt very much if one of the most astute attorneys to graduate from Law School and become a member of the WV bar who is now one of the most fast moving federal prosecutors is going to accept a federal criminal complaint against Gerald B Hough and not act on it. It was explained in a very matter of fact federal document that HOUGH was truly guilty of a criminal conspiracy with a rich business owner who is also being investigated for a crime involving knowingly bringing false evidence before a grand jury. You see, that is just how these people here in Gilmer County do it. They will team up with someone else that claims to be blah blah blah and because who their daddy is, or some other Crooked County factor, they will combine that with an extremely small jury pool that are related to courthouse employee’s and send your whole life down the river just like they did FRED HILL! The criminal complaint was accepted by federal authorities and there has been confirmation that the criminal behavior of Gerald B Hough Gilmer County Prosecutor (with an office in Glenville) is ACTIVE and ongoing. SO, even the head law man in Glenville may be looking at FEDERAL PRISON along with his power elite little bitch friend in the near future. Cross your fingers, because if that happens the shit will really hit the fan, since there will be more casualties from Crooked County immediately following. All the little minions will have to run for cover as they will be hunted down one by one.

  • Member of the SS and CCC–A message to the family and friends of FRED HILL

    Since the year 2004 I have been collecting documents, have done research, have hired attorneys, have spent more money than most of you have ever had in one place, or in the bank, and have sought the expertise of experts and licensed attorney’s from out of state. You would be shocked at the information uncovered. In that quest for knowledge of wrongdoing, corruption and crimes, I became associated with others that had been done wrong and seen their family members destroyed, property stolen, taxes taken at the Sheriffs office, CASH STOLEN by the Gilmer County Sheriffs, now that is pretty bad! AND in broad daylight. You absolutely have no idea who or what you are dealing with in Gilmer County. It is corrupt through and through with a very sinister criminal element calling the shots. Even David Cacamamie that runs the local newspaper is bought and paid for by these people as well as many local defense attorneys of which we have been keeping a list. BEFORE we aligned ourselves with a high motivated political organization from out of state, we had no answers as to how to put an end to the corruption and the bad judges and the deep rooted corruption, but now, with the proper direction, we have taken action against some of these individuals and will continue to do so until they are all removed one by one. If they are smart they would be peaking in the rear view from time to time, because we are on their ass on a daily basis and are determined to beat them. Here is a comment left on another article -DID THIS MAN KILL BASIL FRED HILL ? Was it LEE being chased from Glenville? Was the CalPatty Press right about Waitman all along? 114 # This is a comment from a gentleman, NONE of us have ever met, and he is obviously someone in the know, and can give you more of an idea from a common citizen’s perspective, that what we have been telling you all along is true: I am an outsider that periodically visits the town of Glenville. I too have heard many people name Lee and his son Cornbread as the two people who are responsible for this mans disappearance. I also heard the same about the hog farm being used for the disposal of the body.SAD so very SAD. Allow me to say this to all of you… Justice will be served..Lee and whoever else helped Lee will all be charged and convicted.Including any officials in the town of Glenville that believe they can prevent JUSTICE from being done. It is only a matter of time. Remember JUSTICE IS A DISH BETTER SERVED COLD! The long arm of the law extends a lot farther than the town of Glenville. My heart goes out to the family of Mr.Hill. I would also like to say that I am so proud of those responsible for this website. My hat off to you. GOD BLESS YOU!

