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The Free Press WVThe Free Press WVOnce again the Willard F. Cottrill Estate issue was on the Gilmer County Commission’s agenda for the meeting on Friday, January 22, 2016.
There have been many issues involved in this estate going from Magistrate Court to Circuit Court and even to The WV Supreme Court of Appeals which made it difficult for the Commission to make a decision.
Following an order from the Gilmer County Circuit Court, Commissioners had 120 days to make a decision.
Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerry Hough laid out the options to the Commission. After discussion, the following decision was made by the Commission:
Since all the heirs except Marlea Cottrill had contested the will and in violation of the will, have disqualified themselves from the estate. Marlea Cottrill is entitled to the entire estate and Ruth Mitchell can stay in the house as long as she desires.
Please see the details below and in the VIDEO:

Willard F. Cottrill passed away on October 20, 2010.

His last will and testament was admitted to probate November 05, 2010 and recorded in Will Book No. 40, at page 427, Gilmer County Clerk’s Office.

By looking at Willard F. Cottrill will, it states:

“I direct that a residence on the said property be provided to my companion, Ruth Mitchell, for as long as she chooses to so reside, with this provision becoming void should she at any time choose or need to live elsewhere. Said residency shall not preclude divestiture of the property by my heirs, and is not intended to establish a life tenancy. “

    1. The property referred to in the is located in Linn, Gilmer County, West Virginia, as described by the deed recorded in Deed Book 370, at page 715, in the Office of the County Clerk, Gilmer County, West Virginia.


    1. Michael W. Murphy, Executor of the Estate of Willard F. Cottrill filed, with three estate heirs, a civil suit No. 1 l-C-20 in Gilmer County Circuit Court to ‘quiet title’ regarding the interest of Ms. Ruth Mitchell, the decedent’s companion. In that suit, the plaintiffs asked the Court to (a) declare that Ruth Mitchell has no right, title or interest in the property, and (b) order Ruth Mitchell to vacate the property.


    1. The Court granted Ruth Mitchell and Marlea Cottrill summary judgment in that civil suit and, during the motion hearing on the summary judgment hearing, the Court asked Plaintiff the question:


      • “ Well, let me ask you, though, one thing that you -part of that seems to me that you ignore that the decedent clearly wanted the terms and conditions of this will carried out as written and it says that nobody can contest this will and they’re not going to get anything; isn’t that true?“


      • After Michael Murphy and the three plaintiffs agreed that provision was in the will, the Court went on:


    • “And so I mean the situation is isn’t that close to what your clients are doing is contesting the provision in the will that says his companion is to live on the property?“
  1. The Court was referring to Article X of the Willard F. Cottrill will, which is an in terrorum clause as follows:
  2. To make matters worse, Executor Michael Murphy and the three beneficiaries who lost their lawsuit to oust Ms. Mitchell decided to appeal Judge Alsop’s Gilmer County decision to the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. In the Supreme Court of Appeals Memorandum Decision filed October 18, 2013, Judge Alsop’s decision in favor of Ruth Mitchell and Marlea Cottrill was affirmed. The Supreme Court wrote, that, “The relief that petitioners sought beyond clear title – that is, ejectment – is wholly inconsistent with the decedent’s directive that respondent be provided a residence.“ The legal bill for these actions totaled Twenty-Seven Thousand ($27,000.00) Dollars; Executor chose to charge one-fourth of that cost to Marlea Cottrill, who opposed the civil suit and appeal.


    1. The County Commission, in order to finalize and settle the Estate of Willard F. Cottrill, should find that the civil lawsuit and its appeal were contests to the provisions of the will.


    1. In accordance with the clear and unambiguous language of the will, those beneficiaries who contested the Article V, Section 2 provision of the will should be declared contesting beneficiaries, per Article X of the will.


    1. Any share or interest in the will already distributed to those contesting beneficiaries shall be refunded to the estate forthwith.


    1. That the sole non-contesting beneficiary to the will is Marlea Cottrill, and Ms. Cottrill shall be declared the sole beneficiary of the estate of WillardF.Cottrill.


  1. Any legal expense of the contesting lawsuit and its appeal shall be charged to the Executor and three co-plaintiffs/petitioners personally.


In that aforementioned civil case of Michael Murphy, Executor etals v. Ruth Mitchell and Marlea Cottrill, 1 l-C-20, Circuit Judge Alsop held that, “…the Court finds the heirs who have inherited the property in dispute in this matter have a vested interest in said property.“ This finding was affirmed by the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals and field on October 18, 2013.

