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By Free Bird — Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“In Gilmer County the RICH just keep getting richer and the POOR just keep getting poorer, but that’s the way they do it down by the Crooked River!

Local political rulers grab power through direct involvement in policy planning, through participation in Crooked County political campaigns and elections, and through appointments to key decision-making positions.

“The regular guy in Gilmer County is used to walking on the  “Muddy” side where people pay the price for their self described “Betters” the ELITE to walk on the WILD side of life, with all the Luxuries!”

This needs to change as we all acknowledge the differences of entitlement to basic human rights and the conditions suffered created by our own choice of leadership in Gilmer County, home of the Crooked County Crooks.

Washing the MUD off the streets and parking lot for regular folk that have to walk on the MUDDY side, while the ELITE walk on the WILD SIDE -UPAK was just torn down the other day, and is no longer in the location shown in this photo in the background, In fact, now that we lost U-Pak, we have little choice in grocery shopping because one owner did not think Glenville was big enough for another grocery which is absolute Bullshit, might as well heard that one from the Democrap and Pathfinder of.... The same owner that makes a fortune at the GO MART which has the best location and monopoly on the local foot traffic also owned UPAK and now the EDA and LARRY CHAPMAN plan on putting up a new building in its place -- wonder what kind of corruption will go along with that deal?

The PLAIN TRUTH of the matter is the last thing in the world that will cure the ills of political corruption in West Virginia is to put another one of the good old boys in office, anywhere!

“You know the kind …not a law that wasn’t made to be broken if you have the right last name or at least the right amount of money and they will make you feel good about it, putting them ABOVE the LAW!”

I wonder if Ramsey is giggling because he heard about the photo's taken of Gilmer County Commission President getting CAUGHT banging AMY SKINNER in the car outside the "DUCK" a country BAR hang out up the road a piece from Glenville. It was the image of the big white ass undulating in the wind towering over the ripped open blouse of AMY SKINNER making for a bucking tale at Tallie's Duck Tavern up there in a Normantown. The smell of Sex was in the air among all the moanin and a groanin and a rollin around that was a goin on out in the country there for the animals and the big bucks to get an idea of how DRUGS can sometimes makes human sexual relations just all that much more disgusting to nature and such.

Justice in Gilmer County is getting pretty hard to find when we have corrupt pieces of shit like JUDGE RICHARD A FACEMIRE as a Circuit Court Judge  – Facemire sentenced the defendant of the Travesty of Justice to ONE YEAR IN JAIL a very harsh punishment in West Virginia, for a misdemeanor all based on false evidence proven false now, but he lets a drug dealing nigger go free on probation even when caught in the IKE MORRIS MOTEL with DRUGS and dude is a Football player for GSC, now what the fuck is wrong with this picture!

In Court on April 23rd  just days ago it was the State of West Virginia vs. Osmond Brown Jr.  before the not so honorable Judge Facemire.

OSMUND BROWN was before the Court for sentencing upon his former plea.

The parents of the latest rape victim at GSC reported the incident to the Secret Seven known as the SS in Gilmer County - The SS has uncovered multiple rapes by Black Athletes involving white female students and there has not been even one conviction - Countless rapes have been documented - just as fast as the SS expose the rapes - the local Sheriff Metz see's to it that they are covered up just like they always do it down in Crooked County!

Brown was placed on 5-years’ probation and must perform 100 hours of community service.

At this time he is working and playing football in North Carolina, and is paying child support.

Later his probation may be transferred to North Carolina after he graduates from Glenville State College.

New transfer tight end OSMUND BROWN looked good in ORANGE at CRJ shown here in G-Ville BLUE where it is JUST OK to bring in good drugs to the Best Western in Glenville and turn out all the hotties on dope with the sanction of IL Morris the LORD of the Church of IKE! Ike has to have his football stars no matter what the price and no matter how much it fucks us up, the people that have to walk on the MUDDY SIDE!

These so called friends of the ELITE that get to walk on the WILD SIDE  love a job where the only qualification is being able to do nothing except collect a paycheck, speak but say nothing, go on free vacations, drive county cars and hire and harass who they’re told by whatever minions of the boss are in power!

That job description sounds a lot like Brian Kennedy too, since he works for IKE MORRIS and the Church of IKE restaurant the Pioneer Grill thereby getting TWO FULL PAY CHECKS from Gilmer County, although there was another person in mind when Free Bird wrote that part of this article.

The Gilmer County Courthouse where few rape cases ever make it now, being dismissed in magistrate court since the witness and rape victim is often threatened to be raped again if she shows up as was done in the rape of Mary Hudnall who worked at the GO MART and was a student at GSC - Gerry Hough prosecutor for Gilmer wrote the last rape victim that had a 4.0 gpa a threatening letter threatening to arrest her if she did not SHUT UP about the rape and quit telling people about it, it was about that time her parents contacted the Secret Seven Coalition who immediately got them professional help and a professional investigator to tell their story too. We are trying to get a copy of that letter and redact the victims name and other details, but publish as much of it as we can. GLENVILLE and GSC LEAD the State of West Virginia for RAPE!!

Glenville Citizens need to act and take a stand against the violent acts by GSC college athletes against women! West Virginia found out about Gerald B Hough and the illegal act he made against a rape victim – And the FERPA Violation reported by the West Virginia Record speaks volumes about the illegal and outlandish actions taken by representatives of GSC and the local elite to cover up the violence against women that has been happening for years in Gilmer County, WV!

Glenville State College has had several unsolved and unpunished rapes since 2005 but the latest rape of an honor student from Wood County, on the Promise Scholarship program was the rape that was the most brutal and involved several fraternity members of the SOB fraternity, and the SS is seeking to let the Alumni Association know about the cover up by Dan Bell from GSC and the Gilmer County Sheriffs Department.

The Secret Seven Coalition, once informed about the rape at Goodwin Hall, launched an investigation. The RAPE took place in the Suite of a student from South Carolina that was brought in by the closest associates of Peter Barr the President of GSC. This particular sex crime turned our stomachs, and upset the SS women the most, and also pissed them off enough to take immediate action, so a professional investigator was contacted — the parents of the Victim were contacted and we got the testimony from the victim herself who my heart goes out to. She remembers being in the room with Opie Watkins with a cup of alcohol, that was mixed by a female student who said her father was a bartender so she should mix the drinks, but she mixed a concoction of wood grain alcohol and date rape drugs!! The victim then said she came to with five SOB fraternity members standing over her as she was nude & being sexually assaulted in the shower, in Goodwin Hall at Glenville State College. She flat lined in the ambulance on the way to Stonewall Jackson hospital where they found evidence that a rape occurred. Public Safety officer Dan Bell mailed the evidence to himself from the hospital and then it became lost …on purpose. GSC has become a haven for rapists and drug addicted criminals!

The last thing the victim, and honor student, remembered was that she was drinking a cup of alcohol with other students, and then the next thing she became conscious at the bottom of a shower nude with five male GSC students standing over her! Her life has been a nightmare & she almost died from the drugs and alcohol that were given to her. The victim does not take drugs but DATE RAPE drugs were found in her system and her blood alcohol level was 2.4

JOBS and PEOPLE are bought and sold in Gilmer County, and it’s fun for those who are willing to keep you in line to serve their king.  Always the ones who smile so nice, walk into church like a saint on Sunday but lie like a rug, sin with the best and steal like a professional the rest of the week. Take your pick, there’s a house full to pick from ranging from high on that hill all the way down to the Little Kanawha. Put your buddies in a bag, shake it and pick one.  Won’t make one bit of difference when you’re done.

“If you gave us a nickel for every man working for any agency funded by taxes in Gilmer County that was honest and under the age of 70 we’d be hard pressed to come up with a fifty cent piece!”

Lexi Butcher Bitches Breasts will liven up any party in Crooked County especially w/ her COCAINE purse brought to the party! Lexy don't worry about being caught with drugs - and can have sex w/ anybody she wants girl or boy.

This bunch that’s had the power the last 25 or so years seem to come from a generation of self serving, wait on me and just tell me what I need to knows. Working to benefit anyone beyond themselves is not in them. Don’t expect it and you’ll never be disappointed.

Ask your Sheriff  MICKEY METZ why he LIED for years and then carried on over to fraud when he figured no problem being your next Magistrate. You guys love him, right? He’s a good old boy.