  • Chronicles of the Search for Fred Hill and SP31 discussion of 15 March

    SP31 2010/03/15 at 9:14am The so called girl that Lee was dating at the bar was Maryann ,supposedly, Franks cousin, however if you search around through Franks criminal Records you will find that she was another one of Franks money laundering partners./ girlfriends..also she use to dance at one of his clubs years ago..It is all just one great big ring of deception. As the story unfolds….we get closer to the truth. There is already a serious investigation going through Glenville…so beware criminals and Lee and Frank and Maryann…and Glenville PD…the long arm of the law is at work!!!! right under your nose! Editors note: Hey do the lifts still work to get to the house. Glenville PD by the way are nothing but minions to be pointed in the right direction, and many times it is criminals that are directing the position. Sound familiar? That girlfriend cousin thing is pretty typical Gilmer County. Hey is Franks building in Elkins still for sale? Or is he holding on to it. SP31 2010/03/15 at 1:41pm | In reply to sp31. Let me re-phrase …… I will not lay down my badge until all of those involved are put under the jail. I am here to find the truth and punish those responsible.Your web-site has been very helpful to me along with the loose lips of the Crooked County Bars. xoxoxoxox Editors Note: “Danke Schoen” for the love, why is it that just as soon as we try to reveal the truth to the general public which is our primary function, the police automatically start to counter – and work against the Real Truth? The only thing we could come up with is that they are trying to cover up for the power elite who are most likely directly connected to another cold blooded murder! It is really just that simple isn’t it? Why are a motley, but educated, band of renegades like the SS getting some real answers and doing real investigations just to have the police work against us, saying, oh, none of it is true, when it is ALL true! The sad thing is they have all been stalling long enough for the trail to be cold and the evidence to become more difficult to locate and process. The cover-up so far has worked beautifully for the criminal element of the Power Elite. Metz washed his hands of the Fred Hill deal way back in the third week of December, later he will say it was all a State Police Investigation and he really didn’t have much to do with it. SP31 2010/03/15 at 2:10pm It is a shame that your local authorities are trying to cover the truth.. There is not a doubt in my mind or in anyone elses that has a mind ,who and who all are involved. There is also not a doubt in my mind that 95% of what I have read on this web page is the TRUTH! Where there are high officials there are even higher that watch over them and even higher that watch over them ALL! Til,next time….. Editors note: Then wouldn’t you agree that the Secret Seven Coalition was QUICK to name the parties to where the trail of the guilty led? We released information immediately, thinking that would be proper, just to see the po po make a huge effort to say, oh no, couldn’t be some of our own people! SP31 2010/03/15 at 2:39pm I would agree! My sources tell me that there is an investigation from outside agencies in reference to this case. That is not limited to the suspects and includes a complete investigation of the local and state authorities involved. Does that answer your question? Editors note: Completely, I just wish there was some way to verify the info for the family of Fred Hill. All of Central WV is concerned about the Family of Fred Hill as well they should be. Since the Lions Lair is open until almost 4am during the week, we feel that it is VERY possible that Fred wandered in there after being booted from the dope den known as Trezan’s where Sheriff Mickey Metz daughter was also partying with the crowd that night. SP31 March 15th, 2010 at 3:51 PM Nothing seems to amaze me in this case or the town of Glenville. Maybe Fred Hill will be found out at Francos in Grantsville. (of course put there by the boys..) Franco couldn’t possibly be involved…..could he? Editors note: He has no reason to be that I could think of. Now if it was some whacked out chick maybe so, but it is extremely likely that Fred happened upon a bad crowd that were gathered at the Lions Lair, home of the local whores and nickel and dime bag drug dealers. Jeremy Davis, is not an innocent party to the matter, and was the one that made the decision to forcefully move Fred into a bad situation. I would have some civil action slammed down hard on those people if it were me. Once you do serious Federal time, it is more about kicking it with the women folk and stealth moves from the background. Even if Frank were a witness he would do a 180 and have nothing to do with the matter. SP31 2010/03/15 at 4:33pm I do not think Fred made it to the Lions Lair, unless I have my wires crossed. I think Hill was put out the back door at Trezans and beaten a little too much and lost his life as a result of that beating. Then I believe his body was disposed of out of fear and shock. Regardless of how it happened ….it happened! Lee and Jeremy ARE guilty! Lee Fredrick was trained in “hands on combat” It is my belief it was his hands that ended Fred Hills life.It is also my belief it was Jeremy who initiated the situation. Fred’s remains could be anywhere. As for Susie White and her comment of “Tired of looking and it being cold outside” I challenge her to try and forget that comment when the same situation happens to someone she loves. Karma will ensure that does…or should I say God will make you eat those words! There is no warmth for a cold hearted BITCH! EVER! Well at least not until YOU BURN IN HELL! Editors note: Y’all are starting to sound a lot like us last December, but we have felt all alone with our beliefs, so it is nice to see someone see’s it our way. However you should be aware that a high ranking SS member has an alliance with Franks people from the old days and has some allegiance in that respect, it’s and old school thing. And even if we had some sort of shit to talk about it in that regard, it would be a huge mistake to ever even have whispered mentions overheard. It’s complicated. The only mention of Frank that is allowed is… that he is cool. Other than that, there is no reason to bring up the subject.

  • concerned person

    I hope fred is found soon. I hope the guilt is eating away at whoever is responsible! The family needs closure and i think freds father is very ill and may be dying, his last thoughts dont need to be wondering what happened to his son.

  • Even more odd!

    The disappearance of FRED HILL is more than odd, and happened in a more than odd town, with more than odd people present at the bar and what was even more odd is that the local law enforcement never interviewed ck who was with Fred the night he disappeared and saw ALL of the people that were there that night. That is nothing but irresponsible law enforcement which, under the circumstances I consider to be even more odd!

  • If you want to get ODD, how about Crystal Metz, the Sheriffs daughter miss Karate being there too, at the bar, Trezans, where all the dope is. The community of Glenville is fully aware of how corrupt the local public officials are and they are fully aware that the entire investigation into the disappearance of Fred Hill was bungled. Why is Basil Fred Hill not listed as a missing person? We can’t even take leads sent to the CalPatty Press seriously, since we now suspect that the “Powers that Be, have been purposely putting false information out there to throw people off the track! Well, I guess everyone really knows now why they call Gilmer County Crooked County

  • Just like FRED HILL! Another Police killing! OH! He must have fallen in!

    CLAY MAN’S BODY PULLED FROM GAULEY RIVER (04/10/2010) The body of a Clay County man has been pulled from the Gauley River near Alta. Authorities have identified the remains as Adam Nottingham, 34, who has been missing since mid-March. They believe he either jumped or fell into the river. Nottingham had led police on a two-county chase, after which he exited his vehicle on foot along W.Va. 39. According to Gauley Bridge Police Chief L.S. Whipkey, a passer-by told his department they saw something resembling a body in the water near the former Save-A-Lot store in town, very near the confluence of the Gauley and New Rivers.