Based upon the provisions of the Willard F. Cottrill will, three of the beneficiaries entered a Purchase Agreement executed September 26 and 28, 2013 with Richard and Peggy Neal, recorded in Gilmer County Deed Book 520, at page 11, proposing to sell 38+ acres of the 43.66 acres owned by the Willard F. Cottrill heirs for Forty Thousand ($40,000.00) Dollars, with $25,000.00 paid as a cash down payment, with terms for the balance of $15,000.00 at $250.00 monthly for five years.

There was a Supplemental Land Agreement dated October 21, 2013 recorded in Gilmer County Deed Book No. 520, at page 13, between Buyers Richard and Peggy Neal and three heirs of Willard F. Cottrill – Mark Cottrill, Alan Cottrill, and Venita Murphy, Sellers. Buyers, in lieu of the monthly installments previously agreed to, were to transfer ownership of a 1968 Chevrolet RS/SS Camaro, in ‘excellent condition’ to the Sellers.

The Sellers agreed to grant unto Buyers first right of refusal to adjoining 1.9 acres with a two story wood frame house and Sellers agreed to forgo rent payments for a period of one and one-half years. There was no money from the sale of this property deposited into the estate and little information is available concerning the Camaro, its value or its whereabouts.

In a civil action styled Marlea Cottrill v. Richard Neal, a copy of the West Virginia DMV Bill of Sale from Richard D. Neal, owner of a 1968 Camaro, values that vehicle at $20,400, with notations of $15,000.00 for the balance of payment of the $40,000.00 and $5,400.00 for trailer rent on the 1.9 acres. Also filed in that matter were two receipts between Richard D. Neal and Mark Cottrill, one for $25,000.00 and the other for $15,000.00, with notations assigning the consideration paid for.

On April 28, 2015, Richard D. Neal and Peggy A. Neal filed a deed granting them 42.31 acres as surveyed, on Little Ellis Run, Gilmer County, executed by three heirs, Mark Cottrill, Alan Cottrill, and Venita Murphy. Said deed is recorded in Deed Book 53 8, at page 410 in the Gilmer County Clerk’s Office. Noticeably vacant is the signature line for Marlea (Cottrill) Hageman.

The aforementioned deed contains a disclaimer by the scrivener, emphasizing that no title examination was performed prior to drafting and execution of the same. The language of the deed grants unto the Neals ‘with covenants of General Warranty’ and purports to convey all the grantors’ interest in and to the acreage surveyed. A plat of the survey, completed by S. Patrick Roberts of Elk Land Management, is recorded in Plat Book 5, at page 93, in the Office of the Gilmer County Clerk.

Article V, Section of the will provides that,

“…with the further declaration that if any of my children attempt to circumvent these provisions to the detriment of the others, then that person shall forfeit any and all claims to this property and said property shall be divided among the remaining children.“

The County Commission, in order to resolve this matter equitably with priority to honoring the express, written preferences of the decedent, Willard F. Cottrill, must decide whether to follow Recommendation # 1. If the Commission concludes that the three heirs joined Executor Murphy in contesting the will, their estate benefits shall be divested. All cash distributions from the estate to Mark Cottrill, Alan Cottrill, and Venita Murphy must be returned to the estate forthwith.

If the County Commission concludes that there was no will contest regarding Ruth Mitchell but that the real estate sale and conveyance was an attempt by the three heirs, Mark Cottrill, Alan Cottrill, and Venita Murphy to circumvent the will provisions to the detriment of Marlea Cottrill, the three heirs’ interests in the real property devised shall be vested in Marlea Cottrill alone.

The County Commission must look to the real estate conveyance to the Neals as void ab initio, and the Neals’ purchase consideration must be refunded to the Neals by the three excluded heirs – from their personal accounts, with an adequate reimbursement to the Neals for the survey cost.

If the County Commission finds that the real estate sale and transfer was somehow valid/enforceable and not reversible in equity, then the transfer shall be classified as a conveyance of three-fourths interest in the surface and three-fourths interest in the mineral interest described in the 42.31 acres deed of record. The remaining one-fourth interest in both surface and the mineral title shall inure to Marlea Cottrill, as well as full title to the residue tract of 1.3 5 acres and a double wide mobile home.

In such a proposed settlement, the County Commission must decide whether the three divested heirs owe substantial disbursement monies as well as a portion of the purchase price paid by Neals in cash for the acreage, with credit for the ‘assigned value’ of the 1968 Camaro.