What made METZ think that would be just OK with you?

Ask Metz why he fell in lock step when the High Priestess of the Church of Ike, said…

“You will not arrest my family or friends for drugs and drunkenness!”

Ask  Mickey Metz Sheriff of Gilmer County how many rape investigations were JUST OK with him if the perpetrator attended GSC!

Ask METZ why 357 Evvy only got a year for premeditated murder.  Ask him who killed Fred Hill.

Ask METZ what kind of deal the prosecutor makes for those special needs cases and what Judges run with the idea.

While you’re at it, ask Sheriff MICKEY METZ about that fancy store bought  diploma he used to file for office illegally, who told him to do it and if he really took his GED at the church as told in town last week!”

When you’re not too busy, you need to check in with Larry Chapman EDA Director about why he just had to have that job while he was still President of the Board of Directors and just after he lost his public office?  You guys just love him, right?

"If you see ME, buddy it could be the last thing you ever see!" It means you pissed off the SC of the SS and he wants your ass for he only brings me for one reason, cuz I’m the best! "You just might find yourself slipping into Darkness!" "I'm with the Central West Virginia SS!" Shang a lang dang dang, want to see me do my thang?" "You better run, but that is just what I like!"

Chapman is a good old boy.  He brags about being an investor in Best Western and how great the Rivers View Project was, how smart Pete Barr is, but doesn’t seem to know a thing about how his own county clerk could file liens illegally to get it done and kept it all in the dark with her buddy Butcher.

Ask LARRY CHAPMAN why he’s so willing to take a cut in pay now when he swore to friends he had to have the EDA job to keep his boy from moving out of the state.

Could it be the money is running out?  Larry Chapman really doesn’t want to answer to anybody and he knows the people have never held him accountable for anything? Besides, you know what a Board member at a bank can do for a personal friend with sticky fingers, especially when they’re related to another good old boy!

Keep it quiet with threats, call the boss, get them a job and see that they come out smelling like a rose. As he says, you never know when you’ll need to get the favor back and this one knows he’ll get it or tell.  One more time, business as usual and they will shed not one tear for the children as the schools close one by one.  Actually, they’ll wave goodbye to the school bus with a smile while working to get that Arbuckle Land back on the SBA agenda.

Speaking of keeping it quiet! The Butcher Bitches know how to keep it quiet, they have had sex with so many men, boys, women, girls, that really who can count, and you have to wonder who has the most SEX … LIZ or LEX?

“Oh, yes, by all means, put one of those good old boys in office but don’t complain when you get what you asked for.  History will repeat itself!”

Gilmer County people are paying the ultimate price for such foolish decisions right now.  Some have already heard they lost their kids to another county because they sold their very souls to these devils they believed were so smart and trustworthy.

In the meantime, too many families ask a God they have turned their backs on to save them from this disgrace knowing full well that redemption only comes when you go and sin no more.

Is Gilmer County ready to be or not to be?

That is the question and this election is going to tell the story!

It takes courage and fearlessness to change anything.  You have to be willing to take a chance.  One thing is for certain, no guts, no glory. Look out cause the buzzards are circling and the hogs are waiting to hear that familiar call to the trough.

“The next move is yours, but then you can always join the CHURCH of Ike and take a walk on the WILD SIDE!”

“But we say FUCK THAT! Because it’s better to be a member of the Secret Seven and be a REBEL REBEL!

By Free Bird — Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“No matter where you look in Gilmer County, West Virginia, around here you will find generous amounts of nepotism, cronyism and lots of corruption!”

Some think GLENVILLE in Gilmer County leads the corruption brigade for the state. And by documents and facts that have been presented in the FREE PRESS lately, let’s face it Gilmer County has lived up to its nick name of Crooked County and then some.

“But, if we hear one more person say that nepotism, cronyism and lots of corruption is just the way things are done in Gilmer County we’re going to puke!”

What a pitiful excuse for allowing corruption to ruin your home and convince you to toss a person’s ethics, morals and and those of one’s children to the side…

Mickey MOUSE Metz was CAUGHT with phony credentials, A Mickey Mouse diploma when served with an FOIA by the FREE PRESS and then denied the High School Diploma was FAKE – The fact he is still supported by the Gilmer County Democratic Executive committee attests to just how Crooked the whole bunch of them are. They get caught red handed and still deny it like the worst of the worst juvenile delinquents. Metz needs to be removed from office before he finishes his term, removed from the ballot, and then prosecuted for the crimes he was involved in covering up,which are numerous!

There are many Glenville Elite’s who feel very comfortable living with other self serving people in this sea of corruption. They convince themselves that they are, “Just OK,” because they follow the wishes of those really in the know, the insiders, the rich, the important, the CROOKS from Crooked County!

Refusing to hear any message to the contrary, the politically enabled of this Gilmer County seem to emerge ready to serve their self-interests at every opportunity. It is a shame that our corrupt politicians feel no shame, but it is a bigger shame that they have only their own kind to hear their confessions.

Phil Reale is the Real ween sucker and has to take WEENY SUCKING LESSONS from BUNNY of the original SS when we catch up to that elite SOB for his Gilmer Media blackout since he calls the shots for the Gazette in favor of the elite of Glenville, the famous Crooks from Crooked County!(click on image to see Phil get his lesson)

When our elected officials resolve to become fully corrupt, as we have witnessed for ourselves with Judge Richard A Facemire, County Commissioner Brian Kennedy, Larry Chapman who created his own job and salary with the EDA after he was VOTED OUT of the County Commission, and Gerry Hough, paying witnesses to lie in court, and knowingly bringing false evidence to a Grand Jury while threatening VICTIMS of RAPE as often happens , these corrupt son’s of bitches can no longer tell the difference between positive action and selfish proposition.

“The corrupt public officials in Gilmer County come to think that life is all about them. Using public dollars or public anything else as an incentive for personal gain is immoral, but that’s how they always do it in Gilmer County!”

Underage drinking rules the day in the land of the Crooks from Crooked County,as here we see Lizzy Butcher, one half of the BUTCHER BITCHES in the center of the photo with a few of her closest friends — I have had students tell me they can get any drug they want from the time they leave a class room to the bathroom. I have had students tell me they have sex at ball games hidden by other students standing up with their jackets as shields. Would not (should not)a group of students with open jackets attract attention? Sex and drugs during school hours or at a school function is not normal teen-age behavior. This should be something parents should worry about after school hours but shouldn’t their children be safe at school?

Because these CROOKS commit illegal acts all in the name of being LEGAL, it is still not right!

A good example of this concept was just publicly displayed by the actions of Gilmer County Sheriff Metz bringing forward a FAKE bought and paid for document, and saying it is a genuine High School Diploma to use as credentials to run for public office.

HELL even with his illegal action METZ got the backing of the entire Democratic executive committee, now how is that for a bunch of Hooligan in your face freaks! This latest action by the Sheriff with full support of the other public officials has made Gilmer County the laughing stock of the state!

Most of us, “Know a BAD PERSON when we see one,” for their actions always show their true colors. Many of our leaders, unfortunately, do not even know a bad person even when they look in the mirror, for their crimes are considered LEGAL in GILMER COUNTY! Of course ILLEGAL everywhere else in the USA

Most sins, for which us plain folk would be jailed, are Pre-Forgiven for an Elite or Public Official that has gone BAD, simply because those in power declare it to be so.  There is no other reason.

“We have the only High School in the United States that could completely clear up the BULLYING PROBLEM by firing the principal of the school Nasia Butcher, who is truly behind all the crime, mayhem, bad behavior, underage drinking, sexual deviance, and anti-social actions!”

Lexy Butcher SURE LIKES THE BIG ONES and in high school while skinny dipping down by the Crooked River, sometimes she did TWO at a Time! Nasia Butcher mother to LEXY has declared this photo normal behavior, and having a degree in Sociology, I can say that different norms and mores are created by different environments, and being a product of her environment, I can see LEXY is right at home with this pose. This is normal in the Butcher Bitches household

Somehow, from the second term onward, our local leaders seem to be much more well-to-do than what we pay them. They have a lot more status and seem to have a greater net worth than they had when they ran for elected office. Suddenly they seem to exist in a plain above the common man in a highly exalted land with no local constraints.  They become drunk with power and flaunt authority every chance they get losing any humanity they ever had. They can only be found if they want to be found.  Otherwise, they are “busy”. Every few years, they must come down to earth to get reelected. At those times they are very public and seen everywhere. They are always available for photo ops, which make them look like they really care for the people. 