  • FOUR FUCKIN MONTHS! Still NO WORD about Basil Freddie Hill Four fucking months of bullshit stories from the local law enforcement and four months of watching the same criminals running the same little bullshit town breaking every American law ever made along the way. Glenville and Gilmer County have created their own little lawless Utopia and they have done it with the endorsement of Governor Manchin. The Governor has played into the Crooked Politics going on here in Gilmer County for years. We need a NEW governor and completely new local government. The first people that need to be tossed out are the county commissioners! Give them and their families the boot out of the county and for that matter get the fuck out of the state and go ruin someone else’s lives Tampon Tashua the Mayor is a fucking joke and a certain detriment to progress. Peter Barr might as well be wearing a little Devil suit, with covering up rapes and other major crimes so that the college won’t get a bad name, all the while stealing as much money as he can from any grant that he didn’t personally condone and stealing from those too! Tim Butcher the city attorney has been stealing funds hiking up made up legal fee’s and every other underhanded thing that can be done in that position. If the Dam breaks in the next local quake with a little help from GOD — the evil hell known as Glenville, the County seat of Gilmer County, that took the life of Fred Hill will finally be gone!

  • ck

    4 months now. I think about Fred every single day. Still praying for some answers and peace of mind for the Hill family. Editors note: I was just thinking about YOU today. Hope all is well with you and hope you find the time to meet up with our mutual friend.

  • ck

    Bittersweet news today. I’m so thankful that Fred’s body has been found, so sad that this couldn’t have turned out better and even worse.. THIS NEVER HAD TO HAPPEN. My thoughts are with the family now. Hoping that they will find peace with his passing. RIP. Editors note: Story on the front page of the CalPatty Press first to break the story to the public!

  • anonymous 666

    Man you know they found Fred today. in the LKC Editors note:Confirmed story on the front page!

  • annnonomous

    i just hope an pray that if that body is fred, his family will finally get closure an get justice for what was done to him an his family i an so praying for the hill family, glenvilles finest will all pay for freds death

  • hurting

    Thank you to everyone who has been concerned about our family. We are heartbroken. Why, how and who is the question now. CK if you would, please call us (304-372-1563). We would like to know what went on that night. Closure for us means we find out who did this to Fred. Every time I look at Fred’s Dad, who is failing everyday, it just makes me sick that he is going thru this. Anyone who knows anything, we plead with you to tell us what you know. Editors note: Can the Alpha dot e-mail be used? You may or may not be aware that confidential liaison and protocol already exists.

  • Anonymous in Charleston

    I heard from an attorney that sometimes travels to Glenville, up in Gilmer County that from what he was able to gather from an important source that some of the local law enforcement, knows who killed Fred. They are more than certain, but the prosecutor or somebody needs him to testify against someone else, even though they know. Pretty weird. I was told that they don’t want to have that info get out since they need the murderer to testify against someone they want, and they don’t want to have a struggling college get a bad name, in a bad economy. So, that is shitty beyond shitty to know, but for some stupid personal reason, the citizens will never know the truth. If those cops do know, then they should all go to prison someday. Somebody , somewhere should make an example out of these people that play with other peoples lives like that. Editors note: We were told to shut-up or have another dog shot and that the next people found floating down the crooked river would be one of us, since we made such a big deal about it. And you would like to comment on the veracity of the statements from the local law?

  • This above article was taken from cache files after the data in the CCC website was locked out.

With ALL the CORRUPTION down at the Courthouse in Gilmer County this November of 2014 the staff at Revenge of the Ghost Wolf made up of Concerned Citizens of Central West Virginia who have taken a vow to EXPOSE the truth about those Crooked Sons of Bitches …have decided to republish this great article, “You’ve got to Serve Somebody”

We are taking a holiday in November 2014 and will be available by e-mail and phone. Happy hunting this season and have a wonderful Thanksgiving from all of us at Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!!

By Free Bird – RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor/ Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“Myths sometimes die hard!”

The myth that West Virginia is actually part of America is a hard one to learn, but when you do learn even if it is the hard way, you know for sure. That situation goes double in Gilmer County!

This part of West Virginia is often recognized by well laid nests of crime clubs where bribery, extortion, nepotism and sleaze are ways of life. Local governments in West Virginia are today more often than not corrupt as all get out, but specifically Gilmer County – and we have well documented proof of corruption!

“That’s just the way we always do it in Gilmer County”

“What is the purpose of electing officials to run local government … of choosing leaders?”

If you have ever given this question some thought, the chances are you figured that they exist to serve us, but in Gilmer County an elite group has formed to serve themselves — and like minded affluent and are known locally as the Gilmer County Power Elite, or even better known as the Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River!