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the the Ghost Wolf

The Secret Seven Coalition and the Council of Concerned Citizens have been meeting in secret and staying behind the scenes for months, as many of the legal aspects of the Willard Cottrill Estate have started to play out. Always from the beginning, there was a problem with the accounting and a problem with Mike Murphy the executor of the Willard Cottrill Estate. Now we can ALL GET A CLUE for just in the last couple of days, Mike Murphy the executor called the courthouse and requested that he resign as the executor. Seriously? After the final settlement we all waited five years for, Mike Murphy thinks he can call the Gilmer County Circuit Court Clerk Karen Elkin and request that he be able to resign even though he is the one holding the $338,000.00 bond that is the only insurance now against the misconduct and mismanagement that has been going on since day one in regard to the Cottrill Estate.

The local Concerned Citizens have always stated that laws and rules were broken right out of the gate. However, lucky thing for the bad guys in this story is the fact that Gilmer County officials don’t give a fuck about laws or rules nor do they feel they personally have to adhere to norms and mores of a normal society. Down in Crooked County(Gilmer)they make their own rules. These facts are readily apparent when you watch this following video from November of 2013. Since then, legal experts and at least one big name homicide detective have agreed with the journalists that first discovered wrongdoing while investigating the facts of the Willard Cottrill murder case by conducting interviews and reviewing pertinent documents. Please review this video below of the Gilmer County Commission back when they first start to finally uncover a few truths about the estate which include, the fact that, there had been no accounting although accounting’s are required once a year by law on pending estates, and also the fact that the fiduciary commissioner has had no contact with the Gilmer County Commission in order to close out an estate that is a couple of years over due to be settled by the time of this video in 2013.

Mike Murphy announced last Friday he wants to resign as executor of the Cottrill Estate, even though the final settlement was rejected! Did he forget he is bonded for the discrepancies and money missing, is he too stupid to know that he is legally responsible for the lack of payment on the alleged sale of the some of the estate property?

Mike Murphy (shown in photo above) announced last Friday he wants to resign as executor of the Cottrill Estate, even though the final settlement was rejected! Did he forget he is bonded for the discrepancies and money missing, is he too stupid to know that he is legally responsible for the lack of payment on the alleged sale of some of the estate property?

When  you REVIEW the VIDEO BELOW FROM NOVEMBER OF 2013 keep in mind that the Final Settlement is now done,  and it was rejected, and that rejection has led to the executor Mike Murphy appealing to the 14th district Circuit Court for an appeal of that rejection, but Gerald B Hough has not written the order that does clarify and makes final officially the decision by the Gilmer County Commission based on the discrepancies found by the fiduciary commissioner Linda Huff. We here at the RGW knew about the problems with the accounting since we have had a copy of the accounting since it first became available, when it was first filed.

SO NOW MURPHY WANTS OUT, just when the HEAT is turned up due to the final settlement being rejected, mainly for the reason the accounting was a laughable piece of JUNK!! Murphy thought the people in Glenville were all backwoods hillbillies and they would not notice all of the thousands of dollars not accounted for. If you play this below video, you may find out for yourself, the oldest daughter of Willard Cottrill, the heir CUT OUT of receiving money for the alleged sale of some 40 odd acres reveal the upcoming problems that will be found with the estate and her immediate concerns then, which remain today.  It is interesting to note that the papers given to Marlea Cottrill at the end of this video by Brian Kennedy is paper work to file and appeal a decision by the Commission, which is essentially the latest action being taken by the executor of the Cottrill Estate.

Linda Huff, since this video of Marlea Cottrill before the Gilmer County Commission was published, WAS INDEED appointed as the new fiduciary commissioner. We concerned citizens guaranteed that she would find quite a lot wrong with the paperwork, and SHE DID!  Also the fact that an accounting for the estate had never been done, ever, should not be overlooked.

Will the Gilmer County Commission be put in a situation where they have to uphold the law, against outside people from New York State that think that Gilmer County people are all a bunch of hilljack hillbillies and they could never get caught for their alleged crimes?  Only time will tell …but we have a feeling it is not going to be easy going for Mike Murphy now, it all depends on how harsh the order is due out by Gerald B Hough prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County. Gerry represents the commission, and I predict, the order he serves Murphy, is going to be something that might bring matters to court for a true accounting of the entire matter, maybe, even a situation that could lead to others being implicated in wrongdoing besides the executor Mike Murphy.