Instead of shunning these two-faced parasites and castigating them for their poor behavior, some not so bright citizens, or we the people are often so enamored to be in their company that we pose with them and foolishly  brag about what great friends they are.

Thus, there is no public chastisement for the politician gone bad in Gilmer County, even from those who know first hand their degree of dishonesty… For Example;

One of our Commissioners (Larry Chapman) felt free to express disdain and see no value in the people he is supposed to represent during a public meeting in response to the press.  Chapman has no problem giving away the children or even the identity of Gilmer County.  Such statements should put anyone out of office but in the two years it takes a leopard to change its spots or “change”, I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. Recently a Concerned Citizen stated…

…When it was disclosed that the County’s finances are so bad that borrowing more money is unfeasible, the $28,000,000 County bond issue for the College’s new dorm obviously did that. There was no clear need for the dorm when Pickens Hall was fixable, but Brian Kennedy and Larry Chapman approved the bond issue without allowing citizens to vote — so remember that at election time. Also, if the College were to default on the loan, the College’s Bowles and Rice attorney stated that the dorm would be sold on the court house steps. An outfall would be lowering of the County’s bond rating to be another blow for our finances!”

Thanks, Brian Kennedy and Larry Chapman, your common sense approach for common folks really fucked us up this time you slimy pieces of shit! We don’t need your kind of help bitches!

Casey Smith is the favorite of Nasia Butcher Principal of Gilmer County High School. Casey has an eye for young boys and is a bit feminine, and can actually “GET AWAY with having an ALL NIGHT STAY in a MOTEL with a young male student, while on drugs and drinking and will face no consequence in the courts because of the CROOKS from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River!

Casey Smith a teacher can take a student out of town, give them alcohol, admits it in court, and nothing happens, there is truly no punishment? How do law enforcement officers like Trooper Smith feel when they work hard, make an arrest they know will be unpopular and then see no punishment?

According to criminal complaint filed:

On September 14, 2011, Trooper First Class R.P. Smith, from Glenville detachment of the West Virginia State Police received a complaint from a parent of a juvenile who advised that the juvenile received text messages from a male juvenile who will be referred to as S.W..

The parent advised that the text message indicated that S.W. may have been drinking alcoholic beverage with an individual named Casey Smith, a teacher at Gilmer County High School, Glenville, WV.

On September 15, 2011, the undersigned officer obtained a written statement from the juvenile named S.W..

S.W. stated that he did stay with Casey Smith at a Hampton Inn in Parkersburg, WV.

S.W. stated while inside of the hotel room he did consume alcoholic beverage without Casey Smith’s knowledge.

S.W. stated that alcoholic beverage was on the T.V. stand inside the hotel.

The undersigned officer then obtained a written statement from Casey Smith while under Miranda.

Another teacher Sheila Ables smiles while standing with a student next to a high school parade float loaded down with half empty liquor bottles as their picture is taken.

Sheila Ables, the substitute teacher that purchased BOOZE for minors should have Shut the HELL UP, instead of complaining about the “Photo” in the GFP that looked like her, when IT IS HER!! That was not hard to figure out, but the “Peak a boo PROOF” made her look like a typical Crook from Crooked County, for they don’t feel they are doing anything wrong.
CAUGHT with booze and high school kids, and that never happened when I was in High School, but watch NASIA say that is JUST OK, and so is being a LESBIAN! Hell SHEILA woman could scare a Lesbian into being straight! OH OH SHEILA!
Sheila Ables, most likely will receive some kind of award from the Church of IKE for the trauma she had to endure while we found out about the truth of her criminal actions for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Have you heard she’s been fired? Students physically abuse a special needs child in front of a teacher who sends the victim to their classroom with no punishment for the perpetrators.  Want to bet that teacher still has a job? Sure, this is Gilmer County. The only punishment to be meted out will be to those honest enough to reveal the truth of any dirty dealing.  Count on it, the corrupt do. And don’t you think it is about time we showed those corrupt sons of bitches a thing or two. Ass kicking could be our only answer when it comes right down to it, for it has been my experience that, that is the only thing that these corrupt sons of bitches really understand.

Lexy Butcher has some big breasts and likes to show them off in the back of the LIMO or really when it is the right time of the night to party whether it be man, woman, or beast! At least that was what my dog Bubba told me, but that’s been a few years now.

I received a truthful account of an incident, where a Crook from Crooked County got too big for his britches with the wrong people. However, I CANNOT SHARE details as it is confidential, but I will tell ya about the day that Phil Reale came about as close as anyone could come to getting his ass kicked in his office and most likely would have been tossed into the street half beaten to death, if full cooperation by Reale wasn’t immediately established. So the dumb son of a bitch got on the phone and started making some calls to straighten out a little problem that he caused with his own mouth. Phil knew if he did not do exactly as he was told under threat of taking a beating right then and there, it would have been nap time, and not the fun way. If REALE  was not put in check he would have continued his bad business bullshit. This is a story I can never tell about, so don’t ask after this. I only wish that Phil Reale would have taken the beating of his life that day so we could have set a precedent among the elite crooks. They all might have come around after that, and paid up for their bad deeds.

The message brought right to the office of Phil Reale was quite clear that day!

“I love those fingers, please can we just do it again, I won’t tell my sister.,” says Lexi butcher to the wild elite party member that is about to have less on, than the minute before this shot was taken!

Even HOWDY DUTY the son of JUDGE ALSOP was there to witness what can happen to you in Crooked County if you truly fuck with the wrong honest hard working people.

“All of our SS meetings lately have been about sending that same message, so don’t be surprised if we all suit up one day, and handle our problems the same way, for it sure lit a fire under Phil that day when he knew his only choice was cooperate and UNDO some bad shit that he knew he did,or take a severe brutal beating!”  …Dude got real cooperative!

Deeper deeper harder harder faster faster is the way it goes on the COCAINE TRAIN in GLENVILLE its a damn SHAME! Butcher Bitch action at its best can be found down in Gilmer County, and just think their daddy was a well known BOG member at GSC! Twiddly Dee!!

I was a little disappointed that PHIL REALE decided to play ball and quit fucking with a certain faction of business concerns he should not have been involved with. I was hoping for the beating, because I know what dude did, and he deserved to take a beating. Luckily Reale had enough influence to straiten the situation out, and I doubt he will ever fuck up like that again.

“We have some serious problems currently with community leaders in charge of children who drink and party with college students at our Recreation Center while they are supposed to be asleep!”

A person known as … Lisa Montgomery may get a visit from the SS soon allows a minor girl to live at her home with an over 18 male as a favor to the mother who let the same thing happen, but didn’t want the state to get the child.  The child winds up in a foster home.  That leader is still getting a state paycheck and that mother is still a board member and leader to other children.

For the Director, its just get as much travel pay as you can and party down!  Same kind of nonsense  like when Jennifer Shirey was caught teaching the “Sex relationship” classes up at Glenville State College while LARRY CHAPMAN of the Gilmer County Commission bought the books.

I don’t know why they can’t hire someone that really is about 4H and the kids and not what they can get out of the job. Nothing happens to the wrong doers, there is no consequence if you know the right people in Gilmer County. Jamie Mullins Program Assistant known interracial dater and previous sports writer for  the Glenville democrat is the other party person putting children in danger of molestation, rape, or worse that we wanted to name by name, since it is US, the citizens, that will have to police this action, for the law enforcement is bought and paid for and about as corrupt as anyone, anywhere, has seen. We might as well be living south of the border in the lawless land of Mexico.

Lizzy Butcher had a main chick girl friend who rarely got jealous over other girls, except sometimes…

Lately, innocent people have been dragged into closed court rooms with no official charges pending and that elected judge and prosecutor are still in office.  Our schools are taken over in an unprecedented manner. Students will be forced into another county as elected officials watch state employees play with the public checkbook without saying a word..  In this county, they will probably still be in office after the next election.

All Gilmer County residents are hurt when the politically corrupt get the wrong message. Reelection is the worst message that we can send but there are a lot of other messages that can make the corrupt politician feel like it is OK. The gain of a politician using such tactics makes this county less than what it should be otherwise. Hell the Butchers make ILLEGAL and LEGAL campaign contributions!