The Secret Seven Coalition leaders in the FREE PRESS movement in Central WV are tackling ethics complaints from citizens involving public official’s almost daily and publishing weekly articles that often involve acts of misconduct in Gilmer County government or justice system which has a reputation for corruption, which also includes close political ties to Charleston. Pictured here is Glenville, West Virginia just before the Crooks from Crooked County ejected Fred Hill from a bar, and then murdered him for pinching asses and showing attention to the elite bitches of Glenville, West Virginia

 Serving the public is why we call those officials “Public Servants.”

It’s because they serve the people, right?


Not in Gilmer County, West Virginia, otherwise known as Morris town USA with some freaked out, drugged up, egotistical, backwards as fuck, arrogant, dumb ass power elite pieces of shit, calling themselves, Public Servants!

But mostly many of them have been pubic hair servants for all the sex scandals in Gilmer County that have become famous over the years!

We have a saying in the Central WV SS, “Penny for your thoughts,” for long time SS member Penny and “Bunny for your wiener” as long time SS member BUNNY and original Cal Patty Press chick since 2006 shows us how to suck  a Crooked County wiener in honor of the boyfriend of Crystal Metz Jeremy “Wagging his Wiener,” Wagner who was an adult in charge of the totally out of control high school STATE Tournament VOLLEY BALL event.

Glenville, the county seat of Gilmer County is now known for drugs and illicit, unethical, immoral debauchery that has made it to the pages of the Gilmer Free Press and these accounts are personal accounts of people that were there and/or Police reports!

In most places in America individuals clearly work for government because they are altruists, wanting to do what is best for everybody, regardless of their own self interest, of course,    ….but this isn’t America, this is West Virginia!

And more specifically CROOKED COUNTY where they murdered FRED HILL!!

If you aren’t from the CHURCH OF IKE you are nowhere baby!

Judge Richard A Facemire the Judge that has had the most reversals by the WV Supreme Court in the last couple of years,has even more misconduct complaints revealed soon and will have to make a decision to recuse himself when the motion is filed to bring the “Travesty of Justice” case back before the Gilmer County 14th district circuit court on the grounds that new evidence was discovered that proves Hough paid to have a state witness commit perjury involving ownership of property.

Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord of IKE, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody. You may be rich or poor, you may be blind or lame, and you may be living in Crooked County under another name. You may call me R Terry, or maybe just Jimmy West, or you may call me Lady Titans Coach Bobby Duvall and my mouth will be at your lil girls breast, but you got to serve somebody at the CHURCH of IKE!

Whistle-blowers can be framed for crimes they did not commit, or even come to experience foul play. Dissidents are carefully watched by the police, and may wind up in hot water for mere expressions of opinion. However, anything can go on at the home of IKE MORRIS (shown above)  …all you got to do is SERVE SOMEBODY!

Governments are basically businesses where large sums of money pass through every day, where licenses and permits are sought, where unwarranted criminal prosecutions often originate and where suspicious contracts and purchases are awarded.

“The temptation to steal in Gilmer County, to promote graft or to build corrupt little empires is pandemic!”

Those who seek political position in both county and city government often do so for the basest of motives.

Others, like those in Gilmer County have become enchanted with the concept of power, and become corrupted by its taste. Organized criminal networks flourish in the environment of local government, and often the line between criminal, government employee or official is blurred.

“With the recent outcry for help involving the misconduct in the Gilmer County Sheriffs office and Deputy Jones using a Taser weapon on a citizen, we wonder how many members of law enforcement have a criminal history or other blemishes on their record.”

Are they accepting bribes from the owner of a local towing company like we have been a hearing?

An inquiry into this might include officials of both city and county government and there will be no answers forthcoming.

“It really is not what you know but who you know in order to do business in Gilmer County West Virginia!”

Speaking of SCANDAL and sexual misconduct involving the Gilmer County Sheriffs office and even the daughter of the head law man here in the town of Glenville, the latest involves drunken fun at the Gilmer County High School Volley Ball tournament.

It has been reported that Kim Morris, Sandy Pettit, and Bev Metz were all drunk on the trip to the State Volley Ball event. They took some kids on the pep bus and a group led by Gerry Hough’s daughter CARLY mixed vodka with Gatorade and ended up getting too drunk and passing out! Now, there is even more of a scandal to tell! Hell! Some party goers said they did not know where they were and finally found some people in the group passed out too! And then they fa fa fucked, cuz that’s what real drunk people do!

“They all drank Thursday night, went to the tournament Friday and then the real party started.

The boy friend of Crystal Metz was so drunk and fucked up on drugs, that nobody cared when he ventured off, and then what he was trying to do to the girls by pulling their pants and panties down and then trying to play with their precious feminine secret places!

Another one  of Gerry Hough’s daughters, Lauren Hough, Carly’s Lil Sis was named as a chief player in all of the sexual exchanges and drunk shit and such.

The boyfriend of Crystal Metz was going room to room and in hallways trying to get the girls naked and play box banging bingo the Butcher Bitches way!

“In one incident dude hid in the bathtub in the ladies facilities and when the girls went to use the bathroom then he jumped out swinging his penis to and fro just like they do down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!”