Is TIME on our side West Virginia? Will Mike Murphy the executor along with his wife Venita Cottrill who administered a lethal dose of drugs to Willard Cottrill FINALLY be made to be held responsible for their wrongful actions, as well as the actions of others involved in this theft of property, and murder? Only time will tell… is TIME on OUR SIDE?!

Update February 4th 2015 NO PAPER WORK KIND OF DEAL ********************************************

This ONE MINUTE video above recorded by the staff at the Gilmer Free Press illustrates to the world that the Willard Cottrill Estate became UNTOUCHABLE as far back as December of 2012. We at Revenge of the Ghost Wolf had heard, even earlier than that, the fact that local attorney Shelly Morris DeMarino stated, “I wouldn’t touch the Willard Cottrill Estate case with a ten foot pole!”

This video also accurately pre dates the video used in the article above in which Brian Kennedy stated that Bernie Mauser was the current fiduciary, and that they had failed to make contact with him, however, clearly it was the Law Offices Of Bernard R. Mauser that was the fiduciary back then in 2012 at time this video was shot — And after that, Linda Huff turned down the invitation to take over the Cottrill Estate. But, after Marlea Cottrill’s appearance before the Commission in November of 2013, Larry Chapman became interested enough to get Linda Huff to finally agree to take on the Cottrill Estate as a Fiduciary. The husband of Linda Huff has worked for Larry Chapman as an employee for many years, so maybe Linda thought her saying YES finally would be a good career move for her husband.

NO Circuit Court needed to be involved, nor any bullshit paperwork agreed to by Brian Kennedy Gilmer County Commissioner, all it took was Larry Chapman saying, this is what we are going to do, so therefore it all became a no paper work kind of deal…

By Editor Edison- CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

We are less than two weeks into 2016 and several Cottrill Estate Issues are on the Circuit Court Docket this year. Monday January 11th Michael Murphy the executor of the Cottrill Estate had a status hearing on his appeal of the rejected final settlement involving the Cottrill Estate. The Docket number is 15C-33. There is also another docket number still on the books for Mike Murphy which is 15C-20, in which Judge Alsop took action by writing a letter to the County Commission requesting that they finish up the final accounting after five years of languishing in the courts.

In a recent GFP article, it was mentioned that Larry Chapman got Linda Huff to serve as fiduciary commissioner, so that was a very positive action, which resulted in a job well done. But, also, it is important to mention that as reported previously, Brian Kennedy really came through by doing his home work, and for being familiar with the facts of the accounting, and seemed to be the only commissioner to actually read the well written Linda Huff report on the matter, which left issues very clear and solvable. It has taken FIVE LONG YEARS to make this much progress, but for the progress we should be glad that some very important and pertinent facts came to the surface and are no longer in question.

Dave Ramezan of the Gilmer Free Press ONCE AGAIN under attack by the POWERS that BE from Glenville, WV thinking that DAVE is the one that runs REVENGE of the GHOST WOLF when everybody knows Dan Bingman President of the Council of Concerned Citizens for Central West Virginia is soley responsible for that website. Nobody said, the self appointed POWERS THAT BE couldn't sometimes be CLUELESS IDIOTS, so there, I said it!!

Dave Ramezan(above depicted in cartoon)of the Gilmer Free Press is ONCE AGAIN under attack by the POWERS that BE from Glenville, WV thinking that DAVE is the one that runs REVENGE of the GHOST WOLF when everybody knows MUSIC gets you HIGH and the President of the Council of Concerned Citizens for Central West Virginia is solely responsible for that website …AND So it GOES!
Nobody said, the self appointed POWERS THAT BE couldn’t sometimes be CLUELESS IDIOTS, so there, I said it!!

I paid the Circuit Court Clerk Karen Elkin the required fee for the documents needed to report this matter and was shocked by the accounting Mike Murphy presented. I was more concerned because what has been COMPLETELY IGNORED during this whole accounting debacle is that the Cottrill Estate has an unsolved still under investigation WRONGFUL DEATH of WILLARD COTTRILL case ongoing, in which NOTHING has been done, and NO PROGRESS has been made, and there seems to be NO INTEREST in bringing the wrongdoers to justice. This matter of the STILL – UNDER INVESTIGATION – BUT DOING NO INVESTIGATING is exactly what we need to be thinking about here in Gilmer County during the 2016 election. We need someone that can do the simple job of conducting an investigation, not make excuses that are never ending.