Lizzy likes to LICK and Lizzy likes DICK but she could never give up the girls, for it is normal at GCHS where her mother is the principal, and this is the fantastic example set by the Power Elite, also known as the famous Crooks from Crooked County!

The matter of the illegal campaign contribution to JOE MANCHIN can be directly traced back to the Glenville Attorney TIM BUTCHER aka the Bitcher of the Butchers law firm. Really what the fuck does Butcher have to bitch about these days, he stole thousands from the AJ Woofter estate and did NO accounting for 12 years and only recently was the matter brought to the attention of a federal authorities. The criminal complaint was with the Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz and he refused to investigate the complaint.  You see that’s how those fuckers do it in Gilmer County. The Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River stick together, but especially when the matter involves criminal allegations.

You can check out the illegal campaign contribution made by Butcher for yourself.
Just go to: and you can see for yourself the contributions for each year. Click on year 2006 and you can see MADGE BUTCHER made a political contribution in 2006. Folks Madge Hayhurst Butcher died in the 90’s. She was the mother of one of the BOG members at GSC that we know all too well, that has WHORES for daughters!

Isn’t this an example of federal election laws fraud?

You wouldn’t think an attorney and a member of GSC board of governors is the person… Unfortunately it is!

To the Butchers, we are all just a bunch of dumb hillbillies and they will use their lawyers like Hayhurst (currently in federal prison) to threaten us, with legal action. The last time they threatened someone close to me — dude said, “Bring it you lying little Bitch Butcher!”

Those Butchers didn’t bring shit! The document in which the Butchers threatened suit by letter is published somewhere on Revenge of the Ghost Wolf.

That statement was made in the office of a very expensive WVSC lawyer and expert on estates.
This CRIME of  campaign contributions demonstration shows how business is done in Gilmer County  and how the average concerned citizens get trashed as soon as they open their mouth to ask ANY sort of pertinent questions. The average concerned citizens would not do a fraud and embezzlement crime, but that sort of activity is every-day activity in Crooked County for the Power Elite, for they are the ones with the opportunity and their crimes often involve the Gilmer County Commission Clerk Jean Butcher a former SPECIAL EDUCATION student with maybe and IQ of 98, but no more, and she has proved what a dumb ass she is lately in federal court and circuit court losing a law suit to Lawrence Smith of the West Virginia Record over a FOIA action.

From Snitches to Bitches from members and users who have scored from Gilmer County Bosses that don’t take losses to Blokes that take tokes and then WRECK THEIR CAR but their A STAR and the Collaborators take it down a step in evil all the way to HELL and the Untouchables who they say will NEVER TELL! The change of command from the bottom down, for that’s how they do it in GILMER COUNTY!

Corruption is insidious, and the relationships our trusted elect form while in office make most of them players who are in the on deck circle for Hell, but they make the most of their time before the big burn.  When special interests flaunt their affiliations with our leaders, it is a prescription for bad government.  That prescription has been refilled in Gilmer County a few too many times. In the meantime; the common man suffers because the process is inherently flawed in favor of these chosen ones and the handpicked corrupt players of their self serving games…

That’s a shame. Glenville it’s a damn Shame!

“Biggest bunch of crooks in the entire state of West Virginia are right here in Gilmer County. Gilmer County citizens are good enough to take the liability for their $28 millions bonds and unnecessary projects, but not good enough to get their questions answered. Surely Mrs. Burke you are not like the rest of them. Or are you?” Judging from the picture of YOU and Sheriff Metz and the executive committee that endorsed his phony diploma, I have to say … FUCK YES YOU ARE just LIKE the rest of them BURKE you old bitch, smiling in our faces while picking our pocket at the same time! NICE!

The common people and citizens of Gilmer County have little role to play other than that we help the corruption by maintaining our silence as we look the other way…

“But instead of looking the other way, we need to GO OUR OWN WAY and combine forces, and even use out of state influence to help us fight the corruption and the bad politics and politicians of Gilmer County and West Virginia! So if your significant other has Power Elite connections or a job, it may be time to say…”

“GO YOUR OWN WAY! Because the Concerned Citizens of Gilmer County and the Secret Seven have got some things to do today!”

By Free Bird Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

The courthouse gossip seems to be true …Gerry Hough has been pacing in his office with a worried look on his face and that’s for sure, but could it be the SBA decision pending for funding the SCHOOL BUY that comes out on Thursday the 19th? Or is Hough pacing because of all the misconduct that he has been exposed for involving the hiding of court documents and paying people to LIE on the WITNESS stand in the famous Court of Crooked County in front of a Crooked Judge down by the Crooked River?

The Gilmer Free Press has a huge amount of bandwidth and during peak operating hours has as many as 1200 or more people logged on at once and has as many as 30,000 page views a day, and usually leads the state of West Virginia for page views and readership -- and is now an established mainstream Regional Source for news and information making it one of the fastest info highways with a bandwidth that can take it! The readership of the GFP far outreaches the readership of the Glenville Democrat, and is FREE, although the website is very expensive to run. NOW GILMER COUNTY gets REAL accurate news and not the TRIPE that is fed to us from a one-sided elite view newspaper like the poorly ran Glenville Democrat.

“We need to get wide spread BIG NATIONAL news media into Gilmer County and give them all the news about not only the school system and who, what and why, but all the other crimes and corruption going on and expose it all. A movie could be made of all the dirty work and crimes going on here and probably make Gilmer County famous. And just think all this in a one stop light little college town known for rapes of white college girls.”
Comment by Anonymous on 04.11.2012

“The information highway known as the internet has become the greatest liberating tool in Gilmer County History! We would be nowhere without it! How could we even survive with just the Glenville Democrat with their people that Shine, oh boy what a line!”

Hitch a RIDE up the Information Highway with the Central West Virginia SS where we made a pretty big splash with the CalPatty Press getting thousands of hits a day, and especially during the 15 day War for Free Speech in which a long list of ELITE under the leadership of a couple of local publishers, did all they could to get the Crooked County Crooks website and the CalPatty Press off that INFO ROAD for good! But we’re from up the Holler from Copperhead Road, and we haven’t given up yet, our RGW website has been Kicking ASS since the famous SUMMER of LOVE that was followed by a WILD WINTER of burning rubber up hwy 33, so come on and take a ride with us this Sensuous Spring, while we tell you about outrageous parties and a hell of a fling thrown by the Power Elite. It’s about where all the cool people meet with all the booze, where you never lose! The buzz and the chicks and the drugs and the fuzz are all FREE! So come on and take a little trip with me…

The information highway has freed us from ignorance and helplessness.
The information highway is unpredictable, has the ability to be almost anywhere almost simultaneously, is practically omnipresent and has no centralized framework. 
“The information highway challenges power regardless of who it is, where they are or their attempts at control!”
The information highway permits people to pose difficult questions to those who used to be considered out of reach and gives us the ability to seek out information that was once thought to be for the eyes of a select few.

The CalPatty Press SPED DOWN the information highway starting in 2007 and by 2010 was reaching 45, 000 page views a month, in a county of 7,000 people and now the POWER HOUSE is the GILMER FREE PRESS known as the GFP which now has over 11 MILLION hits and leads the state most any day for page views, and on peak days as many as 1100 or 1200 are logged in to the GFP on any given minute. Gilmer County and Central WV became the LEADING PLACE in the state of WV for speaking out about corrupt public officials and Crooked Judges and local attorneys that are only self-serving and do not have the needs of the community in mind what-so-ever. The Secret Seven started a tradition of exposing the UGLY corruption that has thrived in Glenville and Gilmer County and these ratings attest to the success of the widely read CalPatty Press which is still the SECRET FLAGSHIP of the Central West Virginia SS!! These ratings are from the SUMMER of LOVE during the days the BUTCHER BITCHES broke bad!

“Gilmer County Politicians hate the internet!  It is successfully destroying their plan of local control far removed from and above the influence of knowledgeable citizens and their grass roots movements!”
Hear it from Gilmer County Citizens themselves, they finally feel apart of the action now that reporters from the information highway have helped get the real truth to them!
Hear about the corruption from the people that you know, that SHINE!  People you know that are your neighbors that SHINE …a light on all the lies they read in the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder!
The days of hard copy newspapers are over when it comes to determining WV election outcomes and preventing social progress. There are four web sites in central WV covering the Gilmer County schools story and daily information gets to all 55 WV counties with as many as 50,000 hits per day! A focused effort is being made to ensure that contact nodes in Counties where school systems were taken over by the State are kept fully informed to enable news to spread even more. The hoax is that Dr. Marple’s failed DOE is running the seized schools and WV voters are expected to believe that under her guidance our children are better off. How dumb do WV politicians think we are? We will show them at election time!