To sum up the sexual holiday the Crooked County way, sponsored by GCHS — Mickey, Beverly and Crystal Metz, Sandy Pettit, Ike’s Executive secretary, and another member of the Church of IKE who is the mother of the girl who got raped by a black man and then pregnant by a black man and then got an abortion. Also the boyfriend of Crystal Metz Jeremy “Wagging his Wiener,” Wagner were the adults in charge of the totally out of control high school event.

Carly Hough brought the hard booze and got on the bus that caused all of the fuss shown here with “DAD” the Gilmer County Prosecutor who is the subject of much discussion among out of town lawyers now that rumor is the “Tragedy of Justice” case is coming back to court with the sole purpose of bringing forth the real evidence and documenting wrongdoing that will lead to future jail sentences for those that were joined in a conspiracy to bring false facts to a grand jury and a felony trial jury.

We hear of policemen extorting sex from the relatives of a wanted criminal.  Is all the cash collected going on the books or in pockets?  That action has already been documented in the county tax collections.

It is well known that improper favors are always handed out to suspects. Drug offenses, parking tickets, drunk driving cases and the like are simply ignored for people with the right clout.

Slum lord housing in Gilmer County that is typical of those rented by Gerry Hough and other power elite that use others for financial gain whether they break the laws of the United States or not. Many CROOKED COUNTY CROOKS feel they can make their own rules and the rules of the US do not apply to them or their corrupt friends in power.

This, however, is amateur stuff. The real professional racketeers have a deeper stranglehold on the entire apparatus of local government. The power held by politicians and their lackeys often includes control over licenses and permits for everything from pinball machines, tattoo and massage parlors, to liquor licenses and building permits. The power to say no is also the power to say yes. This power is a commodity that can be sold, traded or bought.  What’s the going price these days Gilmer County?

The power to award building contracts, public works contracts, the right to collect overdue parking tickets or taxes, and the power to hire employees all can bring money to a crooked bureaucrat.

There is no end to it in Gilmer County where the same stuff goes on and never stops. The worst part of human nature prevails when political power is placed in the wrong hands as Gilmer County citizens hard work goes to promote the gangster life on a country level and see that these thieves become the new bourgeoisie while the average guy struggles to pay his taxes and keep his house, never mind feed the family.

Are you tired of it yet?

What can be done?

A thinking mind is never helpless.  Making politicians fearful of the citizenry, instead of contemptuous, is necessary..

“Citizens who are vigilant and involved rather than apathetic can be a strong antidote to politics as usual!”

Informed citizens who carefully watch their local Gilmer County government are the front line of defense for the integrity of the community.

Without breaking the law, local activists need to select the issues that matter most and launch a campaign to embarrass and humiliate the people most responsible. Personal attacks often work. If somebody is guilty of nepotism, identify him. If there is blatant corruption, name them, but be sure the evidence is solid and documented.

“These small town crooks and bullies need lessons in humility.

Let’s give it to them!”

Maybe it’s time that that those, “BULLSHIT” fake as fuck public servants in Gilmer County, West Virginia learned to serve somebody!

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf


Thanks to the Gilmer Free Press for this photograph of Carol Wolfe. Wolfe recused herself from having to hear the case of Gilmer County Commissioner Brian Kennedy pulled over for DUI last July 19th 2014.

Thanks to the Gilmer Free Press for this photograph of Magistrate Judge Carol Wolfe. Wolfe recused herself from having to hear the case of Gilmer County Commissioner Brian Kennedy pulled over for DUI last July 19th 2014.

Former Sheriff Metz, Ike Morris local Oil Baron and his little right hand man(gal)Sandy Pettit, Gerald B Hough Prosecuting Attorney for Gilmer County, Richard A Facemire 14th judicial district Circuit Court Judge and Larry Gerwig Gilmer County Sheriff, along with Brian Kennedy and Larry Chapman County Commissioners complete with their dumb as a fucking rock County Commission Clerk Jean Butcher make up a list of CROOKS from Crooked County who are reported on in many of the local TRUTH BLOGS and websites that sets Gilmer County apart from the rest of the state of West Virginia.

“These Crooked County Crooks essentially run the county’s legal system,” said SC of the Secret Seven Coalition of journalists in Central West Virginia Dan Bingman, who is also President of the Central West Virginia Council of Concerned Citizens. The fact was seconded by award winning investigative reporter and SS Major Sir Lawrence Smith who has reported many wrongdoings in Gilmer County via the West Virginia Record.

The ringleaders in the community for stirring up mayhem not mentioned above, are the Butcher and Butcher law firm consisting of Timothy B Butcher and Terry Butcher, Terry of course being the father of the infamous Butcher Bitches.

“The Butcher and Butcher law firm in Gilmer County have a direct connection to Judge Richard A Facemire who was the BAD JUDGE involved in the “Travesty of Justice,” case the longest running court case in Gilmer County History!”

Brian the WALRUS Kennedy rubs his head in frustration over the Cottrill Estate when he learns not one thing has been done with the accounting of the estate in four years, and although accounting's are required annually, that is a term that the Gilmer County Commission does not understand. In fact, it is obvious they have no fucking idea WHAT the hell they are doing in regard to the Cottrill Estate. They have proven to be complete idiots.