NOBODY in law enforcement and not even the prosecutor had even mentioned the fact that the person that allegedly administered the deadly dose of Morphine is also married to the executor of the estate! Now I ask you, don’t you think that SITUATION brings a big ole RED FLAG? But, in Gilmer County, this type of thing seems to be OK, as long as you are the type that might like to spread a little money around to the right people and then the GOOD OLE BOYS are in control and the local print media will report what they are paid to report and there will be NO INVESTIGATION and SOON PEOPLE WILL JUST FORGET …and that my friends is HOW THEY DO IT DOWN IN GILMER COUNTY.

Gilmer County is the poor sparsely populated county where public officials are quick to say, “Well I wasn’t there then….” when something goes wrong. Boy oh boy if I only had a dollar a holler for every time I heard that one. Here is a clue for ya all from someone with years and years and years of experience of hearing this statement. Usually, when you hear that statement from someone, you can BET that, the person in question most certainly was there then, and most likely guilty as sin of even your worst fears pertaining to that particular situation.

These are important things to consider while you are in Gilmer County, because for years now Gilmer County is known for making up its own rules.

All of these non-rule rules have been applied when the Cottrill Estate is considered.

After looking hard at all of these facts and studying the accounting, just days ago, I called the Cottrill Estate Executor Mike Murphy to ask him some questions about why he is making his appeal, and his answer was that he was trying to pursue getting the estate closed.

I asked him did he have a comment pertaining to the fact the final accounting was disapproved. And disapproved was the exact word I used in my query of Murphy. Mike Murphy said that the Cottrill Estate Accounting WAS approved, and that I should confirm that with Jean Butcher the Gilmer County Commission Clerk. Mike Murphy informed me that Jean Butcher had issued some order, and that the accounting had been approved.

I informed Mike Murphy that I was the reporter that had written all the Cottrill Estate articles in the GFP going back four years, and further, that when anyone wanted facts about that case, usually they asked me about it. I then asked him if he had read Linda Huffs report to the commission, and he never really answered that question, but he did structure a rather long, meaningless retort using rhetoric that made absolutely no sense. I had to laugh a little at his answer for it seemed he was still sticking to his story that nothing was wrong and that it had always been in the plans that the accounting would be approved, and in his opinion it was approved, and that it was a matter of natural, normal procedure, and that if I were to call Jean Butcher at the courthouse, and I would find that all to be true just like he said.

My interview with Mike Murphy soon ended because he was answering my questions by talking in circles using a bunch of useless words that meant nothing, which I found quite frustrating.

Soon, I had Jean Butcher on the phone. Jean Butcher flatly denied ALL statements made by Mike Murphy and reported to me, the answer I knew to be true, for I watched the video of the Gilmer County Commission meeting where the final settlement was rejected due to discrepancies of a major concern pointed out by the special fiduciary commissioner Linda Huff.

I then called Karen Elkin Gilmer County Circuit Clerk to get a copy of 15C-33 and in Mike Murphy’s own words he states the reason for his appeal to the commission was due to the “REJECTED SETTLEMENT OF THE ESTATE,” and those were in his own words. Therefore, Murphy knew he was being untruthful.

I called Mike Murphy back at his home in New York to inform him that I did as he requested that I called the County Commission Clerk, and I left a message on his machine that she DENIED his statement, adding, “She flatly denied all you said about the final accounting being approved!” However, I certainly knew at the time Murphy was making that false statement that it was indeed false, and sadly had made me doubt the man’s integrity, and ability to serve as an executor of ANY estate.

Liz Butcher on the left loving, touching, and squeezing her sister Sexy Lexy Butcher, together, they are known as the infamous BUTCHER BITCHES!! Terri Butcher, of the law firm Butcher and Butcher, the law firm that allegedly stole thousands of dollars from the AJ WOOFTER estate, but even though, it had been proven some laws were most likely broken, like not doing an accounting yearly, for TWELVE FUCKING YEARS, local law enforcement led by Mickey Metz did not do anything about it, although complaints were made. The same sort of effect has taken place with the COTTRILL ESTATE, so,therefore, it is VERY APPROPRIATE to include the Butcher Bitches is this report of the Cottrill Estate just to remind Gilmer County Concerned Citizens, that some people in Gilmer County can do what-ever-the-fuck they want, and not one god dam thing is ever going to happen to them, especially if you were to be a child of one of the POWER ELITE that belong to the CHURCH of IKE!!!