By Nance Becker on 04.12.2012

Thanks for the great synopsis of the Policy and Procedures for the CEFP proposals.  Good job. Its obvious that a ‘select’ few ramrodded the GC CEFP plan thru to suit their own narrow agenda. That plan was then ‘rubber stamped’ by Jorea Marple of the State Board of Education and able assistants.

These people want to tell Gilmer County “You can’t do it right”, when its quite obvious they cannot even follow their own rules and instructions. This school building process must be stopped and restarted from square one.  Competent administrators need to be set in place in our school system.

If this is not done, simply means that Governor Tomblin and those of his administration, the legislature, are all complicit. To effect change, it will take more than the School Coalition.  There will need to citizen and school employee involvement.
By Gilmer Needs Help on 04.12.2012

We know that the sleeping giant has truly awakened when intelligently written pieces similar to this one are posted on the GFP. Thank you good writer for taking time and effort to get the information to Gilmer County citizens. You are personification of the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword. The information will be all over WV and even all corners of the earth thanks to the world wide web and the information highway.

By Wort Webster on 04.12.2012

From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: CEFP Plan – Gilmer County Taxpayers, Speak Up Now

“There was once a distance between the common citizen and the EYE from the SS Information Highway. There was a misunderstanding once, LIES told to all by the power elite, don’t read Crooked County Crooks! Don’t read the CalPatty Press! Don’t read the Calhoun Underground,  But now, we look you right in the eye with TRUTH from the Information Highway …Read at you own risk!”

The Secret Seven Coalition of Central West Virginia was founded in 2006 in Calhoun County and was first to expose central WV to corruption by shocking everyone with the fact we thought the POLICE CHIEF of Grantsville was RAPING women under state custody. We investigated and found 14 victims that at first refused to come forward, so all of them were given the other victims phone numbers to talk it out among themselves and then three of 14 came through. We found out Gordon raped the young teenage daughter of a mother that he had also raped by threatening them with police action if they did not cooperate - Since then the CalPatty Press has been involved in exposing crimes police refused to become involved with, and it was because it was the POLICE that were the ones committing crimes in our early days of Calhoun. Nobody believed it at first, and then RON GORDON Police Chief was arrested and pled to a 15 year prison sentence for the sexual charges, and then Christopher Shane Dellinger another Calhoun County Cop, and also a Braxton County Sheriff was arrested. JD Nicholson the next Grantsville Police Chief was beaten severely about the head and shoulders after he stepped down as chief and became a process server -- and then died of his injuries from being beaten in broad daylight in front of witnesses. We were there to watch GERALD B HOUGH get Chief Deputy Bandy OFF of 8 felony charges he was guilty as hell of and we were present in the courtroom for much of the proceedings. The Central WV SS was the first to present the TRUTH about GERALD B HOUGH and that truly he is a CRIMINAL and has been involved in countless criminal actions. We still provide up to date news, and now get ready for Hough to get involved in election fraud once again! There is a good reason they call Gilmer County Crooked County and we plan on driving that highway, and we do it our way ALL NIGHT long if that's what it takes!

Some say that Gerry Hough has successfully been driven INSANE judging by his latest actions in the courtroom evident by statements made in the court record provided in this SS article. An important person, close to the Church of IKE feels that Gerry Hough has developed a COCAINE problem. Has to be, he goes off like a wild animal at the least little mention of the leader of the Central WV SS! Hell Gerry even brings the subject up in an unrelated court case which was the civil action brought against Lawrence Smith. Gerry Hough surely has developed a COKE problem ...has to be is right, click green link Smith V. Butcher!

Ask your Prosecutor Gerry Hough about the information highway and why he wants to shut it down! You can watch him lose his mind.  Oh, Gerry Hough will say how sinful it is and rant about attacks on his abuse of power or the Sheriff’s educational status.

 Hough will tell you how wrong that is and how none of us know the “Real” story.  What HOUGH will not tell is that the information highway brings truth into the light of day and (to borrow a great phrase we heard the other day),  this knowledge is tearing down the Petty Palaces of Pleasure his political constituency has spent a lifetime building for their own gratification. 

“When the people, the common citizens demand and seek out honest answers corruption cannot survive!!”

The Gilmer County Commission refused several FOIA request involving their wrongdoing with a property investment involving GSC and the Gilmer Housing Partners, when the Gilmer County Commission refused to cooperate, they were sued in circuit court. Gerald B Hough was so upset that he thought that the SECRET SEVEN might be behind the investigation, he filed a law suit against Lawrence Smith who filed the FOIA requests on behalf of the WV record, but Hough wanted to point out that Smith had come in contact with the SC of the Secret Seven Coalition, which is mentioned on page five of the court record published and viewable in PDF format by clicking the green link below.

Smith v. Butcher, et. al. 02-27-12 hearing transcript

Check out page five, and you will be happy to know the County Commission and Hough LOST the law action and left the courtroom in disgrace. Jean Butcher got caught in a questionable action involving property and then refused to let the reporter review the paper work until a law suit was filed, and that was the only way the public was able to know about the wrongful action inside the Gilmer County Courthouse.

” Gilmer County Leaders frustrated attempts at using the bully pulpit to beat the drums in an effort to dissuade us from becoming too informed are failing.  That is a good thing! All they got is the Democrat! And the GAZETTE is in the pocket of Phil Reale the man that squashes all the bad shit coming out of Gilmer County so that nobody knows and we are way hip to all of that!”

“The WV State Board of Ed and Legislators have been informed of multiple lies Ron Blankenship has Sold to our citizens as truth and he had the help of the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder!” The Glenville Democrat NOW comes in a convenient Spray Can if you don't feel like wrapping your fish in it that day...get a can of the Democrat today! It smells like Bullshit!

The internet has become a tool of empowerment and a means of emancipation for the disenfranchised. It has given voice to those who have none in Gilmer County.  Be very aware, those who have profited using underhanded, self serving methods of control are still hard at work to take our right to information away!  They have no shame and will use the power of their elected office in a fashion which often borders on and possibly crosses the line of illegality to eliminate your access to truth. We must vote people who promote this out of power.

“The Power ELITE can’t stand the truth that travels down the Secret Seven Information Highway, or the information that cuts right through Crooked County in the Gilmer Free Press!”

Tell your Prosecutor that little sniveling bitch Gerry Hough you will not support his efforts to take away our rights to freedom of expression and access to truth. It is not up to Gerry Hough to decide what that is. Tell him his services are no longer required. We are very capable of thinking for ourselves and very capable of finding out the truth by traveling down the information highway to the Gilmer Free Press for the real facts, or the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website for up to date accurate reporting with NEWS and Entertainment!

In this nation where our children have been  taught since grade school that every citizen has the right to vote, it would be a good thing if we felt that voter intimidation, oppression and suppression no longer exists.

From the COVER of the GSC to going down on me... Is that what they say, the Butcher Bitch way? Talk about partying at the college that is JUST OK? The principal of the High School says this is appropriate and acceptable behavior for her kids and local teens, and there is no punishment what so ever, in fact at GSC if you are on the FOOTBALL team the white chicks are free! Ya just have to pay for the Fried Chicken over at Ms. Catherines and then a Church of Ike minister that looks kind of sinister may let you in on all the fun and games right on Campus.

It would be good to know that our voters are never knowingly misdirected, misinformed, deceived or threatened.  Unfortunately, it would be a grave mistake to believe that in Gilmer County.

 We have all seen and heard about certain members of law enforcement and officers of the court at our front doors using the uniform and title of their office to promote pre-approved candidates of the mind guards.  Such unethical and often illegal activity has been the norm and it would seem even local partisan executive committees and local creditors feel free to flex their muscle in the open these days as if to say “What can you do about it? We are the law.  We control.” Challenges and threats against candidates, individual voters and the illegal urging of support of a selected candidate representing self interest groups, along with criminal tampering with voter registration rolls and records have been witnessed on a regular basis.  In the meanwhile, memos designed to confuse the voters are made public which do not come from the legislative office charged with election duties and really serve no other purpose than to keep the pre-approved power structure intact.  If we make it happen it can be our time to eliminate self serving, political puppets.