Brian the WALRUS Kennedy rubs his head in frustration over the Cottrill Estate when he learns not one thing has been done with the accounting of the estate in four years, and although accounting’s are required annually, that is a term that the Gilmer County Commission does not understand. In fact, it is obvious they have no fucking idea WHAT the hell they are doing in regard to the Cottrill Estate. They have proven to be complete idiots.

Larry Chapman from the Gilmer County Economic Development Association and NEW PRESIDENT of the Gilmer County Commission as a child...he hasn't changed much!

Larry Chapman from the Gilmer County Economic Development Association and NEW PRESIDENT of the Gilmer County Commission as a child…he hasn’t changed much!

Could Gerald B Hough Prosecutor for Gilmer County and other Gilmer County public officials be headed to PRISON like the County officials from MINGO COUNTY, WV? Only time and good information gathering will tell, and hopefully sooner than later. GOD KNOWS Gilmer County officials have been breaking the rules and committing crimes for YEARS in Central West Virginia.

A federal judge sentenced the former prosecuting attorney of Mingo County last July 7th 2014 just three months and eight days ago to a year in prison and said he would have given him longer — possibly much longer — if he could.

Michael Sparks Mingo County Prosecutor, 44, pleaded guilty last year to one count of deprivation of rights under the color of law, a misdemeanor. He admitted he took part in a scheme to deprive George White of his right to have the attorney of his choice.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Johnston sentenced Sparks to the statutory maximum the charge carries, despite Sparks’ lengthy plea for an alternative sentence, like home confinement.

“You had an obligation as a prosecutor to treat George White in a fair and just manner. However instead of justice, you gave him injustice,” Johnston said. “This sentence needs to repeat, repeat the message that corruption must come to an end in Mingo County and Southern West Virginia.

“Ultimately, the citizens of Mingo County and Southern West Virginia must stand up against political corruption. They should have confidence that serious penalties will await those who perpetuate political corruption in Mingo County and Southern West Virginia in the future,” the judge said.

Sparks, who had been Mingo County’s prosecuting attorney since 2005 until he resigned last year, is the fourth county official to be sentenced this year in a corruption probe by U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin’s office.

“This sentence strikes an appropriate balance,” Goodwin recently stated. “It punishes wrongdoing while encouraging officials involved in public corruption to come forward, admit what they’ve done, and help federal authorities. What Sparks did was indefensible, and he deserves prison time. But his early cooperation was vital to our investigation in Mingo County.

“This sentence underscores that telling the truth at the beginning of an investigation is always a smart decision,” Goodwin US Attorney for the Southern District said.

" The infamous BUTCHER BITCHES of CalPatty Press fame still are in high demand for their BOX BANGING videos that have found a market of their own" Complete strangers approach me and ask me for the DVD of the Butcher Bitches Beach Blanket Bingo Box Banging extravaganza. R Terry Butcher who is one half of the Butcher and Butcher law firm is the father of these two girls who obviously have a very involved open sexual relationship evident by the tongue Sexy Lexy Butcher is forcing down her sister Lizzie's throat, all HOT and HEAVY!!! The Butcher Bitches are beyond famous in Central West Virgina for their girl girl and boy girl sexual antics caught by the camera and on video tape!

” The infamous BUTCHER BITCHES of CalPatty Press fame still are in high demand for their BOX BANGING videos that have found a market of their own!” Complete strangers approach me and ask me for the DVD of the Butcher Bitches Beach Blanket Bingo Box Banging extravaganza. R Terry Butcher who is one half of the Butcher and Butcher law firm is the father of these two girls who obviously have a very involved open sexual relationship evident by the tongue Sexy Lexy Butcher is forcing down her sister Lizzie’s throat, all HOT and HEAVY!!! The Butcher Bitches are beyond famous in Central West Virgina for their girl girl and boy girl sexual antics caught by the camera and on video tape!

One of the Circuit Court  Judges in Gilmer County (Facemire)and his team of questionable attorneys and partners in crime, along with Sandy Pettit democrat executive committee chair person and Ike Morris are the real power in Gilmer County,” Bingman explained recently in Parkersburg, West Virginia while conducting research at the courthouse.

“They didn’t like anyone who tried to oppose them. If you were an attorney or an individual who wanted to get a fair shake in the court system, you had to play whatever game the Crooked County Crooks wanted you to play. It is a very toxic legal environment to say the very least…”

These alleged “Crooks from a Crooked County mentioned above make up “Team Gilmer County” also known as TEAM CROOKED COUNTY who control the legal system locally, and they may think no one would stand up against them,” but many have been secretly working to expose them by making information made available to outside law enforcement who may get some investigators from Pittsburgh Pa interested in those public officials that make up TEAM GILMER COUNTY such as Gerald B Hough, Richard A Facemire, Carol Wolfe magistrate, Larry Gerwig Gilmer County Sheriff and Commissioners Kennedy and Chapman — all the above are public officials who truly believe they are above the law in Gilmer County and the state of West Virginia.

Local members of the Council of Concerned Citizens have contacted individuals who have been investigating public corruption and white-collar crime for more than a decade.