Liz Butcher on the left loving, touching, and squeezing her sister Sexy Lexy Butcher, together, they are known as the infamous BUTCHER BITCHES!! Who’s their daddy? Terri Butcher, of the law firm Butcher and Butcher, the law firm that allegedly stole thousands of dollars from the AJ WOOFTER estate, but even though, it had been proven some laws were most likely broken, like not doing an accounting yearly, for TWELVE FUCKING YEARS, local law enforcement led by Mickey Metz did not do anything about it, although complaints were made. The same sort of effect has taken place with the COTTRILL ESTATE, so,therefore, it is VERY APPROPRIATE to include the Butcher Bitches in this report of the Cottrill Estate just to remind Gilmer County Concerned Citizens, that some people in Gilmer County can do what-ever-the-fuck they want, and not one god dam thing is ever going to happen to them, especially if you were to be a child of one of the POWER ELITE that belong to the CHURCH of IKE!!!

Another MAJOR ISSUE involving the Cottrill estate is the matters of what many people say was a land fraud scheme that got a former Lewis County resident, Richard Neal a pretty good deal on about 40 acres of property. He paid around 25 thousand in cash and tossed in an orange 1968 Camaro.

These issues involve the oldest daughter of Willard Cottrill, Marlea Cottrill who got the commissions attention when she pleaded her case before them as far back as November of 2013.

A March 2016 Circuit Court matter is on the docket. Neal sued Cottrill trying to force her to sign over her share of the property, but she refuses to do so and has every right to refuse to do so. Neal sued Marlea Cottrill, and then asks the court to order her not to bring any actions against him, which led to Cottrill filing a counter claim. So come spring time the dispute of rightful ownership will be before the circuit court and so far Cottrill has not been paid for her share of the property Neal believes he purchased. Without proper consideration there can be NO SALE according to Linda Huff the fiduciary commissioner. That matter is the main concern of the final settlement being approved , so therefore marries those two circuit court cases together.

2016 is an election year in West Virginia, and rumors have been flying about Mickey Metz once again running for Sheriff. Mickey Metz was first to deal with the Cottrill estate wrongful death complaint and NO PROGESS has been made, since he first got the case. An FOIA was served on the Sheriff’s office a while back and Sheriffs Gerwig answer to the FOIA was the wrongful death was still under investigation, therefore no information could be released, but before he made that statement, when first contacted, Gerwig stated, “He wasn’t there then, when the wrongful death took place.” Actually, Gerwig was the CHIEF DEPUTY, second in command and was MOST CERTAINLY there then, so that answer considering the FOIA request was WEAK and very typically Gilmer County. SHERIFF GERWIG used that same excuse when over 300,000 dollars of County tax collections was discovered left over from the Metz regime that was not distributed to the people that needed it, like the Ambulance service, and the schools, and the senior programs etc.

I have heard it said, that the difference between GOOD and EVIL runs right down the Gilmer County line, and I believe that is often the case. Richard Neal was served with a protection order for his harassment of Ruth Mitchell who is allowed to live on the Cottrill Estate for the rest of her life by a Supreme Court ruling. This matter was decided in the magistrate court of Alton Skinner, as reported in a prior article, but when my associate Lawrence Smith formerly of the WV record and several other WV newspapers inquired about documents pertaining to the order against Neal, and his alleged application for a false and ridiculous order against Mitchell, Smith was told by a secretary that no paper work existed when both Smith and myself knew this answer was false.

I decided at that point to call Linda James the magistrate clerk to make arrangements to obtain those documents, someone else answered her regular line, and when I identified myself by name I was immediately hung up on. I called back and the phone rang and rang and rang with no answer for the rest of that day. Within minutes of this incident I was on the phone to the Supreme Court. I will be filing a formal complaint about the actions of the magistrate’s office in regard to request by the press for court documents. The Supreme Court is supporting my complaint and I was assured they will get to the bottom of this unfortunate occurrence, and there may be consequences for the bad behavior.

The courts are suppose to make fair and equitable judgments and honor the 4th estate, but that IS NOT always the way it goes in Gilmer County. The 4th estate is represented by the news media commonly known as the “Press,” and the press should have access to public trials allowing for freedom of the press and freedom of speech, but those still seem to be fighting words in Central West Virginia. Freedom of the press, is a THREAT in Glenville, West Virginia, and we are working hard to try to bring this area out of the dark ages, and more in sync with the rest of the world, but in Crooked County down by the Crooked River, for the foreseeable future the powers that be will always try to suppress the important issues, and SO IT GOES.

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