Lizzy Butcher from the Butcher Bitches on the left and Nasia Butcher the original Bitch on the right who along with her husband R Terry Butcher is trying to make a million dollars or two by selling the state property for the NEW SCHOOLS -- The WV SS saw this one coming years ago, and we are surprised by the secret meetings and the secret vote that the WV State Board of Education has allowed knowingly. The criminal action goes all the way up to the Governor and Senator Manchin on this one. Both need to be defeated in the next election. We need to VOTE MANCHIN OUT and EARL RAY too for playing with these damn Crooks from Crooked County just a little too long!

The last thing just about any member of current leadership wants is a courageous, active, committed and well-informed citizenry. That is what the information highway known as the internet is helping to create, a dragon slayer.
                                                  GILMER COUNTY
SBA FUNDS – $14,005,180 (89%)   LOCAL FUNDS – $750,000 (5%) OTHER FUNDS – $890,000 (6%) TOTAL FUNDS – $15,735,180
Gilmer County requests SBA Funds for the construction of a new Gilmer County Elementary School. This school will consolidate Glenville Elementary, Sand Fork Elementary and Normantown Elementary and will be located near Glenville, the population center of the county.
 At a later time, a 7-8 grade addition will be constructed so that a PK-4 and 5-8 grade configuration can be achieved.
This synopsis of Blankenship’s consolidation proposal comes straight off the SBA website under current agenda link.  There’s an interesting little report under that Gilmer County heading if you take the time to read it.
This Puppet’s word is worthless and Ron Blankenship has told so many lies now he can’t even remember what they were, we do.
“The WV State Board of Ed and Legislators have been informed of multiple lies Blankenship has has Sold to our citizens as truth and he had the help of the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder!”
The Lewis/Gilmer County School merger is a Lewis County project request and is completely out of the hands of Gilmer County tax payers as their Superintendent goes on television and to newspapers saying what a good thing the inter-county project is.
No one has asked Gilmer County if we want to pay the price for his happiness!

As this site, RGW has said before, an informed citizenry is a forewarned citizenry and we must not let these initial attempts at forced consolidation and future regionalization extending to the pan handle of not only our physical assets but also our most valuable asset, the people, the children, go unanswered. 

At the R Terry Butcher Mansion things can get upside down on ya fast. Everybody knows it's JUST OK to party the Butcher Bitch way. You can be gay and later sleep all day! It must be pretty cool to think everybody else is a fool if they are not full on Power Elite! Lets meet and greet!

War has been declared on the citizens of Gilmer County and the internet and Gilmer Free Press are among our most valuable allies.

Tell your Prosecutor that little sniveling bitch Gerry Hough you will not support his efforts to take away our rights to freedom of expression and access to truth.  It is not up to Gerry Hough to decide what that is. Tell him his services are no longer required. We are very capable of thinking for ourselves and very capable of finding out the truth by traveling down the information highway to the Gilmer Free Press for the real facts, or the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf or other SS websites for up to date accurate reporting with NEWS and Entertainment! 

For US the members of the Central West Virginia SS Life is an Information Highway, I just wanna ride it and feel ALIVE but … I can’t drive 55!

By Free Bird Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“Many of those we have historically placed in positions of power in Gilmer County tend to overlook the needs and interests of the every day citizen in favor of their own!”

Ronald Blankenship, Superintendent
201 North Court Street • Glenville, WV 26351
304.462.7386 Fax 304.462.5103


There he is, Ike I L Morris from Waco Oil and Gas telling us all that day, how he'd never do a thing to harm Gilmer County, ...yeah that was the day we started laughing our asses off at that one, in fact Ole Ike he has a sense of humor for that one got me started a laughing way back that day.Just about everybody I knowed, all of us HICKS !

The BIG BULLY on the block that acts stupid has NO INTEREST of any GC school children at heart - Only the interest of the special interest groups that have professional politico's paid off to ward off any bad press or bad circumstance that may arise. The SS says it is time to fight fire with fire and get this Chicken Plucker the fuck out of our county as soon as we can get enough tar and feathers to present him with the proper exit to show how we really feel about his dumb ass.

The community is awaiting word of what Mr. Blankenship is going to do to end bullying at the GCHS. It is disgusting that instead of taking decisive action to establish an environment at the school to end bullying he isStudying” the issue. Parents, teachers, students, and the staff at GCHS know that what needs to be done is an immediate change of the school’s top two administrators. Top administrators always set the tone for organizational conduct, and in any place except Gilmer County new leadership would have been installed long ago. This problem goes all the way up to Governor Tomblin who has done nothing to end the terror. Ike, where do you stand? With your pull in Charleston how about making a telephone call or two to get help for the community? You are either for us or against us and there is no middle ground.

By Reg  – a citizens speaking out on the Free Press yesterday 04.05.2012

A link exists between one’s self-interest and their moral identity.  If we are honest, it is rare to find anyone we have granted authority who has put the interests of others ahead of their own. 

This is not what we wanted but we have to admit it happened because we fell for it hook, line and sinker.  We have been manipulated by those damn Crooks that live down by the Crooked River again!

Citizens say…

“Blankenship studying the “issue” IS the issue in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!”

Gayle Manchin, WV Board of Education along with the wife of CROOKED Attorney General Darrell McGraw Jorea Marple, WV

You have to be dumber than a Gerry Hough on a good day to not understand that process. He is better than that, isn’t he? Well actually, Blankenship isn’t any better or maybe just as dumb as Gerry Hough on a good day, or they wouldn’t have given him such a dirty job!

That whore Jorea Marple and Gayle ( I got my daughter a Masters degree from WVU with just a couple of phone calls) Manchin sent him to Crooked County with a Crooked mission:

A—Keep the current High School Administrators in place. He has done that.

B—Get the school building agenda of the Crooked County elites moving. He is doing that every day.

“Charleston does not want to upset their Gilmer County power elite support group. That would interrupt the flow of Crooked County Campaign money to them!”

>Cannot Shit can administrator, Nasia BUTCHER who has a free legal team.

>Cannot Shit can administrator who all ready has a history of legal actions against the GC school district, complete with all proper union grievances, even though her husband steals from estates of well known beloved citizens and the daughters Lizzy and Lexy are WHORES!

So here we are. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin knows there are plenty of issues in Gilmer County to deal with. Will he? FUCK NO, Early Ray Tomblin has the dumbest bunch of YES men leftover from the rejects Manchin didn’t want to take with him to the Senate.

Our Delegates and Representatives, most of the legislature also know there are lots of issues here in Crooked County. But they only get one side of the story.

But still, they know there is something real wrong in the “Land of Gilmer County,” and they are going to do their very best to ignore us, because they forget who put them in office and we should yank their britches down and spank their asses next time tney want to come for a visit. Get em bare assed like a couple of Butcher Bitches!

Are any of them lined up to come to a town hall meeting in ‘Gilmer County down by the Crooked River? For we will line up to spank their asses a couple good swacks a piece. I can’t wait to see those bare lily white mountains of wickedness show themselves for punishment!

Our beautiful “Village in the Glen” has been divided because of these self serving politicians and power mongers and it is time to stop the insanity!

Not everything is a conspiracy, but let us face a few hard facts: those who will do anything to stay in power are also those most likely to abuse it.

Just look at what a mistake Nasia Butcher has been in the position of principal of Gilmer County High School. Nasia has abused that position and pushed her power to limits unheard of by a high school principal anywhere, and in doing so, has ruined countless lives, and more importantly she has ruined the lives of some of our children that deserved a whole lot better than a sexual deviant battle axe, that just loves Lesbians to the point she raised  a couple like lost stray devils disciples! Elizabeth and Alexis Butcher are far from outstanding pillars of the community to look up to.