“No matter how much power you wield,” according to the local President of the Concerned Citizens, Dan Bingman and his right hand man investigative journalist Sir Lawrence Smith … “When you violate the public trust and engage in corruption, sooner or later, you will get caught.”

Dan Bingman the President of the Council of Concerned Citizens and the leader of the Secret Seven Coalition was commended by a regional head of the FBI after they talked to the US Attorney's for the Northern District of West Virginia, who confirmed he provided them with quite a bit of information regarding misconduct as early as four years ago, and at the same time was encouraged to continue to expose corruption in West Virginia by the same high ranking FBI official. Bingman is also known as Jim West a former WMMS 100.7 FM Cleveland "Air Personality" and veteran of over 23 radio stations in California and Arizona.

Dan Bingman the President of the Council of Concerned Citizens and the leader of the Secret Seven Coalition was commended by a regional head of the FBI after they talked to the US Attorney’s for the Northern District of West Virginia, who confirmed he provided them with quite a bit of information regarding misconduct as early as four years ago, and at the same time was encouraged to continue to expose corruption in West Virginia by the same high ranking FBI official. Bingman is also known as Jim West a former WMMS 100.7 FM Cleveland “Air Personality” and veteran of over 23 radio stations in California and Arizona. “Danny Boy” the dog(S7 trained) shown in this photo died in the line of duty a while back.

These individuals along with Dave Ramezan of the Gilmer Free Press will be revealing the criminal element in Gilmer County to their reading audience hopefully around Thanksgiving of this year according to local report.

One of the worst things Crooked County is known for is threatening people who the public officials of Gilmer County think are making comments on the Gilmer Free Press and other websites designed to give the public the real news, not the manufactured bullshit so well known to be published in the only print media in Gilmer County the Gilmer County Democrat run by a very questionable journalist known to us all as Dave (Corky) Corcoran.
Common citizens can exchange information about corrupt officials in Gilmer County now and further, even have the matter published, and the CROOKS from Crooked County can’t stand it.

Michael Sparks Mingo County Prosecutor, 44,(shown in photo with his wife and attorney) pleaded guilty to one count of deprivation of rights under the color of law, a misdemeanor, but will be doing ONE YEAR in federal prison.

Michael Sparks Mingo County Prosecutor, 44,(shown in photo with his wife and attorney) pleaded guilty to one count of deprivation of rights under the color of law, a misdemeanor, but will be doing ONE YEAR in federal prison.

Who really knows if every person that ever responded to FREE PRESS articles were threatened — or just a few … on a hand selected by a HOUGH and Larry Chapman hit list – being blamed for past grievances and disagreements with no real justification!

The rules of professional conduct for attorneys in West Virginia specify that a lawyer cannot represent a private client in a matter he or she was involved in as a county prosecutor or other public officer, but Gerry Hough seems to make his own rules, which include hiding pieces of property needed in high profile West Virginia Supreme Court cases, and even ordered Beverly Marks County Clerk to hide the title of property to cover for a lie Hough told a circuit court jury in the famous, “Travesty of Justice,” case the longest running court case in Gilmer County history that went all the way to US Supreme Court.
When one has served in both public offices of City Mayor and County Prosecutor like Hough has, there is hardly anyone in the most populated area of Gilmer County a person does not become involved with.

Whether the issue is taxation, police actions, local ordinance disputes, seeking funding, parking tickets or trying to get the vote, the Mayor becomes involved. Gerry Hough was once the MAYOR of Glenville. As a prosecutor, Gerry Hough simultaneously runs a real estate business and independent law firm, against rules of professional conduct, which leaves literally almost no one for this MONSTER GERALD B HOUGH to represent legally in this county as a private attorney.

These infamous CROOKS from Crooked County, like Judge Facemire, Hough, Sheriff Larry Gerwig, and all the county commissioners work together and think absolutely nothing about violating West Virginia code or breaking any law, for they truly think they are ABOVE the law and they are quite convinced of it. This sounds like a tall tale, but the matter can all be proven via court record and documents on file at the courthouse.

BRIAN KENNEDY President of the Gilmer County Commission GETS ARRESTED like a BIG DOG driving erratically, but does not get sent to jail like common sense for the common man might tell you would be the normal consequence!

The Gilmer FREE PRESS shared the West Virginia Metro News Report regarding the JULY 19th 2014 incident:
The West Virginia State Police arrested and charged Gilmer County Commissioner Brian Kennedy with a DUI over the weekend.
Senior Trooper K. J. Varner II pulled Kennedy over at 8:00 PM on Saturday after he was seen driving erratically on U.S. Highway 33 in Gilmer County.

Once pulled over, Varner said he detected alcohol on Kennedy’s breath and initiated the proper procedures.
A secondary chemical test revealed Kennedy’s BAC was at 0.089, which is over the 0.08 limit.

Dogs of the Secret Seven (S7) are highly trained and WILL take care of business as soon as a mixed signal is sent from dangerous CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY that live down by the Crooked River. White Fang like to kill something at least a couple of times a week to stay in shape. Word to the wise, playing possum doesn't work with the FANG it just  pisses that damn dog off and that possum will be an air conditioned one full of fang holes.

Dogs of the Secret Seven (S7) are highly trained and WILL take care of business as soon as a mixed signal is sent from dangerous CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY that live down by the Crooked River. White Fang likes to kill something at least a couple of times a week to stay in shape. Word to the wise, playing possum doesn’t work with the FANG it just pisses that damn dog off and that possum will be an air conditioned one full of fang holes before ya know it!  Do yourself a favor if confronted by this K-9 DO NOT RUN, just stand real still and hope for the best.

Varner said Kennedy was cooperative while detained until around 10:30 PM, when Magistrate Judge Carol L. Wolfe arraigned and released him on a personal recognizance bond.

“According to Judge Wolfe’s office, no dates have been set in regard to the case!”

A representative from the Gilmer County Commission has not yet been available for comment on the matter at this time.

Also, according to court record Magistrate Carol Wolfe has recused herself further from hearing County Commissioner Brian the Walrus Kennedy’s case, for I am sure she does not want to be involved in any more press scandals and allegations of misconduct than has already been documented in the past. Wolfe is usually the go to judge when one of the elite get caught so she can fix it, or if there is another rape at the college so she can squash it. Until national or regional attention can be brought to this action little or nothing is going to be done about these wrongdoings in GILMER COUNTY, why do you think it is famous and known as CROOKED COUNTY?

It doesn’t matter if you are a magistrate, the elected County Sheriff Larry Gerwig, or that dumb bitch of a County Commission Clerk Jean Butcher, who has a background in special education, every single one of those Son’s of Bitches that work in the Gilmer County Courthouse  lie their asses off about real facts — And most have been involved in multiple cover ups. Now we hear that Crooked County is broke as fuck and soon some of the Crooks will be getting dumped in the Crooked River like the little bitches they truly are,  and they will be without jobs and paychecks! You can bet your ass those Crooked County Crooks will be telling HORRIBLE LIES as to how it all came about.

Yeah we would love to hear those SWEET LITTLE LIES, while we just happen to bump into a few of those folk while trying to hold back the dogs that already smelled them coming and know what comes next…

That’ right, LIE to US, LIE to our faces and see where that gets ya!!


Got the god damn Ghost Wolf waiting for ya bitches and seen in the hills of Linn WV just a couple of weeks ago. Come on down and try telling some little lies to the Ghost Wolf but then ya better walk, slow, don't run, or the Ghost Wolf will be havin a little fun!!

Got the god damn Ghost Wolf waiting for ya bitches and seen in the hills of Linn WV just a couple of weeks ago. Come on down and try telling some little lies to the Ghost Wolf but then ya better walk, slow, don’t run, or the Ghost Wolf will be havin a little fun!!

“The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of the evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of the Ghost Wolf and goodwill, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper, and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Ghost Wolf when I lay my vengeance upon thee!”

There has been an official request to re-publish this Revenge of the Ghost Wolf article from last November 18th, given that the Cottrill estate debacle has been the subject of some recent Gilmer County Commission meetings. Just last September 2nd the Gilmer County Commission first realized there never has been an accounting of the estate. They all acted surprised when the county clerk Jean Butcher pointed that out to the commission. Read carefully the facts and evidence presented in this article that originally ran on the Gilmer Free Press and was read by thousands of loyal readers. You will see for yourself there has been an obvious cover up of MURDER and other crimes involving the Willard Cottrill estate!!  

G-LtE™: The Murder of Willard Cottrill Part One – For the Love of Money, Property and Greed!

It will be very hard to keep trying to forgive the local public officials in Gilmer County, after GFP readers absorb the facts involving the Willard Cottrill Estate and this tale of murder, and killing in the name of money and property in Linn, West Virginia.

The Gilmer Free Press
It has been found out the people holding up the murder investigation are our very own elected officials. At first it was previous Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz who has finally found a job that suited him, selling used cars along with another person that has been through this ploy of keeping the investigation open until people forget – while conducting no investigation at all – and that is The Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald B Hough.

How can you forgive anyone for the misery brought by the Gilmer County Prosecuting attorney Gerry Hough for once again fooling the public and the Gilmer County Commission into thinking there is an investigation into the death of Willard Cottrill for three long years, just like he fooled the public into thinking there was an investigation into the murder of Fred Hill. The only law enforcement officer investigating the murder of Willard Cottrill has been Deputy Mike Wheeler whose duties mostly include being a traffic cop.

Some people are saying that Gilmer Prosecutor does not have the knowledge to even know how to prosecute a murder case, starting out his career by working for IKE  MORRIS and MIKE ROSS in the courthouse, searching title and deeds and oil rights and leases for a couple of rich men looking to get richer. That of course was back in the day when Gilmer Prosecutor got caught for his FERPA violation of a rape victim while defending the alleged rapist GSC football star QB.

Our Prosecutor came close to losing his license to practice law for that Ferpa Violation, but the Office of Disciplinary Counsel decided to just fine him $400 since he had only been a lawyer for a little more than a month before being caught in the act of misconduct. In addition to the fine, GSC denied him a raise that everyone else got, and he had t