Angie Moore, we hear that she has been our SS SPY in the courthouse for years, but quite frankly, don't know her, never met her, and maybe someone is mad at her, but she is not one of us, not a member of the SS, for we have a code and rules that we live by, and one of them is ya can't be a Crook from Crooked County, and Angie, although she is not a Crook from Crooked County outright, she is a want to be and a prospect just in case they have to start a scrapin from the bottom of the barrel, and of course, that is where they got JEAN BUTCHER, straight from Special Education class, and that Glenville Crazy Gary Collins is not part of our Concerned Citizens Group either, for he did not make the cut on account of being such a nut, but he can sure put a Butcher Bitch in the picture if he wants to, for he is not a man without talents! So he does send us a photo from time to time!

However,  both of those bad ass little BUTCHER BITCHES would look good on the cover of a magazine distributing information about the various modern social diseases! Citizens speak out!

Do not forget, the administrator, NASIA BUTCHER who thinks:  Drinking, nudism, lesbianism IS—“Normal”And publicly stated so. Is that what we want, what we will accept?  For a leader?  For an example for our children!?

I feel sorry for someone like that.  They need help!  Need a shrink?  The word ‘pervert’ comes to mind.
We need a new administrator!  NOW!  This crap has gone on way too long and now see what is taking place in the classrooms under this leadership.  Heaven help us rid the community of the heathens.

By Crooked County Crooks Controlling Us!

LIZZY getting ready to party with a friend, and those Butcher Bitches are wild! Lizzy is the daughter to Nasia & R T Butcher - "Play ball if you will..." just happens to be her MOTTO along with SEX on CAMPUS and lots of it!

“This whole county is under a dictatorship, not only the school system. As one writer wrote, why would anyone want to come here to live? We have nothing good to offer them. A lot of bad, but nothing good.”

“Is it any surprise that Mr. Blankenship will not answer questions asked to him? He does not feel he owes Gilmer County citizens any reason, explanation, or solution. If you have a problem, don’t call him for he is always booked up, full schedule, no time to see parents, out of office, out of town.”

“In other words he does not want to fool with problems. He gets paid big time money for doing as he is told and to keep his mouth shut. Remember the article in the paper, he didn’t know who owned the land for the new schools. Wow, how can he lie like that?”

“If there is a problem at the High School, is it taken care of? No!”

“Is the bullying still going on? Yes!”

“Are some students in danger? Yes!”

“Are grades changed to satisfy the principal of GCHS? Yes!”

“Is the principal the big problem in this school system? Yes!”

“Has this problem been dealt with? No, and it won’t be because of who it is!”

“Is a teacher who gave a minor alcohol still teaching? Yes!”

“Are all coaches qualified? No!”

“When you have corrupt individuals both local and state ruling who does the one who wrote “look in the mirror” suggest we go to for help?”

“Anyone who could help, is under their control and money too!”

By Any Suggestions ???

Mickey Metz was NOT QUALIFIED for the duties as coach as it was recently discovered and published in the FREE PRESS -- And here he is ADDISON HIgh School Graduate of the YEAR from November 21, 2011 the Sheriff of Gilmer County, WV twiddly dee!

SHERIFF MICKEY METZ IS NOT QUALIFIED to be a coach and Nasia Butcher along with the B&B law firm knew this to be true all along and selfishly kept that fact from being publicly known until some brave journalists brought the bad news forward to the public!

The correct use of power requires integrity and wisdom, virtues human nature doesn’t come with by default; they are acquired virtues and quite rare as they do not fit the lifestyle of those who value personal gain over the needs of their fellow man.

“It seems many we have granted power or authority over us in Gilmer County lack the integrity and wisdom to use it correctly. And so conspiracies to keep what should be considered pariahs in power arise, for conspiracies are nothing more than underhanded schemes of self-serving individuals bent on gaining and maintaining power!”

Central WV SS Member …

When we find snakes in the Garden of Eden we pick up the hoe and chop off their head before another apple grows.  The people of this county had to work hard and long to take care of two of the worst!

Larry Chapman is trying to become the, “Many headed hydra of Gilmer County,” to rise again to get majority rule with his buddy Brian Kennedy whom he got into office when he turned on his last known best friend Reta Kight

Butcher Bitches Butcher Bitches yeah yeah yeah! The most fun in Gilmer County could be found in public restrooms or the private bathrooms in local homes as the Butcher Bitches Lizzy and Lexy found it very sexy to party in the bathroom! These photos are from the SUMMER of LOVE and provided by the CalPatty Press!

Larry Chapman’s friends don’t last long if they don’t do what he says.  After all, look at all the economic development he has produced since he insisted on the job of Director. NADA! Nothing! A big ZERO!!

If we do not take that same hoe and cut off his head one more time just like the Snake Larry Chapman is … we will be right back where we started with two crooks having a majority who will take all credit and do as many back room deals as they can get away with to let the college rule the rest of this county and keep Ike’s legacy the only thing that matters.

Hell! Those elite phony bitches already own the city and have it so suppressed that one candidate didn’t even vote for himself their last election!  The RGW website might have given old Darrell Ramsey a hard time, and a tube of K-Y, but everyone knows he is the only Commissioner we have had in years that works for the entire county, not just the area that benefits him.

Not just the area the Church of Ike wants taken care of and as Ike and Chapman have both said many times …

“If you don’t move to town you don’t matter!”  

“Well if we don’t VOTE we don’t matter is what the real truth is! Hicks have to learn to vote for HICKS just like us, and not the big talking fancy walkin bullshit that has ruled Gilmer County for the last twenty years!”

Central WV SC of the SS…

The political process was designed to help citizens make collective decisions for the running of our governmental affairs.  Politics can be observed in just about any group in charge.

Greg Smith the next BAR BARON in Gilmer County under control of the CHURCH of IKE -- WE hear Greg shown in this photo is going to announce his upcoming engagement and marriage to Shelly Morris DeMarino, and he will own Trezans and The Lions Lair without a care long before that celebration all takes place. With Ike owning the Pioneer Grill it looks like the elite have the alcohol sales all locked up nice and neat! Cool! Pray to that Church of Ike!! Pray I say! Get down on your knee's like a white girl at GSC!

In the case of Gilmer County’s local political scene it consists of social interactions involving authority or power and the methods and tactics our local politicians use to formulate and apply the policies which best assists them in keeping that authority and power conveyed by their elected position.   Just ask Mayor Tashua Allman and the Glenville City Council. 

Although Glenville consists of about 1.1 square miles of land it is ruled with a heavy hand.  Remember the gag orders mandated after the election?  Well the County Commission has nothing on Mayor Allman and her Council. By the way County Commissioners, when are the politics going to end and the governing begin?

When did our Council get away from the Citizens and into the power trip you brought down from the hill, Tashua?  Youngest Mayor, graduate of GSC and back up the hill to GSC as an employee. This Mayor serves no one but Peter Barr and  friends who were oh so disappointed when her fellow student did not win the election for a Council position and her boyfriend was fired as Recreation Center Director. 

Therefore, in order to show us who’s boss, the policies which have long been in place and which permitted conversation between the Mayor, the Council and the taxpayers must be changed and/or strictly enforced.

The very idea of commoners thinking they can just talk with the Rulers about anything other than animal control and tall grass could not be considered.  Every taxpayer in the incorporation needs to carefully read this piece a lot of rules are laid down.

You can’t share your time, don’t expect an answer, don’t talk to your Councilman directly, don’t ask about personnel (even though that could be discussed in executive session) but the final bow to the great Peter Barr and company by Mayor Tashua Allman and the City Council of Glenville in Gilmer County is that you may not speak about, that’s right… wait for it…..PROPERTY ACQUISITION!

You have been warned on this site before.  They are going to take whatever land GSC wants and you will not even have the right to speak in an open public meeting,  Ask the Hands of Pride Daycare. NO MORE FREEDOM OF SPEECH ON SELECTED TOPICS, no more small town, we are a community, communications with your elected Mayor or more importantly your Council Person for guidance on this issue and you most definitely will not complain in a public meeting.  Any discussion must take place behind closed doors with no witnesses and no record if you can track them down.  THIS IS YOUR GAG ORDER TAXPAYERS OF GLENVILLE.  It is suggested that you read it carefully, because your gag order is a piece of crap being shoved down your throats by a Mayor that DOES NOT have the interest of the citizen at heart, for that bitch is a traitor! And  she has betrayed in the name of the Church of Ike!

Your Gilmer County Commissioner Darrell Ramsey needs some help as Commission President Brian Kennedy hasn’t carried his own weight since he hit office and Dave Hess who has served the longest on the Gilmer County Commission has just been waiting to get out and get social security with his retirement.  The same thing forked tongue Larry Chapman wants for himself.  Larry  doesn’t like being the employee of the EDA now, he wants to be back in charge and call all the shots so bad he can taste it.

Larry Chapman is trying to act like he will cooperate and team up with Darrell Ramsey while riding on Ramsey’s coat tails to get back in office but any one with any sense knows Chapman lies like a bitch! He wants what he wants and will never care who he has to step on to get it.

There was a reason Chapman was taken out of office by Gilmer County voters and that reason has not changed.  Dave Hess is not waiting for his day so he is retiring at the end of June. 

The reason this has not yet been made too public is because the two remaining Commissioners can not agree on his temporary replacement until the election.  Of course Kennedy wants to give his buddy a leg up on the election and Ramsey (showing very good sense) will not go for it.  No one can do a good job while constantly watching for a knife in his back that he knows will be coming.  The only question is how long will it take before the buddy system deals him a death blow? 

“Come on people, wake up and smell what Chapman is shoveling!  You know the deal and the back room dealer you got rid of.  Don’t turn back the clock and wipe out all the hard work you have done to make a change in your county.  Take the hoe in your hand come election day and cut off the head of that two headed snake in the grass for the last time!” 

In only two more years your opportunity will come to finish the job!

The Council of Concerned Citizens have been speaking out in the FREE PRESS and the power elite have been doing all they can to shut down the free press all through the state of WV. The Council of Conservative Citizens a little further south have also had a boost in membership and support, and they have supported Citizens stopping the RAPE at GSC! Countless rapes have been covered up with the help of the local law enforcement, the head law man himself, FERPA Violator Gerald B Hough, along with the author of the Barr Code, " Don't lay on your back unless he is Black" ...Peter Barr President of Glenville State College in the back woods of WV number 73 out of 73 schools for academics, but #1 in the State for RAPE!!

Elections in Gilmer County are manipulated to put key puppets into office.  Polls and ads designed for them are rigged to sway mass opinion.  If you love sports, they love sports.  If you want to hear them blow their own horn, they will pay someone to blow it.  If you want a perfect picture of a good old boy, someone will take it and print it.

The chosen puppets are often blackmailed or bribed into serving the Church of Ike originally but after a while they serve of their own volition. Blackmail comes from past activities they may have been tempted into partaking, or else these lackeys have been bribed with luxuries and promises of further power, privilege, and survival in times to come.  It is not the strongest that survive around here, it is the most corrupt.

“The majority of those who have been in control over the past twenty or so years are corrupt. It takes an almost psychopathic ruthlessness to make it to the top of Gilmer County’s political game, and because of networking and other factors, only those selected behind the scenes repeatedly seem to make it to the top. There are countless ways of getting rid of dissenters, from death threats to discrediting to employment control and blackmail. It would seem none of the power mongers in this county are above any of that! For Gilmer County has long lived up to it’s nick name of CROOKED COUNTY!”

Hough (in photo) as a staff member at GSC received a written reprimand and denial of a pay raise instituted by then GSC President Thomas Powell for his actions involving the Wilkie Perez RAPE Case, but he should have been prosecuted -- Gerry Hough set a very bad example for GSC staff members when he was found guilty by the ODC of a FERPA Violation! It was THREE YEARS ago today on April 6th that Hough was once again accused of misconduct by covering up or hiding key evidence in a Felony court case.

No self serving individual wants to lose his power. Control is necessary for those in power to maintain and increase their power. Most of the manipulation in Gilmer County is designed to make people predictable, and what can be predicted can be controlled, just like a puppet on a string!

To make people predictable, they must be deprived of knowledge, physical and vital energy, initiative, willpower, and individuality.  Hence the intense almost maniacal drive to shut down web sites and suppress information while to stop anonymous communications.  Information is the enemy of the self serving and those in power want that highway closed at all cost! What cannot be suppressed they try their best to divert toward serving an agenda, and as the old saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Each self serving person serves higher self serving forces, and each takes what they want from those they control. This has made Gilmer County a prison farm society for the power mongers.  Lower ranking forces in the army of the Church of Ike want money, security and pleasures while the higher ups want power, energy, and conquest.

Justice Starcher had to be called to Crooked County since no other judges would touch a case in which Gerald B Hough is once again accused of hiding key evidence in a case. Hough will BREAK THE LAW to win certain court cases he takes a special interest in. IT WAS THREE YEARS ago today Gerry Hough hid evidence in a courtroom and got SCOTT FREE away with it. Please all citizens witness this document as Gerald B Hough on the SIXTH of APRIL 2009 successfully hid a tape that contained perjured testimony and since then it could be proven there was a perjury (the specialty of Hough) the TAPE was lost three years ago today officially April 6th 2009 in Gilmer County Circuit Court the home of the Crooked County Crooks!

“Freedom is becoming hard to find in this small piece of the world known as Crooked County, West Virginia as those with the need for superiority over their fellow man attempt to gain the advantage by covert manipulation of the respected in our population!”

Supreme Court Justice Starcher had to take over for Judge Facemire and Alsop who both wanted nothing to do with the bad press, this court action would attract! It Is Therefore Ordered, That the Honorable Larry V. Starcher, Senior Status Justice, be, and he hereby is, recalled for temporary assignment effective January 2, 2009, to the Circuit Court of Gilmer County,
It Is Further Ordered, That the Circuit Clerk of Gilmer County forward to the Honorable Larry V. Starcher copies of such documents and materials in the Clerk’s Office as directed by him.

Those with the predilection for subtlety and self-preservation are never far from the inference of craftiness, cunning, betrayal, and deceit.

“The CROOKS of Gilmer County, often referred to as the POWER ELITE do not have a problem spending other people’s money.  It has been said that if a certain ex-commissioner trying to get back in power had cannibals among his constituency he would promise them missionaries for dinner!”

Central WV SS Member …

“No self serving individual wants to lose his power. Control is necessary for those in power to maintain and increase their power. Most of the manipulation in Gilmer County is designed to make people predictable, and what can be predicted can be controlled. Just like a puppet on a string!”

The leaders of Gilmer County that have politicians dancing on a string have always told the story, that it is easier to get by and get over as the most respected get older and tired but here lately, to their dismay, this bunch of liars, backstabbers, traitors, thieves, lechers, and all sorts of dubious users and abusers are finding that this may not be true when it comes to members of the Gilmer Schools Coalition, the Gilmer Free Press, this site known as Revenge of the Ghost Wolf  and the citizens who support their cause, for we are smarter than to fall for the tricks dealt by the Church of IKE!

While the darker half seeks enough knowledge and power to manipulate others, the Gilmer Schools Coalition and supporters seek to protect this knowledge from misuse and suppression knowing that an informed citizen is a forewarned citizen.

This battle is between those who seek to abuse knowledge and those that are destined to protect it. Often people are blind to their own participation in an invisible war but the blinders may be coming off as this election nears.

In Gilmer County right now it is a true state of good versus evil!

It is suggested to those who wish to use us as pawns in their self serving games that they should never underestimate the resilience, and the truth of purpose that fuels the interminable self-will of the people of Gilmer County.

You elite with all your money, may win an occasional battle but you will not win the war, for the reason of our superior leadership, and for the fact of we fight for our rights!

We will fight all of you worthless rich sons of bitches in the elite to take our county back and restore our status as a moral, ethical and caring community to the last man, woman and child.

“To borrow some very famous words, we have not yet begun to fight!”

We have not yet begun to fight for the Freedom to be Free from a corrupted Sheriff, Prosecutor, and Crooked County Commission in Gilmer County, West Virginia!

You got my pride
hanging out of my bed
You’re messin’ around with my life
So I bought my lead 
You even mess with my children
And you’re screamin’ at my wife,
Get off my back,
if you wanna get outta here alive

Freedom, give it to me
That’s what I want now
Freedom, that’s what I need now
Freedom to live !

“The word spread like wildfire all throughout the VILLE and up the hollers and even up on the hill!Throughout the whole of Crooked County people walked in fear and searched the most secreted parts of their minds for any ill doing that could have been perceived as an act of betrayal to the Ghost Wolf. Doors were barred and locked especially by the sinister evil that owned the town and kept the people of the county as slaves to the Church of IKE the father of the Demi-Gods that hid from the darkness that stalked the land and the elite of the Ville!”